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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am MST

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did you do a ride-along or anything? (laughter) >> into the billionaire hood, yeah. >> stephen: yeah! when i spoke to the hedge fund guys, some of whom were billionaires several times over, i just got the sense from them that the money was incidental to the game. playing the game is the most interesting thing, and winning the game was really what drove them. so, yeah, having billions was winning. better than winning at monopoly. and they just happen to have billions. and then if they use that money responsibly, they give it away or don't or whatever and buy another yacht. but it was the power, it was the sense of the game, it was the sense of feeling they were right and, when they backed their own bet on something and it succeeded, there was a tremendous sense of indication. >> stephen: it's ball swinging
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>> yeah, a little, although they think of themselves distinct from wall street. they're like snipers and sharks circling the pool. >> stephen: sounds like good guys! (laughter) there were rumors you might be picked to be the new bond. (cheering) i think you just snapped into character there for a moment. can you tell me whether that's true or would you have to kill me afterwards? >> no one has called me. >> stephen: really? phone. >> stephen: all right. no one's called. no one's called. >> stephen: pity for him. (laughter) thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for inviting me. did. but i'm glad you're here. (laughter) (applause)
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! as you know, we were off the air for two weeks for the holidays. and of course, the biggest story over the break was donald trump. actually, i have to apologize. i'm looking at the card here, and it says the biggest story was steve harvey announcing the wrong winner of the miss donald trump was a very close
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confusion. both seem like horrible mistakes. (laughter) and trump seems unstoppable. the most recent c.n.n. o.r.c. b.l.t. poll has trump up nationally by 21 points. the american people want their next president to be a fire-haired, red-faced embodiment of pure rage and "anger" from "inside out" isn't running. the other republican candidates will do anything to pull ahead, and with the iowa caucuses just a few weeks away, things are going to get ugly. and, for people who cover it, that's beautiful. >> the race for the white house, heating up. >> it's going to get ugly. >> how ugly is this going. to get? >> get ready. this is about to get very. nasty. >> expected to be a nasty, general election. >> new vulgar insults that show the race for president is getting nasty. >> stephen: oh, it's gonna get stanky!
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the candidates will be tossed into a fight pit, and the cannibal media will stand on the precipice, placing wagers on which candidate will emerge from the pit drinking wine from the skull of their vanquished foe! it's like the hunger games. no, it's more brutal than that. it's... the hungry for power games! yes, welcome, one and all, to the hungry for power games! tributes, assemble! oh, yes! this one smells like fear! oh, look at those shining, hopeful faces! each of them eager to take on the toughest job in the world -- decorating the oval office. the room has no corners, it's a feng shui nightmare! ni-hao! (laughter) sadly, only one person can be president. and even more sadly, it will be
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ha ha! lowered expectations! and over the holidays, america got the greatest gift of all -- slightly fewer candidates. >> former governor george pataki is out of race for president. >> senator lindsey graham has ended his presidential bid. >> stephen: yes, two more tributes have fallen -- longtime senator lindsey graham and three-term new york governor george pataki. they were both brought low by a shameful chapter in their past -- government experience. you did stuff, and that's just not done. bye-bye! and things started so brightly for south carolina senator and cabbage patch republican, lindsey graham. out of all 17 republican candidates, only graham had military experience, having spent over 30 years as an air force judge advocate general or "jag". it looked for a while that things were on for the jag. but now, it's jag off.
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ha ha, wordplay! from day one, lindsey was focused on national security. he even had a plan to stop isis -- triple our troop presence in iraq and send 10,000 american soldiers to syria alongside a coalition of arab allies to prevent the entrenchment of a caliphate. to put that in a more popular way -- >> i would bomb the (bleep) out of 'em. >> stephen: yea! sugar daddy is going to buy baby a bomb! so, our little graham cracker was struggling, but he wasn't knocked out, until he said this about president obama: >> i have no doubt that he loves his country. i have no doubt that he's a patriot. >> stephen: uh-oh! "lindsey and barack, sitting in a tree -- k-i-l-l-i-n-g...his chances of being the nominee." and just like that... he's gone! so tribute graham has been
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his own qualifications. and it's no surprise. it would be hard to imagine anybody polling less than 1/2%. luckily, we don't have to imagine, because george pataki was polling at 0.0%. which technically means pataki wasn't even voting for himself. but can you blame him? that guy's polling at 0%! governor pataki was out of the public eye for 10 years. but even when the public eye was back on him, it had no idea what it was looking at. because when "jeopardy" contestants were shown his picture earlier this year, none of them could supply his name. and yet, voters kept saying the correct answer: "who is george pataki?" ha ha! that's him, right? but if he thought he was ever going to be president, george pataki must have been smoking the wacky pataki. because he ran "as a republican
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gun control, gay rights, and environmentalism." shh - no sudden movements! it's the last republican moderate. if you listen closely, you can hear his haunting mating call: "let's compromise! let's compromise!" alas. (applause) his pelt will make a fine rug for donald trump's trophy room. sadly, for these tributes, it is time to bid farewell. and even more sadly for me, because this is the part of the show in which i'm allowed to drink champagne. ha-ha! i have a problem! (laughter) let us now pay tribute to the
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: farewell, brave tributes! we hardly knew ye. which was more than the voters wanted. ah ha, ha! we'll be right back with america ferrera. (cheers and applause) huh. introducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. with a full spectrum of essential nutrients... surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool. i see you found the vitamints. new centrum vitamints. a delicious new way to get your
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back. you know my next guest from "sisterhood of the traveling pants" and as the emmy award winning star of "ugly betty". she now stars in the comedy "superstore". please welcome america ferrera. (cheers and applause)
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choice offensive if it didn't make me want to dance? >> stephen: because you're latina and that's latin music? let's save that for rand paul, please. nice to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: i have one beef. "sisterhood of the traveling pants" -- how come you never sent the pants to me? they look great on everybody and i have the hips for them. >> well, i think your agent didn't deliver the message. >> stephen: is it too late to get me on the pants mailing list? >> if we make a third movie, we'll give you a call. >> stephen: you've got to hook a brother up. >> i will. >> stephen: you've got to hook a brother up for the sisterhood. everybody loved you on "ugly betty," but -- (applause) -- you haven't done tv since then. >> yeah, since five years. >> stephen: what is it about "superstore" that makes you want
11:18 pm
>> so much. our creator came up writing and producing and his writing is smart and funny and subversive. the main thing i was so excited about is doing a workplace comedy about everyday working class people. i grew up watching comedies like "cheers" and roseanne and all in the family and i love watching superheros, but i think there is story. >> stephen: wow. (applause) how many? >> six kids. >> stephen: and you're the >> yeah. >> stephen: did you become an actress because you were the a the attention? because i'm the youngest of 11 and that was definitely the reasoning for me. >> i think it gets brutal and you have to do what it takes to get fed.
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>> stephen: no things such as seconds unless you shovel as fast as you can. it's prison style. you have to eat like this. how many boys and girls. >> one boy, five girls. >> stephen: where does he fall? >> he's the oldest. >> stephen: does he boss you guys around? >> no, he stays locked in his room and only if someone was maybe going to die, he would step in and break us apart. >> stephen: did that happen frequently? did you claw out each other's eyes? >> define frequent. like, a couple times a week. there were like, basketballs -- >> stephen: did you fight? yeah. >> stephen: i saw my sister push my brother down a flight of stairs once. i cried and i was still crying when my parents came home and they said if you're going to cry when mom and dad come home you can't play with us anymore. i had to toughen up and watch them fight. (laughter) did you watch them fight?
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protecting myself. my sister was going at my nose, i held up the phone and she hurt trouble. i was, like, it was her knuckles on my nose! >> stephen: she was your elder and you were essentially disobeying h her. (laughter) were you free range? the youngest of a big family, yourselves? >> yeah, and my mother was a single mother and she was working all the time. so we would either run around on the streets on our bikes or play in the sue wemplet did you ever play in the sewer? >> stephen: much classier neighborhood, we called it "the storm drain." (laughter) >> it was the wash. >> stephen: you called the sewer the wash? >> the wash, yeah. and one time the cops actually, like, were waiting for us outside of the wash, and we ran like the goonies. i felt like we were in a movie. we escaped and for about two weeks, every time i would leave my house, i would make sure that
11:21 pm
and that's the kind of trouble we got into. and yeah, we raised each other, the tv raised us. we were latchkey kids. >> stephen: same thing here. we would feed ourselves. i understand you have latchkey recipes because i do. >> so many. >> stephen: we have one that's very similar. >> we do. >> stephen: i have some bread here. are you gluten-free? >> i am. >> stephen: i am, too. only to be annoying. (laughter) there was always some white bread around. >> and it was usually the end. you weren't lucky enough to get the middle. >> stephen: no, because the elders would reach past to the middle and we would be left with this. >> yeah. >> stephen: so what would you put on yours? >> sugar. >> stephen: just sugar? do you have a binding agent? >> it was sugar and corn flakes. >> stephen: okay. i've got sugar for you. and corn flakes for you.
11:22 pm
is because i am of an ethnic group known as la-white people -- (laughter) -- first we would put mayonnaise on the bread there. >> can i do mine? >> stephen: yeah. we would take kool-aid mix and put it on ours. (laughter) >> okay, hold on. >> stephen: again, mom and dad are not home while this is happening. >> okay (laughter) >> stephen: like that. often we didn't get the frosted flakes, so you had to put the sugar on there and top it off with more. am i eating yours? >> stephen: why don't we eat our own? which i think we have to bleep out on cbs. are you going to bite mine or am i going to bite yours? >> i think we should try -- what is this? >> stephen: white bread, mayonnaise and pre-sweetened
11:23 pm
cheers to being the baby. >> okay. (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> that is so good! >> stephen: i don't know why you spit mine out. yours was delicious. (laughter) >> that was so disgusting! >> stephen: i have to have a bite of mine because i haven't had a bite of this since i was nine years old. here we go. >> oh! >> stephen: oh... momma, i'm comin' home! (laughter) america, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you! >> stephen: let's eat better >> yeah. >> stephen: america ferrera! nbc. we'll be right back!
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! 19 world double dutch championships. (cheers and applause) here with their co-founders laila little and shaquannah floyd, please welcome floyd little's double dutch team. okay, what is double dutch and where did it come from? >> well, most of the people don't want to give us the respect and say it's a sport but it's a sport. it's two ropes turned into an egg beater shape and one or two people are in the middle jumping up and down through the ropes. >> stephen: has it been around a long time. >> about 50 years now. >> stephen: is it literally dutch. >> double dutch. >> stephen: wow, i can't imagine doing it with wooden clogs on.
11:29 pm
>> all over the world. >> stephen: you're defeating teams from japan? >> world champions. (cheers and applause) and why did you found the team? >> stephen: ?we started jumping together as children when we were five years old. to be on the team, you have to be six. we have been jumping through elementary, high school, college and we just had a big vision for double dutch and we started our own thing and call it the floyd little double dutch. we have poison ivy, ya ya, raspy, navy. (applause) what do you girls think about when you're jumping? or is it no thought, you're in the zone? >> you need to be focused when you're jumping.
11:30 pm
you have to think about winning. >> stephen: will you girls show us how it's done? >> yes! >> stephen: ladies and gentlemen, floyd little double dutch!
11:31 pm
>> stephen: floyd little double dutch team, everybody! we'll be right back!
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>> stephen: that's it for "the late show," everybody. tune in tomorrow for a very special live show. i'll be hosting without a net. you don't want to miss it because literally anything can happen. or you'll see a rerun because something horrible happened. when my guests will be matthew broderick, space archaeologist sarah parcak, and a musical performance by kacey musgraves. now stay tuned for james corden! goodnight! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >> reggie: are you ready to have some fun
11:34 pm
don't you worry 'bout your hang-ups and fears 'bout to set you right it's the late, late show ladies and gentlemen, all the way from lithuania, give it up for your host, the one, the only, james corden! (cheers and applause) >> james: oh, hello, good evening! and welcome to the "late, late show." i hope you have had a good day. thank you for waiting up for us. ladies and gentlemen, the big political news today is that in an interview with esquire, hillary clinton complained about having to take selfies with voters. saying that it takes up too much time at campaign events. yeah, good one, hillary. that's the way to capture the youth vote. (laughter)
11:35 pm
favorite thing in the whole world. (laughter) thousand hillary said she doesn't like selfies because the intersection-- interaction is very impersonal. she said if anything is going to be impersonal on this campaign trail, i prefer it to be me. now of course her husband bill enjoys taking a lot of cell phone pics. (laughter) he just aims the camera-- you know-- (laughter) meanwhile bernie sanders announced that he loves selfies. he just hasn't figured out how to take them on his rotary phone. when asked about it jeb bush responded by saying oh, yeah! all those people trying to take selfies with me, it's so annoying and definitely happens. (laughter) i mean the clear takeaway is that hillary really hates selfies. right, hillary? i mean look, there she is with kim kardashian, kayne west, that
11:36 pm
there she is with amy poler, and, well, there she is with amy a shoe and katy perry there are so many selfies with hillary, it seems like the only thing hillary doesn't like about selfies is when she's not in them. (laughter) one thing hillary clinton, though, is not going to be investing in is a new product that samsung announced this week. the company plans to release a family hub refrigerator that takes selfies of its contents. that's right. a refrigerator that will take a picture of what's inside it i mean this is going to save so much time. (laughter) think of all of those hours you have wasted taking pictures of the inside of your fridge. it's going to be depresessing when you realize that your fridge has more instagram followers than you do. (laughter) but for me this is ridiculous. i don't need a selfie of what is in my fridge. if i want to see what is in there, i just roll over in my bed, open the refrigerator and
11:37 pm
but not only does this fridge take selfies, it also streams video. so you can now watch television although the only thing that makes sense to watch on your fridge door is the leftovers. thank you. one of my own. thank you. but samsung is not the only one selfies. because there was a landmark case this week and a judge has reeled that a monkey can't own the copyright for a selfie it took with a photographer's camera, right. let's take a look at the photo and you'll see why it is one of the most famous selfies of all time. have a look. look at that. he actually took that himself. it's brilliant. but the truth is, i can't believe that this made it to court. (laughter) how sad must it be for the lawyer who had to represent a monkey. like i imagine he was there going your honor, i object to
11:38 pm
although we do actually have a picture of that monkey's lawyer. (laughter) i tell you what, though, one thing is for sure, this case was bananas. (laughter) although-- (applause). >> james: although, a monkey may win on a-peel. i didn't even know monkeys took selfies. i thought monkeys liked viens. oh, i'm on fire! all my own, all my own! (applause) should we have a look and see who our guests are on the show tonight? ladies and gentlemen, movies from "the motorcycle diaries," and ladies and gentlemen, the brilliant gael garcia bernal is here tonight. hey, gael, how are you. >> you? >> james: nice to sigh, how are you doing. >> very good. >> imhaving something. >> james: what is such something.
11:39 pm
>> james: how will i see? >> will you feel it. >> james: i will feel it on the breathe. >> yeah. >> james: okay. at the quila. gael garcia bernal, everybody. and in the red room, here to make their late-night television debut the brilliant electropop quartet transviolet are here tonight. (cheers and applause) oh, they're working out. i love that. how are you doing, transviolet, you go? >> excellent. >> james: i caught you working out. >> just working on our new year's resolutions with the band. >> james: i think this guy's new year's resolution should be learn how to skip. transviolet, everybody. so good, so good. and she just took home the people's choice award for favorite album. she is grammy-nominated, the multiplatinum superstar that is
11:40 pm
(cheers and applause) how are you, meghan. >> hello, how are you doing? >> james: how are you doing? >> i'm great, i'm here with my popi and your brother. >> james: you're descringing y not, i love it. did you have a good christmas and new year's. >> the best. >> james: did you make any new year's resolution this year. >> i did. but i would rather sing about it than talk about, you know what i am saying. >> james: you would rather sing-- i love that idea. well, how about this. what about this, what about after these titles, meghan, you come down here and you and me will sing a song all about new year's resolutions. does that sound like a plan? (cheers and applause). >> james: you come down here. he's reggie watts, i'm james corden, and this, this is the "late, late show."
11:41 pm
(cheers and applause) it's 2016. and i'm making resolutions like you've never seen kus i got these goals that i want to achieve it's a new year and it's a new me. >> james: yes it's pretty clear, i ain't no size two, but i just joined a gym like i'm supposed to do. kus i got that boom boom i'm walkin up the stair case, all the wrong junk in all the wrong places. >> after work i come home and i have a glass of wine and when i say a glass, i really mean four or five >> james: she keep on drinking. >> but i'm gone cut back and i'll drink more water instead
11:42 pm
drunk dial another ex because you know i'm all about the that change about that change i'm all bout that change, bout that change it's new year i'm all about that change bout that change it's new year. >> i'm all about that change bout that change and there hasn't been a drink in sight gnaw, i'm just playing i went out last night and i'm here to tell that you orange juice is good but it's even better with champagne i haven't gone to the gym or met with the trainer i hired. can i pay someone to go tell him that he is fired resolutions are worthless we all know that's why we're here i'll be the same disappointment i've been for the past three years
11:43 pm
about to change bout to change we're quitting. we're folt about to change bout to change we're quitting we're not about to change we're quitting we're not bout to change bout to change cuz you know we're not bout to change bout to change we're quitting we're not bout to change, bout to change we're quitting we're not bout to change, bout to change we're not about to change >> james: meghan trainor, everybody. stick around.
11:44 pm
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,,,, (cheers and applause). >> james: welcome back. how much fun was that song with meghan trainor, guys? (cheers and applause). >> james: love her so much. do you make new year's resolutions? is it something you do. >> reggie: yeah, i-- i did this year.
11:48 pm
>> reggie: eight k, used to be 1080p. just kidding. >> james: i don't know what you are-- . >> reggie: just resolution, like screen resolution. >> james: oh, now i get it. >> reggie: it's a dumb dumb. how about you? last decade. >> reggie: what's that? some weight. >> reggie: that's mine too. that's mine too. that's mine too. doing great. isn't he looking great, right now, reggie? (cheers and applause). >> reggie: stop it. yeah, it's hard. >> james: imagine when you spend the rest of the show just talking like this. >> reggie: yeah. exchanging very mild compliments. (laughter). >> james: should we meet the guests. >> reggie: sure. >> james: let's bring them out. (applause) certified platinum, give it up for the brilliant magazine han trainor.
11:49 pm
meghan trainor >> james: she's the star the golden globe nominated "mozart in the jungle," go wild for gael garcia bernal. he knows it very well jungle mozart >> james: how are we doing? (cheers and applause) nice to see you, thank you for being here. thank you for singing a song earlier, meghan. (cheers and applause). >> james: so good. gael, thanks for coming to see us. we're soaks sielted that you are here. you just got back from mexico, there for the holiday. >> holiday on the beach. yeah, and survived, there was a ray, lightning that struck the plane. >> james: no. >> yeah, i'm not kidding.
11:50 pm
you are in there? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> james: so how do you know it happened. >> it was just this white light with a red thing and a huge noise. and we were still alive afteryards. >> james: white light, noise, i'm in the sky, this is how i'm going. >> crazy. did it happen to anybody? >> james: be honest, gael, we can't have direct conversations with all of them. >> okay, okay, yeah. >> james: i'm so glad you survived. what did you get up to over the holiday. >> beach, just beach with my kids, the pacific ocean in mexico, just there. >> james: great. >> yeah. incredible. now talking of great lives, ladies and gentlemen, meghan trainor won a people's choice award last night. (cheers and applause). >> james: favorite album, rightly so. how was it? did you have fun?
11:51 pm
i did, i am so many good comments on instagram. like that's huge. >> james: yeah. was it a fun night? >> oh, yeah, i shook the whole time, i was shaking and scared. i couldn't believe it. >> james: look at this outfit. (cheers and applause) >> that's the fansiest thing i have ever won. >> james: the fansiest thing you have ever worn. >> baman i was so wrong, i am so sorry. >> james: the designer. >> i just don't know that stuff. >> james: what are you wearing. it sounds like it was made up. >> i was like bamain. >> james: gael gars why bernal is-- and were you also, were you nominated for a grammy. (cheers and applause). >> james: for best new artist. incredible. who are you going to take with you to the grammys? >> my dad. i took him last year and i'm taking him every year. he's great, he's the best and he loves the camera he just loves the cameras.
11:52 pm
he just jumps right behind me like hey, how are you doing? what's up. >> james: really? >> yeah, loves it. >> james: so has he got an outfit picked out. is he going to be wearing. >> no, he's cute. we're from cape cod, massachusetts, he went to the cape cod mall, i'm pretty sure last year. he's like y'all, suit me up, i'm going to the grammys. he just goes to the mall. he goes i got to look the best. >> james: someone else is getting suited up for a big award slow, gael nominated for golden gloabs, two golden globes for "mozart in the jungle." absolutely incredible. a great show. you are wonderful in it. how did you sell brait the news? >> well, i heard it on a train from marseille to paris. i was working there, rehearsing a movie. and i had already arranged with some friends to have a dinner and stuff. and i decided to go on a rampage that night with some friends. >> james: to go on a rampage. >> yeah, on a party rampage. >> james: a party rampage.
11:53 pm
>> james: because i hear rampage, i don't think par-tay! i think run! gael garcia bernal son a rampage. look what he did to my voice! what did this rampage consist of? >> it just consisted on eating as much as we could in the restaurant that we were. and then we just, i don't know, many friends came. they didn't know the news. >> james: right. >> so i had to tell them and it's always very kind of-- it's a little bit embarrassing to say, by the way, today i got nominated, you know. >> james: that is why i don't like getting nominated. cuz-- i actively say guys, don't nominate me. >> please, don't. >> james: because i don't want the embarrassment of having to talk about it i bet you could go on a rampage in your day. >> yeah. >> james: what say night out for meghan trainor. >> oh, man, well, in l.a., you
11:54 pm
here, no, you have children so like you're quit. >> james: i'm from london where people drink until they fall in the street. >> yeah. >> james: here in l.a. people have like half a glass of wine and they're like-- i should be heading back. here, if you have three glasses of wine, here, people are like staging an intervention. if you have three glasses of wine in london are you the designated driver. (laughter) that is how it is. (cheers and applause) >> yeah. l.a., i mostly don't go out unless my older brother goes out with me because he is a proat partying. we leave by 3 or 4, we come home, he comes only at 8 or 9 or 10, yeah, and he will-- yeah. >> james: i think you should have an intervention. sounds like he's got a lot of problems. >> no he just is so good at having a good time. >> james: got at partying, nice. now i gael, i want to talk to you. you have been acting for so long. since you were a child.
11:55 pm
think you were 11 you were in a tv show and you had a very memorable kiss. >> and i've been teased about that for a long time. >> james: where we have a look at it now? do you want to tell us what you remember about this. this is an 11 year ol, gael garcia bernal having an on-screen kiss. >> that was very quick, okay. (cheers and applause). >> james: now what i like is you very much go top lip first. you chose-- by putting both lips on the top lip. look, there st. >> we didn't get to see, like, the beginning of the scene, you know, because we agree on having a top lip kiss-- . >> james: really? >> that was planned. >> james: so it was actually called top lip kiss, i remember now.
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