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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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million, for a 17-day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good morning and happy monday. i'm britt moreno. happening now, a person is still missing after a fire in arvada over the weekend. the latest on the dangers firefighters still face. and the road to the afc championship will go through denver. we have highlights of the big night at sports authority field. and a big day in washington as
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meet with the attorney general to finalize plans on an executive order. coming up, the reaction he's getting from the 2016 candidates. the weekend flew by and we had a big win at mile high. lauren whitney can update us on what's happening this morning. >> all feeling great after that broncos win. today temperatures are going to be fairly warm as well, 22 at denver right now, 27 in boulder, 16 in fort collins and 22 in burlington. we have 9 in grand junction and 0 in meeker right now. we have a few clouds out there this morning and we are looking to have a few more clouds as we
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temperatures will be pretty warm today, looking at mid-40s, 43 by 2:00 and in the 30s again by 5:00 tonight. we'll have a chance for snow later this week. joel, how is the drive? the morning commute, getting back to work after having some time off, looks like the roads will treat you well this morning. nice conditions, still have the road work but nothing to slow you down across the denver metro area this morning. little slowing southbound 25 between u.s. 36 and i-70, pretty common this time of day. in the high country, great road conditions. hope is fading to find a man lost in a building fire. rescuers are back at the scene implementing new search efforts
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crews are worried this morning about the building's stability. >> reporter: they are, and that's why it's closed off. there is a fire line here and police officers are patrolling the area, making sure no one is in that dangerous part. they are concerned the building will collapse but they will continue searching for that missing man after daylight. they will consider bringing down portions of the building to help move debris. the search wednesday was unsuccessful finding john rutter, missing since saturday morning when the fire started. two people were injured including a firefighter and we don't know their conditions. the building was built in the 1970s and doesn't have a sprinkler system. rutter is a therapist at the
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located in the building. shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. police are looking for burglars after at least nine more smash and grab robberies happened in the metro area. jamie leary has been following the latest for us. >> reporter: behind me, doors still boarded up here at the salon behind me. i've had to check the number several times myself to be sure the reports are right. police are investigating a series of at least nine burglaries, overnight smash and grabs at businesses along a six- block stretch of south broadway between yale and floyd. these happened sunday morning
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police are reviewing surveillance video released, and you can see around 1:23 a.m. the suspect throws a rock through the door of the bakery here, busting out the glass. once inside, they looked around and went to the cash register, pocketed some cash, then left the bakery and went to the next store. in an effort to identify the suspect, police are looking through that surveillance video. i've reached out to police this morning to see if there is any new information and they are still looking for that it's early in the investigation and they don't have a suspect description, and they have not ruled out the connection between these burglaries. no suspect description at this time but we'll continue to follow this story. jamie leary, cbs 4 morning news. the road to the super bowl
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the broncos trailed 13-7 in the third and after five turnovers, enter peyton manning, hitting green for a big gain. three plays later, anderson finds pay dirt and peyton led the broncos on the 80-yard drive. the broncos win 27-20 and secure the number once in a while seed, a first round bye next weekend and home field advantage. >> a lot of players on this team have a lot of pride and this was a moment with a division team, had a chance to seal the division. >> we asked fans who should start in the playoffs and fans overwhelmingly say peyton. the broncos are silent on the starter for now. tickets for the january 17th
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and you can get yours at president obama is expected to meet with the attorney general today to finalize plans for a presidential executive order on gun control. obama is expected to announce those plans later this week. the reaction he's getting from 2016 hopefuls. >> reporter: democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is praising president obama for executive actions he intends to unveil this week to strengthen background checks on gun purchases. >> if congress won't act, we have to do something about the people dying from guns. >> reporter: bernie sanders also backed the president's move. >> i would prefer that we could
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truth is republicans are not interested in doing anything. >> reporter: republican contenders are already threatening to undo any of the president's actions. donald trump led the charge during an appearance on face the nation. >> i don't like anything having to do with changing the second amendment. we have plenty of rules and regulations, plenty of things that they can do. all they want to do is blame the guns and it's not the gun that pulls the trigger. >> the president wants to act dictator. >> we elected a president constitution. >> reporter: he'll meet with the attorney general later today to discuss new actions on gun violence. breaking news overnight, a northwest india. so far four people are dead in
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before dawn this morning. information is slow to come out of the area because it has poor cell phone and internet connection. a 19-year-old is in the hospital after a violent home invasion in longmont. two men dressed in black broke into the teenager's home and beat him with a fire poker. he suffered serious injuries to his head and face. the suspects got away with a car, cash and marijuana. police are looking for a red 2001 jeep cherokee with the plate 124-iao. taking a look at the bus stop forecast, 20 degrees this morning. on the way home temperatures will be in the 40s with a few more clouds. if you're just heading back to work, you should have a pretty excellent drive.
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volume related. still a nice light commute out turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm for traffic and cbs 4 weather together every ten minutes. right now protesters have taken over a federal building in oregon, protesting what they call constitutional rights. break. >> happens so fast, you don't have time to get ready for it.
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and the rains are not ,,,,,,,,
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scientists designing new cancer treatments now have more
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cancer cells. the map used by scientists around the globe shows faulty protein structures and cancer's communication network to create better treatments. a new report says the united states is not prepared to deal with children's medical needs in the event of a crisis. the american academy of pediatrics says many vaccines and drugs stockpiled in case of an emergency are only for adults. and a study of jazz pianists shows their brains respond differently when creating happy versus sad music. researchers found the type of emotion being expressed draws on different parts of the
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lauren, we have a nice day? >> a beautiful day, warm outside, sunshine, a little cloud cover. take a look outside right now, 22 at dia, 21 right now in colorado springs. lots of single digits and zeros in the high country including 9 in grand junction. and 29 downtown, 24 right now in littleton and 23 in centennial, 19 in castle rock. notice for the most part skies are clear. we have a few clouds in the denver area and out east this morning, more clouds building into the southwestern corner. a wider look at what's happening across the country, we have a system down in california and pushing up into utah. we'll see that head into colorado overnight tonight and through tomorrow.
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in the pacific northwest that will start to impact us later this week bringing us a chance for snow by thursday. mostly sunny skies today, more clouds in the later afternoon and evening hours. then overnight tonight, starting to see some snow and that could creep up into the central mountains in the afternoon. most of the this stays to the southwest. more snow on wednesday, mostly in the high country, then more snow potential in denver coming in on thursday. today 44 in denver, 43 in boulder, just at freezing in greeley and we have some 50s in the southeastern corner. high country, 31 in steam boat and 26 in grand junction. today no real weather to be concerned about, temperatures
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freezing by 5:00 tonight. in the five-day forecast, the next couple days we are in the 40s then back close to freezing by thursday with a chance of joel? it's a monday morning. you have to get up and get to work but you'll be rewarded with a good drive if you leave in the next few minutes. eisenhower tunnel, this is looking better than it has the last couple days. excellent road conditions over the passes, should be a great drive today. southbound coming into town, 11 minutes with speeds in the 60s between u.s. 36 and i-70. mouse trap cam, take a look at the volume in the southbound direction of i-25, just a couple cars. by the time you get to i-70, should be a nice drive for you.
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eastbound direction of i-225, looking good. u.s. 36 looking excellent today, great start to the monday morning commute. happening now, the fbi is monitoring a standoff at a national wildlife refuge in oregon. it involves a dispute over ranchers' rights and a family known for being antigovernment. >> reporter: an american flag draped the welcome sign at the malheur national wildlife refuge about 280 miles southeast of portland. an armed militia took over the buildings saturday night. >> this refuge here is rightfully owned by the people. and we intend to use it.
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protesting a recent judge's jail. >> clearly double jeopardy. time. >> reporter: the men claimed they set the fires to protect their property. dozen of protesters supported the family in burns saturday. >> it's not america. somehow we have to get the wheels back on this wagon because they're flying off. >> reporter: the group made themselves at home and say they
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . welcome back. we have some rain and snow in the pacific northwest but temperatures are mild down south, 62 in l.a., 57 in san francisco. for us we are on the dry side for the most part in the midwest. heading toward the east coast, temperatures are cooling a bit. they have not had very cold temperatures so far and they are now below freezing, 31 in new york, 36 in washington, d.c. at dia, all the lots are open and security wait times are 5 to 15 minutes. should be a great drive out to the airport this morning.
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still see some lights up there. the drive to dia, southbound 25 a little slowing. take i-270, nice and wide open through commerce city. then inbound pena, all green, at or above posted speed limits. the relentless flooding in the midwest forced thousands to move into shelters. the rare winter flooding extends from texas and oklahoma north into illinois. 31 have died so far with more flooding expected in the coming weeks. along the mississippi, people are bracing for the worst. >> somebody to come in and loot the rest of the stuff you've worked your life for.
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to hold. tonight at 10:00, how law enforcement is fighting back. >> this man is accused of making a pot deal on the internet. >> we are doing a story about marijuana dealing on facebook. >> reporter: what he didn't know is how law enforcement is using the apps. >> if they wanted to know who i was, they could search me on social media. >> reporter: we'll show you what the police are planting on facebook. >> watch the social media sting tonight at 10:00. if you're just waking up, we are 22 degrees in denver. we have a few days before a big weather change. and coming up, a political fire
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saidsaudi arabia cuts ties with iran. five turnovers in just seven points were sabotaging the broncos' chance for that first round bye, so gary kubiak turned to his future hall of famer. turned out to be a good move. broncos down 13-7 in the third, and the broncos and fans came alive. peyton to green, then to anderson. he led them on an 80-yard drive. later manning down the right sideline to set up the field goal. game tied at 20 and manning hands it to hillman. peyton led the broncos on four scoring drives into the bye and
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>> got two weeks before we play again. see how the foot feels. i got a good welcome back to on the field football. somebody hit me hard and left a little message. see how i feel tomorrow. it's been a different year. i was glad to be able to contribute in some way today. >> as a competitor, you want to play and give your team a chance to be successful. but at the same time, i completely understand what coach kubiak was trying to do, trying to generate a spark for this football team so we could secure the number one seed and win that afc title. >> my guess for the playoffs, manning.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good morning and happy monday. it is not your average monday morning because the broncos are number one here. what a game yesterday. we'll map out where the broncos stand in rankings in a moment. thank you for joining us here on the cbs 4 morning news. i'm britt moreno. if you're just waking up, we are at 22 degrees. lauren is tracking the monday forecast for us. good morning. we are at 22 in denver but downtown we are a little warmer in the upper 20s.
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collins, a lot of 20s in the area. western slope, much improved after a very cold weekend, anything from 1 below to 9 degrees. satellite and radar has a few clouds this morning, mainly on the east side of town and north. we'll see more clouds as we head into the afternoon hours especially on the western slope. 40 at noon, 43 as we head to 2:00, then we're in the 30s and 20s this evening. we'll talk about the chance for snow coming up in a moment. joel? still nice volumes on the morning commute if you're heading back to work after time off. plenty of space between the cars, still not a lonely drive out there. southbound into town, seeing
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11 minutes from 120th to i-70. as you look across the denver metro area, 225, c-470 nice and wide open. if you're getting in the car, turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm to get traffic and weather together plus you know they're talking broncos. the broncos are number one, winning the afc west. the patriots lost in miami and broncos march into the playoffs with a first round bye and home field advantage. the team had almost 300 yards of offense and turnovers plagued them early on. then kubiak turned to peyton manning, back after months of recovery, leading three straight scoring drives in the second half. they tied in the fourth quarter and the defense took over, much like they have all season long.
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turnover when they need one, picking off rivers to set manning and company up for one more strike. hillman goes 23 yards for the game-winning score and the broncos get the 27-20 win. >> execution was just better in the second half. up front there were bigger holes and they held on to the ball. i can't take credit for having a really good handoff, you know, helping those guys hold on to the ball. i refuse to do that. >> all of a sudden we have reached a big point in the season where we needed a boost, and here we are. i think we continue to find a way and try to find a way to be successful. i don't know what it's going to take two or three weeks from now but we've got to go find a way again.
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everybody's had a hand in this. >> tickets for the january 17th game go on sale today. this morning searchers are looking for a missing man after a fire in arvada.
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there searching for that missing man? >> reporter: for now there is a line to keep people away and police are patrolling the area because of concern that the building may collapse. the crew may bring in a crane and bring down part of the issue. that's why search teams won't be going into the building this morning just yet. a search on sunday was unsuccessful in finding john rutter, missing since saturday morning when the fire started. he's a therapist with creative treatment options, a mental health and counseling provider. we also know two people were injured including one firefighter but we don't know their conditions. the fire burned for five hours, smoke still coming out after that, and we are told the building was built in the 70s
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for the crews over the weekend. news. right now englewood police are looking for burglars after at least nine more smash and grab robberies, the latest in a metro. jamie leary is live with the latest. >> reporter: you can see behind me, doors are still boarded up here at breakfast on broadway. and i had to check the number but these were just two of nine stores targeted along south broadway between yale and floyd.
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shock, finding a lot of damage. around 1:23 a.m., surveillance video showed a suspect throwing a rock through the bakery door and busting out the glass, then grabbing cash out of the register. he then went into another store and got away with just a little change from a muscular dystrophy. this is the latest in a series of smash and grabs. it's hard to keep track, there's been so many. thursday there were six businesses targeted, wednesday businesses in a strip mall near fair fax, and last sunday into monday again near i-25. authorities are saying it's too early to connect all the smash
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at video to try and get a description of the suspect. jamie leary, cbs 4 morning news. police in denver are investigating a bizarre crash along colorado highway that left two people dead. >> reporter: sunday afternoon investigators tried to piece together what happened. four cars were involved and 8 people, one pronounced dead at the scene and another dying at a local hospital. authorities say this started about a half mile away at colorado and evans. there was a man in the black suburban who appeared to be asleep in the vehicle in the road. the fire department responded and he took off northbound on colorado. witnesses say he could have been approaching speeds of 80 miles an hour as he came toward
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mexico and hit three other cars. denver police say they are looking into the possibility of filing charges. we expect to know more later this afternoon. happening today, president obama set to meet with the attorney general as he tries to move a new executive order on gun control forward. he's expected to announce the details of the order in the next few days. his goal is reportedly to expand background checks on gun sales. this comes a week before his next state of the union address. saudi arabia cut ties with iran, giving diplomats 48 hours to leave the kingdom. it follows the storming of the saw deembassy.
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centuries-old conflict between suni and shiite muslims. saudi arabia severed diplomatic ties with iran sunday after a mob ransacked the saudi arabian embassy in teheran. 42 people were later arrested. the country's supreme leader said saudi arabia will face revenge. in 2012 he was
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including disobeying saudi arabian rulers. it could exacerbate religious tensions but saudi is unrepentant, saying 47 executed on saturday were in accordance with islamic law. new warning to the uk after five men believed to be syrian confessed to spying on britain. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton had to shut down a heckler at a campaign event in new hampshire yesterday. >> let's start with the questions and i'll try to get as many in -- just -- i'm going to call on people. wait a minute. i'm not going to take your question because other people
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bring you a microphone. let me see. back there, this man there. here we go, right there. you are very rude and i'm not going to ever call on you. thank you. >> meanwhile, in south carolina a man is causing controversy with antitrump graffiti on his own property. james porter thought using his white house for the sentiment would get people thinking. he says trump plays on people's fears. if you're just joining us, 22 degrees in denver and good news for drivers. prices are projected to stay low but how low will they go,
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welcome back. check out this great view from steam boat. it's beautiful over there right now. and the best view of the city from red rocks, gorgeous.
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taking a look at temperatures this morning, it's really mild. we have had cold temperatures over this week and last week, so nice to start 2016 off on a mild note, 22 in denver, 0 in avon, and 9 over in grand junction. heading into the denver area, 18 in brighton right now, 23 in aurora and greenwood village, 30 degrees downtown. take a look at the satellite and radar with clouds across the front range. denver will have a few clouds this morning. starting to see more build into the southwestern corner. wider look at what's happening across the country, rain from northern california on south. then we have several areas of low pressure hanging out in the pacific northwest and those
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some will impact us and some will not but our best shot of snow will be thursday. looking at today, mostly sunny skies, partly sunny skies across the front range. more clouds as you head toward the western slope and overnight tonight getting snow in the southwestern corner. that's where the bulk of the snow will stay tonight and tomorrow morning. we could see a few clouds in denver, more throughout the afternoon and evening, and more mountain snow from the north down to the south. looking at temperatures for today, 44 in denver, lots of upper 40s on the eastern plains, 30s heading for the mountains. if you're looking at today, mostly sunny skies and just below freezing by 5:00 tonight. we are in the 40s monday, tuesday and wednesday. then on thursday we drop to the 30s with a chance of snow.
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it gets a little closer. we'll be enjoying the next couple days and enjoy this boulevard. on i-70 just east of town, this is a good drive out there. this is what we're seeing across the area. starting to see speeds dip a little bit, 10 minutes from 120th to i-70 not bad at all. u.s. 36 seeing a little slowing in the direction of pecos as you get in and out of town. plenty of space between the cars here on the mouse trap cam, more cars in the southbound direction. but if you're just seeing the slowing happening past u.s. 36 there, past i-70 it looks great. in the high country, a lot of
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this is a look at i-70 in the mountain corridor. over vail pass, should be a great drive for you. >> all that green makes monday a little easier. thank you. good news for drivers as gas prices continue to stay low. what could be the future of fast food? >> reporter: drivers paid the second cheapest gas prices in ten years during 2015. prices haven't been that low since 2009 according to aaa. the price of gas in 2015 was 90 cents less than 2014. today it is down to $2 on average. the markets ended 2015 without any fireworks: on thursday the dow closed down 178 points and the dow jones average lost
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the markets reopen monday morning. as the year begins, ferrari will become its own company, ending fiat-chrysler's major stake. the plan is to elevate the profile as a global luxury goods company so wall street can accurately value the company. and mcdonald's has a glimpse of the future. mcdonald's next is a food bar style restaurant recently opened in hong kong, offering customers a chance to customize burgers and salads before workers assemble them behind the glass similar to chipotle. >> i wonder if you can customize a flurry. >> sounds good.
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for us, not bad on the western slope. more on the forecast after the
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welcome back. we are off to a mild start this morning, 22 at dia, 18 in fort collins and it's cool in the mountains this morning, 0 in avon, 0 in craig and 9 in grand junction. we have some cloud cover across the front range and eastern plains, fairly clear off to the west. more clouds will build off to our west as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. this morning sunshine with clouds in denver and more cloud cover on and off throughout the afternoon and evening. temperatures not bad today, looking at 40s around noon, back below freezing by 5:00 tonight. we'll talk about the chance for snow coming up in a moment. joel? we are approaching the 6:00 hour and that means we have taillights and brake lights out there.
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out the door, 10 minutes from 120th to i-70. slowing eastbound i-270 and westbound 76. if you're just getting in the car, turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm for traffic and cbs 4 weather together every ten minutes. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is laying out his goals for the next year, saying he wants to create an artificial intelligence system in the new year and wants to keep it simple but it should be able to run a home and help with basic work. he's known for keeping resolutions. in 2010 he promised to learn mandarin, then delivered a 20 minute speech in that language. the ritual firing of nfl coaches is already underway this black monday.
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firing of 49ers coach jim texas a&msula. the niners went 5-11 under him. and tom coughlin also walked away after the giants game yesterday and they struggled to a 6-10 record. more coaching moves are expected today. raiders fans are saying good-bye to a legend of their own. after nearly 20 years in the league, defensive back charles woodson is retiring, playing his final game as a raider yesterday. he played 11 games in oakland over two stints and seven years as a green bay packer. in buffalo, a legendary blooper, missing the extra point but he walks over to the sidelines and throws his helmet, and it ricochets and
5:50 am
no word on injuries sustained to his pride. 22 degrees this morning and we have a big weather change rolling in. still ahead, a live look from a burned out building in arvada this morning. what crews are planning to do as one of the employees here remains missing. >> the road to the afc championship will go through denver. we have highlights from last night's big game and how you can snag some playoff tickets.
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