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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,, ,, >> jack: what were you two doing upstairs? >> phyllis: i lost my phone. >> jack: upstairs? >> phyllis: yeah. well, i wasn' t sure. billy offered his help, and i was retracing my steps. luckily, someone turned it in to the security office. >> jack: you were gone quite a while. >> phyllis: yeah. well, there was nobody in the security office. >> billy: you know what, phyllis? you don' t have to lie for me. >> victoria: you already picked somebody to be natalie' s new watchdog? who? [ knock on door ] >> summer: natalie? [ knock on door ] natalie, are you in there?
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[ knock on door ] hey. um, i need a favor, and fast. >> natalie: i owe you a favor? >> summer: no. um [sighs] i was babysitting this kid, and he ran off, which is, i guess, kind of abby, who' s now his new stepmom, s dad, and neither of them picked up, and i kid. >> natalie: why come to me? >> summer: because you can make computers your slaves. >> natalie: maybe i could tap in to the public surveillance cameras or something. that is what i' m talking about. just think of it as hacking for a higher purpose, okay? and just please, please, please make keyboard magic and help me find this kid -- please. thank you. >> nick: whatever you' re talking about can wait. >> victoria: what' s wrong? >> nick: dr. anderson was killed last night at fairview. >> victoria: the doctor who was treating sharon? >> nick: yeah, that' s right. >> victoria: that' s terrible. >> victor: there' s nothing in the news about it. >> nick: well, paul' s done a good job of keeping it quiet.
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>> nick: sharon and i found the body. >> victor: i' m sorry to hear that. >> nick: you should be. this woman' s dead because of you. >> sage: oh, faith, it' s so good to see you. i missed you so much. >> faith: i thought you were in the hospital. >> sage: uh, not anymore. does daddy know you' re here? >> sharon: faith, it'
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i asked sage to come over. it turns out that sage wasn' t sick at all. >> faith: you weren' t? >> sharon: uh, no. she -- she -- she wasn' t. isn' t that wonderful? so now you don' t have to feel nervous around her, sweetie, okay? >> faith: but then why were you in fairview? people only stay there when they' re sick. >> sage: well, your -- your dad and i, um -- we -- >> sharon: um... sage and your daddy had some questions about dr. anderson, so sage did some play-acting, and that way, they got their answers. >> faith: oh. like a detective in a mystery? >> sage: that' s right -- exactly like that. >> faith: and now the game' s over? >> michael: patty had anderson' s blood on her clothes. her fingerprints are all over -- her fingerprints are on the letter opener. >> paul: right, the presumed murder weapon. >> michael: right, and you add in to the mix her complete break with reality, her history of
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s no chance? >> michael: of me building a defense strategy that will keep your sister from going to a maximum-security prison? i don' t see how, paul -- i mean, not unless we find a motive that justifies her actions. >> paul: well... she hasn' t given us one... yet. [ sighs ] >> michael: well... how is she? i mean, is she, you know -- >> paul: lucid? not at all. >> michael: you think she' ll change? i know you don' t have a crystal ball, but that -- >> paul: really, all i want for my sister is for her to be safe in some high-level psychiatric facility where nothing like this will ever happen again. >> patty: dylan. >> dylan: hey. i was, uh -- i was waiting for
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>> patty: why are you here? where' s paulie? >> dylan: he' s right outside. i was -- i was hoping that you could, uh, maybe help me with something. will you try to do that? >> patty: yeah, i' ll try. >> dylan: great. do you remember when we talked the night of the newman tower fire and you tried to warn me about dr. anderson? can you tell me why? >> patty: uh... i' m not -- i' m not sure. >> dylan: well, did she do something to -- to get you angry [ sighs ] whatever you were trying to warn me about... is that why you killed dr. anderson?
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>> additional sponsorship provided by... itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. >> billy: jack, i have to admit to you that i am actually more interested in the natalie project than i originally let on. >> phyllis: billy... >> billy: no. it' s all right. i was going up to her room to talk to her about the prototype. >> jack: this is not what you should be doing right now, billy. >> billy: you don' t have to lecture me, big brother. your wife already did that. i didn' t even get up to natalie' s room. >> jack: really? what did she say to you? >> billy: well, she gave me all the reasons -- all the very, very good reasons -- why i shouldn' t go down that path again, and, contrary to my usual m.o., i actually listened to her. so i' m gonna go where i should be -- home to victoria and the kids, okay? >> jack: great idea.
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>> natalie: spotted the boy. >> summer: max. his -- his name is, um -- his name is max. where -- where is he? >> natalie: he' s popped up on a couple different security cameras around town. >> summer: okay. how ' bout now? where -- where is he now? >> natalie: he' s here at the club. >> summer: seriously? oh, my gosh. okay. [ sighs ] okay. [ sighs ] stitch, hi! hi! um, sorry. my calls have been going to voicemail all day. um, max -- he' he' s with you? well, i am so sorry. i never meant for any of this to happen. [ sighs ] thank you so much. thank you for being understanding. bye. [ sighs ] natalie, thank you so much. >> natalie: not a problem. [ chuckles softly ] now you owe me one.
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>> michael: i' m gonna do everything i can to make sure that patty' s taken care of, according to your wishes. >> paul: thanks. i appreciate that. >> michael: hey, buddy. you gonna be okay? >> paul: yeah. i just wish i could understand why patty would kill that woman. >> michael: well, sage has a theory. um... patty figured out anderson' s real identity. the doctor tried to keep her quiet. maybe -- just maybe -- patty was forced to defend herself. >> paul: yeah. too bad there' s nothing to back it up. >> michael: well, you have no record of a sandy anderson or a sandra allen or or -- >> paul: nothing, michael. we' ve got michael. >> michael: i' m sorry. >> paul: i wish there was a logical explanation, but patty won' t even talk to me. usually i'
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m the brother she opens up to. not this time. >> michael: well... maybe she' ll open up to your son. >> paul: maybe. >> dylan: can you tell me why you killed dr. anderson? >> patty: why would you say that? i didn' t kill anyone! >> dylan: okay. all right. that -- that' s -- that' s good to know. we can start right there. do you remember being in dr. anderson' s office last night? >> patty: last night? i-i don' t remember. i don' t -- i don' t remember a fire. i don' t remember a doctor. i don' t remember an office. >> dylan: okay. i' m just -- patty, i' m just trying to help you. >> patty: i just don' t remember! >> dylan: okay. okay. >> patty: i' m not a murderer! i' m not a murderer! [ sobbing ] i' m not! you' re lying! >> dylan: i' m just trying to -- >> patty: you' re lying! no! don' t you dare put that -- no! no! paulie! paulie! no! paulie.
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>> victor: you just said patty williams stabbed this woman. what the hell do i have to do with it? >> nick: dr. anderson is sandra allen. do you remember her now? >> victor: wait. what? >> victoria: the girl that you knew in high school? the one who drove off the balcony into the swimming pool? >> nick: she was paralyzed, and then you paid off her family to keep her quiet and cut off all contact with me. >> victor: because i thought it was the best thing for you! >> nick: no! it was what was best for you, because then we didn' t have the scandal or the embarrassment, and the newman name wasn' t splashed all over the media. >> victor: i was looking out for you, son. what does that have to do with this murder? >> nick: i should have been able to talk to her, to own up to what i did. >> victor: what? you had a party. you dared a girl to jump off -- off the roof, and she was dumb enough to do it! >> nick: don' t you blame her! don' t do that. if i could have talked to her, dad, maybe i could have given her some closure. >> victor: oh, yeah? made it public and ruined your life! instead?! >> victor: you know what happened?! i paid that family a lot of money -- made it possible for
11:14 am
possible! she became a doctor! >> nick: she never got a chance to get over what happened. that' s why when the opportunity patient. she was obsessed with me, dad! she knew everything about all our lives. she thought she could get to me through my ex, and nothing and no one was gonna stop her. >> victoria: and then after christian died, she took an interest in sage. why? >> nick: ' cause she thought if she could get rid of my wife, then maybe we could end up together. >> victor: look, the woman is obviously delusional. >> nick: well, that' s what happens when a woman like this crosses paths with patty williams, another woman who you unleashed on the streets of genoa city. >> victor: explain to me, please, what i have to do with two nut cases meeting coincidentally! >> nick: you think that you can manipulate everyone. s best for everyone. well, you need to accept some ve done. >> victor: the hell i will! doesn't just moisturize
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would you like to see him? >> sharon: it' s up to you. >> sage: oh, yes, faith. i' d love to see that little cutie. >> faith: okay! >> sharon: faith, i don' t think we should wake up your brother, though. >> faith: i won' t. i' ll just watch him so as soon as he wakes up, we can bring him downstairs. >> sage: [ chuckles softly ] wow. thanks for clearing all that up with her. >> sharon: yeah. that was easy. what you did with dr. anderson, exposing who she really was -- that was -- that was really brave, sage. >> sage: you all right? >> sharon: i just keep thinking about...all the personal things i told that woman. she was inside my head. she was prescribing me medication, and i just -- i wouldn' t let myself get upset in front of faith, but now... >> sage: it' s really terrifying how vulnerable you were with
11:19 am
>> sharon: we both were. i just wish she were here. >> sage: why -- so you could confront her? >> sharon: because i want to know why -- why all those weeks that i was at fairview, she wouldn' t even let me speak to my family, why she went after you when what happened with nick was long before you ever met him. didn' t you wonder what she was thinking? >> sage: mm, no. honestly, i' d like to forget all but what i can' t forget is the one thing that she was right about. >> sage: i' m still not over my son -- losing him. i mean, i' ve come a long way, you know. i have. but christian... he' s my son, and, uh... i don' t think i' m ever gonna get over losing him. >> paul: she didn'
11:20 am
>> dylan: i' m sorry. >> paul: it' s okay. >> dylan: i know what this means to you. we need to figure out why patty did this. >> paul: you know what? dylan, i have spent decades hoping and praying that my sister would come back and be the sister that i know. but i know for a fact that when she gets like this, when she thinks someone is a threat, there is no controlling her. >> michael: dylan, paul' s right. patty' s behavior most of the time -- it' s erratic. i mean, her obsession with phyllis and diane spanned years. >> dylan: okay. well, i wasn' t around to witness all that, so maybe i have a little more objective take on things, okay? so, when she calms down, i' m gonna talk to her again. >> paul: you know what? i appreciate what you' re doing. i really do. but sometimes we just have to set this aside. i want you to go home, be with your wife, my grandson. >> dylan: when she first woke up, she was calm with me. >> paul: dyl, i want you to drop it. with a case like this, there is -- >> dylan: what do you mean, a
11:21 am
this is more than a case. this is our family! >> paul: there are two people night. one of them' s dead, and the other one -- >> dylan: she warned me the night of the fire. obviously, something' with dr. anderson! >> paul: you know what? sometimes we just have to accept that we' re not gonna get all the answers. right?! so get out of here. there' s nothing more we can do here. >> victor: you' re obviously very worked up and not dealing with >> nick: you think i' irrational? >> victor: yeah. >> victoria: look, nothing' s gonna get accomplished by arguing with him. just take a breath. >> nick: after what he did? t the way to get through to him. >> nick: will you at least acknowledge you understand what i' m saying? >> victor: let me ask you is something going on you' re not talking about right now? >> nick: like what? >> victor: are you somehow involved in the circumstances of this woman' s death? are you in trouble, or what? i' m not in trouble, dad. >> victor: because if you are -- >> nick: i' were, i' of it.
11:22 am
>> victoria: nick... >> nick: no, i' m serious. every time he interferes for the name of the family, there' s a horrible price to pay. [ door closes ] >> victor: do you agree with your brother? >> victoria: i think you should have listened to what he had to say, but you won' t, will you? you' re just gonna write it up as him overreacting. >> victor: sweetheart -- >> victoria: right now, dad, you' re probably thinking less about your son and more about how the newman family name is affected by that woman' s... >> victor: what do i have to do with that woman' s... >> victoria: ...death. >> victor: ...death? what do i have to do with that? nothing! >> victoria: fine, dad. i' m done for the night. >> victor: barges in here and accuses me of things. what the hell do i have to do with this? ridiculous! >> jack: well, you talked my brother after going into that particular rabbit hole, and i thank you for that. >> phyllis: yeah. it' s not a big deal. >> jack: not a big deal? he wants to get involved in the
11:23 am
right after he looked me in the eye and told me he' d moved on? that' s a big deal. it makes me wonder... >> phyllis: what? >> jack: ...if maybe he' s not ready to come back to jabot. >> phyllis: [ sighs ] jack, how can you say that? he nearly died trying to prove himself worthy of your respect of being a part of this family business, and now you' re talking about letting him go? >> billy: get it to me right away, ' cause i don' t have much time. happening now? the perfect brow new brow drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. our 1st creamy, pigmented wax crayon sculpts and tames as it colors, in one easy swipe.
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>> "the young and the restless" will continue. ,,
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,, ,, i don' t need you telling me what the stakes are. i still feel guilty about not lending a hand when billy wanted to get involved in natalie' s project. >> phyllis: then why are you debating whether you should let him go before he even puts in a full day' s work? >> jack: because i' m worried about my brother. i' m not sure he' s of a frame of mind to handle the pressures of everyday -- >> phyllis: what happened to all of the speeches you love to make about the family -- how it was so important to have another abbott by your side, to save jabot from financial ruin and build upon the legacy your father built? >> jack: that' s still important to me. i just -- >> phyllis: jack, billy said he wants to be there.
11:29 am
he needs your support. >> jack: you make it sound like i don' t care. >> phyllis: well, how does making it like you care saying that you' re gonna leave him -- i mean, it' s -- really, you' re giving us, like, a load of crap. it' s a load of crap that you' re giving him tough love. >> jack: i' m just trying to help my brother. >> phyllis: listen to me. sweetheart, please. don' t make any more of this than what it was. billy had a moment of weakness. that' s all. >> jack: you' re forgetting something. billy and i are both addicts, and i know from personal experience all it takes is one moment of weakness to wipe away all of the progress. >> phyllis: billy was strong. he did not give in. let this go? t involved, if it wasn' t in his hands. it plays right into billy' weakness. again. t obsessed. >> jack: he' s not obsessed? he just went to natalie' s room today. what' s he gonna do tomorrow if you' re not there to talk him back? >> phyllis: how ' bout just believing in him? >> jack: i wish i could.
11:30 am
if billy goes back to his old patterns, it could kill him and certainly kill any chance he has of rebuilding a life with victoria and those kids. [ door slams ] >> victoria: [ sighs ] what is that? uh... you want me to stop and smell the rose? >> billy: mm-hmm. >> victoria: yummy. >> billy: [ chuckles softly ] >> victoria: or is that... >> billy: garlic marinara with the spicy sausage you can' t get enough of. >> victoria: you ordered italian. >> billy: i' m keeping it warm in the kitchen for you. >> victoria: okay. let' s eat. >> billy: hold on a second. not when there' s a chance of rain.
11:31 am
what' s going on? trouble at work? hey, hey, hey. you all right? >> victoria: big trouble at work. now? last night, and nick' s blaming dad. >> sharon: when someone you love but when your child dies, that' s a wound that never really heals. >> sage: how do you do it, then? >> sharon: sometimes you don' t because you can' t. but the days become weeks and the weeks become years, and you learn. >> sage: "you learn"? >> sharon: you learn to hold on to the good memories and to put aside the bad ones. >> sage: some days it' s harder to do that. >> sharon: yeah. me too, like
11:32 am
s birthday and holidays, the anniversary of her death. >> sage: or thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> sharon: you know, every morning, when i open my eyes, i think about cassie. >> sage: really? you feel sad? >> sharon: no. it makes me feel close to her. >> sage: how? >> sharon: because i know that the place my cassie is in now -- love. that' i' m not there yet, but, um, i' d like to be. >> sharon: you will be. >> nick: everything all right? i' m getting there. hi. >> nick: hey. >> sage: ohh. how' d your talk with victor go? >> nick: oh, he just --
11:33 am
s life was affected by something we did, and it doesn' t matter to him. >> sharon: are you surprised? >> nick: it' s just frustrating. he refuses to accept any responsibility for it. he denies starting it. he stubbornly defends it, despite the fact that this woman died. it' s just, knowing dad, it' s back to business as usual for him. [ knock on door ] >> victor: come in! >> natalie: we got your texts. >> summer: what' s so important? >> victor: [ breathes deeply ]
11:34 am
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>> victor: i' m going to restructure some things, starting with where you' re gonna work on this genius idea of yours, this prototype. >> natalie: well, i' ve told you more than once i can' t work in an office. >> victor: you do have an extra bedroom, don' t you, summer? >> summer: you... you want her to -- to move in with me? >> victor: uh-huh. >> natalie: with her? >> victor: uh-huh. >> summer: i' m sorry. what -- what' s wrong with me? >> natalie: this is unacceptable. i need to be alone to do my best work. >> victor: obviously, working by yourself in a hotel room has not worked out too well, has it? i mean, i don' t see the finished prototype, do i? and i don' t think summer will mind some company, would you?
11:38 am
why not? >> victor: summer will show you where you' re gonna live from now on, okay? thank you, sweetheart. >> victoria: and nick just wanted dad to admit that he handled the situation with sandra all wrong. >> billy: when has victor newman ever admitted he was wrong about anything? >> victoria: well, i tried to remind nick of that, but he has a right to be upset. i mean, the woman is dead, and it all started when she hurt herself in our pool and dad tried to cover it up. the poor high-school girl spent months of rehab and wondering why the boy that she had a crush on never came to see her when she got hurt. it' s really sad. >> billy: i' m glad that you and nick walked out, not that it' s gonna change anything. >> victoria: i doubt it will. just think of all the times my dad has meddled in our lives.
11:39 am
our wedding day -- that was a pretty good one. >> victoria: yeah. that was right up there with hiring a hooker to seduce you away from me. >> billy: although there is the one time when a victor wrong made everything right in our world. >> victoria: oh. when he brought chelsea to town, pregnant, to try to entrap you? >> billy: but she didn' t play his game. and we ended up with little johnny. >> victoria: yes, we did. how did we do it, billy? how did we manage to survive everything that my father' s thrown at us? >> billy: destiny, darling. that' s something not even victor can mess with. >> nick: i' ll never let my father interfere in my life again. >> sage: well, that doesn' t mean victor will stop trying. >> sharon: you two can handle it.
11:40 am
>> nick: we can handle anything. >> dylan: hey, everybody. >> sharon: hi. >> nick: hey, man. >> faith: hi, little brother. >> sharon: oh. >> dylan: uh-oh. >> sharon: sounds like sully' s awake. he' s got perfect timing. he must really want to see his daddy. >> dylan: mm. >> sharon: i' ll go get him. >> dylan: okay. >> sage: any news about patty? >> dylan: nah. she, uh, went from not talking to not remembering anything and then screaming at the top of her lungs that she wasn' t at fairview and had nothing to do with dr. anderson' s death. >> sage: i' m so sorry, dylan. >> nick: yeah. sorry, man. that' s got to be rough. >> dylan: well, paul decided that the case is closed -- that patty killed dr. anderson and we' ll never know why. >> nick: but you don' t want to let it go. >> dylan: i think there' s more to it.
11:41 am
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11:44 am
t know. i just feel like we' re missing something. >> sage: like what? out. >> sharon: here he comes! >> dylan: [ chuckling ] hey! >> sharon: you want to see your daddy? do you? >> faith: daddy! >> nick: how are you? >> dylan: there he is. >> sharon: here' s your son. >> dylan: ohh. >> sharon: [ chuckles ] >> dylan: hi. >> sharon: hi! >> dylan: faith, how are you doing? >> faith: good! i watched sully wake up. >> dylan: oh. you did? well, i bet he enjoyed that. what are you doing? there -- there' s the smile right there? did you have a good day today? >> faith: sage wanted to see the baby. >> dylan: she did? well, i'
11:45 am
like to see you, too. you want to hold him? >> sage: [ chuckles ] >> dylan: yeah? is that a "yeah"? >> sage: yeah. >> dylan: okay. >> sage: [ laughs ] >> dylan: here you go. there he is. look at that. >> sage: ohh. yes. hi! >> summer: so, that' s it. you' ve seen the whole place. >> natalie: nice place. your family must have hooked you up. >> summer: what do you mean? >> natalie: you can' t pay for a place like this with babysitting money. >> summer: does it matter? >> natalie: not at all. who' s the guy? >> summer: that' s kyle -- my boyfriend. >> natalie: i' m sure he' s over here constantly. get victor on the phone. >> summer: why -- you automatically assume you' re gonna hate my boyfriend? >> natalie: i' m not sharing a bathroom with a guy.
11:46 am
he' s working in new york. >> natalie: oh. so, you two are long-distance? >> summer: yeah, for now. >> natalie: well, that never works out. >> summer: okay. well, your prototype' s not gonna work unless you get back in >> natalie: i' ll tell you just like i keep telling your grandpa -- need space to do my work, okay? fine. i' ll give you space. >> natalie: [ sighs ] >> phyllis: i love you. but you are going about this in a very wrong way. >> jack: hearing that you love me makes it a whole lot less insulting. >> phyllis: well, that' s what i' m going for. >> jack: okay, wife. wise me up. set me straight. >> phyllis: the quickest way to send billy spiraling down the hill again is to make him think you doubt him while he is
11:47 am
what he needs is his big brother to have his back, and that means keeping billy on at jabot. >> jack: okay. i' ll give you that. >> phyllis: good. >> jack: but i need to stay out in front of this. i know how an addict' s mind works. you think everything is just fine, and, suddenly, everything is up for grabs again. >> phyllis: honey, is that what you' re worried about? are you worried about yourself? >> jack: no, no, no, no, no, no. it' s not me. it' s -- it' s neil. i saw him earlier with a drink in his hand. >> phyllis: i' m sorry to hear that. billy' s not neil. >> jack: it' s the same worry. he' s an addict. billy is addicted to gambling in the same way he' s addicted to besting victor. my job, as i see it... is to show him everything he has to appreciate in his life and
11:48 am
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11:49 am
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11:52 am
be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. >> jack: wow. for a minute there, i thought you might actually see my point. >> phyllis: i do. i just need you to see billy' s, too. >> jack: red... >> phyllis: look, just give it a little space, just for a little while, instead of jumping to the worst possible conclusion. [ cellphone rings ] >> jack: go ahead and get that. i got to check in with the
11:53 am
>> phyllis: what' s up? >> natalie: i have a new place for us to meet. >> phyllis: where' s that? >> natalie: an apartment over on chestnut, across from the >> phyllis: not summer' >> natalie: yeah. thanks to victor, his grandkid' s my new roommate. why? do you know her? >> phyllis: she' s my daughter. i know why you' re here, hmm? >> summer: well, when i decided to come for you, i expected -- well, i did not expect to have a roommate all of a sudden. >> victor: i' m sure you didn' t. but... i need someone to keep an eye on her -- okay? -- someone who is observant and smart and trustworthy -- to make sure that i' m not getting the runaround. >> summer: making sure that she' s not kicking back when she' s supposed to be working?
11:54 am
now, this is a very important job. you think you' re up for it? >> billy: mm-mm-mm. i know that look you get. you get that look when you have big thoughts. >> victoria: actually... i am having a huge thought. >> billy: well, i like the sound of that, but we just finished, so just maybe give me another minute. you know what? forget it. why wait? >> victoria: that' s exactly what i' m thinking. why wait? it' s just so nice having you home. but -- i don' t know -- it feels kind of temporary. >> billy: why? you'
11:55 am
just after we took each other to new heights? >> victoria: no. i' m talking about making those heights permanent. billy, let' s get married again. >> dylan: i mean, this -- this has to be getting to you a little bit. >> sharon: it is, dylan. that woman used me. she was my therapist. i trusted her. >> dylan: and you' re worried that the work you did with she gave you -- >> sharon: i don' t want to get if? >> dylan: whoa. hold on. that woman is not responsible for your recovery. you' re the one who did the work. you kept on track with your medication, and you' re the one raising those two beautiful kids that are sleeping upstairs. she didn' t hurt us.
11:56 am
ve come. [ clears throat ] >> sharon: i am grateful. >> dylan: yeah. >> sharon: for you. i' m so glad we finally have this peaceful moment together. >> dylan: mm. >> sharon: i hope that nick and sage find the same thing. >> dylan: they will. >> sharon: you know, it was really nice of you to be so quick to hand sage the baby, and i know it meant a lot to her. >> dylan: yeah. she' s been through a tough time, and she needs to know that we trust her and she' s a part of our family. >> sharon: how did i get so lucky and marry a wonderful man? >> dylan: what are you talking about? i' m the lucky one! >> sage: [ gasps ]
11:57 am
[ gasps ] [ crying continues ] >> patty: hush, little baby, don' t say a word mama' s gonna buy you a mockingbird >> sage: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! >> sage: [ gasps ] [ breathing heavily ] >> nick: hey. hey. it' s okay. it' s okay. >> sage: oh, god. >> nick: sage, it' s okay. i' m here. it was just a bad dream. >> sage: oh, god. it was horrible. >> nick: you okay? >> sage: no. >> nick: it' s okay. >> sage: ohh. >> nick: it' s okay. >> sage: ohh. >> nick: it' s okay. it' s okay. it' s okay. >> next on "the young and the restless"... >> natalie: is it really summer you'
11:58 am
the chance to beat victor newman? >> victoria: why do i get the feeling that you' re holding something back? >> luca: if i' m a fool, then so are you and your father, because you' ve both been played. -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures tele next at noon, a house in larksburg goes up in flames, and firefighters have a tough time getting there. plus, three of the final four armed antigovernment protesters at a wildlife refuge in oregon surrender this morning. we're watching to see what
11:59 am
a look at hard work of some of ,, ,,


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