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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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from dog ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gionet. it's a big friday on the cbs 4 morning news. >> in the next week ice on a pond can be very thin. it's never safe to go on ice in colorado on a pond. it's never a safe idea. >> terrible tragedy as one teen is dead and another in the hospital after three boys ended up in a retention pond in a parker neighborhood. why it took so long to get to one of them. they don't like that he beats the rest of the field
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>> bumpy last night, one more debate to go before the iowa caucus. and the. broncos are ready for the playoffs. why the key to victory could depend on play calling. live view at mile high right now and the wind is blowing out there. pittsburgh steelers are coming to town for that big game on sunday. we have weather rolling into parts of colorado right now, lauren. good morning. this is a live look outside this morning, mile high stadium, beautiful look for us. we have some cloud cover this morning. you can't tell because it's so dark out there. but we are looking good, ready for this broncos game. don't forget to wear your orange this morning.
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we'll talk about the game forecast in a moment. right now 38-mile-an-hour gusts winds out there. 25 degrees at dia, 30 in fort collins, warmer in the mountains this morning with 21 in avon and 23 in grand junction. rock this morning. on the satellite and radar, we have snow on the western slope already, cloud cover across the front range and winter weather advisories for parts of the high country. some areas could pick up 10 inches or so. we are looking for that to continue through sunday in some areas. cloudy by noon but a chance for snow after about 2:00 today. we'll chat more about that snow in a moment. folks trying to head up into the high country, fresh powder and playoff football.
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i-70 up in vail, we have chain restrictions in place. this is why, the icy roads we have up there. it's the west of vail pass and both directions of the eisenhower tunnel this morning. eastbound i-70 at genesee, you can see the road weather index showing you the winds we have in the high country as well. it's another one to hold on to the wheel. no big accidents this morning, but we have construction either direction along i-25 around u.s. 36. that's where we are seeing slowing. the ramp from southbound santa fe to southbound 25 has been closed. they are doing lane realignment through there and there's a lot of work to be done. one teenager is dead and another in critical condition after three boys went through the ice in parker. shawn chitnis is live at children's hospital as we have a teen in critical condition
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>> reporter: we learned from the mayor of parker on his facebook page about each of the three teens involved in this accident. he shared last night that one was air lifted here to children's hospital, another being treated at a different hospital, and a third teen did not survive. that is quite possibly the teen who was in the water up to 35 minutes. that's what we learned, that one of the three teens spent a long time in the water. police got to call around 4:30 yesterday afternoon when a neighbor in the area saw the boys in the partially frozen retention pond in the hidden village neighborhood. before the rescue crews arrived, a parker police officer made a frantic move to rescue one of the boys. we also learned from south metro fire that the water was so cold, it was even difficult for the dive teams to make it through.
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in the water at a time and rotating crews in and out. >> reporter: clearly the conditions were difficult even for those wearing wet suits. we understand it's not known what the teens were doing in the water and why they were there. their names have not been released but we understand they are all three at legend high school. shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. this morning a crisis team is expected to be available for students at legend high where the students went to school and overnight they released this statement: this morning four people are in custody after a police
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savings sloan's lake. some people with parked cars will be waking up to damaged vehicles. the store front of a marijuana shop is also damaged. police say they were going after suspects involved in a felony crime but won't say specifically what. we'll follow up this morning. live look right now from space, getting ready to get outside and work on the air lock with a broken bolt. so they have some work to do. here they are getting ready.
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last night trump again brought up the issue of ted cruz's citizenship as cruz shows gains. >> he never had a chance. now he's doing better, got probably a 4% or 5% chance. >> a look at a rough and tumble night in presidential politics. >> reporter: still a big gop field by historical standards but smaller than previous debates. donald trump and ted cruz took center stage at thursday's fox business network debate in south carolina. they have been mostly friendly but last night the gloves came off, donald taking jabs at cruz's citizenship status an presidential eligibility.
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the land, he cannot run. >> reporter: and cruz striking back with a shot involving scotland. >> on the issue of citizenship, donald, i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> reporter: the others fought to stand out as alternatives. >> governor christie endorsed many of the ideas barack obama supported. >> when you're a senator, you get to just talk and talk and talk. when you're a governor, you're held accountable. >> tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama. >> this president is undermining the constitutional basis of this government. >> he's missing the whole point.
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saturday night in south carolina. it is orange friday. if you head to larimer square, you can see how the city is getting ready for the playoffs. and the mayor will be renaming broncos boulevard. the broncos believe they are ready for any of the pittsburgh quarterbacks. when the steelers beat the broncos last month? >> the way we tackle, they played well. we didn't play well. we have some secondary guys back. and we're playing home. >> broncos and steelers play at
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check that out here on cbs 4. and help us show pittsburgh who has the better fans. we are in a contest now to show the strength of broncos country. go to our facebook page to like and share your broncos pride. there's mile high, and it's beautiful out there this morning, lauren. still questions about the sunday forecast. for kickoff it's going to be cold, temperatures in the 30s. we have light snow possible and it will be very cold during that game. the drive looks great this morning, not a lot of orange which is a good thing. 10 minutes from 120th to i-70.
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am and now on 94.1 fm for your traffic and cbs 4 weather together every ten minutes on the tens. a once-trendy camera is seeing rough times.
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let's strive, i mean really try to be more bipartisan this session. >> reporter: governor hickenlooper made a plea for compromise, collaboration and a
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money for education and roads. >> no one can say with a straight face that our budget rules are working for us. >> reporter: at issue, a fee that goes into the general fund making it appear colorado has more money to spend when the money goes back to those who pay it, in this case hospitals. >> let's have it listed as what it is, which is not available for the general assembly to spend. >> reporter: the constitutional limits how much rev view the state can take in. this puts it over the limit, triggering taxpayer refunds. the state still has to pay the fee. democrats want to move it out of the fund. >> used to be that every dollar you paid in tuition as a family was counted as part of the state budget, even though it went to cu. >> the cap was reduced by the same amount. the difference is the proposal
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provider fee wanted to take the money out like tuition but leave the cap up. >> reporter: republicans say attorneys found the move to be unconstitutional. democrats say without it the state will have to make cuts in education and transportation. >> we keep hearing the words crisis and budget cuts. you know this is the largest budget ever, grown by up to 5%. >> do the challenges of our current structure have to send us off a cliff before we take action? >> the governor also unveiled new initiatives including the creation of a cyber intelligence center in colorado springs and an interactive trail map for the state. lauren? we have broncos high heels at sports authority field. i think that's a wine holder.
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shopping, you can head on down there. broncos crock pot, i think i need that. that's pretty cool. thanks, eddie. starting to pick up new items for us. satellite and radar, we have snow on the western slope for us this morning. we have clear skies here in denver in terms of snow and some cloud cover. we'll see partly sunny to mostly sunny throughout most of the day. we'll zoom out a bit. we have a system moving towards we have another system off in the ocean and waiting for this to head our way saturday night. we'll see more snow potentially then. as we look at the advisories, these are through saturday. the mountains could pick up the most of this. inches.
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so, not much expected but a nice little coating for us. throughout the morning hours that will get more widespread. we're dry by lunchtime and then we could have some of this in hours. could pick up a little more here in the downtown areas, half inch to an inch. eastern plains you get more overnight, maybe an inch or two by tomorrow morning. more possible through the the afternoon and evening tomorrow, so things will ramp up saturday night into sunday as that next system heads our way. denver, we could see snow on sunday for the broncos game. temperatures this morning, 25 for denver, 30 in boulder, 14 in greeley, 13 in limon and 15 in craig, 23 in grand junction. temperatures for today, looking at about 36 for us in the denver area, 35 in boulder,
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today and 28 in aspen, 31 in grand junction. we all want the kickoff forecast. we know it will be cold during the game and cloudy, light snow possible. for the five-day forecast, 37 tomorrow, 34 on sunday and back up to 50 on monday. over the high mountain passes, there are chain restrictions in place as you get to the eisenhower tunnel both directions and up over vail pass. there are still icy conditions there. winds we have been tracking this morning, get through georgetown along highway 40 out to winter park. it could be an issue. starting out crash and stall- free, starting to see slowing in the westbound direction of i-
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northbound i-25 where the express lanes project lane there. southbound coming into down, great looking drive, speeds
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welcome back. we have a large area of low pressure pumping a lot of moisture into parts of the south right now. huge thunderstorms in parts of georgia right now. no travel delays in atlanta but there could be some later on today. the system moves northeast,
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in the northeast later this weekend. this may track a little too far out in the ocean for that. pacific northwest, several systems will be making landfall, another one tomorrow. and we have lake-effect snow in parts of the of the midwest. security wait times about 15 minutes at dia and all the lots are open. traveling up in the high country, icy conditions and chain restrictions are in place over vail pass, eastbound and westbound at the eisenhower tunnel. the slowing is northbound i-25. get on i-70 inbound, should be a straight shot. looks like it could be a rough day to end the week on wall street, stocks way off this morning ahead of the open. >> reporter: go pro has a rough
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100 jobs. the company reported revenue for the last three months of 2015 dropped 30% from the same period the year before. the company said sales were weak even though it cut the price of the latest camera in half. stocks rallied on wall street thursday, the dow adding 227 points and nasdaq gaining 88. southern comfort's parent company says it's selling the brand as part of a deal worth $544 million, sold to a rival company after struggling in recent years. and green milk has hit store shelves to celebrate the green bay packers postseason run. minnesota based dairy company is bottling the colored beverage. the limited edition packers
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regular milk. it's vanilla flavored. for more log on to today the wind was booming and ball still zipping through the wind. i think he's been having a good day of practice, preparing the right way. he wants to win and so do we. >> sounds great, peyton slinging the pigskin right through the wind. we all wonder which peyton will show up sunday but there are no such questions about the top ranked defense, just a glitch here and there like the second half in pittsburgh. they are determined not to make the mistakes that cost them the playoffs last year against the colts. >> now there's more of a sense excitement. you can see it in the guys and see the tenacity they're bringing to practice, a little
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pushing each other around because they really want it. i didn't really see that last year, but i see it this year. guys like you know what, we don't know who's going to be on the field. off. >> see the game here on cbs 4
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,,,,,,,,,,,, what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye
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minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good good morning, everybody. 5:29 right now, a live picture of mile high ahead of sunday's huge game here on cbs 4. of course the broncos have to show
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against the steelers. the weather could be critical for that. lauren whitney on how things are looking for today and for sunday. >> we have a chance for snow today and getting through today, some snow already on the western slope. we have cloud cover and that goes out to the eastern plains. we have winter weather advisories in place today through tomorrow in many areas, 6 to 10 inches expected in the northern mountains. sanways, 4 to 7i expected today. it's warmer on the western slope to start the day, 22 in grand junction, 25 in denver and 21 in burlington, 28 in fort collins. we have a chance for snow here in denver throughout the afternoon and into the evening, light in denver, maybe a half
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some areas north side of town could pick up a little more. joel is watching the drive out there. up in the high country, that's where it's toughest. that's what we're watching here, i-70 and loveland pass. you can see the flashing lights there, chain restrictions in place westbound up to vail and both directions eisenhower tunnel. highway 40 up to winter park is breeze area as well. lauren is tracking those winds along i-70. across the metro, we'll start crash and stall-free, most of the construction work picked up and moved out of the way. if you're about to get in the car, turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm to get weather and traffic every ten minutes on the tens. the heartbreaking tragedy out of parker right now, one teenager dead and another in critical condition after three
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retention pond in parker. a local high school will open stunned from this tragedy. shawn chitnis is live at children's hospital where one teen was air lifted yesterday. >> reporter: this morning we are hoping to get an update on the teen that was air lifted to children's hospital. another teen is being treated at a different hospital and a third did not survive after being in the water 35 minutes. p.m. where the three teens were seen near hidden village by the parker road and holloman drive dive teams struggled in the cold conditions even with their wet suits. they were able to pull out two teens but a police officer water. >> when he got on the scene,
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the water, broke a tree branch off and used that to pull the juvenile to the edge, then got the juvenile out. >> reporter: the names of the three teens have not been released and we still don't know what they were doing by the water at a time. a neighbor first noticed them and called police. shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. new this morning a crisis team is expected to be available for students at legend high school, where those students went to high school. overnight the school district released this statement: breaking news right now, denver police are looking for an suv involved in a carjacking overnight. this happened at sheridan and
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looking for a white chevy silverado with a colorado plate qeu-389. one person was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. police are now looking for two hispanic men. new details in the investigation of two threats by teenage girls at mountain vista high school. prosecutors say 16-year-old brook higgins searched for weapons online and wrote about wishing she could have participated in the columbine attacks in 1999. prosecutors asked for $1 million bond and got it. >> we had concerns for the community and asked for a high bond. >> higgins is charged with two felonies and her codefendant is also charged as an adult.
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is hurt after a crash with another driver. this picture after a civilian and officer both taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. state patrol says the impairment was not a factor in that crash. police in colorado capture add man wanted in connection with an amber alert out of michigan overnight. 24-year-old alex perez is the father of two girls reported missing after a double homicide. he was arrested while he slept and taken into custody after a brief struggle. his two daughters are reportedly unharmed and in protective custody. police in michigan are still investigate ing the deaths of two people died of blunt force trauma after somebody used a ladder to get inside the house. planned parenthood is taking action against an antiabortion group that
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tissue is being sold for profit. that video has been cited in many arguments. >> reporter: the denver stapleton location was one of the locations visited. they claimed the video showed planned parenthood illegally offering tissue for sale. planned parenthood's ceo says the videos were distorted and violated their secret space. >> it was a ruse and they tricked us into talking to them. >> do you feel violated. >> . >> i won't be surprised if we learn that that individual was
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>> reporter: the person who claimed responsibility for the attack is quoted as saying no more baby parts. that man is robert dear, who we spoke with by phone. >> reporter: today demonstrators urge those entering the clinic not to have abortions. the center for medical progress said this about the lawsuit: >> planned parenthood says ten states investigated and found no evidence of profit from fetal tissue donation. things got wild at last debate.
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the top seven were trying to land blows or keep attention. >> reporter: one of donald trump's strongest political moments came when he defended his hometown. his clash with ted cruz was one of the most talked about moments of the debate. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or proabortion or progay marriage. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully than new york. >> had this really heartfelt response from trump, and you don't get a lot of heartfelt responses from trump. >> well, i'm glad we're focusing on the important topics of the evening. >> reporter: cruz scored major with trump. following.
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personal way and you damage someone who they still think would make a fine nominee, then trump is really on thin ice. >> reporter: there were also fireworks between marco rubio and chief and chris christie. >> two years ago he called me a conservative reformer that new jersey needed. that was before he was running against me. >> the guys on the stage, everyone wrote him off seven months ago as a guy under siege, and now he's got a pulse in new hampshire. it's hard for one to take votes from the other. >> reporter: other candidates struggled to gain the spotlight. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's in the hands of the good lord. >> reporter: republican contenders have one more debate before the iowa caucus.
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the caucus. it was the field goal attempt seen around the world. days after the vikings stunning playoff loss, the team's kicker is getting support from an unlikely place. don champion with the heartwarming story coming up. live picture inside sports authority field as we get ready for sunday's game here on cbs 4. the orange and blue is up all over town today.
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today, find that broncos wear ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, `0 they have had their bye week and the field is ready, too.
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the team is focused and ready to take on the steelers. >> it's the playoffs. if you ain't got juice for the playoffs, you shouldn't be here. if you lose, you go home. that should be your motivation. >> reporter: that begs the question, where was that motivation last year against the colts? >> going into the game, we didn't play too well and didn't have a chance to worry about it. >> reporter: it was bigger than just overlooking the colts. coaches were focused on getting new jobs and players were focused on getting new contracts. >> everybody has their own agenda, i would say, trying to get paid. coaches trying to get paid. everybody was.
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think we had the same focus we do now. >> reporter: players think this year does feel different and the team is better prepared, but saying and doing are two different things. >> i think we're a lot more focused, especially losing last year in the first round at home. won't let that happen again, so we're in all the way. >> the common theme in the locker room this week, the broncos are not ready to buy the injury reports out of pittsburgh and they don't want to overlook a banged up steelers team. sunday kickoff is 2:40 here on cbs 4. help us show pittsburgh who has the better fans. we are in a contest with the cbs station in pittsburgh to show the strength of broncos country. go to our facebook page and like and share your broncos pride. we want to see it today. another live picture out there, look at the grass out there.
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up with snow on this field on sunday? there is a chance. that turf is going to be hard because it's cold out there for the next several days. but they will be ready. there's a chance for light snow coming our way on sunday. take a look at the satellite and radar for today, starting off with snow on the western slope already this morning. here in denver we are on the cloudy side, some sunshine throughout the morning hours and a wider look at what we're checking out for the next couple days. this system we are seeing now, that's heading our direction. we'll have a shot of snow this afternoon and this evening. this is heading toward colorado and we could have another surge saturday night into sunday. our northwestern mountains could see 6 to 10 inches of snow, a nice coating there. 4 to 10 inches for aspen,
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winter weather advisories for the sanjuans 4 to 7 inches. not expecting that much here from this. that snow is going to be more widespread throughout the morning hours and then we'll see the snow stick around throughout the afternoon and evening from fort collins to greeley and south looking at a chance for light snow. we could pick up a half inch to an inch here in denver, eastern plains and inch or two overnight. here in denver, this will clear out this evening. more snow tomorrow morning in the high country and it's not bad throughout the early part of the day. in the afternoon that could ramp up in the mountain areas. in denver sunday, chance for snow for the broncos game but it's fairly light. starting off with 25 in denver
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15 below in alamosa. 21 in avon and 23 in grand junction. the high today is cooler out there, looking at 36 in denver, 32 in greeley, a lot of 20s in the high country and western slope. for the broncos forecast for sunday, kickoff is 2:40. we are looking at temperature in the low to mid-30s and it will get colder during the game. we know it will be cold and cloudy. looking at the five-day forecast, 30s throughout the weekend and by monday we're back to 50 degrees. joel? it's been a great start, pretty typical friday drive. i-70 and genesee here, not a lot of headlights out there. but notice the roadways are clear here. that is not the case approaching the eisenhower tunnel, up over vail pass we have the chain restrictions in place. here is that mountain drive,
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for us this morning. through georgetown out to winter park, you can see it's a tough drive for you. across the metro, look at all this green we have. a little slowing 25 approaching 270 and westbound along 270 as folks get on the turnpike. outside that, a lot of green on the map. 225, c-470 nice and wide open. southbound coming into town, speeds in the 50s and 60s. the minnesota vikings kicker who missed a 27-yard game-winning field goal last weekend is now getting big support from little fans. blare walsh took the blame for what he called a chip shot. while he admits disappointment, something may make it better. >> reporter: for vikings fans, kicker blare walsh's missed field goal sunday still stings.
5:44 am
deserve every second of it. >> reporter: surely flashbacks of his season-ending blunder have been painful. but walsh has taken it all in stride. >> yesterday was -- it was not what i wanted. >> reporter: while he's still taking the heat, thursday he got some support from the youngest of fans. >> that cheered me up a lot. >> reporter: he visited first graders at north point elementary outside minneapolis. earlier this week after the missed kick, the students wrote walsh letters of sympathy and encouragement. >> dear blare, i feel bad for you. >> you are still good at football. >> don't give up. >> reporter: the kindness and empathy were not lost on walsh and says he had to return the favor. >> thank you very much for all cards. they were very touching to me. it says a lot about you guys that. >> i think it's pretty cool, a
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>> reporter: before leaving, walsh signs autographs and left with a life lesson for us all. >> keep on trying. we love you so much. >> reporter: don champion, cbs news. >> had to be in a pretty bad place sunday. he says he plans to keep the cards and letters from the kids. ,,,, southwest has officially been in denver for ten years. we couldn't be happier to be here
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the years to come. to celebrate, we got you 56 nonstop destinations. because as everybody knows, the ten-year anniversary is the nonstop destination anniversary. thanks for ten amazing years, denver. what can we say? we like you back.
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive. american family insurance. welcome back. let's take a live look this morning from sports authority field. the field is ready to go for the big game on sunday. this is from our photographer eddie castro. can't wait to fill those stands, going to be a great game. it will be chilly out there, a chance for snow during the game as well. let's take a look outside. we have snow already on the western slope this morning. nothing really here in the denver area yet, a little bit on the cloudy side, tough to tell because it's dark outside. we have a chance for snow in the high country today, getting more widespread throughout the afternoon.
5:48 am
throughout the afternoon and evening hours and could pick up an inch or two tonight and this evening. we have winter weather advisories for the high country, 6 to 10 inches of snow. travel will be tough at times later today and tomorrow as we are looking at more snow to roll in and temperatures today in the 30s here in denver. perfect colorado weekend, fresh powder and playoff football. i-70 and vail, you can see the conditions we have here as you get to vail. westbound direction, we have chain restrictions in place. both directions as you get to the eisenhower tunnel. if you're getting in the car, turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm for traffic and cbs 4 weather together. there's a dangerous new
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thousands of dogs have been infected. >> reporter: maya takes her dog skinny to the dog park every day. but she didn't know until now it's where her dog is most likely to catch the flu. >> she's up to date on all the vaccines the vet wants her to have. but if the vet doesn't know about this thing? >> reporter: close contact and a lot of rough housing spread the virus. >> when it gets to a place it hasn't been before, nobody has immunity, the dogs can spread it fast. >> reporter: vets say the virus is rarely fatal. like humans, the most susceptible are puppies and older dogs. >> they're going to really not want to eat, be dragging around, sleeping more. you're going to look at them and know something is wrong. >> reporter: ten years ago an
5:50 am
kennels in denver for a week. >> if we notice they're not looking good or think they might be sick, we'll talk to the parents and say, it's probably best if the dog doesn't come in today. >> reporter: this kennel disinfects top to bottom and if they notice a dog is sick, they isolate the dog so keep others from getting sick. >> dog owners should look at the dog for signs of illness. the colorado orchestra is a great way to get kids into music. >> reporter: the colorado symphony orchestra is performing a tribute to pixar. much of the music was written
5:51 am
writer randy newman. and that's this weekend. also monday night, going back a half century in music. songs like bang on the drum all day, todd lundgren monday night. find out more at ahead this morning, three teenagers fall through the ice in parker, one dead and another in critical condition. we'll talk about the important timeline there. and chipotle closing all its stores next month. and as the broncos get ready to take on the steelers, orange friday today. this is a live look at mile
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