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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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stacey: first at 10:00 four , people charged with child endangerment after several children in their care tested positive for meth. steve: laura terrell is just back from newton with the story. laura: newton police say the it all started when a concerned family member conducted their own drug test on a four-year-old in october, and that test came back positive. >> that's what got this launched. once that test was done, they brought it to our attention and then the investigation began. laura: newton officers say it all happened inside this house, on east 12th street north, a house neighbors say they consider a drug house. >> we were able to determine that four different adults either tested positive for meth in the home or admitted use of meth in the presence of the children. laura: 25-year-old eric mcdowell, 28-year-old somer speer, 29-year-old christy clark, and 23-year-old mariah dawson are all charged with child endangerment. police are still looking for dawson so they can arrest her. >> i'ts obviously very bad.
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we are dealing with methamphetamine. laura: officers say 4 children in the home tested positive for mass. -- for meth. their ages are 2, 4, 4, and 6. police say, the children are safe, and not seriously injured. family members, who refused to go on camera, tell us the kids are now with their grandparents. child endangerment is a class d felony. eric mcdowell is also charged with possession of drug paraphenalia, interference with official acts, and probation violation. he is still in the jasper county jail tonight. steve: breaking news just into the newsroom tonight. the international meet-up des moines police were warning citizens about tonight has been canceled.
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valizadeh, also known online as roosh-v, has been widely criticized for his site return of kings. making the southern poverty law center's list for promoting hatred of women. the blogger encouraged central iowa followers to meet outside the des moines v.a. hospital saturday. but we've learned tonight the event is cancelled. roosh-v posting, "i can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on february 6, especially since most of the meetups can not be made private in time." right now 3 teenagers are in , custody after a shooting at a town-home complex in waukee. it happened this morning in the 1100 block of southeast olson drive. police responded to the scene and found evidence that multiple guns were fired during an alleged assault. one person was taken to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries, but he was not shot. tonight, a 17-year-old, 18-year-old william walls, and 19-year-old jejuan lyke junior, are in custody. they all now face charges of robbery, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, and attempted
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stacey: an iowa lottery winner says his $6 billion hot lotto -- his $6 million hot lotto prize should have been $16 million and he's suing the lottery. kcci's todd magel has the details of the lawsuit. todd: larry dawson of webster city won his $6 million jackpot back in 2011. now he says a rigged jackpot won just before his win, cheated him out of a bigger prize. >> the question that our lawsuit poses and that we think should be very easy to answer is if you can't trust the lottery to pay in full when you win, why would you ever play? todd: des moines attorney jerry crawford is representing larry dawson who did not appear at a news conference detailing his lawsuit. dawson did appear at lottery headquarters in 2011 after winning a $9 million hot lotto jackpot. he took the $6 million cash lump sum. but then dawson and the rest of us learned of a big problems with lottery security. security chief eddie tipton rigged the lotto jackpot and
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cash prize. he is now facing 10 years in prison. dawson says that money should have been added to the $6 million jackpot he won a few months later. we asked crawford if that seems greedy. >> that's absurd. there would never be a lottery if that was the approach. and anybody who knows our clients knows they are the last thing from greedy as evidenced by what they did with the money before. >> the iowa lottery believes that we rightfully paid mr. dawson the jackpot that was advertised. chief terry rich about the lawsuit. >> it's our strong belief to protect the integrity in every lottery player and the state of iowa and we will defend this litigation. todd: dawson is asking for $10 million from the iowa lottery. now he will gamble on the stacey? stacey: commitment 2016. hillary clinton back on stage in new hampshire for a town hall forum with bernie sanders. cnn hosted the forum with voters.
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crush isis. he also revealed his choice for the republican nomination and touched on his faith. sen. sanders: i would love the opportunity. i want truck to win the republican nomination. i would love the opportunity to run against him. my spirituality is that we are all in this together, and that when children's go hungry, when veterans sleep out on the street, it impacts me. ms. clinton: all i can do is to get up every day and work to do what i believe our country needs, find ways to help people weather on mental health or addiction or autism or student loans, whatever it might be. i trust the american people, the
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my lifetime of work and service and to sort out all of the static. stacey: right now, the latest cnn poll shows sanders leading clinton in new hampshire 55% to 37%. trust kcci for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary next monday. chief political reporter cynthia fodor will be there. follow her on twitter and facebook for a behind the scenes look at all the action. steve: on the republican side, donald trump is demanding a he is now accusing ted cruz of fraud, saying cruz did not win the iowa republican caucus, he stole it. both candidates addressed each other tonight. trump in arkansas, cruz in new hampshire. mr. trump: by the way, this guy ted cruz. you talk about liars. he goes out and he says, donald trump loves obamacare. i have been fighting this thing for four or five years.
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united states supreme court. he pushed him, he approved him, and justice roberts approved have been rejected. his boat got it over the top. ted cruz did that. sen. cruz: it is no surprise that donald was throwing yet another temper tantrum or yet another trumper tantrum. his response to everything is to engage in insults. donald finds it very hard to lose. but at the end of the day, the iowa people spoke. steve: dr. ben carson is also accusing the cruz campaign of dirty, shameless tactics. the co-chair of carson's iowa campaign blames iowa congressman steve king who sent out a caucus , night tweet, saying "iowans need to know carson is out before they vote." king reportedly misinterpreted a cnn report that carson was
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trail. >> if we make a mistake as iowans. we own it and we -- mistake as iowans, we own it and we apologize and we can all agree this was a mistake and we're owed an apology, it's that simple. steve: cruz did apologize to carson. trump may be calling for a new election but gop strategists say , that won't happen. 2 republican presidential candidates called it quits today. rick santorum officially ended his campaign tonight and endorsed marco rubio. rand paul suspended his campaign this morning. stacey: right now health , officials say the zika virus is spreading rapidly. one model shows it could threaten up to 63% of the u.s. population. it's spread not just by mosquitos but also through sexual contact. the iowa department of public health is testing a couple people for the virus, but no confirmed case have been found here. health officials say it's not likely mosquitoes in iowa would transmit the disease, but it could be brought back from
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pregnant women because zika virus can cause birth defects. people traveling to those areas with the zika virus are advised to take precaution. >> anybody going down to these areas of the world needs to take precautions because of all the other mosquito-borne diseases that maybe you haven't heard about but can be just as dangerous. stacey: common symptoms of zika virus include fever, rash, sore joints, and red eyes. steve: taking a look outside. the picture looks pretty good. also kind of cold. kurtis: is a christmas night. a bit of a wind-chill, too. i think the wind chill the metro will be around 1. we will see some sunshine and late. new income of 30 degrees. high tomorrow, 33.
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more clouds and more snow cover. mid-30's from lamoni to ottumwa. this time of year, about the only place in the usa that is warm -- orlando, 81, key west 82. warm air down in florida and that is about it. the week ahead, we have a warm-up on the way. sunday, 40 degrees. then the bottom falls out a bit. steve: super security. still to come, after paris and san bernardino, making sure that terrorists don't tackle the super bowl. stacey: super fans. we'll introduce you to 3 men who
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. steve: we are just 4 days away from the super bowl. the coaches are perfecting their game plan. coldplay is finalizing it's halftime set list. and for security officials, the
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bernardino are at the top of their minds as they prepare for the big game. stacey: teri okita in san francisco tonight, where a massive security operation is now underway. teri: heavily armed officers are very visible at super bowl events this week. but authorities have a message for fans. >> at this time, we know of no specific, credible threat directed at super bowl 50 or related events. teri: the san francisco bay area is expecting a million visitors each day and keeping everyone , save has been a two-year project. on the ground, in the water, and in the air police are using hi , -- using high-tech equipment to search for explosives and watch out for any suspicious activity. intelligence and data files the fbi command center where police
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>> it is all about identifying the lone wolf before he or she acts. teri: super bowl organizers told us they want airtight security, but not so overwhelming that it becomes intimidating for fans. >> it makes you feel safe, but it kind of makes you feel like you are in a foreign country. teri: on super bowl sunday, 70,000 fans will pack the stadium. while authorities say there have been no threats, they are taking no chances with the safety of fans and players on the nfl's biggest day of the year. teri okita, cbs news, san francisco. steve: there is a very exclusive club gearing up for super bowl sunday. for them, it's definitely not their first rodeo. >> i'm ready to get to work right now. stacey: that is 76-year-old larry jacobson. he's spending the week helping tourists find their way around san francisco. but sunday, he'll be at levi's -- he will be watching at levi's stadium.
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then. in 1967. he decided to -- in 1967, he decided to take a date to los angeles to see the first super bowl. and he hasn't missed a super bowl game since. >> as anybody who knows me knows, i don't know a thing about football, i know how to get tickets, so that's my thing. one. 2 other men join him as part of club. they first met 16 years ago. now, they get together and swap trust kcci for all your super bowl coverage. scott reister will be there. look for his live reports , starting tomorrow at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. and, be sure to follow him on facebook and twitter for a behind the scenes look at all the action. and catch the game between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos sunday, right here on kcci. steve: trust kurtis gertz for your super weather coverage. kurtis: very nice, steve. when i first started it was
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i am always amazed when you look at pictures from the first super bowl and they had empty seats. west-northwest winds at 6. look at the wind-chills. bills like one below in algona. wind-chills near zero in ames. four. -- a wind-chill of 8 in ottumwa. wind-chills at six clock a.m., feels like one. baidu, 30 degrees. the sun comes up tomorrow at 7:24. we will move above the freezing mark. 33 at 3:00 p.m. here are the clouds moving out. we're clear now, but upstream there is another layer of clouds. fast-moving systems that will move by it occasionally push some clouds into the state. most of us should stay precipitation free. you can see, the farther south
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it is a light wintry mix in minneapolis. chicago, 30. indianapolis, 35. here's the first system. bringing some clouds tomorrow, especially to northern iowa. upstream, another system moves into montana. that will died in on friday and i think we might get a flurry, even a light dusting. futurecast. the clear skies with a hint of early morning clouds. maybe a flurry in northeastern iowa. clouds always the way in the afternoon and early evening. friday, some fast movers. maybe a flurry late morning and early afternoon. then that moves on out. saturday starts with cloud cover but should finish with some sunshine. temperatures tonight down around
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a bit warmer. southwest winds 5-15. friday, flurries, a dusting to the north. saturday, 37. a lot of folks get out on saturday. temperatures in the 20's early on. 37 at 2:00 p.m. finish with some sunshine and not a lot of wind. sunday, 40. a week system sunday night into monday and then we transition some colder air with temperatures dipping into the single digits. steve: next on the news at 10:00 a 4-time tony award winning , musical is taking center-stage at the des moines civic center
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we have a live review coming up. stacey: playing right now at the civic center, the award winning musical "a gentleman's guide to love and murder." steve: steve barry joins us with a review. steve b: des moines performing arts has a wickedly funny remedy for your post-caucus cabin fever, and it goes by the name "a gentleman's guide to love and murder", which opened to a very appreciative audience at the civic center last night. it's broadway's tony award winning best musical of 2013 and
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national tour. set in edwardian england, "a gentleman's guide to love and murder" tells the story of loveable monty navarro, who, raised in poverty by a single mother, has just learned that his late mom was a member of the privileged dysquith family, but was disinherited when she eloped with an unsuitable man. monty sets out to become earl of highhurst by offing everyone else in line. all that stands in the way of his claim to highhurst castle and the family fortune are 8 members of the dysquith family, each played with uncanny skill by the same actor. all the while, monty's got to juggle his mistress, his fiance, and the constant threat of landing behind bars. it all makes for uproarious fun and a show that will have you laughing out loud long after the curtain falls. there's a reason why "a gentleman's guide to love and murder" won best musical at the tony awards.
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yourself why this show is to die for. it runs through sunday night at the civic center. steve: you are not kidding because you said you giggled through the whole thing. steve b: smiles on your face,
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: the iowa hawkeyes have proven to be one of the best teams in the big 10, but they always have to keep an eye out for the letdown game. they were out and running. second half, that is nicholas baer with a nice finish from peter jok. the valley along gives iowa a 60-34 lead. the walk on that will be on scholarship before we know it. shredding the defense and throwing at home.
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hawkeyes cruise, 73-49. alexei thought right from the outset, our defense set the tone. we got stops and kind of established how we want to play. i like to think our defense was completely responsible. andy: northern iowa at home against evansville. watch west washington -- watch wes washpun. washpun, the star of the game down the stretch. panthers still give evansville 27 seconds. look at you and i -- look at uni d it up. get the rebound, gets fouled,
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d leaugue ball. iowa energy needed double-overtime but they got the win at texas. today was national signing day for college football programs all around the country and that includes right here in the state. we begin in iowa city where kirk ferentz brings in 24 recruits. 14 on the defensive side of the ball. he said he was focusing not only on defense but on guys who can do it all. >> we have guys who -- a couple of the guys might be tight end, linebackers, defense events. we will let that play out as it goes along. i think it is fair to say that defense is a big emphasis for us this year. andy: this is called making a splash. matt campbell has been he had coach at iowa state for about
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the highest recruit ranking -- 44 nationally, which is the highest isu has ever had. five 4-star recruits. >> it is our 65th day here at iowa state and we have only had 23 days that we can actually be on the road recruiting. of those 23 days, we all had half of our staff here. to do what we were able to do, to hit the numbers we were able to hit, to get the amendment we were able to bring into our program, it is incredible. andy: the first time you are a coach say these guys are all right will be the first time it is ever said. everybody loves their signing classes at this point. now, get them in the weight room and see how it turns out. stacey: it has got to be an exciting time for everybody. andy: they chose us.
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kurtis: warmer temperatures on the way. it will take a little time. you don't want to jump right into it. friday, those are flurries. a dusting in northern iowa. saturday, 37. 40 late sunday and monday, a week system move through. stacey: thank you for joining us. the lake shows coming up next and our next newscast is that 4:30. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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