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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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not helping. announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. steve: next at 10:00, too close to call. new poll numbers show the race for president tight on both sides. how the democrats differed on key issues in des moines tonight. >> this was $4000 that was stolen. stacey: ripped off right before the holidays. a local mom unable to bail her daughter out of jail. how a complete stranger stepped up to bring them back together. steve: and new details in a marion county death investigation. authorities say no charges. >> he needs to pay for what he did. steve: why a father is convinced his own son murdered his wife.
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kurtis: evidence but it will create some slick roadways after that goes along. a little more intense snow shower from ankeny north. generally light snow kind of cruising off to the southeast. the big problem will be up in northern iowa. we are getting gusts over 40 miles per hour. it looks like where the snow is more likely to blow around, could be some problems with limited visibility. this is a winter weather advisory for blowing snow. the same winds are going to push the cold air. here in the metro, seven degrees. we will see some sunshine tomorrow. no, 9. about 20 degrees before -- 20 degrees below our normal high. a thought had in some of our next eight days.
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tonight. the race for president heats up. a new nbc news/marist polls shows hillary clinton with a 3% edge over bernie sanders in iowa. that same poll shows sanders with a 4% edge over clinton in new hampshire. steve: all 3 democratic presidential candidates took the stage tonight at drake university's sheslow auditorium. that's where we find kcci's chief political reporter cynthia fodor. cynthia: that's right. here at sheslow, where the debate was held with all three candidates, tonight was not a debate. these candidate took to the stage one at a time and had plenty of time to answer questions on issues important to minorities like immigration and polices trust. sen. sanders: we have to move toward comprehensive immigration reform. as president, if congress does
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office of the president. mr. o'malley: we are a nation of immigrants. we do not send children and women and families back to the hands of death gangs. our mindless deportation policies are breaking up families every day in the united states. parents are ripped away from their kids. >> will you become the next deep order -- the next reporter -- deporter in chief? ms. clinton: i do not like the race. i've -- the raids. we need immigration reform. sen. sanders: being a cop is a
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police officers can try and break up disturbances without using the kind of force we see. ms. clinton: when you have police violence that terrorizes communities, there are so many different kinds of potential violent acts. we have to go after all of them. we cannot let anybody live in fear. cynthia: people here told me they were pleased with the answers of all three candidates. it was hard for some of them to make up their minds who they like the best, but they particularly liked that they had more in-depth answers. >> the incarceration rates of minorities. one student asked about white she asked the question of hillary, and i think hillary did a great job in saying that she was part of white privilege. in some of these debates, you don't can to hear that kind of
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cynthia: there were some lighter moments. sanders was asked how it would be for a democratic socialist to live in a white house -- in the white house. housing. steve: the race on the republican side is nice and narrow, too. the latest quinnipiac poll shows donald trump in the lead, but ted cruz is not behind act 29%. marco rubio is at 15%. all of the other candidates are polling in the single-digits. front-runner donald trump has just announced that he will back in des moines on friday. he has a rally planned for living history farms at 10:00 a.m. it's free and open to the public. stacey: new at 10:00 a marion , county father is suing his son claiming the son murdered his mother. kcci's laura terrell explains why he decided to file to wrongful death lawsuit even though criminal charges have not
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laura? laura: 68-year-old shirley carter was found dead in her rural marion county home in june. and now 7 months later, shirley's husband bill says he has no doubt his son committed the crime. >> i'll never get over losing her. she is the best thing that ever happened to me. laura: bill carter still wears his wedding ring in his home filled with pictures of his wife of 52 years. >> this is shirley and i's 40th wedding anniversary picture. that's the one she got dressed up for. laura: shirley carter was found dead inside their home on bill june 19. was at work. he says there youngest son jason is the one who found shirley dead on the kitchen floor. did. he needs to pay. seven months after the murder, bill carter and his two other
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wrongful death suit against jason. >> the reason we decided to file was because we were afraid there wouldn't be any justice for shirley. shot and killed his mother, causing pain and suffering for the rest of his family. >> they said there is more than enough to convict. i have been told that a long time ago. laura: jason carter has not been charged with the crime. dci investigators and marion county authorities wouldn't comment much today except to say the investigation is active and ongoing. >> the last time i talked to him was on july 4, and i told him i loved him. and i tried to ask him why, but he says he's innocent. laura: bill believes his son had a motive of money. bill and shirley carter had made
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about 14 miles away, the beneficiary of their estate worth around $5 million. we tried to reach out to jason carter, but his family says he has changed all his phone numbers. steve: here is an update to a kcci exclusive. a des moines mother forks over thousands of dollars to bail her daughter out of jail. but she says the bondsman took the money and left her loved-one behind bars. as kcci's ryan smith reports, the family eventually found help from a competing business. >> this was $4,000 that was stolen, theft. that's how i feel. ryan: all lori evans wanted this christmas was her daughter home for the holidays. she says alpha bail bonds promised to make it happen. >> it was really tough hearing my mom everyday on the phone calling and telling me that she rounded up all this money to give to the bondsman and the bondsman had yet to pay her back. ryan: december 18, police possession with intent to deliver. a stay at the polk county jail that was supposed to last a
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weeks. hope and i just knew that i was not going to be home for new years. affordable bail bonds saw our report friday. >> coming up with all that money, which is a lot of money and the girl not getting out of , jail for christmas. yeah, it hurt my feelings too. ryan: then made a deal with evans to get her daughter out for real this time. ,>> they were so happy and when we got her out she came up here and gave us all a big hug because she was so happy to be out. ryan: what was the first thing you did when you saw ariana? >> screamed. screamed so everybody in the jail could hear that her momma was with her and cried. ryan: polk county records list amy stevens as the operator of alpha bail bonds. according to the state, she's not licensed to issue surety bonds even though its advertised on the web site. now, lori is pursuing criminal charges against the east side
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we've made several attempts since friday to contact someone here at alpha bail bonds. phone calls, stopping by in-person here at the storefront at east 9th and gurthrie, and by visiting the owner's listed address. so far, no one has responded to our multiple requests for comment. in des moines, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: des moines taxpayers saved about $30 million tonight. todd magel is in now with the change that made that happen. todd: the city wanted to build a new parking garage and high rise development downtown on the site of the old 7th and grand garage now being torn down. but at the last minute the plans changed in your favor. >> it's a win-win for all parties, the city and future development. todd: city leaders voted unanimously to make big changes in the block at 7th and grand downtown. once the old garage is torn down, the city was going to build an ambitious $30 million garage with a private 17 story
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now, principal wants to build its own garage, and nelson development will build a new luxury housing and office structure next door. and the principal garage will be on the property tax roles from day one. >> it will essentially serve all those same parkers that we were going to build the garage for, so marriott guests, office tenants at ruan, guests at principal. the same people will be accommodated, just under different ownership. todd: the council also approved plans to tear down burns untied methodist church at 8th and crocker. the 112-year-old brick building is now empty, and the church wants to sell the land. food truck fans will have more choices this spring. the council wants to expand the trucks into city parks after a successful summer in the downtown area. cyclists will be happy to know the city is moving forward with plans to widen a one mile section of the neal smith trail. the $430,000 project will widen the trail between euclid ave and
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and finally, meet des moines; n ewest -- des moines' newest council leader. linda westergaard takes over for bob mahaffey who did not run for re-election. the city says principal financial should break ground on it's new parking garage at 7th and grand this spring. stacey: next at 10:00 powerball , problems. how the giant jackpot is causing unexpected headaches at local stores selling tickets. steve: plus new guidelines on , breast cancer screening. what changed and why.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. stacey: giant jackpot. in case you missed the news, the now the largest in the world. wednesday's drawing is estimated to be $1.4 billion. and that massive amount of money is creating a few problems. stores to the big billboard along i-235 in des moines. they are all supposed to say $1.4 billion. last week, some stores ran out of the special paper the lottery tickets are printed on.
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created 2 separate lines, one for lottery tickets, and one for everything else. lottery officials just can't believe it. >> we truly are into uncharted territory. first of all, this is a world record jackpot. we are never been here before, nobody has ever been here before, so we're a little into the situation that we don't know what to expect. steve: joel dominguez wasn't expecting his life to change this weekend. the sioux city man bought the lucky powerball ticket that earned him a $1 million prize. the 23-year-old matched the first 5 numbers but missed the powerball. stacey: updated recommendations for breast cancer screening released today. the u.s. preventative services task force says women ages 50 to 74 should get mammograms every other year. the group says screening can be effective for women in their 40's, but over-diagnosis is a concern. -- is a problem. >> the benefits are smaller, the harms need to be carefully viewed.
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having this information and making individualized informed choices. stacey: the task force is also calling for more research on newer technologies to diagnose breast cancer, including 3-d mammograms. steve: the flu is on the rise in iowa. the iowa department of public health says 3 strains of the virus are now active in the state. the good news is that all 3 are covered by this year's flu shot. the health department and the cdc say the vaccination is still the best protection. doctors say even if you've already had the flu you could still get sick with one of the other strains that's going around. so, it's not too late to get the vaccine. underage binge drinking has hit a record low. data from the department of health and human services shows nearly 72% of 12th graders now say they disapprove binge drinking. stacey: snow-packed roads in check out the scene in forestville near buffalo. crews working all day to clear
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back-ups. heavy snow there, but temperatures staying near the 30's. of course, we see flurries here tonight. kurtis: eastern paul county, western jasper county, it is starting to accumulate. 27 degrees. wind chill of 19. the cold air is out there, it is just to the north. there is some snow, the areas in darker blue a little bit more moderate. east-southeast, generally confined to central iowa. another little band moving to the west side of town. going to be some snow, and again it is going to accumulate. to the north, wind chill 30 degrees below zero in parts of minnesota. that is the kind of cold that is
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northern iowa already feels like eight below in algona. could be some blowing snow issues, especially to the north. wind chill advisory keeps going from 3:00 a.m. right through noon from humboldt county into county. the coldest wind chills will be north of highway 20 but it will get cold across the state. sun comes up at 7:40. wind chill of about 10 but -- 10 degrees below zero. noon, nine degrees. gusting winds will slowly settle down as the day goes along. temperatures off and on around 11 degrees. considerably below normal. 7:00 p.m., back into the single digits. here are our snow showers moving through. the system is just kind of dragging a secondary push of cold air through.
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that will settle in over the state and we will see some sunshine tomorrow. here is futurecast. you can see the snow kind of filtering through. tomorrow, the sunny skies, just a few clouds. i think a better chance of some cloud cover in northeastern iowa occasionally. you can see the push of warm air coming in through wednesday. snowfall amounts don't look to dramatic. anywhere from one tends to around one half of an inch. late tonight. accumulations of a half inch or less in the metro. tomorrow, a high of just 11 degrees. as cold as 30 below for wind chills in northern iowa. thursday, 41 degrees. friday, snow showers.
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with highs in the single digits. steve: next at 10:00 a big mac
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mcdonald's next. this is the next thing in the fast food companies line. their latest attempt at creating an evolved version of its brand. the store opened last month in hong kong. in addition to the ambient lighting and stainless steel, there is also a full salad bar, premium coffee blends, and self-ordering kiosks. mcdonald's next also offers table service after 6:00 p.m. that is pretty cool. no word on when or where other mcdonald's nexts will open. >> it means so much to so many millions of people around the world. everybody has their own experience of him. steve: celebrities are remembering music icon david bowie. he lost his battle with cancer on sunday. stacey: the 69-year-old was a pop music fixture for more than 4 decades. steve: he battled cancer for the past 18 months.
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continued to work, releasing his latest album just days ago. stacey: fans around the world remembering bowie tonight, laying flowers on his star along the hollywood walk of fame. london's bt tower was also lit up, paying tribute to bowie. steve: we're going to move on to sports.
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and he has the highli andy: quite the college football game tonight to wrap up the season. about 13 minutes left to go in the college football season. right now, clemson leads alabama 24-21. the tigers trying to become the first team in modern history to go 15-0. alabama ball at the 20 yard line. it was not the weekend the cyclones had been hoping for. 1-2 in big 12 play.
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georges niang and the rest of the team made sure the fans knew that it is not time to the panic button. >> the best thing about my guys right now is they have been all committed, all saying the right things, all doing the right things. as long as they are doing that, we are headed in the right direction. we know we are talented, we know we have a good team. i am in it for the long haul. we are trying to do the best we can in february, march, and put ourselves in the best position to make a postseason run. they play texas tomorrow night at 8:00 on espn2. new edition of the ap top 25 is out and they dropped to one position behind the hawkeyes cyclone sophomore forward , 17. bryanna fernstrom told bill fennelly she wants out of ames. fennelly says fernstrom is no longer on the team and will be granted a release from her scholarship.
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-- played in 15 games, started 12. she was 4th on the team in scoring and second in rebounding. it is time for the great 8. minnesota fans, you get all the credit in the world for standing outside in below zero temperature and watching your heart get broken. number 7, iowa hawkeyes, biggest conference when ever. 54-0 over the weekend. number 6, doug baldwin. cold weather doesn't bother him. number 5, what a game. oklahoma and kansas. triple overtime. number 4, monte morris alley-oop . abdel nader with the two-handed dunk. number 3, chiefs against the
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knile davis. number 2, jordan spieth. 30 under par to win the hyundai turned into champions. number 1. martinez bryant -- martavius bryant.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. kurtis: blowing snow and limited visibility will be the problem
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the winter weather advisory has been moved south. light snow here and big cold later. kurtis: 10.5 -- andy: 10.5 minutes to go in the national championship game, game tied at 24. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks
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provide living wages for working people,
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