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tv   KCCI 8 News Close Up  Me-TV  January 24, 2016 10:30am-11:00am CST

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leader, this is kcci eight news close-up. >> good morning, and thank you for joining us to kcci eight news close-up. about one week away from the caucus, and hillary clinton is not taking any chances. this past week we asked hillary clinton to sit down with seven women, some who support her, and some who were undecided. all seven had a chance to meet and talk with the presidential candidate aced a face -- face-to-face. before the question started, she had a chance to meet each woman individually. hillary clinton: i am terrific. you are so nice to do this. >> this is an evil eye to protect you against any spirits. hillary clinton: i love that. thank you. seriously, i appreciate it. >> it is so nice to see you. we have about six women here who would like task question -- to
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hillary clinton: good to see you. we talked about this last summer, remember? i thought it was a great idea then, and i am so happy it worked out. hi. >> hi, i'm claudia. >> claudia is with her husband, she came with her husband to caucus for you. hillary clinton: thank you, claudia. >> mrs. mary. -- this is mary. teaches different cultures and classrooms. -- in classrooms. >> a former city council person and west des moines school board member. hillary clinton: let's talk about that. i know it. hi, how are you?
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hillary clinton: this is a treat. i am really looking forward to it. >> anyway. hillary clinton: thank you for having us. a few people invading your space here. thank you all. >> we were all just going to have a conversation sitting down. hillary clinton: this is going to be fun. host: clinton said down for a roundtable discussion. each woman came up with their own question for the candidate with no help from anyone here at kcci. the first two topics, the lineal's and motivation. -- millennial's and motivation. >> we have an interesting group. we have teachers, cardiologists, mothers, and grant mothers -- grandmothers, and a ceo. let's start.
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questions undermined -- and ask the questions on your mind. >> i am melody, i work for the cystic fibrosis condition of iowa, i am also a mother. my kids have questions about you. what can i do to get them over to your side? hillary clinton: well, melody, they are too old to tell them. that i know does not work. >> i think that this is a group of young people who have a lot of questions, and understandably so. i have heard this from young people across iowa, who are quite worried and trying to figure out what the best way forward for them as -- if. s. i understand that because there continues to be questions about how we will provide enough good
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how we can deliver on the american promise for the young people. -- for the young people. that has let i have been spending my entire adult life on. look at what i am proposing to make college affordable, to pay down debt -- it is realistic and product best practical. it frankly is affordable. if you look at what i want to do to build on the affordable care act, one of the important aspects is to keep young people on their parents policy until they are twice six -- 26. it is also important to stress my economic plan, which is to create more good job, particular in dust particularly -- particularly in clean, renewable energy. young people understand that, even better than older people who might not understand this as
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i think it is also important to stress my economic plan, which is to create more good jobs, particularly in clean, renewable energy, which is a subject that young people across the board understand, sometimes better than others who are older and may not really see this as the crisis that it is for our environment. i don't want to overpromise. i would rather be someone who delivered results for people. i don't want anyone to be more solution to about our political system, more discouraged about whether the country can continue to be a place of hope and promise that everyone wants it to be. they can count on me to do what i say will -- i will do. that has been the history of
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private citizen and as an elected and appointed official. >> everyone in this room our -- our women who have done so much, accomplished so many things and have very little time for anything more. the question is simple, what keeps you going? hillary clinton: what keeps all of us going might be slightly different at different stages of their lives -- our lives. i'll believe i could be doing -- i know i could not be doing what i am doing if i still had a child at home. or if i had a sick husband, or a parents that i needed to be paying a lot of attention to. i am now at a point where i feel so strongly about the world we leave for my grandchild, and for all of our children.
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it is not easy. it is exhausting. it is very challenging. responsibility. my friends say that i have this responsibility gene, which sometimes gets in my way because i feel such a responsibility towards things and people. that is who i am. it motivates me to try to work. we cannot give each of -- give up on each other. we cannot walk away from helping our most tolerable. -- vulnerable. i don't understand what is happening in our country, some people are so mean-spirited about others. i don't get it. vitamins, exercise, yoga, all of that helps too. >> conversation is just getting started.
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the world a president has to grapple with, sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's prepared for it like no other. a tireless secretary of state, standing up against the abuse of women and girls. negotiating a cease-fire in gaza, leading the diplomacy that keeps us out of war. the presidency is the toughest job in the world... and she's the one leader who has what it takes to get every part of the job done.
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hillary clinton: we have to stop this stereotyping and caricature of people. >> hillary clinton's concerns, her message for muslim americans and why she says hate speech can be dangerous. welcome back to kcci eight news close-up. our female roundtable with
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the conversation continues to discrimination, education, and the two things clinton worries about the most. >> i am so happy to be a member of this society and the country. the negative rhetoric from the competition, what can you do to help us so we do not have to stand up and speak for itself. what can i do? hillary clinton: first, i'm very sorry that you and others are put in this position. i do not think it is right or fair. it requires speaking up against a lot of this divisive, hateful rhetoric. we should be demonstrating that we are in solidarity with muslim americans. i certainly intend to keep doing that. i think we have to make the point that only the killers, only the terrorists are
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when timothy mcveigh, a white american, bombed a federal building in oklahoma city he was responsible. we have got to stop this stereotyping and caricature rising -- caricature rising of people. we do not want to give comfort to the terrorist and their propaganda machine. as i pointed out, donald trump's words are being used by those terrorist in their ongoing propaganda. i think -- i don't know that i say with you rules are for who goes in the country or not, but i think they want to make a point. i think british politicians want to make a point. they want to be seen defending their population from these kinds of slanderous attacks. when you hear republican candidates demonized muslim americans, that is not only
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>> might -- my question is about our vulnerability to cyberattacks. hillary clinton: i think a lot about it because we are older bill to the garden-variety hacking -- corporations it and the united states government, we have seen that. and we are vulnerable to some of the kinds of attacks people are worried about on our electric grid, on air traffic control systems on utilities that manage big dams. we know that the nationstates that are the best at offensive cyber -- cyber -- china, russia, iran, the real worry are sophisticated hackers, criminal cartels, terrorist networks who will certainly try to improve their cyber offense abilities.
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about -- terrorist getting nuclear material that they could use for a nuclear attack, even if it was a small level. and then this whole issue with cyber. about how we deal with it. you are right to raise it. it is something the next president will have to be incredibly focused on, and figure out the right way for us to proceed. consistent with our values back at home, but to make it clear to anyone in the world that it -- is why it is easier doing with nationstates than dealing with terrorist networks who are hard to pin down, hard to find, do not have many targets, and may even be suicidal to start with. we have to focus on how we protect a lot of our friends and allies.
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will do when you're elected president to really help address the issues of economic and independent issues relative to children who are being undereducated and have a promise of great opportunity that has been left behind. hillary clinton: we have to start at the beginning. the first five years of life are so critical as to whether or not children will succeed when it comes to formal schooling. working with mothers and grandmothers, to help understand -- they were there child's first teacher's. let's have universal prekindergarten. we start on a priority basis for lower income, disadvantaged kids. i think when we get to formal schooling, i really believe we have to move away from the very heavy academic and desist -- emphasis that we have adopted over the last 15 years to really
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we now know 80% of your brain is physically formed the age of three. we have got to, both in the home, and through early childhood quality programs outside do more to prepare children so that when they get to school they are ready to learn. the achievement gap starts then. i hope we are able to bring back into the school experience more physical activity, more exposure to the arts, more of the kind of learning experience that can light up a child because the child is good in that. a longer school year. more home visits by educators. more social support. we know that will make a difference. >> still to come,
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reach across thehe basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead.
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that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. hillary clinton: i have always tried to find common ground. to find common ground means you have to work at it every day. >> reaching across the aisle, why hillary clinton says bipartisanship is the biggest issue of this election. welcome back to kcci eight news close-up. the questioning continues with the female roundtable for hillary clinton. she has a message to iowans as the caucus is closer.
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you going to take off your days and be my president and her president, and how are you going to take off ther's and get us to the kind of country want to be. hillary clinton: i have always worked with republicans. it is so funny to me, when i am not running for office, they actually say really nice things about me. she is easy to work with. she is a good colleague. she listens. she has an open mind. i have always tried to find common ground. to find common ground means you have to work at it every day. when@i got to the senate, i think nearly every piece of legislation i introduced headache publican -- had a republican cosponsor. it is a little difficult as i had to laugh and say a lot of republicans would be on tv during the day saying terrible things about me or my husband, and then they come to the white house at night and we work on
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that is what you have to be prepared to deal with. i want to assure you and all of watching that i take my responsibility to be president for every american seriously. i know how to stand my ground, and i will. there are some things i will not ever let the republicans push us to privatize social security, that is not going to happen. that would be a mistake. on a lot of other issues where maybe we can find that common ground, i am going to be open to that. i don't think either political party has a monopoly on good ideas. we ought to be listening to each other. let's have an honest conversation. let's try to leave the part -- partisanship at the door, and see if we cannot make life better for the people we represent. >> finally, for some people who do not watch the news every day, like all of us do, this may be the last time that they hear
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you have a final message for us and them as we are in the final days? hillary clinton: first we have to get the economy working for everyone, not just those of the top. that means raising incomes, and creating more paying jobs. i think we should raise the minimum wage. to me it is wrong for anyone who works full-time to be in poverty. i will finally get us to enforce equal pay for women. that is not just a fairness issue, it is a growth issue. we can grow the economy faster if women are being paid what we should earn. i think it is also important that we defend the affordable care act, but build on it. it is a huge a compliment for our nation. i want to improve it. we need to get out of pocket costs down, prescription drugs costs down, we need to work with doctors and other medical professionals to listen to them
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can make adjustments so it works better for everyone. i think it is also important though that the next president be ready to be the next commander-in-chief. you do not know what weight when you walk in the door. we need a sensible, reasonable approach to keeping the country safe and continuing to work with others around the world to reject us come and protect -- protect us, and protect them. i want to be a partner in dealing with problems that are keeping folks up at night. whether it is addition -- addiction, alzheimer's, whatever it might be, that is what so many people talk to me about here in iowa. mental health is a big part of that. i think the next president has to be able to do all aspects of the job. i think i am the best prepared. i am ready, and i am anxious to bring people together to solve our problems.
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highest priorities that has to be addressed. >> still to come, final thoughts from our hillary clinton roundtable. plus, the candidate gets candid. hear the stories she shares with the gr congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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>> welcome back to kcci eight news close-up . the roundtable with hillary clinton was only supposed to last 30 minutes, but she stayed longer. before she left she had ideas to pass along. they say in iowa, if you do not get your picture with a presidential candidate you are not trying. not many voters get to get up close and personal with hillary. hillary clinton: i love your shoes. >> she was surrounded by the watchful eyes of the secret service.
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>> which might be why she called this a treat, to have a fireside chat with friends. >> what about the separation of church and state? hillary clinton: we still have it, despite the best efforts of some to tear it down. >> she took time to learn each person's name. >> the chicago grandma -- does she call you grandma? >> she also struck a conversation with the server, wearing an apron that caught her eye. hillary clinton: one of the best things was i got to stay in buckingham palace. it was really cool. >> before leaving, she talked about coming back. hillary clinton: maybe if i am fortunate to be difficult it now many, we could do it again. >> a she invited this lunch bunch to her and operation, saying she loves iowans. and asked them to take her
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seriously, to get out and caucus, and have a say in who will be the next president. hillary clinton: thank you. >> thank you for joining us this sunday on kcci eight news "close-up." if you missed any part of our shows, go to our website,, there you can see the interview and roundtable with hillary clinton. have a great sunday. we will see you next week for a special caucus addition of kcci eight news "close-up." hillary clinton: i really think there is a lot of energy and commitment. i take my responsibility to be the president. it is easier to deal with nationstates than dealing with terrorist networks who are hard
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