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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  January 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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rallying instead at drake university. stacey: before the rally, he sat down exclusively with our todd magel. hear how he made the decision to pull out of the debate in minutes. steve: chief political reporter cynthia fodor is at the iowa event center where the debate just wrapped up, cynthia. cynthia: the moderators last night had been promising fireworks tonight. we didn't see a whole lot of that. a little bit. but they did mention trump's absence right off the top but they didn't really talk about donald trump too much after that. a funny moment when jeb bush said you know what, i do kind of miss donald trump tonight. they touched on a number of topics, including national security, isis, liberty, and probably spent the most time arguing over immigration reform and how several of the candidates flip flopped and changed their minds on positions on that, mainly marco rubio, ted cruz and jeb bush. here's some of what the
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>> look, i'm going to establish this, because my dad was the greatest man alive, president of the united states and my brother who i adore as well was a fantastic brother, fine, i'll take it and i'm part of the establishment because barbara bush is my mom. i'll take that, too. >> we cannot fix social security, the border, balancing the budget, getting wages to grow faster, unless we lead as conservatives, but we also invite people in from the other party. we have to come together as a country, and we have to stop all the division. >> the last four questions had been rand, please attack ted, marko, please attack ted, chris, please attack ted, jeb, please attack ted. >> it is a debate, sir. >> i will say this, if you guys ask me one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> i believe in the toady roosevelt philosophy. teddy roosevelt said we are a nation of immigrants.
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from any race, any country, any religion, if they want to be americans, if they want to accept our values, our laws. if not, they can stay where they are. >> they want everyone in this country to follow their religious beliefs the way they do. they don't want to exercise religious liberty. that's why as commander in chief, i will take on isis. not only because it keeps us safe but because it allows us to absolutely conduct our religious affairs the way we find in our heart and in our souls. >> i also think the war on drugs has disproportionately affected our african-american community and what we need to do is make sure that the war on drugs is equal protection under the law and that we don't unfairly incarcerate another generation of young african-american males. >> the elect presidents in america want to change things that are wrong in america. barack obama wants to change
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cynthia: now, with me right now is jeff kaufman, the chair of the iowa republican party. jeff, everyone was wondering if this would be a different debate tonight. was it a different debate without donald trump here? >> i think more of the candidates had more air time. there were some fireworks. not quite as much as you might expect. there were probably a few less lighter moments but overall, i'm real pleased with the candidates in the debate tonight. they put up every round of questions taking a shot at donald trump. they didn't do that. they posed some very solid initiatives, i think. you take what happened tonight and juxtapose that with the very few debates the democrats have had and having it on a saturday night, you look at what we just presented for the republican party, all out there, letting people know what they believe. i mean, i'm just proud of every one of these. i think every one of these individuals could be president
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we're not under draw back for a lady under investigation by the fbi and not electing a cynthia: do you think they're already looking toward the >> they are. after all, when it's all said and done, primaries are family fights and they're passionate and elbows are thrown. when it's all said and done, this is about the last eight years of barack obama. hillary clinton is about eight more years of barack obama. that's why none of these ladies and gentlemen are going to take their eye off that ball, because that's what this is all about. that's what the future of this country is all about. cynthia: all right, thank you very much, jeff. they say 40% of likely caucus voters are still undecided. hopefully, some of them had an opportunity to make up their minds tonight. we understand some of the candidates and their surrogates will be coming down to the spin room right behind me, and we will be standing here by live to talk to some of them and get their reaction about tonight's debate. stacey and steve. stacey: cynthia, thank you. joining us now is kcci political
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steve: dennis, it was a different debate without donald trump, but for those of us who have heard the speeches quite a lot, it was the same. dennis: this is my job and my profession, this is my 13th month of listening to them, so there's nothing new. but the dynamics were somewhat new, of course, without mr. trump on the stage. ted cruz had a target on his back because he was the only front runner present. he consistently continually wrapped his arms around congressman steve king. marco rubio took a lot of incoming fire because he's trying to emerge as the main alternative to both donald trump and ted cruz. stacey: were you surprised rubio kept bringing up president obama as if he were running against
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election? den dennis: his whole focus, from his television ads and stumped speeches. there wasn't a lot of thought. they wanted to paint america as an opposition party would do, that the party in power has made a terrible mess of things and we've got to change that to save the country. steve: did anybody step out? there were more room to operate without donald trump but did anybody really kind of step out, who you didn't expect to necessarily stand out and be noticed? dennis: part of the problem, you have so many people, still even though the heard has thinned, candidates tend to disappear for a while. even ted cruz who likes to control the debate and the questioning and disappear for a while, but chris christie comes across very forcefully. kasich was still part of the background scenery. but rand paul a couple of times mixed it up with all of cruz and rubio and christie.
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tonight's debate? dennis: oh, i always -- stacey: anybody benefit from tonight's debate four days from the caucuses? did some speeches kind of play it safe? dennis: i hate that question. the new dynamic is rubio becoming more of a target as he's risen in the polls as opposed to cruz and trump. i think that's the interesting thing. steve: dennis, thank you very much. we appreciate t as you saw, the man on the top, the most recent act in iowa was not on the debate stage tonight. instead, donald trump held an event at sheslow auditorium on the campus of drake university. republican presidential candidates rick santorum and mike huckabee joined trump at the event after the undercard debate they both participated in. trump says he is proud of the event he held. donald trump: is it for me personally a good thing or bad
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votes? nobody knows. who the hell knows but it's for our vets and we're going to like it because we raised over $5 million in one day. all my life, i've made money. i've always been good making money. i think i have a great imagination but i made money and all my life i did well. my father always said everything you touch it turns to gold. that's why i used that expression. he said everything my boy touches turns to gold. and what happens is i turn all this money down. they're calling and calling. they want to give me money because being number 1, they all want to control you. they want to give you money and now they call you, remember, i gave you $5 million and told the story about the ford plant and the nabisco plant. so what happens is all my life, i'm turning down millions, and i was in iowa in a different location, and i said listen, i don't feel good about turning down money. steve: kcci's vanessa peng was watching the action outside the
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stacey: and she joins us live on drake university's campus with vanessa. vanessa: hey, guys, the event wrapped up a little over half an hour ago, so it's rather quiet at old main but earlier this afternoon, there was a huge line, a bunch of people outside waiting to get in, but not everyone did drake university's fire code occupancy was held to 700 people. people coming out were mixed on what they thought of the event. >> we had no idea what he was talking about. he just talked about how great he was and how terrible everyone else was and we were just going to win, win, win and good night. >> it wasn't all centered around donald trump. he was really centered more around the veterans and the different people he brought in to speak and i was impressed with what he said. vanessa: we spoke to some veterans about the special event and they say they're so glad others are focusing on them.
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political stunt. vanessa peng, kcci 8 news. stacey: todd magel had a chance to interview trump on his private jet at the airport, todd. todd: we were the only local media invited to talk to trump on his 757. he wants iowa voters to know he wants to win the caucuses monday and doesn't need another national debate to do it. time is running out for donald trump and his first real chance as a presidential candidate, the iowa caucuses. what better way to get the message out than to provide reporters on his private jet for q&a. hot topic is his refusal to debate on fox news in des moines. >> i was not treated properly by fox. i was treated very badly by fox. and rather than having somebody -- i think this is so important because it relates to the country the way we're pushed around all the time. rather than have somebody that accepts and walks onto the stage and debates, which for me hasn't been very difficult, i said you
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you just can't do it. todd: you've heard the criticism that this is your one last chance for a nation wide audience and for iowans to see you as your competitors. is that presidential when you don't do that? donald trump: i think so because chuck loudener and some of the folks that work for me, sam, a lot of them said this showed that you're independent, it showed that you're tougher. it showed that you'll protect yourself and you'll protect your country when something is unjust. these other guys are just politicians, showing up and leave. todd: are you going to win? donald trump: i hope so. they're amazing people in iowa so i look forward to it. todd: thank you, mr. trump. steve: mr. trump plans to fly back to new hampshire tonight and return to iowa tomorrow and says he won't leave until
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moines as a winner, steve and stacey. stacey: an nbc news wall street journal pull shows hillary clinton back on top in iowa. she has 48% to bernie sanders 45%. martin mool has 3%%. hillary clinton was back on the campaign trail today. before the rally today, she told reporters she is open to extra debates before the convention. hillary clinton: i said i am more than happy for us to start scheduling additional debates as we go through the spring and april and may and try to get those on the calendar. stacey: and vermont senator bernie sanders was also campaigning across the state today. he drew a huge crowd in fairfield with actress susan sarandon this afternoon. before that, he stopped by the kcci studios and talked with shaina humphries about what he needs to do to win iowa.
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president did in 2008 in iowa was he kind of broke the mold. i believe we will win if the voter turnout is high. if the voter turnout is low, we're going to struggle. that's to be honest with you. steve: taking a live look out at the iowa event center where the g.o.p. debate just wrapped up, we have more live team coverage and reaction coming up on this extended hour-long newscast, including a look at the hundreds of different protesters who showed up before the republican debate, some rallying for higher wages, others for religious freedom. mark tauscheck has their story coming up later in this newscast. we're also following a big sports story tonight, the iowa hawkeyes with a huge big ten battle in maryland. scott reister is here with the disappointing finished. scott: the third-ranked hawkwhys had a chance to beat maryland. iowa was there with them nearly
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check it out, scoring down low to put the hawkeyes up by one. had his third straight double-double this game, 11 points and 10 rebounds. final minute and-a-half, diving, he threw one down. maryland led by 4. mike bozell decides to push it and gets stripped. maryland back the other way. jared with the finish, giving them a six-point lead. maryland hit their free throws and held off iowa 74-68. so the winning streak is over. later in sports, what it means for the first-place hawkeyes plus iowa state injury news as well, stacey. stacey: thank you, scott. looking live downtown at the sky camera. beautiful night. and kurtis, we understand it's going to be even better tomorrow. kurtis: isn't that fantastic? a nice warm-up on the way, a january thaw moving on the way in. it's already started but temperatures will climb even higher tomorrow. early on, going to be a little bit chilly in the 20s, cloud
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out, noon, 39, 3:00 p.m. temperatures, 45 degrees. average high this time of the year is around 32, and i really think those 40s will last right on through the weekend. 48 saturday, sunday, 43. look what happens as we head into early next week. there's a system on tuesday and behind it, a lot of cold air. this is definitely a system to watch. it looks like we could potentially see some heavy snow in iowa starting very, very late monday night. more likely on tuesday into wednesday morning. heaviest band northwest, even heavy snow in central island and lighter amounts off to the southeast. got a brand new future cast for you. we'll look at that coming up in just a few. stacey: next at 10:00, their home burned to the ground. a fort dodge family is lucky to be alive tonight. the two things they say saved them. steve: plus, a dangerous virus spreading at an explosive rate. the new warning tonight from officials about the zika virus.
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39% of republican caucus goers could still change their mind before monday. we'll talk with some to see what it will take to pick a candidate. plus, if you want to caucus, what do congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook.
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he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere. that is my line! >> this is iowa's news leader.
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with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. stacey: our 2016 coverage continues right now. let's send it back to chief fodor. steve: she's standing by live with a representative from the jeb bush campaign, cynthia. cynthia: that's right. we are just outside the spin room and with me is david kochel , the chief strategist in iowa for the jeb bush campaign. how'd he do tonight? do you think he was able to get more air time without donald trump around tonight? >> he certainly got more air time but i think it was jeb bush's best debate so far. i think he looked like a president and sounded like a president and the absence of trump i think removed some of the side show and the debate was a service to iowans for people who have serious plans and who can talk about the record and i think having a little bit more time and also removing some of the theaterics and the celebrity
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for iowans to see what these the country. cynthia: and he did have lighter moments right off the top where he said i kind of missed donald trump a little bit. you mentioned that again. >> yeah, they've had a good back and forth throughout the campaign obviously. this was by far our best debate, so we're pretty excited tonight about how governor bush did. cynthia: you said at one point he has seen the polls and beating hillary clinton in some of the polls and he believes he's the guy to do that. >> yeah, he's a very strong election. he ran at a very difficult state of florida, a true purple state that is a very diverse state, where he was governor for eight years. he left office with a 67% approval rating, in a state that is not easy, you know, to build a winning coalition. so governor bush is a terrific general election candidate, and i think he's going to -- i think he presents the best opportunity we have to beat hillary clinton in november. cynthia: okay. thank you very much, david for coming by. we are standing by a waiting
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candidates or their campaigns as they wander down here to the spin room. stacey and steve. stacey: a fort dodge family is thanking a complete strange for helping them make it out of their burning home alive. steve: jamie robinson, her boyfriend, ed, and their two daughters daughters, and their home was a total loss after a fire was started monday night. a red cross volunteer replaced their smoke detectors back in october as part of a program with the fort dodge fire department. she was shocked to be called back weeks later to help again. >> you know, i'm guilty of it myself in the past of unplugging my smoke alarm because i cooked something or you know what i mean? and it won't happen anymore. steve: no word yet on what started this fire. stacey: right now a 32-year-old pela woman is facing charges in the death of a 17 month old child. valerie wackerly is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. investigators say she left 17
10:22 pm
unsupervised in a car seat. amelia was later found unresponsive and died at the hospital. explosive spread, world health organization officials say they have a high level of concern over the mosquito-born zika virus. it can cause birth defects in infants if contracted by a pregnant woman. there is a potential of 3-4 million cases worldwide. the world health organization is planning to hold an emergency meeting next week to explore solutions. new at 10:00, last weekend's blizzard is officially the fourth most powerful snowstorm to hit the northeast in more than 60 years. noaa released the rankings today. it affected 102 million people and covered 434,000 square miles in 26 states. steve: and meteorologist kurtis gertz is in tonight. a big storm there and we might have some snow moving our way. kurtis: it's time to look at that birds definition, no doubt
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you have to have snow falling and wind blowing at that time. low visibility from the blowing snow, and you expect it to be sustained for three hours or more, and we have that kind of potential as we head into especiallyitudes next week, as this low moves off to the northeast, dropping a heavy band of snow across iowa. then we'll get the winds howling. i'm talking winds over 50 miles an hour. so blowing snow likely. we'll just have to figure out how much snow we'll get as this system gets closer. 28 degrees out there right now, wind chill 23. north winds presently at 5 miles an hour. your planner for tomorrow, early on, wind chills in the teens around 23, so a cool start, mostly cloudy, 9:00 a.m., 28, clouds starting to thin as we slide towards the afternoon. south wind will warm us up. noon temperatures 39 and by mid-afternoon the temperature up to 45 degrees. 42 at 6 p.m. clouds hung
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they broke up a bit in central iowa. another band along the missouri river. there is a weak system to the north. it's going to bring a light mix from bismarck to green bay. but the rest of us enjoying the mild readings. 49 st. louis. near 60 in kansas city. mid-60s in dodge city. so future cast, you can see those clouds kind of rotating on in tomorrow. they'll break up by the afternoon hour, especially southern half of the state. as we move into saturday, i think we'll see some sun early, but then the clouds return very quickly. saturday night generally dry. it's early sunday morning, we could have a light mix. it's only a few hundredths of an inch, but if they get up on early sunday, there could be a few slick spots, then that moves out. quiet weather then. right now, monday, caucus weather, looks to be a-okay with just some clouds moving in as the day goes along. temperatures tonight down to around 23 degrees, partly cloudy skies, northwest winds 5-10.
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sunny, breezy south winds, especially as you head out of town. eight-day forecast, saturday, 48. sunday, 43 degrees. again, sliding into sunday, that chance of a light shower early monday, mostly cloudy and cool, and then tuesday, that system will arrive. i think a big problem with blowing snow wednesday morning and then a whole lot of cold late in the week. steve: thank you, kurtis. let's go back to chief political reporter cynthia fodor at the event center with more reaction from tonight's republican debate. cynthia: i am with bob vanderfots. he is a familiar face here. you have recorded ted cruz. he was the front runner on the stage tonight and a lot of folks expected he'd have the target on his back. he even threatened to leave at one point. what did you make of that? >> i think it was sarcastic, making fun of donald trump. like hey, i'm getting tough questions and i should probably
10:26 pm
i thought it was all tongue in cheek. i thought he had a great night. i thought he knocked it out of the park on obama care, why washington doesn't embrace him. this was a renewable fuels crowd and they cheered him when he talked about putting renewable fuels into the marketplace to let it grow and prosper. i thought it was a great night for him. i think he sustains his first place position here and we'll see who will be going for that third and fourth position. i think donald trump was a lizard. i talked to a lot of people who were really upset that he would skip that final interview before the iowa caucuses on monday night. i think a lot of people are making their position and i think ted cruz is in a great position for monday night.
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stopping hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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>> from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: the hawkeyes run to the big ten has been impressive. beat michigan state twice, perdue twice and everyone else on the way. 8th ranked maryland was a different story. struggling on the road, anthony
10:29 pm
8 minutes to go, iowa down by 1. maryland on fire. the duke transfer at 17 points. iowa struggled down the stretch. a lot of mistakes in this one. look at how iowa falls. he got blocked. maryland's possession ensued. maryland led by four. iowa had it down to a two-point game, under two minutes to go. it's the front end of a one and one. 1:20 left. here's more iowa trouble down the stretch. diamond dunked one down, and gets it right back. his team down four, a minute left. stripped. back the other way, maryland hits the free throw, winning 74-68.
10:30 pm
tied for first with indiana. dating back to last season, big ten play comes to an end. it was exciting. steve: scott, thank you very much. stacey: let's send it back over to chief political reporter cynthia fodor. steve: she's standing by live at the iowa event center with ben carson. cynthia. cynthia: that's right. dr. carson just walked down here a few moments ago, and how do you feel after this debate? was it a little bit different without mr. trump on the stage? >> it was different, because when he's here, he generally gets the plurality of the questions. so it at least gave us each one extra question apiece. cynthia: although, i did hear her say this one is for you, dr. carson, and you said great, and everyone laughed. do you feel like you should be allotted a little bit more time in these debates?
10:31 pm
i heard a lot of things from the audience when i went down, and said should we get a little section that should start saying, "ask dr. carson." cynthia: and you mentioned when you did have time to talk about rising political correctness and how that's going to kill us, what do you mean by that? >> that memorandum that came to light looking at the muslim brother hood, care and some other organizations, indicated that their goal was to destroy us from within and it would be particularly easy because we were politically correct, and we would be so busy trying to protect their rights that we would not recognize what was happening to our own. cynthia: and i also heard you say you expect a surprise on monday night after the caucuses. >> i do. we've been seeing a lot of movement over the last couple of weeks. i think that will continue tonight.
10:32 pm
thank you very much for stopping by, dr. carson. stacey and steve, back to you. steve: thank you very much. we have more on this special hour-long edition of kcci news at 10. coming up, more on the g.o.p. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now. i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing for hillary clinton.
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most viewed evening news in central iowa this is kcci 8 news >> the most watched news in central iowa, this is iowa's news leader, this is kcci 8 news at 10 why down to the wire. we are four days away from the iowa caucuses. the republican candidates took the stage in des moines tonight for the final@ time before iowans make up their minds. steve: we want to go back to the event center where cynthia fodor is standing by live. steve king, who also happens to be the national campaign coach for ted cruz, cynthia. cynthia: that's right, steve. you stole the words right out of my mouth. we happened to see congressman king walking by and wanted to come over. you just said something very interesting. we here in iowa a lot of people across the country never get this opportunity. >> this is a huge production here where the whole building is
10:34 pm
presidential candidates and their staff and all the rest of the country is looking in on this wondering what's iowa going to do on monday night. it's an extraordinary privilege we have as iowans and i look around and think we're going to have three generations of iowans walking into caucus and many precincts monday night. the parents, grandparents and adult children who maybe have their children along with them, won't be able to vote but will be raised right knowing we're all politics all the time and we pay attention in iowa. cynthia: and 39% were still polls. do you think tonight might have changed their minds? i know you support senator ted cruz and i'm here. >> well, he had a good night. he started out strong. there was a little spot that didn't go quite as smoothly. cynthia: which spot was that? >> i wouldn't name that because i'm on his side. but i thought he got stronger at the end and nailed a number of the issues. he hit the immigration issue and
10:35 pm
think there were iowans for the first time hearing ted cruz's ethanol policy. there was a lot out there that wasn't true about ted cruz's ethanol policy. cynthia: thank you very much. and also ted cruz said that iowa is considered fly-over country, if elected president, it will be fly-to country. >> he'll keep us first as a nation in the caucus. cynthia: steve and stacey. stacey: by the way, front runner donald trump was not at tonight's debate. he held an alternative event during the same time at drake university tonight. steve: the rest of the candidates though, sounding off about immigration among a number of issues. >> that is the book where you changed your position on immigration, because you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> you led the charge with a gang of eight. i supported it.
10:36 pm
>> it's fully insulting though is that he is the king of saying you're for amnesty. everybody's for amnesty except for ted cruz but it's a falseness and that's an authenticity problem, that everybody he knows is not as perfect as him because we're all for amnesty. i was for legalization. if you have border security, you have legalization. so was ted. he said now it wasn't so. that's not true. >> you helped design george w. bush's immigration policy and when you got to the senate, you did an interview with cbs news, you said on the issue of people who are here illegally, we can reach a compromise. and in the committee, you said i want to bring people out of the shadows. now you want to trump trump on immigration. >> sitting here, i watched the video of senator cruz. i watched the video of senator rubio. i heard what they said, and this is why you need to send someone from outside of washington to
10:37 pm
i feel like -- i feel like i need a washington english dictionary converter, right. i heard what they both said. i saw it on video and the fact that this is what makes a difference when you're governor, you can change your mind. ted could change his mind. marko could change his mind. it's perfectly legal in this country to change your mind but when you're governor, you have to admit it. you can't hide behind parliamentary tricks. that's the difference and that's the kind of leader we need in the white house. stop the washington bull and let's get things done. >> look. all i say is that when i study scripture, i know that people who live in the shadows need to have a chance but i'm not deciding that anybody's got to make these decisions on what i do other than this, the time has come to stop ignoring the mentally ill in this country and begin to treat them and get them on their feet, along with, of course, treating the drug addicted. >> we need people who think out of the box and can solve
10:38 pm
resources around them, very smart people, to focus on the problem and solve the problem. steve: that was just some of what the republican candidates had to say tonight. before the debate, plenty of protesters sounding off outside the iowa event center. stacey: kcci's mark tauscheck was there. mark: before all the action took place inside, there was plenty outside. ethanol supporters bring the property, wind energy. those who believe in candidates, even one not here. those who don't believe in god. >> a lot of people think because of the republican party that we're all just a bunch of bible-believing folks and it's not so true. mark: best presentation went to a group called nuclear zero. >> we have them to use them, and that's really scary. mark: then the real show came up fifth avenue. from 7-800 people all in iowa, but most not from iowa, mostly
10:39 pm
st. louis, milwaukee, kansas city, rallying to raise the hour. >> i live with my mom. i would love the independence to be able to move out, be on my own. greed. it's about working 40 hours instead of 80, having one job instead of two. >> personally, it would make me not have to work as hard to provide for my family. i could work one job, still be home with the kids and my girlfriend. mark: mark tauscheck,. stacey: trump held an event for veterans at drake university instead. it was a benefit for veterans organizations. trump says they raised more than $5 million, and he stands by his choice to skip the fox news debate. >> we actually thought what we do is we'd let them start and we wanted to be about 15 minutes into that hour, so that by now,
10:40 pm
the cameras, like the academy awards. this is like the academy awards. this is the academy awards. we're actually told that we have a bit. stacey: vanessa peng is watching event. she is live at drake university. vanessa: the event wrapped up over an hour ago. that's why it's so quiet here at old main. earlier this afternoon, it was so busy. there was a whole bunch of things going on. we saw a huge line of media. this is the biggest line we've seen lately during caucus coverage of people trying to get into events and we saw an even bigger line of people. hundreds of people trying to get into sheslow auditorium. but unfortunately, not everyone did, and that's because drake university says according to fire code they're only allowed to let in 700 people. but the trump campaign gave out a lot more tickets than that. luckily, we did grab some people
10:41 pm
coming out and asked them what they thought about the event. >> i thought it was very honoring to not only the vets, but to americans. >> i thought it was ridiculous. he is a candidate of so little substance. i don't know why people like him so much, to be honest. he had a lot of good speakers and it was definitely a good feel good message about the veterans but as far as his candidacy, he just joked about it. vanessa: by the way, we spoke to some veterans about the special event and some say they're so glad trump is focusing on them. others say it was just a political stunt. live in des moines, vanessa peng, kcci 8 iowa's news leader. steve: the candidates continue their final push here in the state of iowa tomorrow and then through the weekend. you can trust kcci 8 news on air and online for complete caucus coverage. stacey: next, daring save, a car up in flames, his owner close by. the quick thinking by a police chief that saved the day. scott: and how warm will the
10:42 pm
january thaw on the way and what about that snowstorm next week? the time has come to make a choice... about which candidate can actually make a difference for you. in a world as complex as this, we need a president as experienced as hillary. in the situation room... at the negotiating table... and always on your side... fighting for children and families. with a real plan to get incomes rising... ...reduce drug prices... equal pay for women... ...and protect social security and medicare for seniors. she'll build on obamacare, not start over. break through the gridlock, not add to it. defend planned parenthood, not attack it. stand up to the gun lobby, not protect it. lead on foreign policy, not ignore it. we need a president with the experience and determination to get the job done. i'm running to make a difference. a real difference for you and your families across our country.
10:43 pm
caught on camera! a kansa police chief saves a man from a vehicle engulfed in flames! chief corey murrison was the first to steve: a kansas police chief pulling someone from a vehicle engulfed in flames. chief cory was the first to respond to a camp site. he found the vehicle on fire and away.
10:44 pm
him away from the fire. firefighters say ammunition inside the car was exploding as paramedics worked on the driver. >> when you show up, none of that stuff is really running through your mind. you just see what's going on and do what you need to do at that time. steve: without the police chief's help, the man may not have survived. he was treated for smoke inhalation. investigators suspect the driver may have tried to commit suicide and caused the fire. stacey: new video at 10:00, a strong storm in southern florida around the time a tornado warning expired in del ray beach, strong winds knocked over trees, and tore off a roof. officials say it's possible a tornado touched down. scott: back at home, we're looking for a big warm up through the weekend, kurtis. kurtis: warmer temperatures on the way in january. got to get through one more chilly night out there.
10:45 pm
we go from the 20s right up to 39 degrees by noon. mostly cloudy at 9:00 a.m. winds will get a little gusty. we'll see some gusts in the low 20s with the high tomorrow around 45 degrees, and we'll still be in the 40s at 6 p.m. sun goes down tomorrow at 5:26. some clouds streaming across the state, looking off into the pacific ocean. the next system going to be heading our way spinning out there and will slowly move on land and be a big snow maker for the midwest. the problem is trying to figure out where that band of heaviest snow is going to be. early look would be parts of northwest iowa with a band of moderate snow from wisconsin, iowa back through nebraska in behind this system, a tremendous amount of wind. so any snow we get, we're going to have some problems with blowing snow, limited visibility and possibly blizzard conditions. it will stay away for most of monday. that's the look right now. mostly cloudy, your caucus
10:46 pm
30s through 9 p.m. late, late monday night, we expect snow to get started. so here's future cast, clouds rotating on through tomorrow. we'll see some clouds early. breaking free to a little bit of sunshine. saturday starts out with sunshine. then the clouds fill on in as the day goes along. it looks like early sunday morning we could have a light mix, maybe a few slick spots. it moves through quickly though, and then some sunshine late in the day on sunday. those temperatures topping out again in the 40s. we stay in the 40s saturday. sunday, 43, chance of an early morning mix. monday, dry weather, 37, and then that big system arrives just to reiterate for you, most computer models are trying to squeeze out over 6 inches of snow and we're talking winds over 50 miles an hour. something to keep an eye on. we'll still have blowing snow on wednesday and then we'll have a cold snap late in the week. stacey: thank you, kurtis. steve: we have scott reister in
10:47 pm
all i can say is fear the turtle. scott: the hawkeyes certainly did. not all that bad for iowa. we'll recap what's going on with the hawkeyes and the man who gave his one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to
10:48 pm
i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
10:49 pm
scott: steve prohm gets to live his dream as a successful coach of one of the top basketball schools in the nation. saturday he will face the man who gave him a start. billy kennedy hired him as a volunteer assistant in louisiana. he followed kennedy to other coaching jobs around the country and eventually succeeded kennedy at murray state when kennedy left for texas a&m. both men are at the top of their profession. both ranked highly and have never forgotten where it all began? it's great. he has two top-15 programs, playing on national television. in one of the marquee games of the big sec challenge. i'm really proud of the job he's done there.
10:50 pm
to and been a great influence in my life. it's a little surreal. once the game starts, it's just a game and so he knows what i think and how appreciative i am on what he's done for me. scott: saturday's game starts at 1:00 on espn. jameel mckay for the cyclones will play despite soreness in his knee. iowa lost to maryland 74-68 but the hawkeyes are still in very good shape. this is an established winning team. before the loss, had a 13-game winning streak dating back to last season. iowa is 16-14 overall, 7-1 in league play. first-place tie with indiana. adam woodbury had 11 points and 10 boards. woodbury is the first hawkeye double-double since 2006.
10:51 pm
sunday at 2. steve: kurtis, it's going to be pretty darn warm. kurtis: ready to thaw out. enjoy. temperatures in january in the 40s three days in a row. early sunday morning, we could get a light mix. won't affect us too much. big storm on tuesday though. stacey: thank you, kurtis. thank you for joining us.
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