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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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them up. keep them safe. a message from tide join us for the super bowl 11:00. . this is a cbs 4 special presentation. of the super bowl victory parade. [ music ] . oh, hello, we are live in downtown denver, preparing to celebrate our championship broncos, and what a super bowl week our team had.
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. now, after that fantastic win, it's on to a great day for the parade. as all of colorado celebrates the broncos victory and super bowl 50. chopper 4 flying over. you can see the traffic, as people are trying to make their way down to the parade route, walking up through there, you can see the crowds of people.
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us, live here at civic center park, i'm karen leigh. could not have asked for anything better today. >> hi, karen. i'm trying to hear you. but i can't. that's how loud it is. you know what, karen, it is the celebration that the denver broncos won super bowl 50, the monster, colorado's own playing behind us. karen, we've got tens of thousands of fans here right now. but as we saw this morning, they were showing up at 4:30 to get a spot out here. it's been great. >> yeah, you can't blame them because everyone wants to be up front, but we can see the people all the way back to the capitol building back there. it's fantastic. the crowds turned out to welcome the broncos back to denver yesterday, the team passed the lombardi trophy off as they got off the plane at dia and hopped on board a bus to head back to broncos headquarters.
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the team when they arrived in centennial: let's talk about the scene out here and the plan is to have all of the players, coaches, staff and their wives, right here in civic center park in just about two hours. already had great bands performing. right now, we've got big head todd and the monsters, 303 is coming out later. and i tell you, they love their broncos out here and they also love the music. >> broncos headquarter as for us, and jamie, i know you've been covering the fans so much today. >>reporter: yeah, we have, karen, and i want to tell you the at training facility here, we just saw ten giant tour buses with state patrol escort, and i think it's safe to say that the broncos are headed to the big victory parade here at the training facility, they held the end of the season press conference, gary kubiak and john elway, taking center stage. now, both of those men giving praise obviously to the defense, elway saying they rode their
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championship and while it's not set in el stone, elway said they are one of the best defense teams ever. there is no time line, and it's all up to manning. >> you know, i think that it's important for him, i mean, the key thing is for him to want to come back. i mean, that's why it's up to us, it's not really what we want to do. the important thing is it's going to be his decision. and so where we get a chance to sit down and talk to him, where he is in his career, what he thinks he can do, what he wants to do from here on out. and so, in talking about retirement, retirement is always hard. you can but touch that line and crossing that line -- up to that line and crossing that line, saying i am moving on, that is a very -- even if the first 99% are easy to get there, that last
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that's why he's got to have the time he needs. it's basically going to be up to him. >>reporter: now, looking towards the future, elway said that he is -- his number one goal is to keep the defense in as tact as possible. so that defensive team is the number one goal. already looking at free agency for next season and again, broncos tour buses headed down towards the parade, karen, and jim, back to you. all right. jamie, thank you so much. so exciting out here. we want to talk a little bit about the parade, too, gyp, the parade set to kick off at 71 and can and wynkoop. -- 17th and wynkoop. civic center park. broncos are going to go inside of the city and county building before they return to the stage for the rally, we have teams all along the route for you. >> one thing we saw with the
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people got in the way of the buses, it took three hours for that bus, you know, the buses to make its way over here to civic center park is, they're going to try to have the crowds better controlled today. they'd like them to be starting the parade at about noon, be here at about 1:00, i think we all expect -- it will be a little pad built in, but hopefully it goes more smoothly. i think by 1:30 the buses will be here. mark haas, kelly werthmann live at union station where the parade will begin for all of us. good morning. >>reporter: hi, karen, yeah a, we are on 17th, union station is behind us, the broncos will be starting the parade here, at about noon. there are people lined up all along the streets, about five or six deep, and then, even bigger crowd down at union station, it's an absolutely perfect day
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kelley werthmann, i've talked to people, they've been here since 6:00 in the morning. >>reporter: some fans have been here earlier than that. and we've gotten fas that are inside of the building, all the way up there, [ inaudible ] outside of union station, the top rated defense coming through. real key to winning the super bowl championship, and of course, leading to this awesome parade where we have thousands of fan, all the way down, all the way around the corner and around that corner is where the broncos are going to come here in just a little while, mark, i know the fans are excited. some who were just so excited just to be here early, early this morning can and maybe even wave at the players. >>reporter: we expect the buses this route. lined up? >> since 8 o'clock. >>reporter: are you missing work today. >> no, i don't work. >>reporter: okay. are you missing school today? >> yes. >>reporter: good reason to miss school, right? >> yes. >> she's sick.
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better, i hope that by tomorrow you feel better. who are you excited to see today. >> von miller. >>reporter: von miller, the mvp. >> yes. >>reporter: what p peyton. >> yes. >>reporter: happy to see him get a championship. >> yes. >>reporter: how about you, how long have you been here? >> 8:00 o'clock. >>reporter: you were one of the first to be here, who are you excited to see? >> the sheriff. >>reporter: peyton manning. kelly, take over. got some of the youngest fans here. >>reporter: how excited are you for the parade? >> really excited. >>reporter: what time did you have to get up this morning? >> probably about 6:00. >>reporter: you just skipped school today? >> yes. >>reporter: who are you most excited to see? >> emanuel sanders. >>reporter: yeah, is he your favorite broncos player? >> yes. >>reporter: what the you think of the super bowl? . >> it was awesome. >>reporter: it was awesome. how about you, what did you think? >> it was awesome is. >>reporter: what did you do that
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broncos had beaten the panthers to win the super bowl? >> we were with friends and we celebrated and a lot of pictures. >>reporter: everybody here has been jumping up and down screaming. >>reporter: we've got demaryius thomas represented. we have peyton manning represented in here. hello, peyton. we have a chris harris. we have a danny. shouldn't you guys be in school? >> no. no. >>reporter: not today. >> no. no! >>reporter: you took today off? >> yeah. >>reporter: how did you guys feel when the broncos won on sunday? >> awesome. >>reporter: we just yell a lot here at the start of the parade. we're going to come back this way. and how long have you been here? >> 6:00. >>reporter: sometimes they get nervous. since 6:00. >> yeah. >>reporter: are you skipping school l? >> obviously. >>reporter: you guys, i think i talked to you earlier, you've
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>>reporter: had to get the good >> definitely. broncos, baby, number one. >> super bowl, baby. i'm excited, i was a baby when we first won, now, i'm old enough to know, realize what's happening, it's amazing. ward. >> definitely. >>reporter: how about you. anderson. >>reporter: what school. yeah. runs. . >>reporter: it will be a little bit longer. >>reporter: hold on. hold on, we're dabbing? orange dab. we have stolen the dab from carolina, we are now doing it on 17th and union. because the broncos are champions. back to karen and jim. thank you very much. you've got to like the mile-high version of the dab, i think that looks pretty cool. >> i think we do it much better than they do.
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the champs, we do everything much better than the panthers. i want to get to suzanne mccarroll, live at 17th and curtis, and suzanne, we bet you've got a big crowd down there, too. >>reporter: we've got a slightful crowd, organized, fun, but i was worried about is all of the kids being home, missing school. but they tell me they have really legitimate illnesses, take a listen to some of these illnesses they come up with, now, what exactly is wrong with you? >> bronco itself. >>reporter: bronco itis. >> i have orange virus. >>reporter: did they give you antibiotics for that? >> i got blue pneumonia. oh, my gosh. and what is wrong with you, horse? >> i got the wlu virus. >>reporter: you got the blue virus. is that worse or better than the orange virus? >> worse. >>reporter: it's worse? >> yes.
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wondering while we wait, are people going to be cheering, i clearly have my own built in cheerleader here who has been lobbying with the competition across the street. >> you say -- we say blue, you say orange blue, orange, blue, orange. we say denver, you say broncos. >> broncos. >> denver. >> broncos. >> we say super bowl, you say champions. >> super bowl. >> champions. >> super bowl. >> champions. >> d.e.n.v. e.r.. >> b.r.o.n.c.o. s. champions! >>reporter: i've got do ask you, at some point in your life, were
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i've been cheering for sports since forever. i was actually in indianapolis the day that the hoosier doom was inaugurated. bring it home, peyton manning? >>reporter: we're going to have fun out here. again, the streets are lovely, you can pass through them, they're not too crowded. the weather is fabulous, and we're waiting to get a glimpse of one of the players. karen and jim, back to you guys. all right. suzanne, thanks so much for that. i think she's got her own great cheering section there, right? >> was that anna bell bowlen? i think it was anna bell? >> it sound like it. >> if everybody is going to be like that, they're going to be hoarse by the time the players show up. >> this is where the parade will go, down the street, it will land here at civic center park, and that's where right behind us, is where the rally will take place, you can hear all of the players get up there and cheer on this crowd that's been waiting all day. >> we want to check in with
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glorious day? >>reporter: we have name thd wild corner, jim -- named this wild corner, jim. 17th and broadway in. you know the dab, but we have come up with a new dance, right kids? >> yes! >>reporter: let's do the sack attack. go. right there. this is what happens when von miller forces the ball out, this is the sack attack. so you can forget that dab business right now. all of these kids, there's a truant officer over there, kids, all of these kids are supposed to be in school, like this buddy here, you're a football player, right? >> yeah. >>reporter: what do you play? >> i play punter, lineman and center. >>reporter: all three. you're a busy guy. all right. and these guys out here, are you ready to go today? >> yeah. >>reporter: i've got this big microphone, jim and karen, i've got a microphone, an extender on there. and what we're going to do is talk to the players as they come by.
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broadway today, we are ready to go, right? >> yeah! >>reporter: ready to go. all right, everybody, let's do the sack attack, here we go. jim and karen, back to you. all right. yea. so exciting. i love that. the wild corner, suzanne has got her calm corner, she says over there and we've fwot the biggest crowd ever here in civic center park. they were saying the they guessed a million people would be flooding into this area. so ready. we couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day. boy, are we lucky. >> karen, i recall after the broncos first super bowl victory, maybe had about 650, 700,000 fans, then we got spoiled. the second time around. about 400,000. but i think we're going to go -- we're going to blow past the 700,000 mark today. >> yeah, the any indication of the people coming out so early this morning, getting excited, lining up here early, a live look out there at the park. just incredible.
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civic center park, if we can get down to justin, i'm sure the wild crowd he has around him, justin. >>reporter: hey, karen, we're at 13th and broadway, right now, and you can see the fans are piling in pretty quickly here. don't forget, it is a weekday, it is tuesday outside. so either folks got the day off or they're playing hooky, you've dedication. we're hoping that when the parade gets going, it will come around this corner, and then when it heads west on 13th, maybe the players will get close enough to the mobile weather lap, we get to shake a couple of hands. but just the gear alone down here is entertaining to look at. i saw a lombardi trophy made out of ice a second ago. i a couple of guys with this one is for pat shirt, i saw a jake this snake t-shirt, that had to -- jake the snake t-shirt. that had to be the coolest t-shirt. it's getting pretty busy now, especially where we are. there's a couple of gaps, you can find room and hopefully get
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how are you guys doing? are you ready for this parade? >> [ cheering ] . >>reporter: is everybody playing hooky, or did you get the day off of work. >> hooky. >>reporter: that's what i like to here. we're playing, hooky, too, a good day to be at work here on cbs 4. jim and karen, back to you. >> justin, thanks very much. got to be a great day to be a meteorologist, the day where a lot of people come up to you and thank you. >> yes, give you a big hug. you're the best. >> oh, man, justin and ed, we love you guys. well, we are just getting started. with our spectacular coverage on a great day here for the city of denver and the state of colorado. well deserved. 18 year; right. >> the absence of pat bowlen who
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men who,, ,,
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,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, this one is for pat! >> oh, you just know those are the magic words. john elway. >> broncos nation. >> pat bowlen. just the kind of celebration pat bowlen would love. out here today. karen leigh.
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now, and we know how much the broncos fans love him. they respect him. they have given us this family, pat bowlen us has given us this championship team. he couldn't be more loved. >> the special moment with john elway. we knew that would come out of john's mouth, everybody was hoping it would. certainly, a spectacular and very special moment for people who sl been lucky enough to follow this franchise over the decades. >> right. >> under the ownership of pat bowlen. pat has always been about one thing. winning, that's why the players love to come here and play for him and so many people here in this city have rallied around the bowlen family during his battle with alzheimer's. >> you know, the players love playing for this organization, family. and they just had some really great kind words to talk about >>reporter: karen, and jim,
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someone out in santa clara and talked with the team, they were always talking about pat bowlen, his influence on the broncos, even in his absence. >> unfortunately, of course, mr. b. could not be at the super bowl, but his family did l travel, his wife anna bell watched the game from santa clara, she was there when they presented the trophy afterwards. she watched the game with former bronco rod smith. it was an emotional time to watch the game with her. he wanted her to know how much the bowlens have meant to this team. to let the team do what they do best. allowed them to run this franchise, they spend the money, they bring the good players, and that's what leads to a super bowl. and elway and ellis both had nice things to say obviously about mr. b. after the big one. >> this one is for pat. given us the opportunity, known pat since 84, he's the only thing that is sad, he's not
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thoem him and let him give it a big squeeze. >> it's emotional. well deserved for sxhe the family -- he and the family. it's a shame he couldn't be here. he would have loved this team, i'll tell you that right now. and the other thing i would tell you is he would have been very confident going into today's game, he really would have been. he would have seen -- i just know him, he would have seen what a special group this was. and how they carried therngsz how they believed in each other -- themselves, how they believed in each other and how they willed themselves to this championship. and just, you know, he should be here. that's all i can tell you. he really should be here. >>reporter: and i had a chance to spend time with joe ellis during the week leading touch the super bowl. he said pat bowlen knew his legacy should be defined by super bowl and super bowl champions. they've won 3 of the super bowls.
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since mr. bowlen took over the broncos, it starts at the top and goes down the from there. he has done a great job with a franchise. there are franchises out there, they're there as a business. it's obviously a business for the bowlen, but he wants to win. >>reporter: he wants to win, his family wants to win and every single player we talked to says this was for pat and they did just that. jim and karen a lot of excitement for the bowlen family here, all of the fans are excited to see the player, as well, a good game for the bowlen family. >> spectacular. day, anna bell and the rest of the family will be out here today. karen, one thing about pat is he wanted to go out and get the smartest football people and let them do their jobs. tell me what you need to win, how much money do we need to sign certain players, after that, you do the rest. and i'm not going to mention names, jerry jones, owners who
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goes on on the football side, sometimes it doesn't work out too well. obviously, pat created a culture where the smart people could do their thing, and it's paid off. >> yeah, they always say that's hire brilliant people around you and do what they do, they get to be brilliant with their own talents. broncos fans are not been disappointed. this craziness. we hope we can find her and get to her. are you there? >>reporter: hello. >> we're looking for -- we're looking for britt. . >> a great look at the crowd out there today, hundreds of thousands of people. >> we're going to find britt here in a couple of minutes. she's so little, she is hard to
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right now, we want to find out, talk more about this. i don't know how we got so lucky. a perfect ending to the great year so far, this weather. >> no, kidding, yeah, it's kind of been on a roll, in san francisco, great weather for the super bowl, and that has translated here into colorado. take a look at this shot, the library cam, you see all of the folks down here in civic center park. and when everybody else is on the parade route, gets to that point, this place is going to be jam packed, they're expecting at least a million people down there. we're at 50 degrees right now. and thankfully, look at the wind, there's a little breeze going south-southeast at 6 miles per hour. but all the wind today, etch has stayed on the west side of town. here's the broncos parade forecast. we should be about 56 degrees, when we kick everything off, in the mid 50s throughout the entire day. chalked full of sunshine today. couldn't ask for a better day and here's the wind today. it's going 27 at evergreen, 22
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so we hit the jackpot there as well. here's a look at the satellite and radar together. hardly a cloud in the sky. over the entire state of colorado. drier, warmer air, just translating in. the reason for that, big old ridge of high pressure, a super, super ridge, if you will, just right over the area. from colorado all the way back to california. and that's bringing in some warm weather, it will stick around for a while. across the state today, in the 50s and 60s out east. 30s and 40s in the mountains. looking good. so here's the break down for us today, of course, a high of 56. sunny, breezy is, low tonight about 30. tomorrow, it gets better. we're looking at 64. a spring-like feel tomorrow. can and we keep it in the upper 50s to near 60. mostly sunny skies rolling all the way through the weekend. jim and karen, i group up in colorado, down in pueblo, and we grew up just loving the broncos, i can't tell you, although i'm not down there with you, i can just feel the excitement down there.
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pride being from a state like this. with the super bowl champs, broncos again, bringing it home. yeah, just fantastic. and i have to tell you, you know, i know i'm a transplant here, but i love the broncos, too and the fans here cannot be any better. really, amazing fans. they're just awesome is. >> you were from college football country in arkansas. >> i love football. >> you're used to seeing this kind of passion for college football. >> that's right, that's right. i know. get bind a team, especially a this. just class act. it's awesome. >> down in that sea of orange, britt moreno, come in britt. >>reporter: good afternoon, everybody. we're here in the heart of broncos nation, here at civic center park. and this is where -- this is end. i have to tell you, die hard
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since 4:30 in the morning, set up, ready to see the parade. >> 8 years old. buddy. >> caleb heart. >>reporter: this is probably the >> yes. >>reporter: i was going to say, this is mom right here, mom, this is the easiest birthday party and probably one of the better ones. yea. >>reporter: he will not forget this. >> he will never forget this. >>reporter: what does it mean to you? . >> it's a blast, all all around here, i have five kids right and they're all out here. >>reporter: you look amazing, five kids? >> yeah, this is our caboose. >> you have your own broncos team at home. >> i do. >>reporter: they were out of school, witnessing history, tell me what that's like. >> it's fabulous, there's no way we cannot not go to school and miss this, we have to be here for this today. >>reporter: thanks so much for talking to us.
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many fans we have out here. we have signs, there is a sea of orange. i don't know if you noticed the hats, i love that, he looks amazing. behind him. and if we come over here, i found a really big super fan, one of the broncos cheerleaders. hi, where are you from? >> westminster. >>reporter: westminster. you look amazing, where did you get this outfit? >> my husband bought this outfit more me. >>reporter: that is a perfect man, isn't it? >> he is. >>reporter: who did you bring out here today? >> i brought brought my family with my kids. husband, broncos. >>reporter: big head todd and the monster, but we had -- i'm here. right?
11:32 am
tell me what it's like, you're a long time denver band, you have to be die-hard broncos fans. >> we are so thrilled to be here. this was such an amazing experience, we're super honored. we love the broncos. >>reporter: and you love denver as a whole, nowhere else in the nation, will you get an experience quite like this. >> we're a little crazy, don't you think. >>reporter: broncos mania in a perfect way, right? >> it is perfect. >>reporter: guys, we're going to continue to hang out here live, and by the way, you guys rocked it out today, it was awesome. high fiving. go broncos, send it back to all right. very nice, and i'll tell you, karen, that local band, those guys are great. big head todd, 303 coming up after this. it is a great party down here at civic center park. if you're lucky you might be break and make it down, but
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right now, and a lot of people might think we just started planning this a couple of days ago. but actually, right after we beat the patriots, there were about 13 city agencies, couple of non-profits, the broncos, got together can and said, hey, in case we win the big one, we've got to be ready to go, so this is has been about two weeks in the making and it seeps to be coming off -- seems to be coming off beautifully. >> i think we knew, then, that we were going to win. >> we're going to be right back with more from civic center park, the broncos championship rally and parade, coming up live
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the difference between it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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live back to the super bowl victory parade, welcome back to civic center park. where this is where it's happening, jim, we've got a party going on down there. >> karen, we've got a party going here, and on the streets, look at that parade route. >> we cannot wait to see our team come down that street, get this parade started. so thank you so much for being here with us on cbs 4, we comboent be more excited to -- couldn't be more excited to bring you this special coverage all day today, as we look forward to bringing home or brown r broncos. >> let's talk about the
11:36 am
from this scheduled start of that parade. kick off in about 17th and wynkoop. by union station. one thing that they've got to make sure of that the busess carrying the players, families, coaches, that they can get down to that starting off point on time. let's hope so. >> yeah, they've got their job cut out for them to get them through these crowds. fantastic, concerts are going on here, the bands have been awesome, colorado bands celebrating with all of us and people are enjoying themselves so much. we've got kids skipping school today, parents skipping work. it's been 18 years since the city and state has been able to enjoy this. >> seems like i can just remember john elway doing the helicopter play against the packers and the falcons, it has been a long time, this is many, many years in the making.
11:37 am
right now. as we look at a spectacular shot of these t sea of orange here at civic center park. let's go to 17th and curtis, and our suzanne mccarroll, suzanne. >>reporter: look at the crowd here, there's so -- they're so polite, having so much fun and really relaxed. there's probably, i don't know, 10 deep and it goes all the way from broadway, we can walk all they're happy. now, some of them came down to see the parade, but they want to see very specific players, who is it you really want to see? >> von miller. >>reporter: why is that? >> i don't know. >>reporter: he's a pretty good player? >> yeah. >>reporter: you just like him? >> yeah. >>reporter: who do you want to see? >> peyton manning. >>reporter: what would you say to him if you have a chance to talk? >> you deserve to win the super bowl. >>reporter: and then would you
11:38 am
do you think he'd answer you? >> probably not. >>reporter: and who do you want to see? >> is it okay that i say two? >>reporter: yeah, you can say whoever you want. >> peyton manning and thunder. >>reporter: okay, why do you want them? >> i don't know. >>reporter: you just want them. >> yes. >>reporter: do you have somebody special? . >> i want to see peyton manning. >>reporter: what would you say to him? >> i do not really know. >>reporter: give him a high five in we've got broncos fans here that have had -- correct me if i'm wrong, you have had season tickets for 51 years. >> that's right. my dad got the tickets. >> we were at the green bay blizzard game. we sat out there when there was hardly anybody there. and we were still there.
11:39 am
>>reporter: who do you want to see. >> emanuel sanders? >>reporter: what would you say to him? >> cool game. we're on tv. >>reporter: what would you like to say? >>reporter: i would like to say to my man, ware, you played your butt off this year, you deserved it. >>reporter: and we got to meet pat bowlen in the early days. a shout out to pat. >>reporter: and thanks for editing out bad word, good job. >>reporter: and a shout out to the fans because it doesn't matter what nationality you are today, what religion you are today, today, we all bleed orange, today, the rocky champions, baby, yeah. good point. but as you can seeshgs look at them -- can see, look at them, they're lined up, a sea of orange, both sides of the street. but just what a great crowd, time. and almost all families out here. it's a fun afternoon of waiting, and watching, and we keep seeing
11:40 am
station, thinking any second is it will be starting. karen and jim. all right. suzanne, thanks very much. and karen, obviously, you can't coach style. how about suzanne mccarroll with the bronco blue head set. unbelievable. >> she's a fan. we're all fans, you've got your orange on and your tie, i've got my blue stripes on and how can you not just just be so excite about this day? this is fantastic. so exciting for the city, for the state for broncos fans. you know, they -- i was in san francisco, they trafed to san francisco. supporting their team and then they got what they went there to see. which was just great. justin mcheffey out here live, along the parade route with us tonight, and justin, i know you're out there having fun, too, and you've got a wild crowd. >>reporter: we've got a very wild crowd, karen, everybody is fweering up, pumped, everybody
11:41 am
i got good news for you, if you don't have a lot of broncos, there is a gigantic von miller cut out over there, it is hilarious. come over here, guys, this is this sign. mvp magnificent von miller proud, is he your player? very cool. love the outfit. you guys having a good time. >> yes. >>reporter: hooky for the day? very cool. love it. lots going on, we're right at broadway and 13th. so when they come down, the parade route from the north, we're hoping that it swings out wide, and at least that's our optimistic thought, maybe we'll get close to the players, then they go down 13th to cherokee and all the way up to civic center park. there's of couple of hundred people at least on this street, corner, it will fill out throughout the afternoon with all of the fun stuff going on,
11:42 am
for now, jim and karen, back to you, great types down here in downtown -- times down here in downtown denver. justin, thanks very much. and suzanne, obviously, we knew that the broncos defense all season long, was tough, tough, tough. but boy, those last few weeks, especially in the playoff; von miller, a one man wrecking crew. >> he's really incredible. he won the games, in some instances, he is a game changer, we sure home they sign him for a while. i think it was allen on the wild corner, you named your party corner, i think. >>reporter: hey, guys, we're here at wild corner now, 17th and broadway. all right. [ cheering ] here we go. >> 9:00. >>reporter: you've got to get here early.
11:43 am
and got the people over there. can i get a go broncos on three, one, two, three. >> go broncos! >> go broncos! >> go broncos! >>reporter: wild corner is ready this morning, peyton manning through his career, 41 miles worth of passing yards, it will be incredible. one, two, three. >> denver broncos! >>reporter: all right. jim and karen, back to you. had is the corner, the place to be today, for the parade. back to you guys. it? >> really is. streets everywhere. >> and i a little known fact, allen was a cheerleader. at emerson college back in boston and i think once you've
11:44 am
>> i have no idea. he sounds like he is a great cheerleader even today. >> all right, we have got a packed civic center park here. so many people here. you can see running the fabulous plays on the big screen up here. reliving the fantastic moments championship. >> trieth now, we want to -- right now, we want to send it to mark haas and kelly werthmann. has to be fun for you folks to pulled off that victory. >>reporter: hey, jim, kelly is across the way talking to fans, we'll get to her in a second. look at what i found. i have the lombardi trophy, an honor to hold this today. i the not think they would let me carry it around. but you know, pretty cool l to have it. the real lombardi trophy will be arriving in a half hour. the parade is going to start
11:45 am
fans are -- have been lined up for hours, there's 6, 7, 8, 9 deep now. [ cheering ] . >>reporter: do you guys want to kiss my lombardi trophy. >> he gave it a cheek bump. >>reporter: how about you? >> this is special. >>reporter: shouldn't you guys be in school. >> maybe. >>reporter: maybe. maybe. couldn't miss this, right? >> no. >>reporter: who's your favorite player? you've got the manning jersey. >> yeah. >>reporter: what did you think about getting to watch him win the super bowl? >> happy. >>reporter: pretty happy. across the way, kelly werthmann with von miller fans. >> these excited fans. we want to talk to you joe lee about this awesome sign. explain your sign here. >> all right. so cam newton's famous touchdown
11:46 am
and we want to take that over, so it's our dance now. >>reporter: none better than the mvp to do the dab. what did you think about the fans. >> it was amazing, i love von miller. >>reporter: von miller loves his fans. let's see if everybody here can do the dab. let's take it over. ready? one, two, three. oh o, that's right. that's right. all right. i know you guys have been out here since 10:30 this morning. [ cheering ] . >>reporter: who wouldn't be excited to be out here for the broncos parade. tell me one thing you're looking most forward to. >> seeing the broncos players. >>reporter: is there any one player you're looking most to see? >> von miller. >>reporter: a t lot of people are excited for von miller. we're just a few minutes away from the parade, when the broncos will come down here. all very excited fans. those are lucky enough to be able to skip school on this gorgeous day. you and mark are so excited to
11:47 am
we had all of the fun in santa clara. >>reporter: did you see my tro the trophy. i'm going to see if they cheer for me. >>reporter: mvp [ cheering ] . classic. we love it. >>reporter: we'll send it back to you guys. >>reporter: out of breath. >> apparently he doesn't know which end done he's supposed to run into. >> no, i don't think he was ever going to stop, was he?
11:48 am
was one of the free burritos that chipotle can was giving. we've fwot the denver dab -- got the denver dab to go along with the mile-high a salute. mile-high city. >> you can never have too many. >> we'll be live from civic center par,,
11:49 am
,, ,,
11:50 am
welcome back to the victory parade and rally civic center park, where we're anticipating some million people are going to be coming down here, the helicopter flying over the city, the city that is lined and packed with broncos fans. i'm not sure there's one person on one floor and one of those rooms, not down here right now. i think everybody in this city is lining the streets right now. and downtown denver. it sure looks like it, doesn't it? >> a lot of empty restaurants, everybody is out trying to get a view of the player, the parade is due to get going at noon today. karen, wouldn't be surprised that these crowds that things are a little bit late. they always build in pad for a big civic event like this, but who cares, the weather is gorgeous, behind us right now, a reminder of what an incredible
11:51 am
playing dave logans call on some of the big plays that the broncos 2015 season. and as we follow along with dave in some of the plays, we realize there were some rough patches. >> yeah. >> you know, they struggled to get by oakland one time, they lost to the raiders, the next time. so it's only made it all the more sweet to be at this point right now, because it did not come easy this year. >> no, we didn't score many points, you know, our kicker, brandon mcmanus saved us a lot of times and we were curious, they kept saying defenses win teams, they win championships, but there were times when we were like questioning the defense is going to show up. but they did. they showed up when it mattered most. and won those championship games. >> going into the season, peyton manning during the first three years here, threw for 15,000 yards.
11:52 am
and peyton's arm that was guiding the offense. we didn't have that year, not only did we have that, but a lot of types the rung game couldn't -- times the running game couldn't get going. it came down to to defense on many of the sundays, and certainly if the super bowl. but the orange rush, was up to the task. >> yeah, it was incredible. down there, in all of the masses, we have reporters everywhere, right now, we want to get to allen and find out who he's talking to and what type of cheer he's leading down there right now. >>reporter: well, it's awesome, karen, i tell you what, if you want to be out here live, groouf got to get out gsh you've got to get out here early, right. >> yes. >>reporter: are you ready to yell for this. >> yes. >>reporter: you got here at when. >> 8:00 o'clock. >>reporter: your teachers are calling me now, wondering where you are. you're not going back, are you. >> nope. >>reporter: all right. are you ready? are you ready, guys? >> yes. >>reporter: are you ready?
11:53 am
>>reporter: let's do it. three. >>reporter: all right. one, two, three. >> broncos! >>reporter: we go back, one, two, three. >> broncos! >>reporter: one two, three. >> broncos! >>reporter: 17th and broadway, we must have about 20,000 people out here right now. and they will be making some noise. let's go back to you. alan, thanks very much. karen, one thing we heard on the night of the super bowl, a few fans got unruly was the word that we heard, they did make 17 arrests or so, but really no violence, no serious issues. but you look at this crowd today, people are so mellow, they're so happy. and just everybody out enjoying a beautiful february afternoon. >> right.
11:54 am
>> yeah, i think fans got the message, they don't want to mess this up. i mean, they wanted to make sure that they enjoy this experience, we waited for it for a long time, 18 years, they wanted to make sure that they could experience all of this. in a right way and a safe way. down here with us, right now, let's get to britt and find out who she's talking to. >>reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> she's in there somewhere is. >>reporter: how are you today? >> i'm doing good. >>reporter: tell me your names. >> [ inaudible ]. >>reporter: i have never seen a broncos jersey this little before, it's adorable. >> he's a true bronco fan. >>reporter: you have to start them out early here in broncos nation.
11:55 am
58 has been my lucky. for von miller. >>reporter: give me general thoughts on von miller, mvp. >> he's a great player. but after hearing his press conference yesterday, he's humble, really, said it was a team effort. i thought that was amazing. >>reporter: i think your little one here will be a future broadcaster. i'm going to set the tone for you now, pretty serious out here, because everybody has been watching the super bowl highlights, i'm going to come over here and try to bust these guys up. [ cheering ] . >>reporter: so i have to ask, are you supposed to be at work today. >> i did, but i called in. >>reporter: is this the first time your boss might be seeing you -- [ inaudible ]. britt, thanks. the people start admitting
11:56 am
,, ,,
11:57 am
,, ,, ,,
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