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tv   CBS This Morning  Me-TV  January 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning. it is thursday, january 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." dreams come true for at least three powerball players! responsible tynious celebrations erupt at a california store that sold the winning ticket. we are there live. isis suicide bombers target foreigners near a starbucks in indonesia. >> are they trying to take donald trump down? ahead of tonight's debate, bob schieffer returns to cbs as our newest political contributor. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> -- say it's carried out a suicide bomb and gun attack in jakarta.
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>> seven people are dead. of those seven, five were attackers powerball 10. >> at least three winning powerball tickets were sold in florida, tennessee, and california. >> do you feel the winning ticket was sold here? >> it is my pleasure and pretty proud. >> all of the information has been public and transparent. >> cruz on the defense after reports that he failed to report a million dollar loan from goldman sachs. >> tonight gop presidential candidates meet for their sixth debate. >> we are kicking ass together. >> avalanche warnings posted out west in the cascade mountains. heavy snow on the east coast. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault. >> iranian state tv airing apologies from the u.s. sailors that were released. >> we thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance. >> in honor ndur
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>> picabo street is charged after pushing her father down the stairs. >> 15 to 20 below, don't be stupid! back to you. >> wow! >> and all that matters. >> a lot of people on social media were watching paul ryan's poker face. >> let's see if i can get him to applaud. saving puppies from a burning bus. a guy in a wheelchair makes a half-court basketball shot. a lost cat finds a forever home. >> and all that matters on "cbs this morning." >> this is what you live for! i wonder if i should wear? >> what you like is you're coming to me for this advice! this morning" sponsored by let's go places! welcome to "cbs this morning."
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share the world's largest lottery jackpot. word of a vast new fortune set off a frenzy where one winning powerball ticket was sold. >> chino >> most of us wake up releasing we were not the winner but did not stop people to show up to catch a glimpse of this lucky
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it. within minutes of wednesday night's powerball drawing china owe hills in this spot was the hottest spot in town. hundreds of people swarmed the store after hearing a winning ticket was sold here. >> we heard the news and so we came down here to see who the winner was. >> yeah, it's not us! >> reporter: the clerk behind the counter who may have made the lucky transaction became an instant celebrity. the store will get a nice cut of the prize -- $1 million! how did you hear that your store sold a winning ticket? >> i was watching tv. my store show up. i said like, that is my store! >> reporter: you couldn't believe it? >> i couldn't. >> tonight's jackpot is approaching $1.6 billion! >> reporter: it took 20 powerball drawings and more than ten weeks for someone to hit the winning combination.
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that anyone would take home the big prize, but that didn't stop sales from soaring. >> $20 for a billion and a half. >> reporter: at one point, nearly 10,000 tickets were being sold every second. saturday, americans have spent more than a billion dollars trying their luck. you didn't win tonight. are you going to be okay? >> i think i'll be all right. you know, it is a little disappointing but someone won big out there and hopefully, they remember us little people, if we know who they are. >> reporter: while we still don't know who will share the historic jackpot, it's clear this town at least feels like a winner. >> chino hills is not that interesting of a city but it's amazing to be the powerball city. that is amazing. >> reporter: california, tennessee and florida all have state laws that require that the names of the winners be released, so, gayle, eventually we will find out who these new multimillionaires are. >> yeah.
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new best friends. thank you very much, mireya. isis is claiming responsibility this morning for a deadly paris-style terror attack that rocked indonesia's capital. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ screaming ] >> you're looking at witness video in a suicide bomb explosion targeting foreigners at a starbucks and a shopping area. seven people are dead, including five of the attackers. police battled for highest level and its president is calling this an act of terror. the explosions this one outside a starbucks rocked a busy part of central jakarta, an area
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hotels, and not far from indonesia's presidential palace. the gruesome aftermath was in places too graphic to show. suddenly, the explosion went off at the police post, this witness said. i saw people running away and two people lying on the ground bleeding. heavily armed security forces responded and a gun battle broke out. apparently between the attackers and police. indonesian authorities tell us the assailants rode motor bikes and used both grenades and guns. christian hubble is an advertising executive living in jakarta. >> it looked pretty seriously. it looked like a terrorist attack or something like that. multiple explosions and a lot of people running away. >> reporter: indonesia has the world's largest muslim population and battled islamic extremism. the first major attack in
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bombed in 2009.stepped-up security at sites popular with tourists. charlie? >> thanks, seth. hours before the latest republican debate, donald trump is defending his strong campaign message. trump will meet six of his gop rivals tonight in prime time and comes less than three weeks before the iowa caucuses. president obama and south carolina's republican governor said on tuesday that divisive politics are damaging the country. major garrett is at tonight's debate site in north charleston, south carolina. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the republican race remains by a political moment without modern precedents. a democratic president delivering his last state of the union address and a party chosen to give the party's response and
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for, in their words, using fear, division, and anger to gain popularity. >> if we had a real president and not the president tha made a speech last night where everybody fell asleep. >> reporter: after taking heat from president obama and republican governor nikki haley, donald trump defended his fiery rhetoric. >> nikki haley, very nice woman. she said i'm an angry person. i hate what is happening to our country. i am angry. very angry! >> reporter: hailley stood her ground. >> she is the establishment of the fire wall in south carolina where the establishment puts brakes on. >> reporter: amid criticism. >> i knew when i hit republicans and democrats i wouldup set people but they gave me the opportunity to say what i think and that is what i did. >> reporter: reince priebus said -- >> i would much rather have a little drama and i know some intrigue and interest on our side, and then coalesce behind
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>> reporter: chris christie and john kasich battling to be the mainstream alternative to trump embraced haley's message. >> she did really well last night and i thought put a good face on our party. >> we need to be unifiers and there is too much anger. i agree with her. >> reporter: kasich has pulled ahead of christie. >> i've been declared for dead more times than i guess than people that you read about in the newspaper, right? >> reporter: who are actually dead? >> yeah, who are actually dead! >> reporter: a new topic might come up at tonight's debate. revelations that ted cruz and his wife heidi secured a loan from goldman sachs to help finance cruz' 2012 senate campaign and heidi works at goldman sachs. it was in the fully disclosed to the federal election committee and something cruz told reporters yesterday was an inadvertent error.
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a new poll this morning, finds the democratic race in iowa could go erngither way. clinton leads sanders in a recent poll within the poll's margin of error. she led the same poll last month by nine points. nancy cordes is in washington. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this poll is really considered the gold standard in iowa, because it's done by the des moines register which knows the state best. it shows that sanders has basically held steady since last month, but clinton's support has softened by six points, leaving a larger swath of voters up for grabs. >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: with just two weeks to go before the iowa caucuses. >> i always expected that this would ab tight race. >> reporter: clinton and sanders are locked in a battle over his health care plan. sanders wants to move to a government-run single payer insurance system, or what he calls medicare for all. >> okay, so now tell the
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going to cost them. >> reporter: on tv and on the stump, clinton is bashing the idea. >> if that is the kind of revolution he is talking about, i am worried, folks. >> reporter: on wednesday, the sanders camp struck back tweeting out this photo of clinton and sanders in happier times. the caption? to bernie sanders, with thanks for your commitment to real health care access for all americans. best wishes, hillary rodham clinton. they released this clip of clinton calling out barack obama for the same thing she is doing now. >> since when do democrats attack one another on universal health care? >> reporter: the clinton compares says sanders isn't being straight with voters. last month he promised to share the details before the iowa caucus. now his campaign admits that might not happen so he insists americans would pay less than they do now. >> when with you get rid of the private insurance companies,
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companies to lower their prices, you can provide health care for a middle class family and save thousands and thousands of dollars. >> reporter: clinton once favored a sinalgle payer system took but she and other democrats view it as political unfeasible. clinton says she is helping his bottom line and he has raised $1.5 million since tuesday from 50,000 people. >> thank you, nancy cordes in washington. in our next hour, bob schieffer returns to cbs news as
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look forward to that. >> reporter: although administration officials publicly described it as a rescue at sea, video made it look like they had been captured, forced to kneel with their hands behind their heads. >> we made a mistake. >> reporter: that seemed at odds with secretary of state kerry's praise for how the iranian's handled the incident. >> i also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are always situations
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have an ability to get out of control. >> reporter: after being held for 16 hours, the crew was allowed to get back in their boats and sail out to this american warship. the release came after phone calls between secretary kerry and iran's foreign minister. the iranian foreign minister tweeted he was happy to see dialogue and respect, not threats and impetuousness swiftly resolve the sailors' episode. some have been critical of the obama administration, saying this is less a diplomatic success than a case of iran having its cake and eating it too. >> on the one hand they're giving the people back in an
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they're required by international lei law toaw to do. on the other hand they say the americans screwed up, it's really their fault. >> reporter: the desire not to derail the nuclear deal between the two countries may really be what resolved this. under that deal the u.s. is expected to begin releasing the about $100 billion in frozen iranian assets in the next few morning, italian police have a man under arrest in connection with the murder of an american worm. 35-year-old ashley olsen was found strangled last weekend. the suspect is a 25-year-old illegal immigrant. police arrested him after examining clues found in olsen's apartment the case appears to have been
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at a press conference this morning, this prosecutor said ashley olsen had two fractures to her skull and had been strangled. also evidence of consensualeual sex before the murder. the suspected arrested is a senegalese with no criminal record who worked distributing flyers for local nightclubs. witnesses saw the two enter the apartment together and they were both seen on surveillance cameras in the area. according to police, at some point, the suspect took olsen's phone and put his sim card in it and it was described by the landlady and olsen's body being in a state of disarray. olsen spent most of friday night in this night spot that has a history of problems over drug dealing and other public order offenses. her father walter, seen here laying flowers tuesday outside the apartment where she was murdered, said in a written statement, at the time, that he had confidence that the perpetrator of a horrible and
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and sentenced quickly. in the statement, olsen described his daughter as a beautiful and creative young woman with a happy, exuberant and generous soul and adding we were heartbroken she was taken from us. ashley olsen had been living in florence for about three years. and was described as well-known and popular in her neighborhood. she came to florence to be near her father and start life over after a divorce. a prolific user of social media, she even posted a line from the book and movie each pray love about an american woman who came to florence to find seeking a new life in florence as an illegal migrant. >> such a sad story. thank you, allen pizzey reporting from roam. remembering the lives of three american student volunteers killed in honduras
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road and ran into a ravine. 12 other americans were hurt. the students were part after volunteer mission and they were on their way to the airport to return to the united states. ofgs officials believe the crash was a result of mechanical failure. >> so heartbreaking. a dog bug flu is spreading across the country. it's forcing some a good morning. it's a mild morning with temps in the 30s heading for 46 this afternoon with sunshine. enjoy the warmth today because temps will fall friday afternoon with a few flurries followed by another shot of snow saturday night and bitterly cold temps settle in for the weekend and the start of next week. have a great day and
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new evidence apparently shows el chapo didn't know who sean penn was. >> ahead, how the dug lord tried to woo the actress who set up that "rolling stone" interview. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by nexium 24 hour. for all day, all night protection from frequent heartburn. try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader
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the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ahead, the government's plan to expose secret homes of luxury homes. >> i'm ben tracy in havana, india. a new revelation is under way. this one is about americans. america is ready to come to cuba but is cuba ready for the americans?
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your weather in 30 seconds! good morning. it's a mild morning with temps in the 30s heading for 46 this afternoon with sunshine. enjoy the warmth today because temps will fall friday afternoon with a few flurries followed by another shot of snow saturday night and bitterly cold temps settle in
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>> i don't like this mike. whoever the hell brought this mike system, the son of a [ bleep ] to put it in, i'll tell you. no. this mike is terrible. stupid mike keeps popping! did you hear that, george? don't pay 'em! don't pay 'em! you know? i believe in paying, but when somebody does a bad job like this stupid mike, you shouldn't pay. terrible. terrible. it's true. you got to be tough with your people, because they'll pay. they don't care. i guarantee you, i'm not paying for this mike. >> donald trump found a new enemy at a rally last night in florida, somebody named george, the person in charge of the microphone. he voiced his animated and, as you see, salty complaint to the crowd of 10,000. i don't, guys, he liked the mike. >> no. >> he's not paying for it
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message received. welcome back to "cbs this morning. droug lord el chapo apparently didn't know who sean penn was. details about their secret meeting and his infatuation with a very attractive mexican actress. ahead, the actress breaks her silence about el chapo's capture. a new strain of the dog flu is spreading around the country. we are going to show you how to make sure your pup stays safe ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. philadelphia inqiuirer fbi director is investigating a terrorist attack. last week a gunman ambushed a officer in his patrol car. police say the suspect pledged allegiance to isis when he was arrested. in the flint, michigan, area, city switched its water source to the flint river and
7:30 am
from june 2014 to last november, there were 87 cases of legionnaire's disease. typically, this area sees up to 13 cases every year. state officials have not confirmed a link between the water and the increase in the legionnaire's cases. "the boston globe" reports from general electric is moving its global headquarters to boston. about 800 jobs will be relocated from fairfield, connecticut. last year, ge threatened to leave over taxes. boston, massachusetts, offered incentives and incentives. al down. some speculated the plunge in the price of oil played a role. a charged al jazeera denies the off-shoot of the qatar based
7:31 am
doors by april. >> smugglers tried to use phony carats to sneak marijuana across the texas border. border agents discovered the stuffed carrots stuffed with pot last weekend. a truck from mexico carried the phony carrots. you got to give them something for creativity. >> those were fat carrots! wow, those are big carrots! >> let me have another one of them! >> i hear they help your eyes out! you can see better when you eat the carrots! that is what my grandma says. >> or things that are not there! >> grandma used to say. this morning, the actress who set up sean penn's interview with mexico's most wanted drug lord said people are lying about the case. kate del castillo is speaking out while new information shows how much el chapo wanted to meet her. manuel bojorquez reports the
7:32 am
hideout. >> reporter: when mexican marines raided the householding ingholding guzman, left behind is a sack of dvds with kate del castillo. now since the first time since guzman has been captured she has spoken publicly tweeting the following. the statement comes after text messages obtained by a mexican newspaper appeared to indicate an infatuation el chapo had with del castillo. in one exchange, he writes, you're the best thing in this world. we will be great friends. figure out when you can come back. i hope it will be soon.
7:33 am
than i do of my own eyes. del castillo responds, i'm so moved that you say you'll take care of me. no one has ever cared for me. as for actor sean penn, guzman didn't seem to know who the academy award winner was. asking his lawyer in one message, what was the actor's name? and later confessing to looking up penn on the internet. the text messages also show guzman's concern that people who knew him were being monitored. turns out, he was right. telecommunications intercept and along with the two to meet helped the u.s. and mexican law enforcement narrow down the drug lord's location. for "cbs this morning," manuel bojorquez, dallas. the federal government this morning is cracking down on high-end secret real estate deals. this action is partly inspired by "the new york times" series
7:34 am
companies and they allow buyers to make all-cash purchases and keep their identities hidden. "the times" learned wealthy foreign buyers were using more high-end real estate as a safe-deposit box. reporting is based on a three-year variation. we are pleased to have you here. what is the interest of the government here? why are they trying to track this down? is it all about taxes or what? >> well, they are actually concerned about the money tied to fraud or corruption, both with foreigners and people domestically where we are hiding it in real estate purchase. because that is a pretty safe money to -- a place to put your money these days. >> so who is doing it? >> so these are generally pretty
7:35 am
some people use it for urprised at what you found? >> i first just started looking at where is the elicit money going around the world? i thought i would end up in the british virgin islands or panama and was surprised when i found out from law enforcement and other sources that, in fact, a lot of it is right here in the united states in new york, in los angeles, and miami. because they told me that, then i started digging into the condos and see what is there. >> what with this? why is it a problem? i. you know real estate prices are going up in a lot of these places. walk around manhattan and look at the skyscrapers going up. spelling for $100 million and this affects the characters of our neighborhoods because a lot of buildings are empty. people have gotten this money through fraud or corruption, they have victims.
7:36 am
tracking down these secret buyers. how are they going to do it? what effect do you think it will have? >> for the first time they said to the real estate industry, ask some questions. before, real estate would shut their eyes and not know who was signing. the title insurance companies involved in every transaction have to find out who the certain hidden behind these shell companies and they have to tell the treasury department and treasury is going to put it in a database for law enforcement. >> you could pay all cash, no questions asked? >> that has been going on. >> now they have got a lot of questions. >> now they have got a lot of questions. >> and some bad actors, bad people who are using funneling their money for this. >> it's a lot of money. >> thank you. >> louise story, thank you. a dog flu is spreading nationwide. adriana diaz is in chicago where
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of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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a dangerous new strain of dog flu this morning that is causing concern across the country. a dog in montana recently tested positive for the highly contagious virus. a seattle area kennel expressed concern. adriana die arizona is in chicago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here in chicago, the flu spread so quickly last year, that some shelters had to close their doors to try to prevent the flu from spreading. here in chicago, they have treated more than 300 sick dogs and housed some temporarily while they recover at different homes. all of these dogs, including this one here are healthy, but
7:42 am
to make sure none develop symptoms. ashley lease walks dogs in the seattle area and she is paying extra close attention to her four-legged friends after warnings about the new strain of dog flu. >> they can get sick just like us so i know how much i hate being sick. >> reporter: king county public health officials say up to 90 dogs staying at this kennel outside of seattle may have been exposed to the fire. further tests are needed to concern it's the new strain. >> none of the dogs have immunity to fight it off, so you see large numbers of dogs getting ill when the virus starts to circulate. when dogs are going to dog day cares or dog parks or boarding overnight in kennel facilities it can spread very rapidly. >> reporter: cases first showed up last march in chicago and spread quickly. around 2,000 dogs in 24 states had been infected. a vaccine was made available in november. vets say the disease is rarely
7:43 am
vet right away if their dog shows symptoms. >> if your dog doesn't eat well for -- misses a meal, you see coughing, you see lethargy, tired and moping around could be a sign of a fever and if you see that, give your local veterinarian a call and schedule an appointment because they need to get on medications. >> the health care department says their facebook post outlining the symptoms has been viewed 189,000 times since tuesday. local vets are now stalking up on the vaccine. and while the virus is no laughing matter, this viral video features a chicago public named herbert who is putting on a brave face while recovering from the food. >> dogs are household members and oftentimes they are like kids in the family and people want to take care of their pets and do the right thing and keep them safe. >> reporter: humans can't contract the virus but spread it to healthy dogs after close
7:44 am
by the way, all of these puppies are available for adoption, so, guys, let me know which ones you like. >> it's tempting! norah o'donnell kids have been asking! >> i know. >> herbert had the best smile. >> herbert had the best smile, he did. love the story. scary to get the dog flu. adriana, thank you so much. cbs news legend bob schieffer is back! the long time "face the nation" host is right here in studio 57 this morning. he is going to be part of our campaign coverage all year long. >> he is tan and he is rested and he is back! >> that's right. plus adele adds some spice to james corden carpool karaoke. >> best one ever. >> watch it over and good morning. it's a mild morning with temps in the 30s heading for 46 this afternoon with sunshine. enjoy the warmth today because temps will fall friday afternoon with a few flurries followed by another shot of snow saturday night and bitterly cold temps settle in for the weekend and the start of
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i'm running out of time >> that was amazing. from the outside >> what did you used to do -- >> i mean -- >> you used to be a huge fan. >> yeah. your locker room? this is what you live for >> so great!
7:50 am
overnight on the seat there. major attitude, she got the hand moving. what is fun is james corden's expression. he is having so much fun doing this. i love watching him more than the stars. >> i like seeing adele like that. >> yeah. >> a lot of energy. james bay has another great young voice from england. ahead he talks about making it
7:51 am
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she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world.
7:55 am
good morning. 2016. morning." there is more real news ahead, including bob schieffer's return to cbs news. let us rejoice. he is back in studio 57 this morning with his unique view of the presidential race. opener" at 8:00. most of us are waking up this morning realizing that unfortunately we were not the big winners. indonesia has raised its security alert to the highest level, and its president is calling this an act of terror. the topic might come up in tonight's debate. revelations and ted cruz and his wife secured a loan from goldman sachs to help to finance his 2012 senate campaign. >> all of the information has been public and transparent for many years. this poll shows that sanders
7:56 am
last month, but clinton's support has softened. critics are describing the incident as just one more iranian provocation. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault. the flu spread so quickly last year that some shelters had to close their doors to prevent it from spreading. i saw a bunch of tweets pop up in my time line. is that larry wilmore? who is the larry wilmore look-alike? then i saw who they were talking about. >> as i have ever been. >> that wasn't me, you guys! >> that was the ceo of microsoft. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. we're waiting to learn the identity of at least three people who won the world's largest lottery jackpot. they'll share nearly $1.6 billion.
7:57 am
19, 27, 34 and powerball 10. >> six numbers that will change your life. people lined up all around the country to try their luck. winning tickets were sold only in tennessee, florida and california. news of a winner sparked a spontaneous celebration in chino hills near los angeles. hundreds of people flocked to the 7-11 that sold one winning ticket. the store will get a million. since saturday americans have spent more than a billion dollars on powerball. at one point nearly 10,000 tickets were sold every second yesterday. >> wow. 7 republican presidential candidates debate tonight in prime time. less than three weeks before the iowa caucuses. donald trump said last night he expects to be attacked but he's not worried because he attacks back. he defended his campaign language after south carolina's republican governor seemed to suggest he is dividing the country. nikki haley and her republican response in the state of the
7:58 am
resist the ang riestryiest voices. >> nikki haley, she said i'm a angry person. i thought i said -- i am! i'm very angry. because i hate what's happening to our country. i am angry. i'm very angry. >> conservative critics also bashed haley's message. rush limbaugh called her part of the republican establishment that is trying to stop donald trump. haley we're lucky to have bob schieffer back this morning. he retired in june after 46 years and he's signed on as an occasional cbs news contributor through next year's inauguration. bob, good morning! >> what happened to retirement? >> you missed us? >> i did. old people always like to be
7:59 am
know, when david rhodes came and said, why don't you offer an occasional comment or analysis on the campaign, who could resist that. >> we're glad to have you. >> thank you. i'm really happy to be here. you know, this is the single most unusual campaign that i've been covering campaigns for a long, long time. and i have to admit up front, i have never seen anything quite like this. >> how do you explain how donald trump has dominated the conversation? >> you know, he -- i started out saying, well, he is a reality tv star. i have changed my definition. he is a master showman who has this impeccable timing and this ability to sort of control the conversation. you know, there is this australian political consultant named linton crosby. he consulted on some of david cameron's campaigns in london. he had what he called the dead cat theory in which he said it was -- he said, look, it doesn't make any difference what people
8:00 am
if you throw a dead cat on the table, they're going to start talking about the dead cat. and this is what donald trump has been able to do. the conversation goes off into some direction, and then he throws one of these things out on the table, and suddenly everybody is talking about that. >> suddenly -- even rush limbaugh said it's starting to dawn on the elites, he says, that donald trump could win the presidency. he is way ahead in most of the primary states. >> well, you know, i have said from the very beginning that i took donald trump seriously, and i took him seriously because i know how angry people are. people are frustrated. i mean, the government does nothing. the city ronald reagan called the shining city on the hill has become the town where nothing works. and people are fed up with it. i know where this frustration is coming from and how deep it runs. >> even the president spoke to that in his state of the union
8:01 am
regret that i couldn't change that. >> along comes donald trump who says the things that a lot of people wish they had the nerve to say to their boss. >> it's interesting that you took him seriously because so many people didn't. the more outrageous things he says, according to some people, the higher the numbers go. you took him seriously from the beginning. >> i did. i tell you what i missed. when he would say some of these things i thought, well, that does it. nobody is going to get by with that. nobody is going to call john mccain a loser because he was captured. which made me think if john mccain is a loser, what about people who gave their lives. somehow or another he manages to say these things and go on to other things. >> can we talk about nikki haley, her speech after the state of the union address. >> i think the most important thing that's been said in this campaign certainly this week is what she said in that response. that was extraordinary. we've never heard somebody -- i mean, yes, the president took a swipe at donald trump.
8:02 am
but then in the response she comes up and comes down even harder on him. that's amazing. >> so donald trump is one big surprise. how about bernie sanders and how about the republican race and how about the challenge he has mounted to hillary clinton, the democratic race, in iowa and in new hampshire? >> you know, this is unbelievable really, when you come right down to it. here you have the democratic party, the oldest party. it's been around for a long, long time. and yet it has managed to come up with one legitimate candidate, hillary clinton, like her or love her, she is a legitimate candidate. but there was no other democratic candidate. i mean, where are these candidates now? and so along comes a guy who is a confessed socialist, says he is a socialist, says he is not a capitalist in a country built on free enterprise, and he is giving her this.
8:03 am
frustration people are feeling, it's being felt on the left as well as the right. the president is right. our democratic party has moved further to the left than it has ever been. and as we see this republican party, which may be tearing itself apart, whatever the case, it's further to the right than it's ever been. >> does that open the possibility of an independent? >> maybe. maybe. it also opens the possibility -- and i said this to norah last night. we reporters, we have to be careful not -- because we want so much for there to be a brokered convention for the first time in our lifetimes because it would be so much fun. >> yeah. >> it does, i think especially on the republican side, we may well go into that convention not knowing who their candidate is. what happens on the democratic side, i guess hillary clinton is going to get the nomination, but i don't know. >> you were coming back at a great time. not everybody who leaves d do people do the hula when they come back.
8:04 am
to come back. it was it was applause all around to have you back. >> thank you, guys. when we come back, hollywood's biggest morning getting under way. a little bit later in the broadcast, here is a question. will leonardo dicaprio get his oscar goal? good morning. it's a mild morning with temps in the 30s heading for 46 this afternoon with sunshine. enjoy the warmth today because temps will fall friday afternoon with a few flurries followed by another shot of snow saturday night and bitterly cold temps settle in for the weekend and the start of next week. have a great day and
8:05 am
james bay created a number one album in his native england. now he's nominated for three grammys. meet the rocker on the verge of being the first american sensation. >> you had a lot of self confidence about this, yeah? >> no. i think i shouldn't win. i'm being very british. you know, because it's -- well, it's not necessarily cool. like i'm just -- i enjoy it so much. >> bay's conversation with our anthony mason. that's ahead here on "cbs this morning."bay's conversation with our
8:06 am
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8:08 am
the grammys are just over a month away. anthony mason recently talked with one of the fresh faces that's vying for this year's
8:09 am
he is at the grammy museum in los angeles. anthony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. last year james bay won the critics choice prize at the brit awards. england's grammys given to a rising new comer. it's the same award that helped to put sam smith and adele on the map. now bay, who is up for three grammys, is hoping to take home america's biggest music trophy. >> reporter: only a few years ago, 25-year-old james bay was playing london pubs, just trying to get noticed. but 2015 changed all that. you had a pretty amazing year. >> 2015 was pretty strong. i had a good time. it was great. hold back the river, let me look in your eyes hold back the river so i >> reporter: his debut album
8:10 am
back the river" went to number one in britain. he performed his other hit single "let it go" with ed sheeran. and he impressed the rolling stones' ronny wood. >> new people don't often do that to me. >> reporter: who gave him britain's gq award for break-through artist and then joined him on-stage at a london concert. >> these surreal things. it's hard to talk about them as if they actually happened but they did. >> reporter: at the end of the year he heard he got a grammy nomination. >> we were in the back of the cars with my manager losing our minds. label phoned up and said, did you see about the other two? two more? 2015 was great. strong. >> reporter: tough to top that one. >> definitely. i'm going to try. yeah we live through scars this time >> reporter: he is the latest
8:11 am
make it in america. >> it's exciting. i can't get away from that. i don't know if it makes me sound naive or anything. at the end of the day i'm willing to take it on. >> reporter: it's a little like guitar nirvana in here. >> it is. >> reporter: bay who we met at the gibson showroom in new york. >> i'm drawn to weird color. >> reporter: this is a beautiful color. he picked up his first guitar when he was 11. this really all started for you when you heard "layla." >> essentially, yes. >> reporter: the derek and the dominos classic was playing on the family stereo. >> as soon as it came to an end i ran downstairs and said, play it again. you know, what was that? >> reporter: in hitchen, a town about an hour north of london, he taught himself to play. >> this is where i got my first-ever electric guitar. >> reporter: and joined a local band. >> it was a big deal.
8:12 am
grail of gigs in hitchen. >> reporter: bay had greater ambitions. >> i was willing to commit. >> reporter: what were you committing to exactly? >> something bigger. kind of giving myself a shot at something more than the buzz we got from playing in a pub to a lot of people. >> reporter: he started performing solo. >> when i first got in front of a mike on a stage and it was just me, i started to, you know, find out about what i could do. >> reporter: did you like being up there alone? >> yeah. yeah, i really did. >> reporter: then a fan posted a video to youtube. >> it had like 20 plays on youtube. 22 maybe. >> reporter: yeah. >> and -- but we got a call from a record label in new york who had found it somehow. and really liked it. >> reporter: what were you thinking at that point? >> i was thinking, new york?
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:13 am
i can't bear to let you go >> reporter: signed by republic records. suddenly james bay was on his way. did you have a plan b? >> no. well drawing. not the best. i don't think. i still love it. >> reporter: he still draws on the road and makes rock heroes selfies, featuring his now signature head gear. where did the hat come from? >> of course. >> reporter: everybody asks. >> it was a very sort of kind of teenage fashion move. >> reporter: [ laughing ] >> no other way to put it really. >> reporter: you just liked it and it stuck. >> exactly. it comes off. it's not really stuck. i'd like to hang around longer than i have already hung around. i'll change and develop and grow in that way as an artist. mess about with other stuff. >> reporter: change hats. >> change hats.
8:14 am
gig will be here at the grammy museum in l.a. tomorrow night. but like much of his tour, it's sold out. gayle. >> so likeable, anthony. you've got that rock star look going on too. i always love your music pieces. >> reporter: i put a suit on for you this morning, gayle. >> you look great. interview. >> looks very good. >> nice to see people's dreams come true. >> james bay, congrats to you. tomorrow a powerful story among the grammy nominees. we'll talk about jazz man jimmy greene whose daughter was killed in the sandy hook school shootings and he turned the grief into a musical tribute and is now up for two grammys. you can catch the awards on monday night, february 15th, 8:00/7:00 central. his failed field goal kick ended the playoffs for the vikings but his he is a winner in the eyes of first graders. that story next here on "cbs
8:15 am
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people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty...
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and worked with liberal chuck schumer and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. ahead, a clear view of what the future holds for cars and trucks. >> from the latest in safety technology and connectivity to all electric cars plus a fundamental change going on in the auto business, it's all on display here at the north
8:19 am
show. good morning and welcome back, it's now 8:25! three winning tickets sold in the one-point-6 billion dollar powerball jackpot! in california, florida, and tennessee. and we've learned one iowan matched the first five numbers, but missed the powerball. they also selected powerplay so that ticket is worth 2- million! we should find out exactly where that ticket was sold later this morning. again the winning numbers, 4-8-19- 27-34, powerball: 10. hillary clinton losing her lead in iowa! a new des moines register poll now puts bernie sanders within two percentage points of clinton. the poll has clinton with 42%, sanders with 40. maryland governor martin o'malley far behind with 4%. a full 14% of likely democratic caucusgoers say they are still undecided. the
8:20 am
the register also has a new republican poll - ted cruz is on top with 25%. donald trump in second with 22%. marco rubio 12% and ben carson with 11. everyone else is in single digits. kcci 8 traffic! any accident locations are plotted on the map. your mobile speed unit
8:21 am
lls. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the guardian in london remembers british actor whose death was confirmed this morning. rickman played a professor in the "harry potter" movies and was in other movies. allen rickman was 69. "wall street journal" reports on its annual ranking of the best and worst airlines. it says alaska airlines was best in 2015 followed by virgin america and delta airlines. last place? americanairlines. it carries cheap operating
8:22 am
the merger with us airways. vikings kicker blair walsh will visit first graders today who sent him cards after missing what would have been a game winning 27-yard field goal on sunday. one student wrote we still think you're awesome. another one said puppies are cute. her teacher thought this was a teachable moment about empathy and the importance of winning and losing and it's not everything. >> what a great teacher. >> i thought so too. >> what a great lesson. >> walsh is great for that indeed. a record 17.5 million vehicles were sold in the u.s. in 2015 helped by cheap gas and low interest rates. next year's crop of cars are on display at the north american international auto show in detroit. it is the biggest automotive stage on the continent. world's largest carmakers make their worldwide debut and the show opens to everybody on saturday, but transportation correspondent kris van cleave
8:23 am
driving the cars of tomorrow. >> reporter: it has the feel of a fashion show. but the models are measured in tons, and the designs, think ma metallic cheek. ceo mark fields. >> we are using the lincoln continental to really express what we call quiet luxury. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: lexus wasn't being quiet with this debut. volvo and mercedes are pushing safety. the e-300 sedan can do much of the driving for you. concept cars like this one from buick are fan favorites. part of the reason? more than 800,000 people come to this show, but also on gla this year are fundamental changes going on in the auto business. >> so nice! >> they are seeing the writing on the wall that as autonomy comes down as ultimately people are sharing more and more cars they were interacting and not purchasing car and a whole
8:24 am
>> reporter: gm designed chevy volt for that different world. it can travel more than 200 miles on a charge and cost under 30 grand. >> electrification is the basis to now layer on additional capabilities. >> reporter: getting a slice of the 5.3 trillion dollar transportation services pie means smarter cars collecting your personal data. >> we are a technology company and more and more, we are becoming an information company. >> reporter: are you talking about tracking where i'm going and what i'm doing? >> well, this is not about tracking individual customers. this is about customers electing to share their data with us so that in the aggregate, we can discern patterns there. >> reporter: patterns in a business that is ever changing. >> that buick was slick looking. >> my birthday is coming up! just a hint there if anybody has any ideas. >> on charlie's birthday, he
8:25 am
vehicles like that commercial, good morning. it's a mild morning with temps in the 30s heading for 46 this afternoon with sunshine. enjoy the warmth today because temps will fall friday afternoon with a few flurries followed by another shot of snow saturday night and bitterly cold temps settle in for the weekend and the start of next week. have a great day and
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night. >> february 28th. let's get to it and start with
8:28 am
between "the revenant" and "the martian" and "spotlight." i think spotlight is the best picture on paper and the martian might be the biggest crowd pleaser. i'm liking "the revenant." >> me too. >> i think it's a movie that got hot at the right time. >> "star wars" was a big crowd pleaser. >> it is the biggest movie in the united states and in history. a huge massive effect this last year. but not a best picture nominee. you have to look at statistics like that and say what are the ingredients for a best picture nominee? shouldn't that be taken into account? >> what about best actor? >> leo. i think you have to go with him. a couple of months i was going for edit redmayne for "the danish girl." but then "the revenant" happened and leo was fighting bears and eating carcasscarcasses. it's the oscar that eludes him.
8:29 am
>> best actress? >> i think this is going to brie larson. they moved her to best supporting actress so now brie larson against cate blanchett. i think brie larson takes it and the most versatile performance in that category. >> best supporting actress? >> i think it's going to go to -- i think rooney mara. she moved her out of the best actress category. >> best supporting actress? were you surprised idris wasn't in it? >> i was. i loved him. this is a movie that went straight to netflix. i think a movie wide in thousands of theaters this is the movie you wanted to watch on a big screen and it may have had a bigger impact at the oscars.
8:30 am
you have to radio for sylvester stallone and same story with the golden globes and nominated 40 years ago for this same character and now 40 years later for the same character. >> should have been in the best picture. i think michael b. jordan should have slid into the best actor spot too. >> are they saying anything about the fact no idris or no will smith or "straight outta compton"? >> no black nominees. i think "straight outta compton" was a great movie and underlooked movie. >> who do you think is the best director? >> i got to root for george miller. i'm such a mad maximum fan. ten nominations for "mad max." "the revenant" lead with 12 but mad max is my movie and i want that to win best picture.
8:31 am
picture, 2015 is the year we talk about a long time. >> alejandro, the job he did was amazing. >> margaret was nom namedinated for mad max. george miller went to her. i don't want this to look like every action move. this woman next to george miller i think is responsible for taking hundreds of hours of footage and crafting this masterpiece so i'm rooting for margaret and i hope she wins. >> how do you feel about mad max? >> i don't know. i like it a little bit. >> you have turned me on to "mad max." >> thank you, eric. the ice car defrosted. how this frozen vehicle finally escaped winter's wrath is up next. >> a buffalo man had his car frozen in a block of ice overnight after he parked too
8:32 am
frightening as a buffalo man! you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
8:33 am
the fame car sickle is no longer on ice. we showed you yesterday how the car was frozen alongside lake erie during monday's snowstorm. a tow company took about 15 minutes to remove it wednesday, pouring calcium on top with flakes of chloride and letting the ice melt. and pulling it out sideways. the sedan will be checked this morning at a collision center where it thawed out overnight. the owner said it started up right away and he expects it to be a-ok. >> great commercial for the lancer. you can freeze it and it still starts! >> that does it for us. tune into the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight. and for news she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton.
8:34 am
...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world.
8:35 am
marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
8:36 am
good morning everyone, it's now 8:55... fellow iowans are thanking a waukee couple for being so open about the painful loss of their son. dan and wanda lienemann say their 18-year-old son drew committed suicide. he was active in sports, made straight a's, was well liked, but was silently struggling. the lienemanns say drew was an organ donor - and they hope sharing his story can prevent other deaths. the story touching a lot of central iowans. one comment on our kcci facebook page comes from kim - from a mother that lost her son to suicide, i am very sorry for your loss. and sarah - i lost my father to suicide in 2012. i wish i could save every person even thinking of doing such a thing. my heart hurts for you. and new information in that boone apartment fire early monday. the boone
8:37 am
women were on their way to work when they saw the flames. they were the ones who called 911 - and actually ran inside the building to get two elderly women out safely! fire investigators are still working on the cause - but say it was likely accidental. kcci 8 traffic! any accident locations are plotted on the
8:38 am
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