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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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8 news. crews -- sen. cruz: what does it say if donald tells the men and women of iowa that my time is more important than yours? steve: the gloves come off tonight in west des moines. senator ted cruz blasts donald trump saying he is too scared to debate him tomorrow night here in iowa. stacey: cruz led a cheering, standing-room-only crowd in west des moines tonight. todd magel was there. todd: tonight's event was supposed to be a pro-life rally, instead, it turned into a trump bashing event on the eve of the iowa caucus. sen. cruz: 119 hours from now, the iowa caucuses begin. todd: texas senator ted cruz says time is running out. which is why he's pounding his rival donald trump, making fun of trump's fear of fox news host megan kelly. sen. cruz: apparently mr. trump considers megyn kelly very, very scary. you know donald is a very fragile soul. she might ask a mean question,
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it is could stand on end. todd: cruz modified his standard iowa stump speech to go after trump. the new york billionaire pulled out of the fox news presidential debate thursday night in des moines. cruz compared trumps move to screwing up a job interview with iowa voters. sen. cruz: imagine you put up an ad in the help wanted pages looking for a new employee to administer the government and turn the ship of state around. imagine someone called you and said, you know what, i'd like that job, but i ain't showing up for the interview. what would you say? you're fired! todd: before he got back on his tour bus, cruz invited trump to another unscheduled debate in sioux city saturday night. sen. cruz: so how about the two of us in a one one one debate, mono a mono? todd: by the way, trump says he's already beaten cruz in all the previous debates and he
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cruz again. stacey? stacey: republican presidential candidate marco rubio also weighed in on the feud between cruz and trump at his pre-debate rally at wellman's pub in west des moines tonight. sen. rubio: i know all the press is here, 90% of their coverage is on this whole thing, oh donald trump's not going to show up, ted cruz is challenging him to a one on one, mano-a-mano debate. interesting sideshow. greatest show on her. -- on earth. this is not a show. this is serious. we cannot lose this election, we have to turn this country around now. we cannot wait another four years. stacey: that debate is happening in des moines at the iowa events center. it's the final gop debate before the caucuses. and front-runner donald trump won't be there. he says he'll skip the debate because of moderator megyn kelly. he says she has treated him unfairly. >> you'll have fewer insults and more of an opportunity for the other candidates to talk about issues that matter to iowans.
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david oman says trump's decision is a high-risk move, but stopped short of calling it a mistake. iowa voters we talked to are convinced it won't affect his poll numbers. trump is holding his own event tomorrow night to benefit veterans' organizations. it starts at 7:00 at sheslow auditorium on drake's campus. trust kcci for complete coverage of both events. make sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, and download our kcci app. steve: new poll numbers tonight on the democratic side. quinnipiac university says bernie sanders now leads here in iowa, but just barely. while hillary clinton has 45. -- as 45%, sanders has 49%. that is within the margin of error. martin o'malley has 4%. sanders was campaigning tonight in mason city. he brought along some extra star power, too. actress susan sarandon introduced him before sanders criticized fellow candidate donald trump.
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conservatives and labor people saying this man is insulting minorities, he is scapegoating, we don't want him to come into our country. think about how this man is going to deal with the world when he can't even deal with our strongest ally. mr. clinton there's only one : person who is a probing -- who a proven change maker in hostile territory. and there's only one person who says i will never make the enemy the good. people cannot wait to get their incomes up, their health care better. steve: former president bill clinton was also in mason city tonight, campaigning for his wife hillary. he called her a born change-maker, saying everything she's ever touched, she has made better. hillary clinton was campaigning herself earlier today at a crowded adel family fun center. she stood in front of the bowling alleys to make a point of how she supports small
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the former u.s. secretary of state focused on economic issues. clinton said she agrees with warren buffet, who just endorsed her, that the rich need to pay more taxes. clinton is back on the iowa campaign trail tomorrow. this time, making a stop in newton. republicans rick santorum, carly fiorina, rand paul, mike huckabee, and jim gilmore will also be in the state along with ted cruz, ben carson, marco rubio, chris christie, jeb bush, john kasich, and donald trump. stacey: new details at 10:00 disease. a boston doctor diagnosed advanced cte in the brain of the former hawkeye star. it's caused by repeated trauma discovered in dozens of former nfl players. ryan smith reports from oskaloosa tonight. ryan: tyler sash became a standout athlete here at oskaloosa senior high school. tonight, his close friend tells
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his brain is sadly no surprise and answers many questions about sash's behavior after leaving the nfl and returning to his hometown. friends continue to find ways to remember the all-star athlete. >> you could tell he was going to be an excellent athlete at whatever he chose to do, track, basketball, or football. ryan: just 4 months after a deadly overdose on painkillers, boston doctor's finding ce -- findingte cte in his brain. >> i hope that this discovery they had yesterday brings some closure to what was going on inside of him. ryan: sash was revered in oskaloosa known for his charity and commitment to the community following a two-season stint in the pros. doug dekock worked with sash on multiple celebrity golf tournaments. >> he did have a hard time concentrating, staying on track of what we were organizing at the time.
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found in sash's brain matched that of former nfl star junior seau, who committed suicide at age 43. on a severity scale of zero to 4 sash was at stage 2. ,>> the average nfl player takes 900 to 1200 blows to the head during a regular football season. ryan: dr. mary russell specializes in brain trauma. she says sash's diagnosis is frightening for someone his age. >> it shows that even if you don't suffer from a concussion, which has kind of been the big push over the last several years that even hits that aren't , enough to cause concussion can still cause problems later on. ryan: doug dekock tell me he plans to organize a memorial golf tournament in tyler sash's name in the spring. in oskaloosa, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: an agreement in ferguson, missouri tonight on changes for the police department. city officials announced a
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federal government and the ferguson police department today. the plans call for more thorough training of police officers and changes to the city's use of force procedures. the negotiations followed the police shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. steve: right now in oregon on, federal agents are trying to end the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge. as danielle nottingham reports, the leader of the anti-government group and several militia members now face felony charges, and were ordered to remain in jail after a deadly shootout on tuesday. elizabeth: -- danielle: avon buddy and -- they are charged with conspiracy to her officer through force, intimidation, or threats. >> these individuals have chosen to threaten and intimidate the
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danielle: the judge ordered them to remain in custody until a second hearing on friday. they were arrested tuesday night when police intercepted them on an oregon highway. one was shot in a spokesman was killed. >> what kind of human beings do that? you have a man down and walk up and shoot him three or four more times. danielle: protesters have occupied the wildlife rep -- the wildlife refuge in oregon to protest land policies. >> we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. danielle: many in the area want the group to leave. federal agents have set up roadblocks and surrounded the refuge where there -- where the remaining occupiers are refusing to end the siege.
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a beautiful evening going on out there for the month of january. kurtis: above freezing in the middle of the night, you can't argue with that. a pretty nice day ahead tomorrow, although i think it will be a bit cooler. a great shot coming in from earlham. clear skies early tomorrow. , 33. 3:00 p.m. temperature, 35. ahead. and we stay there right through the weekend. it looks like a system to watch. potential of a big old snow maker on to -- on tuesday. the gun. a detailed look coming up with your 8 day forecast. steve: misspent money.
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group vents about the problems surrounding the wounded warrior project. stacey: dad takes a dive. he already has 4 girls. a father faints when he learns the gender of his 5th child. steve: and, furry-feet. meet a baby horse, from a very famous family, that has a great big future. one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. all of us have a responsibility, to ourselves, to our children, to each other. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody.
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no matter to whom they are born. our children's future is shaped both by the values of their parents and the policies of their nation. it's time to protect the next generation, fill the lives of our children with possibility and hope, open up the doors so that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, families and our country, and i'm not stopping now. (crowd cheers) i'm hillary clinton, and i have always approved this message. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound)
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst,
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mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. >> donors don't want you to fly every staff member once a year to some 5 star resort to whoop it up. stacey: wounded warrior project under fire. former employees speak out to cbs news. they say the organization is falling short in helping veterans. they accuse the wounded warrior project of being more concerned with fundraising than giving veterans the services they need. steve: kcci's laura terrell has reaction from a local non-profit that helps veterans. >> it's actually disappointing and very sad. laura: josh dobson isn't surprised to learn former employees of the wounded warrior project are raising red flags on how the organization spends its money. dobson, who started his own local non profit to help veterans, called cover my 6, has organized several fundraisers including bringing the wounded , warrior amputee softball team in town to play at principal
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>> i spoke with a gentleman that actually branched out with the wounded warrior amputee softball team. they were affiliated in 2012 with the wounded warrior project and they would raise money and not get anything in return. laura: former employees say the wounded warrior project rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars in donations a year and uses nearly half of it for salaries and lavish events. >> they are using our injuries. our darkest days, our hardships to make money. , so you can have these big parties? laura: dobson, who started cover my 6 in honor of his brother, says his non-profit gives back 100% of profits to iowa veterans. >> they fight for our right and i am proud to raise money for people that have done that. laura: dobson says he's hopeful this news doesn't deter people from donating to worthy cause. >> you are putting trust in
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it's going for a good cause, and then you find out their just putting it in their own pocket. laura: laura terrell, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: there is no local wounded warrior chapter in iowa. kcci did contact the national office in jacksonville, florida but we didn't get a response before news time. emergency need. the american red cross is pleading for blood and platelet donors tonight to boost the supply that was diminished by the weekend blizzard on the east coast. the non-profit says more than 300 weekend red cross blood drives in 20 states were canceled because of the storm. stacey: tornado tornado -- tornado touchdown. south florida where officials say an ef-1 tornado tore through the town of coconut creek. the strong winds overturned a vehicles as well. no serious injuries were reported. now, let's check back in with kurtis. kurtis: isn't it nice? it is falling through the
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-- is thawing. schoolnet webcam in algona. wind-chill, 28 in the metro. west winds are going to be a bit gusty over the next few hours. 31 in waterloo, 35 in ottumwa. pretty nice in fairbanks, 27. the coldest air pushed off to the northwest territory. a good old stretch of weather ahead. 6:00 a.m., 30. northwest winds get a bit breezy. 31 at 9:00 a.m. noontime temperature, 33. a high tomorrow of 35. starting to dip below the
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still some snow spinning around northern wisconsin. no major systems headed our way anytime soon. how about some 60's in kansas tomorrow? even kansas city, 51. snow showers up in green bay and around chicago on the north side of 10. this system just kind of shifted the winds around. we will get a little bit of a cool down with some clouds rotating in. here is futurecast. cloud cover has moved on out. some early morning sunshine and afternoon our. it looks like friday will be mostly sunny. sunny to mostly cloudy skies on saturday. it is late saturday and early sunday when we could get a few light showers.
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tomorrow, 35. best chance of the sunshine early. clouds increase as a goes along with northwest winds. bathed in sunshine on friday. saturday, milder, 37. sunday, that chance of rain. any rain that would fall would be in the hundredths of an inch. late monday night into tuesday, the potential of a pretty big snow maker. the latest computer models give us some heavy snow in the midwest. could have some issues of blowing snow as we see some strong winds. wednesday, 22, and thursday highs only in the teens. steve: next at 10:00, unusual sale. how you can get your hands on the terminator's tank. elizabeth thursday morning, we
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debate before the iowa caucuses. what republican voters hope to hear from the candidates. and, a digital declutter four -- and, a digital declutter, congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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steve: new at 10:00, if you have $351,000 lying around, you can
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schwarzenegger's used car. look at this thing. if you would even call it a car. the 1977 uni-mog truck is made by mercedes. it's 9-feet tall and weighs 6-tons. it also has just under 2000 miles on the odometer. like new. if you want to buy it, it's listed on ebay right now. trending tonight, the adorable video of a 2-year-old in south carolina saying her bedtime prayers. stacey: sutton whitt's parents put her to bed sunday without asking her to say her usual nightly prayers. they were in a rush to watch the nfc championship game. steve: so after her mom and dad left, sutton decided to pray on her own. this is just precious. >> thank you, um, for my daddy, thanks for my mommy. amen. steve: sutton also prayed for her grandmother and santa claus.
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thousands of times. also going viral tonight, the reaction of a new york father of 4 daughters, at the gender reveal party of his 5th child. stacey: you could say the news was too much for him to handle. [screaming] he actually fainted when the inside of the cake revealed the child would be a boy. the couple's son is due in june. finally, we have to show you the newest member of the budweiser clydesdale family. this is adorable. this is mac. the company says it's a nod to their tagline, "proudly a macro beer." the foal was born tuesday at the warm springs ranch in boonville, missouri. we're told mom and baby are both happy and healthy. steve: couldn't really tell, but i think they are kind of born with those fuzzy feet. speaking of fuzzy feet, here is
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tony: his night for u car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card.
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caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now. i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing for hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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leader, this is kcci 8 sports. tony: coming into tonight, you when i was in a slot. -- uni was in a slump. four straight losses and they lost six of their last seven. asked bradley, who is near the bottom of the valley. uni was on fire. 4-4 from three early in this game. jeremy morgan has that long reach. headed back the other way for the land. uni gets their groove back on the road. iowa fans have been spoiled this year. football, wrestling, and basketball. what do they have in common? all top 3 teams in the nation at some point this season. hawks, you're officially in heaven. the latest squad to make it through the pearly gates is the basketball team. who would have thought the hawkeyes would be here after
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-- heartbreaker to iowa state in the cy-hawk showdown? 9 game winning streak, untouched and on top of the big 10 . now they had to terrapin territory and the hawks relish the challenge. >> you have to stay confident. when the crowd gets into it, the building is shaking, you have to keep a level head. >> there's something about that target, when everyone is against you. i have always been like that my whole life. i like when people -- it is doubters. tony: iowa hits the road tomorrow night taking on maryland. you can catch the game on espn just after 6:00. the cyclones have found their groove again. the scoring has always been their priority end of the defense is starting to show up.
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held the jay-hawks to only 29 points in the final 20 minutes. the team is on a roll but their nose is still on the grindstone. collection of have to handle everything, success, humility. you have to have great vision and faith that you will get through it. we are only eight games in the conference. now we have to go play a top-five team in the country on saturday. tony: isu faces another one of the best teams in the nation. the big 12-sec challenge on saturday, taking on texas a&m. the iowa state women have had a rough january. a couple of tough overtime losses and a loss to baylor put the clone on a four-game losing streak. trying to snap that tonight, at home taking on tcu. early on, tied up.
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jadda buckley, the sharp shooter. she drains the 3. she had 11 on the night. bridget carleton had a game high 23. but tcu would find a way to pull away late. isu falls again, 72-62 the final. hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ]
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all come to look for america all come to look for america
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kurtis: mid-30's on the way
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