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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am MST

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everybody. my first guest tonight is an emmy-winning actor who stars in the upcoming hbo series, "vinyl." >> three boys. three boys, i can tell they'll be filling football stadiums. >> come orichie. >> where are we with the good rats? eventually, you're going to have to swallow, and when you do, i want to hear some good news. >> they ( coughs ) they went with warners. >> and you're here eating lunch? >> he needs sustenance, doesn't he? >> what he needs is to sign the next good rats like i'm
11:01 pm
cannavale. ( cheers and applause ) >> that is the best band. >> stephen: aren't they an amazing band? >> they're the best. >> stephen: first of all, congratulations on "vinyl." i can't wait for it to start. this is my kind of show. >> thanks. >> stephen: but, also, thanks so much for dragging yourself here, because my understanding is you have not slept for three, four days, something like that? >> four days. i'm sorry i haven't shave gld it's fine. it's a rugged look. because you have a new baby. >> i had a baby on monday, yes. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: congratulations. how is the mother doing? how is the mother doing? >> you know, i didn't do anything. >> stephen: i know. >> i didn't do anything and i'm so tired. i think i've gained 28 pound since monday. i mean, i'm not kidding you. like, this jacket fit so well, like, last thursday. but i've been eating -- >> it's all water weight.
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you're going to lose it. what's the baby's name. >> rocco. >> stephen: rocco cannavale. that's night. named after saint rocco? saint of the sick. >> stephen: there's a saint >> yeah. >> yeah. he took care of sick people. pretty sure. >> stephen: yeah. >> could be wrong. i'm tired. >> stephen: it kind of sound like the patron saint of prizefighters, too. >> totally, totally. or made guys, the patron saint of made guys. he was german, actually. he wasn't italian, this saint rocco. >> stephen: and the baby is doing well? >> the baby is doing great. >> stephen: is this your first child? >> this is my second child. i have a 20-year-old son. >> stephen: oh, wow. nice grouping. >> thank you. thanks, thanks. i just started getting sleep before this one came, so -- >> now, the series "vinyl" is about sort of the gritty, kind of wild 70s music scene. >> that's right.
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>> no a guy who owns a record company. >> stephen: record company, okay. >> label, and he's owned this label for some years, and it's 1973, and the label is in trouble. and he's-- he doesn't want to sell the label, so it's about him bringing this lawbl back to prominence. either he does that or he kills himself by doing too many drugs or both. >> stephen: there is no drug he could do that is more mind bending than having a brand new baby. >> that's true. >> stephen: and not sleeping for four days. >> that is true, man. >> stephen: you did this-- scorsese is the producer and directed the first episode. >> that's right. >> stephen: what was it like working with scorsese? was he a hero of yours? >> absolutely. i grew up wishing i could have been in those movies and it's sort of the next-best thing, here i am making a show with him, set in his time there, 1973. and i'm italian american, and that's like-- i grew up watching de niro in those movies and now, you know, the guy every time, every day we'd shoot he'd be
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were shooting "taxi driver--" and every day was something like that. it was a story about shooting "taxi driver." and-- but i kept it cool, man. you know, sometimes i'm a little too cool. you know? i was always worried that i was taking up too much of his time. >> stephen: really? even though he's your director. >> but still, in between, he'd have me come over, "come over here and sit down and talk to me." i never wanted to over-extent my welcome. one day i was like-- i guess i said it too many times-- i said, "let me let you go." that's my thing to say. "marty, let me let you go." and finally he goes, "where are you going to let me go? i'm here shooting a movie? where do you gotta go? where do you gotta go that you can't stay here and talk to me?" >> stephen: did you confess. >> i said, "i don't want to annoy you." he said, "you're not annoying me. stay here."
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when you're working with him and he's very collaborative and it's just a dream come true. >> stephen: i understand pacino was also a hero of yours. >> yeah is . >> stephen: you had a ritual you would do before you did a play? >> i've done a lot of theater and i just grew up, like, he was my idol. and every time i would go to the theater i would say this little mantra, "al's coming tonight. al's coming tonight. al's coming tonight." >> stephen: like into a mirror before you went on? >> no, just to myself on the train or walk -- >> to make yourself nervous? >> to up my game you know what i mean? i have to be good because al is going to be there. >> stephen: sure, sure. >> and he never came, you know. ( laughter ) then they sat me next to him at the tony awards. we were both nominated for the same award-- weird. and we were sitting next to each other, and i asked him if he'd come to the show, and i was like, ," you're my idol. i would love it if you came." and he was like, "i'm coming." and he came the next week. and we've been great friend.
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i got to play his son. and we play cards together. it's a -- >> can you relax around him? >> i mean, i can now. i can now. he's been-- he's just great. he's just a good friend. he gave me a diaper cake for the ( laughter ) that's so sweet. >> stephen: i'm going to imagine that's nice. >> it was like a big cake made out of diapers "for your boy!" ( laughter ). >> stephen: i'm not sure who i want to hear more your scorsese or your pacino? >> yeah, man, i pinch myself every day. it's nuts, you know,. >> stephen: you do a lot of drugs in this series. >> yeah. >> stephen: there's a lot of cocaine being snorted. i'm going to assume that's prop cocaine. >> yeah. >> stephen: what are you using because-- what are you using when you snort this stuff? >> i could use some right now, you know. >> stephen: would you-- would
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(elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: beautiful. welcome back, everybody.
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this sunday that everyone in america will be watching: my live super bowl post-game show! ( cheers and applause ) and, right there. and as a public service, i just want to remind you that you only have tomorrow-- saturday, which tomorrow is-- to get everything you need for the perfect super bowl party. you need a big screen tv comfy couches, a guy named phil, a football-shaped pretzel bowl, enough beer to fell a horse, and a horse with a drinking problem. but, most importantly, you've got to have the right snacks. and i got two words for you: chip and dip. exclamation point. to make sure you have your dip in a pile, we here at the "late show" have created a helpful how-to video full of dip tips. jim? >> chips, nature's tastiest triangle be they yellow corn, plu corn, potato, or pita, they're as close to food as anything in your super bowl spread.
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minute, where's the the dip? don't freak. we have dip to make you flip. cheese cubes, those are for scares. turn them into a three-layer caseo. as the cheese cools, it forms a thick rubbery skin, that's the first layer, and the third layer is the bowl. this again, don't embarrass yourself. this is the super bowl, not the pro bowl. beef it up with grade-a sirloin. now, there's a dip that will go deep in your mouth. time out! you forgot the dip. or did you? crunch those babies up into a dippable crumble. it's 5% less shameful than drinking them straight from the bag. make sure to save one for dipping. mmm! now you're back in the game. looking for a low-fat tip-ternative. you already have one. just turn on the tap and let the flavor flow. mmm! soft and yielding. take a knee. why not spice things up with some salsa?
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because salsa's not a ( bleep ) dip, cheryl. don't drag down my party with that ( bleep ). snacks not in pawing distance in just strap a bowl to your cog's head and let the dip come to you. that's your m.v.p.-- your most valuable pooch. here's a trick your guests won't see coming. just fill the dip poll boll with chips and run a reverse. in american football, you can use your hands. have a great super bowl. and if you don't watch football, you can still savor these dips during a viewing of "the man in the iron mask," ." this one will keep you guessing until the very end. it's super bowl of movies. have a great regular sunday. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: we'll be right back
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,, ,, ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my next guest is former chairman and c.e.o. of deutsch, inc., one of the world's leading ad agencies, and the creator and star of usa's comedy series "donny!"
11:19 pm
( cheers and applause ) >> great to be here. >> stephen: all right, now, as i said, you're the star of "donny!," usa comedy nairk. that's donnie with an exclamation point. >> that worked well for jeb, didn't it? >> stephen: you were the master of the ad game for decades, one of the biggest and most impressive firms out there-- >> i think you used "legend "in the introduction. let's stay with that. >> stephen: explain to me-- we've got the super bowl coming up this weekend, all the big ads, everybody wants to see them. how do ads work? like, where are you putting the hook in on me, on my braip, my heart, my gut, or right in the groin? how are you trying to get me? >> interestingly, you aim at different part but a great ad is no different than a great tv show or a great piece of poetry.
11:20 pm
are and properties a brand as a value system. this is what this brand brand is about. if you like it -- >> stephen: i'm not buying doritos. i'm buying a lifestyle. this sunday, a 30-second ad on the super bowl is $5 million. how do you as somebody who is plan ago you planned a lot of super bowl ads-- how do you get your five mill out of it? >> in this world today clearly you have to go on line. it's not just what happens. it's do you tease online. impressions? do you get talked about on shows like this? in order to get the bang for the buck you have to go everywhere, so basically it's on utue, it's here, it's there. there is 100 million people watching it on the game but there are 60 million people. it's the same thing how do you get a bang for a buck. world we see. >> stephen: i didn't realize that. it's very kepressing. why did i take this gig, donnie?
11:21 pm
let's talk about some of the most famous super bowl ads of all time. here's one that came out in 2000 which became very famous. this is the budweiser ad. >> hello? >> aarrgghh. >> ha-ha-ha. >> so what's up? >> watching the game, having a bud. >> true. true. >> that was great. >> stephen: so, what was different about that? why did that make such an impact? >> two reasons. some something climbs into the culture-- here you have an ad and all of a sudden everything's going, "what's up?" they brought it back to the brand. it's about guys watching the game, talking on the phone, drinking a bud. you not only have to break through and make it part of the but culture but you have to bring it back to the brand. to this day you can go, "what's up?" actually, you can't. >> stephen: this is from your company, the most popular ad by far four years ago or five years
11:22 pm
this is for volkswagen. ( dog barking ) ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: i will buy that child anything! i would buy that child anything? now why, why, tell me about that ad and explain to me why is that ad one tha i just-- it's so appealing to me? >> i think the best ads over
11:23 pm
that we can all relate to. wow. i love the way they approach that kid. you bring in a piece of popular cult wur "star wars" but sometimes it's so human and hits you-- it's interesting you talked about it. it hits you in the heart. i like a company that brings me an ad like that. i like volkswagen. >> stephen: i thought you were going to say i like a company that brings an ad like that. of course, it's your company. you're out of the game, you're owcht ad game. it's super bowl sunday, the super bowl of ads. do you wish you were still in the game? do you have that hunger? do you want to go out there and sell me some chips? >> no, to tell you the truth, i like being a tv star a lot more, and having a sitcom on usa. it's more pun fun than dealing with clients -- no, i do miss it. advertising is something we all get to participate in -- >> we have no choice. >> we have a choice. >> stephen: we don't get to. they're selling adspace on the inside of my eye liz at this point. >> i'm not buying your product, that's a choice.
11:24 pm
we spend money. basically, i like your ad, i buy simple as that. it's the actual one art form that we all participate in. it sounds very prolific. it's just ads! it's just selling stuff. >> stephen: donnie, i'm going to let you go. on demand on donny deutsch, everybody! we'll be right back. only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make, is creamier than ever. never underestimate the power of energizer. our longest lasting energizer max ever.
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here performing his grammy-nominated song, "the driver," ladies and gentlemen, please welcome charles kelley! i'm the driver, bringing their circus to town first one in and the last rolling out shutting down the up all-nighter all the stars and sunrises
11:31 pm
every corn field and town in between west to east oh, easy come, easy go yeah we rock then we roll out of town but for now while the moment is here shine a light, drink a beer let's get loud all the drivers and dreamers believers and singers oh, won't you sing with me now? oh, oh, whoa, oh oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh i'm the dreamer soaking up every line searching for truth all the
11:32 pm
oh, yeah the believer that music can save a soul the one who's at every show in the front row singin' oh, easy come easy go, yeah, we rock then we roll out of town but for now while the moment is here shine a light, drink a beer let's get loud all the drivers and dreamers believers and singers oh, won't you sing with me now? oh, oh, whoa, oh
11:33 pm
i'm the singer pouring out all that i had every love song and heart break gone bad and looking back when i was younger sitting right there where you are sending a prayer to the highest star and here we are oh, here we are oh, easy come, easy go
11:34 pm
then we roll out of town but for now while the moment is here shine a light, drink a beer let's get loud the drivers and dreamers believers and singers oh, won't you sing with me now? oh, oh, whoa, oh oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, whoa, oh oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: his album, "the driver" is out today! charles kelley, everybody!
11:35 pm
,, ,,
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,, ,, >> stephen: that's it for "the late show." be sure to tune in this sunday after the super bowl for our live post-game special. i will have tina fey, margot robbie, will ferrell, key and peele, and megan kelly. good night! captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >> james: good evening, everyone. in 2002 i traveled three hours out of london to see a band perform to a few hundred people at the bath pavilions. it was an incredible gig and they rapidly became my favorite band. it blows my mind that they're here to kick off "the late late
11:37 pm
here performing "adventure of a cheers and applause ) >> turn your magic on to me she'd say "everything you want's a dream away" we are legends, every day that's what she told him i feel my heart beating i feel my heart beneath my skin
11:38 pm
alive again oh, you make me feel like i'm alive again said i can't go on, not in this way i'm a dream, that died by light of day gonna hold up half the sky and say we are omen i feel my heart beating i feel my heart beneath my skin oh, i can feel my heart beating 'cause you make me feel like i'm alive again
11:39 pm
alive again turn your magic on to me she'd say "everything you want's a dream away" under this pressure, under this weight we are diamonds taking shape we are diamonds taking shape woo, woo if we've only got this life then this adventure more than i and if we've only got this life you'll get me through
11:40 pm
life then this adventure more than i wanna share it with you with you with you i said oh, say oh, woo, hoo woo, hoo woo hoo woo, hoo woo, hoo woo hoo woo, hoo woo, hoo woo hoo woo, hoo woo, hoo woo, hoo >> thank you, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> james: ladies and gentlemen, coldplay! stay tuned for more with coldplay! roll the titles!
11:41 pm
show" it's "the late late show" whoo! it's "the late late show" it's "the late late show" it's "the late late show" ( cheers and applause ) >> james: incredible. right, reg? >> reggie: it is insane that we had them. >> james: it was announced last week they are playing halftime at the super bowl. i think they might cancel that now that they played here tonight. we're going to be chatting with all four members of coldplay here after the break but first, shall we have a look and see who else is on the show tonight? in the red room, you know her from "game of thrones" and the latest "hunger games" and "star wars" movies.
11:42 pm
is here! ( cheers and applause ) hey, gwendoline. how are you? >> hi. i'm pumped james. >> james: how are you? >> i'm very excited. i'm feeling christmasy. i have worn red for you. this is my own personal wreath. i was advised not to wear it as a necklace but i'm tempted. >> james: if anyone can pull it off, you can. gwendoline christie, everybody! so exciting. "star wars." i didn't even know there was a new "star wars" movie coming out. in the orange room, he's one of the stars of "empire." he sings, he raps, he acts. the multi-talented bryshere "yazz" gray is here! ( cheers and applause ) hi, bryshere. how are you? nice to see you. >> happy holidays. >> james: you also brought your own wreath for the door.
11:43 pm
do you like it? >> james: i love it. everyone is so excited that you here. thank you so much. always well timed out. that's what i like. ladies and gentlemen, bryshere "yazz" gray, everybody! so exciting. i love that everybody is bringing their own christmas decorations for the greenroom. >> reggie: it is rare that a show allows people do that. >> james: we should start sprucing up here. will you get on that, reg. can i leave that to you? >> reggie: of course. >> james: we've all seen those prescription drug ads on tv where at the end it says "side effects may include" and then they list a long set of side effects that could happen. well it turns out there's side effects for everything in life that we should be aware of, especially during this holiday season, which brings us to our holiday edition of "side effects
11:44 pm
>> reggie: side effects may include -- holiday edition >> james: we're doing one here. secret santa. as i like to call it, confidentiality clause. you should know there are side effects and they may include trying to figure out who the hell diane is without asking anyone. realizing that the person you asked is diane. spending way more than the budget limit to get back in diane's good graces. getting diane such a perfect gift that she gets the wrong idea. and the final side effect to doing a secret santa is avoiding diane. anyone thinking of bringing home a new girlfriend to meet their family for christmas this year. if you are bringing your new
11:45 pm
there are side effects that include -- warning her about your family so much beforehand that she thinks you're exaggerating. she meets them and realizes you aren't exaggerating. having to interrupt your father as he starts saying something about "those chinese." forgetting to tell her that when uncle jimmy opens his arms and says, "don't be shy", to definitely be shy. the final side effect to bringing your new girlfriend home with you for christmas is being single on new year's. everyone does a bit of last- minute shopping on christmas eve. you should know there are side effects. they may include -- a panic attack when you realize stores close at 4 p.m. hearing someone scream, "let go of that x-box or i'll finish you, bitch!" and then realizing
11:46 pm
it. despite being 37, having a toddler style meltdown at the bottom of the escalator. everyone you love finding out for certain that you do not think about them ever. and the final side effect to last-minute shopping on christmas eve is spending $348 ( cheers and applause ) one more? want one more? ( cheers and applause ) all right. what about this one in anyone here thinking about untangling christmas lights while you reflect on your marriage? if you are thinking of doing that, you should know there are side effects. they are -- muttering, "what a mess" over and over. asking, "shouldn't it be easier than this?" knowing that when your friend's lights got this bad, he just
11:47 pm
realizing that every knot is a result of another knot and the way to avoid knots in the first place is to make sure the lights you buy are really good ones, and these lights haven't touched you in months! fantasizing about newer, younger lights that don't give you such a hard time. and the final side effect -- what is it even called? the final side effect to untangling christmas lights as you reflect on your marriage is remembering it's all worth it after seeing how happy these lights make your kids -- and who are you kidding, you're too old to get new lights anyway. we have a great show tonight. we'll be right back with coldplay! ( cheers and applause
11:48 pm
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bayer aspirin. here we go. ah man, who invited these guys? hey clay, it's cool if we order some delivery? it' s time for you guys to make the right call. we're having digiorno pizza, tfresh-baked in my own oven. t okay. it' s not delivery, it' s
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,, ,, >> james: welcome back. they just released their new album, "a head full of dreams," jonny buckland, guy berryman, will champion and chris martin.
11:51 pm
cheers and applause ) >> reggie: coldplay, coldplay coldplay, coldplay is a band for the people. >> james: coldplay, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) thank you so much for coming down to see us tonight. we really, really appreciate you being here. now congratulations on the new album. it is absolutely brilliant. ( cheers and applause ) it is fantastic. and in seeing you, you have made the album across continents.
11:52 pm
how does a band make an album both in london and in los angeles and wherever else you might be? >> i think we're -- we are very -- we have to base our timetables around kids and all that other stuff as we are older men. >> james: still a baby. still a baby. >> it is the beard. >> james: i'm glad you have got the beard. without the beard, my theory is all babies look like will when they are born at some point. my daughter and my son. >> we would play a couple of weeks in london and go our separate ways and then reconvene in l.a. >> london and somewhere just outside london like a 20-minute bus ride. >> james: do you still have that bakery studio? so you would record bits here and there? >> i don't know if i can speak
11:53 pm
we like to keep it fresh. we tend to get a bit too comfortable if we stay somewhere too long. we start playing table tennis and eating cake and losing focus. >> james: on this album, i don't know if people know this. beyonce sings backing vocals on a few tracks on this album. correct? how does one go about approaching beyonce to be -- let's be honest, a backing vocalist? what is the process for that? >> you get summoned to their castle and wait for about a week in a small room where you're fed minimally. if you survive that stage, about 15 other people, whoever survives that, you get to another stage where you get to play tennis with j and if beat
11:54 pm
the rest of destiny's child. they check you for lice and bugs and if you're deemed clean enough you can meet beyonce behind the screen. >> james: when she was coming to the studio, were you there when she lace down her b.v.'s? these are technical terms you guys don't need to know about. how do you prepare for beyonce's arrival? >> you have to work really hard to make it sound good because it is like when the headmaster comes into your classroom. oh, no! >> what is this ( bleep ) -- >> james: awful song that you were doing. >> she was wonderful. she was lovely. >> james: was it an enjoyable album to make? you have talked about other albums where you said ah this album, like the x and y album
11:55 pm
lot. was this one an inspirational time for you guys? >> i think we loved making this awl album. there was a lot of traveling. i think sometimes the time we had apart from each other was constructive. we spent a lot of time going into the studio day in and day out. you can't see the wood for the trees sort of thing. we worked with a couple of fantastic norwegian producers who are just immense at what they do. >> james: when was the last time you had a row as a band and do you often row or are you now so mature you just row on email? >> we're kind of like -- who is it? the quakers who just sit in a room and we're not leaving this room until it get resolved. we're very good at communicating. >> james: it has to have been a
11:56 pm
>> we're having one now. >> james: so what happens when you call one of those meetings. who pipes up? who is the first to get cross? >> if will's nostrils get -- like this. he just flexes his biceps. ok. whatever you want to do. that's generally how it goes. >> james: i was looking for something more juicy than that. >> one time guy came into me and punched me in the face and said you're such an ugly -- and he said i'm the handsomest member of the band and jonny chimed in and hit guy in the nose. it ended very badly. >> james: i wish that was the case. did they make you go to a pub
11:57 pm
>> this was a long time ago, before you were born. we were going to go on stage at this festival. we were not -- i think we had just inside our record deal. we were playing the festival. we had five songs to play. we were playing at 11:30 a.m. >> james: perfect time. best time actually. >> the promoter came on and said all right, you guys go on now. we said there is nobody here. they said doesn't matter. it is 11:30. you have to go on. i started kicking -- and then will said -- >> you can say whatever you want. >> he said i'm going to punch you in the face. >> we were all a bit stressed. it was a giant field. a huge festival and they had not let anyone in yet. in fact, chris might have broke a string before anyone was in. >> james: not so much anymore. you just announced you going to
11:58 pm
cheers and applause
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