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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  Me-TV  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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>> pelley: more americans come down with zika virus as the world health organization warns... >> it is now spreading explosively. >> pelley: also tonight, trump counter-programs the republican debate with an event of his own. a pop culture icon shows off her plastic surgery. and a two-man epidemic of s.o.s. >> how many times have you had the call for assistance? >> we called the coast guard 29 times. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today the world health organization warned that the zika virus is spreading explosively. by the end of the year, it could infect four million people. it's in 23 countries now, including the u.s., with 31 cases in 1 1 states and d.c. since last year. so far all of the patients here
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abroad, but that is likely to change. the virus, first discovered in the zika forest in uganda in the 1940s, is linked to serious birth defects. dr. jon lapook has the latest. >> the zika virus... >> reporter: today the world health organization sounded an alarm about the zika outbreak. director margaret chan. >> questions abound. we need to get some answers quickly. >> reporter: the organization will convene an emergency meeting monday to plan its response. the zika virus, which is linked to children being born with small heads, poses several challenges. right now diagnostic tests aren't perfect. there's in treatment, and there's in vaccine. dr. anthony fauci, head of the infectious diseases branch of pandemic. >> you have multiple down fris in south america and the definition, that would be considered a pandemic.
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the virus will eventually be found in mosquitoes in the u.s. >> if you have this much zika in south america and in the caribbean, sooner or later we're going to see a local transmission. >> reporter: fauci says controlling mosquitoes that could carry zika is key, and the united states has one big advantage: >> most of the united states goes through a real winter, and that's very, very important in containing mosquitoes-borne viruses. >> reporter: 35-year-old ana palazzo is pregnant with twins. two months ago she cut short a trip to brazil and returned to new york. >> i want my babies to be safe, and i was very anxious about it. i didn't feel safe there. >> reporter: dr. fauci says we're not likely to see the same widespread zika virus outbreak here in the u.s. as in brazil. we can better control mosquitoes, but, scott, there are a lot of unknowns, and the health care community is
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>> pelley: dr. jon lapook. doctor, thanks very much. donaldr trump is a master of stealing the show, but this time he's aiming to run away with it. tonight as seven republicans debate in des moines, he is holding a simultaneous event billed as a veterans benefit. it's a high-stakes gamble in his neck-and-neck race with ted cruz just four days before the caucuses. here's major garrett. >> reporter: in south carolina last night, donald trump played up his counter-programming move against the fox debate. >> from here where do i go? >> iowa. >> on to iowa. what am i going to do there? who the hell knows. we're going to... you know what we're going to do? we're going to raise a lot of money for the vets. that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: fox news scrambled to pull trump back on the stage, using bill o'reilly to plead its case. >> forget, go forward, answer the questions, look out for the folks. just want you to consider it. >> reporter: the trump campaign has not said what veterans groups would benefit
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have said thanks but no thanks. peter kaufmann is with the progressive vote vets dot org. >> veterans are not a political prop that you can trot out and exploit because they don't want to answer tough questions. >> reporter: trump's top competitor in iowa rid yuled the g.o.p. front-runner. >> he doesn't want to answer questions from the men and women of iowa about how his record doesn't match what he is selling. >> reporter: chris christie faulted trump's hair-trigger temper. >> this is a few days before the caucus, and the candidate leading in some of the polls decides in a snit not to come. that's not respectful and it's certainly not presidential. >> reporter: rand paul has clashed with trump before. >> he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians. >> well, i've given him plenty of money. >> reporter: he predicted more time tonight to shrinking the size of the government.
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i'm concerned about the government leaving us alone. >> reporter: jeb bush running at the back of the pack still clicks to hope. >> can jeb bush be a surprise story on caucus night? >> yes, because the expectations are so low. >> well, you have succeeded there, governor. >> mission accomplished. >> reporter: rumors have run wild all day about a possible last-minute truce between fox and trump. scott, moments ago trump's campaign manager told us, "mr. trump is not participating in the fox news debate." >> pelley: seems clear. major garrett, thanks very much. by the way, cbs news will be carrying tonight's trump event on our 24-hour digital news service, cbsn. it is available on all devices at and cbs news will bring you the next g.o.p. debate. that's saturday evening, february 13th, live from greenville, south carolina.
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now to the democrats. today the underdog got whacked with a newspaper. here's nancy cordes. >> we should move to a medicare for all single payer program. >> reporter: his unapologetically liberal views attract supporters by the thousands, but in a stinging takedown of bernie sanders, the "washington post" editorial board called it "an act." "mr. sanders is not a brave truth teller," they wrote. "he is a politician selling his own brand of fiction by obscuring the true cost of his generous proposal." do they have a point in do voters deserve to have more specifics about how much more in taxes they would pay in a sanders' administration? >> the answer is voters deserve as much information as we can possibly give them. >> reporter: senator sanders has released some details. he'd finance free public college tuition with tax on what he calls "wall street speculators."
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all health care plan by charging businesses a 6% income-based premium. individuals would pay 2%. you think you can convince republicans to raise taxes? >> i think we can convince the american people in the year 2016 all of our kids should be able to go to public colleges and universities tuition-free. >> reporter: the editorial plays right into a case that clinton makes that campaign events like this one all the time. she argues that his ideas look good on paper but will never work in the real world. by now, though, scott, roughly half of iowa democrats are siding with him. >> pelley: nancy cordes on the trail in iowa. nancy, thank you. today teachers in detroit sued the school district over what they say are unsafe conditions. they had been staging sick-out, forcing most of the schools to close. adriana diaz reports that many
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>> reporter: after weeks of protests over dilapidated buildings and classrooms where kindergartners are wearing coats, detroit teachers and parents say a lawsuit was their only remaining choice. ivy bailey is interim president of the detroit federation of teachers. >> educators have been snubbed, ignored, disrespected, and punished when they informed the school district of specific safety and health problems. >> reporter: the teachers cite mold, mag yachts in bathroom, mice and mushrooms that once sprouted in a classroom as common problems. today's complaint states that schools are risking children's health and safety. it says some students have suffered from respiratory illness, chronic fatigue and stomach pains. the lawsuit demands repairs and the removal of darnell earley, the governor-appointed schools emergency manager. last year he went from being the emergency manager of flint, which is now having a
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managing detroit's school system, which is half a billion dollars in debt. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: shoniqua kemp and two of her children are plaintiffs in the suit. she blames earley. >> this emergency manager stepped into a situation where there is no money. >> i'm not a millionaire, so sometimes i have to find ways to shuffle my money around the make things work. he went to school for this. he signed up for the job. he should at the very least do it. >> reporter: earley denied our request for an interview, but in a statement he said he is working to reduce the school system's debt. scott, he has 28 days to respond to the lawsuit. >> pelley: adriana diaz for us tonight. adriana, thank you. another rickety boat today greece. 25 drowned, ten of them children. the harsh winter has not slowed migrants escaping war and poverty. volunteers are rescuing as many as they can, and holly williams set sail with them.
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desperate the reach europe that this group of 57 migrants abandoned their inflatable raft and stranded themselves on a cliff on the greek coast. winter is normally the quiet period here on the greek coastline, but this year the rescue teams have been taken by surprise, because in january, around 50,000 people made the dangerous crossing. that's over 20 times more than last january. and this month's death toll is now more than 170, including some who tried the make the risky voyage at night and drowned when their boat capsized. a swedish team came to the rescue of the people stuck on the cliff. they fled syria, iraq and iran and amongst them was a tiny baby
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helped down the cliff face. in the safety of a rescue boat, behzad abbasi comforted his one-year-old son ermia. he told us he's a christian and he and his family risked death to flee religious persecution in iran. >> 50/50. you life. >> reporter: the swedish rescuers are funded by donations, and they're all volunteers. joakim brosten normally works in i.t. >> this is my way to give something to people that are in need. >> reporter: the swedish team found these migrants safe on a greek beach, but so cold they lit a fire fueled by their life jackets. >> there will be people coming from the landslide, and they will come and support you within the next few hours. >> reporter: as politicians try to stop the migrants from
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dealing with a more pressing need -- keeping people alive. holly williams, cbs news, greece. >> pelley: 3 years ago today i picked up this press pass at the kennedy space center for shuttle mission 51-l. i remember being amazed at how cold it was, and it would turn out that america's first in-flight space disaster was triggered by a simple rubber gasket that had frozen overnight. we thought space flight was so routine there was even a schoolteacher aboard "challenger," but in a flash we were reminded, astronauts are heroes for a reason. manuel bojorquez looks back. >> reporter: the seven astronauts prepared for liftoff that morning at cape canaveral, florida, in front of a national audience. mission specialist ron mcnair's wife cheryl was there. >> there was a lot of excitement
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hey, this is the u.s. >> one and liftoff... >> reporter: it appeared to be a textbook launch, but 73 seconds in, a seal failed on the right rocket booster, causing a catastrophic explosion. >> obviously a major malfunction. >> reporter: confusion on the ground soon gave way to grief. >> what happened? what's going on? report ron mcnair had flown on the changier before. in 1984 he became the second african american in space, inspiring americans with his saxophone playing in zero gravity. two years later the father of two was gone in a national tragedy. >> today the members of the "challenger" crew were pioneers. >> reporter: what was that like to have a nation mourn with you? >> that was a beautiful part of coming back from all of this tragedy. >> reporter: mcnair honors her husband by encouraging children to study science and
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helped a man from humble beginnings in the segregated south see the earth from above. >> and he described it as just so beautiful and appearing without divisions or lines, peaceful, he said, as he thought the lord meant for us to live. >> reporter: here on earth in a grove dedicated to america's space pioneer, words worth remembering. manuel bojorquez, cbs news at the johnson space center in houston.
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without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. >> pelley: a celebrity known by her first name and pushing 60 goes public about plastic surgery. it's not the kind of story we usually report around here, but we have the make an exception for barbie. here's mireya.
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have changed... barbie, you're beautiful ...but barbie has chained little with the times. in recent years the iconic mattel dolls have remained on the shelves. barbie sales have now declined eight straight quarters. mattel cites one possible reason. >> we were hearing that many thought barbie was out of touch. >> reporter: that typically blonde-haired, blue-eyed doll with unrealistic proportions is getting a reality check. mattel recently introduced 23 new dolls with different skin tones and hair colors, and today three new body types -- curvey, tall and petite. >> the character feeds the horsie. >> reporter: mattel took the new barbie for a test run with a group of four or five year olds. >> they don't look like barbie. >> some of them have brown skin and white skin.
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noticed most were the different shapes and sizes. >> i'm glad because we all get to look like... we got to pick our barbie that looked like us. >> reporter: the next step for mattel is getting parents to buy in. >> we don't live in a world how barbie used to look. we live in a world how barbie is now, so i think it's a really good thing. >> reporter: barbie may be ageless, but to her creators it was time for a listening -- long overdue makeover. mireya villarreal, cbs news, california. >> pelley: a white man has been cast to play michael jackson. that's next. it don't matter if you're black or white your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis.
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black kid from gary, indiana. he became the biggest name in music. billie jean. that's my lover >> reporter: that has some criticizing why the role of the king of pop is being portrayed by a white actor, joseph fiennes, in an upcoming british tv movie. be. he definitely had a pigmentation issue, so he was probably closer color. >> reporter: this latest controversy comes after no actor of color received an oscar nomination for the second year in a row. >> untie him. >> reporter: idris elba's role in "beast of no nation" was thought to be a likely nominee. he recently told the british parliament about the racial glass ceiling >> i knew there wasn't enough yet for the industry to see me as a lead. >> reporter: black or white, fiennes says he hopes his performance passes. >> the more i looked at michael, the more i fell in love with him. >> reporter: this isn't the first time filmmakers have cast
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tonight's final gop debate before the iowa caucuses may be trumpless... but it will go on. kcci is all over this event... extending our newscast to one full hour... next. >> pelley: we end tonight with the journey of a lifetime. a couple of old salts sailing from norway to maine. they've been at it for months, but they haven't made much progress, so we sent mark phillips to check on them. >> reporter: there's a reason steve weise and bob shapiro are being called "the calamity crew." how's the trip going so far? >> great. >> reporter: not so great really. steve and bob's boat, the
5:57 pm
accident waiting to happen, it's an accident that keeps happening over and over again. this was just the latest. firemen had to put out a blaze on board when a burning candle tipped over as the boat hit the bottom at low tide. or this time when rescue services had to be called out off scotland. or here, when steve and bob needed help at night off ireland. you're up to seven time, nine time? how many times have you had to call for sis -- assistance? >> we called the coast guard 29 times. >> reporter: and that's just since the boat left norway last summer. "nora" has needed the help of the norwegian rescue service, the daner, the scottish, the irish and now the english. >> i bought a boat in norway and i'm sailing it home. >> reporter: people are fed up. >> you are not capable of managing a ship or a boat, shall i say.
5:58 pm
it's risking danger. >> reporter: steve, from california, and bob, from idaho, are both 71 years old. they have become famous here, but not in a good way. do you think they're taking it seriously enough? >> no. no, no. >> reporter: have you ever done a trip of this ambition before? >> no. never done it before. total diaper kid. >> reporter: luckily the weather has turned bad and the "nora" is not going anywhere for a while, lucky for steve and for bob and for the rescue crews. mark phillips, cbs news, cornwall, england. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. the last republican presidential debate before the iowa caucus is tonight at the iowa events national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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>> you're watching kcci news. >> the last debate before the iowa caucuses tonight at the event center without frontrunner donald trump. the opportunity that presents for the remaining candidates. steve: plus, donald trump is holding his own event at drake university for veterans. stacey: and why some veterans groups want trump to leave them out of it. good evening. thank you for joining us. the republican candidates for president are at the iowa event center for the last debate before the iowa caucuses. steve: all but one, donald trump. cynthia fodor is live outside e debate venue. cynthia: that's right, steve and stacey, we are in the media filing center and activity is starting to pick up here as they're getting ready for the undercard debate. as you can see reporters are taking their seats and filing their stories all over the world. i can see bob over there being interviewed right now. seven candidates taking the


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