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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am MST

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,,,,,,,, (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody!
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jackson! >> i got to be -- >> stephen: so now you're in "the hateful eight." six movies with quintin tarantino. >> yes. >> stephen: what is it you like working with him? >> what's not to like? the guy's amazing. he always writes these intelligent, strong, diverse characters for me to play. i'm always in a room with a lot of people that are cool to work with, you know, from de niro to all these guys i'm in the room with now and it's a wonderful ensemble pieces, almost like a play because we're, like, trapped in this room and the eight of us in there with all these great things to say and say to each other, about each other, you find out so much about these characters and, in the end, you get to do what boys always like to do, you know,
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>> stephen: no c.g.i. in this film. >> none. >> stephen: it gets rough. boys will be boys, let's just say that, and so will girls in this one. >> yes. >> stephen: you know, this really happens, not really shooting each other. >> it feels like it, though. >> stephen: okay. and quintin uses these huge blood packs with the explosive stuff in it. so, spoiler alert! when i shoot a certain character in the film, the first person i shoot in the film the first time we did it, there was a blood that flew out of his back about six feet away. i was about as far from here to the piano player when i shot him, bloodshot across the room, onto the camera behind me and my shirts and shoes. it was awesome!
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>> stephen: were there explosive blood packs on you? >> yes, sir, i had six. i had six, and at one point, a sensitive part of my body was not properly tucked in and i -- >> stephen: you didn't use enough duct tape. >> -- and i really, really felt it. (laughter) >> stephen: before you go, would you do one more thing for me? you owe me nothing, but i thought everybody wanted you to do their outguying voice message on their voicemail. do you think you could do that for me? if you could do this the full jamelle bouie treatment. i'll give the beep and you can get started. beep! >> hi, you know who you called. leave a message. maybe he'll call you back. then again, maybe they won't!
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back. i don't know if you've noticed this, but one of the biggest campaign issues this year is immigration, and it's understandable that some voters are nervous. there have been times when a new group comes to america, and ruins things for the people who are already here. (laughter) but we are all descended from immigrants, so we should be able we don't immediately build a wall around. and that's the goal of an organization called league of kitchens. they help bridge cultures by immigrants from all over the and i love the idea of being exposed to immigrant cuisine, because, for my whole life, i've only eaten american food like taco bell and panda express.
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so here to tell us more about the league of kitchens, please welcome the founder lisa gross. lisa, thanks so much for coming! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: i found out about league of kitchens from our mutual friend david plot. >> yeah. >> stephen: and he said going to cook with the immigrants is the most fun he's ever had in new york and kind of one of the most new york things you can do because there are more people from different backgrounds and cultures speaking different languages in new york than any other place in the world. >> that's true. >> stephen: what motivated you to create league of kitchens? >> my experience, my mom is korean and my grandmother lived with us and cooked all this amazing korean food. >> stephen: did you cook with her? >> no, she would shoo me out of the kitchen and sent me to study
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more important and she didn't value her cooking skills. when i wanted to cook korean food later, i had to whrern it from the internet and courses, and nothing tasted like my grandmother. >> stephen: because she had a secret sauce. >> yes, because you have to learn those things from a grandma and can't learn it from a cookbook. i thought, i wish there was with. i thought wouldn't it be amazing to find grormts all over new york city and learn how to cook. >> stephen: what would an average day be? >> i worked up a five and a half hours. they start with a home made lunch, three and a half hours of hands on instruction and a huge meal at the end. >> stephen: start with a meal, end with a meal. very american of them. (laughter)
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wonderful woman named yamini joshi. >> yes. >> stephen: who is an indian-american immigrant, citizen now. >> yes. >> stephen: and we filmed it, and let's take a look: to find out about the league of kitchens i traveled to the gardens to find yamini joshi. we had a meal. thank you for having me into your home for a traditional indian meal. this is fantastic. i'm honored. >> i'm honored, too. >> stephen: what do i need to know about a indian food? all i know is it's spicey and you're not allowed to eat cow. is that true, you still can't eat cow? >> yeah. because cow is a mother so we cannot kill our mother and eat it, right? >> stephen: no, that's frowned on even over here. >> yes. >> stephen: so my doctor says i have a medical condition where i find meat delicious.
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be eating today? >> nothing, i don't think, anything is meat. >> stephen: no beef? no beef. >> stephen: no pork, chicken, shrimp. >> no. >> stephen: no lobster. no lobster. >> stephen: no slim jim? no. >> stephen: do you know what slim jims are? >> what's a slim jim. >> stephen: no one knows. they claim it to be meat. >> no. >> stephen: or it could be oil and hair stuffed in a tube but they're so good. >> mm-hmm. >> stephen: do they deep-fat fry things in india? because in america we'll deep fry anything. >> this is deep fried. >> stephen: this is. yeah. the deep fried is maybe more delicious. >> stephen: all food deep frayed --deep fried is the best. yeah, that is how rebridge cultures. right? bread it and deep fat fry it.
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>> stephen: this eating was making me hungry. i couldn't wait to cook with yamini joshi. i had to learn the spices. tumeric -- are all them named for game characters? >> yes. >> stephen: i heard something called gee. >> yes, gee is our main ingreat of indian cooking, it is a purified butter. >> stephen: this is our first ingredient. it is one pound of butter. >> yes. >> stephen: have you ever met paula deen, the chef? this is her first ingredient in everything, too. >> oh, the fat lady, paula deen. (laughter) yeah, i saw her. >> stephen: she is so sorry. she is so sorry. okay. gee is different than butter, right? because my doctor said if i eat
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but gee is fine, right? >> it's fine, yeah. it's fine. >> stephen: it isn't butter, it's just made entirely of butter. >> yes. >> stephen: okay, good. what are the pliers for? is it customary to eat indian foot after you've pulled your teeth out? >> you need them to handle it. >> stephen: this is ingenious. i see you have a lot of refrigerator magnets. >> yes. >> stephen: this is from cabo san lucas, where in india is that? >> in mexico, i think. >> stephen: did you see sammy hagar? >> no (stephen singing) >> i do. >> stephen: at what point are we supposed to break out into movies? >> happy.
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,,,,,,,, (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back. when we left, i was cooking. with yamini joshi, thanks to the league of kitchens. if yamini believes in one thing, it's sharing her culture. if she believes in two things, it's cooking way more food than anyone could possibly eat. so let's go back to the kitchen! in my next lesson it was time to chop the chauli or at least find out what it is. >> in english -- >> stephen: are you a friend of benihana? >> you like this? >> stephen: hey, look at that!
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>> stephen: you don't do that? no. >> no more fun. >> stephen: i'm sorry. i wouldn't want to have fun with you. i take the tips off? >> yeah, put them here. >> stephen: in jewish culture, we do this. >> you have to learn how to break the coconut. >> stephen: break the coconut. put those here. hit it. hit. hit. hit. hit. i can do it? >> stephen: i can do it! hit. >> stephen: i'm getting it. ready?
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i softened it up for you! (cheers and applause) you're right. i'll do it. here comes the bad guys! the indians are coming! i mean the other indians, not you guys. you guys are the good guys, and so are they. that's all in the past now. oh, this is a shoe shine box. what is this? super sharp or i just cut my hand? that looks like a handle but it's not. it's a really sharp piece of metal. that's fascinating. i learned about indian cooking, many things do not come with handles. that's blazing hot. what would be great is a handle
11:20 pm
this is appointment television,.3 colbert could leave his fingers at any moment. this is green chali? >> yes. >> stephen: if you cook it too long will it be chali brown? >> no. (laughter) >> and then we have to make roti. >> stephen: what is that? like a bread. >> stephen: looks like a pita. here we go. oh, yeah! sorry. >> put it on top. this way. >> stephen: this way? orry. >> stephen: the fire will kill anything that was on the floor. the fire is a great sterilizer. that's one of the things i learned. >> that's true. >> stephen: i ruined it. another blunder by stephen colbert. wow. wow!
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holy cow! indian food is fun. it had been minutes since i had a full meal, so it was time to eat again. holy chanti, is that good. (laughter) yamini joshi, thank you for invite meg and teaching me there is no cultural difference that can't be bridged by a giant stick of butter. >> right. >> stephen: i don't know what i did when i was younger to let me have the karma to let me eat here with you now. >> this is your karma bumi. karma means you have to work for the things, and the city or the place which brought you where you're living, and you're doing something for your karma bumi.
11:22 pm
doing now. >> yes. >> stephen: i think this might be my karma bumi, too. to conclude our meal. i introduced yamini to an american dessert. this is called ready whip. >> yes, i saw that dropped on a strawberry. oh, any goodness. i think my son-in-law does this sometimes. no. okay. i'll do it. (cheers and applause) oh, my goodness. do you eat the whole bottle? >> stephen: do i what? the whole container, you can
11:23 pm
does it make you happy? >> stephen: yes. very good! >> stephen: that's delicious. good. >> stephen: yamini, thank you so much for having me into your home and teaching me all about indian food. i've learned so much about your culture and now i would like to teach you something about american culture, and that is taking a nap after a large meal. >> okay. >> stephen: give me one second. ahhh! (applause) >> we'll be right back! >> stephen: yamini joshi, everybody!
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back. my next guest is the winner of the 2015 google science fair. please welcome olivia hallisey! olivia, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> stephen: congratulations on winning the google science fair. the trophy is back here. that is the trophy they gave you. that is awesome. >> yeah. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: how does uh google hold a science fair? how is it different than a normal one. >> google science fair is different because it's basically all online submissions until the top twenty. the top twenty they flew to google headquarters in california. in the beginning you made your own web site, posted video, there was over 100 countries. there was a team from bosnia, taiwan, so it was an international fair and
11:27 pm
project and want to talk about it and show other them their work. >> stephen: how old of a person are you? >> 17. >> stephen: congratulations! thank you. >> stephen: congratulations! (cheers and applause) now, this is an example of your project. what was your project and what does it do? >> so, my project is basically, i like to call it a pregnancy test for ebola. >> stephen: i'm sorry, a what? a pregnancy test for ebola. this? i didn't realize that's -- visual process. >> stephen: a stick you pee on? >> yeah, all based on color change, and all you need is a sample from the possibly infected person. >> stephen: this is an example >> yes. >> stephen: how is it used? put the sample here and put
11:28 pm
spots and that release as chemical and if the person is affected the center will turn blue. this? >> because current tests are expensive and complicated and require refrigeration and this test use as silk fiber solution which is just the proteins from silk cocoons. >> stephen: i know what that is. i'm much older than 17. (laughter) this has a blue spot. what is this? >> this is what a positive result would look like. >> stephen: am i holding ebola? >> no. (laughter) >> stephen: i didn't know if it got past security. all right. so why did this occur to you? why not go with the baking soda volcano? why did you -- you're a 17-year-old living in connecticut. why did you think ebola? >> i didn't know what i wanted
11:29 pm
i knew i was interested in science and wanted to do something that would have an impact on people's lives, but i didn't know what direction i wanted to take, so i started looking at the news and my science teacher said look for something that inspires you. and last fall was when ebola was really big in the news. >> stephen: yeah, a lot of purelle. (laughter) >> so i began looking at how could we limit the spread of ebola because i saw how quickly it was spreading. >> stephen: well, it's a very ambitious thing to make your science project to come up with a quick and easy test for ebola. how -- did it affect your life in any ways? did you say, guys, i'd love to go to a leggo movie with you but i have to fight a global pandemic first? (laughter) was it hard? did it require a great deal of work to make? >> yeah, there was definitely a lot of time put into it and a people. i had two mentors at tufts
11:30 pm
i had my science research teacher. i had to contact different companies to get the chemicals i needed. so it was a lot of work but it was worth it. >> stephen: i don't know whether to be inspired or intimidated by you. (laughter) what year in high school are you? >> a junior. >> stephen: so you've got to be thinking about colleges. >> yeah. >> stephen: are you going to put this on your application? >> i think so. (laughter) >> stephen: here's a hint -- don't put it first, okay? be, like -- are you on, like, a team? >> i swim. >> stephen: go swim team therntion global pandemic. (laughter) congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> stephen: olivia hallisey, everybody!
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(sfx: clap, clap, ding) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you, everybody! that's it for "the late show." tune in tomorrow when my guests will be john krasinski. rapper and activist, killer mike, and genetic engineer, george church. corden. goodnight! have some fun tonight
11:33 pm
worry about the vampires it's the "late, late show" ladies and gentlemen, all the way in inside of a small box under your bed, give it up for your host, tonight, the one, the only, james corden! (cheers and applause) >> james: welcome to the "late, late show"! thank you for being here. thank you very much! thank you so much! happy new year, everybody! holiday. it's so great to be back. it's 2016. (cheers and applause). >> james: and we're feeling good. now it's the fourth of january. and of course this is the time when everyone is making their resolutions.
11:34 pm
your time because a new poll conducted by the university of scranton found that only 8% of people actually keep their new (laughter). >> james: now when i read this, i was like 8% seems a bit high, doesn't it? like basically 7% of people started the new year by lying. i mean everyone's resolution is going to fail, isn't it? i mean even the star-- start of the new year is commemorating with somebody dropping the ball. (applause) now i should tell you that my new year's resolution for 2016 was to join a gym, which i did, thank you very much. (cheers and applause). >> james: thank you. my new year's resolution next
11:35 pm
(laughter) now, now celebrities are not immune from resolution fever. everyone has something they want to change about themselves. facebook founder mark zuckerberg announced his resolution saying, and i quote, my personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple ai to run my home and help me with my work. all right, that's right, mark zuckerberg's resolution is to build an artificial intelligence system that controls his entire home. meanwhile, i'm determined to give up sweets. we're basically the same person. but it's an election year and i'm sure the presidential candidates have made their new year's resolutions. i imagine jeb bush's resolution was probably to spend more time with his supporter. (laughter) hillary clinton's resolution is currently being focus grouped.
11:36 pm
just, take his time. stop-- (applause) and smell the roses. donald trump doesn't have any resolutions because resolutions are for losers and he's a winner. bernie sanders resolution is to catch that damn squirrel that keeps eating the food out of the birdfeeder. and he's not a politician but steve harvey's resolution was to travel more. he said he has always wanted to visit colombia, i mean the philippines, i'm sorry t should have been the philippines, to begin with. (applause) bill cosby's resolution is to buy a sweater that doesn't look exactly like his beard. (laughter) i mean i think he's got bigger problems. but it is his resolution. and mike tyson's new year's resolution was to stop knocking
11:37 pm
let's see how he's doing. (applause). >> james: let's have a look and see who our guests are on the show tonight. ladies and gentlemen, you know her from "ex machina," "the man from u.n.c.l.e." and "the danish girl," she is so incredibly talented. we're so lucky to have her here. alicia vikander is here tonight. hey, alicia, how are you. >> i'm very good. >> james: nice to see you. >> i'm ready to come out to you. >> james: we are ready for you here. we can't wait to see her, alicia vikander, everybody. she's so good. and in the orange room, ladies and gentlemen, our people's choice award nominee and star of the hit "chicago fire," he has eyes that will melt your heart. look at this, there say woman on the front row, i haven't even said-- i haven't even said his
11:38 pm
how to say, she lost her [bleep]. (laughter) look, look at the woman here. she just went like this. she just went-- (laughter) are you really excited, you absolutely love him? really? >> yes. >> james: who do you think i'm about to introduce. >> taylor kinney. >> james: oh no, he cancelled. (laughter) i'm so sorry. i thought you were excited for our guest. >> i was. >> james: oh, such a shame. everybody. (cheers and applause). >> james: how are you, taylor. nice to see you. >> good to see you too. i was hoping to make someone lose their [bleep] but i guess now it's down hill from here. >> james: oh no, it's uphill, literally almost crying. >> happy new year, merry christmas. it's a little late but i got you a gift. >> yes. >> james: no, are you going to bring it in or open it now for me right now. in?
11:39 pm
you bring it down. >> i will bring it with me. >> james: all right, i can't wait, i can't wait to see what the other guests are bringing, he is basically santa clausek hot santa clause and in the blue room, she is a two-time emmy award-winning comedian, actor, best selling author, all-around comic genius, we love her, don't we, reg. >> she's my favorite. >> james: she's our favorite, sarah silverman is here tonight. (cheers and applause) >> i need four minutes. >> james: oh, okay. right. how-- how are you doing? >> i'm good. i'm excited for the show. >> james: we're really excited to-- to see you out here. you probably got some stuff to do to get ready before you come out, i imagine. >> i'm basically pretty ready. >> james: okay. cool. well, we'll let you get on with that. >> okay. >> james: okay.
11:40 pm
(cheers and applause). >> james: and we have some comedy, this is so exciting, a brilliant young standup comedian will be out here performing for us a little later tonight. you're in for such a treat, the one, the only, jamie lee is here tonight. (cheers and applause) >> hi. i'm so good. it's great to be here. >> james: we're so lucky to you have. how is it all going? >> everything's good. i kind of like destroyed the dressing room. there is a lot of sandwiches and uneaten chocolate but things are good. >> james: oh, we leave them for you, they're just gifts. >> oh, okay. >> james: go for it. >> okay. >> james: jamie lee, everybody! fun show, all right, reg, you ready? i'm james >> james: he's reggie watts, i'm james corden, and this-- this is the "late, late show!" ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs
11:41 pm
the late, late show, ooh the late, late show, oh, oh the late, late show oh, oh the late, late show (cheers and applause). >> james: nice to be back. thank you so much for being here. how are you doing, reggie, i like this hair tonight. >> reggie: thank you. >> james: i thought it was just for rehearsal but this is a choice reggie's has made. >> reggie: yes. >> james: tell everyone how you came across this. >> reggie: it's called sleeping hair. it's the way i put my hair when i go to sleep. and i forgot to take it out. >> james: because you realize that if you have it down it tangles up because you move around. >> reggie: it tangles up. this way if i put it on top f you have the pony tail, can i only lay on the side or on my facement but this way i have complete 360 degree access. >> james: to the whole sphere >> reggie: yeah. >> james: a maisessing, i love >> reggie: thank you. >> james: did you have a good holiday, good christmas? what did you do?
11:42 pm
answer that really plainly but i would rather make a game of it. >> james: okay. >> reggie: it's a game that we have never played before but it's called "two lies, one truth." >> james: two lies, one truth. >> yeah. >> reggie: so i'm going to tell you three things, but two will be lies and one will be a truth and you have to guess which is the truth. >> james: i have to guess what is true. >> reggie: yeah. >> james: we're all excited. go for it, go on. let's have a go. >> reggie: okay. thank you. (laughter). >> james: i'm annoyed that the hair style didn't get it's own clap, that's the truth. >> reggie: okay, so yeah, i went to montana. >> james: uh-huh. >> reggie: i received a cybernetic arm from m.i.t. robotics program that wanted me to check out some of its flexibility and articulation, that's one thing.
11:43 pm
brody's in empty parking lots with snow and i almost hit a small dog, that was kierched-- yeah. okay. and then the third is i learned how to use a wearable defib rate-- defib later. (laughter). >> james: i mean, reggie, stop, reggie, stop. the odd thing is that one of them is true. right, so the first one, let's go through them in order. an arm, what do you mean? >> reggie: just like to help people in laboratories like taking samples and moving it to the centrifuge, and stuff like that. >> james: so why then would they give it to you to test? >> reggie: cuz i know a lot about them. (laughter). >> james: who gave you the arm? >> reggie: m.i.t (laughter).
11:44 pm
okay. the second one was what are brody, is this an american thing? >> reggie: yeah. >> james: you don't know either,. >> reggie: it is a western state, it's called doughnuts, you call them doughnuts, it's boring. in a car. >> james: in a car, were you going round and round in a circle in a car. what kind of car were you in? >> reggie: oh, yeah. (laughter). >> reggie: oh, what kind of car, rights, it's a ford, a ford, ford tawr us. >> james: a ford tawr us-- tau ru s,. >> james: and the third one was that you. >> i-- . >> reggie: i learned how to use a portable defib later. >> james: why? >> reggie: cuz you never know. >> james: but why would you be using a defib later. i can't even work out why-- .
11:45 pm
run into someone who needs one. >> james: yeah, but then you would have to have one with you. >> reggie: yeah, yeah, it's hard. (laughter). >> james: i don't think you're the type of guy that would do doughnuts in a car park, i really don't. >> reggie: yeah. (laughter). >> james: i'm going to go with that the truth is that you learned to use a portable defiblater. >> reggie: i'm afraid that that is correct. >> james: yeah, stick around, we'll be right back with sarah silverman, alicia vikander and taylor kinney. come on want to see you >> the "late, late show" with
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,,,, (cheers and applause). >> james: welcome back. >> reggie: the she received a screen actors guild for her brilliant performance in the film "i smile back." ladies and gentlemen, sarah
11:49 pm
(cheers and applause) she's nominated for two golden globes for "the danish girl" and "ex machina," give it up for alicia vikander. he's stars in the new film "the forest" go wild for taylor kinney! >> reggie: taylor kinney taylor kinney taylor kinney taylor kinney >> james: good to see you. (cheers and applause). >> james: all right, now is it true, this is a real present, is this actually for me?
11:50 pm
>> i did. without getting too into the story, i did bring it for you. >> james: great, i i wasn't-- (applause) >> so this is something that, well, me and my family, my girl, my fiance, we have had fun having these cooking contests. >> james: i love that you say your girl when we all know it's lady gaga, can i say its with a gift from you and lady gaga. >> sure, yeah, i didn't wrap the damn thing. >> james: this wasn't wrapped by lady gaga. >> sure, sure it was. >> james: don't even lie if it wasn't. okay. >> i can't take t it's a pizza o vefnlt he told me. >> you blew it! >> james: hang on, hang on. >> sorry. >> james: it is a 12 inch stone pizza oven. taylor. >> here we go.
11:51 pm
me. (applause) >> there you go. >> they're amazing. i have tried one of those, by the way. >> james: right, okay. i just started a diet like today. (laughter) so this-- i will start it next year. i will start it next year. this is amazing. taylor, that's incredibly fun. >> you do your own dough, do you that, you have toppings, cheese, you put it in. and you just have a bakeoff. >> james: i like that you said toppings, cheese, like none of us knew what a pizza was. i absolutely love that. well, that is incredibly kind. actually, the best gift i got this year. it's fine, my family are in the united kingdom. they're not going to see this. all of their presents sucked. (laughter) now thank you so much for being here. i really appreciate it. so you have never been on the show before but you are very good friends with reggies, you're basically besties, right? >> we're good friends. i feel like a lot of people, you can't jj a book by its cover.
11:52 pm
reggie and they feel like they know him or they make kind of a blanket judgement. and you would be surprised to know, like, for instance, reggie eats a lot of edible marijuana. (laughter) yeah, he eats it, it say medical condition where he doesn't watch enough reruns of "the nanny." it gets it in his system. >> james: yeah, it's very, very good fun. now alicia, you have just come back fromu ru gu ay. >> i was. >> james: why did you go? >> it was quite far for only being there five days. because i thought i was going to have a longer vacation when i booked the tickets. >> james: right. >> but now i'm here. >> james: what does one do in uraguay. i cooked. i did not bring my pizza oven, unfortunately.
11:53 pm
cards and yahtzee and relaxed. >> james: that is such a cool. >> they do have a lot of marijuana there. >> james: do they, really? >> it's legal. >> james: oh, now, okay, now i completely understand why you went. we just played a lot of games. sure you did. now taylor, we mentioned before, you are engaged. you are getting married. (cheers and applause) congratulations. now i am sure it is mainly because you feel embarrassed and you don't know how to ask me what you would like me to sing at your wedding. so i am saying, get it out of the way. it doesn't even matter. >> you are more than welcome. you can come. >> james: shut the front door. >> yeah, sing what you want. that would be huge swrz oh my god. i feel like. >> a dance number as well. >> james: i feel like are you just saying that because we are on a talk show but to me it is completely real.
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