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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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caucuses, squaring off one last time just days before the caucuses. mr. trump: is it for me personally a good thing, a bad thing will i get more votes, , will i get less votes, nobody knows. elizabeth: plus, the candidate that wasn't on stage last night. how skipping the debate could affect donald trump on caucus night. eric: it sounds like we are looking forward to yet another really nice day. metinka: yesterday was so nice and today will be even warmer, 26 in des moines. right now, you do need the coats. a light breeze coming in from the south so the wind chills are in the upper teens. lunch recess, close to 40, headed for 45 degrees this afternoon. this afternoon, maybe the kids
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in the locker for outdoor recess. saturday looks really nice, but then temperatures begin their cooling trend. sunday, a chance of a rain-snow mix, and colder temperatures for the week ahead. tuesday into wednesday, a system will bring a lot of snow, a lot of wind, and a lot of cold. eric: in commitment 2016, final matchup before the iowa caucuses. seven republican presidential candidates took the stage in des moines for a debate on the fox news channel without their front-runner. bureau this morning with the highlights. aixa: one of the big topics of the night, immigration, another topic, donald trump's absence. mr. bush: i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to me. aixa: with no donald trump at last night's gop debate on fox news channel - mr. rubio: he's an entertaining earth. aixa: candidates took jabs at the republican front-runner, and at each other. mr. cruz: the last four
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please attack ted, marco please attack ted, chris please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. [booing] aixa: immigration became one of the hot topics of the night. mr. bush: we should have a path to legal status for the 12 million people that are here illegally. aixa: leading to heated moments between ted cruz and marco rubio. mr. cruz: if i am elected president, we will secure the border, and we will end illegal immigration. mr. rubio: the truth is, ted, throughout this campaign you've been willing to say or do anything to get votes. mr. christie: this is why you need to send someone from outside of washington to washington. aixa: meanwhile, at nearby drake university, trump held a fundraiser for veterans, and talked about his decision to boycott the debate. mr. trump: is it for me, personally, a good thing, a bad thing, will i get more votes, will i get less votes? nobody knows. aixa: trump says the event raised $6 million, with he himself pledging $1 million. in washington, i'm aixa diaz. eric: the democrats, meanwhile, don't have another debate until after the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton and martin
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schedule one. the current schedule. elizabeth: last night trump sat , down in his private jet for an exclusive interview with our todd magel. trump landed at the des moines international airport around 6:00 last night before his rally at drake university. he defended his decision not to take part in last night's fox , last one before the iowa caucuses. todd: you've heard the criticism that this is your one last chance for a nationwide audience your competitors and that's not going to happen now, is that that? mr. trump: i think so because chuck laudner and some of the folks that work for may, sam clovis, said this shows that you are independent it showed that you will protect yourself and your country when something is unjust, whereas these other they show up and debate for an
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elizabeth: trump tells us he'll be back in iowa tomorrow, and will not leave until after he "wins" the iowa caucuses monday. with all eyes on downtown des moines for the debate, fast food workers took to the streets to call for increased minimum wage. >> we work, we sweat, we want 15 on our check. elizabeth: we caught up with about 500 protesters at the mcdonald's at 2540 east university in des moines thursday as they walked off their jobs to demand $15 an hour wages. one wendy's employee says they hope the media attention around the iowa caucuses will help bring attention to the needs of low-wage workers. eric: turning to the democratic side, a new nbc news/ wall street journal poll shows hillary clinton is back on top in iowa. she has 48% support to bernie sanders' 45%. martin o'malley is in a distant third with 3% support. clinton was on the campaign trail in newton thursday. before a rally with the every child matters education fund,
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to having more debates. ms. clinton: i would like the dnc to work with all of the campaigns, because that's what it did when it set up this schedule, and obviously we want to be supportive. but i am urging publicly that we do this debate next week in new hampshire. then i have said i am more than , happy for us to start scheduling additional debates as we go through the spring in april and may and try to get those on the calendar. eric: meanwhile, bernie sanders held a rally in burlington. he told voters his record is very consistent compared to clinton's flip-flopping on some issues. sanders also pointed out how drastically the polls have changed since he started his campaign. mr. sanders: our campaign began about nine months ago, and we were told that my opponent was the inevitable nominee of the democratic party. [booing]
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have come and gone and she doesn't appear quite so inevitable today. [cheering] eric: sanders told reporters before the rally in burlington that while he also wants to have more debates, he wants to wait until after the new hampshire primary. elizabeth: several candidates will be back in iowa today. hillary clinton is in the metro this morning with a rally at grand view university at 10:15. she'll then make stops this afternoon in dubuque and davenport. rick santorum is also in the metro with rallies in west des moines at the des moines golf and country club 7:00, and then at the polk county heritage gallery in des moines at 10:00. he also has stops in clarinda and council bluffs. eric: and chris christie will be at his campaign headquarters in johnston at 8:00 this morning. then he'll go on to pella, ottumwa, burlington, and davenport. elizabeth: several other candidates will be making stops around the state today. rand paul, chris christie, marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, carly fiorina, jeb bush, and ben carson will all be holding
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on the democratic side, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will also be in iowa today. eric: leading up to monday's caucuses, we will bring you expanded hour-long newscasts again tonight on kcci 8 news at 6:00 and 10:00. plus, we will have full commitment 2016 coverage all weekend long. and on caucus night, we go live at 6:00 p.m. and will stay on until it is over. we will bring you live reports from caucus sites, with the candidates and expert analysis all right here on kcci. ,elizabeth: more news happening right now, health officials now say the zika virus is spreading at an alarming rate. the disease is spread by mosquitoes and can cause serious birth defects if contracted by pregnant women. in response, u.s. health officials are working to protect the global blood supply, by blocking donations from anyone who has visited a region where the zika virus is prevalent. and in oregon right now , officials say at least four militants are still occupying a
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burns. on thursday, police released a video of the violent traffic stop earlier this week, that resulted in the death of one militant and the arrests of several others. the remaining holdouts say they'll leave the refuge only if they are not arrested. group leader ammon bundy has urged them to go home. eric: more big stories in central iowa, a 32-year-old pella woman is facing charges this morning in the death of a 17 month old child. valerie wackerly is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. investigators say she left 17 month old amelia smith unsupervised in a car seat. amelia was later found unresponsive and died at the hospital. a fort dodge family is thanking a complete stranger for helping them make it out of their burning home alive. jamie robinson, her boyfriend ed and their two daughters managed to get out safely from that house after a fire monday night destroyed it. a red cross volunteer replaced their smoke detectors in october as part of a program with the fort dodge fire department.
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saved their lives. there is no word yet on how the fire started. and the fbi and iowa dci are investigating an alleged sexual abuse claim at the midwest academy and midwest treatment center in montrose and keokuk. the claims involve a staff member and a former student at the therapeutic boarding school. no charges have been filed at this point. the iowa dci will hold a press morning. spring. metinka: it is going to be a beautiful day to walk around gray's lake or something like that. we are starting off a little chilly, so grab the jacket and gloves, but temperatures will this afternoon. south wind.
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that is expected to arrive next week, late monday night and will last through tuesday and even into wednesday. we are expecting significant wind and snow accumulations, and the moderate to heavy category. that will be impacting your travel plans tuesday into wednesday, with snowy roads and bad visibility. eric: sports news now, the iowa hawkeyes have had an impressive start to big ten play, beating michigan state and purdue twice each and starting off 7-0. last night was a different story. the third ranked hawkeyes took on the 8th ranked maryland terrapins. star jarrod uthoff struggled, going just two for 13 for nine points. the game stayed close for the most part though, iowa was down
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but marilyn -- maryland pulled away to win it 74-68. the hawks are now 7 and 1 in the big ten, tied for first with indiana. up next, iowa hosts northwestern saturday. tipoff is at 2pm on the big ten network. elizabeth: the 14th ranked iowa state cyclones have had a pretty good start to conference play as well. they're 6 and 2 in the big 12 with wins over oklahoma and kansas. they've got a tough opponent this weekend though in 5th ranked texas a&m. the cyclones face the aggies on saturday at 1pm on espn. senior jameel mckay was questionable for the game due to a hamstring injury, but thursday, he and coach steve late to work. still ahead, some of the craziest excuses employees come up with when they're running a bit behind. and we'll have more post-debate analysis, live from washington, d.c. which republican candidate did the best in last night's showdown. plus. need to make sure you have process. eric: we will check the roads and show you across the metro, no problems.
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show you a look outside i-235 keo way. -- at keo the time has come to make a choice... about which candidate can actually make a difference for you. in a world as complex as this, we need a president as experienced as hillary. in the situation room... at the negotiating table... and always on your side... fighting for children and families. with a real plan to get incomes rising... ...reduce drug prices... equal pay for women... ...and protect social security and medicare for seniors. she'll build on obamacare, not start over. break through the gridlock, not add to it. defend planned parenthood, not attack it. stand up to the gun lobby, not protect it. lead on foreign policy, not ignore it. we need a president with the experience and determination to get the job done.
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a real difference for you and your families across our country. i'm hillary clinton
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage
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elizabeth: welcome back, everybody, 5:15. last weekend's blizzard that hit the east coast was a big one, but just how big was it? thursday, weather experts officially said it was the fourth most powerful snowstorm to hit the northeast in more than 60 years. eric: officials say the storm affected 102.8 million people, and covered about 434,000 square miles in 26 states. it was a whopper. now they and we are in a melting road. -- mode. metinka: this morning is starting off a little frosty with temperatures below freezing. 26 currently in des moines. 45 this afternoon, and sunshine. temperatures trend upward through saturday, then begin their downhill slide.
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is expected to hit us on groundhog day is going to be a temperatures. check out those highs for wednesday and thursday next week, only in the mid teens. eric: we're counting down to the iowa caucuses this morning. right now we're just three days away from the first votes of the 2016 presidential election. if you want to take part in the process there are a few requirements. kcci's emmy victor is live outside the caucus headquarters over at capitol square. we do this every four years, so what do we need to know before monday night? alex: every caucus-goers should know that the rules are a little bit different than your typical voting experience. you do not have to be 18 to take part in the caucus, you just need to turn 18 by election day,
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you need to be registered with the party and iowa in order to support a republican or democratic candidate. the good news, you can register at caucus sites the night. the iowa caucuses are only opens -- open to residents of iowa. prove that with a valid photo id with your current address on it. party leaders always recommend arriving at your precinct early. for more information on the caucus sites visit back to you. eric: thanks, emmy. there are a few other things to know before you head to caucus. first, know how to find your precinct. if you're a republican, you can find that out at for democrats, a lot of people over the next couple of days will be figuring out which school to go to. elizabeth: once you find your precinct, here's what you need to do. arrive no later than 6:30 monday night.
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you need to. the actual caucuses begin at 7:00 p.m. most of them last from 30 to 90 minutes. eric: i will be stationed at a democratic caucus on monday, where you physically moved to different parts of the room. it is fascinating to watch. it is really unusual. elizabeth: we will look forward to seeing it. economic headlines now, stocks rose thursday as the price of oil climbed for a third day in a row for the first time this year. the dow added about 125 points. the nasdaq was up more than 38. and the s and p 500 was up about 10. facebook is getting more expressive. it is experimenting with six new emoticons to express how you feel about a certain post. instead of just like. now, anger, sadness, wow, ha-ha, and love are options. and running late happens to everyone. but a new survey from career builder found some people come up with pretty unique excuses
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some of the reasons make sense, like taking care of the kids or feeling sick. others are a little more creative. the survey says some people have used excuses like their hair catching fire in a blowdryer, having to go skiiing after a snowfall, and even being detained by homeland security. but the survey also found more than a third of employers say they don't care if you're late every once in a while. eric: as long as you are usually there on time. elizabeth: do not make it a habit. eric: do not make any crazy excuses. metinka: you will want to get outside and enjoy, because it is tough to come by very warm days in january. temperatures are starting off 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. temperatures are below freezing so everything that was a puddle
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22 in ames, 23 in fort dodge. starting off with a few clouds across the state. across far northern iowa there might be a few stray flurries. travel is looking a ok across the region. there are a couple of fast-moving sees -- systems this weekend. one will be swinging through minnesota, bringing a few brief showers in northern iowa. if you are traveling toward the twin cities, you could be this afternoon. saturday is looking nice, and as we head toward sunday, this cold and we are expecting a better chance of light rain mixing with light snow, followed by chillier temperatures. the weather begins quiet next week as we are watching this
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by 5:00 on monday, it will still be outside of iowa. it will be impacting us mainly on tuesday into wednesday, although late monday night there could be some impact across southwest iowa. expecting a lot of wind with snowfall, so drifting will be likely and travel will be terrible. close to 50 tomorrow across central iowa before the cool down begins. today we are headed for 45. over the weekend, saturday will be the best day with rain-snow chances sunday, followed by the groundhog day snowstorm tuesday into wednesday. elizabeth: we will not worry about the groundhog seeing his shadow. eric: traffic this morning, no problems.
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the mobile speed units, 4900 hickman rd, 2600 high street, 2300 indianola, 3100 northeast 46th avenue and 5600 northeast berwick drive. the final debate, which candidates helped, and which ones hurt their chances during last night's debate. and the keys to winning on caucus night, live from one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children,
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i'm hillary clinton, and i have always approved this message. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa
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eric: welcome back at 5:25. more commitment 2016 coverage now. gop frontrunner donald trump's absence from last night's fox news debate didn't dull the sharp exchanges between the rest of the republican field. elizabeth: our political analyst marc sandalow joins us live from washington, d.c. with more. so marc, how was a no-trump debate different from the others where he was center stage? marc: and the big picture, it's different. republicans still went after the administration, saying the states is terrorism. they pretty much uniformly agreed that president obama has failed to keep america safe. this was a rare chance to see
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if donald trump had stuck real estate. the dynamic was very different. the attacks went after the number two guy, ted cruz. jeb bush appeared to have more confidence and the outside washington handle was grabbed by chris christie. eric: one of the questions was did trump win or lose last night. what do you think? marc: i am shocked that donald trump thought he won. it all depends on the stupidity, or the brilliance of whatever night. if you are an undecided voter and he took the time to watch the two hour debate, it is hard for me to see how you would watch that debate and say, now i see why trump did not show up. i think he may come to regret giving those candidates who have been in his shade a chance to
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elizabeth: what do you think the key will be to winning monday night's caucus? marc: with the caucus process -- compared to a primary, it is all about louisiana's him. -- enthusiasm. yesterday we held a mock caucus so i could explain to college students what it looked like. nobody understands it. if you think iowans have trouble figuring out the rules, the rest of america is still clueless. when they start hearing that out of 1761 separate precincts, clinton did this, people will be very confused. eric: it will be interesting to see what happened. thank you so much for joining us. elizabeth: still ahead at 5:30, lowering the legal limit. we will tell you the number that federal authorities want, and
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>> here's your license back.
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eric: the bad newss to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the des moines register calls him, "a man of courage and principle." endorsed by council bluffs daily nonpareil because "he would build on obama's legacy and challenge the establishment." i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> the most watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader.
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morning. >> what is a caucus? it has been explained to me four times before. what is a caucus? why not just vote? >> it is an algonquin word. eric: iowa was definitely in the spotlight, funny moments from last night's late show. welcome back, i am eric hanson. elizabeth: i am elizabeth klinge, along with metinka. all the caucus-goers lucked out on the weather so far. eric: wait until they try to leave. metinka: it is a little bit chilly, so grab the jackets.
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morning. the south wind will be increasing, boosting our highs above freezing, headed into the 40's. 45 this afternoon in des moines. we do have some changes coming over the weekend. saturday looks like the best day of the weekend. sunday, sprinkles and light snow will move through, and temperatures will turn cooler as the wind switches around. elizabeth: commitment 2016, dueling in des moines. republicans debate but donald trump's boycott only boosted his supporters. there were some fireworks on stage in that seven gop debate last night. eric: but as marlie hall reports, it may have been dominated by the candidate who wasn't even on stage. marlie: with donald trump absent his biggest rival, ted cruz, took center stage becoming the target of the night. mr. cruz: gosh, if you guys ask
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have to leave the stage. marlie some of the biggest : fireworks came as the candidates sparred over illegal immigration. mr. bush: we should have a path to legal status for the 12 million people that are here illegally mr. rubio: you said on the issue of people who are here illegally we can reach a compromise. in the committee you said, i want to bring people out of the shadows. now you want to trump trump on immigration. mr. cruz: marco made the choice to go the direction of the major donors to support amnesty because he thought it was politically advantageous. marlie with cruz in second place : in iowa, and rubio in third political analysts say the two , men needed to stand out. >> i think it was a good hit, but i don't think you can use rubio as an advocate on what is or isn't a conservative position. marlie: other candidates, often overshadowed by the trump during the debates, called this one the best one yet. mr. paul: we got to go around several times on issues and so i think it was a big improvement.
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from the debate stage at drake university, donald trump still managed to garner a lot of attention. the billionaire front runner dominated google searches last night. and even had the most mentions on twitter. mr. trump: is it for me personally a good thing, a bad thing will i get more votes, , will i get less votes nobody knows, who the hell knows. marlie trump's camp says his : last-minute rally for veterans brought in $6 million. marlie hall, cbs news, des moines, iowa. eric: in the final hours, a spokesman for fox says trump offered to appear at the debate but only if the network contributed $5 million to his charities, which they refused. of the money raised for vets $1 million came from trump himself. elizabeth: people waited outside for hours to get into the trump event and we talked with some people after who had mixed reactions. >> i thought it was very honoring to not only our vets but to americans. >> i thought it was ridiculous.
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substance i don't know why , people like him so much to be honest. there and it was a definite feel good message about the veterans but as far as his candidacy he just joked about it. elizabeth: mixed reaction from veterans as well to trump's fundraiser. some told us they're glad trump is focusing on them, others said it was a political stunt. before the event trump talked one-on-one with our todd magel . he said his refusal to attend the debate shows iowans he's an independent and strong leader. >> just a few days left to the caucuses, you going to win? mr. trump: i hope so, i really do. i've really developed a bond with the people of iowa. elizabeth: trump was planning to fly back to new hampshire last night and he said he will return to iowa later today. he then plans to stay here until the caucuses are over on monday. eric: some of the other republican candidates were talking with reporters after the debate. some welcomed the chance to appeal to iowans one last time. others say that stage was not the best place to make their case.
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incredibly important for me to be here tonight, one, because i think i spiced the debate up a little bit and two because i have a unique position, i'm the one fiscal conservative on that stage. mr. carson: this format is not the best format for convincing anyone of anything. we're dealing with soundbites as opposed to being able to explain something in depth but unfortunately that's , characteristic of the society that we live in. we live in a soundbite society, very superficial. eric: so as we count down to the caucuses kcci's emmy victor is live this morning taking a look at those uncommitted voters and what it may take to sway them one way or another, emmy? alex: voters i have spoken with -- emmy: voters i have spoken with say they are having a hard time making up their mind. they have found it hard to get
5:35 am
individual candidate. others say they have made a decision at one point but have changed their mind, or are following -- finding qualities and another candidate that could shift their support. a recent poll from quinnipiac university shows that 39% of republicans surveyed may not make up their mind by caucus night. it may resort to a coin toss in a gymnasium for some democrats. >> there are so many people in both parties trying to become our president, and i think that creates some confusion. >> there's a lot out there right now and no one has yet exactly what i want to hear. emmy: those voters say they will be reviewing the comments from the gop debate last night in order to help them make a decision. emmy victor, kcci eight news.
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, candidates will be in the des moines metro area today. at the des moines golf and country club in west des moines at 7:00 a.m. he will also be at the polk county heritage gallery in des moines at 10 am. chris christie will be stopping by his headquarters on merle hay road at 8:00 a.m. and hillary , clinton will be holding an event at grand view university . elsewhere in the state today, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, rand paul, marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, carly fiorina, jeb bush, and ben carson. a lot to cover so we will bring you expanded hour-long newscasts again tonight on kcci 8 news at 6:00 and 10:00. and we've been planning our caucus night coverage for months . we go live at 6:00 p.m. on monday night stay live until it is all over with. we will bring you live reports from caucus sites, with the candidates and expert analysis all right here on kcci. eric: right now the iowa dci, and fbi among those investigating a claim of sexual abuse in keokuk in southeast iowa. officials have been executing search warrants at the midwest academy campus and the midwest treatment center.
5:37 am
the midwest academy was accused of sexually abusing a former student of the academy. that is a therapeutic boarding school that enrolls students from around the country. no charges have been filed yet but we will get more information later this morning at a dci news conference that starts at 10:00 a.m. the fbi has taken the rare step of releasing video of the traffic stop that led to the death of one of the armed protestors in oregon. the leader ammon bundy also arrested at this traffic stop. but the fbi says lavoy finicum's truck sped away narrowly missing , an fbi agent. he stopped moments later, getting out with his hands up but then reached in his pocket. an oregon state trooper opened fire, killing finicum. a gun later was found in that pocket. there are still a handful of protestors still at the refuge this morning. and the zika virus is spreading fast. the world health organization is going to hold an emergency meeting on monday to plan its
5:38 am
spread by mosquitoes, it's especially dangerous to pregnant women. doctors call it very concerning because there's no treatment and no vaccine. elizabeth: the time is 5:40, starting off kind of chile but a nice warm up. metinka: it is a little bit frosty if you are getting an early's heart. 26 now in des moines, 10 to 15 degrees chillier than yesterday. wind chills are only in the upper teens, which is still pretty cool. highs will be in the mid 40's across central iowa, a little bit cooler to the north, but really nice across the southwestern part of the state. tomorrow, 40's widespread across the state, even flirting with 50 degrees. elizabeth: new this morning, the legal limit for drinking and driving could go a lot lower. the national transportation safety board is proposing that
5:39 am
2.05%, down from .08%. the ntsb says a 170-pound man would reach .05 by drinking three beers in one hour. so far the lowered limit hasn't been proposed in iowa but some say they would support it. >> i would think that people would consider drinking less and being more aware of their situation before they get time the wheel of a vehicle. i think it would be a wise choice to have something that makes you think before you continue to drink further. elizabeth: iowa lower the limit 2.08 in 2003, -- lowered the limit to .08 in 2003, partly because of the threatened loss of federal highway funds. eric: one iowa police officer pulled over a new driver this week with a surprising result. >> can i have your driver's
5:40 am
provide insurance? eric: 16-year-old hanna burgess of cedar rapids was driving with her dad when she got pulled over. little did she know, her dad actually planned this traffic stop with officer thomas grubb and for a very good reason. ,>> the bad news is you're going to get a ticket. the good news it, it's to justin bieber. happy birthday. eric: hanna wasn't exactly happy about the little stunt a little embarassed about it, she admits but she was very excited and , very thankful for the justin bieber tickets. with dad right there in the car. elizabeth: i had this friday morning, why iowa? why are we first in the presidential process and how
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eric: plus a caucus food the time has come to make a choice... about which candidate can actually make a difference for you. in a world as complex as this, we need a president as experienced as hillary. in the situation room... at the negotiating table... and always on your side... fighting for children and families. with a real plan to get incomes rising... ...reduce drug prices... equal pay for women... ...and protect social security and medicare for seniors. she'll build on obamacare, not start over. break through the gridlock, not add to it. defend planned parenthood, not attack it. stand up to the gun lobby, not protect it. lead on foreign policy, not ignore it. we need a president with the experience and determination to get the job done.
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a real difference for you and your families across our country. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning, starting out a little frosty on this friday morning, 24 degrees in des moines. headed back into the mid-40's, so a lot more melting taking place. 45 in des moines, some peeks of sunshine now and again, and the warm weather continues one more day. elizabeth: three days now until the iowa caucuses, but who's counting? well, campaign staff and volunteers for one.
5:43 am
minute knocking on iowans' doors, making phone calls, encouraging people to come caucus on monday night. we know a lot of your phones are probably ringing off the hook with campaign calls. turnout can make all the difference so these campaigns are doing everything they can to reach as many people as they can. >> the more people i talk to and the more houses i go to i feel , like that connection is constantly happening. it's just really cool. elizabeth: it will be a busy weekend for sure, three more days. eric: it is so cool that iowa is universe. we have international visitors in town. the months of speeches, town halls and tv ads all comes down to monday night. iowa positioned itself as first in presidential contests in 1972. we've had a mixed track record through the years. in 1992, bill clinton only registered single-digit support here before he went on to win, but that was when senator tom
5:44 am
in 2000, iowa did pick both eventual nominees, george w. bush and al gore. in 2004, iowa picked john kerry, who did go on to win the nomination but not the presidency. in 2008, iowa democrats also picked president obama. kicked off his campaign. but republicans picked mike huckabee while the eventual nominee, john mccain, finished fourth. in 2012, rick santorum edged out mitt romney. elizabeth: iowa is really supposed to whittle down the candidates, start narrowing down the options for people. cbs' "face the nation" moderator john dickerson tried to explain the caucus process to stephen colbert last night on "the late show." >> if one group does not represent 50% of the total, they are not viable and they are up for grabs. >> they are in rooms? >> they are in rooms.
5:45 am
rover, send your delicate over -- delegate over? >> they are now up for grabs in the other candidates try and grab them because it means they get more delicate -- delegates. >> why is it this way? elizabeth: the democratic caucus is a little more complicated. the republicans just write names on paper. we will see it all in action on monday night. eric: on monday night i will be at the democratic caucus. all those caucus workers who are here can grab some great bbq for lunch today. big daddy's barbecue is reopening its drive-thru starting today. the family tells us they have heard from a lot of people who have covered the caucuses who miss big daddy's after it closed several years ago, so they're opening the restaurant to serve it up today, tomorrow, and monday only. great weather today.
5:46 am
at 5:49, some decent temperatures, 26 degrees. temperatures will increase all day long, and more melting.
5:47 am
will get today people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now. i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing for hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci
5:48 am
metinka: good morning, it is going to be a great day. starting off a little frosty with temperatures below freezing, but this afternoon will be above average, headed for 45 degrees. a south wind will help usher in warmer conditions. clear skies in central iowa, a few clouds flurries in northern iowa. we are not expecting any accumulation. a quiet day on tap for saturday as well, but things will be changing as we head later into the weekend. futurecast keeping snow across minnesota and wisconsin, maybe a stray sprinkle near decorah and mason city. saturday, we will stay on the warm side of the system. maybe even their 50 degrees if
5:49 am
for sunday, the cold front comes through. a wintry mix by sunday morning, and cooler temperatures. next week will start out quiet, and we will be watching that system arriving into central kansas by monday morning. that is the one that will bring us snow and wind as we head into tuesday. the main impact will be felt from about indict -- midnight monday into wednesday. we need to soak up these nice days, 45 this afternoon will feel great. more tomorrow, with highs in the 40's to near 50 degrees, but temperatures cool down on sunday. heading for 45 this afternoon. tomorrow looks maybe even
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5:50 am
sneak in sunshine with highs close to 50. sunday, a light rain-light snow mixture and tuesday will be the main event with snow and wind. everybody is getting where they need to go so let's make a run through of the mobile speed unit. 4900 hickman rd, 2600 high street, indianola road, 3100 northeast 46th avenue, hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all come to look for america all come to look for america
5:51 am
elizabeth: a big change for barbie. the famous doll will now come in four body types, seven skin types, with 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles. mattel announced the new line on its website thursday. the company says the changes are the most dramatic ever made to barbie since she hit shelves in 1959. the new line comes after years of criticism over barbie's unrealistic proportions and standard of beauty. eric: a favorite animated character is coming back to the big screen. "kung fu panda 3" is set to take over the box office this weekend. voiced by jack black and angelina jolie, it's the first family film to come out in weeks. and, two new films are trying to challenge "the revenant" and "star wars" for second place. "the finest hours," starring chris pine and casey affleck, is
5:52 am
dramatic coast guard mission, and then also "fifty shades of black," the latest big-screen parody starring marlon wayans. it is 5:58, we are gearing up for another full hour of kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: let's check in with emmy and metinka to see what they're working on for you at 6:00 a.m. emmy: i am live downtown near capitol square the home of the media center caucus night. metinka: you better get out and enjoy the nice weather. next week, temperatures are headed back to the deep freeze,
5:53 am
he areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. i want to make sure that every child
5:54 am
his or her god-given potential.
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