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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,,,,,,,,,,,, >> adam: that is a wedding ring, right? >> chelsea: no. >> adam: oh. >> chelsea: well, actually, it is a wedding ring, but -- >> adam: it' s just complicated? >> chelsea: [ chuckles ] not really. i just -- i just wear this to keep guys from buying me drinks. >> adam: oh. you got something against free drinks? >> chelsea: no. [ chuckles ] no, it' s just easier than saying, "thanks, i' m flattered, but no thanks." >> adam: oh, okay. well, now that the ring is gone and we' ve established that you' re not afraid of free drinks, um... champagne? >> chelsea: thanks, i' m flattered, but no thanks. i feel like i should wait for my
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of course. uh... uh, listen, i-i don' t want to give you the wrong idea. i wasn' um, i' m actually waiting for i' ve been, uh, waiting on her for a long time. >> chelsea: oh. >> adam: she' s perfect. >> victor: what would make this a happier new year, mr. clark, is for you to do your job and sell the warehouse property, all right? once you have done that, you call me. you look beautiful. >> nikki: thank you. >> victor: you all right? >> nikki: yeah. i' ve just, uh... been thinking about the year we' ve been through. >> victor: but we survived. onward and upward.
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>> nikki: can you make me a promise? >> victor: what kind of promise? >> nikki: i don' t want to be you' ll be honest with me, even if you think what you have to say to me will upset me. >> victor: well...
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>> kevin: okay, so when harding asks me to watch his pet, roscoe, i' m thinking pit bull, maybe a doberman, possibly a python. but no. mr. macho detective here has an itty-bitty bunny. >> noah: what? >> mariah: itty-bitty? >> noah: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. harding has a little rabbit? no. no way. >> kevin: it' s a big, fluffy rabbit. [ laughter ] >> courtney: oh, guys, come on. that' s cute. >> harding: it is cute. it' s very cute. >> mariah: yeah, and not weird at all. >> kevin: okay, but harding' s love of cute, fuzzy, little bunnies wasn' t the only surprise. >> harding: okay, zip it, fish. >> kevin: what? come on. it was a simple mistake. anybody could have made it. well, anybody who didn' t know the difference between male and female anatomy. >> mariah: true. >> devon: no. >> gwen: he was a she? >> harding: yeah, okay, you know, i think that' s enough about my rabbit. [ laughter ] >> noah: you got to be able to tell the difference between the girls and the guys if you want to be called a player. [ laughter ] >> kevin: no, no. he would have figured it out as soon as she saw roscoe' s babies. >> noah: oh, god. his bunny had babies?
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s get a toast to the proud papa. [ cheering ] >> lars: shots, yes? >> summer: okay, you guys, give harding a break. it' s bad enough that he doesn' t have a date on new year' s eve. >> noah: did your girlfriend turn out to be a guy, too? >> harding: oh, you are the funniest. >> courtney: yeah, what did happen to lonnie? >> harding: we called it quits. >> kevin: she dumped you. >> harding: yeah, she said i, uh, didn' t understand women, whatever that means. >> abby: well, if -- if roscoe is any indication, you clearly opposite sex. [ laughter ] >> lars: shots, yes? >> devon: who is this guy? >> abby: that would be my date. >> jack: i know you said earlier you weren' here, but if that' s not the case, phyllis and i can always elsewhere. t have any >> jack: good. because i don' t want to hurt you any more than i already have. >> kelly: i think you' that' s hurting. >> kelly: because you' re still
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re stuck with phyllis. >> phyllis: this is not happening to me. how could i be out of gas? come on, come on, come on. there' s got to be enough fumes, enough to get me to the club or the nearest gas station. come on. the nearest gas station. please let me have -- oh, my god. how can i be dead? how can you be dead?! oh, my god. okay. this is not gonna defeat me. mnh-mnh. you know why? you know why? because you made it here from georgia with $5 and a stolen nurse' s uniform, and nothing beats you. nothing beats you. don' t think i' m not gonna walk to the club from here. [ car alarm dings ] i' m walking. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help
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>> additional sponsorship provided by... my cholesterol is borderline. i can worry about it, or do something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist rec ommended. garlique. >> abby: everybody, this is lars. lars, this is everybody. >> mariah: hi. jabot, and he doesn' t speak much of the english. >> kevin: as in, none? >> lars: shots, yes? >> harding: he' s got that down. you know, they say you don' t know anything about love, but you have clearly found something special in this one, princess. cheers. [ laughter ] [ cellphone rings ] >> abby: oh. kyle! hey! happy new year! >> kevin: and once again, the sword of justice falls on the side of righteousness. >> mariah: oh, kevin, you are the enemy.
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that was good triumphing over evil times 10. >> mariah: yeah, you' re a regular one-eyed bludgeoner. >> kevin: you know, it sure did feel good putting harding in his place after all the crap he gives me. >> mariah: i do have to admit, it was kind of fun to watch. [ both laugh ] >> kevin: you know, this new year' s eve is turning out to be way better than i expected. >> mariah: i don' t want you getting any ideas about midnight, because i' m not kissing anybody. >> kevin: why are you telling me that? >> mariah: i' m just establishing ground rules. >> abby: we really missed you over the holidays, kyle. you better get back to genoa city. i mean it, kyle. >> summer: tell him happy new year' s for me. >> abby: do it yourself. >> summer: kyle, hi. >> devon: are you having a good time? >> gwen: i' m having a great time. >> devon: yeah? >> gwen: but i' m curious about something. >> devon: what' s that? >> gwen: i was just wondering, why did we come here when there' s a huge party at your club? >> devon: well, ' cause there' s a lot of people there tonight. >> gwen: there' s a lot of people
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m we' d have more fun here. >> victor: all right, last phone call, i promise. now we can go, okay? >> nikki: you know, i just got a katherine' s favorite charity, new year' s eve reception, and she' she can' t make it, and they wanted me to fill in for her. well, then i' ll come with you. s for a battered women' s shelter. they might be uncomfortable if there' s a man there. i-i think i should just go and i' ll meet you over there. >> victor: sweetheart, i don' t think you should go out alone. why don' t i call the shelter and have them find someone else? >> nikki: darling, it' s important to me. i want to do it. >> victor: i know that katherine would appreciate very much that you continue her work, but she will also understand that you' re not up to it right now. >> nikki: i want to do it. i' m doing it for myself. >> victor: i don'
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>> nikki: well, i read somewhere that whoever you spend your new year' s eve with affects the whole rest of the next year. so i really want to make this stop. >> victor: i see. you read that somewhere, huh? >> nikki: mm-hmm. >> victor: okay. then you go ahead. >> adam: you sure i can' t tempt you? just one drink while we wait? >> chelsea: sure. why not? one drink while i wait. >> adam: there we go. >> chelsea: [ chuckles ] >> adam: to, um, well, to the new year and, uh, new friendships. >> chelsea: hear, hear. [ glasses clink ] [ cellphone rings ] hmm. oh, uh, excuse me. >> adam: yeah. >> chelsea: billy, hey. what' s going on? >> billy: hey, i' m so sorry i' m late. >> chelsea: no, it' s okay. is everything all right? >> billy: yeah, yeah, we just had a little scare with katie. >> chelsea: what kind of scare? >> billy: oh, she was spitting up, she had a fever, so we decided to take her to urgent care.
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uh, well, what did the pediatrician say? >> billy: uh, he said it was just baby reflux. we were probably overreacting, but vick and i didn' t want to take any chances. >> chelsea: no, no, of course not. um, do you -- do you want to >> billy: no, no, that' s not i' ll be there. >> chelsea: i would understand. i mean, the baby comes first, of course. katie' call me if there' s any changes. >> chelsea: are you sure? >> billy: yeah. i want to start the new year together. >> chelsea: yeah. me, too. >> billy: i' ll be there soon. >> chelsea: all right. i' ll see you then. >> adam: everything all right with connor? [ cough ] no matter what nasty cold symptoms you get, alka seltzer plus liquid gels rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms.
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>> chelsea: connor' s fine. thank you for your concern. >> adam: good. i' m -- i' m sorry. uh, i didn' t mean to be nosy. it' s just, you hear a child goes to urgent care, and your brain starts to go in all kinds of different directions. >> chelsea: it wasn' t connor who went to see the doctor. it was actually my -- my date' s little girl. >> adam: so -- so the guy you' re seeing has a -- has a baby? >> chelsea: yeah. >> adam: oh. >> chelsea: yeah. uh, katherine rose. she' s almost 2 months. >> adam: wow. well, i' m -- i am, uh, you know, i' m glad she' s okay. >> chelsea: yeah. me, too. she really means the world to billy. >> adam: i' m sure. yeah. yeah, i' m sure. you know, they say, um, children change your life. >> chelsea: it' s so true. >> adam: yeah? >> chelsea: yeah, i actually never even planned on being a mother, but now every holiday, every birthday, every -- every
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love it more and more. >> adam: good. did you and connor have a good christmas? >> chelsea: yeah, we did. >> adam: yeah? >> chelsea: we did. it was better than last year. he' s definitely at a really fun age, you know? >> adam: mm-hmm. yeah, oh, yeah, the age where he likes to unwrap the presents instead of eat the wrapping paper, right? >> chelsea: yes! you know kids! >> adam: well, i used to be a kid. [ both laugh ] >> chelsea: well, i' m sure you weren' t as spoiled as connor is now. you should have seen all the presents for him under the tree. all soccer-themed, of course. we had a -- we had a soccer goal. >> adam: okay. >> chelsea: we had soccer gear, soccer posters. >> adam: i was into the whole soccer thing when i was a kid, too. >> chelsea: oh, yeah? >> adam: i know all about it. >> chelsea: yeah. his, uh, grandpa got him started right away. i think the day he was born. >> adam: yeah. i' d be careful about that, you know. sometimes, uh, adults can pressure kids into places they really don' t want to be. push them too hard or whatever. >> chelsea: right, well, his -- his grandfather can be a bit overbearing, but he does love his grandson, so... >> adam: i' m sure. >> victor: hello, chelsea. >> chelsea: victor, hi! >> victor: happy new year. >> chelsea: happy new year. that' s funny. we were actually just talking about you. >> victor: you were?
11:16 am
>> victor: good things, i hope. >> chelsea: always. >> victor: i didn' t know you knew each other. >> chelsea: you' ve -- you guys have met? >> victor: i saw him in the elevator the other day. >> adam: i can' t believe you remember that. >> victor: yes, i do, indeed. >> chelsea: you' re really meeting all the newmans. >> victor: does that mean you have come to your senses where billy abbott is concerned? >> stitch: johnny and reed are asleep. uh, i hope you don' t mind i took them out. >> victoria: oh, no, listen, of course not. we' re just grateful that you could keep an eye on them while we went to the doctor. thank you. >> stitch: sure. everything check out okay? >> victoria: [ sighs ] >> billy: yeah. upset tummy, just like you said. >> victoria: yeah. her fever' s already down. they didn' t even give us antibiotics for her. >> billy: you, uh, you nailed it, doc. >> stitch: ah. >> victoria: we just -- we' ve seen things go wrong with kids before, and we just wanted to be sure. >> stitch: no, i completely understand. if she were my daughter, i -- you -- you did the right thing taking her in. >> billy: i' m glad you' ll be here tonight. you' ll keep an eye on her for me, right?
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>> billy: well, i should get going. i don' t want to keep chelsea waiting, so... happy new year, sweetheart. you' ve, uh, you' ve already made it one for me. you and your mom. [ sighs ] happy new year, both of you. >> victoria: thank you, billy. happy new year. [ door opens ] ben, i' m -- i' m so sorry. >> summer: do you know how long it' s been since i' ve been skiing or to europe? okay, well, maybe next year. i hope i don' t have to wait that long until i see you. you know, i know that genoa city isn' t italy, but everyone here really misses you. [ chuckles ] okay, i' m gonna hold you to it. okay, bye, kyle. >> austin: ski trip, huh? >> summer: yeah. sounds like fun, doesn'
11:18 am
m more of a basketball hoops kind of guy, you know? >> summer: you' ve never been skiing with me. >> austin: yeah, slopes are more for rich guys like kyle. >> summer: okay, well, what about sitting in front of the fire at the lodge afterwards? >> austin: i' m sure he' s a pro there, too. >> summer: okay, stop, stop. we have been over this before. you have no reason to be jealous of kyle. okay, i' m happy with my life with you. >> austin: even without all the expensive vacations? >> summer: yes. look, i love you, okay? you are everything i will ever want or need. right here is where i want to be. >> austin: i want to make this a great year for you. i promise. >> jack: i' m -- i' m sorry if i misled you in any way -- >> kelly: jack, let me explain. i understand now that you were in a terrible position. i mean, phyllis shows up after a year in a coma? i mean, how could you possibly turn your back on her? >> jack: that' s -- that' s not what happened. i love phyllis, and i am so sorry that i hurt you in any way at all. >> kelly: please, you gave me the absolute best of you. you opened your home and your heart to me, and -- and i gave you mine.
11:19 am
t just turn those feelings off, so i know that you can' t, either, no matter what you say. >> jack: kelly, i had to make a choice. that' s what i did. >> kelly: you weren' t lying when you held me in your arms and you told me that you loved me. you weren' t lying when you made love to me. >> jack: phyllis came back. >> kelly: feelings like that don' t just go away. >> jack: kelly, listen. >> kelly: okay. tell me i' m wrong. tell me that you have absolutely no feelings for me left whatsoever. >> jack: kelly. i want you to listen to me. our digestive systems handle a lot over the holidays. 20 hours of anxiously fighting crowds to find the perfect gifts. cooking for family meals where we eat over 15 pounds of turkey and sides. no wonder after all that our digestive systems can act up. so try activia for 2 weeks! enjoying activia twice a day for two weeks
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>> "the young and the restless"
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,,,,,,,, >> abby: uh, did devon ever tell you that we went out? >> gwen: no, he did not mention that. >> abby: it was probably just so embarrassing, you know, being rejected. >> devon: right, right. i hated doing that to you. >> abby: no one has ever dumped me. >> devon: it was a mutual decision. >> gwen: gotcha. >> abby: i can live with that. you know, you and i are better off friends anyway. and you two, you make such an adorable couple. >> gwen: thanks. >> abby: i hope that you' re divorced or -- or separated, at least. >> devon: abby. >> gwen: what?
11:24 am
that gwen was the married woman you were hung up on. gwen' before. >> gwen: married woman? >> devon: you' ve never been married before, right? >> gwen: not yet. >> abby: great! yeah! you' ve moved on from mrs. jones, and you can have a real relationship with -- with someone great. >> devon: yeah. >> lars: shots! yes? >> harding: [ laughs ] you know -- you know, maybe "shots" means something different in dutch. or -- or swedish or whatever it is he' s speaking. maybe it' s like "aloha" and has like 20 different meanings. [ laughs ] >> abby: excuse us. >> noah: so, what do you think about this bracelet, really? >> courtney: that it' s beautiful. i said i loved it. >> abby: jewelry? how sophisticated. what' s next? an engagement ring? >> noah: no, whoa. no, no. uh, there' s no wedding in my future. i' ll get us another drink. >> nikki: happy new year, katherine. i can' t believe it'
11:25 am
ve seen you... and laughed with you... cried with you. [ inhales sharply ] i' m trying to be strong. i really am. i know that i' ve let you down. i wrote you in my letter that... i had been drinking. [ sighs ] i can just see your face. shaking your head. what a hypocrite i am. but i have good news. i haven' t had a drop since thanksgiving. and i-i know it' s gonna be hard, but it'
11:26 am
and whatever challenges that year brings, i' m gonna face them head on. i' ve been working the program. i' ve been going to meetings. and i' m gonna do it, katherine. no more drinking. oh, my god. paul. >> paul: you lied to me, nikki. >> chelsea: i hate to disappoint you, victor, but this gentleman is just keeping me company while i wait for billy. actually, i don' t even know your name. >> adam: [ chuckles ] uh, gabriel. gabriel bingham. >> chelsea: uh, victor is connor' s grandfather. and i' m chelsea. also newman. >> adam: oh. >> victor: bingham, bingham, bingham. sounds familiar. >> adam: i' m pretty sure we' ve never met, except, uh, you know,
11:27 am
>> victor: whatever you say. i just wanted to wish you and my grandson a happy new year. >> chelsea: happy new year to you, too. okay. >> victor: okay. bingham. >> chelsea: bye. >> adam: so, i take it from that encounter, uh, your boyfriend isn' t connor' s dad. is that right? >> chelsea: no. >> adam: okay. >> chelsea: connor' s father passed away earlier this year. >> adam: i' m sorry to hear that. that' s -- that' s tough. i, uh, i recently lost someone really close to me. i know what it feels like to lose someone special in your life. >> chelsea: yeah. it' s been very, very hard. but...i' m moving on. >> adam: well, moving on has been impossible for me. >> chelsea: i' m sorry. the hardest part is, you know, all of the unresolved issues. i...still have a lot i had to say to him. >> billy: hey. you okay? >> chelsea: hmm. hey. yeah, i' m great. i-i was actually just talking to -- >> billy: uh, no need for introductions. i'
11:28 am
seems to be spreading joy what' s up with that, bingham? >> jack: phyllis. hey. are you all right? what happened? >> phyllis: that all depends on why don' i' m waiting. >> kelly: jack was just admiring my dress. >> christine: and, kelly, you look great in it. >> kelly: oh, thank you! >> jack: could i have a moment please? >> kelly: of course! of course. um, phyllis, if you need anything, you just, um, let me know. >> jack: [ stammers ] are you all right? >> phyllis: what was going on between you and kelly when i walked in? >> jack: i was just telling her you' re the woman i love, you' re the woman i want to spend my -- >> phyllis: that' s not what it looked like, jack. >> jack: she' s not accepting the there' that. could we please do what i wanted to do all along? s >> phyllis: no! not after everything i went through to get here. >> jack: what the hell happened? >> phyllis: i ran out of gas,
11:29 am
then my cellphone died. and apparently nobody' s picking up hitchhikers, even ones with great legs. >> jack: wait, you walked here? >> phyllis: yes, i did. i managed to mess up my makeup, my shoes, my dress. but you know what? it doesn' t matter, because i was never crazy about this dress in the first place. you know, i think it' s a little dated. i' m sure i can persuade someone to open up the boutique for me here. >> jack: phyllis -- >> phyllis: i am not going to get into it with kelly tonight, jack. don' t worry. that woman is obviously delusional. and i actually feel kind of bad for her. >> jack: i' m gonna get you a drink. calm down. deal with your dress, okay? >> phyllis: i won' t be long. hi, bitch. i know you set me up. coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad...
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these are my dogs dusty and cooper. i work for the dogs twenty-four seven. i am the butler. it's like being inside of a snow globe.
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time to keep the house clean. i don't know what to do. (doorbell) what's this? swiffer sweeper and dusters. this is nice and easy boys. it really sticks to it. it fits in all the tight spaces. this is really great. does that look familiar to you? i'm no longer the butler, i am just one of the guys. >> nikki: i-i can explain. >> paul: oh, please, nikki.
11:33 am
katherine. i was right, wasn' t i? all those months ago when i thought you were drinking. >> nikki: i-i' m sorry that i wasn' t honest with you. >> paul: i wish you felt you could have been. >> nikki: i was so embarrassed. i was ashamed. i-i should have been stronger. i know. >> paul: you -- you know what, nikki? sometimes we can' t do it on our own. and if you don' t want to lean on me, that' s perfectly fine. let your family help you. no, you -- you can' t tell my >> paul: they' you. they love you. they' ll never judge you. >> nikki: and i love them. that' s why they can' t know. and besides, you just heard me. i' m not drinking anymore. >> paul: how am i supposed to believe you when you just lied to me? if you can' t believe me, you have to believe that i would
11:34 am
i mean, she would never let me, i' i' m staying sober. please don' t worry victor and the kids unnecessarily. please, paul, i am asking. please, please don' t tell them. >> paul: [ sighs ] i won' t tell your family. >> nikki: oh, thank you. thank you, paul, so much. >> stitch: katie asleep? >> victoria: yeah. >> stitch: well, i' m glad it wasn' t anything serious. >> victoria: you know, i should that' before, and i' m sorry -- i' sorry that i didn'
11:35 am
t blame you and billy for taking katie in to urgent care. after everything you' ve been through, you know, your instinct is to be cautious. >> victoria: yeah, i know, but you' re a doctor, and i should have trusted your opinion. >> stitch: i have given you more than enough reason to doubt my judgment. >> victoria: that' s all in the past. i know you would never betray me. >> stitch: i' m gonna prove that i deserve your trust. you know that? i love you. i have never stopped loving you. >> chelsea: how do you and gabriel know each other? >> billy: oh, i met him at jack' s house. he was spreading his own special
11:36 am
>> chelsea: billy, gabriel wasn' t giving me a hard time. we were just talking about s father. >> billy: did you know adam? >> adam: nope. >> billy: lucky you. >> chelsea: gabriel was just keeping me company while we waited for our dates to get here. >> billy: so, uh, where' s yours? >> adam: um, well, like i was just explaining to chelsea here, i' ve been waiting for my special lady for the better part of a year now. maybe she' s trying to tell you something. maybe. maybe. well, lucky -- lucky for me, i can' t take a hint. >> billy: you know, jack was saying the same thing about you. >> chelsea: jack? how do you know jack? >> billy: they' re business associates. >> adam: well, we were. i' m hoping to do some more business with him in the future. yeah. >> billy: well, good. and you' ll be dealing with me since i' m employed at the family business. >> chelsea: don' t worry. i work at jabot, too. i' ll make sure billy isn' t too hard on you. >> adam: okay. well, you know what? i have taken up enough of your time. so, uh, look forward to working with both of you. i do.
11:37 am
>> chelsea: you, too. >> billy: yeah. you, too. i don' t like him. >> chelsea: [ chuckles ] you don' t even know him. >> billy: it' s just... something about him. >> chelsea: he seems nice enough to me. now, come on. let' s go have some fun. >> kelly: i set you up? >> phyllis: the way you were throwing yourself at jack when i walked in proves it. >> kelly: [ chuckles ] is that what he told you? >> phyllis: you siphoned the gas out of my car to keep me from getting here tonight. then you flaunt yourself in front of jack wearing my dress. >> kelly: well, obviously i think i fill out this dress just a little bit more than you do. and secondly, [scoffs] these lips have never been used to suck gas out of a tank. >> phyllis: oh, i can' t imagine where they' ve been. so, what' d you do? did you spy on me at the boutique to see what i bought? >> kelly: [ chuckles ] i really hope you' re sharing these wild conspiracy theories with jack. >> phyllis: no, this is between
11:38 am
you want a war? you got it. >> kelly: [ scoffs ] >> neil: two people in love with the same person. never end well for one of them, right? >> hilary: uh, yeah. you know, i need to -- i need to use the ladies room. are you okay? >> neil: yeah, i' m just fine. i' ll wait right here for you, baby. >> hilary: okay. >> neil: all right. [ sighs ]
11:39 am
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11:42 am
>> hilary: oh, i forgot my phone. uh... >> neil: yeah, your phone. i was trying to find it. um, i-i actually heard a text come in. >> hilary: yeah, i got it. >> neil: anything important? >> hilary: no. not at all. >> gwen: everything okay? >> devon: yeah. yeah. i' m just waiting, uh, for a text. i' m checking in to make sure everything' s okay at the athletic club. you can' t have an empty glass on new year' s eve. you know that, right? let me go get you something. shots, yeah? >> gwen: [ laughs ] you' re so thoughtful, devon.
11:43 am
>> devon: no problem. i' ll be right back. >> abby: i' m sure dad would let us use his private jet. we could fly to italy and meet kyle and all of his friends! >> summer: austin can' t go out of the country. >> abby: it' s a private plane. i' m sure we could sneak him out. >> summer: okay, even if i thought that that was a good idea, austin has to work. >> abby: [ loudly ] oh, well, maybe mariah could cover for him. i' m sure she could use the extra money maybe for a makeover! >> mariah: "all of the material riches and physical beauty in this world cannot mask the ugliness of a cruel tongue and an empty heart." >> abby: [ scoffs ] let' s get out of here. >> kevin: you' re quoting plato sphere now? >> mariah: i didn' t see you coming up with any witty comebacks. not that you could compete with plato. i mean, did you see how easily his words rolled off of my tongue? >> kevin: it almost sounded like he wrote them just for you. >> mariah: i mean, it' s like the
11:44 am
you know, i bet he is awesome, super-rich, and smart. >> kevin: yeah, i bet he' s all those things. >> mariah: no. who am i kidding? he' s probably a really gross guy in his 40s who lives in his mom' s basement with his 20 cats. >> kevin: i bet he' s in his 30s. >> phyllis: look, i don' t care who you find. just get someone to open up fenmore' s boutique for me, okay? >> christine: jack said you ran out of gas. i guess i don' t have to worry about you being behind the wheel of a car tonight. >> phyllis: ah, yes! christine, of course. you' re gloating. i bet you did that the whole time i was in a coma. you were probably hoping i' d never wake up. >> christine: i wouldn' t be that cruel, not even to you. >> phyllis: of course not. sweet, generous cricket. >> christine: [ scoffs ] you know, i just hope for jack and summer' s sake, coming so close to death has made you want to become a better person. excuse me. my husband is here. hi. i didn' t think you' d ever make it. >> paul: sorry.
11:45 am
>> paul: uh, just some business i had to take care of. well, i missed you. >> victor: there you are. >> paul: i missed you, too. >> christine: hi. >> nikki: hi. >> paul: happy new year. >> victor: i understand congratulations are in order. >> christine: thank you. we are very excited about this baby. >> victor: well, i guess both of our wives will toast the new year with non-alcoholic drinks. >> adam: jack, you didn' t tell me that billy had a new baby. a daughter? >> jack: with victoria, yeah. >> adam: yeah. saw them at the penthouse. >> jack: why does that make a difference? you think that cleans your slate? you can just replace one baby with another? >> adam: god, no. that' s not what i' m saying. >> jack: this baby does not erase what you did, adam. >> adam: you should have told me, jack. it doesn'
11:46 am
look, i got a lot going on in my life right now. what is it you want, gabriel? >> adam: i decided how you' re gonna help me out in the new year. you' re gonna give me a job at jabot. >> jack: no way. >> adam: you' ll do it. you' ll do it or i' ll go to the police and i' ll tell them that billy tried to kill me. you wouldn' t want him to be without his daughter, would you? >> jack: you' re playing with fire now, adam. >> adam: it' s gabriel. and i don'
11:47 am
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11:49 am
i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. >> jack: wow. >> phyllis: "wow," as in "i like it"? >> jack: on a scale of one to blown away, boom! >> phyllis: you know how i hate
11:50 am
>> jack: seeing you this happy, glowing, back in your element, wow. >> phyllis: it' s good to be back. >> jack: this time last year, all i could do was toast you at midnight. the fact that we' re together... it almost doesn' t seem possible. >> phyllis: it' s more than possible. it' s happening right now. >> billy: hey, everybody, it' s almost midnight! >> chelsea: ooh! yay! [ glass clinking ] >> neil: uh, everybody, to all guests, um, i' d like to propose a toast, if i may. so, as we look forward to the new year, it' s hard not to take a look, a close look, at 2014. um, i know that for many of us, it was a year full of challenges. it was a year of healing and of great joy. it brought new life, and it brought new hope. and for me personally, it was the best year that i could
11:51 am
found love again. and this time, it' s for good. so, here' s to the happiness and the love for all of us in the coming year. happy new year. >> all: happy new year! >> paul: come on, everybody! here it is! 10... >> all: 9... 8... 7, 6, 5... >> lars: shots, yes? >> abby: go for it! >> all: ...2, 1! happy new year! >> austin: i love you. [ "auld lang syne" plays ] [ laughter ] [ balloons popping ]
11:52 am
>> kevin: ooh! ah! >> mariah: what the hell. don' t you get any ideas. >> kevin: don' t you get any ideas. >> mariah: excuse me. >> gwen: happy new year, devon. >> devon: happy new year. [ all cheering ] >> neil: happy new year, baby. >> christine: this is gonna be our year. after everything we' ve been through, let' s just focus on us and our baby. >> paul: yeah. >> victor: happy new year, my baby. >> nikki: it' s gonna be the best year yet. >> victor: the best year for the newmans.
11:53 am
this is our year. i know it. >> chelsea: no more looking back. all the bad stuff' s behind us. >> billy: dead and buried. >> chelsea: nothing can stand in the way of our happiness now.
11:54 am
"the young and the restless"... >> paul: i want to find the driver who did this to billy abbott. >> victoria: billy is in that room right now because of the choices that he made! he did this to himself. >> jill: i know that you hate it when i get all emotional like this, so wake up and tell me to shut up. -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures television and cbs, inc. next, the new year brings a change in the forecast. a crash closes parts of
11:55 am
hot ? driver who ran from the scene. what witnesses told us.,,,,,, you've basically got a movie theater in your living room. for me, it's changed the way
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