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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  KCCI  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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the news, weather and traffic shaina: right now it's 6:00, back to work. iowa lawmakers head back to the statehouse this morning for the start of the 2016 legislative session. we will tell you what's on top of their priorities list for the new year. eric: and music loses an icon. a look back at the life of singer songwriter david bowie, after news of his death breaks overnight. >> you're watching kcci 8 news. eric: good morning, everyone, and thanks for waking up with "kcci 8 news this morning." shaina: it is 6:00 on monday, january 11. it is another bitterly cold day, but warmer than it was this weekend. metinka: bundle up. five degrees, that is the latest
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ames feels like zero in clarion feels like 10 degrees below. the actual temperature in des moines as 14 degrees, and if you are getting ready to head out, no precipitation and not much wind. you will need the heated seat button if you are so lucky to have one. headed for 24, but notice some snowflakes in the forecast. a dusting of snow overnight, a blast of cold air for tuesday, followed by a couple of nice days before another system arrives for friday. eric: big stories this morning, it's back to work for iowa lawmakers. the 2016 iowa legislative session begins this morning at 10:00. we caught up with several lawmakers as they stopped by the statehouse on sunday. senator liz mathis says public education funding will be at the top of their priorities this year. last year's session went long because lawmakers could not agree on an education budget. senator mathis also says iowa's
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medicaid system will also be a big talking point as lawmakers work on an oversight bill to handle that issue. >> that oversight bill will hold the mco's feet to the fire. it will also help ensure that the beneficiaries receive really good health, and it will also an sure we spend tax dollars wisely. eric: other lawmakers say bolstering small businesses and improving iowa's water quality will also be key issues. the three democratic presidential candidates will be in des moines today for the brown and black presidential forum at drake university. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will address issues affecting african americans and latinos. the event starts tonight at 7pm at sheslow auditorium. our chief political reporter cynthia fodor will be there. you can follow her on twitter and look for her reports on kcci eight news tonight at 10:00. shaina: more commitment 2016 coverage, the latest nbc news-marist polls shows a close race going on between democratic
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bernie sanders has closed the gap and is now only trailing hillary clinton 48% to 45%. martin o'malley is a distant third at 5%. sanders was in ankeny last night, speaking to a standing-room only crowd at dmacc. he focused on the major issues of his campaign, like income equality, extending the cap on social security and increasing its benefits, climate change, and paid family medical leave. before the brown and black forum tonight, senator sanders will hold a public forum at hoover high school this morning at 10:00. he will also be stopping by perry for a town hall at noon. meantime, hillary clinton has more support this morning. planned parenthood formally endorsed her at a campaign event in manchester, new hampshire on sunday. it's the first time the nonprofit group has ever backed a candidate in a primary. clinton spoke about the endorsement and republican rival donald trump on "face the nation." ms. clinton: i'm going to fight as hard as i can against any efforts to defund planned parenthood but i am not going to let him or any of the other republicans rip away the progress that women have made.
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and i'm going to stand up and make it clear there's a huge difference between us. shaina: clinton will be in waterloo this afternoon before heading to des moines. she will be holding an event at the electric park ballroom at noon. on the republican side, the new nbc marist poll shows ted cruz leading the republican race in iowa now, with donald trump close behind. marco rubio and ben carson are running third and fourth. carson spoke about the ground he needs to make up in the polls, while in des moines sunday. he says he plans to spend the rest of the month in iowa. mr. carson: there's a lot of excitement building. i think you are going to see the poll numbers start to turn as we are nearing the actual election, optimistic. shaina: carson has stops in fort dodge, jefferson and sioux city today. a few other candidates are also republican hopefuls mike huckabee, rick santorum, and carly fiorina, and democratic candidate martin o'malley all have stops around the state. eric: moore big stories this
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, moines sunday morning, destroys one home and sends a firefighter to the hospital. it happened at 6531 bradford drive. fire crews tell us the home is a total loss. fortunately, no one was home at the time, but a firefighter did sustain non-life-threatening injuries when an outside wall fell on top of him. he was released from the hospital sunday afternoon, and investigators are still looking into the cause of the blaze. and investigators in madison county are looking into a fiery crash that killed two people late saturday night. it happened in the 1900 block of summit avenue in madison county just before midnight. when deputies arrived they say , they found a jeep fully engulfed in flames. authorities say the driver of the jeep, 48-year-old john eller of winterset, was pronounced dead at the scene. a semi-tractor trailer was not , injured. officials say eller's vehicle rear-ended the semi then struck an in ground electric box causing it to catch fire. shaina: while you were sleeping, famed singer songwriter david
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he was known for putting out several hits like "space oddity," "under pressure," and "changes." his representative says bowie died peacefully sunday after a battle with cancer. he had just turned 69 on friday, the same day he released a new and final album entitled " blackstar. " right now the extradition process is underway, to get the drug lord known as el chapo to the united states from mexico. joaquin guzman was recaptured this weekend after a several-month long manhunt. while on the run, guzman had a secret meeting with actor sean penn, which police say played a role in his capture. mexican officials warn the extradition could take several months. meanwhile, guzman is being held in mexico, where he has already escaped from maximum security prisons twice before. and right now, michigan state police are going door to door to deliver bottled water and water testing kits to families in flint who are affected by the city's water crisis. water in flint has been contaminated by lead from old
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testing in october detected increased lead levels in residential water supplies and in children's blood. the justice department and epa are working to find the root of the problem. eric: it is 6:07 and it will be another very cold morning. metinka: to the north, they are already dealing with wind chills below zero. it feels like eight in des moines, the wind chill in ames at zero, and fort dodge, bundle up for two below. the kids will have to dress really warmly this morning, probably going to have indoor recess. high temperatures in des moines will be in the low to mid 20's, not too bad. a couple of flurries off and on, followed by light snow moving in this evening. so far it has been moving in near the dakotas and is affecting spencer. the main story is just the cold. shaina: new this morning, an old theater is getting a shot at new life. alyx sacks joins us from merle hay road from what was nova 10
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alyx, what is it now? alyx: this is now a salvation army family store. if you were a regular at the hitter, you might recognize this, they still have the original floors. the building has gone through quite the transformation. if you are someone who went to the nova 10 theaters, you will know before that it was cinemark. this is an exciting new chapter for the building. we are joined by major tim eller. you guys just opened over the weekend. what do you have to offer? >> we have lots to offer, jewelry, purses, clothing, furniture. you just about name it and we have had people in here this weekend. i had a person tell me they were in here for five hours looking around, and we saw people coming back two or three times during the day. you can find all kinds of
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alyx: how does this help the community? >> what we are doing here is raising money to help support our drug and alcohol recovery program. alyx: how many people are in that program? >> we have 65 residents. we give them food, clothing, and they can stay for up to a year. we work with the hospitals to help them take care of medical issues, teeth fixed, all kinds of things, and we help them to find work. alyx: come shop and help give back. coming up in the next half-hour, how you can be part of this special cause and help donate. shaina: thank you. still ahead, close calls. two nfl wild card games come down to the final minutes of play sunday. how the playoff picture is shaping up for next week. eric: and $1.3 billion. the record-breaking powerball jackpot just keeps getting bigger.
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big prize, but we'll tell you how many iowans have a little more cash in their pockets after saturday's drawing. shaina: it sounds like they are clearing up an accident in the westbound or southbound lanes of 80/35 and university. keep that in mind, other than that, no issues. we will wait until after the break to show you the mobile speed units. we will give you a live look outside at the road. the roads are dry. 235 at valley west drive, cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off.
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he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning" with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: it is another really cold morning with wind chills falling below zero to the north. in clarion, it feels like 11 below. the windchill in ames is right at europe, and marshalltown it feels like two below. overnight, the weather has been quiet except for clouds and a few flurries to the southeast.
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develop near spence, and more will be coming from south dakota , writing this afternoon. -- arriving this afternoon. this afternoon not too bad with highs in the central iowa in the low to mid 20's. another blast of arctic air, but it is just a brief one. nicer temperatures in the 8 day forecast. eric: it was bitter cold in minnesota sunday for the nfc wildcard showdown between the vikings and the seahawks. at game time, it was six below zero with a wind chill of negative 21. that made it the third coldest playoff game in nfl history. seattle was down 9 to nothing in the 4th quarter, but a touchdown and a field goal put them up 10-9. then the vikings got the ball back and figured they had it. they got it to the 27 yard line with 26 seconds to go. all they had to do was kick a field goal to win, but blair
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seattle wins 10-9. well, the pack, they are back. after a very slow start in washington against the redskins last night, the green bay packers are moving on in the playoffs. in the third quarter, green bay actually trailed 18-7. but then things really turned around thanks to a strong running game from eddie lacy. final score, 35 packers. -18 this could be a good sign that green bay is back to their winning ways after dropping the final two games of the regular season. here's the current playoff picture. afc on the top, kansas city will play new england on saturday, and denver faces pittsburgh sunday for a spot in the afc championship game. at the bottom on the nfc, green bay plays arizona saturday, and seattle takes on carolina on sunday for a trip to the nfc championship game. shaina: tonight is the big, final night of the college football season. it's the cfp national championship game. the alabama crimson tide is taking on the undefeated clemson tigers for the national title. kickoff from glendale, arizona
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you can watch it on espn. eric: college basketball now, the iowa state cyclones were ranked as high as number two in the nation just a few weeks ago. but right now, they are just 1-2 in the big 12. isu will no doubt drop again when the new rankings come out later today. last week, they were 13. but since then, they struggled with texas tech and lost to baylor at home. despite all that, head coach steve prohm says he's confident in his talented team. the cyclones face texas tomorrow night in austin. the iowa hawkeyes are back in action thursday. they face number five michigan season. the spartans will have star player denzel valentine back this time around, so the hawks will need to be on their a game. shaina: economic headlines now, chinese and other asian markets are down again today, as wall street looks to bounce back from its worst week in four years. on friday, the dow fell more than 167 points. the nasdaq lost almost 46. and the s and p 500 was down about 21. more trouble for blue bell
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the company says listeria was recently found in one of its production plants. this comes after the bacteria was found in an ice cream container this summer. blue bell says no listeria has been found in any of its productions this time around, but it is testing each batch of ice cream just to be sure. the last blue bell contamination was linked to 10 cases of listeriosis, including three deaths. united airlines is facing a $2.75 million fine this morning. there have been several complaints made about the company not returning wheelchairs to disabled passengers or adequately helping them move through several of its airports. united has also been accused of violating rules regarding tarmac delays and allowing fliers to de-plane after a delay of three hours or more. eric: around the country this morning, more people are joining in on the powerball excitement. once again, no one won the big jackpot in saturday's drawing, so the winnings keep growing.
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billion. it could be more by wednesday night when the next drawing is held. a handful of iowans did win smaller prizes in saturday's drawing though, so be sure to double check those tickets and do not throw them away right away. lottery officials say one ticket bought in iowa is good for $1 million, and three others matched four of the numbers, earning those ticket holders $50,000 each. shaina: someone has got to win at this point. kind of like, it has got to get warmer. metinka: we are going to catch a little bit of a break from the cold and a couple of days. right now, it is bitterly cold to the north, algona with a wind chill of six below. in fort dodge, it feels like two below. in des moines it feels like eight above zero. a wind chill warning for the northern three tiers of iowa counties and tomorrow.
6:19 am
showers develop the northwest are spencer, and more will be moving in from the north dakota -- from the dakotas. this cold front is another cold front, so behind it, we will have a blast of arctic air arriving. the best chances of accumulating snow today will be off to the northeast, but notice this and of snow that will be working through central iowa in the overnight. after 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., snow moves through the northwest, moving through central iowa between midnight and 3:00 a.m. tomorrow will be cold and quiet, followed by more light snow on wednesday morning as warmer air moves in. tonight and early tuesday morning, a dusting to about a half inch of snow in central iowa, and it will be blowing around with very gusty wind.
6:20 am
now, and the pressure is holding steady. 24 the high temperature today with light flurries moving into the northwestern part of the state. tomorrow it is going to be chilly all across the state, highs struggling to get to 13 degrees in des moines. the wind chills throughout the day will stay below zero on tuesday, followed by a huge jump in temperatures on wednesday to back near freezing, and thursday, possibly near 40 degrees. eric: thank you. shaina: things are looking good outside, just some mobile speed units. hickman slowing down a little bit as traffic starts to pick up. here are the mobile speed units,
6:21 am
street, 2300 hull avenue, and 500 north east 70th avenue, and 3900 northeast 108th street. eric: democratic presidential candidates are convening in des moines today. the latest commitment 2016 report, live from washington, d.c. next. >> a look at the career of david belli as the music world and fans mourn his death.
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eric: welcome back to kcci at 6:24. this morning in commitment 2016, we're now just three weeks away from the start of the iowa caucus, and the race is getting close on both sides. shaina: nikole killion is live in washington with a look at the latest polls. nikole, what do they show? nikole: they show a net connect race between the leading candidates. according to a new nbc news/ wall street journal/marist poll, donald trump and ted cruz are locked in a tight battle in the hawkeye state, with cruz up by four points while trump holds a much wider lead in new hampshire. and only a few points separates hillary clinton and bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire. this as clinton and trump continue to go at it over his recent attacks on her husband,
6:25 am
mr. trump: she's married to an abuser. a woman claimed rape, and all sorts of things. i mean, horrible things. ms. clinton: if he wants to engage in personal attacks from the past, that's his prerogative. you know, so be it. i'm going to draw the distinctions between where i stand and where he stands. nikole: clinton says the tactics, which have been used by republicans, are a dead end that "didn't work before, won't work again." washington. shaina: we have more news half-hour. the death of a legendary rocker, on music. plus lawmakers back at the , statehouse today. we'll tell you the big issues they're facing this session. and the golden globes were last night. if you missed it, we'll boil down the lengthy awards show into just one-minute of the
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alyx: this building was left vacant after a few years and has a shot at new life eric: and the
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>> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." david bowie: ch-ch-changes shaina: this morning, it is the loss of a legend. we're remembering the life of rocker david bowie. the surprising news of his death coming in overnight. eric: let the session begin. the 2016 legislature convenes this morning two of the big issues they'll be tackling. shaina: and it's a crazy amount of money, $1.3 billion. plenty of powerball dreams this morning but we'll see the rather unique problems this record jackpot is presenting to lottery officials ahead. welcome back, everyone, it's monday, january 11. i'm shaina humphries. eric: i'm eric hanson, along with metinka.
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least we have two digits in our temperature. metinka: we have wind chills below zero, but other than that, the weather is quiet. it feels like eight in des moines, and clarion, the wind chill now at 10 degrees below zero. overnight, there have been a couple of flurries, especially in southeast iowa but we are watching a new batch of flurries develop up near spencer that will be moving and during the afternoon and evening. in des moines, the actual temperature is 40 degrees, headed for a better afternoon of 24 degrees. light snow will move through, leaving behind a dusting of snow tonight, followed by more arctic temperatures for your tuesday. shaina: right now, you are waking up the news that music has lost one of its most influential singers and songwriters. david bowie: ground control to major tom shaina:
6:30 am
at the age of 69. his family posted the news on facebook saying he died battle. he rocked his way onto the music scene in 1969 with the hit space oddity. he'd go on to give the world such songs as "changes" and "fame," releasing 25 albums, the latest just released on friday. it was back in 2002 that bowie told cbs news how he decided to make a career out of music. david bowie: until quite late in my teens i didn't know if i was going to be musical or if i was going to painting. i cap vacillating backwards and forwards, but opted eventually for music. shaina: bowie was married to international model iman. his son duncan jones tweeted overnight, "very sorry, and said to say it's true." this morning, we have learned mexico has begun the process of sending el chapo to the u.s. drug lord joaquin guzman is facing several charges here. he was captured friday after six months on the run. and his downfall may have been a meeting with actor sean penn in october.
6:31 am
guzman reached out to producers and actors because he wanted to make a film about himself. guzman and penn were photographed during a secret meeting in the mexican jungle and authorities say that meeting helped them find el chapo's hideout. guzman told penn he supplied more heroin, meth, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. in new york, four teenagers are in jail right now, and police are looking for a fifth, in the brutal attack on an 18-year-old woman in brooklyn. police say the teens took turns raping the woman after forcing her father away at gunpoint. the suspects are 14, 15 and 17. the water crisis still a concern in flint, michigan this morning. officials preparing right now to go door to door to hand out bottled water and testing kits. late last year, the city discovered the water supply was contaminated with lead from old plumbing. it was a major health scare because lead poisoning can cause serious health problems, even death. and $1.3 billion, that's the incredible amount of money in
6:32 am
since there were no winners on saturday. the record amount presents a unique problem to retailers around the country. many of their signs just aren't able to display that big of a number. same with the tickets. if you buy one, the bottom of the ticket will read the next jackpot is $1,300 million technically correct, but the , lottery is hoping to change the message to reflect "billion" instead. eric: your child's education and the quality of the water you drink will be the big issues at the statehouse this year. more big stories the 2016 iowa legislature convenes at 10:00 this morning. we found several lawmakers stopping at the capitol on sunday to get ready for the big day. funding for k-12 education is expected to be contentious like it was last year. governor branstad is also seeking support for his initiative to fund water quality projects with the existing 1 cent sales tax. tonight hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will be in des moines for the brown and black presidential
6:33 am
they'll be focusing on issues affecting african americans and latinos. it starts at 7:00 at drake university. watch for coverage from kcci on tv, online, facebook and twitter. our chief political reporter, cynthia fodor, will be there. also today, testimony begins in the joe lopez murder trial. opening statements were held friday. prosecutors outlined their case, accusing lopez of killing his girlfriend's toddler in 2014. lopez claims the child actually fell, resulting in a skull fracture. and in west des moines, fire investigators will be back on bradford drive today but admit it could take weeks to figure out what started a house fire there early sunday morning. the home just north of ashworth was a total loss. the homeowner was not home at the time. a firefighter was injured when a wall collapsed on top of him. the good news, he is out of the hospital this morning. shaina: another fire is getting
6:34 am
it burned for hours on saturday -- an explosion and fire at m's pub burned for hours on saturday and one person was injured. it may have been sparked by a gas leak but the official cause is still under investigation. firefighters were battling not only the flames, but the below-zero temperatures. eric: new this morning, a former theater now has new owners. kcci's alyx sacks is live from merle hay road where nova 10 cinema's used to be. sounds like the new tenants have big plans? alyx: this is a salvation army family store. it has everything you could imagine from clothing to things to put in your house. with this used to be is sort of the come back story behind this. it has been a theater twice, cinemark and most recently nova cinemas, and you can see remnants of what it used to be, but the exciting part is what it
6:35 am
>> the best way to shop a store like this is do not plan on looking for something particular , but to keep your mind open to what we have because you will find all kinds of things you probably were not thinking about when he walked into the store. you just name it. you are going to find a lot of nice stuff here, and i like to think we have a lot of hidden treasures. alyx: how do people donate? that is also how this works. >> everything here definitely comes through donations. you can bring it right to our stores here. you can also call us at 1 -800-sa-truck. alyx: all this money helps with the rehabilitation program right here in the community.
6:36 am
there is new life for another building not too far away. the old american tv and appliance building in johnston is now the new regional headquarters for goodwill. the building is just north of 35/80 on northwest 86th street. american tv closed in april after declining sales. still ahead the moment at last , night's golden globes that brought the entire room to their feet. the big winners ahead. shaina: what could you buy with $1.3 billion? we have three suggestions. and a touching photo after a life-threatening crash is going viral. we have those stories and plenty more coming up in the buzz. metinka: the weather for the weekend ahead is looking good for some days and not so good for other days. shaina: you will need to bundle up for that drive this morning, but no problems on the road. this is 35/80 and merle hay road
6:37 am
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metinka: it is another cold morning, bundle up for wind chills below zero. it feels like zero in ames, the wind chill in marshalltown -- actual highs this afternoon will be a little bit warmer than yesterday, headed for 24 in des moines, but flurries off and on
6:40 am
a dusting of snow tonight, and another blast of arctic air for tuesday. ricky gervais: when brad and angelina see our next two adorable little presenters, they are going to want to adopt them. eric: that was one of the more tame jokes last night from golden globes host ricky gervais. the comedian was bleeped several times taking aim at mel gibson, , sean penn, nbc and caitlyn jenner throughout the show. but of course, the whole point is recognize the best in film and television. this morning, chris martinez tells us who won and what brought the entire crowd to its feet. harrison ford: and the golden globe goes to, "the revenant." chris: "the revenant" won top honors at the golden globes, taking home the statues for best picture/drama, best director and best actor, leonardo di caprio. leonardo di caprio: i want to share this award with all the first nations people represented in this film. brie larson: i cannot believe
6:41 am
chris: brie larson took home the award for best actress in a drama for "room," while jennifer lawrence won best actress in a comedy for her performance in "joy." "the martian" won top honors for best picture/comedy, and best actor in a comedy. matt damon. but it was sylvester stallone who earned among the night's most thunderous applause, winning best supporting actor for his reprisal of boxer rocky balboa in the movie "creed." sylvester stallone: i wanna thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. chris: amazon's "mozart in the jungle" took home two globes for best tv series, musical or comedy, and best supporting actor. chris martinez, cbs news, beverly hills. shaina: this is just the beginning of awards season. nominees for this year's academy awards, the oscars, will be announced this thursday. eric: so "the revenant" may have won best picture drama, but it did not win the weekend box office. that went to "star wars" again
6:42 am
"the force awakens" earned another $41 million. "the revenant" came in second. by the way, star harrison ford is now the top-grossing actor in america, earning more at the box office than anyone else, $4.7 billion. samuel l jackson is in second with $4.6 billion. you said "billion," and that brings up a lot of emotions this week. the powerball dreams. $1.3 billion is the estimated jackpot on wednesday? eric: it is unfathomable and it's barks a lot of questions, what would you do with all that money. has a fun slideshow what a billion dollars would buy you from the world's most expensive car, a 1962 ferrari 250 gto, to a yacht worth $160 million, to a private plane costing $40 million. shaina: that is what i am doing. but so many of you also really dream of doing good with the money. we are happy to hear that.
6:43 am
facebook posts. it is just a couple of dollars for the big dream. the lottery says iowans bought more than $8.6 million in tickets for saturday's drawing. at one point on saturday, tickets were selling at more than $7900 a minute. but the average purchase was about $7, which means iowans were playing responsibly. that is good news. eric: got to show you a couple of viral videos this morning. look at this video. a man on a new york city train sees another man with no shirt on. he walks over and literally gives him the shirt off his own back, even helping him put it on, and giving him his hat as well. the homeless man wipes away a tear, blown away by the kindness of the stranger on the subway. shaina: that is amazing. and this photo also going viral, it's the moment a young couple reconnects after they were involved in a car crash in tennessee. they were on their way home when their car hit a bridge support. you can see them in their hospital room, neck braces on, happy the other is ok. the couple says they've gotten messages from people all over,
6:44 am
is. good thing they are ok. a live look at i-35 and 63rd street, things are getting pretty hopping. a lot of people getting an early start on their day, but no accidents. if you are joining the rush anytime soon, you should get
6:45 am
metinka will tell us if those >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on "kcci 8 news this morning." big metinka: it is still cold this morning, especially to the north. algona feels like six below, and ames feels like zero. in des moines, it feels like eight. you need to dress warm. the wind chill advisory continues for the northern three tiers of iowa counties until noon tuesday from 15 below 0225 below zero. it could be dangerously cold. other than the cold temperatures, there have been a
6:46 am
and we are watching a few more flurries moving to the spencer area. we will be tracking these flurries all day long coming in from the dakotas, and this cold front is bringing with it more arctic temperatures for tuesday. better chances for accumulating snows will be to the northeast of us today, but overnight this band will be working through central iowa. most of the day is going to be quiet, just on the chilly side of a few clouds and maybe an occasional flurry. overnight, tracking some snow showers moving in. tomorrow, it will be quiet and very cold, but wednesday, more clouds and bore chance of snow by the morning. warmer air will be moving in. overnight tonight into tuesday, we could pick up a dusting to half an inch of snow, enough to coat the roadways. our roads right now are looking
6:47 am
moines, no precipitation, and not much wind. headed for a high of 24 degrees. a chance that light snow will move in tonight, and it will be moving out tomorrow by rush-hour. highs struggling to get to double digits on tuesday, but wednesday and thursday we will breathe a big sigh of relief for melting conditions. eric: thank you. shaina: things look pretty good on the roads so there's that. you will notice a few mobile speed units around town, 3500 urbandale avenue behind the price chopper, 735th street,
6:48 am
70th avenue, and 3900 northeastonks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular you get 6 gigs of 4g data for only $40 per month -- $20 less than verizon. and u.s. cellular's network was built to work in places like out here, here, and here. so, with all of that, why would you ever go to verizon? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for just $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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david bowie: let's dance. put on your red shoes and dance the blues eric: the big news breaking
6:50 am
has died. his family posting on facebook that he died peacefully over the weekend after an 18-month battle with cancer. he had just turned 69 on friday, the same day he released his latest album "blackstar." his hits include "let's dance" as you heard there, "fame," "changes" and "under pressure." eric:shaina: we are three hours from the gavel signaling the start of the 2016 iowa legislative session. lawmakers spent the weekend bringing belongings into the statehouse. several told us education funding will be another big topic and the session will likely go long again this year. eric: three weeks from today are the iowa caucuses. new polls show some more shifting. the new nbc marist poll shows ted cruz leading in iowa, with donald trump, marco rubio and ben carson following. and among the democrats, hillary clinton still leads here in iowa, but bernie sanders is not far behind. martin o'malley in a distant third. all three of those democrats will be in des moines tonight at drake university for the brown & black presidential forum.
6:51 am
complete commitment 2016 coverage on air and on kcci 8 news at 10:00. and clinton will also be the guest on today's "ellen kcci. shaina: at the polk county will be called to the stand in the joe lopez murder trial. he is accused of killing his girlfriend's young daughter in 2014. opening statements were held on friday. the west des moines firefighter injured while fighting this blaze early sunday is out of the hospital this morning. he was hurt when a wall collapsed at 6531 bradford drive. investigators say it could take weeks to find the cause. eric: and store clerks across iowa are going to be busy ringing up more lottery tickets today. wednesday's powerball jackpot is the biggest jackpot ever in the u.s., $1.3 billion. the number so big, lottery billboards aren't even equipped to display it. in comprehensible. cold numbers.
6:52 am
below zero this morning. grab all the winter gear as you are heading out. the actual temperature does not look that bad at 14, but you have to dress for the windchill. headed for 24 this afternoon with some occasional flurries and a brief snow shower overnight, we will end up with a tomorrow, temperatures struggling to make double digits, followed by a two day thaw before more snow moves back into the forecast. shaina: bundle up and let the car warm-up. the cold should be your only issue this morning. seven minutes to get downtown from the west x master, six minutes from the east. 11 minutes from ankeny, and 29
6:53 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, january 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." rock legend david bowie loses his secret life with cancer. we remember the trail blazing artist who captured music and
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