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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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to the hospital. investigators are still on scene collecting evidence. i will have a live report coming up. the start of a new era for denver police. an era of body cameras. we will talk about how that will go into effect. powerball players get ready to buy more tickets. no jackpot winner last night. we will tell you how much more money will be up for grabs. >> reporter: i'm danielle nottingham. in california. more rain, snow and thunderstorms as the west coast feels the impact of el nino. get ready for some weather here. let's get a first look of your forecast. that storm is here. i 70 and bail. it is not hit the metro yet. lauren is tracking it all. here's a look at i-70. just about in the town of vail. some snow falling. we will see that's no increase throughout the day. we will have a winter weather advisory for the denver area.
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temperatures are 30 at a dia. 32 in boulder. 27 toward steamboat. 29 in craig. 25 in burlington. as we look at the satellite and radar, it's hard to see which of those clouds. snow on the western slope. some down into the southeastern corner. let's zoom into the metro. off to the west we have a snowfall this morning. light in the foothills right now. nothing really in denver. a better chance for snow is not until later this morning. it may take a little bit to get this going for us. some snow on the western slope all the way from grand junction through the town of vail. and as you head through the central mountains. on the eastern plains, all the way from lamarr and trinidad, we have snow this morning. winter weather advisories. these are in place for the southeastern corner. the southwestern quarter. some of these will expire this morning and a lot of snow expected in the mountains. here in denver were looking at
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parts of the mountains as you leave town will see 5 to 10 inches. looking at the hour by hour. around 8 am we will be on the cloudy side with a few flakes flying. a better chance comes closer to noon. snowy potentially throughout most -- most of the afternoon. let's check in with joel. across the denver metro area we are crash and install free. we have been watching the high country of vail pass. you can see how i sent snowpack the roads are. at the eisenhower tunnel you the plows. look at the scene on the roads. that is ice. will be underneath the snow. here we are across the denver metro area. some police activity which shut down a portion of 85th place in corona and essex. southbound coming into town through thorton you have the express lanes a project. the bulk of the slowing is in the northbound direction. in adams county, one man is in the hospital after overnight
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mishap and east of i 25 near 88th and washington. we go to shawn chitnis with the latest. >> reporter: the adams county sheriff's office is still here. we can see the crime scene unit behind me in the distance. detectives are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting just before midnight. we know that one person was taken to the hospital with injuries. several gunshot wounds for that man. there is no suspect description at this hour. those with the adams county office said they are not sure if it was one suspect or multiple people. the victim was shot multiple times but we do not have an update on his condition. he was the only one injured. there was also a woman around the house at the time. if you people were interviewed at a nearby substation. is also unclear with the victim was doing here. detectives don't know if he lives here or if he knew someone at the house. and that's what brought him to this area when this happened. the sheriff's office has closed
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they tell us it may be a few hours before they can open it. live in adams county, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. police said they believe it kidnapped 16-year-old girl may be heading to missouri with this man, thomas fechtler also goes by the name thomas kitchen. police say he sexually assaulted the teenager. she is blonde with blue eyes, about 5'3" tall and weighing around 120 pounds. they may be in a toyota rav4. similar to the one on your screen. the license plate is wh9-k2u. the suv has some rear end damage. the largest jackpot in parable history will be up for grabs again on saturday night. no one won the prize last night. it was $524 million. last night, lottery machines were spitting out tickets. no one has claimed top prize since last november. the largest prize claimed was $590 million won by a ford a woman into me of 2013. here's a look at the winning numbers.
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2-11-47-62-63 powerball 17 . on saturday, the estimated jackpot is going to jump to $675 million. >> incredible. that big rollover. denver police department will start rolling out the body cams to some of its officers today. this comes with a lot of discussion about when their use is appropriate. >> reporter: morning. this is part of a $1.6 million budget plan which will fund these cameras. the denver police department said eventually they will have 800 officers outfitted with these cameras. the 100 officers who will be outfitted, those are the ones who have the most interaction and spend the most time with the public and include officers in district 6 which is the major metro area. some traffic operations and the gang unit. simply put, more than half the police department will be
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some people have concerns. members of the denver police protection association filed a lawsuit against the city back in november saying, department failed to seek union input. >> we just don't feel that the policy is ironed out to the point where it's going to effectively protect the citizens , the officers and the city. >> reporter: sergeant bryan o'neill is a 17 year veteran of the police department. he said he knows there are a few things that need to be ironed out and a few questions that he has. ultimately, he said this will be a good tool to help with the investigation and prosecution process. live in denver, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. a long standoff in wheat ridge came to an end while they were sleeping. police took a wanted felon in custody. he was found buried in trash in a basement at 38 and pearce.
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was arrested and right now we are awaiting word from police on identities and charges. he ran off the road, caused damage and left before the lease arrived. tonight, an investigation looks into how an off-duty police officer was able to avoid dui charges and serious consequences. >> reporter: he was driving home when he took a very wrong turn. >> just look like the fence had been knocked down. >> reporter: careening through neighbors offenses, driving down the sidewalk before he got stuck. then we learned where he worked. >> he did indicate he was a police officer and had been for many years. >> reporter: which is why what happened next was so curious. >> i'm surprised that anyone would walk away. >> reporter: when he did face- off with police it had an unusual ending. >> the case of the careless cop. a good samaritan gets a big thank you after turning in hundreds of dollars. william ritchie was walking
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northglenn when he found an envelope that had $1600 inside. it turns out, it was a young couples rent money. >> it's a miracle. we live so far in a just happened to be over here in our envelope. it really is a miracle. two its more than what i even had to lose so i can't imagine how someone must feel. >> good and honest. he said the thought of keeping the money never crossed his mind. martinez said she is switching to checks. struck the el nio storms and california have caused heartaches and headaches. this is one backyard filled with rushing water as the rains hit drought stricken health. danielle nottingham has the latest from california. >> reporter: parts of southern california already soaked by days of rain are bracing for more wet weather this morning.
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a third round of heavy rain and strong winds wednesday uprooted massive trees in the san diego area. >> whole house shook. for two minutes at felt like my roof would go off. >> reporter: launching tree limbs into homes. >> it came where i was sitting. if i didn't move -- it would definitely her. >> reporter: many drivers had to be rescued from vehicles as roads were transformed into rivers. the daily show saturated hillsides, triggering mudslides that spilled onto highways. >> you can drive along and drive into it and all of a sudden you are up to your windows. in my. >> reporter: here in newhall, the mudslide threat has forced residents to leave their homes. and even more rain is on the way for the weekend and beyond. >> number five on saturday. the sixth storm of the month will hit the top of next week, leading to widespread rainfall totals for the entire state of california and nevada and
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the coastline from top to bottom and we're talking phoenix also getting an inch or 2 inches of rain. >> reporter: the system has brought within a foot of snow to the mountains, helping to recharge the regents snowpack. danielle nottingham, cbs news, newhall, california. we want to get to breaking news out of paris. these are live pictures. french officials say a man armed with a knife has been shot to death by officers in northern paris. the man had wires apparently extending from his clothing and an explosive squad is there. this is being investigated as potential terrorism once again in france. nerves are rattled. the shooting came on the anniversary of the attacks against the charlie hebdo newspaper one year ago this day. just minutes before this happened, the french president paid homage to police officers killed in the line of duty including three who were shot to death last january. police said the neighborhood in
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we will follow. for the latest information out of paris. lets check the bus stop forecast. good morning. cloudy skies for the kids. temperatures in the upper 20s. on the way home, a chance for light snow. tomorrow morning, most likely stoke the bus stop. start we have our first accident. the eastbound direction of i 70. you can see it is as you get to the east of colorado boulevard. not causing delays. if you are about near party can turn our partners koa news partners. during colors morning news and afternoon news if you're traffic and cbs4 weather together every 10 minutes on the tents.
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chick-fil-a wants to help keep your new year's resolution by eating a little healthier. it's the first fast food chain to offer a superfood side. this is a blend of chopped kale and rocco lane -- bradley. it will be available later this month. most of us are guilty of it, spending too much time looking at our phones or computers. and maybe time to take a break. a new study said nearly 80% of americans suffer from digital eyestrain. some of the symptoms include dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, neck and back pain. besides cutting down the screen time, doctors recommend holding her phone rather back in the keep the font size bigger. a young ballerina is beating the odds and inspiring others. she's back on the stage after battling cancer. anna mott dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and her wish came true about four years ago. she got the role of clara in the nutcracker.
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having pain. she went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. after chemo, and surgeries, she was left partially paralyzed and blind but she's a fighter. >> i'm going to help all these other people and be able to lift them up too. i've been through it. i know what it feels like. i'm glad i will be able to heal people who have to go through it too. >> anna is dancing again in her home state of georgia. >> what a great story. let's change to the weather now. lauren is watching the system coming in. we see snow in the high country. here is a look at i-70 near vail. flakes are flying this one. a little more on vail pass. it is snowing as you head into the high country. we will see snow stick around today and tomorrow. let's look at what is going on is warning as we start off our thursday.
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19 in greeley. twitty five in burlington. 27 in fort collins. 30 in grand junction. here is the satellite and radar. we have some snow in the foothills and down south we have heavier snowfall. also wendy high country, if you don't have snow, is pretty cloudy. here is the denver area. this is the west side of town. when he had toward the foothills, that is where we have snowy conditions. here in denver, not much for us yet. through the morning hours, closer to let's time that is a better shot for us. the western slope all the way from vail to parts of utah, we have snow this morning. glenwood canyon is probably not fun this morning. as you head toward him and toward i 25, some heavy snowfall for us this morning. winter storm warnings down in that area near trinidad. along the i 25 corridor as you head into the mountains, some areas could see 10 to 16 inches of snow. parts of the eastern san what's
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many areas on the southwestern corner could see maybe another couple inches this morning. as we zoom into the denver area, we may see 3 to 7 inches. winter weather advisories for the 5:00 tonight and go through 2:00 tomorrow. he will not get all the snow today. it is a two day event. the southern foothills could see up to eight inches of snow. futurecast for today. it may take time for snow to had toward a denver. a couple flurries through the morning but a better chance comes in into the afternoon and evening. overnight, a better shot for snow that sticks around through tomorrow morning. snowy conditions in southern colorado sticking around for a while on friday. things will ease out then. temperatures today. 35 in denver. 38 in boulder. lots of low 30s and 20s in the mountains. 30s and the eastern plains. for the hour-by-hour forecast. maybe a few flurries this ring. a better chance in the afternoon. a an even better chance tonight through tomorrow. 23 tomorrow.
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we will clear out on saturday. let's check in with joe. chain and a passenger traction restrictions in place when you head into the high country. the city eisenhower tunnel. you can see dasheem. this is open vail pass where we are seeing the ice and snow forming. this is the denver metro area. an accident in eastbound direction of i-70. that is to the east of colorado.
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it is shaping up to be another rough day on wall street after china's stock market took a nosedive, forcing you to shut down for the day. >> i'm looking at the premarket trading. it is ugly. for more, let's bring in cbs news analyst joe solicitor. she has a closer look. jill, we now have a second 7% drop in the chinese stock market this week. this is hurting us even though we've had some reasonably good news. >> reporter: absolutely. the selling in china is really about the fear that the economy is slowing down. on monday when they fell 7%, we got bad news out of the manufacturing sector there. today, we found out the currency. the government knows that things are slowing down more than we expect. they devalue their currency two the goods they export cheaper to try to spur some growth. the selling begins and it cascades across the world.
5:21 am
remember, as you said, the data here in the u.s. has actually been pretty good. we had a decent job reports yesterday. so far, we are far from any fear over recession here in the u.s. >> but we have had a couple of down days. so, what is expected this morning when u.s. markets open? >> reporter: we are looking like we will be down about 350 52% move. i want to remind us that, on monday, we were down 460 points. but then came clawing back toward the end of the day. if you are tempted to sell, you would be wise to sit still and stick to your game plan. even if markets do tumble, these are short-term moves. over the long-term, your game plan will see you through. just grab a little slug of pepto-bismol, hang on tight and repeat after me. just relax. it's going to be okay. >> breathe.
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there. let's get a check on the travel forecast. good morning. no major delays. we still have more rain in california and they will see that continue. that moves into parts of the desert southwest. we're looking at rain in arizona and new mexico. we are snow in parts of the midwest. is fairly mild to the east coast. if you are headed to dia this morning, so pretty wait time is around 5 to 15 minutes. let's check in with joel. we're seeing quite a bit of volume this whole week so far. look at this. this is identified and 84. a portion of that is the express lane project. i know it has the blue filter on this camera but i 25 and 84 southbound coming into town? if you headlights. we have one accident on the drive out to the airport.
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along i-70. 5:25. 30 degrees. start everyone is talking about this. a stage crash at the people's choice award. we will have more on what this man said coming up. ring. ronnie hillman named a state ost officer player of the week for his performance against the charges. he is the six weekly winner for the fog is the season.'s return to practice today. they won't learn their playoff opponent until saturday night. will they learn who their quarterback is before then? gary kubiak has said no timetable for making his decision. if you think having a quarterback controversy would be stressful for the head coach, it again. >> it's enjoyable because of where we're at. in this business you work really hard to get in a position we're in right now. into be a part of this next month. there's always going to be tough decisions to make.
5:24 am
coaches, players, it's a grind. the nfl is a tough season. it's hard to win in this league. but you do it to get to the point we are at today. >> reporter: the focus will host either the steelers, teeth or texans on sunday.
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5:29. were covering one in in the shooting. >> it happen these by 25 near 88th and washington. shawn chitnis is there this morning. >> reporter: this is the street where it happened. east 85th place behind me. closed off. on scene.
5:27 am
out what happened. we know that was a shooting just before midnight. one man was taken to the hospital. there were injuries from several different gunshot wounds. we do not have a full description of a suspect or suspects that may be involved. that is something detectives are trying to work on. we do not know the condition of the man was shot. we know he was the only one injured in the shooting. there was a woman at the house who likely witnessed the shooting and detectives were interviewed a couple people at a nearby substation earlier this morning. the other big question that detectives are try to figure out is what the victim was doing in this area. it's unclear if he lives here or if he knew someone. at this point, we're hoping to get another update from the sheriffs office. we hope to get that later this morning. live in adams county, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning hours. we are starting the morning pretty mild at 30 degrees. we are waiting for a storm to
5:28 am
>> you may want a heavier coat is moving. it is going to get cold in trouble is coming. we are going to get chilly today. a cold front will come through and bring as cold air. then it gets worse this weekend. here are temperatures. 30 in denver. 32 in boulder. 19 in greeley. 25 in burlington. 30 in grand junction. we have a snow on the western slope right now. a little bit of snow in the foothills and down into the southeastern corner. denver is dry. if you head out to the foothills, you can see some snow all the way south near clarksburg. and up toward estes park some scattered light snowfall. as we look at one of her futurecast, we can see snow on the south side of town earlier in the day. denver may not see anything until lunchtime. the south side may see some snow in the later morning hours. that will continue throughout the afternoon. snow will be fairly light throughout the day as we head into the evening and overnight, things will start to pick up.
5:29 am
advisories will go in place. winter storm warnings and part of the state. as we head toward the denver area, we may see 3 to 7 inches of snow. this is not a one-day event. this advisory starts at 5:00 tonight. that's when things could start to pick up for us. let's check in with joel. today? >> and high country it is snowy and icy. here is a look at the eisenhower tunnel. you can see machine on the roads as you get to the vail pass. that is where we had the chain and passenger restriction in place. it is icy. make sure you are ready for winter driving can additions. across the denver metro area we have one spot. eastbound direction of i 70 past colorado. southbound coming to town we have seen some slowing. added volume out there but when you take the whole of it, the stretch from 120th through i- 70, the average speed of 63
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if you are getting in your car, you can turn on koa newsradio 850 am and now a 94.1 fm. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. longmont police believe a kidnapped six-year-old girl may be heading to missouri. with this man. this is thomas fechtler, he also goes by the name of thomas kitchen. police say he sexually assaulted that teenager. she is described as blonde with blue eyes. by foot 3 inches. she weighs around 120 pounds. they could be any toyota rav4 similar to this one. has the license plate, wh9-k2u. that suv has some rear end damage. call police right away if you see them. a standoff came to an end. police took a wanted felon into custody. the man was found buried in trash in the homes of basement at 38th and pearce. yesterday, another man was arrested and we are awaiting word on identities and charges. denver police officers will use body cameras. not everyone is on board with
5:31 am
jamie leary is live at dpd headquarters with more on this roll out. >> reporter: good morning. these are body cameras will be outfitted on more than half of the denver police department. specifically about 800 officers will have the body cameras and those officers are the ones who have the most interaction with the public. if you happen to have an encounter with law enforcement today, there's a chance you could be on camera. this world outcomes after months of testing and is part of the $6.1 million denver police department budget. officers say it will be a great safety tool and help gather statements, evidence and scene documentation. all things that can be captured and used in the prosecution of a case. there are still concerns. the denver police protection association filed a lawsuit in november saying the department failed to seek union input. >> i still think we have some issues that have not been addressed such as officers
5:32 am
should we be allowed to come into someone's house recording? >> reporter: that was sergeant o'neill. he's a 17 year veteran of the denver police department. he knows the roll out is going to have a few kinks in it it will take some time. ultimately, he hopes it will be a helpful tool for the police department. the department is expected to address the media about the role out tomorrow. live in denver, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. the united states, japan, south korea agreed to launch a united international response to north korea's claim of the test of a nuclear weapon. south korea, protesters hit the streets. the group also set fire to a cardboard cutout of north korean leader. this is being met with skepticism that they really let the bomb off.
5:33 am
that can detect radiological activity. the chinese are not happy about this is paris. a few minutes ago we talked about what happened here this morning. a man with a knife and a wire on his clothing was shot to death by officers. this happened outside a police station in northern paris. to officials say the man had wires so they now have an explosive squad on site. this is being investigated as potential terrorism. it comes on the anniversary of the attacks against charlie hebdo newspaper. minutes before, the french president paid homage to police officers killed in the line of duty including three shot to death last january. police said the neighborhood was locked down after the shooting. we do mark one year today since the terror attack at charlie hebdo. the gunman killed a dozen people than.
5:34 am
famous cartoonists. other attacks within days left another five dead. edition cover to market that's grim anniversary. it shows a figure with the guns, one year on the assassin is still on the run. the editor talk about it. >> can you explain what that cover means? >> what is it exactly? audience? >> is a caricature representing the symbolic figure of god. to us, it's the very idea of god that may have killed our friends a year ago. so we wanted to widen our vision of things. faith is not always peaceful. maybe we should learn to live with a little less of god. >> the editor went on to explain the picture on the cover is not mohammed but above him. the god of all believers. president obama will hold a town hall meeting in fairfax, virginia to talk about gun violence. this comes days after he unveiled plans in his new
5:35 am
that plan will require gun dealers, including those who sell firearms on the internet or at gun shows, to be licensed. and to conduct background checks. he would also change a federal privacy rule to keep people with mental health restrictions from possessing guns. nobody is waking up a multimillionaire today. >> all of us are disappointed. no one matched all the winning numbers. come saturday, it could climb to almost $700 million. here is brian webb. >> reporter: across the country it's time for america's favorite jackpot game, ready everyone, this is powerball. >> reporter: saturday's drawing will be the biggest eject hot in u.s. history. $675 million could be yours for the price of a two dollar ticket. lottery machines spit out tickets as fast as they could print them wednesday. >> today is my birthday. i thought maybe it's my lucky
5:36 am
>> tonight the powerball jackpot is worth an estimated $524.1 million. lucky winners last night. leaving disappointed players dreaming of the good deeds they could have done. >> i'm going to pay off my new jeep and take a trip and maybe give some donations to the homeless vets and homeless animals. >> i will take of it and give other half to my sister who gave me a kidney three years ago. >> reporter: statistically speaking you may not to speak your own lucky numbers. up to 80% of all jackpots are picked by the computer. >> i let the machine pick them. i'm no good at numbers. it's a chance. if you don't play, you don't have a chance. >> reporter: the chance of winning wednesday's drawing was 1 in 292 million. on saturday, your eyes will be even greater. brian webb, for cbs news. here's a look at the
5:37 am
2-11-47-62-63 powerball 17 . on saturday, the estimated jackpot will be $675 million. >> you do not win.
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frantically working to free 17 miners trapped about 800 feet underground. they are apparently stuck in an elevator a salt mine in central new york state. >> this is a drama going on. a life and death drama. crews have made some radio contact with the minors. they did not believe anyone is hurt. they have been able to get heat packs and blankets to the workers. we will watch the situation. he has been deaf since he was four but a young man from lone tree canal see better than you and me. health specialist, kathy walsh was there when he tried the latest in cochlear implant technology for the very first time. >> are you nervous about this? are you excited? >> i'm excited. about the capabilities of what it can do. >> reporter: out with the old. in with the new. nicholas shortridge, 2016 has the sound of success. >> this is significantly or sophisticated. >> reporter: and this will change nicholas's life.
5:40 am
>> reporter: nicholas has been deaf since he was four. is headed cochlear implant 22 years. >> i'm glad to have it because it helped me. >> reporter: today, the is getting a new year. a streamlined outside piece or processor loaded with the latest technology. his initial reaction -- >> it's a cleaner sounding signal? >> audiologist, allison biever said it includes bluetooth capability. she went down the hall and called nicholas his cell. >> how does my voice sound? >> it sounds perfect, allison. >> reporter: and nicholas is now one up on hearing people. he can tune out what those who can hear, can't. >> the other cochlear, i could hear the fan, i could hear all these distracting noises. >> you can get rid of the background noise by turning this to 100%. >> it will change my life enormously. >> reporter: nicholas is a pharmacy tech knowledge -- technician. hoping to become a pharmacist. he's thankful that his once silent world is now a world of
5:41 am
>> kathy walsh, cbs4 news. the new technology also includes a wireless a clip on mini microphone. it works great. it transmits the sounds of the professors in lecture halls and in one-on-one conversations. what's going on in denver as we await the snow coming in midvale right now. we're looking at i 70 at the pass. it is dipping down into the metro area. it is a little colder for us too. you can see a few light flakes of falling in the bill area right now. we will see that continue throughout most of the day today. lets look at temperatures. we're starting off with 30 in denver. 19 in greeley. 23 in lyman. 27 in avon. 31 in grand junction. on satellite and radar, we have snow on the western slope down to the south. in denver, on the west side of town, there is a little bit of
5:42 am
boulder in estes park. on the east side of town, a few light flurries this morning. most of denver is on the dry side. some areas may see some light snow this might. a better chance comes around lunchtime. we have the stock super 8 at noon today. there may be some snow around for that. winter storm warning for parts of the southern part of the state. eastern san juan's. wind and a lot of snow expected from tonight through tomorrow afternoon. the front range into denver is looking at 3 to 7 inches. this starts at 5:00 tonight. during the day, snow will be light. it ramps up more overnight and last through tomorrow. you're not waking up to seven inches of snow. this will looking late from today through tomorrow. some mountain areas could see 5 to 10 inches. south of denver could see snow throughout the later morning hours and early afternoon. still continues in the foothill and that should go on and off
5:43 am
around five or 6:00 tonight, a better chance of snow that could stick around through tomorrow morning. and may pick up around lunchtime. tomorrow, we're looking at snowy conditions and should start to fade after 8 pm. on saturday, maybe a few flurries. 38 in boulder. 33 in greeley. upper 30s on the eastern plains. 20s and 30s in the mountains. for your hour-by-hour forecast, we are on the dry side with clouds. by noon, a chance for snow. we're looking at temperatures to be our warmest for a while. 23 on friday. 25 on saturday. they recalled on sunday with clearing skies. let's check in with joel. good morning. a bit of volume along i-70 in one direction. several accidents along i-70 as you get to colorado. here's the great speeds we have
5:44 am
good speeds around us 36. hear from the cbs4 mousetrap can. added volume in the southbound direction. not slowing things down. maybe a bit as you get past i 70 and the stadium curve. through the bridges and down to the tech center, a great drive. both accident on eastbound direction. one on the holly kim and one of the cholera can. some flashing lights. not causing too many delays because of the later volumes we have. southbound coming into town. broomfield out to denver. commerce city looks good. average speeds. alumni to 70 at 5:50 into the 50s. we are used to seeing traffic but today, a lot of cattle will be strutting down the street in denver. it is the national western stock show and parade. former bronco, rich carless is leading this. he said he will have both cowboy boots on. he is best known for his barefoot kicks. the parade kicks off from union station at noon and runs along
5:45 am
start avs and blues had to settle the game in overtime last night but just get a. they pulled goalie in the final two minutes of regulation. here is what happened. nathan mackinnon gets a pass in the corner. then puts one on net hoping for a rebound. this is how many cars -- gulzar score. it were to show. he ties it up. we go to overtime. three on three play. the avs get the puck. blues goalie gamble to get to it. john mitchell said thank you very much. just like that, avs come from behind to win a three on three overtime thriller. 4-3 over the st. louis blues. they are two points out of a playoff spot and moving up. let's get a check on the weather watchers. dilatory is reporting 25 degrees from franktown. he said it is clear but hazy. we're looking at a chance for
5:46 am
we will talk about the travel forecast and everything happening across the state coming up in a moment.,,,, become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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a big win for a fan favorite in the movie category in last night's people's choice awards. the acceptance speech from vin diesel was well worth it. big honors for matt damon and kerry washington. here is david daniel with today's hollywood minute. >> it's been a long day, without my friend. >> reporter: vin diesel sold a show at the people's choice awards, invoking his friend, the late paul walker as he expected -- excepted to awards. >> he would be amazed what you can do with love. you'd be amazed at how powerful a force that is. we didn't want to come back to film when the tragedy was too heavy. it was the love of everyone combined that saw us through to the end and now i'm standing here with all of you telling me
5:49 am
>> i need to figure out how to grow four years worth of food here on a planet or nothing grows here >> reporter: the martian star has a shot and an oscar nomination for best actor but don't expect him to vote for himself. damon said there were other performances he would give the award to and he's more concerned that the director, ridley scott, finally wins an oscar. and kerry washington is headed to harvard. the school's peacekeeping theatricals have named the start their 2016 woman of the year. the honor goes to performers who make a lasting contribution in entertainment and include the parade to harvard square in a celebratory dinner. recent honorees include helen mirren and amy poehler. hollywood minute, i'm david daniel. there was a strange moment in the people's choice awards many random guy came on stage when the women from the top were giving their thank you speech. >> you ain't going to pull no steve harvey up in here. >> no. security. >> no word on who that guy was
5:50 am
begun online. maybe this was some sort of stunt. jerry seinfeld visited the late show with stephen colbert last night and they talked about seinfeld's latest venture, comedians in cars. into big guest. president obama, who could not get them off the white house grounds. >> did he drive or did you drive? >> we both drove. i let him drive the car. >> i think we have a clip of you driving. kind of cars this? >> this is a 63 split window corvette. >> i bet if you talk to the god they will let us out. just say, i'm the president. >> darrell, can you open this up? >> i'm sorry. >> that's unbelievable. i knew that wouldn't work. >> you didn't sell it. >> the most powerful man in the
5:51 am
>> guests include america ferrera tonight on the late show. you can watch that after cbs4 news at 10:00. start thursday morning. 30 degrees in denver but lauren is tracking a storm. >> we are talking about bad and that will have a big effect on your day. were also tracking this story. breaking news this morning out of adams county. we are live in from the scene ahead of the shooting. breaking into france. police are investigating a potential act of terrorism. what caused officers to open fire on a man at a police station in northern paris. >> rescue workers in new york are frantically working to free 17 miners are trapped underground in a salt mine. how that rescue is going. >> reporter: i'm live the denver police department. starting today if you have an
5:52 am
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breaking news out of adams county. a man is shot multiple times and is now in the hospital. we are live in from the scene. out of france this morning. police are investigating a potential act of terrorism. we are tracking what caused officers to open fire and killed a man near a police station. first we heavy weather alert this morning. we are getting ready for snow which is certain to move into parts of colorado. the drive home could be cooler than it is this morning as we flip things around. >> it could be data. skiers and boarders, you have good angst to look forward to. fresh powder coming in the mountains.
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