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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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basically, embalming fluids. stuffed into a vacuum-sealed storage bag. that's why there was no odor. and very little decay. and a cause of death, duck? yeah, a fractured neck. sharp left-to-right twist. same as major newton. who do i notify about her remains? she had no family except the husband that killed her. i'll call her father's lawyer. do we know who the imposter really is? rita applegate. she was a waitress at a bar not far from lejeune. that's where they met. discovered they had a lot in common. she and captain hudson shared similar, um, desires that his wife didn't. she wants to cut a deal and is willing to testify. says that hudson killed his wife and transferred the body, all along with their personal possessions. after hudson retired, they were gonna dispose of the body, move to the caribbean and live off of lauren's money. greed-- the root of much evil. morning, my lord. hey, ducky. those are awfully nice-looking flowers. i take it that you and jake made up.
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they're from mcgee. tony: aw. well, that's kind of sweet. so, you-you guys are good again? bishop: yeah. actually, mcgee saved me. i canceled my trip, got my deposit back, and, uh, it was a good thing. jake has to go out of town that weekend. a summit somewhere in asia. somewhere? asia's big. yep. need-to-know. couldn't tell me where. we'll take our little trip another time. yeah. so i got this, uh, leave request of yours. you still going to england? no, i think i'll take that trip another time. uh, thank you. um, you know, that heritage stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be. what happened?
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my cousin, crispian, called back. he knows all about archibald drummond. (chuckles) it turns out archie... was quite a character. he was a... he was a scoundrel, and a-a thief, a con man. died in newgate prison. crispian says that some historians suspect that, uh, he may have been... jack the ripper. captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota
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announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. todd: new details on a homicide investigation in des moines. why the crime scene covers such a large area. laura: plus historic hot streak. , what the big win on the hardwood today means for the hawkeyes. todd: countdown to caucus. hillary clinton hot off her recent des moines register
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west des moines. laura: clinton just wrapped up at valley southwoods, where we find kcci's rose heaphy, rose? rose: just about an hour ago, this was a packed house. all waiting to hear hillary clinton speak. hundreds lined up outside to hear clinton speak at valley southwoods freshman high. a long line of support she'll need on caucus night. voters say she'll need to make the next days count. >> i think they're very important because the polls show her and bernie almost equal. rose: but supporters say they're confident in clinton's leadership experience, which clinton hammered home in her speech. ms. clinton: americans want to know that the person may make president and commander-in-chief can deal with these issues, these threats. rose: clinton who has been attacked for her ties to wall st
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ms. clinton: i have a record and i also have a commitment. i believe strongly that we need to make sure wall st. never wrecks main st. again. rose: she finished pointing to her strength moving forward in the race, saying how the republican party is already threatened by her. ms. clinton: they know i mean what i say, i know how to get results, and i will not back down from standing up to them. rose: the democrat race is looking to be a close one. the latest poll put out on cnn on thursday shows sanders leading clinton by 8%. laura: more stars stumping for hillary clinton in iowa. actress jamie lee curtis joining a group of about 50 people at a home in waukee today. curtis says clinton is the only real democrat in the race and she's supporting her because of her experience and intelligence.
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i feel like the president of the united states have to be someone who can make those decisions when life hinges, when something happens, with intelligence, compassion, real command. i feel that she is the most competent in that area. laura: curtis will also be at the hillary for iowa office in newton tomorrow morning. one of clinton's democratic challengers, bernie sanders, is also speaking to students tonight. he just wrapped up a town hall at the university of northern iowa where he talked about what he thinks democracy really is. sen. sanders: my friends, democracy is a very, very big deal. it is a revolutionary concept. it is only a few hundred years old in modern history. what it says is that people are the power.
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queens or god's or billionaires, they should not be able to determine of the country -- to determine a future of the country, you should. laura: tomorrow, clinton, sanders, and martin o'malley will take the stage at drake university together one last , time before the caucuses. cnn is hosting the town hall forum. we will be carrying the event live on our sub-channel 8.3 my des moines, starting at 8:00 p.m. todd: on the republican side donald trump on top here in , iowa. a new fox news poll show 34% of likely caucuses goers support the billionaire businessman. texas senator ted cruz in second with 23% support. marco with 12%. ben carson with 7%. the poll was taken january 18 through 21. frontrunner trump continuing to campaign in iowa today. he talked about his impact on his democratic competitors. mr. trump: when i hit hillary last week, and bill, but i did the right thing, but all of the sudden they did this and they started saying bernie sanders is surging.
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i'm like, i did that. could hit him. i have stuff in my mind. drop. todd: trump heads to new hampshire tomorrow before coming back to iowa tuesday. and a busy day campaigning tomorrow. republican candidates rick santorum, ben carson, ted cruz, mike huckabee, and carly fiorina all have campaign events planned for central iowa tomorrow. laura: right now des moines , police investigate the first homicide of the year after a woman is found dead in her home. police were called to the city's southeast side early this morning and found 71-year-old norma jean mcneely dead. kcci's marcus mcintosh has the latest on the investigation. marcus: des moines police are investigating the first homicide of it happened across southeast 2016. 14th on pioneer road but , authorities actually found
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where i am standing. >> is a large crime scene. evidence we first saw at the house we were able to follow quite a distance from the house . so as they process the scene it took them to an area across the street. marcus: police tell us around 4:30 sunday morning, they were called by someone inside the home at 1413 pioneer road to check on the welfare of 71-year-old norma jean mcneeley and mcneeley was found in the basement. >> as the investigation initially started, we found it suspicious in nature. as things evloved here it is definitely a homicide and we are investigating it as such. marcus: police say the death of mcneeley was a violent one and it happened inside the home on pioneer road, a home neighbors tell us mcneeley shared with her sister. at this police they are not point, speculating as to whose blood was found across the street whether it is mcneeley's or a potential suspect. >> we are gathering a lot of physical evidence that is going real well for us. our detectives are interviewing people, potential witnesses so we are making progress right now. marcus: we spoke with neighbors who did not want to go on camera .
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quiet who kept to herself. they are hoping police get whoever is responsible behind bars. laura: new at 10:00 a high speed , chase ends in des moines with one arrest. pleasant hill police say it started when 34-year-old jesse leach, driving what turnover -- what turned out to be stolen maroon sedan, was pulled over for speeding in the south bound he exited on vandalia and took off toward des moines. pacific railroad yard near titan tire. driving while suspended and theft of a motor vehicle. laura: right --todd: right now a , daunting clean-up effort underway across the east coast. two feet of snow fell in washington dc alone. craig boswell reports from the nation's capital, still shut down tonight. craig the sun melted some of the : 2 feet of snow that fell in washington dc, but as the moon rises, temperatures are plummeting, creating dangerous conditions. a convoy of trucks from boston and other cities arrived sunday to help get the nation's capital
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>> we're bringing in about 450 pieces of equipment from outside of d.c. craig cleanup crews are making : main streets a priority in the district. officials asked residents to help with snow removal. >> senior citizens cant get out here and walk in the snow like this. craig the federal government : will remain closed monday and airports in the area are cleared for limited flight operations. the storm cancelled more than 11,000 flights. further up the coast, a full moon tide made a soggy mess in wildwood, new jersey. >> we had beautiful snow for all of a few hours before it just became a river of icebergs. craig in new york city, : officials say the epic nor'easter missed setting a new record for total snowfall by a tenth of an inch. >> we need people off the streets for their own safety for , the safety of others. craig mayor de blasio asked : drivers to keep their cars parked. he cancelled alternate side street parking for the entire work week. that's how long it could take for things to get back to normal in many places. craig boswell, cbs news,
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todd: and, the big blizzard could prove to be very costly. experts estimating the economic impact could reach up to $850 million. restaurants, theaters, and some retailers are taking the brunt of that hit. and some good news to share tonight. the group of dowling catholic high school students, teachers and chaperones are back in des , moines tonight. their bus got stuck on a pennsylvania turnpike east of pittsburgh. they were stranded for 24 hours. jason sydejko, we might have a little bit of a wintry mix. jason s: we are going to start seeing some of that overnight. that will transition to a wintry mix and eventually all snow tomorrow. a winter weather advisory out from 6:00 in the morning through midnight tomorrow. the size that, we have a dense fog advisory.
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if you happen to be traveling through northwestern portions of the state, i would take heed of that. the system off to the west making its way in. you can see that official band. plan on that pushing eastward into the overnight hours, helping to bring a little bit of that freezing drizzle. like makes through the morning hours and eventually snow through the afternoon. how much of that stacks up and a big warm up, coming up shortly. laura: thinking of warmer times now and ragbrai. in case you missed it, here's the route for 2016 announced last night. as you can see, it's a southern iowa route including glenwood, shenandoah, creston, leon, centerville, ottumwa, washington, and muscatine. ragbrai begins july 23. how about those red hot hawkeyes? scott reister joins us with more on their historic win today. scott: iowa is now 7-0 on the season. they have won 13 straight big 10 games dating back to last year.
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things happened? thought 1969 -- the 1969-1970 season. sunday was the latest big win hosting 22nd-ranked purdue. iowa started the game on a 7-0 run. jarrod uthoff had 3 threes in the first half. they did trail by the -- trail by three at the half. a 26-3 run blew it open. uthoff was the man once again. he had 22 points. 83-71, iowa wins again. later in sports, the hawkeyes talk about jumping out to a 16-3 record. that is their best overall start in 29 years. laura: 7.1. a massive earthquake hits alaska. we get our first look at the damage. laura: plus, the search is on. -- todd: plus, the search is on. 3 inmates break loose from a maximum security jail in california. how they escaped. shaina: with multiple deadly fires in iowa these past few
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way officials are warning kids about the danger and what to do if a fire breaks out in your home. plus, somebody on our news team is making a big announcement. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time,
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for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and
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todd: a first look at some of the damage tonight after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit southwest of anchorage, alaska. at least 30 homes were evacuated this morning as officials worked on a big gas leak that followed that quake. several explosions were also reported. so far, no reports of any serious injuries. right now, a massive manhunt underway in southern california for 3 inmates who broke out of a maximum-security jail friday night. the 3 were facing charges of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, and torture. officials say the escapees got to the roof by cutting through steel bars and plumbing tunnels. >> access was made from the tank through that initial metal plate. they got into the unsecured plumbing area where several other security breaches occurred. and when i say "several other security breaches", we are talking about breaching in some
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steel, rebar, and metal. todd: they then used sheets to repel to the ground then took off. officials say they should be considered armed and dangerous. laura: caught on camera. new video showing just how important it is to be indoors during a lightning storm. watch as it strikes a tree near a tyler, texas school. fortunately, no one was hurt. more new video tonight of the massive winter storm that pounded parts of the east coast. check out this time lapse recorded by 15-year-old chase higgins. he lives in the washington d.c. suburb of potomac, maryland. he put his phone in his living room window at about 1:00 friday afternoon and left it there until late saturday night. pretty impressive. speaking of impressive, check out this aerial view over staten island in new york. a drone shot this up the coast completely blanketed in snow , after the big blizzard. todd: we are looking for a little snow, certainly not a blizzard.
10:21 pm
so please drive safely early and know that this won't be sticking around all day long. we will eventually start to break that up. you can see the moisture off to the west. again, eventually we will be seeing this through the overnight hours. earlier today, a moose. currently in manila, iowa, or at least near their. you don't see moose too often, or meeses as i like to call them. if we do have them see any of that rain started to fall, there is the potential that we see that freeze and make the conditions fairly slick. tonight and tomorrow morning, 31 is what we're sitting at. 31 degrees is what we usually
10:22 pm
we will continue down to 28 degrees and eventually up to 36. at least we are staying somewhat mild. the problem is, we have that makes that will transition over to snow in the afternoon. around one inch or so, i think two inches maximum in locations to the north. just enough to make them a little bit more difficult to travel. system starts to stir up off to the west as we head into the next 24 hours. you can see here, you start to see snow make its way and. as i said before, this will not necessarily be an all-day thing. it will still be enough to make those roads a bit slick at times.
10:23 pm
southeast seeing rain out of this thing. but this will transition to snow by the afternoon, and by the evening hours, we start to kick this out of here. wind-chills will be a factor. we will see eventual wind chills into the upper single digits. a little aggressive off to the north with the snow totals. i think more around the 1-2 and should range to the north and about a half inch in the metro. tonight, pretty mild though we do have the freezing drizzle. tomorrow, we back up to 36. eventually, snow as we head into the afternoon hours.
10:24 pm
over the next few days, we do lose the precipitation and keep the mild air. we are up into the 40's soon. 44 degrees on saturday before our next shot of a bit of a mix into sunday. >> they stop on our next and say, what is the big deal, take a chill pill, jill. we are bad, we have been had, we are not so glad, quoth the lorax. todd: she's back. in case you missed it, there's a clip of tiny fey reprising her role as sarah palin on saturday night live. fey was impersonating the former alaska governor's speech in ames earlier this week where she endorsed trump. you can catch more of that skit coming up a little later in this newscast. laura: hilarious. you know who is also hilarious? scott reister.
10:25 pm
games announcer: from iowa's sports
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scott: fran mccaffery's team up to 9th in the nation and climbing, hosting number 22 purdue. iowa undefeated in league play this year. iowa started the game on a 7-0 run. jarrod uthoff had 3 threes in the first half. iowa shot 11-20 from 3 in this one. second half, iowa starts to pull away. uthoff was the man once again. he had 22 points. hawkeyes win 83-71. ,they improved to 16-3 overall. 7-0 in the big 10. as tony seeman reports, iowa has it rolling. tony: win number 7 in the big ten. for the first time in 46 years, the hawks are setting the zero in conference play. >> it is a great start. we still have a lot of work left. we are not even halfway through
10:27 pm
we are sitting in a big spot right now but we are definitely not hanging our heads on that -- hanging our hats on that. >> we're trying to enjoy it for a few hours and move on. tony: iowa has gone from the underdog to the big dog in the big ten. >> i think it is great because it speaks to the quality of our team. >> if so many guys they can do so many things. score the ball, push it, be a distributor. tony: , taking on maryland this thursday. in iowa state, tony seeman. scott: what a finish in the afc title game in denver. new england was down 8. last chance on fourth and goal. denver has to back -- has to bat
10:28 pm
they needed to go for 2 to tie it. they had missed a pat early in the game. brady is tipped and picked off. manning takes it. denver on to super bowl 50. the nfc championship game was never in question. cam newton led carolina to a blowout win with four total touchdowns. former uni panther david johnson had 128 total yards for arizona and this touchdown. but carson palmer threw four picks. it is carolina in denver, sunday february 7 in santa clara, califonira. super bowl 50 on kcci. hear from the winning teams coming up on sunday sports extra. plus, what was the key factor in sunday's big win against purdue? peter jok stepping update. if you haven't heard, iowa state-kansas is coming up monday night. and, a frantic finish on the
10:29 pm
rivals drake and you and i -- and you anduni. laura: next at 10:00 digging , out. we showed you the mess in d.c. wait until you see what millions , are facing in new york city. todd: plus basketball cop.
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announcer: the most-watched evening news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00. todd: digging out in new york city tonight. the national weather service says 26.6 inches of snow fell in central park saturday. by the way, that is a one-day record. laura: airport officials in new york city, philadelphia, and baltimore all resuming very limited service tonight. kenneth craig in new york with the clean-up efforts. kenneth: the massive cleanup began in new york city sunday. for this man, that meant hours with a shovel digging out his car. >> when i saw it was snowing hard, and it didn't stop i said "you know what this is going to
10:32 pm
kenneth: the historic blizzard dumped more than 26 inches on the city, shutting it down, and setting a new record for the greatest snowfall in a single day. >> i think they've done a great job. as much snow as we've gotten , historic. kenneth: nearly 3,000 plows have been working to clear the streets as the city's roadways, bridges, tunnels and public transportation reopened to the public. new york city mayor bill de blasio lifted the emergency travel ban early sunday morning, but still urged residents not to try to dig out their cars unless they had an emergency. >> what we do not want this for new yorkers to start shoveling their cars and put snow in the street. kenneth: the city also reminded residents to clear fire hydrants after a hydrant covered in snow slowed firefighter's response to a restaurant fire. many flights were canceled but new york airports resumed operations sunday. and sunny skies made way for
10:33 pm
city slowly worked to clean up. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. laura: no massive snow here. but jason, we are in for a wintry mix. jason s: yes, we are. it is going to be with us for a portion of the time tomorrow. a light drizzle that will transition to a mix and then eventually snow. we're not talking heavy accumulations at all. one inch or two macs. if you do have travel plans tomorrow, they will likely be at least slowed down. tonight, some of us dealing with dense fog. some of that is freezing fog.
10:34 pm
from austin, he watched the sunset and so graciously sent a picture. i will have more details on that coming up shortly. todd: new video released tonight by isis shows the 9 extremists who carried out the november 13 attacks in paris committing some violent acts while planning the slaughter. 130 people died in paris that day. the video, too graphic to show you, shows the men beheading bound prisoners and shooting a kneeling captive in the head. all 9 men died in the attack or its aftermath. new details in canada tonight where a school shooting left 4 , people dead. a 17-year-old boy has now been charged in the attack. it happened friday in saskatchewan. police say the teenage suspect fatally shot 2 of his brothers inside a home. he then shot 9 people at a community center.
10:35 pm
laura: right now gas prices are , plunging across the country. the national average went down 14 cents over the past two weeks , now sitting at $1.91. that's the lowest in 7 years. we even found it going for 1-69, -- for $1.69. new at 10:00, it's the performance everyone's talking about today. tiny fey takes another stab at her sarah palin impersonation. todd: this comes after palin announced her endorsement for trump this week in ames. take a look. >> i'm here because we americans are struggling. so many of us have lost our jobs at the factory or our reality shows. we have seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crime. we turn on the news every morning and are shocked to see we are not even on its because
10:36 pm
immigrants like geraldo rivera. >> she is fun. she says whatever she wants. it's like her mouth starts driving before her brain gets in the car. laura: tina fey does not disappoint. todd: i actually saw sarah palin , i am not sure i could tell the difference. laura: she has got the voice down. next at 10:00 sound asleep.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. laura: new at 10:00 snoring , solutions. if you're about to put on a mask to help you sleep tonight you may have other options. doctors treating sleep apnea are finding success with something besides c-pap. todd: jobeth devera on the health beat tonight to help you have a quiet night. jobeth: 44-year-old jeremy dankiw wakes up everyday ready to put his life on the line, he's a council bluffs firefighter and there was something draining his energy. >> i was costly fatigue, and my wife and coworkers would say,
10:39 pm
jobeth: it turns out dankiw's snoring revealed a bigger problem, sleep apnea. >> the soft palette or the tongue will collapse and actually stop the air from moving, kind of picture a garden hose kinked, no flow, that's sleep apnea. jobeth: dr. roger roubal specializes in sleep apnea. and he's finding success at treating it with something known as oat, oral appliance therapy. >> when they come together what , they do is limit the ability for one to open typically and it gently holds the lower jaw forward in a position to get the tong out of the airway. jobeth: dr. roubal says this small device, is placed inside the mouth during sleep. it is much easier to tolerate for patients like dankiw who tired the traditional, and cumbersome c-pap machine. >> the reality is when someone sees this and this though, there's a big difference. >> it will fall off in the middle of the night. it's night and day i wake up in
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i didn't even realize how tired i was all the time until my body really adjusted to it. it literally changed my life completely. todd: the american sleep apnea association says there are more than 80 o.a.t. devices on the market that are most effective for mild to moderate sleep apnea. doctors must prescribe them and dentists must fit them. insurance usually covers them. laura: more new video tonight from that january blizzard on the east coast. all that snow had someone feeling a little romantic. check it out. a love message left in the snow at new york's columbus circle. you can see it says "i heart lauren" at the bottom. the famous naked cowboy didn't let the blizzard get him down. he still played his guitar, in his signature underwear, as the snow piled up in times square
10:41 pm
laura: definitely not going to get that kind of snow here but we're in for a wintry mix. jason s: a light, freezing drizzle into the overnight that will eventually transition into a mix and then we will get some snow as well. we don't have much out there right now, mainly just clouds. there were some peeks of sun earlier on. these have filtered and and they're going to be with us as well as chances for that wintry mix. 31 is what we're at right now. average high temperature for this time of year since at the same temperature. fairly mild evening ahead of us. we could see some fairly slick commutes as the precipitation freezes to the surface. we are up to 36 by noon. early on, we have that light freezing drizzle that will
10:42 pm
eventually, all snow as we head into the mid to late afternoon hours. snowfall goes with this system and we are largely talking about an inch or two at spots. you can see things starting to shape together off to the west as we will eventually be pushing our way through the overnight. if you have to travel plans early on, likely seeing some slick roads and a fairly slick commute. especially the evening commute looks like it could be slick at times as well. you can see a pretty good snow field along this pushing its way into the great lakes region as well as. we are not alone in this. the heaviest snow will be out of our hair to the east of us, but will still be enough to impact your travel plans in the morning. futurecast starts up early on mainly in the areas to the north. central and southeastern areas
10:43 pm
mainly just going to be rain and then that general transition to snow later in the afternoon and evening. not talking much and this is gone before you know it. winds moving in from the northwest. gusty winds as we head throughout the evening hours and really into tuesday as well. you see got upwards of 30 miles per hour and sustained winds up to 35. largely half an inch to 2 inches for much of the state. we could see a couple spots upwards of three inches per that would be on the high-end. planned for that tomorrow and tonight if you are heading out. light drizzle starting in the early morning hours as well as the patchy fog. 28 tonight and we bring in the mix as we head throughout the day tomorrow.
10:44 pm
low-to-mid 30's across the state. 30 on tuesday, up to 33 on wednesday. then we have the 40's. 43 on friday, up to 44. next shot for a bit of precipitation late through the weekend. todd: trending tonight at 10:00, the unusual way a florida police officer responds to a noise complaint. laura: check it out, this video has been viewed more than 9 million times on facebook. >> can you please tell me who is calling and complaining about kids playing basketball? that is a nice hoop. todd: that was officer bobby white. instead of reprimanding the kids for playing too loudly in the street, he joins the game. the kids then join him. the dashcam video ends with officer white telling the kids he will try to bring back somebody next time so they can get a game going. >> i told you i was going to bring some backup.
10:45 pm
look at these big boys i brought. you sure you can take these guys? i brought some other backup. todd: oh my gosh. he was not kidding. look who he brought. that's former nba star shaquille o'neal. he saw the viral video of officer white shooting hoops with the kids and said he wanted to join in on the fun. laura: that is such a great story. can you imagine if that happened in central iowa? scott: i would be speechless. unreal. you know what else is unreal, the iowa hawkeyes basketball players. sunday sports extra, we will talk wit you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off.
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i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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onks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular you get 6 gigs of 4g data for only $40 per month --
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and u.s. cellular's network was built to work in places like out here, here, and here. so, with all of that, why would you ever go to verizon? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for just $40 a month plus get $300 back. let's not overthink this. >> from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. discussed got me if you have heard this before? the hawkeyes turnage one of the best teams in the nation. fran mccaffery's team up tonight and climbing. 7-0 run. jerry uthoff 6'9", and can sling
10:49 pm
ranked number 22 for a reason. on the inside, on the break. he led 32-30 at the past -- at the half. iowa, 11-20 from downtown. 23-6 run to start the second half. jarrod uthoff finds adam wood bury. uthoff, 22 points. iowa wins again. 7-0 for the first time in 46 years. the huge second half run was the difference. >> second half, we really picked it up. that was what enabled us to get the lead and start pressing a little more. i think that helped us out
10:50 pm
>> you turn a two-point deficit into a 10 point advantage. that sucks the air right out of the other team. scott: the hawkeyes are tied for first in the big ten, and guess who they play next. maryland. thursday night at maryland. right now, the terps are second in the nation. the hawkeys have been on fire. and so has valley grad peter jok. the reigning big 10 player of the week had a career high 29 at rutgers, and 13 more in sundays win. as tony seeman says, this young man is hitting his stride at the perfect time. tony: when peter jok pulls up, the hawkeyes just expected to fall. >> he is a very talented guy.
10:51 pm
he hit two early jumpers because he has finally found his fire. >> i just feel like i have to go out there and play my game. scott: he has turned that ultimate green light -- tony: he has turned that ultimate green light into gold. he has averaged 24 points per game and keeps gaining the most important thing to a pure shooter, confidence. >> is a tremendous shooter and he helps our team in multiple ways. tony: he has now become a consistent threat for iowa. >> he is very talented. these guys really need to get going every night out. we are glad to have him on our team. tony: in iowa city, tony seeman. scott: the next chapter is less than 24 hours away. iowa state-kansas. the jayahwks may be the top dog in the big 12. but iowa state has won 3 of the past 4 meetings, ncluding last
10:52 pm
tomorrow night, isu gets to host kansas. 8:00 tip on espn. p.m. the stakes are huge. just one game separates the top six teams in the big 12. kansas comes in having lost two straight on the road. we will have live coverage at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. the drake and uni men are struggling big time this year but the women's teams are the top two in the valley. the bulldogs and panthers met sunday in des moines, each with a 5-1 record. sarah rhine gave drake a 1 point lead with about a minute left in the game. uni's next trip. they are in trouble, but look at the top of the key. amber sorenson drills one. that gave the panthers a two point lead. drake's ball, they need a hoop. they turn it over. uni wins it 79-73, assuming sole possesion of first place. the hawkeye women were at playing from behind. purdue and ally disterhoft made
10:53 pm
they had thought lead down to 5. it was not their night. purdue goes on to win it beating , iowa 90-73. iowa wrestling wind that nebraska while the cyclones are not able to win at oklahoma state. they lose 38-3. it was the 17th time peyton manning faced tom brady. this time, a spot in super bowl 50 awaited the winner. patriots at broncos, afc championship. peyton manning finished 17-32 for 176 yards. denver's d held brady in check. he was just 27-56 for 310 yards. final drive. new england was down 8. last chance on fourth and goal, you know where he is going. down 8. they still have life. they still need the two-point conversion because they missed a
10:54 pm
that would cost them because it was picked and tipped. manning, who many thought was done for good in midseason is on to super bowl 50. >> we have some guys that went in there and stepped up to help us get that win. this game today was a unique football game. everybody did their part, it truly was a team win. scott: how about the carolina panthers? af -- nfc championship game against arizona. david johnson, one of the bright spots for the cardinals. this is cam newton's world and we are all just living in it. he ran for 47 yards, through for 235 yards. an absolute blowout. arson palmer had 4 interceptions.
10:55 pm
carolina blasted them, 49-15. the stage is set. it is in santa clara, california. o weeks from tonight, 5:30. you can test the game right here on kcci. a side note, former cyclones star aj klein, linebacker for the panthers, is making an appearance. laura: and you will be there as well? scott: iron lucky enough to fly out to san francisco. we will be sending thursday, friday, saturday, sunday leading up to the big game.
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