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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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,, ,, at mile high, we've got to give them thunder. we cannot be quiet. >> fans getting pumped up for tomorrow's championship game, peyton manning versus tom brady for the 17th time and it could be the last. the broncos are not worried. we'll hear from system of the players about what can help bring them a win, coming up. gorgeous and thank you for joining us. i'm mark taylor.
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morning forecast with chris spears. >> all eyes on the forecast as it will be changing. i think it's changing right during the broncos game. this morning we are off to a mild start, 33 at the airport and 34 in boulder, goldener greeley with 18 degrees. mild in colorado springs and colder in the high country, single digits and teens. it's really cold in the gunnison valley, 15 below zero this morning. john here in denver has 36 degrees at his house. it is a little breezy and it will stay breezy today in the higher elevations. it's part of a cold front approaching colorado. that front and the flow of winds means we'll see a bit of cloud cover increasing today, beautiful mountain wave clouds developing along the front
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coming up, i'll take you on a deeper look for tomorrow during the broncos game. broncos fans are starting to feel nerves for tomorrow's game. the broncos are the underdogs. the good news, it's only a 3- point spread and new england has never won a playoff game in denver. brady and belichick are 0 will 0-2 in denver. that means home field advantage is a real thing. >> we all feed off that, our whole team. that crowd, that mile high crowd, man, they definitely feed energy to us. the whole team, we definitely feed off them. >> the fans have been awesome. we expect them to be even louder. this is what it's for. this is what they wanted.
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right now, you've got to be able to control your emotions all week and try to stay focused on the task at hand. >> the paint is fresh and grass field. cbs installed about 70 cameras all around the stadium to look at all possible angles. >> we have been trying to do pylon cams for years, honestly. the issue is can you get the technology where it will work? first, you have to make it safe. some of these shots could determine the outcome outof the game. >> four of those will be in each end zone. and the patriots got the denver welcome at the airport yesterday. the airport tweeted this phone. they modified runway number 8
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there are still tickets available, starting at $375 up to around $2,000. you can get nosebleed seats for about $200 on stub hub. and we'll have complete coverage starting at 6:00 a.m., at 10:00 a.m. we are live with the countdown to kickoff. watch the game here starting at 10:5 p.m. also this morning, police are looking for the driver involved in a hit-and-run that happened last night near federal and alameda. police say the person in a white jetta hit a person in the road. that person was taken to the hospital with injuries. a 94-year-old war veteran is facing sexual assault charges after attacking a neighbor. >> reporter: 94-year-old robert leonard is seen here entering
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the decorated marine pilot seen in a 2012 documentary about world war ii's lost squadron, 22 planes gone and six pilot lost. leonard is now accused of sexually assaulting a 73-year- old acquaintance in her home earlier this month. according to documents, he told investigators he apologized to the victim. that partial conviction helped lead to an arrest. >> the man is out on bond and month. we are keeping an eye on the historic winter storm to the east this weekend. we have a live look at the nation's capitol, which could
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it could be one of the biggest storms in the city's history. and snow from tennessee all to way to the coastline, strong gusts creating blizzard-like conditions. a lot of drivers got stuck and unfortunately wrecked. most people staying indoors. >> definitely do without it. i would like to have that 60- degree weather back we had in december. >> it is causing some problems at dia. flight aware is reporting 44 cancellations and 5 delays. if you're flying today, call the airline ahead of time or check online. chris, the storm is just massive. we have already seen a lot
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baltimore, 12.4, 15 inches in philadelphia, west virginia closing in on two feet of snow. this thing is a monster and it's got several more hours to go before it lifts away. i have a little snow in the denver forecast and it could come during the broncos game. details coming up after the break. coming up, dancers from all around the world are in denver this weekend. we'll tell you why.
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,, ,, ,, ,, we have new pictures from nasa this morning.
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500,000 years old, some of the brightest in the milky way galaxy. closer to home, a live look at downtown, just below freezing out there. >> we have another mild day in store, back to the 50s looks like. but you'll notice clouds increasing and winds picking up, making it feel cooler than it did yesterday despite the temperatures getting back in the 50s. we are mild in the eastern plains, most of us in the 20s and 30s. colorado springs 41 for the warm spot, 18 in greeley for the cool spot, mostly teens and 20s up high. gary is in applewood with 34 degrees, just below 5600 neat in elevation. we are watching the next storm system move forward colorado, a
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rain and snow in the california mountains this morning. we get one more dry day but as we roll into this evening, we'll see the moisture increasing from the west and spreading through the higher elevations throughout the morning hours on sunday. by the afternoon it's tricky here in denver as the cold front starts to approach. let's get closer here, 1:00 tomorrow. i think we'll have increasing clouds and it will be a little breezy, snow and rain showers developing in the foothills west of town. and trying to start rolling on to the i-20 corridor by 2:00, and by 5:00 those rain showers are moving in. your drive home from the game could include some snow in the denver metro area. winds tomorrow could be a bit of an issue around kickoff time, 10 to 15-mile-an-hour range. they will be shifting as the cold front comes through and
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around kickoff low to mid-40s, a few light rain showers developing and then we're in the 30s by the end of game with snow developing. it will be a tricky forecast tomorrow and it's all debate the timing of the cold front. 50s and 60s for the eastern plains, 30s and 40s for the higher elevations. for sunday we drop down into the 40s with that front coming through, and rain and snow developing. a few of those could hang in for the monday morning drive. monday will be colder, just 34 degrees. it's a rebound back into the 40s for tuesday, and near 50 for wednesday. >> we've got saturday. thank you. i won't be doing anything outside but you can. a new medical clinic is open in aurora but don't ask to see the doctor. it's run entirely by nurse practitioners. it promises quality care in a
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health care partners also bellevue point clinic along parker road. and it's the firstover its kind. >> reporter: rosa is here for a medical exam, suggested by her physician after a hospital stay. she won't see a doctor, but rather a nurse practitioner. >> how are they going to know what's going on with you if they're not a doctor? >> reporter: kristin is a family nurse practitioner. >> i've gotten your records from the hospital. >> reporter: she peppers rosa with questions about her health. this is procedure at the new health care partners at bellevue point, a project of the cu anschutz school of nursing, operated entirely by the nurse practitioners. >> a nurse practitioner in
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prescribe and treat without oversight by doctors. >> reporter: services include sick visits, physicals, vaccines and even mental health. pay with cash or insurance, or try a monthly membership. >> it's around $800 a year for most adults. >> reporter: after an hour with the nurse practitioner, rosa is satisfied. >> i like it. i'll be coming back. >> colorado has a long history with nurse practitioners. the specialty was developed at cu anschutz about 50 years ago. this clinic is a pilot program and if successful, the plan is to build more. coming up, dancers from all
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welcome back this saturday, a live view of the nation's capitol. they are socked in with a blizzard this morning, 12 to 18 inches already on the ground through the philadelphia, baltimore and washington, d.c. area. back in colorado, we are watching the forecast because of course tomorrow the afc championship game as the broncos take on the patriots and we'll see changing weather. if you're planning to be at the up. on the east coast, they are socked in with this blizzard this morning. they stay snowy all day today off tonight. by tomorrow it will be out of here. back in colorado, a mild start. we have 31 degrees in evergreen at over 7400 feet this morning. that's a mild day. here in denver, we'll climb
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pick up, and the cloud cover is definitely increasing. i'm jumping to tomorrow 1:00, kickoff for the game. clouds #increasing as a cold front approaches and as the game goes on, we anticipate showers and snowfalls in parts of the city. more on that coming up. dancers have all around the world are gathering in denver this weekend to take part in fact international conference and festival of blacks in dance. there will be performances at the denver center for the performing arts. joining us now, one of founders of the organization. tell us who's behind this and the organization. >> these are members of the very fame dance company, the washington dance theater straight out of hollywood. they are from l.a. >> so you founded this organization about two
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>> this is our 25th anniversary. it was an idea i had back in 1988. we are very proud of what we're doing because it's truly an international organization. >> tell us what you do. >> we bring together companies from all over the world. we have people from australia, canada, all over germany who come to talk about dance because there were service organizations for dance in america. we have workshops, have classes, many beautiful performances and lots of activities for the dancers. >> what makes this weekend special? >> you can expect a plethora of classes, interact with dancers from around the world. you get to collaborate and get
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with other people who do what you do, as well as different forms of modern dance. as a young dancer being exposed to the conference, it was an awesome opportunity to see what's going on around the nation and on the world. >> what advice do you have for young dancers? >> just expose themselves. if they're trying to get in a company, invest in that company. follow the artistic directors, follow the dancers, do as much research as they can and know that they can use that research their dream. >> there's a trend now and everybody is into hip hop and commercial dance, and we want to emphasize the fact that good training, good foundation in the arts is important. we make sure they get that kind of experience, to be trained by dancers and teachers from all over the world. ladies, thank you.
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the 28th international festival of blacks in dance is today and tomorrow. we have performance and ticket information at coming up, a surprise new title for judge judy. >> we'll tell you what a
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,, ,, a group of college grads quizzed about the supreme court have given tv's judge judy a really big promotion. a good percentage of them are under the impression she's actually a supreme court justice.
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>> reporter: how dumb are we? almost 10% of college grads think judge judy serves on the supreme court. just like the time an earthquake shook her courtroom, the thought that college grads think judge judy sits on the supreme court sent shock waves through society. the statistic came after a survey of a thousand college grads done for a report called a crisis in civic education. maybe the grads fell for lie witness news. >> what do you think about president obama's decision to point judge judy to the supreme court? >> it's a publicity stunt. >> she gangster. you got to give her that. >> reporter: it inspired tweets like you raised stupid kids. but college grads may not be as
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consider how the question was framed. which of the following people serves on the u.s. supreme court? the correct answer? >> kagan. >> she better get it right, she's a lawyer. >> lawrence warren pierce. >> you think he sounds supreme courty. >> judith. >> that's judge judy. >> reporter: but most people had no idea who she is. >> that's judge judy. >> okay. >> reporter: and if you answered um? >> um is not an answer. sit down.
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project to widen i-70 is under fire. why one group says it's a waste of money. and a live look at the high country this morning, where there's a lot of traffic heading up to the high country right now, c-dot reporting at a time taking about 30 extra the tunnel. this is a look at the ski report. ,,
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welcome back this saturday morning. the search is on for the driver involved in a hit-and-run that happened last night near federal and alameda. police say a white volkswagen hit someone and there is no description of the driver. the broncos are hosting to new england patriots at 10:5 p.m. here on cbs 4 tomorrow. the broncos are underdogs with a 3-point spread but the pats don't have the best record in the mile high city, 0-2 in postseason games. coming up, how sports authority field is preparing for possible harsh conditions. the east coast is dealing with wild winter weather.
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square, where you can see a lot of snow. the storm was officially declared a blizzard about 30 minutes ago. the area could get 18 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. washington, d.c. could get up to 2 feet of snow by tomorrow, which could be one of biggest storms in the city's history. take a look at this picture from space of the storm. this is the view from the international space station. closer to home, chris is up on the roof for us this morning. you can see your breath up here but really the temperatures aren't too bad. it could be much colder for this time of the month of january. take a look at this picture i got this morning on facebook out of commerce city. mother nature is by far a broncos fan.
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sunrise as the sun came up a little bit ago. temperatures this morning pretty mild. our weather watchers in green mountain just 38 degrees. we have 33 at the airport officially, 32 in boulder and get up high, it will be colder, teens and 20s with temperatures below zero in gunnison and alamosa. these temperatures are closer to where we should be for the high this time of year, in the 30s and lower 40s already across the denver metro. this is how the day will time this afternoon. it may not feel as warm as it did yesterday because we expect day. we have moisture coming in ahead of tomorrow's cold front and could get a beautiful mountain wave cloud this afternoon along the front range. i think the winds will pick up a little, too.
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in about 8 minutes. new this morning, be sure to check your fridge because several salad packages are under recall after they could be linked to a deadly listeria outbreak. one person has died and several others have been made sick. it was sold under several brand names and the manufacturing code begins with the letter a. developing now, thousands missing from the athletic program at one denver public school. an investigation found there's no evidence of theft. back in october, the athletic director of the far northeast athletic division called the district, saying $4,000 in cash was stolen. the district and police opened up an investigation. the district says they found issues and their policy was not followed. now parents are mad the money they raised could possibly be stolen.
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people struggle to pay a $10 pay to play fee. >> the athletic director and assistant resigned. no criminal charges have been filed. now to the latest on plans to expand i-70 through denver. a new report says it could be one of the most wasteful projects in the country. the $1 billion project would expand i-70 from i-25 east to tower road. the money could be put to better use, say some. >> they want to widen it from six to ten lanes and we think that's a bad idea. >> reporter: that's what the colorado research group calls the billion dollar i-70 project. >> they're going to waste taxpayer dollars to the tune of $58 million. >> reporter: he claims more people in colorado are not
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other options. >> they're going to waste taxpayer dollars at a time we could use it more efficiently. >> the fact is we're a high gross state. >> reporter: the expansion project could be the right way to deal with i-70 traffic. >> if we don't do anything, it's going to take 60 minutes to drive 10 miles. >> reporter: as the city grows, so does the highway. >> it's not handling the traffic we have today, let alone the growth we'll have in the next few years. >> there are three hearings scheduled in february. in 2017. also this morning, we want to see your broncos spirit. a lot of people are sending us
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randy and his family giving the mile high salute. pup. and crested butte resort sent us this photo of their mascot bubba. now we have a preview of the big game. i don't think anybody is expect to go broncos to blow out the patriots on sunday but if they can keep it close, they have a chance. they have tied the nfl record with 10 wins by a touchdown or less this year and in three of touchdowns. they were down 14 to the chiefs, patriots and bengals this year, and came back in all of those games to win. >> we're battle tested. believe me. we're battle tested. there's times offensively we're like, what are we doing? but we just fight and we grind.
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we just stick with it. we don't look at the scoreboard till all the zeros are up there. as long as the scoreboard is ticking, we got a chance. that's how we feel.
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,, take a look at this. lucas riley was off the coast of new zealand when a killer whale floated up behind him, times. scary situation. five minutes. he is able to keep control and watches as the whale swims away. scary situation but luckily he had his go pro, i guess. lots of people heading up into the high country today, chris. >> my goodness, that's i-70 at evergreen parkway westbound. the weather is cooperating up there, not really any issues in terms of snow-packed roads. this is simply volume. everybody wants to be home
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broncos take on the patriots. we have 20s and 30s on the eastern plains, 19 in greeley and 41 in colorado springs. colder in the higher elevations with single digits and teens. we had a brief break thursday and friday from the active weather pattern but it's getting active again. this front moves in tonight and hits denver by tomorrow. expect clouds to be increasing, winds pick up a little bit. overnight tonight and into the day on sunday that the snow starts spreading into the higher elevations. by sunday afternoon, a few rain and snow showers will try and come out on the front range. i think the broncos game is mostly cloudy skies and possibly flurries in the second half.
7:43 am
after the game sunday night. winds could be an issue tomorrow, 10 to 15 miles an hour and shifting through the game as the front comes through. we'll go from the 40s to the 30s as the game goes on with light precipitation developing. another mild day, 50s and 60s on the eastern plains. 55 in denver will feel cooler because of winds picking up, 30s and 40s for the higher elevation. tomorrow is the day of change. degrees. we could start off with flurries. monday not bad and we're back to where we are today with temperatures near 50 by wednesday. a new kind of thrift store is opening, called peak thrift by urban peak of denver. tell us about the store.
7:44 am
social enterprise venture that we are opening today. it's about 6,000 square feet and we'll have the ability to have at least 12, maybe 18 employment training opportunities for youth throughout the year. we work with youth and young adults who are at risk of experiencing homelessness. we have street outreach programs, housing programs, daytime drop-in center to get showers, laundry, hot breakfast, and we have our education program which i run. the thrift store is so we can expand what we're doing. >> what kind of products? >> a lot of clothes. if you want to bring household goods, we're a little short. we have everything you would find in a normal thrift store and a little bit of a nice boutiquey feel as well.
7:45 am
>> you can have the orange one. i'm more of a winter. so how can people help out? >> if you're interested in volunteering with urban peak, check out look for volunteering opportunities, come by the store, donate goods. we're looking for volunteers to help sort, stock shelves, and just help out in general. people really need to understand that so many of the people we work with have lost support of the community. we want them to know we are here for them and there are people in the community that support them and care for them as well. >> appreciate it. peak thrift opens today at 10:00 a.m. and we have all the information at coming up, we cannot wait to introduce you to this couple. what's bringing them to denver and what they hope to do here.
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during the broncos game ,, ,,
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,, ,, in case you missed it, an incredible backwards half court shot during the nuggets game thursday night and it was not even a basketball player. it was the rockies charlie blackmon. they will be back on the court tonight host to go detroit pistons. one man is making a brave move to denver. once he gets here, he's hoping to open a restaurant. >> reporter: what makes tim's
7:49 am
albuquerque, new mexico so special is that it is indeed tim's place. tim harris was the first restaurant owner in the country with down syndrome. for the last five years, he's lived for his business, which is why his customers were shocked when he announced recently that he was closing. >> my customers cry a lot. >> reporter: what drives a man to give up a job he loves more than anything? a girl he loves more than anything. >> i cannot wait. >> reporter: that blur in the i love tim t-shirt is tiffany johnson. they met at a down syndrome convention. >> i was like, oh, my gosh. >> did you go up to him and say something? >> i was too scared to because i never met a guy like tim. >> reporter: she says it was the weirdest feeling. >> i think i got hit by the love bug.
7:50 am
bit by it too. >> will you be my girlfriend? >> you know i will, yes. >> reporter: he made her his steady and decided to move to denver to be closer to her. he plans to open a new restaurant there but it'll be hard leaving what he knows. he cries when he thinks about it. >> it's really sad. >> it's incredible to watch. he's deeply grieving about the idea of this transition. >> reporter: tim's father, keith. >> while at the same time, being as excited as i've ever seen him about the possibility of being with tiffany. >> i'm lucky to have someone that loves me. >> every time i feel sad, my girlfriend makes me a lot happier. >> i don't want to cry in here. >> when you look her in the eye, what do you see? >> i see love. i see joy. i see that i have a future.
7:51 am
call them disabled? >> i just love him. >> reporter: when on the important things, they can be so much more able than ,,
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,, ,, ,, it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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technology designed for you.
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in case you have to shovel snow tomorrow, this is one way to do it. one soldier in fort campbell, kentucky dressed up as a t-rex and shoveled the driveway. his wife took this video yesterday and in just a couple days it has more than 3 million views. the big question, i don't know how warm that is. >> and how can he see? crazy. but this is what everyone cares about, the broncos game tomorrow. starting off cloudy and it will
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winds pick up, a little light anticipate that. by monday. >> thank you for joining us. [music] this is haystack tv,p powered by finding reliable services can be like finding a needle in a haystack. but with, finding the needle just got a lot easier. r now here's the host of haystack tv, chris kane. p investing in the stock market can be stressful, frustrating, p confusing, even overwhelming. we're often told conflictingpinformation about what we should r or shouldn't be doing. knowledgeable instructors take r successful investing. in up and down markets, learn and long-term investing for p of online trading academy. he joins us today. thank you for having me, chris. so tell us more about whatp is online trading academy. we are the premier financialp educator, teaching ordinary people how to trade andrinvest more effectively. and i'd point out that we have
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t the name, online tradingp academy, we're teaching people p how to trade and invest online. and all our instructors arep all world-class traders, so our students really benefit fromrthat experience as well. sure everyone understands that you teach people how to tradep and invest online, but they here locally. exactly. v okay. our denver campus. now why is it, though, that sop p try to invest in the market? it's not their fault, really. most people, they've neverr had any real training. they don't have the knowledgep and skill set necessary to be consequently, they just put r their money in and hope for the best. rit's basically gambling. p you're doing, i think it's probably a hundred percentpgambling, which, as we all know, t you can't win. right. but if you are a professionalp and you know what you're doing, i mean you've made ar living being a trader. it's a skill set justr like anything else. yeah, my whole life i wasr a professional trader. it's only the last three yearsp
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how to be the house, basically. r yeah. and i'll tell you,tit was fantastic. and what i really liked the mostpabout it is it got me excited to learn more, to get morepinvolved, to know what i'm doing actually being a professional. let's actually take a listenp to some of yours students, what tthey had to say. v before, our trading was, i have to say, sheer luck, and now we have a much better understanding of something much more technical about the market. in ota you learn a lot ofp techniques and processes that you have to learn the hard wayp after reading books and trying to do it on your own inr the market, you know. so it basically acceleratespyour learning curve, builds your confidence, and you get to apmore profitable level much, much v faster. you know, why would you say most of your students come to see v you? well, oddly enough, it's notp about the money, chris, it's p what the money can do for them.
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