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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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jackpot, and that's causing a few unexpected problems. kcci's vanessa peng is live with the story. vanessa: people here at tobacco outlet in ames are seeing record sales of powerball tickets, just like all the other stores in the state that are selling tickets. lottery officials say this $1.4 billion jackpot is something they've never seen before, they're calling it uncharted territory. the lincoln center hy-vee lottery ticket printer is going non-stop. >> we've had people coming in buying 20 tickets at a time, 30 tickets at a time. vanessa: this powerball jackpot is breaking world records. >> we've never been here before, no one's ever been here before so we're a little into the , situation that we don't know what to expect. vanessa: uncharted territory that is creating some problems. this sign is supposed to say 1.4 billion.
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and programmed in the millions of dollars so they say 999 there's nothing we can do to million. change that. >> there was a guy earlier that was like hey it's over a billion now, do you know that? if that's not enough incentive i don't know what would be. vanessa: last week, when the jackpot was a mere 900 million, some stores ran out of paper to print lottery tickets. this week, some stores are calling for two separate lines, one for lottery tickets, one for everything else. the odds are 1 in 292.2 million, but as they say you can't win if you don't play. >> the very first thing that i would do i would call my mom and call my dad. >> i would think there would be a winner wednesday, but i think powerball has shown us this month not to try to make predictions because we just don't know.
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around that if you buy one play per ticket, that would increase your odds. one iowa store even reports one yes, 2900 separate tickets. this will not increase your odds. you can play up to 10 plays on a ticket. stacey: as mentioned, the drawing for this jackpot will be on wednesday. the very last moment you can buy a ticket to qualify for the drawing is wednesday night at 8:59. who knows, by then, rocketed by huge sales the jackpot might even be more than $1.4 billion. steve: 4 weeks after a deadly hit&run near the iowa state university campus, ames police are now making a concerted effort to keep students safe, while going to class. students returning to campus after winter break were greeted by cy, and both ames and isu police officers. they handed out 2000 flyers to promote safety among pedestrians, drivers, and
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the extra emphasis is coming 4 weeks to the day after an iowa state student was killed while crossing lincoln way on her way home from campus. despite several tips, so far there have been no arrests in the death of emmalee jacobs. polk county prosecutors presented some graphic evidence today in the murder trial of joe lopez. he's charged in the death of 20-month-old ruby alvarez. prosecutors say he repeatedly shook the little girl in november of 2014. from the courthouse. kim: 3 witnesses testified today, one of them a clive detective. lopez told him he briefly walked out of the kitchen where he was feeding ruby, came back and found her lying face up on the floor, gasping for air. this picture shows ruby alvarez at blank children's hospital one day before she died, with several bruises on her face. lopez told authorities ruby got
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from her high chair when he was out of the room. the radiologist who performed ruby's cat scans told jurors he's never seen so many skull fractures caused from what he calls a ground level fall. lopez's defense attorney questions law enforcement's investigation specifically why , no dna swabs were taken from the alleged crime scene. >> was the tray tabletop ever fingerprinted for foot impressions? >> no sir. >> was any of the turkey picked up from the floor to see if there was any of ruby's saliva on that turkey? >> no sir. kim: based on measurements taken at lopez's apartment, the defense determined ruby could have fallen 5 feet if she was standing up in the high chair. steve? steve: a son is now charged with murdering his own father in davis county. 16-year-old michael goodwin junior is now facing first-degree murder charges. davis county deputies found the body of his father, michael goodwin senior, on december 13. the cause of death has not been
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stacey: a garwin couple is charged with theft and ongoing criminal conduct after more than $13,000 was discovered missing from the town's ambulance service. 59-year-old steven boege was the president of the ambulance service. 58-year-old karen boege was the service's secretary and treasurer. a state auditor's report says the missing money was used by the boege's for personal items. both are out on bond investigators are looking into an apartment fire in boone. crews say heavy smoke was billowing out of the building when they arrived. all of the residents got out safely, but the weather made fighting the fire difficult. >> just with the climate, it is treacherous. it's bad enough to try walk around in this stuff on a good day. then you get the ice underneath you, the ice build up, radios freeze up.
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kurtis: you may be able to blow it off with a leaf blower. it is a week system that is moving through snow wise, but it will have a big push of cold air in behind it. like snow in the twin cities right now. a little bit of activity in south dakota. the cold air already up in northern minnesota. minneapolis, a wind chill of seven below. look at these wind chills for northwestern minnesota. 21-28 degrees below zero. here is your planner. drive for the evening hour. i think our best chance for snow showers should be around 8:00 to around 11:00 tonight. we will top out at only 12 degrees with some sunshine on our tuesday. kind of a roller coaster ride on
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steve: the iowa department of public health says 3 strains of the flu virus are now moving through the state. ripplethey are the h-3, the h1-n1, and the victoria strains. all 3 are covered in flu vaccines being given here in iowa. the number of reported flu cases right now is low. but, the health department warns that flu season doesn't typically peak until late january or early february. even if you have already had the flu this season, you may still want to get a flu shot. because a case of one strain of the flu does not make you immune to the other 2. stacey: 21 more days until the iowa caucuses and only 3 candidates on the republican side have double-digit support. donald trump leads with 31%. ted cruz has 29%. but with a margin of error of 4%, the race is a dead-heat. only marco rubio comes close to the front runners with 15%. no other republican candidate receives more than 7%. steve: on the democratic side, bernie sanders spoke to hundreds of students this morning in des moines.
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hoover high school last week to ask about holding a discussion with the students. the vermont senator took questions from kids, and spoke about minimum-wage, immigration, and his free college tuition plan. sen. sanders: i want kids in the sixth grade, the fourth grade to know if they take school seriously, as i hope all of you will, that in fact lack of family funds will not be an impediment to getting a college education. steve: sanders also met this afternoon with students at pleasantville high school. stacey: sanders and his democratic opponents hillary clinton and martin o'malley are all in des moines tonight for the brown and black forum at drake university. kcci chief political reporter cynthia fodor joins us live from sheslow auditorium on the drake campus with a preview. cynthia: folks are already starting to arrive here for the brown black forum, where all 3
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at 7:00. security is very tight, as you can see. there is a fence set up around the entire perimeter. police cars everywhere, streets blocked off around the area. this is the 31st year the forum has been held in des moines before the caucuses. it is not a debate tonight so , each candidate will take the stage separately. they will answer questions of interest to minority communities, focusing on criminal justice reform, health care, and other issues. >> economic opportunities. making sure there is a level playing field for people in minority communities and and that -- and there is opportunity for them. we talked about education. immigration was brought up. i think it is important that the democrats are talking about comprehensive immigration reform . the other side is talking and very hateful rhetoric.
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difference between the parties. cynthia: the brown black forum starts at 7:00. it runs two hours. it will air live on the fusion cable network and will be live streamed on youtube and facebook. we will also be listening to what the candidates have to say and bring that to you live on kcci 8 news at 10:00. stacey: johnston residents should expect a knock on their door soon. the city started its special census friday. city leaders expect the community has grown by as many as 2500 people since the 2010 census. they hope to have the new numbers by spring. first-time home buyers get a tax break starting today. some 780 home buyers in iowa will be able to take advantage of a a year federal tax credit. $2000 first time home buyers with an income of under $115,000 are eligible. while this is a federal program
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not a federal loan. >> this would mean keeping 1.5 million in hard-earned income in the pockets of iowa families this year, which is income that would otherwise be spent in federal taxes. stacey: the program, the governor says, was originated by a ronald reagan tax reform in 1984. he says it is not to be confused with freddie mac or fannie mae. a change in poll position for both iowa and iowa state. how far the cyclones fell in the rankings after their loss to baylor. steve: an old des moines movie theater gets new life. see what the salvation army has done with the place. and, the iowa legislation starts the 2016 session today. the 3 issues lawmakers say they must resolve before they can go
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with steve karlin stacey horst, chief , meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. steve: the 2016 session of the iowa legislature started this morning.
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he joins us live from the statehouse with the first day activities. marcus: you can see the statehouse behind me all lit up. before the session officially began this morning, legislators greeted each other with a whole lot of handshakes, smiles. but not too far from their minds is the work they hope to accomplish this session. legislators know they have their work cut out for them in the 2016 session. they want to see all iowans who work 40 hours a week earn a living wage. they say iowans should not have have to work two, sometimes three jobs in order to survive. a living wage is one of a number of issues house members plan to dive in and get to work on. >> the first priority in bills that iowans are depending on relates to school funding. the state supplemental aid amount needs to be put forward quickly. the law requires it in 30 days. i expect us to beat that with something that comes out of the iowa house and goes over t the
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, we have got to make sure that all. there are a half million people in the state of iowa that are depending that we do this thing right. marcus: house members told us that they are excited to get back and see people they haven't seen since the last session. live at the statehouse, marcus news leader. nova movie theater on merle hay the salvation army has spent theater into a new family thrift store. the money generated by the store will go toward the salvation army's program to help des moines area men beat addiction. the store is located north of of merle hay road. it's open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.. monday through saturday. we will get out of the deep
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kurtis: a live picture from our schoolnet webcam in algona. winds from the northwest. already, our wind chill at 11. feels like six in ames. it wind chill advisory along north of highway 20 until noon on tuesday. wind chills 15-25 below zero. clouds of the increase, temperatures in the 20's. our temperature, still seven degrees. noontime temperature still in the single digits. kind of a dramatic drop once again. here is the system that is moving through.
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up in the twin cities, toward prescott, wisconsin. not a lot of moisture to work with, but it will slide on through. another ridge of high pressure builds in out of canada. that will scour away the clouds tomorrow and we will see sunshine on tuesday. here is futurecast, doing a pretty good job with the snow. moves around 9:00 or 10:00. should be out of southern iowa before sunrise. just a few clouds tomorrow. more sunshine the farther west you are. as we head into wednesday, a push of warmer air was slowly move in. that will bring some clouds around early before we clear out late in the day. snowfall amounts impressive, but there could be a few visibility issues. most locations under one half inch. best chance for the half inch of snow looks to be up in
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temperatures tonight down to seven. northwest winds blowing around 15-25. chills for the metro tomorrow, 5-15 below zero. colder to the north. we start to bounce back wednesday. thursday is the mild day. if you like the warm air, it looks like it will be a statewide thaw. in. another push of cold air. sunday morning, single digit. we stay fairly cold as we head into next week. stacey: nothing like cold air this time of year. steve: the new polls are out and
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. new edition of the ap top 25 is -- andy: the new edition of the ap top 25 is out. kansas and oklahoma remain the overtime thriller in lawrence last week.
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big ten season undefeated. iowa state was preseason picked in the top five by many pundits. steve prohm and company say the sky is not falling in ames. tony seeman has more. tony: georges niang has a message for fans who were a little local about the loss to baylor. >> i know we had a lot of high expectations. those can still be high. >> i understand the process it takes of putting yourself in a position to win the regular season, touted to be good night and, night out. tony: for isu, it is now back to basics, slowing down the game so this team can actually breathe.
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>> slow the game down for a minute. we can score so easily at times or so fast. >> we are three games into conference play. we are not even thinking about the championship race until the last three weeks of the season. there are a lot of teams that have to play a lot of people. >> we have had a lot of adversity hit us this year. i don't think we are crumbling at all. tony: niang says rome wasn't built in a day and the prohman empire won't be either. andy: cyclones and longhorns tomorrow night at 8:00 live on espn2. safe to say that bill fennelly wasn't expecting this. cyclone sophomore forward
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finally -- told fennelly she wants out of ames. fennelly says fernstrom is no longer on the team and will be granted a release from her scholarship. she had started 15 games this season and was 4th on the team in scoring and second in
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kurtis: a few snow showers overnight. steve: they can for joining us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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