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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 27, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,, >> adam: hey. good morning. >> chelsea: yes, it is. >> adam: waking up next to you, it is. >> chelsea: i know. when i first opened my eyes and saw you, i was scared i was just dreaming... scared that i' d...wake up and you' d still be missing. >> adam: no. i' m here. i' m real. see? you can see me. you can touch me. >> chelsea: touch you? >> adam: yeah. >> chelsea: touch you all i want?
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>> sharon: don' t you wish we could stay like this all day? >> dylan: yeah. i do. but, unfortunately... >> sharon: no, no, no. don' t go to work just yet. just a few more minutes, please. >> dylan: ohh. i don' t think adam' s gonna be at the station yet, so... i got to interview him about the kidnapping, see if i can get details about who was behind this whole thing. >> sharon: you know... i' m really proud of you and the work that you did -- pulling off a rescue like that in the middle hurt. >> dylan: [ chuckling ] yeah, nobody except me. thanks for not giving me too much grief for that, by the way. >> sharon: well, i don' t relish the idea that some criminal attacked you or that you put day. >> dylan: i know, but we had a plan and plenty of backup. >> sharon: plans fall apart. >> dylan: yes, they do. but this one didn' t. i mean, we got adam home safe, got a bad guy off the street. you know, amazingly enough,
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jobs, and, all in all, it went as smoothly as it possibly could. >> sharon: well, when you put it that way, i' m glad things turned out the way you hoped. >> dylan: yeah. unfortunately, not everyone' s night turned out so well. >> sage: nick. >> nick: hey. >> sage: oh. oh, god. [ both sigh ] [ inhales deeply ] >> nick: you okay? >> sage: yeah. i' m not interested in going back to that jail cell. getting arrested wasn' t part of the p-- um...sorry. can you just pay my bail and go home? i just want to get out of here. >> nick: uh, is there any chance i could get a couple minutes alone with my wife? >> sage: [ sighs ] >> nick: what the hell were you
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>> abby: [ laughs ] >> stitch: [ chuckles ] >> max: that was an epic >> stitch: yeah? >> abby: i' didn' t break anything. [ laughs ] >> stitch: didn' t hurt at all. are you kidding me? >> max: seriously? you fell hard. >> stitch: yeah? well, guess what -- your dad is made of steel! feel those guns, boy! >> abby: [ chuckles ] here' why don' t you go get us three hot chocolates? >> abby: oh, yes. >> max: okay. >> abby: thank you. >> stitch: oh, my god. >> abby: [ chuckles ] so, i take it... >> stitch: ohh. >> abby: ...the man of steel was just lying through his teeth? >> stitch: yeah. >> stitch: i think i' m gonna have a bruise the size of toledo.
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>> stitch: but it was worth it, you know... seeing him smile and... you too. >> ashley: mm. >> dr. neville: all done. >> ashley: mm. >> dr. neville: you know, gifted as i am, it' s impossible to monitor someone if they' re never around. >> ashley: oh, i' m so sorry. i had to spend time with billy and my family, you know? we were so afraid we were gonna lose him. >> dr. neville: of course. how is he? >> ashley: he' s great. he' s awake. he' s talking. he' s harassing the doctors. >> dr. neville: good. >> ashley: good?! nothing short of a miracle. the doctors even think he' s gonna make a complete recovery. >> dr. neville: no, no. i mean "good" as in that surgery could have killed him -- or worse. >> ashley: well, i hated seeing my family have to go through that, you know -- being faced with making such an impossible decision. and, um, it started me thinking that if this treatment of yours t work, that i' m gonna be putting them through it all over again, aren'
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gerber' s panel of 2000 taste-testers on a mission to ensure your baby loves every nutritious bite. and they won' t rest until... well they might rest a little. gerber baby food. growing up gerber. >> additional sponsorship provided by... itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond relief starts now. >> abby: i had so much fun with you guys today. and i think you' re right. i think max just needed some time to warm up to me. >> stitch: yeah. i think this could be a regular thing soon -- you know, the three of us doing stuff together as a family. >> abby: oh, god. i hope so. and then leaving together and going back to the same place. >> max: here' s the change. they' ll bring our hot chocolates right over. >> stitch: thank you, champ. [ growls ] >> max: after we leave here, can
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a snowball fight? blast. >> abby: [ laughs ] yeah, or, um, here' s a thought. what if we went back to the club and we ordered room service and you? ' cause, you know, i am just so skating. >> stitch: yeah. >> max: no one said you have to come. >> abby: [ chuckles uncomfortably ] >> sharon: this is such a precious time in a child' s life, and... i missed out on that with my three girls. now i have to share custody of faith with nick, so i just want to relish every moment of being sully' s mom from the very beginning. >> dylan: yeah, i know what you mean. >> sharon: you do? >> dylan: [ sighs ] yeah. i waited so long to become a dad. now that it' s here, i want to
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and as hard as it is to leave you two... >> sharon: duty calls? >> dylan: yeah. there you go. ahh. so, after i interview adam, i' m gonna catch up with sage -- see if there' s anything i can do for her and nick. >> sharon: you know, i kind of wonder if maybe dr. anderson is right. maybe it' s not safe for sage to be around the baby. what do you think? >> dylan: oh, i don' t know. i know -- i know sage lost it, and we can' t ignore that, but i don' t want you worrying. i' ll always protect you and our son. >> sharon: i know you will. and i' m gonna do my part, too. i' today. >> dylan: really? >> sharon: mm-hmm. >> dylan: okay. let me know how it goes. >> sharon: okay. >> dylan: see you, buddy. >> sharon: mm-hmm. bye, daddy. we sure are lucky, aren' t we? >> chelsea: it' s true. you are real. >> adam: [ chuckles ]
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unfortunately, so is that clock on the wall there. >> chelsea: no! >> adam: yeah. >> chelsea: what time are you due at the station? >> adam: i don' t know. we didn' t have a specific time, but i probably got to go soon, you know? i' m sure paul and dylan have several questions for me. >> chelsea: i was just thinking about dylan. >> adam: that' s awesome. >> chelsea: [ laughs ] >> adam: i mean, that' s not awesome. that' s like the last thing i want to hear right now. >> chelsea: no, that' s not what i meant. >> adam: what did you mean? >> chelsea: i just meant he worked really hard to rescue you, and i appreciated it, after the way i treated him during our marriage, lying to him about connor, and you know i' ll always regret that. >> adam: he forgave you for that a long time ago, sweetheart. >> chelsea: yeah. >> adam: he' s got his own kid now, right? >> chelsea: yeah. they' re sweet together. dylan loves being a dad, and, you know, no one' s ever gonna take sully away from him, so... life is good. >> adam: come here. let me hold for you a minute. >> chelsea: mmm. mmm. [ sighs contentedly ] >> sage: things got out of hand.
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>> nick: you think? look, we are supposed to be working on this together, trying to figure out what the good doctor is up to. then you go and take a swing at her? know, i found kind of hot, but it' s not part of the plan, sage. >> sage: i know that. and slapping and getting arrested wasn' t part of the plan, either, nick. but, you know, i saw you two sitting there at that table, all intimate with each other, yet she told sharon to keep sully away from me. >> nick: yeah. i -- you lost it. i get it. >> sage: i lost it. i' m sorry. and you were doing your part, getting information, and i messed up and i acted like a crazy lunatic, and i' >> nick: it' it' s okay. i actually think we can use this to our advantage. >> sage: how? >> nick: well, the crazier you seem, the more it' s gonna look s support, so if she thinks we' re >> sage: she' s more likely to open up to you. >> nick: yeah. i mean, there' s just -- there' s one wrinkle. >> nick: you know i' m gonna have m gonna have to look like i'
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are you okay with that? >> sage: [ sighs ] okay. as long as we' re on the same team, nick, i can do it. i just want to find out what she' s up to. >> nick: all right. >> nick: uh, hey, sandy. it' s -- it' s nick. uh, not great, actually. um...could you come down to the police station? i need your help with something. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. skincare now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive
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crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. >> stitch: hey. don' t be rude to abby. >> max: i wasn' t. >> stitch: max. >> max: what? >> abby: you know what? it' s okay. i understand. i think max just had his heart set on doing something outdoors. >> stitch: yeah, but there' s a polite way to say it. max, tell abby you' re sorry. >> max: sorry. >> stitch: so... compromise. how ' bout we go to the new video arcade at the mall and we'
11:17 am
pizza afterwards? >> max: we had pizza last night. >> abby: okay. uh, what about a movie? you know, i have been dying to see "renegade penguins 3." >> max: you have? >> abby: [ chuckles ] yeah. i mean, who doesn' t like a flightless seabird movie? and you know what? i have so many unanswered questions after "renegade penguins 2." [ chuckles ] [ pager beeps ] >> stitch: oh, dang it. >> abby: uh, the hospital? >> stitch: yeah. got a patient i got to check on. >> max: so much for spending the day together. >> abby: well, what if we went to go see the movie and then we could meet up with your dad after? yeah. we could all go get something to eat. >> stitch: you okay with that? >> max: does it matter? >> abby: it' s okay, max. look, i' m not gonna force you to do anything. >> max: it' s fine. >> stitch: okay. [ groans lightly ] thank you. >> abby: mm-hmm. >> stitch: i'
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club later, all right? >> abby: yes. it' s a date. >> stitch: hey. buck up, champ. >> abby: so [chuckles] this' ll be fun! [ sighs heavily ] >> dr. neville: if your assumption is i' m gonna just stand here and passively enjoy this shameless defeatism, you are sadly mistaken. surely by now you' ve heard what a brilliant doctor i am. >> ashley: absolutely, mostly from you. >> dr. neville: doesn' t make it any less veritable. >> ashley: if you' re so brilliant, why aren' t i getting any better? >> dr. neville: ' cause you' ve got to give it a chance. we just started the treatment. it takes time to work. >> ashley: i' m a cancer survivor. i know all about that. i also know that there are several outcomes, and i can' t just ignore the bad ones because you want me to. i have to think about the people that i would be leaving behind. can you understand that? >> dr. neville: you' re a "glass half empty" kind of gal, aren' t you?
11:19 am
m a pragmatist. >> dr. neville: no, you' re being pessimistic. >> ashley: i don' t want my daughter to be faced making the same decision that jack had to with billy. >> dr. neville: i understand. that' s a relevant point, so put someone else in charge of your affairs -- someone mature. >> ashley: i' ve absolutely taken the decision out of my daughter' s hands. >> dr. neville: you lost me. >> ashley: i' m asking you, simon... if your treatment doesn' t work... will you please end my life before my family has to? >> dylan: why would you call dr. anderson? that' s the last person your wife wants to see. >> nick: sage thinks she is way too involved in our lives. that' s why she freaked out in front of all those people. >> dr. anderson: not the actions of a stable person. nick, as i said last night, your wife needs help. >> nick: sage said she would rather sit in jail than take any help from you. >> dr. anderson: another clear indication that she' s not well. you know my recommendation -- in-patient psychiatric care.
11:20 am
you want to send her to fairview? >> dr. anderson: well, that' s one option. nick, i assume that' s why you called me -- because you thought about what i said and decided you agree with me. >> nick: what can i do if she won' t go? >> dr. anderson: you' re sage' s husband. if she' s not of sound mind, you have the ability to make decisions for her. >> nick: like having her committed? >> dr. anderson: my offer stands. i will drop the charges if you admit your wife for a 72-hour psych hold at the facility of your choosing. she' ll be evaluated and treated by staff there. all you have to do is sign these papers. >> dylan: i don' t know, man. it' s your decision. >> nick: where would you recommend? >> dr. anderson: memorial has a first-rate psychiatric unit. she' d receive the best care there. >> nick: [ sighs ] you have a pen? [ exhales sharply ] >> dylan: i' ll arrange for her
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will continue.,, ,,
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,, >> adam: hold on a second. what the hell' s going on here? >> sage: i' ll tell you what' s going on. this harpy, who' s after my husband, is here to make sure i don' t make bail. >> nick: actually, dr. anderson is willing to drop all charges if you just -- >> sage: yeah, i know what your deal is, and you know what i' ve told you to do with it. your license should be revoked. you are a sick woman. what deal? >> sage: she thinks that i' m crazy, and she wants to have me committed. >> dr. anderson: i' m not the only one worried about you, sage. so is nick. that' s why he signed these papers transferring you to memorial for psychiatric evaluation. >> sage: what?! you' re having me committed?! >> nick: it' s only for 72 hours. >> sage: nick, this is crazy! why are you doing this? >> dylan: officer morris has your belongings. she' ll escort you to the hospital. >> sage: no! i' m not going, nick! >> nick: sage, it' s for the best. >> sage: no! i don'
11:27 am
>> nick: please, sage. please. >> dr. anderson: nick, i' ll get her settled. >> nick: i' ll stop by shortly. thank you. >> adam: hold on a second. your wife just lost a child, all right? she needs some compassion, not a straitjacket. what the hell kind of husband are you? >> nick: mind your own business. >> adam: she' s my friend! this is my business! >> dylan: all right. all right. that' s enough. you two, in the office, please. >> nick: [ exhales sharply ] >> sharon: long shift? >> stitch: oh. uh, actually, i have the day off. just stopped by to look in on a patient who had a rough night. >> sharon: i assume you heard about sage? >> stitch: getting arrested? yeah. it' s sad. she' s been through a lot. >> sharon: she and nick both have. >> stitch: yeah. >> sharon: dylan and i feel for them. so, how' s max? >> stitch: uh, it'
11:28 am
rocky transition, you know, for all of us, really, but abby' s being a really good sport about it. max hasn' t exactly welcomed her into his life, but... i think she' s making some headway with him. >> abby: oh, look! the penguin movie is playing on two screens, and if we hurry, we can make it in time for the noon showing. >> max: admit it. you don' t want to watch some stupid kids' movie. >> abby: are you kidding me? i love cartoons. yeah. and this one is in 3-d. how cool is that? >> max: i changed my mind. i don' t want to watch a movie. >> abby: okay. snowball fight it is. >> max: no. i' m not in the mood anymore. >> abby: okay. um, we could go shopping. >> max: for what -- clothes? yuck. >> abby: a museum? okay. um [chuckles nervously] how about, uh -- how about, um -- >> max: i don' t need a babysitter. i' m old enough to take care of
11:29 am
>> abby: whoa, whoa, whoa, mister. you' re not going anywhere. >> dr. neville: end your life? >> ashley: i' m sure you know what i' m asking. >> dr. neville: i do. and, frankly, i' m a little insulted. >> ashley: i' m just saying if my health takes a sudden turn for the wor-- >> dr. neville: first of all, the treatment will work. you' re not going to get worse. you' re going to get better. so why don' t you just get used to that idea? second... i' m in the business of saving lives, not snuffing them out. and last but not least, what you' re asking of me is somewhat... illegal. >> ashley: so, you' re gonna try to tell me that you' ve never bent the rules where a patient is concerned? because please don' t. we both know that' s not true. look... i know you' ve been faced with terminally ill patients before that didn' t make it, correct? >> dr. neville: yes. more than my share... which is just one of the reasons why i go to such extremes to save anybody...who entrusts me with their care. >> ashley: extending my life might not be an option.
11:30 am
positive that -- >> dr. neville: were ordinary, unimaginative, not up to this task. i assure you i am. have faith, ms. abbott. that' s why we' re here, hmm? now, if you don' t mind, i' d like to forego any further conversation about your imminent demise. >> ashley: okay. let' s, uh, concentrate on the upside. >> dr. neville: yeah, an idea whose time has come. and while we' re on the bus back to the here and now, why don' t we commence with today' s treatment? (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die
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>> stitch: ash, let me say this. okay? >> ashley: [ sighs ] >> stitch: i love you. >> ashley: [ gasps ] [ exhales sharply ] >> dr. neville: what, bad dream? >> ashley: ohh. ohh. >> dr. neville: huh? >> ashley: yeah, it' s... that fire. it was horrifying. >> dr. neville: oof. i' m sorry. nightmare, then. mm-hmm. >> ashley: thankfully, i wasn' t alone. >> dr. neville: ahh. well, let me guess. a certain army medic who considers himself a doctor --
11:35 am
>> ashley: stitch. >> dr. neville: he was with you? >> ashley: yes, and he' s a very good doctor and a very good man. wasn' >> ashley: he' s married to my daughter, you know. >> dr. neville: [ sighs ] he certainly is. >> ashley: what are you implying? >> dr. neville: that i' ve seen the way you act around him, and there are certain qualifiable physiological reactions. >> ashley: oh, really? well, you know what? like what? >> dr. neville: well, like your eyes dilate, for one thing, which is a sure sign of interest, if not outright that' s ridiculous. it' s science. >> ashley: well, maybe it' s because... a long time ago, we had, like, a little thing, but it' s definitely in the past now. >> dr. neville: is it? >> abby: yoo-hoo! hello! anybody home?! >> dr. neville: here. here. here. >> abby: hello? >> ashley: go, go, go, go, go. >> abby: [ sighs ] hi! great! hi! hi! um, max rayburn, this is my mom,
11:36 am
s been working with -- dr. simon neville. they' ve been doing some medical research. young man? >> max: okay, i guess. i' ve heard so much about you from your dad and from abby, of course. >> abby: okay! well, um, i was just gonna give max a tour of the lab, but, you know, i think dr. neville would be much better at that. >> dr. neville: me too. in the interest of entertainment, we' ll start with the corrosive, dangerous, and toxic. put that down. it' s expensive. this way. >> ashley: so, what' s going on? you' re spending time with ben' s son? >> abby: ben got paged, so i volunteered to hang out with him, and now... >> ashley: it' s not going the way you hoped? >> abby: no! he is bratty and defiant, and he clearly hates me. >> ashley: i am so sorry. >> abby: i have to just be okay with this. i have to let it go, you know?
11:37 am
but with this kid, every time i try something, it' s like one step forward and 20 steps back. and if this doesn' t change soon, it' s gonna cost me my marriage. [ sighs ] >> dylan: so, what else can you tell me about the phone conversation the kidnapper had? >> adam: uh, uh, nothing. i-i already told you everything. >> dylan: well, tell me again. you might have left out a detail that' s important. >> adam: i didn' t. >> chelsea: take it easy on him, dylan. adam' s been through an ordeal. >> adam: that' s not what i' m upset about, babe. i' m upset about nick abandoning sage at a time when she needs him the most. what' s that all about? >> dylan: nick' s doing what he there' s no easy way to deal with somebody with mental illness or a mental breakdown. >> adam: is that right? is that -- is that true? remind me again where you got >> chelsea: adam. s the name s not your place to judge nick. >> adam: that is a hell of a isn' t it? and what are you saying? you can tell if someone has >> dylan: don' mouth. >> adam: you said it, man! >> dylan: we' re talking about s why you' re here. it' who' s going through a why don' t you go home and ask
11:38 am
when she got diagnosed with bipolar disorder, who was there for her? it was me. it wasn' t nick. it wasn' t that saint. he abandoned her, just like he' s abandoning sage. it' s disgusting. >> chelsea: babe. >> dylan: where -- ad-- where you -- where you going? >> adam: i' m sick of answering your silly questions, all right? i got other places to be. babe, let' s go. >> chelsea: i' m sorry. >> dylan: [ sighs ] >> sharon: nick. what' s wrong? >> nick: sage was just admitted -- 3-day hold. sandy felt like she should be evaluated. >> sharon: i' m sorry. >> nick: yeah, me too. i mean, if there was any other way... >> sharon: i feel like it' s partly my fault for not letting sage spend time with the baby. i know that' s what pushed her over the edge. >> nick: look, i know you' re just trying to protect sully, but sage is no threat to him. >> sharon: i know you believe that, but i trust dr. anderson, and i have to do what'
11:39 am
my son. well, good luck. you know i-i wish the best for you two. >> nick: thanks. how' s sage doing? >> dr. anderson: she' s upset, understandably. no one likes being forced into treatment. but you did the right thing. >> nick: can i see her? just to make sure she' s okay? >> dr. anderson: all right. >> dr. anderson: sage... nick is here. >> sage: go away. >> nick: can i have a couple minutes alone with her? >> dr. anderson: of course. >> nick: thanks. >> sage: is it working? is she buying it? >> nick: well, it seems to be.
11:40 am
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11:43 am
no harsh rubbing, no rinsing. new micellar water from garnier skinactive. >> sage: what mistake? you said anderson believes i' m crazy. >> nick: she does. but we also convinced adam, chelsea, dylan. i even convinced sharon i had you committed based on sandy' s recommendation. >> sage: so, what' s the problem, then? >> nick: i' m just -- i' m worried. we' re getting in a little deep here, and you' re the one who' s taking all the risks. >> sage: well, it' s worth the risks if we can find out what she' s hiding. >> nick: i just -- [ sighs ] okay, but the second you feel like you' re in any danger, i' m pulling the plug on this. >> sage: i couldn' t do this without you, okay? >> nick: i don' t like leaving you like this.
11:44 am
s gonna start suspecting something. >> nick: all right. >> sage: hey, come here. i love you. >> nick: i love you. be careful. >> sage: go. >> nick: love you. >> dr. anderson: hey. let' s go get a coffee. it' ll be a while before we know anything. >> nick: okay. >> adam: excuse me. uh, my sister-in-law sage newman was just admitted. can you -- she' s in there? okay, great. thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> chelsea: adam, are you sure this is a good idea? >> sage: what are you guys doing here? >> chelsea: hey. uh, we were just a little concerned about you. >> adam: it was a nasty scene at the police station, and then last night at the club, from what i gather, after reading all that online. >> sage: yeah. well, it was. and i' ll tell you what -- she' s out to get me. and before you say that i' m delusional, you have to understand, adam, that she' s the problem, not me. she'
11:45 am
m obsessed with sharon' s baby so that she can have me out he' s probably with her s just -- s settle down. settle down! i don' t trust a word that comes the proof that she' me, okay?! m gonna give you guys a minute -- okay? -- to talk. >> adam: hey. [ chuckles softly ] hey. breaths, okay? and why don' t you just tell me what she' s done to you? now? is that what it is? >> adam: that' s not what -- >> sage: i cannot believe this common tramp is snowing you. this is ridiculous. we' out of here. >> sage: no. adam, you can' t. >> ashley: hey. you have everything it takes to be a wonderful stepmom, you' re just gonna have to give it time. >> abby: yeah. that' >> ashley: it' you' re a fantastic person. someday soon, max is gonna realize how fantastic you are.
11:46 am
when you married dad when victoria was little? >> ashley: are you kidding me? victoria used to call me "the wicked witch." nikki put her up to that. fun, huh? >> abby: seriously? >> ashley: yeah. yeah. >> abby: i knew you guys have never been close, but... >> ashley: there was a time when she was a teenager i thought maybe it would happen, but, you know, it never worked out for your dad and me.' re in a completely different situation, okay? you' re not gonna have the same obstacles i did. so keep your chin up. be patient. that' s the best advice i can give you. >> abby: thank you. >> ashley: you' re welcome, honey. >> abby: um...well, i guess i' d better get max. >> ashley: okay. >> abby: hey, max! how was the tour? >> dr. neville: brilliant. i was just showing young maximilian how to make goo in a commonly found cold medication. >> abby: wow! that sounds interesting. >> max: i know, right?! >> abby: [ chuckles ] i think we should probably save it for another time, though. we have to meet your dad. remember? >> max: stupid lunch. >> dr. neville: oh, come back anytime. we' ll finish the experiment.
11:47 am
>> ashley: bye, max. see you later. >> ashley: you were really good with him. >> dr. neville: i, uh -- i' ve got to finish looking at your results. excuse me. >> dylan: well, that' s good. it sounds like abby and max are getting along better. >> stitch: yeah. they' re making progress. it' s not gonna happen overnight, though, but... >> dylan: hey, it doesn' t have to. you got the rest of your lives to figure it out. >> stitch: that' s a great way to look at it. yeah. i didn' t think of that. hey, abby told me about chelsea' s bridal show -- the police thing. >> dylan: mm. >> stitch: it sounds like one hell of an op -- rescuing adam, catching the bad guy. >> dylan: things worked out the way they were supposed to for a change. >> stitch: so, were you helping paul unofficially again? >> dylan: no. >> stitch: what?! you' re a detective?! whoa! well, congratulations, man. that was quick. >> dylan: i got some -- i got some connections. paul put me on the fast track because of my military experience, and i took a few other tests. >> stitch: okay.
11:48 am
>> dylan: man, yeah. no, it' s good. it' s good. it' s good. sharon' s not too, uh, thrilled about it. >> stitch: well, she' s probably just worried about you, you know, getting hurt. >> dylan: yeah. it just makes me wonder if i made the right choice. >> stitch: you happy doing policework? >> dylan: what --- yea-- i love it. i mean, it' s the first thing since the army that just makes sense, you know? >> stitch: so, why give it up? >> dylan: well, i-i don' t want my work to push sharon into a downward spiral or be gone too much that i miss any signs of trouble. >> stitch: hey, you got to do what' s best for you, or you won' t be any good to her or sully. >> dylan: [ sighs ] >> nick: thank you. whoa. >> jeremy: hey, you need some help with that, buddy? >> joe: we' re pretty good at balancing some things. >> nick: uh, even biscotti? >> joe: i mean, it doesn' t sound like much of a challenge. >> jeremy: be careful, though. if you drop that, you' re probably not gonna get a second chance. >> nick: [ chuckles ] yeah. uh, i think i'
11:49 am
>> nick: thanks, fellas. see you. >> jeremy: all right. >> joe: cheers. [ both chuckle ] this clown. >> nick: [ sighs ] here you go. >> dr. anderson: ah. oh. no biscotti for me. thank you. [ chuckles ] >> nick: okay. >> dr. anderson: how are you holding up? >> nick: well, i' m kind of a did you see sage' s face when i had to say goodbye to her? i mean, what am i doing to her? >> dr. anderson: look, i realize that sage is furious with you, harder if she' d been locked up in jail, even if she can' t see that now. >> nick: i know you deal with a lot of patients, but it' s a lot different when you' re the one who' s suffered the loss. >> dr. anderson: how do you mean? >> nick: you may think you know what sage is going through, but you have no idea. >> dr. anderson: you couldn' t be more wrong.
11:50 am
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11:53 am
>> stitch: you know how i feel about neville. why would you take max around that guy? >> abby: max didn' t want to go to the movie, so i thought i' d introduce him to my mom, tour him around jabot. i don' t know. i didn' t think it was that big of a deal. >> stitch: i don' t trust neville, okay? so you' re just gonna need to check in with me before you take him anyplace like that. >> abby: it was my family' s company, not a nuclear power plant. >> stitch: you' re not listening. this is my son. i need to be kept in the loop when it comes to him. understand?
11:54 am
t have run off to work and left him with me? >> ashley: if only you were smart and fast. >> dr. neville: patience. i have the results. i' m just being thorough. i' m gonna compare your blood count to what i took earlier. >> ashley: please, simon. honestly, the suspense is killing me. >> dr. neville: you think you can take it? >> ashley: it' s working? the treatment' s working? >> sharon: well, this is a nice surprise. i wasn' t expecting you here this early. >> dylan: yeah. it' s, uh, been a tough morning. i just needed to see you and this little guy. in case i haven' t told you
11:55 am
you are everything to me... and i love you. you okay? what' s wrong? >> sharon: i saw nick at the hospital today, and, my god. how much more trauma can those two endure? it just breaks my heart to see them struggle like that. >> dylan: i know. >> sharon: but, at the same time... it makes me all the more grateful that we have sully. >> dylan: yeah. me too. hey, bud. >> adam: you obviously don' t belong here, so come on. we' re walking out of here. >> sage: adam, no. >> adam: let' s go. >> sage: please. >> adam: no? wh-why the hell not? you want to stay here? >> sage: because if i fight this, it' s gonna make it worse. >> adam: worse? how the hell could it get any worse? you' re being held against your will in a psych unit, sage. >> sage: nick signed the papers. it' s not up to me. >> adam: which is also what i wanted to talk to you about. >> sage: he did that so she would drop the assault charge. there were so many witnesses, of course, she' d win, and i would rot in a jail cell while she has
11:56 am
i stand, they deserve each other. what the hell kind of a sick human being does this to their own wife? >> sage: he' s doing this because he loves me and he' s protecting me. please. >> adam: he' s got a funny way of showing it. >> sage: hey. i' m -- i' m really touched that you' re so outraged at this. okay? thank you. >> adam: you got my support, all right? me and chelsea both -- 1,000%. >> sage: thank you. >> adam: you' re welcome. >> sage: and i promise you, once this is over, three days, they' re gonna come in. they' re gonna tell me that i' m not crazy. i' ll be vindicated. she' ll be discredited to nick. this whole nightmare will be over. and that' s all that i' m holding on to at this point. >> adam: i hope you' re right. and if you need anything -- anything at all -- call, all right? >> sage: i' ll be all right. you can go. thank you.
11:57 am
>> chelsea: is she okay? >> adam: well, hell, no, she' s not okay, and as far as i' m concerned, this is all nick' s fault. >> nick: no disrespect, sandy, but you' re a doctor, you know? you' re not a patient. >> dr. anderson: you don' t think i don' t know what it feels like to lose something that i wanted more than anything, to have all of my hopes and dreams smashed in an instant? well, i do. i know all about the frustration, the -- the anger, and the -- and the disappointment. >> nick: what happened to you? >> dr. anderson: i' m -- i' m sorry. i' m sure it' s been a difficult couple of days. um, i' m due back at fairview. i' ll -- i' ll be in touch. >> nick: and next time, you' re gonna tell me all about it. >> next on "the young and the restless"...
11:58 am
message to billy boy -- he' s not part of this deal. >> phyllis: i tell you, it is gonna be spectacular. we deserve this. >> billy: phyllis... t you? >> billy: [ sighs ] -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures tele next at noon, what we are learning about a hunt for a suspect that had denver schools on lockout within the hour. hunt for a suspect after an off-duty deputy is shot in aurora. we will get the latest on his continue. another threat from donald
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what he is saying about megan fox and his compet,,
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