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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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how des moines public schools positions. metinka: foggy, rainy, the roads will be wet, and traffic will be moving slower than usual. to the west and northwest is where we have snow falling from just west of fort dodge to omaha. there's a dense five -- fog advisory in effect until noon today. more rain by noontime. temperatures will be holding pretty steady in the mid to upper 30's, but the rain will be switching over to snow this afternoon. for the weekend, the weather will be turning bitterly cold. tomorrow, temperatures falling to the 20's and sunday, this is the high, nine. wind chills on sunday in the 20's below zero. eric: still some bad road
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morning. this is the latest from you can see roads to the north roads are still partially covered with snow or ice which you can see in blue. and to the west along i-29, some roads are completely covered which you can see in pink. a few schools in central iowa are also delayed this morning including interstate 35 and , murray community schools. you can find a full list on the bottom of your screen or at as always you can get live , weather updates online at you can also stay up to date through our kcci mobile app. check road conditions, traffic alerts and radar while you're on the go. shaina: we have two breaking stories overnight. an overnight chase leads to a first, rollover crash at i-80 near altoona, and police say a 15-year-old girl was behind the wheel. you can see the truck she was driving right there. a runaway, and the truck was stolen. when they spotted her overnight, she refused to pull over and led them on a chase reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. officials say she intentionally crashed that truck but she is in stick with kcci to see what
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and in rhodes, in marshall county, police are investigating a shooting last night that left two people injured. officials say 74-year-old richard jones and 69-year-old ilene jones were shot, when a handgun they were cleaning accidentally fired. police say they both suffered minor injuries and are expected to recover. eric: more big stories now, polk county officials are investigating a possible child enticement case. it happened in the 700 block of northeast 46th avenue. a 16-year-old girl tells police a man in a dark colored suv offered her a ride there. she said no, but the man turned and drove back toward her. the girl then ran to her aunt's house. the suspect is described as a male. if you have any information call police. still no sign of a former johnston man, missing in missouri. 29-year-old adam nixson disappeared while hunting near rich hill. police found his overturned boat and his hunting dog, but have yet to find nixson. his family in central iowa tells us rescue crews have been using
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find him. and opening statements are expected to begin today in the trial of joe lopez. he is the one charged in the death of 20-month-old ruby alvarez of clive in 2014. kcci will have more as this trial progresses. shaina: a big shake up at the ymca of greater des moines. president and ceo vernon delpesce resigned thursday effective immediately. delpesce oversaw the y's 11 branches in central iowa for the last 14 years. his resignation comes after the wellmark y failed to raise funds for its state-of-the-art, olympic-sized swimming pool. top leaders cite things like fundraising for the pool as reasons for needing new leadership. >> we have reaffirmed with donors we've reaffirmed with , staff and we've reaffirmed with our volunteers how important the y is to be here for the next 100 years. so i feel confident that we are taking the necessary steps to take it forward. shaina: former chair jim cownie will now lead fundraising
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a six-person committee is on a nationwide search for a replacement. that could take up to six months. eric: help wanted at des moines public schools. teachers are now needed to fill hundreds of open positions in the district. emmy victor joins us. how are they filling that many job openings, emmy? emmy: the district tells me there is over 700 candidates interested in filling 200 positions at des moines public schools, and they are working hard to make sure they put in good, quality teachers. a total of 200 people will have on the spot interviews one-on-one. the biggest challenge is trying to figure out -- find teachers for english language learners and special needs.
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tuition free if hired and could have a minimum hiring bonus of $3000. the district says they really want to step up the amount of teachers in those roles because the students have different needs in the classroom. >> some of our students are in the united states for the first time, some have learning disabilities some of our , students are in gifted and talented, so we have a large, a very diverse population. emmy: in addition to certified teachers, they are also looking to fulfill teacher leadership roles. that includes dean of students, school improvement leader and student coaches. they will be having this at the convention center on saturday for anyone who is interested. live at des moines public schools, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. shaina: a police officer is expected to survive after he was
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he fired back at the gunman, times. he was arrested by other officers a short time after the shooting. the officer has significant but will be ok. two people in jail overnight due to terrorism charges. one of them, a 23-year-old from sacramento travel to syria to fight alongside a terror group. the other is accused of providing material source to -- material support to isis. wall street is concerned. nikole killion has more. nikole: china's markets were not volatile again today but closed up about 168 points, following a series of steep selloffs causing
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it is taking a toll on global markets, including wall street which dropped almost 400 points on thursday over concern of china's economy. >> it has been growing by gangbusters until recent years, and now the economy is slowing. markets are nervous because they think china might be falling even more quickly than originally thought. nikole: the dow has lost more than 900 points since the start of the new year, the worst four-day start on record. eric: this morning, u.s. -- shaina: this morning, u.s. stock futures are up. eric: it is 5:07, and this morning, you will see a lot of fog and precipitation. metinka: the radar picture is looking colorful. light rain from ankeny, and then
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harland. even up toward algona. in des moines, with the light rain we have dense fog with visibility hovering at a quarter to a half a mile, with a dense fog advisory continuing until noon. highs will be close to where the temperatures are now, mid to upper 30's, but the rain will be switching to snow and temperatures will be falling throughout the day tomorrow. eric: in commitment 2016 news now, former president bill clinton continued his trip last night through eastern iowa, campaigning for his wife , hillary. he spoke to a crowd in dubuque about why he thinks hillary mr. -- hillary is the best person for the job. mr. clinton: i do not believe in my lifetime, we have had a president that was more prepared not only by experience but by
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incredible mix of promise and peril ever. i don't think it's close. eric: clinton also talked about gun control saying the , republicans attacked president obama before he even announced his executive actions. shaina: presidential candidates at the bottom of the polls are also taking steps to stand out in iowa. for democrat martin o'malley, that meant strapping on a guitar at carl's place in sherman hill last night. hundreds packed into the small bar to hear him speak. mr. o'malley: what's on the set list is we have to turn out our , vote for caucus night. i am excited. i've seen time and time again that people of iowa lift up new leadership and it all starts to turn in the last couple of weeks. shaina: o'malley has two iowa stops today, one in davenport and one in dubuque. republican hopeful mike huckabee completed his 99 county tour of iowa on thursday. he spoke to his supporters at his final county, keokuk county last night. mr. huckabee: great exhilarating feeling to go there and know we've done the full grassley,
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of work, and this month we're doing 150 events in iowa alone. shaina: huckabee will be back in iowa next week, making a stop in ottumwa. eric: republican candidate rand paul celebrated his birthday yesterday with stops in boone and des moines. he spoke to his supporters about his feelings on president obama's executive actions on gun control. the kentucky senator says the president should not be allowed sidestep congress to pass laws. paul also says private sale background checks won't be possible without a national gun registry that tracks every firearm, which is something he opposes. mr. paul we're talking about one : of your buddies, you've got 4 guns and you've got a shotgun and he wants to buy your shotgun you got to become a licensed , dealer to do that. eric: the kentucky senator also spoke about eminent domain, which is a hot topic in the boone area right now because of the bakken pipeline. he says he's opposed to letting the government take over private property too quickly. paul will continue his tour of iowa today. ted cruz, rick santorum, bernie
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also have stops around the state today. shaina: still ahead, weather disasters. how much the united states spent on cleaning up after some of the worst weather events of 2015. plus, record-breaking cold. how the minnesota vikings are planning to help their fans keep warm in this sunday's postseason opener. eric: and diet guidelines. new suggestions from the usda on how to eat healthy in 2016. shaina: if you look outside this morning, you will not see far. visibility is very low, so give yourself extra time when you have to head out. we will take a peek outside at one of our cameras and see how much we can see. this is 35 and mills civic parkway in west des moines.
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drizzle deal, so give yourself >> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. shaina: welcome back at 5:14. 2015 was a wild weather year in the united states. the noaa reports there were 10 weather disasters that caused more than one billion dollars in damage across the country. those disasters range from tornadoes in the southern plains, to wildfires in the west, and floods in the east. the extreme weather has
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this is a look at the huge waves just pounding the coast of california right now, thanks to a series of el nino storms. the national weather service says swells of up to 20 feet tall crashed into the shore in pacifica thursday. eric: and more extremes in north dakota. they're digging out from the 13 inches of snow that fell there thursday. this video is from harwood, just outside of fargo, where they used heavy equipment to clear the fresh powder. it's also expected to get very cold there in the next day, with forecasters calling for low temperatures near 20 below zero tomorrow morning. we are going to see some of that cold tomorrow as well. metinka: we will see a little bit, but not that much. we have light rain, drizzle across central iowa, and to the west is where it changes over to snow. watch for snowy roads up to the
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and foggy this morning with a dense fog advisory in effect from polk county to lamoni. that will last until about noontime today. temperatures will hold into the mid--- in the mid to upper 30's. we will see a little bit of slushy accumulation this afternoon as the rain switches over to snow. we will catch bitterly cold air, and that is headed our way. eric: sports news now, the nfl wild card rounds start this weekend, and the game between the minnesota vikings and the seattle seahawks, could be a record breaker. this will be the first outdoor home playoff game for the minnesota vikings in more than 39 years, and could be the coldest in their history with temperatures set to hit just 1 degree, and feels like temperatures around negative 23. thursday, the vikings announced they will provide hand warmers at the entry gates, and caribou coffee will provide free coffee.
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also opening up its hockey arena next door as a warming house before kickoff. if temperatures dip below zero sunday, it will be one of the six coldest playoff games in nfl history. kcci will be the place to watch saturday's afc wild card game between the pittsburgh steelers and the cincinnati bengals. pregame coverage starts right here at 6:30, and kickoff is at 7:15. that means kcci 8 news at 10:00 will probably be delayed tomorrow night but you will get , all of the day's news here on kcci right after the game ends. the denver broncos are turning back to peyton manning for the playoffs. head coach gary kubiak told his team thursday that manning will start when the broncos open their postseason next weekend. manning missed seven starts with an injured left foot. the broncos went 7-2 with manning under center, and 5-2 with back-up brock osweiler. shaina: economic headlines now, nexstar announced thursday it's buying up media general. a move that may leave des moines-based meredith
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last year, media general announced plans to merge with meredith. but nexstar says its deal would be better for media general stock holders. variety reports that meredith hasn't given up on the original media general deal, offering more money to media general shareholders. and a better day for chinese stocks today could help u.s. stocks rebound. it was another tough day on wall street thursday. the dow dropped more than 392 points. the nasdaq fell more than 146. and the s and p 500 was down about 47. a new jobs report will be released today, and most economists are optimistic. data firm fact-set says employers added 200,000 jobs to the market, and the unemployment rate stayed at a low 5% for a third straight month. the report will be released at 7:30 this morning. good numbers could help turn the stock market around. as you kick off your post holiday diets, the usda is releasing new guidelines on how to stay healthy. the basics are eat fruits, veggies and whole grains. lean meats and eggs are also good. but consume sugar and fat in moderation.
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sugar should make up less than 10% of your daily calories. that's about 200 calories or a 16-ounce sugared beverage. >> we know that about half of the added sugars in people's diets comes from sweetened beverages, usually sodas. shaina: on the other hand, natural sugar, like in raisins, apples or milk, is not considered added sugar. the new guidelines also recommend limiting saturated fats to no more than 10% of daily calories, and consuming less than 2300 milligrams of sodium daily. that's the equivalent of one teaspoon of salt. eric: more ground-breaking technology is coming from the consumer electronics show this morning. this one could actually help save lives. imaging technology, and is already being used by firefighters to help find people trapped inside burning buildings. dji also says their new thermal drone can help search and rescue teams, or conserve a crop health.
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foggy day like today. metinka: it really is foggy this morning, and we are dealing with more drizzle. it is going to be a slow go of it on the roads today. here in des moines so far it has only been drizzle. off to the west is where we have the snowflakes flying from omaha through sioux city into eastern a brass got, and we will see our rain switching over to snow this afternoon. over toward ottumwa and davenport, the dense fog advisory is a long and east of i-35. up to the north near algona and northwest iowa where they have been having snow overnight, there is just enough to coat the roadways so watch for slippery conditions.
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through morning hours and the rainfall will begin to shift to the east around noon time. it will shift to snow by noon. that will be heading out during the evening, and we not expecting much in the way of snow. tomorrow will be cold and with a half inch or less of snow for des moines. up to the northwest, possibly one-three inches of snow will be sticking, but everyone gets in on the cold this weekend. 32 with fog and drizzle, a high of 37. the rain will be switching over to slushy snow this afternoon. highs will be falling from early morning ratings in the 20's, down to the 20's -- to the teens in the afternoon.
5:20 am
wind chills on sunday will be have ring close to 20 below. next week it will be chilly to start with, but temperatures get back up to melting by friday. eric: thank you. shaina: you will need to give yourself synnex to time today. it is really foggy -- give yourself some extra time today. it is really foggy. we have a few mobile speed units. 50th and grand, 4700 aurora avenue, 1200 cummings parkway, 1500 northeast 66th avenue, and 11,000 northwest 16th street. still ahead, gun-control push. president obama continues to rally supporters of his
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eric: welcome back to kcci at 5:25. today marks five years since congresswoman gabby giffords was shot while holding a political event in arizona. last night she was in the , washington area for president obama's town hall on gun control. shaina: nikole killion joins us live from d.c. and nikole, the president plans to continue that push today. nikole: that is right. this afternoon, the president will hold a conference call on grassroots -- -- supporters. the president called out the national rifle association for not participating in the event. he said the gun lobby is trying to convince members someone's coming after their guns. pres. obama: the notion that we are creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so that we
5:23 am
conspiracy. with that. is that controversial? nikole: the nra took to twitter the president does not want an intellectually honest program. eric: we have heard the president is expected to talk about gun-control in next week pass state of the union address. overnight the white house released more information about that. what can you tell us? nikole: after his speech the president will hit the road as he typically does post-state of the union. he is headed to two communities he has not into before, omaha, nebraska and baton rouge, the louisiana. he wants to highlight some of the progress that has been made. shaina: nikole killion, live in washington for us. eric: more new stories ahead on
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stories overnight. the very young suspect in a high-speed chase in des moines. and a shooting investigation in marshall county. what deputies think happened to the two victims. and the fbi doing special teacher training in one iowa school district. plus -- emmy: calling all teachers to des moines public schools.
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caught on tape.ica is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." shaina: welcome back, everyone. a little case of deja vu this morning, more fog and drizzly cold rain out there for the second day in a row. a lot of us have been commenting that the fog is a little thicker today. i could not see any of downtown. eric: just a couple of streetlights. metinka: and when the streetlights are out, that makes it harder. the fog is a huge issue and so is the precipitation. the dense fog will continue until about noon time, and notice how temperatures are not going to change much. our rain will be switching over
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5:28 am
it has already switched over to the west in audubon county. south of that, mainly just rain. to the northwest of that, that is where we have the snow and all of this is going to be followed by a lot of cold for the weekend. shaina: thanks, metinka. and we also start with the winter weather this morning. you can see it's foggy out there again, that same cold drizzle falling. you will need your wipers. a live look now from our downtown skycam, a better look at how foggy it is. and on the right i-80 at jordan creek, a few cars are out and about but they are taking it easy because the roads are wet. much like yesterday at this time, roads here in the central part of the state are ok as temperatures are still above freezing. but if you're heading north or west, you might run into some slick conditions. be sure to stay up to date on, as things will likely be changing throughout the morning. we're also hearing from some
5:29 am
are delaying classes. interstate 35 and murray both on a two-hour delay. others like mormon trail are having buses on hard surfaces only. you can check all the closings on the bottom of your screen and online all the time at eric: you're also waking up to two more breaking stories this morning. first, we are waiting to learn the charges a 15-year-old girl will face after a high speed chase and crash overnight. you're looking at the end her truck rolled over in the median on interstate 80 near altoona. this all started when des moines police say they spotted the truck and knew it was connected to a 15-year-old runaway who had stolen it. she refused to stop for police, going 100 miles per hour at one point. police say she finally deliberately crashed the truck, rolling it several times. police say she's in fairly good condition medically despite the crash. and now to rhodes, just southwest of marshalltown. two people injured in a shooting there last night will recover from their injuries. the marshall county sheriff says 74-year-old richard jones and 69-year-old ilene jones were
5:30 am
deputies say the two had minor injuries. shaina: back to another developing story, right now we've learned a philadelphia police officer shot several times overnight is expected to survive. police say the officer was ambushed as he sat in his cruiser. the gunman firing 13 shots at close range. that suspect was arrested. at last report, the officer was we're also learning more about two iraqi refugees arrested after a multi-state terror investigation. court documents reveal one suspect, a 23-year-old from sacramento, came to the u.s. as a refugee in 2012. he traveled to syria to fight alongside a terror organization. the other suspect, a 24-year-old from texas, came to the u.s. as an iraqi refugee in 2009. he's accused of providing material support to isis. and new developments while you were sleeping, south korea has now resumed propaganda broadcasts across the border into north korea. this comes after the north's nuclear test earlier this week. the north does consider the
5:31 am
we've also learned the u.s. navy now has ships near north korea, and is monitoring the situation there very closely. eric: even more big stories this morning, we checked overnight and a former johnston man is still missing in missouri. 29-year-old adam nixson went on a hunting trip there. searchers found his overturned boat and hunting dog but no sign of nixson. his family tells kcci searchers have been using dogs and sonar to look for him. kcci will be in a polk county courtroom today when the trial begins for joe lopez. he's accused of killing a girl in his care, 20-month-old ruby alvaraz back in 2014. and this morning the ymca of , greater des moines is in search of a new president and ceo. vernon delpesce resigned thursday. this comes as the wellmark y failed to raise enough money for its new olympic-sized swimming pool. leaders told kcci the search for a new president could take six months. we all know hoimportant it is for our kids to have good teachers. and des moines is now looking
5:32 am
kcci's emmy victor is live emmy, what are leaders looking for? emmy: they are looking for teachers that are very passionate, once i can integrate technology in the classrooms, and work well with other faculty. the school district says it is important to push teachers to do better each and every year, because the job becomes more demanding. this year they are going to fill over 200 roles. the number is down 100 from last year due to a special grant from des moines public schools. the district says the candidate that have special needs or language experience oh -- will be highly considered. teachers who may find the des moines area attractive and new
5:33 am
applicants. >> 75% of the teachers we see our brand-new out of college. and then another 25% have either relocated to iowa or they just see des moines public schools as the next career move for them . emmy: des moines public schools has over 500 candidates who are currently registered for their sessions this weekend, and 200 they expect to walk in. anyone interested in applying can go to community choice credit convention center this weekend, saturday starting at 8:00 a.m.. live from the des moines public schools district building, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. weather eric: it is 5:36. metinka: locally dense fog has reduced visibility down to a quarter mile or less in central iowa, and it is raining and snowing in a few locations.
5:34 am
mixing in, coming from chariton and creston, then changes to all snow from carroll through omaha. today, temperatures will be afternoon. temperatures falling throughout the afternoon, and sunday it is going to be bitterly cold with temperatures close to nine but feels like temperatures near 20 below. shaina: teachers in one iowa school district are being trained by the fbi. news around iowa, an fbi expert who works with victims of sexting, child pornography and cyber bullying spent time with middle school teachers in dubuque. school officials recently learned several students were exchanging nude photos with one another. more than 200 parents also came for the presentation. the fbi expert says the main thing is to not be afraid to be the 'mean' mom or dad. this means monitoring apps, browser history, contact lists and pictures.
5:35 am
living room. no closed doors as far as with their internet devices. shaina: teachers were also told what behaviors they need to watch for in school and how they should react if they suspect sexting is happening. eric: also in dubuque a new , mentoring program aims to help keep at-risk high school students from dropping out. loras college students serve as mentors for students at the alternative learning center. the college students monitor the high school students' attendance and grades. they also talk about life and social issues as they prepare for college. >> a lot of them think, i can't afford it. so we do a lot of coaching and what the fafsa form looks like. eric: governor branstad just signed a proclamation declaring january as mentoring month in iowa. more news straight ahead, see why the giant powerball jackpot has some people standing in line for hours in one particular
5:36 am
plot -- plus if bulls could >> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, another
5:37 am
off to the west, that is where we have got the rain-snow line. to the northwest of that is snow and to the east is mainly rain. winterset is looking pretty foggy. notice the roads are wet, temperatures are above freezing so we have no risk for icing today. we expect high temperatures to hold pretty steady to where they are today, and the rain will switch over to a little bit of snow by mid afternoon, with a high of 37. pres. obama: the way it is described, is that we are trying to take away everybody's guns. shaina: that is president obama, hitting back at critics in a town hall meeting, arguing his increased restrictions on guns would not take them away from responsible gun owners. he said closing the gun show loophole would keep them out of
5:38 am
a cnn poll found a majority of americans do support the measures he outlined this week. eric: other stories we're watching right now, stock prices in china are still volatile overnight. trading is swinging between losses and gains. but any improvement is better than yesterday when a key index plunged 7%. it's having a ripple effect here in the u.s., where markets are off to their worst start to a new year ever. shaina: i talked with some experts who said that low gas prices actually point to another reason for the big fumble. the cost of oil is very low and that's impacting the markets. you can see, gas prices did drop again overnight. we're now at $1.79 in the des moines metro. eric: well, imagine how many gallons of gas you could buy with $700 million. shaina: quite a few. eric: you could drive all over the world. that is the incredible amount of money up for grabs in saturday's powerball drawing. take a look at this video. this is in primm, nevada, right on the arizona state line. the reason this line is so long, powerball is not played in nevada, so if people want a
5:39 am
state line to get it. shaina: against the odds in every way. now if you are getting a ticket, of course, you know the odds of winning are crazy, 1 in 292 million. but you can maybe increase the odds just a little bit by getting the quick pick. 70% of people who won took whatever numbers they were given, instead of choosing their own. eric: so the odds are long, but we are going to hope and pray that one of you out there buying wins. and what if you do win? well, as soon as you get back up off the floor from fainting, experts say first sign the ticket. that makes it yours. two, disappear. take off somewhere secret and stay out of the spotlight for your own protection. three, keep your mouth shut. do not advertise that you are the big winner. and number four, hire three professionals -- a lawyer, accountant and financial advisor, so they can all keep an eye on each other.
5:40 am
,shaina: maybe just do not posted on facebook and twitter, guess what happened? eric: this next story may have you really wishing you'd win the lottery. a national group just came out with what it really costs a family of four to live in the des moines area. a modest standard of living. the number, $63,741 a year. the biggest expense, childcare at just over $1000 a month. the economic policy institute also figured in things like housing, food, and transportation. shaina: well a new jersey couple , will soon learn about the expense of childcare. some viral video here. they were on the way to the hospital to deliver when the baby just wouldn't wait. the couple stopped on the shoulder of the highway, called 911 and two state troopers helped deliver a healthy newborn baby girl. it is shocking how frequently this happens.
5:41 am
have a baby to an unusual way to pick a president. this is quite a segue. the two bulls from the worlds toughest rodeo at wells fargo arena made their picks with bull chip bingo. midnight, the republican picked donald trump. oley the democrat seemed to favor bernie sanders, but never actually voted, so he is still kind of undededed. shaina: very proud of the decision not to do any close-ups. and did you hear beyonce is going back to the super bowl? she is going to be performing at the halftime show on february 7 in santa clara, california. she headlined in 2013. coldplay is also performing at halftime and of course you can watch the big game right here on kcci. eric: the time is now 5:46, a very foggy morning. that is theoretically the downtown skycam.
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see how you can save with ring video doorbell at >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on "kcci 8 news this morning." metinka: good morning, waking up to fog and rain across central
5:45 am
to the south of des moines, there may be a few snowflakes mixing in. from autobahn to fort dodge, that is the rain-snow line, and across eastern iowa, that is where we have locally dense fog. we had visibility hovering around a quarter of a mile or even less at times, so make sure the low beam headlights on. with the snow falling overnight across northern and northwest iowa, the roads are starting to be affected. partially snow-covered roadways, including a little spot of i-80 westbound, so make sure you slow down and take your time. by noon, rain pushes into eastern iowa, and the snow line the metro area.
5:46 am
nothing happy, and ace -- nothing heavy, and a slight slushy accumulation. saturday we will be left with flurries and cold air. accumulations are expected to be a half inch or less in central iowa, and to the west, 1-3 inches. right now in des moines, we have some travel concerns of our own. we have the fog in place, 36 degrees drizzle and light rain. temperatures will not change over the weekend. highs in the 20's, down into the teens in the afternoon, a really wintry day tomorrow. sunday will be cold. a high of nine degrees. shaina: that does not even sound like it should be a high. you're going to need some more
5:47 am
it is really foggy and the roads are wet, but we do not have any accidents. mobile speed units, 11,000 northwest 16th street, 1500 northeast 66th avenue, 1200 cummins parkway, 47th and aurora
5:48 am
coming uu got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
5:49 am
eric: it is now 5:55 on your friday morning. a liver donation from a perfect stranger leads to love. heather krueger of illinois was diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease in the summer of 2014. last year, her doctor suggested she start searching for a living donor. chris dempsey overheard a co-worker talking about a friend who needed a liver and he decided to help out, even though he had not met her. >> when i heard about it, i put myself in that position and said , i would want someone to help me. >> he's like, "i'm a match, i'm your donor. let's do this." and i'm like, what? eric: the two say sparks were already flying when they had the surgery. a week in the icu that followed only made it more evident. the two now plan to marry in october. how cool is that? shaina: made in hospital heaven. in texas, a grandmother gave birth to her own grandchild. 54-year-old tracey thompson
5:50 am
daughter, who had suffered three miscarriages. thompson says being pregnant with her granddaughter, kelcey was not so easy, but she's glad she did it. >> the second trimester was great. the first and third were really tough. >> my lovely mom offered to give me the greatest gift of my life. >> when you really look at the big picture, it was an extreme miracle. shaina: doctors say kelcey is healthy and she is doing great. today on "ellen," actor leonardo dicaprio talks about his on-screen close call with a bear in the new movie "the revenant," plus a few close calls of his own in real life. leonardo: i jumped out of the airplane. and then my first chute did not open. they cut -- it's tandem so somebody's on your back, they cut that line. we started free falling towards earth. and that's when you get the 8x10 glossies of your whole life
5:51 am
shaina: find out how that all ended. we are assuming well because he is still living. today at 4:00 on kcci. eric: we'll be watching this weekend to see if "the revenant" can come close to topping "star wars" at the box office. "star wars" is now the number one north american movie of all time, earning more than $760 million so far. keeps getting bigger. shaina: it is like a powerball. eric: friday morning, stories breaking overnight include a high speed chase and crash in altoona. and a shooting injures two people near marshalltown. metinka and emmy also live with new stories for you. metinka: fog and drizzle will be changing to snow, and a big change over the weekend including a blast of arctic air. emmy: i'm emmy victor, live at the district headquarters for des moines public schools. teachers are needed to fill hundreds of roles immediately. where you need to go to apply, coming up. eric: and we'll take you for a
5:52 am
at i-235 and valley west drive, there is drizzle kind of
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