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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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cbs4's lauren dispirito is liv what happened? >>reporter: well, firefighters at the us that chief eric tade had left station one, headquarters, he was headed to pick up his children, going west on colfax, he made it two intersections down to klamath, a woman jumped into his suv and stabbed him. this happened right after 1:30 this afternoon. we know that tade was a lope in his suv and also that it was an unmarked car. so this morning would not -- woman would not have known that he was inside. we know that witnesses did point police towards that female suspect. and fire department spokeswoman melissa taylor tells us that tade received a minor stabbing wound to his hand and he also sustained a wound to his leg. >> they can be aware, but we are really, really fortunate that he is -- that these injuries were
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>> looked like he was holding his arm. and walking. >>reporter: bleeding? >> i don't know, i didn't see him bleeding, it looked like he had his arm like this. >>reporter: that witness also saw tade walk back here to the station for help. he was eventually taken to denver health, he's there in good spirits, he's expected to make a full recovery and be able to go home tonight. as for the female suspect, right now, police aren't telling us her name. they're holding her on suspicion of aggravated assault, so far, no word from police on whether this woman knew tade or what her attack. we're live in denver, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. thank you. >> right now, fort collins police are look for this man, accused of stabbing a woman. it is her exboyfriend, pierce. survive. pierce may be driving a
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license plate. tonight, only on 4, hearing from the man who made the fbi's most wanted list, after a string of violent crimes in the metro area. investigators say myloh mason is one of the man caught on surveillance cameras robbing banks while wearing scream masks, accused of shooting and injures two people in november. rick sallinger talked with mason, we understand he appeared in court today? >>reporter: he did, tom, and was ordered held on a half million dollars bond. $500,000 cash. sounds like a lot, but consider this. the bank robbers may have got more than that. now bind bars, myloh mason had been on the run for nearly two months. he was captured last friday, by thornton. now, he is being held for bank robberies. most wanted. from jail, i asked him if he was aware of that notoriety.
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wanted list. are you aware of that? >> yes, sir. >>reporter: he also faces attempted murder charges, during the november 18th lakewood bank robbery get away, a man was shot while his van was being hijacked. a woman and her daughter were also injured. >> [ inaudible ] but y'all have a good day. >>reporter: wae wanted to ask him why he would stay in the denver area, when he was on the fbi's most wanted list. and was being shown widely throughout this area, his other places. answer. cbs4. thank you, rick. new information tonight in arvada. this man, lawrence white, will now spend the rest of his life
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prosecutors say he tied up the victim and repeatedly assaulted her over a 30-hour period. he met that woman at a bar two years ago. new tonight, at 5:00, a family's worning to watch your pets -- warning to watch your pets closely. a wild animal possibly, a mountain lion attacked and killed their dog. it happened in castle rock at a home on starry night loop. jennifer brice is live tonight in douglas county, the dog was outside for a few minutes. >>reporter: just a few minutes, and it can happen that fast, now, the family wants to let people know about this, they also know that when you live in subdivisions, just like this one, on the front range, it is so common for wildlife to encroach into your neighborhood, especially when you live near ridge lines and trails behind your home. but they wanted to let people know about this, so this wasn't devastating to another family. >> what we've had to explain to our kids, and what we've had to deal with and process is not something that i would like
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>> yeah, this is how close this was. >>reporter: jill shows us the area where she found her beloved boston terrier in their castle rock backyard, a day after they believe oscar was attacked and killed, possibly by a mountain lion in their own backyard. >> we did see a trail of red down through the ravine behind our house. >>reporter: they found several different tracks in the snow, but weren't familiar with the pattern. friends tell them that the tracks are likely that of a bob cat or mountain lion, rather than a coyote or something else. >> what we've been told is that the coyotes would have probably here on the pass. >>reporter: the family believes the attack happened over the weekend when they heard their other dog, purse si, barking. oscar wasn't seen again until backyard ravine. this concerned mom wants neighbors to know, especially people with young children, so they can be vigilant.
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the wild, they were coming up into our yards, very boldly. early in the evening, not the middle of the night. and very quickly. getting very comfortable with people. >>reporter: and i did speak to the division of parks and wildlife, who says that there's some things you can do as homeowners, one of them is to install motion detector lights, that will scare off animals, wildlife of that kind. also, when you let your animals out, be #5r7bd them, try to -- around them, try to be around them, throw rocks and sticks, those things can sometimes help when you're living in areas that have a lot of brush. they also say to clear the brush around your home, so wildlife can't hide in those areas. >> thank you. tonight, theer is ch continues for a missing -- the hiker. the 50-year-old man disappeared on saturday, we have just learned his name is todd muscleman, his car had been
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high winds and low visibility have head the search difficult. theres was an avenue in the area -- navl the area. a 20-year-old employee of the eldora ski area, he vanished sunday. a deputy found his vehicle on flagstaff road, behind the flat irons, rescue teams searched the area yesterday. one of the men freed from iran over the weekend. amir says he feels lucky to be free again. right now r he's in germany, but he says he can't wait to be back home in michigan. >> really want to see my family and be back on -- in the land of the free. >> he is one of four americans released as part of a prisoner swap with iran. the former marine spent 4 and a half years for spying, he denies the charges. >> i was at a point where i had accepted the fact that i was going to be spending ten years in prison. so this was a surprise. >> he says there was no warning
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just told to pack up his things. well, the latest now, campaign tuition, republican presidential candidate donald trump picks up a key endorsement in his bid for the white house. former vice presidential candidate sara palin has endorsed trump. in iowa, palin has joined trump on stage, endorsement comes weeks before the iowa primary, trump is in a close battle l with senator ted cruz. anyone who has lived in colorado for a while, when it comes to weather, we see it all here. blizzards to droughts, meteorologist lauren whitney joins us now at the weather summit. what are the conditions out there like tonight? >> well, right now, it's beautiful, the temperature has dropped a little bit in the last 10-1 minutes, but it's -- 10 #10-15 minutes, but it's beautiful out here. that cleared out. we have had a great time at our summit today. we've learned a lot of things, two really great speakers
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about the new go our satellite. lots of really great stuff for forecasts is coming our way and this thing will change the way for satellite and doppler radar. we will see things. this is really cool, we heard from j.t. righter, a scientist for the jet propulsion lab in california, satellites track soil moisture from space and how in el nino years they need that snow instead of rain. >> well, we get more precipitation in snow, it really helps, because snow melts gradually through the spring, get this nice large long-term recharge in the rivers, reservoir and groundwater and in colorado, this snow melt goes into the colorado river basin, so it gives water to states all the way out to california. having the nice consistent snow melt is nice to have water resources through the summer. >>reporter: well, we also told us how they are working on flood repriktss, based on soil moisture and available groundwater. which of course we had the huge
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predict what flood conditions could be like or flooding would be like based on the groundwater, they g k give you a forecast five or six months in advance instead of 3-10 days in advance. crucial stuff happening out there as well. it was cool to hear from someone who works at a jet propulsion lab, neat stuff. and their claim to fame, they created the mars rover and sent that into space. neat stuff. ed is joining us, it's beautiful now, but there's more snow on the way. >> it is, lauren, it could be hours away, from steamboat springs to denver, sunny no partly sunny skies. the snow is headed to the mountains, in the pacific, another system, coming our way. how much snow we get rs that's all coming up. >> coming up. tax season is here, we have an important reminder on how to avoid a scam that has raked in millions of dollars. >> a brand new medical clinic, but not a doctor in sight. i'll explain the concept and why anyone can come here.
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going to have to face the patriots without one of their unsung heroes.
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you need it, like us on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, developing tonight, investigators are trying to find out what caused a greyhound bus to roll over on a california highway, this morning during a rainstorm on highway 101 in san jose, two people died and 8 others were carried to the hospitals, the driver was among the injured. the driver reported being tired before the crash. today, a bus also went off the road in denver. adam green tweeted out this picture of the bus this morning, it ended up behind trees on a walking path on i-25 and yuan yop, in the tech center -- union in the tech center. none of the passengers were injured. tax season is officially here. and we have an important reminder, about the biggest phone fraud in irs history. the treasury department is warning tears about caller --
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claim to be irs agents. the treasury department says there's one thing that the callers say that should let you know it's a scam. >> if you don't pay immediately, you're going to go to jail. that is the tipoff. the irs will never make a telephone call like that. >> authorities say the scam started in india, it has been so profitable, it's now spread to copy cats worldwide. tonight's health watch, a new medical clinic has opened in aurora, but don't ask to see the doctor. because it's run entirely by nurse practitioner, a relaxed environment. cbs4's health specialist is inside the healthcare partners at bellevue point clinic along parker road. cathy, it's believed to be the first of its kind in the state. >>reporter: the first clinic operateded entirely by nurse practitioner, they say they get everyone is welcome.
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suggested by her physician after a hospital stay. she won't be seeing a doctor. but rather a nurse practitioner, and rosa is a little unsure. >> how are they going to know what's going on with you if they're not a doctor? on site? >>reporter: and kristen, a family nurse, practitioner. >> i've gotten some of your records from the hospital. >>reporter: she peppers rosa about questions with her health. >> have you had any problems with the medication? >>reporter: this is procedure at the new healthcare partners at bellevue point, a proj of the cu college of nursing, operated entirely by nurse practitioners. >> nurse practitioner in the state of colorado can prescribe, diagnose and treat, without any sort of oversight by a provider or by doctors. >>reporter: operations manager adrian wolfe calls the clinic one solution to the shortage of primary care physician, services include sick visits, physicals, vaccines and can mental health. pay can cash or insurance, or
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>> it's around $800 a year for most adultss. >>reporter: after an hour with the nurse practitioner, rosa is satisfied. >> i like it. >>reporter: colorado has a long history with nurse practitioners, the specialty was actually developed at cu, 50 dwreer years ago. this is a prielt program. if all goes well -- private program, the if all goes well, expect to see more. a check on the forecast, 40 degrees now, ed, but i know it's subject to change. >> yeah, it sure is. this is winter time in colorado, we got 50s in our forecast, we've also got some rain, believe it or not, and snow showers, first, we take a look at the doppler 4,000, a little light snow this morning. it would come at the rong time. 10:00 o'clock, sunshine and that's what we have all day long, all over the eastern plains, right back in the mountains. but you see these clouds drifts
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rain and snow showers headed for the high country. the cold front along with it. we had the stationary front that pulled a little bit to the east, all of the snow we had from yesterday has moved off to the midwest, and then we have some snow from the chicago land area, all the way up in the new england. down over the east, we have the high pressure and they're in pretty nice shape. the hour-by-hour forecast, clear skies around here, here comes the clouds from the west. look at how quickly the snow comes from the mountains, 1:00 a.m., sunny and partly sunny skies right now, 6 hours from now, snow up there or 8 hours from now. snow, partly cloudy skies, over the eastern plain, those clouds increase and then tomorrow afternoon, or evening, we could see some snow showers right here in the metro area, maybe a little rain shower activity over the eastern plains, then things clear out. going to catch a break. thursday is a nice day. friday a nice day, lots of sunshine and we warm up rather nas lay as we take a look at the winter weather advisory for the
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tonight to midnight on wednesday. mainly the northwest facing slopes. 40 and 44 for the highs today. 32 and 32 were the normals, 44 and 17 would be normal. 68 and 20 below are the records. 40 and 33 right now. we have a southeast breeze at 7. 72% humidity. we've got a falling barometer, look at this terrific shot from john along the eagle river, this is from -- you can take a look at this, glenwood canyon, lots of blue skies there. and here's the result of all of the good snow, loveland ski just terrific skiing. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the 20s over the eastern plains, teens for the high country with single digits down around gunnison and alamosa and over the west, temperature this is the teens and 20s. tomorrow, we'll see temperatures in the 30s, 40s, 50s over the eastern plains. pretty much like today. 20s at the higher elevations, we'll look at 30s, 40s out west. we'll see those increasing clouds as the evening goes on, 28 and 26, the overnight lowsings, then tomorrow, mostly
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showers, late in the day. 48 and 46 will be the highs. and then for the next several days, 41 on thursday, with sunny skies, look at the warmup for friday into saturday, mid 50s, but sunday, here comes the game. and here comes maybe some scattered rain or snow showers, but a high of 43. so really not all that bad. >> it's football weather. >> thanks, ed. >> well, all eyes will be on peyton manning, tom brady, when the broncos and pats battle it out in this sunday in the afc championship game. why the broncos say t,,
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ball is fumbled and i think the broncos may have their break. >> they bring 6. s osweiler floats one. back in the end zone. caldwell, touchdown, denver. >> brady in the pocket, he bounces around, he is grabbed by malik jackson, hit by vaughn miller and sacked. >> here comes c.j. anderson running behind a wall of blockers, down the sideline, kr. j. anderson, to the house, denver wins it! that was fun, remember the patriots were perfect when they came to denver in late november. they left town with their first loss of the year. and now, the rematch and once fwen, manning versus brady. peyton didn't play back in november, but he's back in the saddle now. ready for 17th and the final battle with brady. brady has dominated, won 11 of the 16 show downs between the
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that's how many people see sunday's game, simply manning against brady. players have a different point of view. >> those guys are the quarterbacks of the gail, but it's the patriots versus the denver broncos, our team hadn't been, you know, we have been shooting the lights out offensively, been a very well rounded team this season, great defense, great operations on special teams, and the offense has been finding ways to get it done when we need to get it done. another one of the team gamess where it takes everyone to get it done. >> broncos will be down a key special teamer, omar injuring his knee. not going to need surgery. a very valuable return man all season, the broncos figured to miss him on sunday. nuggets continuing tonight, a formable -- the oklahoma city thunder, nuggets have been playing better, beat the warriors last week by 2. scoring 45 in the fourth
5:21 pm
the close ones. >> experience, the best teach ner the world and we're in close games, in close games, now, we can point to close games, where we've won, why do you win? i'm a big believer in making sure your team understands why you win and why you lose. you can't take for granted that they know. >> they know now, you score more points, you win.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . and as a final check on a pretty nice forecast. >> we had a little snow this morning and sunshine, tomorrow, we see a little sunshine and a
5:23 pm
take a look towards the end of the week, we warm up until saturday, sunday for the broncos game, 43 degrees, maybe some scattered showers. >> take out the patriots. >> thanks for watching colorado's news >> pelley: trump gets his biggest endorcement less than two weeks before the votes. also tonight, a demand for the resignation of michegan's governor over the water crisis in flint. >> we are all affected and infected by this, and they need to pay for this. >> pelley: a big winter storm is in the forecast for much of the east. and reinventing the car pool by adding soundtrack. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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first votes of the presidential election, donald trump has scored a victory over his closest rival ted cruz. tonight, trump won the endorsement of former vice presidential candidate and alaska governor sarah palin, a this is the two of them appearing tonight. she is a favorite,, of course, of tea party conservatives and here is major garrett. >> reporter: donald trump's endorsement from the 2008 vice presidential nominee was a blow to ted cruz's bid. today, he took a conciliatory tone. >> oh, listen, i love sarah palin. sarah palin is fantastic. without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in the senate today, and so regardless of what sarah decides to do in 2016, i will always remain a big, big fan of sarah palin.
5:25 pm
boost in iowa today when six- term governor terry brandstead declared he wants to see cruz defeated. >> i know he made a big statement appreciated by many and it was amazing, actually. hes a respected man. >> reporter: cruz accused trump of seeking republican establishment support. >> it is no surprise that the establishment is in full panic mode. we said from the beginning that the washington cartel was going to panic more and more as conservatives unite behind our campaign. >> reporter: cruz's attacks will have a tougher time sticking with palin at trump's side. scott, trump reminded iowa republicans they haven't picked the eventual g.o.p. nominee in 16 years, adding if he doesn't win iowa, they will have picked "another loser." >> pelley: major garrett for us tonight. major, thank you. resident of flint, michigan went to the state capital in lansing today to protest tonight's state of the state address by governor rick snyder.
5:26 pm
up the lead that has poisoned the water in flint, a city of 100,000, predominantly african american. here's adriana diaz. chanting ) address will have to compete with this. >> we're going to get you, snyder. >> reporter: tony palladeno and his wife, leah, were among hundreds who bordered busses from flint to the state capital. >> we are all affected and infected by this and they need to pay for this. >> reporter: it all started back in april 2014 when flint water from the flint river to save money. within weeks, residents began complaining about the smell, taste, and appearance. a year later, the city found slightly elevated lead levels in the water but said there was no cause for alarm. then in september, a group of doctors found that the number of
5:27 pm
levels had doubled. lee ann walters started noticing physical and developmental delays in her kid. >> we were told by the state nurse, "it's just a few i.q. points. it's not the end of the world." >> dr. mona hanna-attica led the study on children. when you first saw the results of your study... >> right. >> reporter: what went through your mind? >> i think my jaw just dropped. how could we do this? and what was most disturbing was that it was entirely preventible. >> reporter: five days after her study was released, governor rick snyder, for the first time, said publicly, "it appears that lead levels could be higher or have increased." a week later, he called for flint to go back to detroit's water system. in december, the governor's task force blasted the state department of environmental quality, which oversees water. the task force said that complaints by flint residents were met by, "aggressive dismissal, belittlement, and
5:28 pm
individuals involved." today, the governor asked state legislators for $28.5 million to pay for water bottles, upgrades to school plumbing, and even a school psychologist to help with scott, he'll outline that proposal tonight. >> pelley: adriana diaz at the state capitol. adriana, thank you. lead poisoning is especially harmful to children, and it is irreversible. dr. jon lapook has more on this. >> reporter: the parents of children in flint, michigan have good reason to be worried. >> there's real danger that the injury is going to be permanent and lifelong in them. >> reporter: dr. philip landrigan is dean of global health at mount sinai school of medicine. he's been studying the effects of lead since the '70s. >> the problem here is that no level of lead is safe. even low levels of lead, especially if exposure to low levels continues over many months, is going to cause some degree of brain damage to at
5:29 pm
deal. >> reporter: exposed children are at risk for a number of problems, including lower i.q. scores, developmental delays, and behavioral issues such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. even after lead exposure stops, the effects can last for years, or even be permanent. in flint, michigan, a major challenge will be identifying which children are at risk, then tracking them for many years for evidence of injury. >> these children are going to be injured for life. they're going to need remedial education. they're going to need educational enrichment programs. they're kids who may be prevented from functioning at their full level. >> reporter: there are no known effective drugs to reverse the developmental damage caused by lead. something called "chelation therapy" can remove lead from the body, but so far it has not been helpful in treating the behavioral or neurological problems caused by lead. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook. thank you, doc.
5:30 pm
now spilled into the presidential campaign, and nancy cordes has that. >> it's a civil rights issue. >> reporter: hillary clinton started sounding the alarm last week, sending two top aides to flint. >> we would be outraged if this happened to white kids, and we should be outraged that it's happening right now to black kids. >> reporter: her opponent, bernie sanders, called on michigan's governor to resign over the state's slow response. >> a man who acts that irresponsibly should not stay in power. >> reporter: most of the g.o.p. candidates have been reluctant to criticize a fellow republican. >> i'm sure he will manage this appropriately. >> reporter: that was ohio's john kasich. this was donald trump: >> you know, i shouldn't be commenting on flint. >> reporter: florida's marco rubio professed ignorance. >> that's not an issue we have been focused on. >> reporter: ted cruz broke from the rest this afternoon. >> it is a failure of city officials, it is a failure of the county officials.
5:31 pm
officials. >> reporter: democrats argued the muted response from most republican candidates shows they are disconnected. republicans said it's a state issue and accused democrats of milking the crisis to score political points with the african american community, scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes on the campaign. nancy, thank you. well, new hampshire will hold three weeks from today, and have a look at this. in the democratic race there, sanders now leads clinton nearly two to one. the new poll out today has sanders at 60%, clinton at 33%. sanders is the senator next door in the state of vermont. forecasters say 50 million people in the east could be in the path of a powerful winter storm later this week. eric fisher is the chief meteorologist at our cbs station in boston, wbz. eric, how bad might this be?
5:32 pm
very significant storm up and down the east coast. we're watching the energy that has just come ashore in the western united states, produce something rain and snow here. and it will travel across the country over these next few days. and by friday we'll be watching snow developing across part of the mid-south, perhaps as far south as alabama and georgia and then the storm starts to wind up off the mid-atlantic coast, peaking on saturday. bands of heavy snow up and down the eastern seaboard and stretching up towards southern new england, and then very slowly moving its way eastward and out to sea. it will be a long-duration event, friday into saturday, and sunday for the eastern corridor. now, here in blue, this is the highest impact zone when it comes to snow totals, including the philly area, d.c. suburbs, also into virginia. we'll get a better idea of the totals by tomorrow but it looks like isolated amounts could be over two feet. the other thing to take into consideration here, we have a full moon saturday, high tides, strong onshore winds. so, scott, we could see coastal surge here comparable to some tropical systems so anyone near the coast needs to watch the storm very closely.
5:33 pm
this very closely. today, the united states supreme court said it will rule on a showdown between president obama and congress. in 2014, mr. obama bypassed congress and issued executive actions that would shield millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, such as the parents of children born in the united states. the court will decide by summer whether the president overstepped his power. the americans freed in a prisoner swap with iran have not stopped smiling. today, the "washington post" released video of reporter jason rezaian sharing laughs over an internet video. and former u.s. marine amir hekmati shared his thoughts on being freed. he had been arrested on espionage charges while visiting his family in iran. liz palmer is at the u.s. military hospital in landstuhl, germany, where the former prisoners are being treated. >> reporter: meeting reporters, amir hekmati looked relaxed and
5:34 pm
>> i hope to get home soon. i really want to see my family and be back on the land of the free. >> reporter: how are you feeling yourself physically now? >> right now, i feel great. i have so much energy. like i said, i feel alive for the first time. >> reporter: his sisters are with him here in germany. but he's anxious to see his father in the u.s. who is too ill to travel. freedom, says hekmati, still feels surreal. >> i had accepted the fact that i was going to be spending 10 years in prison, so this was a surprise. they just came one morning and said, "pack your things." >> reporter: did you believe them? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: but it was true. and in just hours, he was on a swiss government jet. >> as soon as we got out of iranian airspace, the champagne bottles were popped. >> reporter: hekmati, a former marine and so a high-value prisoner, spent four and a half years in iran's evin prison in
5:35 pm
words, inhumane and unjust. >> i didn't want to let my marines, fellow marines down, and the reputation of the marine corps, so i tried my best to, you know, keep my head up. >> reporter: scott, amir hekmati knew he could rely on support from within the military, but he was thrilled and also a little humbled when he discovered how many other people from across had lobbied to help set him free. germany for us tonight. thanks, liz. match fixing will not be tolerated, at the year's first grand slam tennis tournament in australia. officials made that unusual vow after an investigation was made public that said over the years, some players had thrown matches at the behest of gamblers. don dahler is following this. >> reporter: as the australian open began, talk was about a
5:36 pm
eight unidentified players competing there are on the list of suspects who allegedly threw matches. that list was compiled by an investigative unit within the association of tennis professionals and leaked to the bbc, and buzzfeed. the a.t.p. acknowledges their investigation has discovered rigged matches going back years. but executive chairman chris kermode insists there has been no cover-up. >> tennis has invested over $14 million to address this issue of corruption, and it's constantly being reviewed. >> reporter: world number one, novak djokovic, says he was offered $200,000 in 2007 to throw a first-round match in russia. >> i was approached through people that were working with me at that time, that were my team, and, of course, we-- we threw it away right away. >> reporter: djokovic made $21 million last year. tennis officials say most of the players involved earned far less. more than 70 are suspected of
5:37 pm
the vast majority have not and will not be disciplined, because their alleged offenses took place before an anti-corruption rule was established in 2009. since 2010, the a.t.p. has disciplined 18 people, including a lifetime ban for five players. none of the names in the report has been made public, which top- ranked players say is a mistake. >> i would love to hear names, you know, and then at least it's concrete stuff, and you can actually debate about it. >> reporter: because the a.t.p. is not a law enforcement agency, it is limited in its evidence- gathering abilities. scott, they have interviewed players and witnesses and analyzed betting and phone records to uncover the foul play. >> pelley: don dahler, thanks. the tax man has a warning about the con man; there are new cases of the mosquito-borne virus linked to birth defects; and the son puts on a show, when the cbs even news continues.
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>> pelley: today, illinois reported two pregnant women >> pelley: today, illinois reported two pregnant women tested positive for zika virus. zika is transmitted by mosquitoes and is linked to birth defects. both women contracted it outside the country. just last week, the first u.s. case of a baby infected in the womb was reported in hawaii. that mother had traveled from brazil. tax filing season began today with a warning from the i.r.s. and here's our kris van cleave. >> reporter: the scam called start with a threat from someone claiming to be the i.r.s. demanding money. 10,000 to 12,000 calls are reported every week. among those receiving one, cbs news justice correspondent jeff pegues. >> i should not send a check to
5:41 pm
>> as soon as they get you on the telephone, they threaten you-- if you don't pay us money, you're going to go to jail." >> reporter: tim camus is with the treasury department. he is featured in a new p.s.a. released today warning about the fraud. >> the safest thing to do so you don't get caught up in it is just hang up the telephone. >> reporter: the treasury department has received nearly 900,000 reports of i.r.s. scam calls since october of 2013. at least 5,000 victims have paid out more than $26.5 million. >> they don't care about anything other than trying to intimidate you into paying them money. >> reporter: one tip-off is the phone call itself. the i.r.s. will contact you by mail first. jeff pegues confronted his scammer. >> i think you're a scam artist. and we're gonna track you down and have you arrested. okay? you're gonna tell somebody to go ( dial tone ) hello?
5:42 pm
tracking those people down isn't so easy. many of the calls are coming from overseas. treasury was only able to tell us about one recent arrest. scott, many of the victims are asked to wire money through western union or moneygram. don't do it. >> pelley: kris van cleave, kris, thanks very much. still ahead, a few choice words about some really bad passwords. life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life. helping generations of families achieve long-term financial security for over 145 years. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving
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5:46 pm
three, four, five, six" as their online password. it tops this year's list of the number two is the word "password." karaoke hits the road, next. >> this portion of the evening
5:47 pm
,, california here i come, right back where i started from >> pelley: the ricardos and mertzs may have invented carpool karaoke, but james corden has taken it to the next level on
5:48 pm
here's mark phillips. >> hello. >> reporter: stop me if you've seen this one before. many have. >> i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet. >> reporter: the script is a steal from the lyrics of adele's megahit "hello." >> hello. >> oh, thanks for this. >> reporter: and what do you know, here's adele. james corden's carpool karaoke segments are a signature feature >> you are looking fine right now. >> thank you very much, james. >> seriously. >> reporter: and the latest one with the hottest thing in pop music has become about the hottest thing on the web. >> do you mind if we listen to some music? hello can you hear me >> reporter: cordon's car-born conversation and crooning with adele has set a new record. more than 45 million hits in less than a week. >> reporter: so why does it work?
5:49 pm
>> reporter: maybe because singing along in a car is what people do, and what could be better than singing along with people like adele or justin. this is mine you can't take it >> reporter: or stevie. the carpool karaoke was just one of the ideas cordon had, when he was planning the show a year ago, when a walk along the river showed he was already a popular show biz figure in britain. they recognize you. >> i don't think that was for me. i think it was more for the camera. >> reporter: it was for him. and the popularity seems to have stuck with him. >> every once in a while in your career there is things where critically audiences go wow. >> reporter: maybe it was the rapping adele that made 45 million people go "wow," and
5:50 pm
mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. we begin cbs4 news at 6:00 with breaking news. a woman stabbed a denver fire chief near colfax. >>reporter: well, right now, police have not yet said whether they've determined where tade knew this woman, or random. we know that it happened about a block away and that afterwards tade walked back here, for help. this is fire station number one, and fire headquarters here in the city. he was eventually taken to denver health. being treated for a stab wound to his hand, that is described
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