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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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school and that you may never see them again if you get picked up. so there's really a lot of hard times that are happening in the community right now. rose: this, all due to a recent ice operation. a press release says agents made 121 arrests nationwide, 77 are already deported. an unnamed ice official says none of the arrests happened in iowa. in a statement, he said these enforcement actions targeted adults who were subject to final orders of removal, who had an opportunity to present their claims to an immigration judge. alfaro-santiz says now, people are seeing ice agents in iowa. >> here in des moines, they have been in people's houses with directv jackets, presuming they are from directv and knocking on doors saying they're from directv. rose: i reached out to government officials and say those are not ice agents. erica johnson with the american civil liberties union says the fear is impacting the community. >> people are reluctant to go out to do their normal everyday activities. rose: she says families with different degrees of citizenship
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>> making sure that people have access to good legal counsel and also understanding what their rights are if a local ice agent comes to their door. rose: these reasons arrests were for specific individuals, they were not part of a mass raid. live in des moines, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: johnston police are warning about a scam involving the upcoming iowa caucuses. an elderly johnston resident says a caller claimed to be with the iowa caucus. that same caller then said the caucus would take place in january instead of february 1. with the resident in person. jonathan police warn you not to share personal information unless you know the caller. police. mark: des moines police searching for a man who robbed a university avenue drugstore twice in disguise. the first robbery happened at the fifield phamacy on university december 17. , a man walked in and demanded
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the robber threatened to shoot the clerk but never showed a weapon. police say the same man returned to rob the same pharmacy six days later this time wearing , a wig. if you recognize this man, call crimestoppers of central iowa at 223-1400. stacey: boone county prosecutors charge a man already serving time for sex abuse with sexually abusing two children. prosecutors say jody ray anderson abused two children, ages 11 and 13, as early as 2011. anderson is already serving a 10-year prison sentence for a sexual abuse case in winnebago county. he pleaded guilty last year to 3rd degree sex abuse. prosecutors say that case is separate from the boone charges. a judge set joe lopez's re-trial for murder charges for may 2. lopez is accused of killing his girlfriend's toddler, 20-month-old ruby alvarez, in 2014. lopez's first trial ended yesterday after the child's mother testified that lopez
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the judge declared a mistrial. mark: a waukee high school student's tragic suicide this week is sparking concerns for parents around the metro. drew lienemann was a straight-a student and captain of the waukee football team. his parents told us wednesday, they didn't know anything was wrong. that's why psychologists say it's important to be on the lookout for warning signs of depression in teenagers. and even if signs are not there, talk to them about it anyway. >> so they know that it's ok to talk about, because even if they aren't currently having those thoughts, it's very common for teenagers to have those thoughts sometimes. as it's happening more and more in the community, certainly teenagers are thinking about it. mark: the des moines pastoral counseling center is now offering suicide prevention training in the metro. you can learn more and register online at stacey: the webster county assessor who was fired, then
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webster county officials voted to fire jeanette thanupakorn last night. she was originally fired after she didn't appeal a 38% state increase in commercial property valuations. county supervisors got it reduced to 16% on appeal. thanupakorn was first fired for the first time but october 27, reinstated and placed on administrative leave to give her time to request a public hearing. mark: a relative heat wave here in central iowa today. temperatures climbing well into the 40's. jason sydejko here to tell us, not to get used to it. jason s: i wouldn't get used to it. but let's focus on the positives. or eight degrees, 70 degrees above average. a page out of spring. winter coming roaring back soon as we will see single digits. as far as snow, some spots
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off to the north, still a fairly healthy snowpacked in spots. not a lot going on. a few clouds across the state and we have more from the northwest. a dash of snow as we head through the overnight. i will break down the forecast and how much snow to expect, coming up. stacey: a federal appeals court says it won't reduce the prison sentence of a former iowa state aids researcher convicted of faking aids vaccine research results. a lower court judge sentenced dong-pyou han to 57 months in prison, but his attorney appealed, saying the sentence was unreasonable. back in 2013, a harvard team discovered han's promising vaccine research was faked. the results were caused by han spiking the blood from rabbit test subjects with antibodies from humans. three tickets won the world's biggest jackpot. enthusiastic customers crowded into a chino hills, california
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news this morning that a winning powerball ticket had been sold there. but that ticket wasn't the only winner. tickets claiming a share of the $1.6 billion jackpot were also sold in melbourne beach, florida and munford, tennessee. none of the ticket holders has come forward yet. mark: no one in iowa won a share of the big prize. but one western iowan did snag a $2 million prize from last night's powerball drawing. byron stewart of onawa matched all 5 white balls. but missed the powerball. so that would have meant a one million dollar prize. but because he added the power play option to his ticket he won a cool extra million. stewart's ticket was one of eight nationwide that won $2 million in last night's drawing. in addition to that $2 million the iowa lottery says 225,000 , prizes were won by people who bought tickets in iowa. they range from $4 to $100,000.
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powerball tickets were sold in iowa for last night's drawing. more than $6 million were sold yesterday alone. >> this would be like the equivalent of like a furnace powerball. stacey: ed and jana hunt of jackpot this afternoon. contest. so bell brothers heating and air to replace their old furnace with a brand new one. bell brothers says it meant as as it did to the folks who received it. >> a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that we've ran a successful business where we can do things like and give -- do things like this and give back to the people. >> now our house will actually be warm. upstairs, where our bedrooms are, is always cold and we have heating blankets. now we won't need those. mark: the state treasurer and the former owners of the longview golf center are teaming up to get money back to customers who never redeemed gift cards or certificates.
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white dome, closed in urbandale back in october. now the owners say there are , many customers who didn't redeem their gift certificates before the store closed. anyone -- the iowa treasurer's office is helping with those refunds. anyone still holding a longview gift card or certificate should contact the treasurer's office by e-mail. that is or you can call 515-281-5367. work begins on rebuilding the old downtown yonkers building. and another fire damaged
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. >> great decision, and we'd do it again in a second. stacey: a big development boom for a popular metro corridor. the city of des moines started pouring resources into the ingersoll grand corridor about 6 years ago. mark: kcci's kim st. onge is
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businesses say it's paying off. here along 27th street are two of several businesses now open on ingersoll. investing more money into this area, hoping that trend will continue. open just two weeks and the grill's been hot ever since. one of the best locations we have. kim: pita pit owner mike rink the chain's 5 metro location more than 2 years ago. turns out, several other business owners had the same idea. restaurants because people want options. they're sick of the same old thing that they've seen. kim: tyson holm owns blondie's salon, a 1-minute walk to the new building housing pita pit, firehouse subs, and the not-yet-open pancheros. >> it's kinda like having a shopping mall or like a food court in a mall only no mall. kim: a new mexican restaurant is
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city officials started investing in the ingersoll grand corridor from 15th the 42nd street, hoping to make it safer and more welcoming. >> the idea to do these gardens and plantings and trees has really helped enhance and you know, put the buildings right on the sidewalk. kim: ingersoll businesses owners i talked to agree, parking could be better. >> if you have too much parking it makes people say you know , nothing's going on here it looks like you know there's nothing but a sea of parking. kim: but mayor frank cownie says he is keeping an eye on parking and wants to improve transportation opportunities for pedestrians, bicyclists and buses. for now, rink's just excited to see so many new faces coming to ingersoll. >> alright, have a good day sir. kim: the city's next big project is the southwest 9th corridor. live in des moines, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. mark: nearly two years after fire destroyed the old younkers building downtown, renovation work is again under way at the
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the business record reporting today that the company doing the $20 million renovation, blackbird investments, has started removing paint and other contaminates from the site. when that's completed, construction will begin which , will include a restoration of the historic younkers tea room. stacey: new information about another business closed by fire. the owners of a dong restaurant hoped to re-open this saturday, but in a twitter message this morning, a dong says they are still waiting for final inspections and approval by city and fire inspectors. fire destroyed the restaurant at 15th and high last august. a dong, a vietnamese restaurant, has been in des moines since 1989. beautiful day today, but changes are on the way. jason s: sweeping changes. we saw spring air today but we are going to drop into the freezer. as far as high temperatures go, the next seven days, up to one
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the temperature will continue to drop four days. wind chills in some spots, low 20's in storm lake. degrees in des moines, that is absolutely beautiful. average high for this time of year since at 31 degrees. winds on the increase as we head into the day tomorrow. you can see what that does to the windchill. with chills in a single digits by 3:00 p.m. 20 to us for israel's -- as far as real temperatures. on the backside of the system, through the morning hours tomorrow, and another wave
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some of us could see some light accumulation. this is going to be with us feel -- with us for a few days. we will get back to some warmer air, i promise you that. for now, a much cooler forecast. light layer of snow as we head into the overnight our. you see how much that tapers off . you can see the cloud cover to break as we head into the evening. even some light snow. you can see, it is very light in nature. that next wave into saturday evening and sunday morning, could see an inch or an inch and a half.
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wind chill's likely in the single digits around for 3:00 hour. the highs we will be seeing will be early on in the day as the temperatures continue to fall in the afternoon. we do warm-up after the next shot for snow arrives on tuesday. mark: almost central iowans 2000 looking for a new job got together with businesses that desperately need workers. 80 employers were looking for job applicants at the 2016 iowa career expo. it was held at hy-vee hall at the iowa events center. the purpose of the fair wasn't only to help employers find new
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in iowa. announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: the iowa hawkeyes beat number one michigan state just our the conference run the iowa city. that was nice, but they could make a huge statement by winning
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they are 0-for-their-last-18 trips. i am 20-13 midway through the first half. more coming up at 10:00. the iowa energy have a couple of games on deck here at home, and they are being led in part by a guy who has taken a long road to central iowa. quick -- scott: undrafted in 2011 out of usc. making matters worse, usually guys in that situation would have the nba summer league, but that was the year the nba was locked out. >> not having a chance to play was devastating. scott: he was in -- he was about to give carmen sandiego a run for mine. he started in cyprus, then on to
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>> i worked for an investment firm just to see what the real world was like. scott: slovenia the next year, turkey after that. now, here in iowa. the 6'10", 250 pounder has exploded on the scene. his nba dream could become a reality and -- a reality any day. >> my mom and dad and sisters are so ecstatic. it makes me so focused and more determined to keep pushing. a reading i have been through and overcome. scott: the iowa energy coach says he has surprised stevenson was not called up.
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falls tonight at 7:00. tomorrow night is pro wrestling night. >> live in color tomorrow night with the iowa energy. looking as old as i can look. andy: that would be nature boy rick flair. the 16-time world heavyweight sport. >> when i retired in 2008, the next day, it was something i had been doing for 43 years. adjustment. he loves being back in iowa.
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to me -- to meet rick flair, you have to buy a $100 vip ticket. 50% off game tickets if you wear a robe. stacey: a bathrobe? andy: they do ask, please wear clothing. stacey: an average of ninety people are killed by guns in this country every single day. it has to stop. president obama wants to make universal background checks the law of the land. and he wants to make sure gun manufacturers can finally be held accountable when their guns are used to kill our children. it's time to pick a side.
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jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. jackpot jubilation. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is the machine that the from.
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the country.
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