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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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had been harmed by him. >> reporter: and what about the bruising on anita's face and her chipped tooth? recoil, dr. bulic suspects. >> if the gun was held near... near the face, it's possible. >> reporter: but then, shirley rice, a specially trained nurse who's been involved in more than 300 rape cases, takes the stand. she says after examining anita, it's her opinion anita was assaulted. >> at the time i did the exam, i thought of her as a victim of a sexual assault. >> and has anything changed your mind since that time? >> in my evidence, no. >> reporter: but when prosecutors questioned nurse rice... >> you're unable, from a professional standpoint, to ever say for sure whether or not the injury that you see during a sexual battery examination is either consensual or non- consensual, right? >> i cannot tell you whether it's consensual or non- consensual because i wasn't there. >> robert cline did not rape
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>> reporter: and to prove that point, prosecutors call this woman, anita's former friend, torina stewart, to the stand. >> did the defendant ever confide in you with regard to any sex practices that she and robert cline engaged in that stick out in your mind? >> yes. >> can you tell us what that was? >> playing date rape, role playing. >> did she tell you that they had engaged in that date rape or role play scenario on the night that robert cline was killed? >> yes. >> torina turned out to be a snake. >> reporter: did torina betray anita? >> she did in a way that she should've never betrayed her. >> reporter: prosecutors called the case detectives to testify anita told different versions of what happened the night she shot her husband. >> and she started to tell a second story, and i noticed the inconsistencies between that first story and that second story. i knew... >> reporter: detective mattingly
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robert waved a knife at her, but in a second version she didn't even mention a knife. and there were other inconsistencies. but mattingly admits at the time he never took notes. both he and detective depanicis are grilled about their lack of experience. >> isn't it a fact this is the first homicide case you ever investigated? >> yes, sir, that's true. >> did you ask her how long it had been before she'd slept? >> no. >> did you ask her how long it had been before she'd eaten? >> no. >> did you ask her when the last time she had anything to drink? >> no. >> reporter: jancha argues anita was so traumatized by the events of the evening, she should never have been subjected to a grueling police interview so quickly. >> i speculate, ladies and gentlemen, that there is one piece of evidence. >> reporter: as the trial was wrapping up, many courtroom observers believed the defense had won its case.
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deal, to show just how traumatized anita was with one last piece of evidence. >> and that's the 911 call of miss smithey. >> reporter: prosecutors don't object. >> reporter: for the first time, jurors hear the dramatic 911 call. but amid anita's cries, they also hear anita say robert stabbed her in the stomach with a knife. >> reporter: kelly jo hines and stacey salmons could not believe their good fortune. >> as we objectively listened to that 911 call that was just played to you, and before i start my closing argument to you, i'll address a few things just about that phone call alone. >> reporter: stacey, i'm sitting just behind you there in the
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set the snare." >> reporter: by playing that moment where anita says robert stabbed her in the stomach, it opens the door for prosecutors to contradict her. the jury could now hear that previously forbidden part of the interrogation video where anita admits stabbing herself. >> i just know that i freaked out, and i picked it up and i stabbed myself. >> reporter: this is a big deal that you are now going to be allowed to present to this jury, correct? >> yes.
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>> she inflicted those injuries to herself. >> reporter: prosecutors close their case against anita smithey with the best argument they've got, that interrogation tape. >> i don't remember where i stabbed myself. i know that i freaked out and i did it. >> reporter: it's proof, they say, that she was not acting in self-defense when she killed her husband. >> i think that is what doomed us. >> miss smithey, please rise. >> reporter: within hours... >> we, the jury, find the defendant guilty of second- degree murder. >> completely outrageous, ridiculous, insane, ludicrous. she was being attacked, she was being raped, and she was terrified. 100% certain, she thought if she tried to flee, if she tried to do anything, he was going to kill her. >> reporter: drew watches, unable to do anything as his mother falls apart. >> i know exactly why she was so hysterical and why she collapsed. >> anything further from the
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it. >> reporter: and anita's supporters say they know exactly who to blame... >> there is one piece of evidence. >> reporter: ...anita's own attorney, rick jancha, for foolishly playing that 911 tape... >> he tried to stab me. >> reporter: ...opening the door for prosecutors to use anita's admission she stabbed herself. >> i stabbed it, but he was there, too. >> it's not a mistake but a fatal error. >> not only did those statements get played, they got played right at the very end of the trial, the very last thing. >> reporter: anita's camp says the only reason why they lost that case is because of the playing of this 911 tape. what do you say? >> i say that that playing of the 911 tape was only one small piece of a much larger puzzle within a two-week trial. >> reporter: a trial that took
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come to a dramatic conclusion. >> i finally couldn't wait to look at his parents and hug them. the same with his children. >> reporter: when you guys left the courtroom, you were still pretty stoic, wouldn't talk to reporters. but when you went into the elevator and the elevator doors closed, we could hear you. >> ( squealing ) >> and i'll go on record and say i'm the one who squealed in the elevator. and part of that is just the relief that comes with it, of knowing that you work so hard for an ultimate goal and that you succeeded. >> reporter: but their feelings of relief didn't last long. just before sentencing, anita's attorney suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma. attorney whitney boan steps in to represent anita. this verdict, justice or injustice? >> injustice.
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was forcibly raped. >> reporter: and she was already planning anita's appeal, focusing on that interrogation. >> i don't have any reason to lie to you. >> i'm very optimistic that anita smithey did not receive a fair trial in compliance with the law and that she will have another day in court. >> reporter: but first, anita will be sentenced for robert cline's murder. she's facing life in prison. her 13-year-old daughter is too upset to speak, but anita's son, drew, begs the judge to show mercy. >> my mom is just... she's... she's my everything, and i just want you to know how much i love her and that she's... she's not the person that people are making her out to be. >> reporter: drew tells the court he will continue in school
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doctor to make his mother proud. then, it was time for the man who gave up everything for his daughter to make one last effort to save her. >> i've always known anita as a very caring person, a person of integrity, and she just added a lot to all of our lives. i... i just appeal to you today. >> reporter: jessica flores tells the judge that essentially anita is a victim of domestic violence, and locking her away is not the answer. >> she wants to help other victims out there. please help her to help other people. >> reporter: to robert cline's family, the repeated characterization of him as an abuser is repugnant. the reality is just the opposite, they say.
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mentally and physically. >> she shot my dad. she killed my dad. she deserves to get life in prison. a life for a life. >> with respect to the sentencing, 40 years total. >> reporter: 40 years. anita will likely be in prison until she's at least 80 years old. >> justice has absolutely been served in this case. >> i agree. robert cline can never come back. he can never hold his children. >> reporter: how important was this moment to you and for the memory of your father? >> it was the most important one yet, to know that my dad's name will not be dragged through the
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story show. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >> i usually have very strange dreams. i woke up, and it just startled me. i think kelly's hurt. >> i don't think she's clairvoyant. i think she's a killer. >> i was 19 years old. a guy came up. bam, he slammed a gun to my head, and he said, "i'm going to ( bleep ) kill you." i fought with everything i have in my soul to not have a toe tag at the end. >> we got him. announcer: you're watching kcci
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todd: right now at 10:00, dangerous dive. the mercury on the thermometer is shrinking, combining with the wind to make dangerously low windchills this weekend. good evening, thank you for joining us. let's get to jason to talk about the temperature tonight. jason: some of us far below zero, at least in the windchill category. you see teens and 20's to the north, and we are all approaching double digits below zero for the windchill. talking a good 15-20 minutes of exposed skin, can be seeing the first sign of frostbite. two extreme southeastern counties in the pintk, it is still beautiful. this shot not from today, but good, old johnny sent this picture in of the sunset.
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very dangerous worried we are talking mid-20's. there will be spots in the low 30's below zero, i will have more on that and the cold, coming up here shortly. todd: that deep freeze can take a toll on your car. kcci's rose heaphy is live in downtown des moines to explain. rose: todd, this is the coldest we've seen it all winter. it is not a time to get stranded in a car. i talked to a mechanic earlier today who shared with me some of the most common cold car problems. the roar of the engine -- that sound may not come so easy in below zero temperatures. jon: i'm just going to try to bear through it, and hope it turns warmer later. rose: windchills close to negative 25 will sweep through the metro on sunday. cold enough to gum up the oil in cars. kyle: it'll get thick inside there, and that makes it hard for everything to turn over inside the engine. and it makes it difficult to lube up. that's why it's important to, you know, let your car warm up a bit in the morning. rose: kyle coots works at valley west auto in west des moines.
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it's common to get dozens of phone calls from customers whose cars just won't start. kyle: a lot of times, we get a lot of jump starts. batteries just won't start. they're not good enough. when it's colder, it takes a lot more amperage, more power to spin it over, especially with the oil being thicker. rose: another common cold nuisance? low tire pressure. kyle: maybe it was low a little bit, or you didn't quite know it was low the night before. and the next morning, you come out with such cold temperatures that just happened to go flat on you. we get that sometimes. rose: such bone-chilling temperatures also make car breakdowns more dangerous. drivers say they like to pack just in case. jon: just blankets, lots of blankets. rose: as the arctic freeze takes hold, some iowans are staying optimistic. >> it's better than being in northern canada. rose: when he gets this cold,
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fill up, or at least keep their tanks full or at least half-full. live in des moines, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. todd: with the temperature dropping, animal experts say it's best to bring your pets indoors tonight. the below zero windchill is especially hard on short-haired animals, since they have less fur to trap in heat. if you can't bring your pets in, stock their shelter with extra blankets or straw. and make sure their water dish isn't frozen. tom: this is one of those extremes towards the wintertime. we just want people to remember those pets year-round, and especially during these extreme weather conditions. todd: and if you're concerned about an animal outside, you can contact police to make sure the pet is getting good care. right now, authorities are searching for an escaped sex offender. 26-year-old ross clouse did not return to the fort des moines work release facility friday. clouse was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2014, after being convicted of third degree sexual abuse and indecent contact with a child. one man is in custody after a
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des moines. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. police say they were chasing two men, who allegedly stole something from fleet farm in ankeny. traffic was backed up in the area for about an hour. authorities haven't released the name of the driver. new at 10:00, a missing pella teen is safe at home tonight, thanks to tips from the public. mallory lanser was reported missing last saturday. authorities say she had connections in polk, jasper, poweshiek, mahaska, and marion counties. well, commitment 2016 now, the gop presidential race is more contentious than ever, with the two front-runners exchanging fire on on the campaign trail. as weijia jiang reports, the democratic candidates are getting ready for a fight, too, on the debate stage. sen. ted cruz: who put donald trump in charge of the elevators? weijia: ted cruz cracked a joke about his closest rival, after getting stuck in an elevator on saturday. but the battle between cruz and donald trump is serious. donald trump: but then today, they have another story where he
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and he forgot? weijia: at an event in portsmouth, new hampshire, trump accused cruz of hiding a loan from citibank for his texas senate campaign, after cruz admitted he took out $1 million in loans from goldman sachs. trump also unleashed half a dozen tweets attacking cruz for his canadian birth place, and for slamming, quote, "new york values." sen. cruz: it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy. weijia: the democratic race is intensifying, too. the candidates are getting ready to face-off here in charleston, south carolina on sunday night, in the final debate before the iowa caucuses on february 1. bill clinton: i met hillary 45 years ago this march. weijia: president bill clinton continues to campaign for his wife, front-runner hillary clinton, who faces an unexpected challenge from bernie sanders. the vermont senator is surging in iowa and maintaining an edge in new hampshire. former maryland governor martin o'malley will join them on center stage, with time to connect with voters running out.
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charleston, south carolina. todd: now, ahead of tomorrow night's debate, all three democratic candidates will attend an annual fish fry, hosted by south carolina congressman james clyburn. clinton and sanders are each booked on four sunday morning news shows, including "face the nation," right here on kcci. sanders will also appear on kcci 8 news "close up" tomorrow morning. he told our steve karlin his college tuition plan should change the way we think about public education. sen. bernie sanders: a college degree today is equivalent to what a high school degree was 50 years ago, in terms of opening the door to decent paying jobs. so, i think when we talk about public education, you have to expand that concept to public colleges and universities. todd: see the full interview tomorrow morning on "close up" at 10:30 a.m., right after "face the nation." and ahead of tomorrow night's debate, new poll numbers show sanders edging closer to hillary clinton. the latest "bloomberg"/"des moines register" survey shows sanders within 2 percentage points of clinton. the former secretary of state was about 9 points ahead a month
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kcci political analyst dennis goldford says one reason for the sanders increase is that some clinton supporters are leaving her camp and becoming undecided voters. dennis: she's had a lot of tough press lately. republicans, of course, have been pounding on her quite a bit. at their last debate, they spent a lot of time criticizing her and obama than they did each other. todd: goldford also says the candidates are likely to continue pushing their platforms on health care and national security at tomorrow night's debate. hillary clinton is getting some support from her family on the campaign trail. husband bill and daughter chelsea made a stop at lincoln high school here in des moines tonight. they're on a weekend swing through the state. florida senator marco rubio is number 3 in the latest republican presidential polls, and pushing to rise higher. he's campaigning in iowa this holiday weekend, as well. his morning started at stoney creek inn in johnston -- one of four town hall meetings scheduled for today.
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only crowd, saying america is not a weak country, but we have a weak president, and he wants to change that. sen. marco rubio: you're not going to be able to undo the damage of a bad president, unless you elect a good president. you are not going to be able to undo the damage of a weak president, unless you elect a strong one. that is why i decided to run for president, because this election is simply too important. todd: and rubio also had stops in council bluffs, spencer, and sioux city. other candidates in iowa today? new jersey governor chris christie and dr. ben carson. new at 10:00, officials with a mason city animal shelter say they've found a home for a 14-year-old terminally ill golden retriever named goldie. she's been at the humane society of northern iowa since she was abandoned three years ago. volunteers tried unsuccessfully to find a home for her. and thursday, the shelter announced they were looking for someone to provide hospice car for the final days of goldie's life, after they learned of her cancer diagnosis.
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take goldie home. next at 10:00, contamination crisis. the famous face at the forefront of the water problems in flint, michigan. plus, leonardo dicaprio is left for dead, but returns in an oscar-nominated movie and performance. john pascuzzi checks out "the revenant." and is was a big day for iowa state, but a long day for northern iowa. we head to cedar falls, later in sports.
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10:00. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. todd: right now, the u.s. and european union are lifting nuclear-related sanctions on iran. the international atomic energy agency certified today that iran has met its obligations, under terms of a nuclear agreement reached last summer. meantime, the u.s. and iran are in the process of exchanging prisoners. one american is already on his way home. but four are still in iran, as arrangements to get them out move forward. in return, the u.s. will free seven iranians from american custody. teams in hawaii are expanding the search for 12 marines, missing after a helicopter crash thursday. the search area now covers oahu's western coast and north shore.
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complicating the effort. president obama has signed an emergency declaration that will give federal aid to flint, michigan. as adriana diaz reports, the city is in the midst of a drinking water crisis. >> we need to get these pipes out of the ground! adriana: the president's annoucment did not quell anger outside flint's city hall, where activist filmaker michael moore water. michael: it's not just a water crisis. it's a racial crisis. it's a poverty crisis. >> that's right! adriana: the problems began in april 2014, when the city switched its water source to the flint river to save money. but the corrosive river water wasn't properly treated and stripped lead from pipes, causing the number of children with high lead in their blood to double. we spoke to flint's mayor, karen weaver, moments after president obama approved federal funds for flint.
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saying we need help for almost two years. we have been begging for clean drinking water. adriana: lead in drinking water should not exceed 15 parts per billion. in flint, more than half the homes sampled had over 1000 parts per billion. the highest reading was 13,000 -- more than twice what the epa considers toxic waste. the problem persisted for a year and a half, before officials admitted the problem and switched back to the original water source. but the damaged pipes still make the water unsafe to drink. that's why the national guard will be handing out water for the foreseeable future. adriana diaz, cbs news, flint, michigan. todd: and michigan's attorney general, along with the epa and justice department, are looking into whether any state laws were violated in the man-made public health disaster. new at 10:00, fish sticks. the iowa dnr posted these pictures from the decorah fish hatchery on its facebook page. yikes! the agency says our cold weather this weekend reminded them of
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temps at the hatchery were negative 22 degrees then. bad news for the trout, who jumped out of the water and stuck to the aluminum on the wall. by the way, the water supply is spring-fed, so water temperatures were around 47 degrees. chances are those fish would be sticking again. it is cold out there, jason. jason: a little fishy. that was or will joke. i am sorry. we are sitting in the middle that frigid 20's, looking off to the south, single digits -- a couple of teams below zero for our windchill. absolutely chilly out there. once we go over some frostbite times when he will very between the person, but dropping below 40, 10 minutes for exposed skin
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bring those pets inside, it is truly a dangerous cold. we have not heard a lot about snow accumulation, still a chance for southwestern portions to pick up an inch or two. for the rest of us, looking at a dusting. looking out there now, does not look like the absolute freezer that it is. nearly double digit windchill temperatures at the moment, and we continue to plummet there. you see the area in pink, that is the wind chill warning. the coldest of the cold, upwards of 40 below zero for the morning hours. then we get another wallop of cold air on monday, too. so really cold air out there, you can see a little burst of snow trying to make its way through. that will taper off into the overnight hours, and once it does, we have the cold air sticking around. 23 below as we wake up tomorrow, i don't think we get above zero.
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a while, at least we pick up some sunshine. if you want a positive, it will look nice outside. but not one where you want to spend too much time outside. the next 24 hours or so, you see that cold air continues to sag downgrade that is 8:30, and we have below zero's across the state. until monday, we don't really gain a whole lot. the cold air continues to sag in. please be safe, keep your skin covered. looking to be pretty dangerous out there. as it departs, we see the skies clear out. throughout the day on sunday, not looking bad at all we pick up quite a bit of sunshine. but it will be incredibly cold outside. if you do want to head out, bundle up, keep that skin covered. five below is what we are sitting at tonight, the best case scenario, wind chills will
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often the north, it will be quite cooler than that. we get the juice and tomorrow, -- get egg tomorrow, an actual air temperatures for the high the north, seven below up in mason city. some of the coldest air we have seen a couple of years. but we do it our way back, 21 on wednesday. after that can we are back to above freezing, takes and all
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