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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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doing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, happy tuesday, everybody. i'm alan gionet. this is what's coming up on the cbs morning news. the state admitting to faulty dui test results that could impact dozens of of drunk driving cases in colorado.
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will deliver his final state of the union address. why the white house says this one will be different. >> overnight and explosion kills at least 10 in istanbul, turkey. ahead, who's to blame for that blast. good morning. we have 50-mile-an-hour gusts in areas and the winds are warming us up a bit. temperatures in some spots are not too bad, but 20 below in craig, 33 in colorado springs, 21 at dia.
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and foothills, 35 this morning in genesee and 37 in evergreen. the winds are warming some areas up nicely. we have clear skies, a few clouds here in denver this morning. looking at the hourly forecast, by noon we have 40 degrees an we're in the 40s throughout the afternoon, 34 by 5:00. joel, good morning. good morning. in and through the denver metro area, great start to the commute. a lot of overnight construction is picked up and moved out of the way. i-70 and soda creek, the wind really shaking that camera. over vail pass, loveland pass you have the high winds there and you can see the blowing snow on to the roadways there. be prepared for differing conditions this morning.
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have a little slowing past i-76 on u.s. 36 there southbound. northbound, we have overnight closures from 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. on i-25 from 36 out to 84 tonight, tomorrow night and thursday night. thank you. overnight at least ten people are dead and 15 injured when a blast goes off in a historic district of istanbul, turkey. the president there says a syria-linked suicide bomber is believed to be behind the attack. the area is popular with tourists and police have yet to identify all the victims here. no word yet if any americans were among the dead or wounded. this morning first responders and law enforcement involved in the colorado springs planned parenthood shooting will be recognized for their heroic efforts. jamie leary is tracking this for us this morning.
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undertone today with the ceremony. the attorney general will be recognizing the members of law enforcement and others who put themselves in harm's way in the november shooting at planned parenthood. november 27th, 57-year-old robert dear burst into the planned parenthood firing at random and by the time he surrendered, three people were killed including a police officer, and nine others wounded. the police in colorado springs, colorado springs department and colorado springs fire department are among those honored. in a press release, kaufman said they represent the best of the best and continued to say they did what first responders do each and every day, risking
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coloradoans and prevent more casualties. they will also honor six civilians for courage during the event. that ceremony is open to the public so you can attend, 11:00 at colorado springs city council chambers. jamie leary, cbs 4 morning >> thank you. they are our everyday heroes. only on cbs 4, an investigation into the colorado bureau of investigations and faulty test results involving drunk driving cases. brian moss broke the story yesterday. >> reporter: every year about 30,000 people are arrested in colorado for drunk driving. their blood is tested for alcohol content. the measurement can mean the difference between jail time or freedom. >> unless there's something really wrong with the testing procedure, there's no way to fight that blood test. >> reporter: the colorado bureau of investigation, which
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opening the lab last july, admitted anomalies in 56 cases. cbi said in every one of those cases, when those were retested, alcohol levels were higher than previously tested. >> i think it's up to the prosecutors and determine if the convictions were proper in the first place and notify the client if they're not represented or the lawyer for the client, even though the case is closed, of what's happening. >> reporter: in other words, drivers were more inebriated than the testing showed. >> this is at a simple overview, way too many discrepancies. >> reporter: pat is a chemist and checked 16 blood samples from dui cases previously tested by cbi.
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discrepancy. five of them were off by more than 10%, major discrepancies. >> they are not being taken off the road. the dui laws are not being enforced if the state lab is coming up with lower numbers. >> reporter: in their statement, the cbi says this: they are not saying what went wrong, if it was human error, faulty machine or something else. but they say the problem has been fixed. >> was it human error, machine error? we have to have access to all that information. >> the cbi says it is now working with the department of public health to review these problems which surfaced last november. the agency said it's not sure
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shawn chitnis is following a developing story, live at denver police headquarters this morning. >> reporter: we know this started with police officers checking out a suspicious vehicle or at least this car they thought was stolen. then they were asked to check out suspicious activity nearby. 4:00 monday at 26th and zunai by the ramada hotel, two officers were approaching a car when a man inside stepped out it's still unclear if the man any shots. but we know police did shoot the man and he was taken to a condition. no update yet on his condition but we know no officers were wounded in this shooting. police are still investigating.
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tonight is the 7th and final state of the union the white house says this is speech. the president is expected to speak bluntly about the challenges and the opportunities facing the united states right now, releasing a tease of what he and all of us might hear later on. >> since i took office seven years ago, i don't think i've ever been more optimistic about a year ahead than i am right now. >> time is short for the president when it comes to legislative items. he's hoping to see a democratic successor, but that's not happened for either party in the last two presidents who served two terms. you can watch the state of the union yards tonight at 7:00 on cbs 4 and we'll have continuing coverage at 10:00 with our
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coming up in the 6:00 hour this morning, we'll go live to washington for an interview with senator cory gardner. the broncos had a week off, a big help for guys like safety t.j. ward, fighting injuries for the past few weeks. as for the steelers, all eyes on big ben right now. he was carted off the field last weekend and receiver concussion. the broncos say they are ready for whoever will be on the field, backup or starter. >> we're preparing for their team, you know what i mean. i think they were second or third in offense. they're very good, have a lot of good players. we're preparing for the group, expecting everybody to be there. >> just prepare like you're going to play. i expect both of them to play. they're high competitors and i
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i see both of them playing and we'll be ready. >> that's here on cbs 4, kickoff set for 2:40 on sunday. let's check on what the kids are enjoying at the bus stop. >> temperatures will be in the low 20s, fairly mild with a few clouds out there. on the way home, temperatures in the 40s and sunny. we have been tracking winds up in the high country, starting to see some of that snow, i-70 and floyd hill. be cautious because that can create a thin layer of ice. if you're about to get in the car, turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm for traffic and cbs 4 weather together. you really don't have a chance at powerball but that doesn't matter. coming up, we also have some advice for the winners.
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to feel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in this morning's health watch, the health department is giving the all clear after a tuberculosis scare when someone tested positive for tb. faculty and students who may have been exposed have been contacted. it is safe for students an staff to return. researchers in australia say regular exercise may reduce lower back pain by about 35%. doctors looked at more than 38,000 people and found patients who exercised and added back pain prevention and education had even better results. and guilt over sugary treats
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canadian researchers say they have discovered an enzyme which can stop sugar's toxic effects on the body's organs. it could lead to new drugs to fight obesity and diabetes. lauren is here this morning and watching the weather today. >> today is another mild day in terms of temperatures, however it is a bit windy this morning. winter park gusts up to about 51 miles an hour. zooming into the foothills, we have 36-mile-an-hour gusts in golden, 21-mile-an-hour winds in estes park and evergreen around 35 miles an hour. the winds are not very fun to be out in but they are warming us up in some areas. 18 in boulder right now, 9 in fort collins, 21 at dia. these areas are not really impacted by that wind. it's 8 below in avon, 21 below in craig.
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in areas, 33 in golden, 42 in arvada. lots of 30s near genesee, and 28 to start in aurora. we have a dense fog advisory for the southwestern corner. i'll show you that in a moment. satellite and radar, we have a little cloud cover across the front range right now. clear across the state, looking at a nice day today with mostly however still hazy. we'll talk about that in a moment as well. we still have clouds passing here and there, and tomorrow should be on the sunny side, warming up even more. temperatures today, 43 degrees at dia, i think downtown will get warmer than that, closer to 50. upper 40s in the eastern plains and 30s in the mountains today and 20s for the western slope. poor visibility today, burning
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be careful if you're sensitive to that. by noon we're up to 40 degrees, still above freezing at 5:00. tomorrow 49 for us, 44 on thursday. friday late morning could have a chance for snow, and that will be quickly gone by saturday but colder temperatures are left behind. joel? we have been watching the snow get pushed on to the roadways up along highway 40 and highway 9 through breckenridge there. that is going to be with you as you can see on the drive. both hands on the steering wheel there. i-225, 285, 6th avenue, c-470 all nice and wide open. look at the drive times, 10 minutes from 120th to i-70. commerce city, just 5 or 6 minutes there. late show host james corden
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guest tomorrow night. adele will do car pool care yolk. this is a sneak peek. >> what i like is that you're coming to me for that advice. >> if you want to drive around in a car and sing with somebody, pick adele. >> right. that gave me chills. >> that would life' s waking up slow...
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we have to be real, the odds are against us, 1 in nearly 300 million. but what should you do if you hit the largest ever powerball jackpot or come into another windfall? >> let's find out about it. jill, a lot of people trying to reconnect with all the family members way out there in the outer branches of the family tree that you hoped you sawed off a few years ago. what are you going to do if you're lucky enough to get a big prize? >> you make a good point because if you win, keep your mouth shut. everyone will come out of the wood work. before you go public, don't tell anyone. if you don't have existing relationships with professionals, start with a team.
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accountants and financial advisors. i had a client who won the lottery and while she was conducting her interviews, she held back the magnitude of the windfall amount until late in the meeting. she says, that way i can tell what kind of person i'm dealing with, are they treating all clients with respect or just the rich ones? >> how much did she win? >> $80 million and she chose a lump sum, so after taxes it was $23 million. >> should we take the lump sum or get the payments? >> it is really tempting to control all the money. winners who take lump sums, that's what they're really going for. the problem is, if you have a personality that you're going to fear that you'll spend a lot of money, you should know the folks who take those lump sums,
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things. if you fear that, the stream of income will prevent you from going nutty. if you take the lump sum or if you have a large chunk of money to put to work, the next question is do you invest it all at once? according to research, two- thirds of the time, investing a windfall immediately yields better returns than putting smaller fixed dollars to work at regular intervals. again, there's a but here. if you're less concerned about maximizing performance than you are about worst case scenarios and maybe you would feel horrible if you invested prior to a nose dive, you may want to put the money to work slowly. either way, these are wonderful problems to have and please if you hit it, don't say you're going back to work. >> if you win, that family tree is really going to reach and
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cousins. >> sent an e-mail to weird cousin louie this morning just in case. >> let's get to lauren, tracking the travel cast. and we are long lost sisters if you win. >> same for you. let's take a look across the country, huge lake-effect snow event happening in the midwest right now and parts of canada. that's going to take a lull today. we have a quick moving clipper that will move through and change the wind direction. what we'll get is really terrible wind with that, so it's going to get really gusty around there, blowing snow a huge concern. then we see that relax a little bit then we have lake-effect snow kicking up tonight through thursday. we are talking feet of snow, some areas already seeing about 3 feet of snow from this. in the 40s for much of the eastern sea board, 52 in atlanta today and 3 in minneapolis, 11 in chicago. we'll see a series of storms
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now the jet stream is pushing these in the pacific northwest, 69 in l.a., 49 in seattle with rain and 64 in phoenix. dia wait time 5 to 15 minutes, all the lots are open. it's a breezy morning, so watch out for that blowing snow. look at the drive to dia, not bad southbound coming into town or inbound along pena boulevard. gary kubiak was on a radio show yesterday and reminded fans to not sell tickets to steelers fans this week to limb the number of terrible towels. kubiak says he expects everybody on the active roster to practice this week. different situation in pittsburgh, roethlisberger and
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reports will come out tomorrow and it's questionable if either will play but the broncos are preparing like they will. >> we plan for the team, you know. i think they are second or third in offense. they're very good, got a lot of great players. we're preparing for the group. we expect everybody to be there. >> just prepare like we're going to play. i expect both of them to play. they're high competitors, like i was saying earlier, and i game. unless something's broke or something like that, i see both of them playing. we'll be ready. tomorrowment have a good
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tie down the toupee, windy morning out there. let's get started this tuesday morning. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. was that something that one does? >> good advice for somebody. >> let's get to lauren, tracking that windy weather. it's not a hat day. >> that's right. it's gusty in parts of the foothills right now, loveland pass about 47 miles an hour for gusts there, winds about 15 to 36 miles an hour. it's been gusty this morning, and those winds are warming up parts of the foothills. right now 27 in boulder, western side of the state not feeling the effects with 20
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some areas are feeling nice, 29 in boulder, 33 in golden, 37 in evergreen and 35 in morrison. heading toward the east side of town, 28 in aurora, 21 in greenwood village and 22 in centennial. we have a few clouds out there this morning but overall we're on the sunny side today, unhealthy air quality and visibility will be a little worse today. by noon we're at 40 degrees, by 2:00 43, so it's a mild day. i think we'll get warmer than dia today. let's check in with joel. closer to the eisenhower tunnel, we have been watching this drive this morning because there's been blowing snow on to the highway because of all the high winds we have. look at the conditions over the tunnel, not too bad. you can see the road weather index showing you where to be
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in town, i-225, c-470, u.s. 36, i-76 all nice and wide open. if you're getting in the car, turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm for traffic and cbs 4 weather every ten minutes. thank you. they face danger every day as part of their job, but when shots rang out on black friday in colorado springs, it was the heroic efforts of law enforcement and first responders that shone. jamie leary is checking this story for us and there is big recognition happening this morning. >> reporter: yes and these honors carry heavy weight. not only will attorney general cynthia kaufman recognize those law enforcement and first responders, but she'll also recognize those who lost their lives. we remember many of us november
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burst into the planned parenthood in colorado springs firing at random, killing three people including a police officer, and wounding nine others. the attorney general said this: >> reporter: kaufman will also recognize the brave men and women who responded this day including university of colorado springs officers and the colorado springs fire department. the mayor will present a spirit of the springs award as well to six civilians who acted selflessly to protect lives and treat victims. the public is invited to attend so if you would like to show your support, that will be at
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city council chambers. that is expected to last 30 to 40 minutes. jamie leary, cbs 4 morning news. thanks a lot. this morning the colorado bureau of investigation is admitting problems with blood testing on suspected drunk drivers. our investigation revealed in the past six months, at least 56 tests performed by labs yielded incorrect results. the agency is not telling us what went wrong but says the problem has been fixed. the cbi does test percent the state patrol and other agencies. the discrepancies were noted by one lab last november. one defense attorney says the cbi needs to reveal more of what it knows. >> they haven't reported it and they're prosecuting people knowing this at this point, and people going through the system without this information is ridiculous. >> the cbi says it's involved in an active review with the state department of health.
5:30 am
condition after a shooting with denver police. shawn chitnis is following this story from denver police headquarters. >> reporter: good morning. police are still investigating this case, trying to figure out what was the suspicious activity that first brought them towards this suspect. this is what we know. around 4:00 monday morning on 26th and zunai by the ramada hotel, two denver police officers were approaching a car when a man with a gun stepped out. we don't know what led to the gunfire. it's unclear if the man getting out of the car fired shots. but we know police shot him and he was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. no update on his condition yet but we also know no officers were injured. while the police there were investigating or looking into suspicious activity, we know they were in the area because
5:31 am
vehicle spotted nearby. shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. a fundraiser to help a denver police officer who was shot in the line of duty last month was a success. it was held last night at the tavern for officer tony lopez, jr. he was able to go home on new year's eve after several surgeries. he was shot multiple times december 8th during a traffic stop in denver. last night there were several items up for bidding in a silent auction, and people came out to help. officer lopez's wife spoke about what the support has meant to them. >> every single person who's donated any money, i just really want everybody to know that i know during the holidays it's not easy and we appreciate every last thing they have done for us and the kind words and cards and donations.
5:32 am
expecting our first child. >> the officer says he wants his foot injury to recover so he can walk the baby out of the hospital in may. tonight the final state of the union address for president obama. >> only five times in history has the president delivered a state of the union address in the final year of his presidency. >> reporter: in his seventh and final state of the union address tonight, president obama will talk about the nation's challenges and opportunities ahead. >> what's critical are the kinds of decisions that we make now will have a significant impact on not just the next generation of americans but future generations of americans. >> i don't think i have ever been more optimistic act a year ahead than i am right now. >> reporter: he's expected to highlight executive actions he plans to take to tackle gun violence without congressional approval. but the white house says he'll also discuss issues where both
5:33 am
>> strong bipartisan support for criminal justice reform on capitol hill. >> reporter: this year the president invited 23 guests to the house chamber to hear the speech, including a syrian refugee and american hero. 23-year-old spencer stone ands his two friends helped take down a heavily armed gunman on a paris train last year. >> they called me whenever i was pulling in my parking spot, told me i was invited to sit in the first lady's box. i had a great day after that. >> reporter: they are also using social media by providing a behind the scenes look at tonight's event on snapchat. >> watch the state of the union address tonight here on cbs 4 at 7:00 tonight. we'll have continuing coverage at 10:00 with political specialistings. coming up in the 6:00 hour, we'll have a live interview
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a local artist raised $15,000 to support brain tumor research at children's hospital. jennie pitts created this painting of a lion after her former camp counselor lost her battle to a brain tumor. she sold 600 prints, raising $15,000, and gave the money to children's hospital. she also handed out prints to all the young cancer patients. ,, in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier to be here or more excited about
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as federal authorities push for joaquin el chapo guzman's extradition to the u.s., the mexican government released video of the shootout with his security team last friday. >> reporter: newly released mexican government video shows joaquin el chapo guzman deny without a fight. the raid last friday ended guzman's six months of freedom. for a wealthy drug kingpin, he lived like a man on the run. monday the media toured the bullet-riddled hideout where he was found, from the filthy kitchen to the drab bedroom.
5:38 am
the shootout but guzman managed to escape through intricate tunnels. a tip led to his arrest in a stolen car. he's now being held at the same prison he escaped from in july. >> it's more than all the eyes of the world put on him. >> reporter: authorities say a secret rolling stone interview between the drug lord and actor sean penn led them to guzman. the meeting was set up and intelligence photos show the greeting in october. e-mails to the associate press, penn dismissed criticism over the interview. don champion, cbs news. >> guzman's extradition to the u.s. could take months, facing drug and murder charges in at least six states. the name of the game today is wind.
5:39 am
there's a brief lull throughout the morning hours, more wind possibly this afternoon. this morning has been nice out there, 36-mile-an-hour gust in this golden, 26-mile-an-hour in evergreen and 20-mile-an-hour winds in morrison. not windy across the front range, most of this staying in the high country and foothills today. denver is 21 at dia, 23 in boulder, 13 out in burlington. western slope is cold this morning, 4 below in aspen, 20 below in craig. in the denver area, we have 41 in arvada, 33 in golden. again, those winds are warming up some areas, mainly in the foothills. 22 in castle rock and 21 at dia. we have a dense fog advisory in the far southwestern corner where fog is really thick in some areas heading toward durango. checking in at the satellite
5:40 am
the denver area and looking at scattered high clouds on the western slope and mountains. today partly sunny skies, and if we get a little cloud action we could see a block in the sunshine. throughout the afternoon, sunshine again and it will be a bit hazy as well. tomorrow morning we should be clear and we'll have a nice day tomorrow, our warmest day of the week, as temperatures in some areas will get into the 50s. we have 49 in burlington today, 20s and 30s on the western slope. downtown today we'll get warmer than dia, about 47 degrees downtown. 43 at dia and tonight, low 20s and fairly mild. the unhealthy air quality sticks around today, and you'll notice visibility is worse today. tomorrow closer to 50, 44 on thursday and then on friday, mid-morning, late morning,
5:41 am
cool us off as well, 36 degrees on friday. watching along i-70 and floyd hill, you can see not only is it shaking a bit but the snow is blowing across the interstate, making for tough driving for folks. worry about staying in your lane and snow blowing across that. highway 40 out to winter park, windy conditions. u.s. 6 over loveland pass, pretty much with you all the way to about c-470. now we have seen that start to creep on, affecting portions of i-70 west. i-225, 6th avenue, 270 still wide open. look at the drive times, 9 minutes from 120th to i-70, average speed 62 miles an hour.
5:42 am
denver just 7 minutes. thank you. the championship game came down teams. alabama pulls off the onside kick and a few plays later, cokier finds howard wide open for the 51-yard touchdown. clemson scores a field goal then drake takes it up the middle and breaks outside. he
5:43 am
alabama gets the win 45-40. >> i really wanted to do the best that i could for this team probably more than any team i've coached baa i wanted them to have the opportunity to win this game. >> henry finished with 178 yards and three touchdowns. housing is a top issue for people living in denver and for city leaders. rent is skyrocketing, putting the skies squeeze on lower and middle income families. we talked to the mayor about how he's addressing the problems. >> reporter: denver has seen dramatic changes in the last few years. >> at one point denver and our metro region led the nation in terms of foreclosure. >> reporter: now housing can't be built fast enough. >> we have stormed back from the recession, so that's really positive. >> reporter: with the cover came the people, 112,000 residents in the last 12
5:44 am
>> we are one of the top cities in the nation for millennialsing to the city. >> reporter: what is the next big hurdle for creating affordable housing in denver? >> we recognized we were 30,000 units upside down in terms of supply and demand. >> reporter: the mayor made affordable housing a pillar of his administration, convened a housing task force in 2012 and publish add five-year strategic housing plan, and issued the 3 by 5 challenge in 2013, calling for 3,000 affordable housing units in five years. so far 1400 units are available. >> it was less about 5,000 units than it was about raising or elevating the issue of affordable housing to all the other sectors. >> reporter: and he's pledging millions to the issue.
5:45 am
i will more than double this year's commitment, allocating $8 million to preserve and build affordable housing. >> reporter: that money is used to provide loans and incentives to developers. >> out of a $225 million development, the city will say, we'll subsidize 50 of them so they're affordable. >> reporter: the problem is happening now, more and more families being forced into homelessness. >> we know we have more work to do. >> reporter: the mayor says the city is working on three fronts to address the crisis: preservation, construction and acquisition. he calls it a challenge that is not insurmountable. >> we'll continue our look at a place to call home with a look
5:46 am
welcome back.
5:47 am
gusts at loveland pass over 50 miles an hour now, 32 miles an hour heading toward golden. it's windy out there and these down sloping winds are warming a lot of spots up. we have 23 in boulder, 21 in denver. in the western slope we have lots of subzero temperatures. once we get into the foothills, we have warmer temperatures, 33 in golden, 37 in evergreen this morning, 41 in westminster. take a look at the satellite and radar, few clouds in the denver area this morning. few high clouds off to the west today. visibility will be poor so be careful out there. a quick look at the day planner, few clouds out there, joel, good morning. good morning. you can see the c-dot cameras morning. that's making for a tough drive in the high country.
5:48 am
on the interstate so watch out for that. if you're getting in the car, turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm to get traffic and cbs 4 weather together every ten minutes on thank you. the death of david bowie boosted sales of his new album and we are getting another sneak peek into the new zoolander movie with our eye on entertainment. >> reporter: singer david bowie released a new album called black star just two days before he died of cancer. his death at 69 on sunday caused sales to soar. black star was the top selling uk monday. downloads of his greatest hits have also sharply increased. country music star keith urban is hitting the road again, kicking off his concert tour in kansas city in june. he's expected to play at least
5:49 am
pop star justin bieber pops up in the latest clip from the upcoming comedy zoolander 2, starring ben stiller and owen wilson as clueless male models. it opens next month. >> let's do the math. >> reporter: one of big winners at the golden globes is out on dvd today. the martian stars matt damon as an astronaut left behind on the red planet. it picked up several globes, one for damon and for director ridley scott. it is a mild morning, 21 degrees, but we are tracking a change in the forecast. >> and today it's windy. lauren has the latest on that. also honors this morning for bravery, from the first responders and law enforcement during the planned parenthood shooting in colorado springs. we'll tell you what's happening.
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his last state of the union speech tonight. ahead, what one colorado congressman would like to hear in the speech.
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