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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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the entire video showing a scuffle at the denver jail which ended with a man's death is expected to be released today. what his family is now demanding. and we have a storm out east. snow and ice and blizzard condition. coming up this morning, how millions are bracing for this storm. and a rematch between the broncos and patriots to see who goes to the super bowl. what the players have to say this orange friday. >> happy orange friday. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. about sunday. around here. weather watchers this morning
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and single digits if you get up in the mountains. that's not too shabby at all. take a look at the broncos forecast there a lot of people wondering about that. when we kick off, it's about 45 degrees. halftime we dot into the 40s and 30s and we could see a little chance of rain-snow mix. right now it's mostly teens and 20s, a few clouds south of the city. for the most part, sunny with a high of 50 degrees this afternoon. let's see how the traffic is looking this morning. joe is taking care of business this morning. >> this is a look at a problem in town. this is westbound delaware, a
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8th avenue at that denver health area. a lot of people use that. you may have to go to broadway if you want to go southbound. otherwise we have some construction crapping up wrapping up. today we expect more of a video after the death of a man at the denver jail. his family is upset because the district attorney says none of the deputies involved will face charges. >> reporter: two completely different views of the same video. the denver da complained why he's not going to move forward with charges and the family is upset about that decision. it's clear they have both
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and came up with different views about that video. there were reports marshall was acting aggressive towards the other inmate. it's da, the response was appropriate. family members say he was a small man surrounded by several deputies. >> the force that we saw was not unreasonable in light of the situation the officers were in. >> that officer was three times his size and on top of that, five more was involved. >> marshall was hospitalized after the incident then died nine days later. news. millions along the east
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biggest storm of the area. >> blizzard warnings are going into effect where people are not used to dealing with blowing snow and winds. >> winter finally arrived in north carolina. >> and south carolina, maryland, new york and every other state alec the eastern sea board, facing record- breaking conditions. >> the storm has already frozen air travel, with more than 4,000 flights canceled so far. >> i think it could be disastrous for a lot of people trying to get out of town. >> reporter: the nation's capital is still recovers from this year's first winter weather test.
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>> reporter: washingtons mayor apologized for the response. but the inch of snow and ice was nothing compared to what's heading to d.c. today, bringing up to 30 inches of snow by sunday. >> we'll treat this as an emergency management event. to dulles. we also have cancellations to charlotte, baltimore and raleigh this morning off dia. so check with your airline if you're flying out to that area.
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school that led to the death of claire davis. last night the experts behind the report met with the littleton school board. >> reporter: for the first time since the reports were released about the 2013 incident at arapahoe high school, littleton officials met with experts. the report said many gaps led not being detected. the school board says some changes have been made and more are on the way. a majority of schools in the
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threat assessment processes. jeff todd, cbs 4 news. the broncos are the top seed in the afc playoffs, playing at home on sunday. they beat the pay treats earlier this season, so why are they underdogs? sunday's game will be much different. edelman is back and the pats are undefeated when he plays. but the broncos are using the role of underdog to their advantage. >> if that don't motivate you, we're in the wrong business. we're supposed to to go out there and get killed on sunday, which is funny to me. >> this whole season we've been the underdog. you can also see from the hard
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lot of underdogs on this team. that's a good thing. >> you can see the afc championship game here on cbs 4 at 10:5 p.m. we start with sunday at 6:00 a.m. it is orange friday and before you head out, wear your broncos pride. put on the orange and blue today. >> reporter: this is a huge weekend. obviously thousands expected to attend. there is of course the game on sunday but not just sunday you have to be excited about, the entire weekend. this is where all the action is.
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substantiate stand like i am. security is closing down larimer at 8:00 a.m. we have larimer square events kicking off at noon, broncos country fan rally. so expect alumni and the cheerleaders. and the mayor said get the jeans and jerseys ready because it's orange friday. we'll be in larimer square all morning and all afternoon. jamie leary, cbs 4 morning news. >> love the hat as well. >> good touch there. we are battling out with boston. like our facebook page to show your spirit. >> the broncos are prepare ready to charm the patriots,
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to get allusion at the hustle and bustle inside mile high's kitchen. food preparation started the monday after the broncos last win against the steelers and the chefs will make about 4200 fig-sauced meatballs. and people can watch the game here. the biggest perk, the incredible view of the action only field. much more sunday morning. i'm live at the stadium 6:00 to 8:00. hey, if you're having the fig-sauced meatballs today, it's cold right follow. we have a couple cold fronts
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when they will arrive and what game they will affect this weekend, coming up. and a look at i-70 at 6th avenue, nice and wide open. coming up, the latest on the commute. tune in to koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm for weather and traffic updates every ten minutes on the tens. doctors are researching a
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,, ,, ,, doctors in pittsburgh are performs new cutting edge surgery with a flexible rebot to perform neck and head
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robots have completed basic operations and some doctors say this is the next big thing in medicine. researchers say additional robots are in the works right now that can be used for other surgeries. scientists in italy studying the flu say closing the schools is the best way to protect students, minimizing lost school time and money. researchers at the university of cincinnati say migraines worsen as women approach menopause. changes in hormone levels can result in crippling headaches for some women. dave is track to go weekend forecast and the weather change
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look at this, orange friday down in larimer square. if you have not driven down there, it's worth it just to see all assist lights. certainly showing our pride down there. looks like the weekend is going to have a cold front, which we'll talk about in a minute. look at temperatures this morning, 27 in littleton, 29 in golden. satellite and radar shows a couple clouds over the southwest corner of the city. that moves into the mountains. we have a westerly flow so we could get a we've cloud going. high pressure forming over colorado, delivering a warming
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this will slide in by about halftime during the broncos game on sunday. big storm as you may have heard, blasting through the southeast. we had severe storms last night across alabama, mississippi and georgia. this is the storm that's going to blast through washington. look at the storm warnings in memphis, raleigh, washington and new york, blizzard warnings here in the red shaded areas. they could get 1 to 2 feet of snow by the time the weekend is over. these are all cities that are not prepared for that type of snow. today no snow for us, temperatures nice, mostly 40s
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45 at kickoff for 1:05 p.m. for the game, could get a rain- snow mix in the second half of the game. 58 degrees on saturday, partly cloudy and 45, and back to 40 by tuesday. normal high is about 40 degrees this this time of year. that sounds nice. couple problems in the metro area, take a look. southbound, speeds dipping into the 40s and 30s as c-dots starts to wrap up that construction. we have a problem in town with a sinkhole westbound 8th at delaware around the denver health location.
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thanks a lot. we are making final preparation percent sunday's game and people in california are prepping for a bigger game, away. workers are busy building super bowl city, including a stage to entertain the crowds are. they are also putting together giant screens to broadcast images. >> 50th super bowl and it's been 30 years since the bay area hosted this. i also think just the scale of
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>> many events open nine days ,, ,,
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,, ,, good morning, good to have you here. if you're traveling across the nation, the big story is in the southeast here. anywhere from nashville to north georgia, it's already snowing here. if you're beginning to the east coast within the next 24 to 36 hours, i would check with the airline. it will be a rough situation there. if you're going west, rocky mountains are pretty good. a little rain opt west coast but i don't think that will
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the southeast is getting hammered in the next 24 hours. let's check traffic this morning with joe. good morning. so far the drive to the airport on pea is looking good. westbound 8th at delaware, right when you pass broadway there at around denver health, they have closed that because of a sinkhole. a lot of people are using 8th to get onto 6th avenue and 25. probably the use speer or if you're heading southbound, go down to broadway because that road can probably handle the extra traffic a little better. right now is markets are open and yesterday we had a
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here's jill wagner. >> we'll see if the markets can end this week better than they started. yesterday stocks made up some of the massive losses, the dow jumping 115 points. low oil prices have been dragging down stocks but lower fuel prices are translating to record profits for airlines, $828 million for delta airlines. and an important warning for parents with be ready strollers after reports showed kids biting the arm bar. and chipotle wants to cater your supposed to party.
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orders for the big game, part of their strategy to win back customers after e. coli and norovirus outbreaks last year. that's your cbs money watch report. i'm jill wagner. >> isn't it a bit strange the top seed in the afc are a 3- point underdog at home against a team they already beat in the regular season? but this will be very different than week 12. the patriots are much different and the return of edelman can't be understated. the pats are undefeated when he plays. but the broncos are using the role to their advantage. >> don't have a chance. if that don't motivate you, you're in the wrong business.
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and get killed this sunday, which is funny to me. >> this whole season we've been the underdog. you can also see where we are right now and from the hard work we put in. there's a lot of underdogs on this team. that's a good thing. only thing we need to do is get the job done. >> and yesterday on the injury report, the patriots had 22 players listed, the other three
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you can bet the broncos are weekend. live look at mile high as we get you started this orange friday. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. we'll make history this sunday, championship. all eyes are on denver and fans here are hoping for good things from peyton manning. first let's talk about the weather and what we can expect for the kickoff on sunday.
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sunday when we kick off, i think about 45 degrees. by halftime, the front comes through and drops us into the 30s by the second half of the game with a slight chance of rain-snow mix during the afternoon. all things considered, i don't think it will be is that shabby. right now if you're heading out, 12 degrees in greeley, castle rock with 25 degrees. you really want to get cold? our weather watcher, you have to grow a beard like that if you live up there, only 9 degrees there. i think we'll sunny day with a few clouds. highs should be around 50. tomorrow we're looking at 58, so a couple days before the change comes in on sunday. let's check the traffic with joe this morning.
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it's a tough drive, especially if you're heading through town. this is westbound 8th at delaware, a sinkhole we have been following all morning. also repairs could take up to several hours. so avoid 8th avenue this morning. take speer if you want to go northbound, or southbound on broadway. those traffic conditions may change, so tune into koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm for weather and traffic every ten minutes on tens. it is orange friday and be sure you're showing broncos pride today. >> jamie leary is live at larimer square this morning. i know you're ready. >> reporter: we are ready, i'm ready, larimer square is ready. this place is going to be
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get your jersey answer jeans out because the march to the super bowl continues for the broncos, not just sunday but today. larimer square is the broncos fans rally. they will close this from noon to 1:30 for all the events. we hope to see you here as well. jamie leary, cbs 4 morning news. >> we are battling it out with boston. like or facebook page so we can show your broncos spirit this orange friday. broncos looking to bring home two more wins this season as people speculate whether this
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>> manning versus brady, 17th matchup. can peyton move the ball against the denver defense, and can the denver defense disrupt what brady wants to do? >> the bottom line is the broncos want to run the football. this is what the plan was, run the football and hopefully manning becomes a complementary figure. you have to have pressure on brady. he's intussuscepteddable to the outside rush search and seizure up the middle. keep him in the pocket, go
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that's how other teams have handled brady . 58-year-old rhonda maintland is overdue from a hike in the long's peak area. his car was found in the apartment tuesday morning. crews will use aircraft to
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today second more of the video of a scuffle in the denver jail that led to the death of the man. the da says none of the deputies involved will face charges refrigerator the family is upset because michael marshall was arrested in november for minor charges and suffers from mental illness. in the video we see him approaching another inmate. reports say he was acting strange and was aggress i have. it's clear the family and da reviewed this video carefully. police an other family members believe he was murdered and wasn't deserving of the treatment he deserved in jail. the da says there is no evidence to support filing charges in this case. >> he didn't do anything to
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there was no confrontation involved. and they killed him anyway. >> i'm not going to charge people -- anybody -- for a crime that we don't believe we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: marshall was hospitalized then died nine days later. the east coast is bracing for a paralyzing blizzard. right now nearly 30 million people are under blizzard watches ahead of this storm. we have cancellations amount dia this morning. >> people in arkansas and north carolina were among the first to experience the storm overnight as a mix of snow, sleet an freezing rain wreaked havoc on roads. more than 77 million people will feel the effects o. storm set to cripple parts of the mid-
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>> i've lived in d.c. he's of my life and i don't really know that i've lived through a forecast like this. >> reporter: the nation's second busiest subway system will shut down this afternoon. in maryland and virginia, crews began treating roads with salt hours ago, hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday's mess, when just an inch of snow throughout the area. sales were depleted. >> reporter: already several airlines have canceled thousands of flights and provided waivers to travelers
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improve. don champion, cbs news, washington. >> we have cancellations to charlotte, dulles,baltimore, all the cities with canceled flights in the hours adays ahead. now to a developing story. the colorado state fair has a new new general manager and she says the fair is staying put. last summer some argued if the state fair wants to stay in business, it has to leave pueblo. but the new manager says the current grounds are perfect for the fair. >> seems to me the colorado state fair has a great community here in pueblo. so to me it seems like assumed answer to coo keep it here in pueblo f.
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national westerns 2016 grand champion steer will hold court downtown: this year is the first the event will be tied in with the nonprofit organization. attende,s are asked to bring a donation for the operation supporting colorado families facing a medical crisis. money can be donated along with dry goods and baby diapers. >> love that event. 27 degrees right now in denver. >> viral video this morning involving a snowboarder who almost died in an avalanche. ahead, why he's now being accused of putting other people
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this video of a snowboarder at the sugar bowl has gone viral. he says he was lucky to survive this and law enforcement could soon be handing down criminal charges. >> reporter: christian mayor's helmet camera was rolling a as a mass of snow pulled him downhill for almost a minute, burying the snowboarder. what he didn't expect was for his survival skills to catch the attention of law enforcement, accusing him of putting the safety of the public at risk. he says he didn't have time to think about what happened but when he got up. >> i'm glad i'm not dead.
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>> reporter: the lesson was far from over. next thing he knew, he was making headlines worldwide, facing prosecution. >> i'm sort of flabbergasted, all the comments and everything. people can say what they want. >> reporter: he says this is proof, helmet video taken before he took off on his run. >> no closed signs, no closed signs. there's the closed sign. >> reporter: he points to one way. >> we haven't had any snow in four years, so we have no reason to be over there. >> reporter: this sergeant says story. >> when you have it on video and it's all over the internet, it creates an invitation for those that would like to go up and do the same thing. >> reporter: he says the timing is unfortunate, just a few days
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called off the search for missing instructor carson may. he says he wasn't aware of the search and took calculated risks. >> if they want to throw me in jail for a couple days to make them happy, whoop tee doo. >> reporter: investigators expect the turn the case over to the da's office in the coming days. good morning. it's 37 in downtown right now. if you look at some of the numbers, 30s and 20s seem to be the rule here. satellite and radar, just a handful of clouds in the state.
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get going. this will deliver a nice warming trend today and tomorrow, couple of cold fronts coming in for sunday for the broncos game mixing with a slightly cooler air mass. the big storm in the southeast is precipitation u producing tornadoes and flooding rains. last night a big line of thunderstorms there, already snowing in areas here. that's the storm that's going to blast through washington, d.c. later tonight. south of raleigh, big amounts of water there, flooding rains and severe weather, could have tornadoes on the backside of this storm. then it moves up the east coast
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they will have beach erosion and all kinds of problems there all the way through the weekend. around here, nice day today, 30s an 40s out west and in the mountains. on sunday should be about 45 degrees at kickoff, 40 by halftime and 37 by the event of the game. we could get a little rain-snow mix late in the day on sunday. joe is in for joel this morning. i-25 and 84th, you can see the volume building as we get near 6:00. the major problem of the morning, westbound 8th avenue
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the alternates are speer and broadway w. 8th avenue is a major artery. 13th would be a good alternate. today a broncos fan is showing the country not only subpoena she a big fan but also a great cook. >> it's the superfan tailgate cookoff. she's whipped up orange crush steak lettuce wraps, perfect for the gluten free tailgate food. >> it's dairy free, too, so when you go to the tailgate, and i'm serving lots of people, i don't want to risk anything
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>> that's this morning at 9:00 a.m. here on cbs 4. here in broncos country we bleed orange and blue. one superfan tweeted me his hairy story. >> reporter: a lamar, colorado man naked michael bowen went from a baby faced 5:00 shadow to a beard over a foot in length . he had plans to shave once the broncos won super bowl xlviii. in that crushing moment of
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not shaving till they finish what they started. assist next season they had wins an losses. by christmas this year, the beard rivaled that of santa claus. today his go tee and anticipation continues to grow. the winner goes to the super bowl and only after topic bowen trim. >> show us your broncos pride on our facebook page at and we got a look at the women working on their halftime routine for the afc championship game.
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over 120 audition and the team only accepts 26. we'll have much more on the broncos cheerleaders sunday starting at 6:00. i'll be live at the stadium before the game. sports authority field at mile high, a lot of prep there going into the afc championship. they will have to straighten out that problem with the images there. field looking like it's in good shape.
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a pittsburgh area woman claims she was brand add liar and extortionist when cosby and his reps respond today allegations he drugged and sexually assaulted her and other women.
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statements are protected under the first amendment. and ll cool j got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. the multiplatinum selling actor producer and host was honored in the recording category. >> i'm grateful. this is big for me. >> reporter: and he's gearing up to host his fifth consecutive grammy awards show next month here on cb. and a revival of cats is coming this summer. also returning to broadway, a revival of the musical comedy, she loves me. it's about two coworkers unaware they are each other's secret pen pal. >> we are all having a really good time. hopefully that will span spire
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see the show ultimately. >> our coverage of the drive to morning. >> we'll get you started this friday with what's ahead on the cbs 4 morning news. >> reporter: big game on sunday but that's not all you have to look forward to. i'll tell you about all the events leading up to the championship game. >> and what could be the key for the broncos win over the patriots. >> the family of a man who died at the denver jail is angry. hear what they are asking for. >> and parts of east coast
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they have ,, ,,
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