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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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stacey: kurtis gertz has been watching it all day for us. what can we expect over the next few hours? curtis: nighttime rain. this is rained down in northern missouri. tracking to the north. look at the temperatures out there. only northern iowa at the freezing mark. a few slick spots. otherwise, 34 from dubuque into council bluffs. a problem with the fogging. clark county, around 0.25 miles. especially southern iowa. rain early on. tapering off as we slide towards the afternoon. could change to light snow at 6:00 p.m.. snowfall totals, high in northwestern iowa. 2-3 inches there.
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central, eastern, and southern iowa. less than one inch. it cold behind the system. details in your ed for cased -- 8 day forecast. stacey: a big shake up at the ymca of greater des moines. president and ceo vernon delpesce resigned effective immediately. kcci's ryan smith is live at the wellmark ymca downtown with reaction. ryan: the downtown facility is a brand-new state-of-the-art facility. but a glaring eyesore remains. the olympic sized swimming pool was supposed to be in place. now it is nothing more than a spot for dirt, metal, and wooden boards. board members telling me a change in leadership was necessary here to ensure the crucial project would move forward. mary kacere loves the classes
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but there's one thing missing there's no water there. no place to swim. reporter: frustration and uncertainty still hanging over plans for an outdoor swimming pool. >> it has not moved as quickly as we would like it. reporter: in november then-ceo vernon delpesce vowed to complete the project. but 7 weeks later the leader of the y's 11 branches is out. a 6 to $9 million funding shortfall remains. >> obviously the pool has been a significant issue. reporter: executive board member six-person search committee for a replacement president and ceo. he expects the process to take up to six months. >> new leadership was necessary to achieve those goals? >> yeah, looking forward that's what we think we need to take us to the next level to address all those community challenges we have and to fulfill our mission of serving our public. reporter: members hope a shakeup at the top will spur renewed fundraising efforts for
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>> maybe in the long run it will be better because someone else will come in and get this thing built which is what we were basically promised and i hope it does get done. >> jim county will now fear haunts -- spear fund fundraising efforts. this has caused the embarrassing situation we find ourselves in today. vernon chose to resign sure fresh leadership would have a chance to complete the project. we did attempt to reach out for, and but have yet to hear back. anchor: in commitment 2016 news, former president bill clinton continued his trip tonight through eastern iowa. he's in iowa campaigning for his wife hillary.
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, saying the republicans even announced his executive actions. also, during the event clinton was interrupted by a phone call. mr. clinton: there are other issues that keep americans up at night, and my phone's ringing. [laughter] mr. clinton: i'll have to call hillary back and explain why i couldn't take it. reporter: in des moines, 2 candidates are hoping to make a big impression leading up to the caucuses, after trailing in the polls. kcci's rose heaphy joins us live. and rose who did you catch up with tonight? rose: republican mike huckabee and democrat are both making the martin o'malley rounds throughout iowa and here in the metro area. they want to change the tune of voters, some in a literal way. democrat martin o'malley hopes voters will be singing his song
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mr. o'malley: what's on the set list is we have to turn out our vote for caucus night. i'm excited. i've seen time and time again that people of iowa lift up new leadership and it all starts to turn in the last couple of weeks. reporter: hundreds packed the small bar, carl's place, in sherman hill to hear o'malley speak and strap on a guitar. o'malley is in third place in democrat polls, far behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. but a recent mock caucus held on the east side showed a three-way tie among the democrats. mr. o'malley: in my mind people all across iowa are looking for new leadership and somebody with the ability to bring us together again. rose: thursday mike huckabee reached a landmark in his campaign. he made a stop keokuk county, the 99th and final iowa county on his list. mr. huckabee: great exhilarating feeling to go there and know we've done the full grassley, we've done the grassroots kind of work. i think that's how you win the
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rose: huckabee says he feels he's in a familiar position to 2008, when he won the caucus. mr. huckabee: people were not making up their minds until late. i think that's true every four years. maybe on one issue martin o'malley and i can come to terms and maybe we should have a bi-partisan jam session. rose: tomorrow, or mollie will have a stop in davenport and it dubuque. stacey: also on the campaign trail today, ben carson is hoping for a comeback. carson spoke to voters in anamosa. the retired neurosurgeon says he plans to spend 16 days in iowa ahead of the caucuses. ted cruz also held several events across iowa today. cruz told reporters he would not be surprised if former presidential candidate senator john mccain endorsed marco rubio. mr. cruz: it is no surprise. everybody knows john mccain is
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their foreign policies are almost identical. their immigration policies are identical. and so would is no surprise that people who are supporting other candidates in this race are going to jump on with these silly attacks that occur as we get closer and closer to election day. stacey: a spokesperson for sen. mccain reacted to cruz's comments tonight saying, as senator mccain has said in the past, he will not be endorsing a primary candidate at this point in the race. reporter: republican presidential candidate rand paul is also hitting the campaign trail in the state. our vanessa peng shows us why he thinks iowans should caucus for him. vanessa: senator rand paul stood in front of a crowd of nearly a hundred here at the fareway training center in boone. before he got on stage senator paul's supporters wished him a happy 53rd birthday. the republican presidential candidate spent the day with his wife kelley on the campaign trail. paul says iowans should caucus
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keep government small. he told the crowd he will balance the budget if he becomes president. the kentucky senator also spoke about eminent domain, the right of the government to take private property for public use with compensation. it's a hot topic in the boone area because of the bakken pipeline. plans call for it to cut diagonally across all of iowa through eighteen iowa counties including boone. mr. paul: we've gotten a little bit lazy in letting government take property too quickly i'm opposed to that. >> it's a really big thing for people along the route here. it's also a big thing when people realize that even if you live in des moines, even if the pipeline doesn't go through your route you got a reasonable chance of getting oil in your water. vanessa: senator paul had a full day for his birthday. before this he over in carroll for a town hall and after this he went on to and keep. steve: when asked about president obama's executive actions on gun control, paul said the president should not be
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he adds that private sale background checks won't be possible without a national gun registry that tracks every firearm which he opposes. donald trump is campaigning tonight in vermont. the trump campaign invited thousands to a burlington theatre. the gop candidate was repeatedly disrupted by protestors despite his campaign's attempt to screen the crowd. trump said in a statement that he wanted to take care of the people who are loyal to his campaign. stacey: looking ahead tonight we'll be there tomorrow as opening statements are expected to begin in the trial of joe lopez. lopez is accused of killing 20-month-old ruby alvaraz of clive in 2014. polk county officials are investigating a possible child enticement case. it happened in the 700 block of northeast 46th avenue/northeast broadway avenue. that's where a 16-year-old girl says a man in a dark colored suv offered her a ride. she said no, but the man turned around and drove back toward
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house. the suspect is described as a 40-to-50-year-old adult male. he was diving a dark-colored suv. steve: a former johnston man is still missing tonight in missouri. 29-year-old adam nixson vanished were chill missouri. hunting dog were found near a tree line but there was no sign of nixson. his family here in central iowa has been keeping in touch with searchers who been using search dogs and sonar to find nixson. a newton girl who went missing is safe tonight. 12-year-old charlene brown disappeared from her foster home in newton on christmas eve. newton police say she was with her non-custodial biological mother misty shaver and shaver's boyfriend kevin carlton. investigators thought brown may have been in texas. but officers found all 3 at a rest stop just east of newton.
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why he says the nra did not participate. steve: and the links a grandmother brought to bring her grandchild into the world. stephen colbert -- damien lewis. plus, america ferrera. and an all-star performance. all new, tonight. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off.
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he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin and sports director andy garman. steve: new tonight, president obama continued his push for stronger gun-control. stacey: the president headlined a town hall meeting on cnn. the white house says the meeting was intended, in part, to garner public support for the president's recent executive actions on guns. the nra refused to participate in tonight's event, saying it saw it as a quote public relations spectacle organized by the white house. president obama said that is not true. president obama: there's a reason why the nra's not here. they're just down the street. and since this is the main reason they exist, you'd think they'd be prepared to have a debate with the president. >> they haven't been to the white house in three years?
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>> so right now, tonight, you're saying you'd be open to meeting them. president obama: we have invited them repeatedly. but if you listen to the rhetoric, it is so over the top, and so overheated. stacey: the president also took questions from the crowd including from taya kyle who's late husband was depicted in the film american sniper. investors are hoping for a better day on wall street tomorrow. the dow jones industrial average saw its worst drop in 3 months. the nasdaq was down the nasdaq was down 146. the s&p 500 fell by 47. financial experts say although indexes are falling at a worrisome rate, they're still not that far from their record-level highs. >> and so whenever you have a market that is this close to its all-time high, you should be very cautious and stay on top of it very closely if you're going to need your money soon. stacey: pearson also says there's a lot of fear right now, but we may just wade right through it, if 4th-quarter corporate earnings come in
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steve: tomorrow the mother of will go before a judge. tonya couch is back in texas tonight charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. couch and her son 18-year-old ethan fled to mexico while prosecutors investigated whether the teenager violated his probation in a deadly drunk-driving wreck. tonya couch's bond has been set at one million dollars. her attorneys are expected to ask the judge to lower that amount. also in texas, a grandmother gave birth to her own grandchild. 54-year-old tracey thompson served as a surrogate for her daughter who suffered 3 miscarriages. thompson says being pregnant with her granddaughter kelcey was not so easy. >> the 2nd trimester was great. the first and third were really tough. wax my lovely mom offered to give me the greatest gift of my
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>> when you really look at the big picture it was an extreme miracle. steve: how cool is that? doctors say kelcey is healthy. weighing in at 6-pounds and 11-ounces. stacey: a live look outside. rainy and cold. checking back with kurtis. kurtis: most of this will stay in the form of a rain. live picture, where they have had a bit of a next. hovering around freezing. anywhere around their, temperatures above freezing. east winds at -- humidity, 62%. 0.7 inches rain. right here at the kcci studios, 3700. if that was all snow, it would
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anywhere from 3-10 inches of snow. he was a little light snow, mason city. metro, the rain picks up. north. slides to the north. all this helping travel conditions. a few slick spots. especially to the north. rain. visibility down in southern iowa. light rain, snow to the west. should slide in. temperature trend, mid 30's.
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a little bit of light snow. wrapping in through nebraska. area of low pressure spinning out of kansas. moving to the northeast. we'll keep the rain in place. he this -- you notice the snow or -- cold air in bismarck. 48 indianapolis. cold air behind the stationary front, piles up. high pressure builds from northern canada. the cold air arrives. timeframe, rain, 2:00 p.m.. in mix of light snow. all snow early saturday. should pull out early. the clouds move out. we will have sunshine. when jew head outdoors, a different story. snow tracker.
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central, east, and south, most low temperature down to 34. tomorrow, snow to the west. high, 37 degrees. some blowing snow. wind. we are talking 10-20 degrees. it has been a long time since we felt that. it will moderate late in the week. steve: pick your letter -- presidential prediction. still to come how where a bull made a deposit could determine who's our next commander in chief. anchor: wake of weather.
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at all-time high, what you stacey: the bad news is you didn't win the powerball jackpot last night. nobody else did either. nobody bought a winning ticket for wednesday night's $500 million drawing. now, the jackpot for saturday's drawing is $700 million.
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before that drawing saturday night. steve: picking our next president with poop. that's what the world's toughest rodeo was doing today at wells fargo arena in downtown des moines. yes, they were. >> let's bring the bold out. -- bulls out. steve: midnight, the right-leaning republican bull, made his deposit on the donald. >> america, donald trump. he's coming for ya and he smells amazing. steve: but poor old oley, the 4-legged liberal democrat, caucused for more than an hour but could not muster a ballot. the world's toughest rodeo has shows tomorrow night and saturday. not sure if they are picking presidents in that unusual
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the post bowl game press conference. kirk ferentz met the media today. and for the second straight year, the coach gets one of his best players back for one more go. two years ago, offensive lineman brandon scherff came back for his senior year in iowa city. this year, it's desmond king skipping out on nfl riches for another year of the college game. the nation's best defensive back coming back was not a surprise to his head coach. >> i think he really enjoys the college experience. he values the a team leader. being part of something special. it is more enjoyable than pro football. i have coached in the nfl, i would say the same. pro football is going to be there for him. no he has a chance to get in the nfl with a college degree in hand. it is important to him and his family. anchor: kurt warner didn't succeed in his first attempt at pro football. or his second. but his well-documented travels from the barnstormers to nfl mvp
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persistent man. maybe the second time is the charm for kurt to get to canton. warner, one of 15 finalists for the hall of fame. brent favre is a no doubt areer. other men making the finalists include tony john g. bikers -- vikings kicker morten answers and -- anderson. the broncos are turning back to the old man peyton manning for the playoffs. gary kubiak told his team that manning will start when the broncos open the postseason next weekend. manning missed seven starts with an injured left foot. denver went 7-2 with manning . 5-2 with the rock loss while her -- brock osweiler, including
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playoffs begin with the wild round. bengals and steelers. kickoff at 7:00. the last of the five minutes, basketball games. the cyclones 70 hive and five -- 70-5. a tough challenge against the streaking tech team. beat the red raiders. a frustrating night in many ways. liking what he sees from his team, especially on the defensive end. >> you are better if you are better defensively because you are scoring in transition. if you chart any great team, most of comes in transition. not just the half-court offense where you are going against the defense. >> on espn2.
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firing on all cylinders tonight. they wallop illinois, 79-54. didn't play tonight. he is expected back this week.
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