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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  January 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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this afternoon, colder air will arrive weekend. eric: a big shake up at the ymca of greater des moines. president and ceo vernon delpesce resigned effective immediately. eric: kcci's ryan smith has reaction from the y. ryan: mary kacere loves the classes and state-of-the-art equipment at the wellmark ymca. but there's one thing missing. >> there's no water there. no place to swim. ryan: frustration and uncertainty still hangs over plans for an indoor, olympic-sized swimming pool. >> it's been a challenge, i'll be honest and it hasn't moved as quickly as we would have liked it. ryan: in november then-ceo vernon delpesce vowed to complete the project. that seven weeks later, the leader of the y's 11 branches is out. a 6 million to $9 million lending shortfall remain. >> obviously the pool has been a significant issue. ryan: executive board member david stark is leading a six-person search committee for a replacement president and ceo. he expects the process to take
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>> new leadership was necessary to achieve those goals? >> yeah, looking forward that's what we think we need to take us to the next level to address all , those community challenges we of serving our public. ryan: members hope a shakeup at fundraising efforts for wellmark. >> maybe in the long run it will be better because someone else will come in and get this thing built, which is what we were basically promised, and i hope it does get done. eric: former board chair jim cownie will now lead fundraising efforts. in a statement he says " it is sad but true that the y's advisors failed to secure the anticipated and essential tax credit financing for the wellmark ymca. this has caused the embarrassing situation that we find ourselves in today. vernon chose to resign to ensure that fresh leadership would have a chance to complete the project." shaina: polk county officials
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child enticement case. it happened in the 700 block of northeast 46th avenue/northeast broadway avenue. a 16-year-old girl says a man in a dark colored suv offered her a ride. she said no, but the man turned and drove back toward her. the suspect is described as a 40-year old to 50-year-old adult male. he was diving a dark-colored suv. eric: a former johnston man is still missing in missouri. 29-year-old adam nixson vanished while on a hunting trip near rich hill, missouri. his overturned boat and hunting dog were found near a tree line but there was no sign of nixson. his family here in central iowa has been keeping in touch with rescue crews down there in missouri, who been using search dogs and sonar to find nixson. shaina: at four: 32, you are going to need to use the low beams this morning. metinka: here in des moines, you're dealing with light rain. off to the northwest, it has been snowing overnight from the eastern nebraska area, and the
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followed by the change over to snow. this morning, temperatures are really mild, above freezing. more light rain continuing through noon before changing afternoon. mr. clinton she never touched : anything she did not make better. ever seen. shaina: commitment 2016, hillary clinton's biggest supporter visited iowa thursday, as one of her biggest opponents unleashed another attack. former president, bill clinton appeared in dubuque and cedar rapids today. eric: while donald trump released a social media video featuring hillary clinton alongside bill cosby. mark tauscheck has the details. mark: before his appearance at a town hall style meeting with hillary clinton supporters today in cedar rapids president bill , clinton made an appearance before a startled lunch crowd at the newbo city market. he spoke with several people and
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when asked by a reporter about his wife's republican rival donald trump. mr. clinton: i have no interest in getting involved in politics or doing anything other than trying to help hillary. mark: on his instagram account, trump released a new video pairing hillary with some very unpopular figures in politics and pop culture. mr. clinton: it's harder to sideswipe someone with a 30 second ad in iowa. mark: the closest clinton came to a shot back at the trump campaign may have been this comment. mr. clinton: real effectiveness of a president is often determined by how well suited they are by experience and temperament. but during his 45 minute talk before 500 at the national czech and slovak museum he focused on the social problems in america and his wife's works outside the political world improving lives in underprivileged segments of society. mr. clinton: i do not believe in
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not only by experience but by temperament to step into this incredible mix of promise and peril ever. i don't think it's close. eric: on fighting terrorism , president clinton spoke about the need to knit the country back together saying we'll never do it without the help of peace-loving, america-loving muslims. shaina: in des moines, two candidates are hoping to make a big impression leading up to the caucuses, after trailing in the polls. kcci's rose heaphy caught up with republican mike huckabee and democrat martin o'malley who are both trying to sway some votes. rose: democrat martin o'malley hopes voters will be singing his song on caucus night. mr. o'malley: what's on the set list is we have to turn out our vote for caucus night. i am excited. i've seen time and time again that people of iowa lift up new leadership and it all starts to turn in the last couple of weeks.
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bar, carl's place, in sherman hill to hear o'malley speak and strap on a guitar. o'malley is in third place in democrat polls, far behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. but a recent mock caucus held on the east side, showed a three-way tie among the democrats. >> in my mind people all across iowa are looking for new leadership and somebody with the ability to bring us together again. rose: thursday, mike huckabee reached a landmark in his campaign. he made a stop keokuk county, the 99th and final iowa county on his list. mr. huckabee great exhilarating : feeling to go there and know we've done the full grassley, we've done the grassroots kind of work. i think that's how you win the caucus. rose huckabee says he feels he's : in a familiar position to 2008, when he won the caucus. mr. huckabee in many ways it's : very similar you know people were not making up their minds until late.
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years. rose huckabee who plays bass, : hasn't played at his campaign stops, but isn't ruling it out. mr. huckabee maybe on one issue : martin o'malley and i can come to terms and maybe we should have a bi-partisan jam session. shaina: today o'malley will be in dubuque and davenport. huckabee will stop in ottumwa on the 11th. republican presidential -- candidate rand paul is also eric: republican presidential candidate rand paul is also hitting the campaign trail in the state. our vanessa peng shows us why he thinks iowans should caucus for him. vanessa: senator rand paul stood in front of a crowd of nearly a hundred here at the fareway training center in boone. >> happy birthday. vanessa: before he got on stage senator paul's supporters wished him a happy 53rd birthday. the republican presidential candidate spent the day with his wife kelley on the campaign trail. paul says iowans should caucus for him because he will fight to keep government small. he told the crowd he will balance the budget if he becomes president. the kentucky senator also spoke about eminent domain, the right of the government to take private property for public use with compensation. it's a hot topic in the boone area because of the bakken pipeline.
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diagonally across all of iowa through eighteen iowa counties including boone. mr. paul: we've gotten a little bit lazy in letting government take property to quickly. i am opposed to that. >> it's a really big thing for people along the route here it's also a big thing when people realize that even if you live in des moines even if the pipeline doesn't go through your route you got a reasonable chance of getting oil in your water. vanessa: senator paul had a full day for his birthday before this -- for his birthday. before this he over in carroll for a town hall and after this he went on to ankeny. in boone, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: when asked about president obama's executive actions on gun control, paul said the president should not be allowed sidestep congress to pass laws. he adds that private sale background checks won't be possible without a national gun registry that tracks every firearm, which he opposes. still ahead this morning, new technology. republicans and democrats plan to tally caucus votes more
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how they are going to try to avoid what happened in 2012 when the wrong winner was name.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now
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metinka: good morning, it is foggy and rainy again this warning. the rain-snow line extends toward council bluffs and the audubon area. northwest of it you have been dealing with some light snow overnight, just enough to put down a light coating of snow. this morning we had visibility close to a quarter mile or less in the central part of the state, so allow yourself plenty of time to get to where you are going. headed for highs today into the upper 30's, but a lot of arctic air is on the way. we are headed for a big change temperature wise. eric: caucus tech. cutting edge technology will be used this year to track who wins the iowa caucuses. both the democratic and republican parties announced thursday, for the first time ever, there's an app for that. shaina: chief political reporter cynthia fodor explains how the
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mistakes made four years ago, when the wrong winner was announced in a close race. >> the winner of the certified vote total is rick santorum. cynthia: it was one of the closet elections ever in history. in 2012, rick santorum was named the winner of the republican caucus by 34 votes, but that big announcement came more than 2 weeks after the party mistakenly announced mitt romney had narrowly won by eight votes. state gop chair jeff kaufmann says that won't happen again. >> it's highly unlikely we'll have an election decideed by 30 votes with 120,000 cast but we need to be ready in case it occurs. cynthia: this year, microsoft has teamed up with both parties to create a more accurate way to tally the votes through an app on smartphones. staff at each precinct for each party will be trained to verify and monitor incoming results through state of the art technology created for the first time for the iowa caucuses. >> the beauty of this system is
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computer minds in the world on caucus night in case anything happens. cynthia: today gop staffers , packed up packets to send to each precinct with paper forms to be used as a secondary system to tabulate results. if the election is razor thin again, they will hold off on announcing a winner caucus night. >> i need to make sure all those results are verified and as accurate as human beings can make them. shaina: the data will also be displayed for the public, with results posted on a website. microsoft says it created the app for the iowa caucusess because it's an important way to use technology as part of the democratic process with no , direct cost to the state or parties. eric: 4:44 on your friday morning, waking up to a whole
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this is i you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on "kcci 8 news this morning." metinka: it is another morning with rain and fog across central iowa. to the north it changes to snow closer to carroll, harland, and atlantic.
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moisture -- the moisture will be streaming to the north. overnight snows have created slushy road conditions across north-central iowa. partially to mostly snow-covered roads so be extra careful as you head out. a dense fog advisory just issued over the southeastern corner of the state to the east of the metro area. watch for locally dense fog. it goes all the way through sioux city to eastern nebraska, but this is the back edge of the system, so we are almost done with the precipitation. the rain continues through about noontime, and northwest iowa stays pretty much in the light snow throughout the afternoon. we will see rain switching over to snow in the metro around 5:00 p.m., and tomorrow there might be a few leftover snow flurries,
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maybe a half inch or less in des moines and up to the north and west, you will end up with one to two inches of slushy snow. 36 in des moines, the roads are just wet. headed for 37, the temperature not changing much at all. by mid afternoon, the rain will be switching over to the snow increasing. dragging in the cold temperatures. temperatures falling to about zero by saturday night. eric: you've seen the videos. some hoverboards that were all the rage for christmas catch fire when people try to ride them. shaina: the rechargeable batteries that power the boards can overheat, causing them to bust into flames. well, now one iowa university is warning students who got them for christmas, to leave them at home. the university of iowa recently announced that hoverboards will
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residence halls, dining halls or apartments on campus because of the fire risk. eric: kcci's kim st. onge learned drake is considering a similar ban. kim: the brightly colored, self-balancing motorized scooters quickly became the hottest item on holiday wish lists. they're so popular, a hoverboard store even opened at valley west mall. >> it's really fun. it's hard at first because you are kind of like, i don't know what i'm doing. kim: drake student haley davis loves riding around the hoverboard her 10-year-old brother got for christmas. but, the futuristic scooters may become a thing of the past on college campuses. the university of iowa recently posted this warning on its website, telling students to leave their hoverboards at home because of a fire risk. >> i think they just got freaked out because they started having malfunctions with them, but i don't see anything wrong with them if you know that something bad could happen to them. kim: drake students were surprised to learn their university is considering a similar ban.
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universities would do it but i do not know that it is all that serious. kim: the ban would forbid hoverboards in residence halls, dining halls and campus , apartments. >> there really doesn't seem to be a point to own one if you live on campus then. kim: haley says it's a matter of doing your research. >> i feel like if you know what you're getting yourself into, you're not over charging the battery, those kinds of things putting too much weight on it , when it has a weight limit. that kind of thing is what causes it to catch fire so i feel like if you're doing your research you won't have much of a problem. eric: drake officials hope to make a final decision on whether to ban hoverboards by early february. iowa state university says it does not have a policy on hoverboards. but that doesn't mean they may not have one in the near future. pete englin, director of the isu department of residence says, " given the risks being described in the media i think we could move that direction but
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metinka: it is another messy morning, dealing with locally dense fog and light rain in central iowa, which has turned to snow to the west. down to the south, there could be a few snowflakes or a freezing drizzle mixing in. everybody is dealing with the fog, and it has been pretty dense at times.
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quarter of a mile from des moines southward and to the east , so a new dense fog advisory has been issued. this will be in effect until noon today. in des moines, 36 with the fog and drizzle. over the weekend, arctic air will be punching in and that will mean blustery air with wind chills in the 20's below zero. eric: president obama continued his push for stronger gun control thursday. shaina: the president headlined a town hall meeting on cnn. the white house says the meeting was intended, in part, to garner public support for the president's recent executive actions on guns. the nra refused to participate in last night's event, saying it saw it as a "public relations spectacle organized by the white house." president obama said that is not true. president obama: there's a reason why the nra's not here.
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and since this is the main reason they exist, you'd think they'd be prepared to have a debate with the president. anderson cooper: they haven't been to the white house in three years? president obama: no, no, no, we've invited them, we've invited them. anderson cooper: so right now, tonight, you're saying you'd be open to meeting them. president obama: we have invited them repeatedly. but if you listen to the rhetoric, it is so over the top, and so overheated. shaina: the president also took questions from the crowd including from taya kyle, who's late husband was depicted in the film "american sniper." eric: investors are hoping for a better day on wall street today. the dow jones industrial average saw its worst drop in three months. the nasdaq was down 100.46. the s&p 500 fell by 47. financial advisors say although indexes are falling at a worrisome rate, they're still not that far from their record-level highs. >> and so whenever you have a market that is this close to its all-time high, you should be very cautious and stay on top of it very closely if you're going
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eric: pearson also says there's a lot of fear right now, but we may just wade right through it, if fourth quarter corporate earnings come in better than expected. shaina: the bad news is you , didn't win the powerball jackpot wednesday night. the good news is, no one else did either. no one bought a winning ticket for the $500 million drawing. now, the jackpot for saturday's drawing is $700 million. it's expected to climb even higher before the drawing tomorrow night. eric: they are picking our next president with poop. that's what the world's toughest rodeo was doing thursday at wells fargo arena in downtown des moines. >> it's time to let the poop sling, let's bring the bulls out. eric: a couple of bulls decided who's number one in each party by selecting their favorite candidate with their number two. midnight, the right-leaning republican bull, made his deposit on the donald. cracks -- >> america, donald trump. he's coming for ya and he smells amazing. eric: but poor old oley, the
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caucused for more than an hour but could not muster a ballot. shows tonight and saturday. shaina: this is iowa. more of today's top stories coming up. a high-speed chase ends in a crash, and an accidental shooting.
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>> you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: a high-speed chase ends in a rollover crash near altoona. wheel. ties to isis. the charges they face this morning. shaina: also this morning,
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