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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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good morning, i'm alan gionet. big night last night in iowa, donald trump a no-show at the latest republican debate. coming up, reaction from the other candidates during that debate and what happens now. plus new fears over the zika virus as health officials say it is spreading explosively. the millions of cases expected within a year. we have a big weather story today, tremendous day ahead. but there's going to be a big change coming for you. lauren whitney is in colorado's weather center this morning to tell us about it. >> we have a nice start in denver, but it's windy in the foothills. we have had readings over 50 miles an hour in areas, so watch out for the gusty winds. it will stay that way today and overnight, especially in the
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we are looking at breezy conditions for us, not bad. 57 for us today, still in the upper 50s on saturday. sunday denver starts to see changes, dropping to the 30s. we'll talk snow in a moment. joel, good morning. the earlier closure we had northbound i-25 from lincoln to c-470 was canceled. but we have some lane closures and those will be in place till about 5:30 this morning. take a look at the high country, lauren talking about winds to contend with today. we have seen toward vail a little change in the conditions, and all that is going to change. lauren is tracking that forecast. if you're traveling, you'll want to hear that in a bit. southbound coming down into town, we'll continue to see slowing near the 84th bridge because they continue to do
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it's shorter, causing a mess for drivers this entire week. there is growing concern over the mosquito-borne zika virus. scientists say the americas could see more than 4 million cases over the next year. doctors say 80% of infected people never know they have it birth defects. really mild. the risk exists at this point only in pregnant women, but it's a very, very severe risk in pregnant women. >> we have seen the videos showing babies with small heads because of the zika virus. the world health organization will decide if the outbreak should be declared an international emergency. donald trump was a no-show to the republican debate last night. instead he held a separate rally.
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on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> reporter: with trump out of the, ted cruz played antagonist. >> chris, i would note that the last four questions have been rand, please attack ted, marco, please attack ted, chris, please attack ted, marco, please attack ted. >> he is the king of saying, you're for amnesty. everybody is for amnesty except ted cruz. but it's a falseness. >> the truth is you've been willing to say or do anything to get votes. >> reporter: rubio also under attack as moderators showed clips of him waffling on amnesty. >> i do not support amnesty. >> he led the charge to fix the immigration problem that's existed for 30 years. then he cut and run because it
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conservatives, i guess. >> reporter: jeb bush more relaxed without trump on stage. >> the first duty to the next president of the united states is to fix the department of veterans affairs. >> what we need to do is make sure the war on drugs is equal protection under the law and that we don't unfairly incarcerate another generation of young african-american males. >> reporter: the frontrunner fought to defend his no-show. >> you have to stick up for your life. >> the iowa caucuses are set for monday. the first voting in the political election, new hampshire is after iowa. this morning a 16-year-old accused of plotting an attack expected in court. jamie leary is tracking that for us this morning. >> reporter: that teen is back in front of a judge again, and this morning's hearing has the
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the informs defense team for 16- year-old brook higgins will try and get her bond lowered. their goal is to get her back home. the last time we saw higgins, she was assigned a new defense team, new counsel. we asked the new and former defense attorneys why they made the change. because of attorney-client privilege, they both declined to comment. many items on the agenda were postponed, including a hearing that could ultimately get her case transferred back to juvenile court. but we may hear more about that today as well. last december sienna johnson and higgins were arrested after somebody texted a tipline. the two 16-year-olds allegedly had plans to kill students and
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higgins faces conspiracy to commit first-degree charges and they both remain in custody on $1 million bond. the goal today for higgins is to get that bond lowered and get her back home. news. the search is on for a bank robber who targeted the champion bank in parker yesterday. the suspect is described only as a black male with a thin build. he was disguised with a nylon mask and armed with a handgun, and appeared to have a laser sight. an update now on a man accused of killing a teenager while hunting on the western slope. yesterday guy fotto pleaded guilty to hunting in a careless manner. family and friends of the 14-
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he is facing a maximum of six years in prison for that. ethan couch, the affluenza teen, now back on u.s. soil. he arrived yesterday at a juvenile detention center in dallas, texas. he was signing in, wanted for skipping out on his probation officer and fleeing to mexico with his mother. couch made national headlines after he was given only probation for a dui crash that killed four people. peyton manning is the first to admit the broncos defense has carried the load for the team, and he knows the offense is going to have to play better to beat carolina in the super bowl. back to work yesterday for the broncos. they will practice all week as if they were playing sunday. the panthers defense is a major challenge for the broncos offense. >> you see a lot. you see just a fast, physical
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lot of negative plays for offenses. they've created a lot of turnovers, given their offense a lot of short fields. as you watch the game unfold, you see the scoreboard, 7-0, 14- 0, and it's like the guy singing the national anthem is still on the field. game hasn't started yet. >> manning hasn't been great this season, but good game management. he's been good enough in the playoffs, two key td passes over the patriots, both to owen daniels. and he did not make any big mistakes. the panthers know they have to get by number 18 to achieve their goal. >> i don't think anybody understands the pass like peyton manning. everything he's accomplished, hall of famer, and if we were writing a storybook, that's probably some guy we'd want to beat for the championship.
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peyton is one of those and there won't be anything sleeping on him for sure. >> he's played 18, 19 years. he's had enough. it's our time. >> you can see the super bowl here at 4:30 on february 7th. a new wildlife ,, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to
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lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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the nfl is launching an official investigation now into allegations that peyton manning may have used precipitation. we spoke to the media about the
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>> reporter: last month a documentary accused a number of heats, including manning, of using hgh while recovering from neck surgery. >> it's one of those things much fire. it does force major league baseball and the nfl to follow up and. >> last we saw with brady and the deflated footballs, sometimes the nfl isn't the best at internal investigations. they botched the science of that one. so there's not a body to oversee the nfl, so there's rumors and speculation that are hard to sort out. >> reporter: the investigation may be more fuss than fact- finding. >> speaks to the seriousness with which the nfl takes
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it's much more a talking point to advance the super bowl i think than a serious issue manning has to deal with. >> manning says this is not going to be a distraction for the broncos as they get ready for the super bowl. lauren? let's take a look outside this morning. this is vail pass, where you can see the snow has started to fall in this area. it's coming down nicely in the high country. if you're traveling up there, watch out for the snow. it's going to fall heavily here and get more widespread. we have some big flakes looks like, cars moving nicely up there. be careful out there. across the front range, we are on the windy side. it will be windy in the foothills today, gusty winds, up to 60 miles an hour in areas, even 65 miles an hour. foothills are very gusty today. we won't be as windy here in
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tomorrow we're about 58, still partly sunny skies tomorrow. but the mountains are going to see heavier snowfall, really cranking up overnight tonight and possibly through parts of the day on sunday. denver may not see the snow from that system till sunday, maybe in the later morning hours, afternoon. doesn't look like a ton for us from the sunday system. we'll have another system coming in on monday and it's more powerful, with potential to bring possible significant front range. we could tap into that. if we do, there could be good snowfall in areas of the palmer divide, hitting hard by that. they could be hit hard by that monday and tuesday. tuesday things will start to into the plains. we are looking at snow to country. if you have travel plans in the mountains this weekend, could be a tough time.
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steamboat springs, aspen, vail. they could see 8 to 16 inches of snow tonight through sunday, and steamboat springs could get 10 to 20 inches. for areas like breckenridge, the tunnels, looking at up to a foot of snow. and into the san juans, possibly up to a foot. this is a nice powerful system for the high country that's arriving today, sticks around through sunday. we have a second one on monday. temperatures will fall significantly on sunday, dropping into the 30s. monday and tuesday we are in the 20s, so get ready for a big cooldown. let's check with joel on the drive. good morning. in town it's looking good. in the high country, here are the winds you've been tracking. you can see i-70 and genesee, a similar effect near i-70 and loveland. up to the eisenhower tunnel,
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yet but you just saw at the vail rest area, snow and blowing snow. so we're watching that high country drive. i know you may want to get out ahead of this storm. if you head out today, it's adverse conditions and diverse conditions as well. you can see the snow really coming down up here, no traction or chain restrictions in place yet. volumes. you can expect i-25 and 110th, where we typically see a lot of slowing, still plenty of space between the cars. it's friday and also we are going to expect slowing around 84th again. they have a shorter ramp there as they continue to do road work. long. today. wildlife in colorado having
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avoiding traffic in the high country. why more wildlife overpasses could be showing up soon. >> reporter: 8-foot tall fences keep animals off this road. >> this is the first overpass built in colorado. i think c-dot, colorado parks and wildlife, and even the public are looking at these and saying, why aren't we doing more of these in the state. >> reporter: there were a lot of critics in the beginning, who thought the wildlife wouldn't use the overpass. >> within days of it being completed, we had pictures of deer using it on a daily basis. >> reporter: construction is wrapped up for the season, but once this is completed at the end of the year, another several miles of fencing will go up. >> we are seeing a decrease in animal-vehicle collisions. >> reporter: and this project
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future roads in colorado. matt kroschel, cbs 4 morning news. >> they will be finishing those upgrades this summer. more news coming up. stay with us. ,,
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`0 welcome back. take a look at the snow in the high country, i-70 near the vail rest area. you can see the snow is really coming down. joel will update us on road conditions in a few minutes. get used to snow in the high country because it will be falling throughout the weekend
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we have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings and watches in place for the high country, many starting at midnight or tomorrow morning. steamboat springs could be looking at 10 to 20 inches of snow. near the tunnels, vail, 8 to 12 inches, some areas more than that. here in denver, may notice a few more clouds and breezy, temperatures in the upper 50s. tomorrow we have a chance of rain in the evening hours. we could see a little snow here in denver on sunday. a moment. joel, how is that drive? we are seeing the road weather index really light up in the high country as we talk about the winds happening as 76. it's a windy morning. we also have degrading conditions up in the high country for travelers. this is the eisenhower tunnel, not too bad. getting farther west up to the vail rest area, you saw the morning.
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you heading to the airport and along pea boulevard. up in the high country, both hands on the wheel. we can count on our fingers how many days until the super bowl. we have a denver reporter in charlotte and he's in search of broncos fans. >> reporter: you can probably already tell michelle thomas may be the bravest person in both of the carolinas. >> i've never been afraid to be the only one wearing my bronco orange. >> reporter: she's not from denver but has been to more broncos games than more local. she picked the team as her favorite in 1983 and never looked back. her daughter even moved to the mile high city. >> it's like the broncos get in your blood. elway did get me there. but the fans, now that i've been to the stadium and been to the games, there's something
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their fans. >> go cowboys. >> reporter: yes, she hears boos. >> not in this town. >> reporter: sometimes literally. >> boo! >> i have all the ammunition i need. >> reporter: it's tough to be a broncos fan here. a bar listed online listed as a safe haven said that was a lie. >> quite a few local fans here. seems they've gone into hiding since the panthers were paired up against the broncos. >> reporter: this fan only agreed to come forward if we kept him unanimous to hide from his coworkers. >> you could lose your job? >> yes, it's a possibility. but i believe in speaking out for the people. >> go broncos!
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we'll go live to the high country again, the camera at i- 70 and vail rest area. you can see the snow coming down and it's sideways with the wind. that wind is going to blow into the metro area as well, plus when snow comes to the front range, coming up. peyton manning can't deny he said it, we all heard it: this might be his last rodeo. back to work for the broncos yesterday, practicing this week as if they had a game on sunday. gary kubiak believes that's the best way to keep them sharp. as far as this being peyton's last stand, he may not be able to run but he can dance pretty well in front of the microphones.
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conversations on the 50-yard line? they don't exist anymore. no confirmation on that whatsoever. we are onto carolina. >> he hasn't said anything to me. i know he's enjoying the playoffs and enjoying this opportunity with the football team. i can't speak for him. he'll have to answer those questions. i know it's special to have him back in the huddle leading the way.
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hi, everybod great to have you with us this friday morning. it is still january, lauren. we're going to get a reminder late this weekend. let's find out this morning with lauren. >> you'll remember it's january and february very shortly here when we get the much colder weather that's going to roll in. you can see the snow arriving in parts of the high country. this is i-70 near the vail rest area. we are looking at snow to get more widespread today. saturday we'll see heavy snow and that will continue overnight into sunday as well. denver from this system, we may not see anything really till sunday from this. we could get rain on saturday everything. right now like i said, it's warm across the front range thanks to the winds we have in the foothills.
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winds topping near 60 miles an hour near berthoud pass. joel, how is the drive going? you saw the vail rest area, eisenhower tunnel, you have winds just pretty much all the way from vail out to c-470, just a terrible drive up in the foothills and high country. then you get to the west of vail all the way out to grand junction, along i-70, not a pleasant drive. there is snow all along that stretch of interstate. you can see the change there west of town. in town, starting to see a few more cars out there, expect delays southbound 25 near 84th as they continue to do work there. that's adding about 5 to 10 minutes to the drive time in peak rush hour. if you're act to get in the car, turn on koa news radio 850 am and now on 94.1 fm for the latest traffic and cbs 4
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minutes on the tens. this morning the 16-year- old accused of plotting an attack at a douglas county school is expected in court. jamie leary is tracking this story from the courthouse this morning as we follow the developments. >> reporter: good morning, alan. today's hearing might look different than previous ones. it has the potential to produce some visible results. the new defense team for 16- year-old brook higgins will try and get her bond lowered in order to get her back home. the last time we saw higgins, her father briefly spoke to the media and asked for privacy, then told us it's been a tough time, but that brook was doing okay. the big development shifting the tone of this case, was the change of counsel. higgins has a new defense team. we asked the new and former attorneys the reason for the change but neither would comment.
5:31 am
speak to the media, her new counsel said they would not be making any comments at any time during this case. because of the change in defense, a few items on the agenda were postponed, including a prim play hearing where her case could get shifted back to juvenile court. sienna johnson and higgins were arrested last december after somebody texted a tipline that they had plans to kill students and staff at mountain vista high school. both girls are currently in custody and higgins is expected here in court at 10:30 a.m. she does face two felony charges, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first- degree murder after deliberation. her bond is set at $1 million so we'll see if the new defense team can get that lowered and
5:32 am
jamie leary, cbs 4 morning news. there is a search for the person responsible for groping women near the university of denver campus now. there have been reports of three cases this week. the first was last wednesday at high and wesley, then another on sunday at asbury and josephine. >> reporter: you never know when a sexual predator might be hiding behind something. >> it's definitely scary because there's been like multiple incidents where this has happened. >> reporter: for the third time in a week, cu is warning students about a groper they are calling a forcible fondler. >> we have a group message going and whenever we get to warnings on our e-mail, we text each other and be like, where is everybody. >> reporter: the most recent incident was 2:00 a.m.
5:33 am
>> it's like the girls are trying to really stay together and not separate, and leave anybody behind. >> reporter: walking with others is always a good idea. so is having a dog for protection. the guys are looking out for the girls. >> absolutely just among my friends, we've been talking about walking our lady friends wherever they go and maybe seeing if this guy does try to appear, that we would confront him. >> reporter: there's a new general description of the suspect: white, 6 feet tall and may be the age of a college student. >> frightens me that it could be someone i've seen on campus or someone i might have met before. >> du is reminding students you can call for an escort ride or somebody to walk you home at no charge any time day or night. new developments this morning in the death of a colorado nanny working in austria.
5:34 am
lauren mann was inconclusive. investigators are now waiting results of a toxicology report death. she's from western colorado and vienna. homicide. they are still trying to figure that out. an american is sentenced to 20 years in prison in south korea for the death of a student in 1997. a seoul court sentenced arthur patterson this morning for the murder of a 22-year-old at a burger king restaurant. one of his friends was initially arrested for the man's death. he fled and was extradited back in september after 16 years of being back in the united states. we now have video of the dramatic ice rescue in parker, where officers were trying to
5:35 am
water of a small pond. only one of them survived. only on 4, we see the police officer saving one of the boys. rick sallinger has more. >> reporter: there was no time to waste as the policeman grabbed a large branch fortunately at hand, racing to the pond he's been told three boys fell through the ice. but he could see only one. hand over hand, he feeds out the branch to cole robinson. >> reporter: the boy's life depends on being able to grab on and being pulled in from the frigid waters. slowly and carefully, patrolman shore. >> he tried to grab it but it was so cold he had no dexterity in his hands.
5:36 am
with the tree branch and began hitting the edge of where the water was to the ice, hoping that i would see some sort of sign of life. >> reporter: south metro fire rescue teams arrived but it was at least 15 minutes in the water for one, more than half an hour for another. >> two kids are gone. two families don't have sons anymore because of a tragic incident. >> reporter: but one boy was saved and now a bond has formed with the man who rescued him. >> the police officer's actions were heroic, but the officer said, i'm no hero. the nfl is launching an official investigation into allegations peyton manning may have used performance-enhancing drugs. we have the latest as he spoke to the media about the investigation.
5:37 am
then, that i welcome it. it's garbage from the first day it came out and it's still garbage today. >> reporter: last month and alga serra documentary accused the quarterback of using hgh while he was recovering from neck surgery in 2011. >> there's a lot of smoke but not much fire. it really does force the major league baseball and nfl to follow up and investigate allegheny. >> as we saw with tom brady and the deflated footballs, sometimes the nfl isn't the best at internal investigations. they kind of botched the science in that one. so the fact that there isn't an independent body to oversee the nfl makes it a situation where there's rumors and speculation that are hard to sort out. >> reporter: the investigation may be more fuss than fact-
5:38 am
>> it speaks to the seriousness with which the nfl takes performance-enhancing drugs. it's much more a talking point in advance of the super bowl than i think a serious issue manning has to deal with. >> manning says this will not be a distraction for the team as they look ahead to the super bowl. the latest on that still ahead this morning. ,, (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing
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so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) hey candidates,
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peyton manning can't deny he said it, we all heard him telling bill belichick this might be his last rodeo. the players are going to practice this week as if they had a game on sunday. gary kubiak thinks that's the best way to keep them sharp. as far as this being peyton's last rodeo, he may not be able to run but he can dance pretty well in front of the microphones. >> what happened to private conversations on the 50-yard line? they don't exist anymore. so no confirmation on that whatsoever. we are onto carolina. onto carolina. >> he hasn't said anything to me. i know he's enjoying the playoffs and enjoying this opportunity with this football team. you know, i can't speak for him. he'll have to answer those questions. i know it's special to have him back in the huddle leading the way. >> panthers are favored, and
5:41 am
they only lost one game all season. they also understand even though manning is not what he used to be, he's still formidable. >> i don't think anybody on this team is going to look past peyton manning, everything he's accomplished. if we were writing a storybook, that would probably be some guy we'd want to beat for the championship. to be the best, you have to beat the best: peyton is definitely one of those. there won't be anybody sleeping on him for sure. >> we don't care if it's his last game. he's played 18, 19 years. he's had enough. it's our time. >> you can see the super bowl here on cbs 4, 4:30 a week from sunday. let's take a peek outside because we have some weather challenges in colorado right now. take a look at the snow, already blowing around in the high country, i-70 near the vail rest area. look at how hard this is
5:42 am
it is coming down. snow in the high country pretty much all weekend. this is going to get much more widespread throughout the day today and overnight tonight it will really crank up. that will get more widespread for saturday as well, then saturday night getting heavy again. winter storm warnings an watches for the high country starting midnight tonight. steamboat springs could get 10 to 20 inches, aspen and vail, maybe 8 to 16. near the tunnels looking at 8 to 12 inches of snow. wicked see a little more snow from this on sunday. the secondary system out in the ocean already, that area of low pressure will come our way on monday. that's when we're looking at the potential for real snow here in denver, possibly 5 to 10 inches. there could be bands of heavier snow with that.
5:43 am
we'll get more information as it makes landfall. just telling you, there could be big changes, so pay attention and keep watching for more updates. sunday we drop down to the 30s. it will get cold around here. monday and tuesday, overnight lows in the single digits. today we have seen gusts of 60 to 65 miles an hour already. breezy here in denver, nothing like the foothills and mountains. blowing snow will be a big concern for that. here in denver today, we have a mountain wave cloud thanks to those gusty winds. it's calm in denver but that snow already falling in the high country, and it's really coming down in some spots. so joel is watching the roads for us. where are you starting? i-70 and genesee, you have the camera shaking like crazy out there. then get up to the eisenhower tunnel, over the high mountain
5:44 am
conditions out there. we have been watching that as well. take a look, lower visibility already over eisenhower tunnel. then we saw at the vail rest area, the farther west that you get, the worse the conditions are. this is one of those with snow and blowing snow, and that's going to stay with you along i- 70 all the way out to grand junction. in the metro, quite a few more cars out there. southbound 25 at 110th, starting to see speeds dip into the 40s and 30s now. expect more delays as you get to 84th because they have construction lasting into next week as well. right at 84th, they have shortened the onramp there, causing a mess for drivers all week. as we get into monday and tuesday, if we have weather on top of that, could be tough.
5:45 am
making your way into town from denver through lakewood, going to be a nice wide open drive. nice light volume this friday morning, as expected. head up into the high country, head west of town, both hands on that steering wheel. now after almost 60 years, barbie is getting a massive makeover. >> reporter: since 1959, barbara millicent roberts, better known as barbie, has been a household name. at 11 and a half inches tall, she's had more than 180 careers. she's a pop culture icon. but after decades of dominating the doll world and just weeks
5:46 am
barbie is getting a makeover. >> we were hearing that, you know, many thought that barbie was out of touch. >> reporter: as a typically white doll with unrealistic proportions, some parents thought barbie was sending the wrong message about beauty. >> there were people who turned away from barbie because they wanted dolls that more resembled themselves, more in terms of their body type and skin tone. >> reporter: last year mattell introduced 23 new dolls with different skin tones and hair colors. now they are adding three new body types: curvy, tall and petite. the toy maker introduced the new dolls to a group of 4 and 5- year-olds. >> they don't look like barbie. >> reporter: the girls immediately notice some changes. >> some have brown skin and white skin. >> reporter: but the new body
5:47 am
>> why did you choose her? >> my favorite color is blue. >> reporter: the next step, changing parents' misconceptions. ,,
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one 11-year-old basketball player's videos are going viral. in a matter of minutes, he can learn and copy tricky plays by watching nba players. >> reporter: when noah cutler isn't playing basketball. >> just a crazy ball handler. >> reporter: the 11-year-old is watching it and looking up his favorite players online. >> one day i could be there if i put in the work. >> reporter: when he saw steph curry do this, he had to try it. >> next thing we know, he's watching videos on youtube and dribbling out in the front yard. if it's raining, we have to call him in out of the rain. >> i messed up a lot but in the
5:51 am
>> reporter: his dad posted the video showing him mimicking the tricky move and several others. they quickly went viral. >> there was like no transition, everything's been boom boom boom. look back and we're like, are we here? >> reporter: he became so popular the warriors invited him to california to meet his role model. >> i didn't even think it was real life. i thought it was a dream. >> reporter: he says the attention is nice but playing basketball with his friends makes him the happiest. he's the smallest kid on his team, but on the court he feels like a giant. he has big dreams, too. >> it would be crazy to play on that floor, and one day that would be my dream. >> reporter: he's already playing with the pros on the way to becoming one. >> he already has nearly 150,000 followers on instagram
5:52 am
adventures, the handle is @babybirdman3. last night, stephen colbert talking politics again. >> trump is skipping the debate because megyn kelly will be a moderator. after all, why would he want to practice going head to head against a strong, blonde woman? fox news stood by kelly and a newschannel cannot let a politics ever politician decide who they put on the air. that's what ratings are for. trump was still planning to attend until fox news released a mocking statement questioning
5:53 am
>> meow. get a saucer of milk for fox news. >> watch the late show with stephen colbert after cbs 4 news at 10:00 tonight. we have weather changes coming and lauren will be talking about that. >> reporter: in douglas county, one of the two teens accused of making threats at mountain vista high school has a new defense team. that's coming up. the broncos are back in action, gearing up for the super bowl. on the practice field, this amaid the nfl's investigation into doping allegations against peyton manning. hear from manning about the investigation next. and we have body cam video of the dramatic ice rescue in parker, an officer pulling one teen to safety as they look for two others missing in the water. >> reporter: ahead on cbs 4
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looking to organize your car pool. ,, ,,
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,, ,, good morning, everybody. live picture from our lookout mountain camera over the city. we have a pretty day developing. there will be some wind here and there's a big change coming. we are looking out to that as well. nine days from the super bowl this morning, good to have you with us. i'm alan gionet this friday morning. let's get to lauren whitney in colorado's weather center this morning. tell us what's coming. we are looking at winds, very gusty already in the
5:57 am
watch for wind tonight and
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