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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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happy thursday. i am britt moreno. >> i am alan gionet. the lotto winners were in florida, california and tennessee. we have breaking news out of jakarta, indonesia -- terror attack was carried out at a starbucks. we are learning more about the deadly has fire. -- house fire. coming up, we hear from a man who struggle to help his neighbors before firefighters arrived. we have the result of a revenge match ahead. first, let's start with breaking news out of denver. a different fire this morning destroyed a home and this time it happened in the montbello neighborhood. >> the second serious fire this week in the denver metro area.
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montbello. we have shawn chitins live. i understand everybody got out safely. >> reporter: there were five adults and one child inside the home that were outside when firefighters arrived on scene. nobody was injured in this fire and i am happy to report that. it was a difficult fire for the fire crews to deal with around 12:30 this morning. the house was covered with flames at it took 30 minutes to control the fire. hours later, you could still see the crews here putting out hotspots. the smoke was so strong that it rose above the home and was visible from several blocks away in this neighborhood. right now, we can even still see smoke. the fire burned nearby trees and the family car parked outside. the house was destroyed with only part of it still standing. the heat was so winced -- so intense that firefighters cannot go inside. >> the house was a total loss
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we just wanted to make sure that the fire did not spread. >> reporter: and arson team has been here to check out the situation to determine a cause. they don't know what that is. the fire chief told me minutes ago that the family learned of the fire because of smoke detectors and that is probably why they were able to get out so quickly. an important reminder of the importance of having a smoke detector. i am shawn chitins, cbs 4 morning news. today we are talking about the winds. we need to ask lauren about snow falling on the broncos game. the potential is there for snow during the broncos game. other than that, it will be cloudy and on the cool side. wind is gusting close to 50 miles per hour at winter park. in denver and the foothills, we have that strong gusts in the foothills this morning and it has been breezy in the denver area. we expect gusts up to 30 miles
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on the eastern plains too. 34 in westminster and 35 in lakewood. 36 and can carol this morning. there are clouds out there and mainly to the west this morning. mainly on the clear side to start the day. looking at the hour-by-hour forecast, 43 by noon and 42 by noon. we are waiting for a storm system to head our way that could impact the front wage tomorrow. right now let's check in with joel. the wind has been the story the whole week and we follow that this morning. the high mountain passes. there's a possibility of snow falling onto the roads. in the denver metro area, there is police activity at 11th and lima. avoid the area if you can. southbound coming into town -- coming into town, there is still slowing from construction. this is a look at the high wind from c4 70 all the way civale
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all of that will be an issue. -- c 470 all the way over loveland pass and highway 40 and u.s. 6. in jakarta, indonesia, civilians have been killed and police say they killed five attackers. here's don champion with the latest. >> reporter: surveillance video aired on indonesia television shows a deadly explosion outside the starbucks this -- cafi in jakarta. suicide bombers exploded themselves in the city while two gunmen attacked a police post. people could be seen running for safety on the streets. news channels in the city officers. some in armored vehicles. in some places, there were reports of gun battles with attackers were more than an in a statement, starbucks said
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and it announced dollar stores in jakarta -- all stores in jakarta with close for the rest of the day. islamic militants may be planning something. don champion, cbs news. so far, nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks. indonesia is the most populous muslim nation. eight -- the death of a wheelchair-bound man from a fire. neighbors tried to rescue the family. one neighbor told us that the granddaughter came to his home banging on the door as the flames grew. dennis henrickson said that he and his wife ran over to route and josie's home. he ended up in the backyard with the latter to try to get his friends to safety. he says that he had to climb the ladder a few times, but each time he was overcome by flames. he ended up meeting firefighters at the front of
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people were still inside the home.>> tragedies happened -- a tragedy like this happened to two of the greatest people i have ever known. to see this happen is devastating and hard. i still can't fathom what happened. i am still in awe. i can explain it.>> reporter: the home was destroyed and the insert andrade family met -- injured andrade family members are in different hospitals. you can find a link to help the family on today the governor will give the state of the state address. we have jamie at the capital. it is always a big day at the capital and this year is shaping up to be a big one as well. >> reporter: absolutely. the governor is setting the tone for the 2016 legislative session as he tackles major
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now, in a news conference this week, the governor asked why the denver economy has been booming and the rest of the state not doing so well. the governor says it has to do with the taper limit. the governor -- the government has to refund tax money or have the rate of population growth. the -- the governor says that the issue lies with a hefty hospital fee that compensates hospitals for indigent care. he is working to compensate hospitals for the hospital fee and remove it from the taper revenue. republicans have been against this calling it unconstitutional. they are working to come -- to convert the fee to an enterprise fund to ease the state budget crisis. >> all of the hospital provider money is coming in to be used for indigent care. that means the total spending
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all of a sudden, that extra $150 million, we have to refund it. this year, the whole package is about $370 million. it is serious.>> reporter: the state of the state of address is set for 11:00 here this morning. we will cover this all morning long. be sure to check in with us live at the capital. i am jerry just jamie larry, we have no -- jaime leary , the powerball jackpot ended up being $1.6 billion and the winners were in california, florida and tennessee.>> now we have the winning powerball numbers. >> reporter: size does matter and multiple jackpot winners
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a winning ticket was sold at a 7 eleven in chino hills. bearing the numbers. the agency also said that the six numbers. after 19 straight drawings without a winner, the jackpot was a one point -- a record shattering $1.5 billion. people across the nation spent a new estimated $2.6 billion on tickets. the winner will not take home the full 1 1/2 billion dollars. 40% goes to uncle sam and another 3% to most states. i am read bennion reporting. >> five of those got the power $50,000.
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for the home fans, he gets this deal and goes into ends for the dunk. none gets into the third quarter up by 10. the warriors know how to come back in steph curry does this. just like this, the lead is down the 4. then will barton answers and he gets the lead back to 7 with just over a minute to go. the warriors came in with a record of 36 and 2 and would not go quietly. another 34 kernel -- for curry. the worries -- the warriors with 2. two seconds left and klay thompson just off the mark. win of the year. go nuggets. lauren has the weather picture this morning. broncos game?
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the afternoon and temperatures will be at the highest at about 35. a cold day sunday with light snow possible. there may be a band or two of moderate snowfall. cloudy and cold if we don't get the snow. if you are going to the game, lots of players. a trouble spot with police activity. they are asking you to avoid the area at 11th and lima just south of -- eastern colorado and south of colfax. going to our partners at koa news radio on 8:50 am and now on 94.1 fm. they have the news and traffic. good news from a receiver on sports. [ music ] . i want to be in the backseat of his car. okay, iq are going to hear a
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book -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, morning. it is still windy and we will be windier here in the denver area through the day today. as we zoom to the foothills, you can see wind at loveland past and berthoud pass -- pass and berthoud pass are at 40-50 miles per hour. there is wind at the colorado/wyoming border and even here in denver the wind could top 30 miles per hour. it is zero in avon and the cold spot is 20 below in gunnison and 7 at grand junction. there are a few high clouds that she will notice on the satellite radar.
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idaho and parts of montana that will move in our direction. this second one will get -- will make landfall today. this one is out in the ocean, number 3, will hit us saturday night and into sunday and potentially for the broncos game. the snow will move in and we will see it stick around for a couple of inches today. this is not a huge snow maker. here in denver and the eastern plains, we will stay drive. tomorrow morning, snow on the western slope and here in denver we are dry. a bigger punch comes in tomorrow. this one cools us off as well. denver may see snow that goes out to the eastern plains into the evening hours. then another system has our way, saturday night and into sunday. 44 today.
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as we get to the mountains, temperatures may be cooler. 20s and the high country and 20s and 30s on the western slope. for the hour-by-hour forecast, 43 by noon and 42 by 2:00 and then in the 30s by 5:00 tonight. there is a chance for snow in denver and we will be colder. cloudy on saturday with mountain snow possible. or mountain snow possible on sunday with temperatures in the 30s and we could get snow in denver. this is the morning commute getting underway. you can see tail lights and now plague light -- brake lights developing which will slow you down. it will not cost you too much time. 10-11 minutes from the hot -- from 120th down to i-70. once you get past brighton, watch for that. u.s. 36, 225 and c4 70 all doing well. this is 11th and lima and
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this area as they continue their investigation. this is the weather index making a tough drive along i- 70. as you get to the west of 470, watch out for that. highway 42 winter park and then of course that intersection of highway 93 and 72, that seems to be a spot that gets breezy. we hope that you had a half -- a chance to ddr the late show last night. this episode of car pool
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`0 the sell off in stocks continue yesterday pushing the market into correction territory. >> what you may need to do to protect yourself as the markets go volatile. we have jill schlesinger. good morning.
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help us understand the causes behind the selloff.>> there does continue to be a freer that -- fear that global growth is slowing down. the bears are citing the price of crude oil as evidence. crude oil is down 18% this year already. the u.s. corporate earnings season is not expected to be a good one. the bull market is getting tired. at nearly 7 years old, is the third longest in history. put it together, you have big stock down 7%-seven and half percent. the nasdaq is down for the first trading sessions of the year. >> first you tell allen not to panic and you tell others that too. you also say to stick to the
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is. i understand that people are so worried as the indexes move let me appeal to your rationality. if you sell your stocks or mutual funds now, even if you are correct in the short-term, how do you know when to get back in? market timing requires you to make two resize decisions which is pretty much impossible. that is why i am repeating the boring advice to stick to your diversified portfolio. not because it is boring, because it works. when your mother tells you to take an umbrella and get a sweater and she is right. it works. >> all right, let's check the travel forecast with lauren. let's look at what is happening across the country. we are looking at lake effect snow in parts of the northeast
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down to the south bringing thunderstorms along the gulf coast today. this is going to zip up through the weekend and it could bring a potential nor easter to the east coast. it does not look typical. we could get some nor easter style into the northeast this weekend. on the other part of the country, more snow and rain as another system makes landfall today. temperatures in the 40s for the most part and that is moving toward colorado quickly tomorrow. we may see snow in denver tomorrow from that. today mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. it will be mild in the midwest for the most part. security wait time at dia is about 30 minutes. let's check in with joel. the drive should be pretty good to dia this morning. we are starting to see a few more cars out there as you get through commerce city and along 270.
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that's a look at sports. it is time now for the international sportsman sports break. we are talking sports and there is a chance that demaryius thomas's mother could see him -- thomas' mother could see him play. peyton manning back to practicing as the starter. gary kubiak says the quarterback looks as strong as he did at the start of the season. ronco's trying to avoid a third 1 and done them showing in the past four playoffs. they overlook the colts last year and chris harris said yesterday that there were other distractions as well.>> i don't think we had all of the focus. i think everybody had their mind on getting set and prepared and the coaches were trying to leave and looking at home -- at head-coaching jobs. there was scrambling going on
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is more focused this year. we don't have people leaving to look at new coaching jobs right that is something we had to deal with last year.>> reporter: the nuggets beat the warriors last night handing the season.
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big families out the door. they' re number ones, number twos, and a number of ideas for three. life' s morning madness. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. it is 5:30 right now. if you are just getting up, we have a live picture from genesee. big weather changes coming. you have to deal with them and you can't pay for people to deal with them for you because you didn't win the lottery last night. there were three winning
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you are not a winner, i'm sorry to say that to you. let's check the forecast. a change is coming. we have been windy the past couple of days in the foothills and high country. wind gusts up to 53 miles per hour. as we head to the denver area and into the foothills around golden, when is about 20 miles per hour. it will be windy in denver as well today. that's check the temperatures. 30 in denver and 22 in burlington. the mountains are cold with 1 in maker and 20 below for the folks in gunnison. you will see a few clouds to the west this morning. fairly clear here in denver with a few clouds here and there. possibly a mountain wave cloud developing. 43 by noon and 42 by 2:00 and in the 30s by 5:00 tonight. there's a chance for snow in high country with systems
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i will break them down in just a minute. right now, let's check in with joel. this is i-70 and loveland pass where the snow is really blowing. you can see that most of the available powdery snow has previously blown onto the highway and has been plowed out of the way. right now you are just dealing with the wind along the i-70 mountain corridor. you can see that showing up on the weather index. from c-470 through georgetown and out to winter park, the usual spots. here we are across the denver metro area where we have a trouble spot here in town at 11th and lima. this is south of colfax and to the east of colorado where police activity is going on. the area. different way around. you can turn onto our news partners at koa news radio on 8:50 am and 94.1 fm for whether an traffic together.
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with civilians dead after men carried out a series of bombings and gun attacks in the -- in a shopping center at the heart of jakarta, indonesia. officials say that the men were copying the reason pierret -- paris attacks in jakarta. it is likely connected to isis. five attackers are dead and so far no group has claimed responsibility. there is a manhunt for additional suspects underway. news out of denver. five people and a baby escaped a burning home. they are safe and sound right homeless. this happened in the month fellow neighborhood and the 4700 block of n. eagle st. of n. eagle st. we have shawn chitins at the scene. loss. >> reporter: yes, it was destroyed when firefighters arrived. they knew it was a loss and they knew what they had to do it that point. as you mentioned, the five
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crews arrived. they got the call around 12:30 this morning to check out the covered in flames. they are still working on it to put out the hot spots. it was 30 minutes to put the fire out itself. the smoke was so strong that it rose above the home. you can see it for several blocks. we just saw the smoke go way in the last 30 minutes or so. the fire burned nearby trees and even the family car that was parked outside. only part of the building is still standing. the heat was so intense that inside to fight the flames. >> the concern was protecting the house is close by and getting the fire out as quickly as we could.>> reporter: so, and arson team has already been here to try to figure out the investigating. it is important to know that
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it is always important to check on those to make sure they are it has certainly made a difference here. live in denver, shawn chitins , cbs 4 morning new jamie larry leary is at the capital. this is going to be a tough year at the legislature and around the capital.>> reporter: governor. hill couldn't -- governor. hickenlooper will have the state of the state this morning. he will talk about top priorities and among those you will hear about the need to improve roads and infrastructure and expand broadband access. also expand college affordability and the housing crosses. there have been a couple of proposals to address these issues. the governor says it is not a cure all. at is -- at a news conference
5:30 am
his support for a possible gas tax.>> we have had some of the highest levels of in migration that we have seen in a long time. this is exacerbating the issues of congestion and traffic density that we have all known about. they are clearly getting worse. the solutions to those are additional lanes on the interstate or additional turn lanes. those all take a long lead time. we have to identify the source of revenue that will pay for those things as quickly as we can. >> reporter: in order to help fund some of those things, that is why the gas tax was proposed. it is not a certain solution for the tight budget that they are facing this legislative session. the address will be at 11:00 this morning and we will cover that as well. join us online for the latest on that on life for cbs 4 this morning, i am jamie leary .
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attack in colorado springs. he called his actions for of the moment. robert dear talked by phone salinger. >> the truth is out. this is unheard of. >> reporter: robert dear complained in court that he was being silenced. records have been sealed. by phone from jail, he claimed that he up and followed by the f the eye for decades, including -- the fbi for decades, including at his trailer home.>> when i busted in the door, all the people were gone. they had been tipped off by the fbi or by somebody. all of the employees, everybody got out the back.>> reporter: for more than five hours, as standoff took place in three people died.>> reporter: mr. dear, you kill people who were
5:32 am
people who were not working for planned parenthood. a third person was a responding police officer and i asked if he felt anything for his actions.>> they got 4000 babies a killed. they had a lot of cancellations. >> reporter: it brought the a patient -- the abortion debate to new levels but -- by dear .>> apologies. no. i say if they execute me that it will be apology enough.>> reporter: he said that during the standoff, he flipped a credit card to see if he should give up. learning more about a kidnapping investigation and parking -- in parker. we have tom mustin with the
5:33 am
girl never happened. police say the girl made the story of. police held a news conference same the teenager had been abducted by as many as three males. police say that easily several thousand dollars of man hours man. the teenager now faces charges to pay back the expenses. formal charges are expected to be filed next week. in parker, tom mustin, cbs 4 morning new. gunsight being used by soldiers -- gun sights being used by soldiers around the world may not work. they are also used by local police. there will be up report tonight at 10:00. here is a preview.>> the high- tech gun sights were supposed to hit the right target and
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>> the sighting was off as a -- at 100 yards.>> reporter: a problem for police. what happens now with these expenses high-tech sites. what the department told officers in this memo. gunsight recall is tonight at 10:00. we have a weather change approaching. we have a bunch of changes that lauren is looking at including sunday. adele makes an appearance on the late show with james cordon.>> i understand you are
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if you are waking up with us this morning, you may be disappointed because she did not when the powerball jackpot. the winning tickets were in california, florida and tennessee. here is the winning ticket in chino hills, california. >> reporter: crowds descended on this 7 eleven in chino hills.>> i could have one.>> reporter: california lottery officials posted the big news on twitter, just minutes after
5:37 am
those who did not when, stills -- still came to the store to celebrate. they even congratulated the store clerk who had no idea who the winner is. >> it is my pleasure and i am proud and excited too. >> reporter: the store sold thousands of dollars of tickets over the last few days as powerball fieger -- fever took over the country. many waited for hours in long lines for a chance to become an instant billionaire. shane and ryan created a whopping $70,000 private facebook pool for a bite in a $500 -- buy-in of $500. the jackpot winning tickets were also sold in florida and tennessee meeting the big payoff will be split three ways. the california state lottery officials plan to head to the 7
5:38 am
the winner comes forward. chino hills california, cbs 4 news. in colorado we did have 10 winners that match the powerball and five of those got the power play option which was pretty cool. >> it is neat stuff. here is lauren with the lets look at what is happening outside right now. if you did wind and -- win, they would probably be blowing around right now. miles per hour and the same with highlands ranch. hour. there are wind gusts in northern colorado today and even denver will be windy.
5:39 am
43 miles per hour. hour. and temperatures are not bad in some areas. 30 in denver and 22 in burlington. it is cold and alamosa and gunnison and craig with temperatures below zero and 7 at grand junction. looking at the western slope, it looks like a little pop of snow is developing. along the front range and eastern plains, we are on the clear side. this storm is moving our way right now and we will see snow in the high country from this one. the second one is making landfall in the pacific northwest and northern california. this one in packs as tomorrow. this one out in the ocean in packs us on sunday. there is a storm in idaho and montana that is moving our way now and we will see snow in the high country from that today. we will pick up a couple of inches in the mountains and
5:40 am
tomorrow morning it is gone. the second system is moving its way into colorado tomorrow morning and we are looking for heavier snowfall tomorrow that is more widespread. in denver, we may see snow in the afternoon and evening hours. it doesn't look like much. there will be a band or two of heavier snowfall, but most of this will stay in the foothills. it will be 43 today. lots of 20s and the high country with 20s and 30s on the western slope. today mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. when we get the wind off the foothills, there is a possible chance for some clouds to develop. there is a third storm system out in the ocean and that when is headed our way, saturday night and into sunday. most days in the high country favoring the mountains. on fund -- on sunday, there's a slight chance of snow here in
5:41 am
sunday is playoff game day for the broncos. even if we don't get snow, it will certainly be cold. will page and where the glove or not? here we go at i-70 and genesee with wind shaking the camera. most of the powdery snow has blown off of the highway and you will be fighting that today. that has been the story for the past couple of days. this is highway 40 and highway 92. then you have highway 9 and highway 6 over loveland pass. there's a lot of green on the map which is what we like to see. we have some police activity and they are asking you to avoid the area just to the east of colorado and south of colfax avenue 11th and lima. that will be in your way this morning. drive time from the west, c-470
5:42 am
average speed of 64 miles per hour. car pool karaoke is trending right now and it had 7 million views alone on youtube. >> she did something you that -- he did something you did not think that she could do. here she is throwing down nicki
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[ laughter ]. she has many talents, i guess. that was too much fun. we hope you have a chance to check this out if you dvr it.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, welcome back. let's take a look at the wind this morning. there are wind gusts across colorado and even in denver it will be windy today. it is 10 below in craig and 18 below and gunnison. we are around 30 in denver and 41 or boulder. on the satellite boulder -- on the satellite radar, we are on the clear side. looking at the future cast today, snow in the high country and maybe a little bit creeps into the foothills. most stays in the mountains. we may pick up a couple of inches.
5:45 am
we are watching i-70 and airport boulevard. there are a few cars on the roadway and nothing will slow you down. looking at the high country it has been breezy and the road index tells you to take care if you are along i-70 and along those roadways. you can go to our news partner koa news radio on 8:50 am and 94.1 fm for the latest whether an traffic. in the hospital recovering from emergency hearts the jury -- heart surgery. he is 92 and doctors inserted a student to expand an artery. along with yasser arafat, he won a nobel peace prize. dr. say that peres maybe in the hospital for a few days. assessed by -- a suspect
5:46 am
ashley olsen was found strangled with a belt or a scarf in her apartment. she may have met a killer at a club early friday morning. olson was out with friends who left her alone with -- alone at the club. >> i can't imagine what she went through. nobody deserves to go through that. so, whoever did this to her, i hope they get what they have coming to them.>> reporter: her friends are not clear on any involvement. her italian boyfriend is being questioned, though he has a strong alibi for the night of the murder. found dead in a california prison sale. -- cell. the story of lawrence phillips. he was waiting charges for killing last year.
5:47 am
prison on a domestic violence charge. he was a star in nebraska and picked by the rams in 1996. he lasted just a season in the leg. he bounced abound -- around the canadian football league for several years as well. in los angeles, preparations are underway. they will play in the city of angels next season. the rams are expected to split time at the la coliseum with the trojans. they expect to be ready for the 2019 season. the chargers have until january of next year to form a plan to join the rams in la if they cannot work things out in san diego. we have the powerball numbers coming up. although, there were no winning tickets in colorado. >> you will have to go to work. that is an explosion
5:48 am
the capital of indonesia. a deadly terror attack was carried out near a starbucks. what police are trying to find out now. of family is homeless after a fire tore through a home in montbello. how the people inside are doing. we will have a live report. i am jamie leary and we are live at the state of the state address. plus a little later in the show we will take -- speak with lieutenant. governor. joe garcia. that is all ahead on cbs 4 morning new snow in the forecast as we take a life peak over images this morning. storm after storm, this is wild
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