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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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>> victoria: excuse me, mr. abbott. but you know, it' s not every day that a girl proposes. so, um...i hope you' re not gonna get all traditional on me and say that you' re the one that wants to do the asking. come on. please. let' s just do it. let' s just get married. please. let' s get married again. i was thinking maybe valentine' s day. maybe you don' t like the idea at all. >> billy: you kidding me? how could i not want to be
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>> victoria: then why do i get the feeling that you' re holding something back? >> phyllis: do you have any idea what you have done? you have put our entire plan into jeopardy. >> natalie: victor gave me a choice. i could either move in with summer or move in with summer. i picked option "a." >> phyllis: you and your little sassy attitude is gonna get on my bad side real quick. >> natalie: hey, it' s kind of the perfect setup, when you think about it. >> phyllis: yeah? how do you figure that? >> natalie: victor thinks i' m under his magnifying glass when really i' m working behind his back to deliver my product to you and billy. >> phyllis: well, my daughter is gonna be watching your every move and reporting back to her grandfather. >> natalie: it' s not like i' m planning on giving her a lot of material. >> phyllis: i don' t want her involved in any of this. >> natalie: is it really summer you' re worried about? or missing the chance to beat victor newman? >> phyllis: i am warning you. if you screw this up and my daughter gets hurt in any way, you' re gonna wish you were back in switzerland making cuckoo clocks. >> summer: keeping tabs on
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t understand why you chose me. >> victor: because you' re loyal and you have all the qualifications for the job. >> summer: if -- if you don' t trust the woman, then why are you in business with her? >> victor: i' m gonna be honest with you. the program she' s working on is potentially very profitable, enormously profitable. it' s worth taking a risk for, and that' s where you come in. >> summer: look, i-i-i want to help. i do. i just -- i don' t know if i can. >> victor: sweetheart, you' re a newman. you have all the qualifications. >> summer: [ sighs ] [ knock on door ] >> victor: really, just keep an eye on her. >> nikki: hey. >> victor: hey. >> nikki: is something going on in here? what' s wrong? >> victor: no, not at all. i' m just welcoming our granddaughter into our business. and i can see she' ll fit right
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>> marisa: put that phone away. you have far more important things to deal with, mr. newman, like you can put sunscreen >> noah: oh. >> marisa: or you can worry about what' s going on in genoa city, >> noah: yeah, that' s really not bikini. to remember why we' re actually here. why we' it' s because adam and victor want me out of the country so that luca won' t get anything out of turning me in. he loses his leverage, and my grandfather can kick him and his
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>> marisa: yeah. it' s an elegant plan. >> noah: yeah, except for the part where i was forced to go run and hide. >> marisa: run and hide? no. you' re not running away. you' re being smart. now, we are on an island paradise... >> noah: mm-hmm. >> marisa: ...where no one can find us. no one even knows we' re together. >> noah: they will. somebody' s gonna realize that you' re gone, and they' re gonna figure it out, okay? like, i don' t know, your husband maybe. >> marisa: oh, who cares what luca thinks? i won' t shed a tear about that man. >> noah: mm. careful now. that is my partner you' re talking about. >> luca: i don' t appreciate being pulled from a meeting and summoned upstairs like i' m some underling. >> adam: yeah, well, you' re gonna appreciate it even less when you hear what i have to say. >> luca: not interested. >> adam: sit down, luca. sit down and have a drink. i got some news i guarantee you'
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beginning to doubt that you are, uh, you' ll pretend like she doesn' t even exist. all right? strictly hands off from here on out, especially when you have hands as dirty as the santoris' . >> luca: okay, maybe ease up on the exaggerations. dirty hands? none of you has room to talk, especially you. >> adam: second piece of bad news involves victor' s grandson. >> luca: noah? okay. what about him? >> adam: he' s no longer a poker chip for you to put into play. >> luca: since when? >> adam: he' s out of the country indefinitely. so, you can' t touch him anymore. neither can the police. you have a good night. >> marisa: you may think luca' s your partner, but he' s not. he' s a user, noah. you know this. he used me just like he' s using you. the same way he uses anyone that will do him any good. he' s a -- he' s a leech. >> noah: yeah. so, what if i' m using him? hmm? somebody has to make my grandfather pay for the things that he' s done.
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does it have to be you? just let it go, noah, please. i mean, why can' t you just let luca and victor fight it out until they destroy each other? i mean, you' re finally free of this. we -- baby, we are free of this. >> noah: if you think we' re free, you don' t know my grandfather. >> marisa: i know you. okay? you could have stayed in genoa city and went along with that plan to stay out of sight and scheme with him while all the fighting and backstabbing took place, but you didn' t. you took chelsea' s good advice. you took that one-way ticket adam arranged for us, and you came here with me. >> noah: [ chuckles ] yeah, well, uh, you weren' t originally part of the deal. so... >> marisa: aren' t you where you want to be right now? ' cause i know i am. so, why don' t we...take this
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ocean so we can leave the rest of the world behind? >> noah: you make it sound so easy. >> marisa: that' s ' cause it is easy. it' s -- it' s easy as this. >> noah: what are you doing? >> marisa: race you to the ocean. >> noah: no! wait! race me to the ocean? wait, wait! get back here! come back! hey! >> nikki: how horrible for nicholas to walk in on something like that. i mean, someone he knew, or -- or thought that he knew lying there on the floor. he and sage have been through so much lately, and now this. >> victor: sweetheart, i didn' t mean to upset you, okay? i really didn' t. i just thought you should hear it from me instead of, you know, from paul, who will not be able to keep it out of the news for long.
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he has fought so hard for his sister. >> victor: in vain, i' m afraid. losing battle. >> nikki: hey, what did i walk in on earlier when summer was here? something about a job she' s perfect for. >> victor: she happens to be perfectly qualified for a very important job that involves the internet security program, you know? and that is going to secure the future for newman enterprises, and i think that she is very qualified to do a job that i' ve asked her to do. so, there you are. >> natalie: summer is a grownup, phyllis, and a newman. [ chuckles ] if she wants to work for victor, well, it' s kind of already in her dna. >> phyllis: my daughter' s dna is a lot more complicated than you will ever understand. she is my kid. i am married to jack. she' s felt a certain loyalty to the abbotts. at the same time, nick is her dad, and she has never so far -- >> natalie: so far, you' ve managed to keep her from taking sides in that stupid
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yeah, see, i did the research. everyone around here is related to everyone else, but sooner or later, they all turn against each other. >> phyllis: stop acting like you know everything. whatever happens to me, summer is not to be hurt. are we clear? [ door opens ] >> summer: hey. uh, what' s going on? you guys know each other? >> phyllis: your new housemate and i are just getting acquainted. >> billy: i' m crazy about you. do i want you for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health? damn right, i do. you' re the reason why i' m alive, vick. it wasn' t the machines and the i.v. it was a dream of coming back to you. when i woke up in that hospital
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waiting for me... you asked me to come home to you and the kids. >> victoria: you' re saying all the right words. >> billy: i mean them. all of them. >> victoria: well, then why did you reject my proposal? >> billy: i' m not rejecting. i' m not. there' s not a doubt in my mind that i' m gonna be married to you. >> victoria: when? >> billy: when i can ask you and i know that i' m ready. i owe it to you, i owe it to johnny and katie to not promise something that i can' t deliver.
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>> adam: [ whistles ] hey, now. all right. looks like that trip was a success, huh? >> nikki: well, yes, it was. >> adam: good. >> nikki: hello, adam. >> adam: hi. >> nikki: all right. i will meet you upstairs when and we' ll plan our valentine' >> victor: it' sweetheart. >> nikki: okay. see you later. >> adam: that' s nice. >> victor: isn' t that nice?
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>> victor: so, where do things stand? >> adam: noah is now far out of the reach of the long arm of the law and the santoris. so, we' re all good. >> victor: how did luca react to that? >> adam: uh, like a little baby that just got his favorite teddy bear taken away. but now that he can' t use noah to blackmail us, we can move on to more important things, right? >> victor: mm. we' re not finished yet, okay? >> adam: we' re not finished yet? you have a date with, uh, nikki, don' t you? >> victor: yeah, but this is important. >> adam: all right. >> victor: as you showed me in this dossier, the santoris have their hooks into newman enterprises. that' s gonna stop as of today, okay? m not gonna give it back to you. >> marisa: oh, come on. s not like i threw the thing in the sea. s ' cause you won' t turn it off. >> noah: i will. >> marisa: when? >> noah: uh, one of these days. >> marisa: mm-hmm. >> noah: unh, unh, unh.
11:19 am
s ringing. it could be adam. it' s good timing, dude. i got to take this. >> marisa: you know what? take it. i got to rinse the sand out of my hair. >> noah: you taking a shower? >> marisa: mm. >> noah: okay. yeah, what is it? >> luca: congratulations, noah. >> noah: for what? >> luca: for the excellent job you did convincing adam and victor that you left the country. now we can work together in secret more easily. holed up, anyway? i' ll head over now, and we can discuss the fate of victor and newman enterprises. >> marisa: noah! come quick! there' s a -- there' s a gecko lizard on the wall in the shower! it' s good luck! >> luca: what the hell? is marisa with you? >> summer: well, i didn' t think i needed your permission to get a part-time job. >> phyllis: well, when it comes to working for your grandfather, there is no such thing. it takes over your life. case in point -- your new roommate over there. i understand this is victor' s idea. >> summer: yeah, with kyle, you know, working in new york, it' s nice to have someone my own age
11:20 am
>> phyllis: so, this is just temporary? >> natalie: i was in the middle of settling in when you rang the bell, so i...think i' ll get back to it. >> phyllis: good. okay. it' s nice to meet you, natalie. >> natalie: you, too, mrs. abbott. >> phyllis: so, how does, um, allowing a stranger into your home qualify for a full internship' s worth of credit? >> summer: well, it' s not all i' ll be doing. >> phyllis: okay. what' s the rest of it? >> summer: okay. sit. grandpa wants me to...keep an eye on natalie. >> phyllis: keep an eye? what does that mean? >> summer: i don' t know. make sure she accomplishes something. she refuses to work in the office, so... >> phyllis: so, you' re a glorified babysitter? >> summer: mom, i' m protecting grandpa' s investment. >> phyllis: is that how he put it? >> summer: can' t you be a little excited for me?
11:21 am
door at newman. >> phyllis: there' s a concept called nepotism. >> summer: mom, i want to earn my place there, okay? what, are you scared that i might actually succeed at this? >> phyllis: baby, no, no, no. when you take orders from victor, it makes you jaded and it makes you cynical. and i don' t want that for you. >> summer: okay, well, you know, i' m just gonna have to see for myself. it' s -- it' s my decision. >> phyllis: yeah. uh, that' s exactly what victor would want you to believe. that' s... that man has a lot coming to him, and i just hate the idea of you getting caught in the crossfire. that' s all. >> billy: i want to spend the rest of my life with you. >> victoria: okay, then why don' t you want to set a date? hmm? >> billy: i' ve been given a miracle, all right? a second chance -- a fifth --
11:22 am
>> victoria: [ chuckles ] >> billy: the last thing i want to do is -- is blow it. i need to prove to myself that i' m worthy to you, and the only way i can do that is to...feel like a winner for a change. >> victoria: billy, you' ve already won in every way that matters. >> billy: i know this sounds crazy. i just need a little bit of time. >> victoria: okay. take all the time you need. just know that i' ll be waiting the minute you' re ready. [ cellphone vibrates ] >> billy: oh, i' m sorry about that. i' ll get it. >> victoria: just, whoever it is, just ignore it. please? >> billy: it' s jack. he needs me. "asap," he says. [ sighs ] >> victoria: okay.
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will continue.,, ,, ,,
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>> marisa: this time, the joke's on you, dear husband. noah and i are far away from the u.s., so go ahead. threaten the newmans. tell them you'll go to the police and betray noah. without him there to arrest, let's see how far you get. >> luca: the kid isn't smart enough to pull this off. it was adam, wasn't it? >> marisa: [ scoffs ] oh, you are up against so much more than the newmans. i told you. i will never let you hurt me. or noah. or anyone else that i love. >> luca: mari, remember what we meant to each other, darling, okay? we have a child. >> marisa: save it. you are nothing to me. >> luca: fine. i'll go to the police anyway. that way, noah can never come back here. how about that? >> marisa: then we won't. >> marisa: [ sighs ]
11:29 am
>> noah: [ chuckles ] you do realize what you said, right? that " we" won't be coming back. >> marisa: well, yeah. i mean, i-i know people all around these islands, people who can help us disappear. >> noah: [ chuckles ] i mean, that sounds great for you, free bird. my family, my friends -- they're in genoa city. my future is there. >> marisa: but what future do we have there? i mean, your vendetta against victor? is that what we have to go back to? this moment, noah -- this is all that we have -- that and each other. i love you, noah. you don't believe me. i mean, i-i deserve that. >> noah: wait, wait, wait, wait. i do believe you.
11:30 am
>> natalie: your mom's kind of intense. >> summer: yeah. i guess so. >> natalie: when i was growing up, i used to envy all the kids with their perfect families. you know, " smile for the christmas card, honey!" but when i grew up and saw those families as they really were -- all the divorce and dysfunction -- i realized there's nothing there i wanted. >> summer: yeah, i mean, i-i love my family. i just -- >> natalie: it's hard to get the newmans and the abbotts together for one of those photo ops, huh? maybe when you and long-distance boyfriend get married, they'll all pose together. >> summer: okay, look, if we're gonna get along, i'm gonna need you to lay off about kyle, okay? besides, you seem to know everything about me when i know
11:31 am
gathering intelligence for grandpapa? >> summer: no, i just -- >> natalie: it's okay, summer. there's not much to tell. just me and my laptop. that's the story of my life. [ scoffs ] >> billy: this better be good. i lied to victoria and told her i was meeting with jack. >> phyllis: yeah, well, i'm wondering the same thing. i'm wondering if all of this is worth it, especially if it means my daughter being in the line of fire. >> billy: what are you talking about? what does summer have to do with >> phyllis: thanks to her grandpa, she's got a new roommate. >> billy: [ laughs ] are you kidding me? natalie? >> phyllis: yeah. victor recruited summer to spy for him. if she finds out the girl that she's living with is secretly working for the two of us... >> billy: phyllis, this was supposed to be easy. not only this, but now i'm gonna have to postpone my wedding. >> phyllis: yeah, well... hang on. back up.
11:32 am
>> billy: no. she asked me. >> phyllis: and you said no?! >> billy: what was i supposed to say? she doesn't think that i'm obsessing about a deal that got away. she doesn't think i'm obsessing about a deal that was supposed to change the rest of my life. if she finds out that we're double-crossing with natalie to go against her father... >> phyllis: billy, i want you to walk away. >> billy: what? >> phyllis: everything's in motion. i can take it from here. victoria is too important to you to risk losing her again. >> billy: and what if something goes wrong? you're gonna have to answer to summer and jack. i'm not gonna do that to you. what if there's a way that this doesn't have to happen? what if there's a way that everybody can get what they want? >> nikki: oh, your father got hung up at work. what else is new? so i thought i'd come by. >> victoria: well, i'm glad you did. i've missed you so much. >> nikki: oh, well, we weren't
11:33 am
>> victoria: well, it seems like ages. and so much has happened. >> nikki: yeah. your father told me about fairview. i haven't had a chance to talk to paul. he must be devastated. and patty's been unwell for a long time, but murder? my god. >> victoria: i know. i know. >> nikki: is that why you wanted to see me? >> victoria: well, i've been thinking a lot about nick and sage and hoping that they're okay, but the truth of the matter is that my mind's on something else tonight. uh, my wedding. >> nikki: what?! really?! >> victoria: [ chuckles ] >> nikki: oh, honey! i'm so happy for you! >> victoria: thanks. >> nikki: have you and billy set the date? >> victoria: uh...not yet. >> nikki: okay, wait. something is wrong here. i-i thought you guys were back on track.
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>> nikki: i think it' s time that you and i had the talk. and that is about loving complicated men like your father and billy. you' re not even gonna compare they' re absolutely nothing alike. >> nikki: on the contrary, they are more alike than you realize. >> victoria: i didn' t realize they had anything in common except for that they both detest each other. >> nikki: okay. listen to me. you know very well that i was
11:38 am
i was gone. but it only took one week being away from the office for us to other. and now, even though your father' s back at work, we' re in a very good place. >> victoria: i guess that' s how you and i are alike. we both love men who upset us over and over again. >> nikki: [ sighs ] >> victoria: they hurt us. they never learn. but for some reason, we can' t imagine our lives without them. and we always find ways to forgive them. >> nikki: yeah, we do. but you and billy have your whole lives ahead of you. and if you' re just a little patient and use this time to reconnect -- >> victoria: we' ve done that. >> nikki: well, then what' s the problem? >> victoria: [ sighs ] i thought billy would jump at the chance of getting married again, so i popped the question. and it' s just my luck that he wants to be a stand-up guy, and he doesn' t want to make things official until he can, quote/unquote, be worthy of me. >> nikki: well, either he wants to pop the question or he wants
11:39 am
father does. granted, your father often is the dragon. >> victoria: [ laughs ] whenever dad breathes fire, it' s usually for a very good reason. >> nikki: mm-hmm. >> both: to protect the family. >> nikki: jinx. >> victoria: [ laughing ] you! [ both laugh ] >> phyllis: let me get this straight. you want this project to completely fail? >> billy: completely. i want it to fail spectacularly. >> phyllis: gee. thank you for the clarification. >> billy: victor has to be convinced that natalie is conning him. the key to that is your daughter. >> phyllis: no, no, no. it' s not. i don' t want her anywhere near this. >> billy: i understand that, but hear me out for a second. victor trusts her to watch natalie, right? great. let her watch her. the only thing that has to happen is that summer has to report to victor that natalie is a con artist, a fraud. at that point, he drops the deal, kicks her to the curb. our hands are clean. >> phyllis: and then we hire her. everything out in the open, above board. with our support and encouragement, natalie overcomes
11:40 am
s blocking her, and she creates a working prototype. >> billy: there you go. >> phyllis: you are absolutely genius. you' re a genius. >> billy: i think that all comes from the woman that i love. >> victor: you know, now that noah is out of the country, there' s nothing that could stop us from handing this over to the fbi. >> adam: mm-hmm. i' ll tell you what. i' m looking forward to the day that i don' t have to look at luca' s smug face anymore. although, you know, they have misled us more than once. maybe we should come up with a plan "b." >> victor: what do you have in mind? >> adam: i figure, you know, once the profits start rolling in from this internet security project, which is thankfully something they' re not a part of -- >> victor: no, no, no. let me stop you right there. >> adam: what? >> victor: so far, that computer whiz has not delivered a finished project. >> adam: she will, dad, and when she does, we' ll have enough cash on hand and we can buy out the santoris. or, you know, we' ll just -- we' ll start a new company altogether... [ cellphone rings ] ...and we' ll leave them with an empty shell. >> adam: man, some people just don' t know when they' re licked,
11:41 am
t know when they' ve made a serious miscalculation. >> adam: who would those people be? >> luca: i want a meeting with you and victor. >> adam: well, you know what? people in hell want ice water. so, why don' t you, you know, call my assistant tomorrow morning, and, uh, we' ll see if we can squeeze you in. >> luca: i' m on my way now. and i' m certain you' ll both want to hear what i have to say. >> adam: luca wants a meeting with us. >> victor: oh. does he now? >> adam: you know, call me paranoid, but does it feel like this room is bugged or something? >> summer: so, tell me. >> natalie: tell you what? >> summer: tell me your real life story. that' s what roommates do. >> natalie: mm, pass. >> summer: oh, come on. >> natalie: [ sighs ] i' m not a performing seal. >> summer: i' m not asking you to entertain me. i' m asking ' cause i' m interested. >> natalie: my folks liked kids, in the abstract, anyway.
11:42 am
cause they wasted no time sending me straight off to boarding school -- britain, switzerland, then college here in the states. >> summer: so, did you, uh, have a lot of friends growing up? >> natalie: sure. right here in my computer. crank that sucker up, throw on some headphones. no distractions. just the way i like it. >> summer: okay, so not a lot of friends. >> natalie: didn' didn' t need any. i was already taken. this. right here -- my first love. i got hooked on coding, then straight to hacking, and i don' t know. it' s my thing. it gives me a rush. >> summer: so, you don' t just do it for the money? >> natalie: i do it because i' m good at it. and because i love it. plus, it' s safer than having a boyfriend, even one who' s a thousand miles away. it' s safer than having a family who doesn' t know you' re alive.
11:43 am
t get hurt. >> natalie: you catch on quick. [ cellphone vibrates ] oh! >> summer: i' m so sorry! i' m...sorry. i' m such a klutz sometimes. sorry. >> natalie: well, we all have our talents. >> summer: sorry. >> natalie: anyway, i got to run. >> summer: um, hey, you know, all that stuff that you just said about never having a boyfriend? >> natalie: mm-hmm. >> summer: i don' t really buy it. so, who is he? is that who you' re gonna go see right now? >> natalie: [ scoffs ] yeah. don' t wait up. [ door opens, closes ] at nature made vitamins, we know there are lots of things you're supposed to do to be healthy. but nature made adult
11:44 am
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11:46 am
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11:47 am
>> marisa: you look so far away. you thinking of all the people and places you may be leaving behind? >> noah: actually, i was thinking about all the places we could call home, people we can meet. but mostly, i was thinking that no matter what happens, we' ll always have each other.
11:48 am
>> luca: i called this meeting for you and your father. where is he? where' s victor? >> adam: how the hell do i know? you know, he owns the company. he calls the meetings. he doesn' t just sort of hang out and wait for you ' cause you want to have a chitchat. >> luca: okay, you think you' re smart, don' t you? thinking, yet again, you can put one over on me by getting noah out of the country. >> adam: two things. i do think i' m smart, but secondly, this has nothing to do with intelligence. not much is needed to put one over on you. you' re a pretty easy guy to fool. >> luca: okay, if i' m a fool, then so are you and your father, because you' ve both been played. that' s what i came here to tell you. and the funny thing is you don' t even know who betrayed you. >> natalie: where are you? [ scoffs ] what' s going on? you told me to meet you here. i don' t have time for this. [ sighs ] god. >> billy: hey. >> natalie: [ gasps ] >> billy: it' s all right. were you followed? >> natalie: uh, summer tried, but i lost her. sweet kid, but she' s an amateur. >> billy: kid? really? you guys are the same age. what does that make you?
11:49 am
please. i am way, way ahead of her. the poor little thing has no idea she' s stuck in the middle between her loving mother and her conniving gramps. now, what' s this all about? i have stuff to do. >> billy: speaking about being caught in the middle, if this deal doesn' t work, i lose the most important thing in my life. >> natalie: the ice princess? no big loss. >> billy: hey. the plan has changed. >> natalie: well, i liked the old plan. >> billy: well, you don' t get a vote. phyllis is out there right now taking care of her end. your job is to convince summer that you are a bona fide con artist. she goes back and tells victor that. you understand? you can handle that? >> natalie: what if i really am a con artist? >> victor: it was storming outside. i mean, it snowed like crazy. [ speaking indistinctly ] >> phyllis: don' t know how you do it. sitting there all smug and smiling after what you' ve done. >> victor: hello, phyllis. how nice to see you.
11:50 am
wife and i are busy? >> phyllis: well, not too busy to hire your own granddaughter to be your personal spy. did you know that, nikki? did your husband tell you that? that he hired my daughter to spy on his little computer hacker, and i don' she' s not some innocent little geek. she was involved with the kidnappers. >> victor: phyllis, would you kindly -- >> phyllis: don' t interrupt me. i hate that. nikki, you really need to know what kind of scamming piece of trash he moved in to my daughter' s apartment. >> nikki: all right. you know what? i have heard enough. how could you, victor? when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . with over 6 million
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11:54 am
>> adam: noah? please. you expect me to believe that the biggest threat to newman enterprises is noah newman? >> luca: yes. he came to me, proposed a deal to join forces to take down victor. it was all his idea. >> adam: come on. really? i mean, this is the best you can do to throw suspicion off yourself? blame my nephew? come on, man. you can do better than that, can' t you? >> luca: look. do you really think that innocent lad would leave the country by himself? come on. wise up. i happen to know that he took marisa with him. did you know that? good ol' boy noah' s hooked up with marco' s ex-mistress, my wife. i bet the two of them are laughing at you and victor right now, plotting, just waiting for the chance to come back here and sink their teeth in this company. but i can prevent that by going
11:55 am
i can finally tell them that it was noah who struck billy abbott with his car, left him for dead, and then he covered it up. that' ll prevent him from coming back. unless, of course, he wants to go to prison. it' s your call. do you want to save your family from the real threat within? >> adam: you' re lying. >> luca: are you willing to bet everything on that? >> nikki: how could you show summer the same kind of respect that you would show any other member of this family? it just shows how much you have changed, my darling. and you. what is the matter with you? victor would never knowingly put his granddaughter in jeopardy. snap out of it! >> phyllis: what if the computer hacker turns out to be a counterfeit? >> nikki: well, then you can be proud of your daughter if she' s the one that discovers it. in the meantime, you can give my husband a little credit.
11:56 am
one. >> phyllis: sure hope so, for summer' s sake. >> nikki: well. that was easy. >> victor: mm. >> nikki: little too easy, if you ask me. normally she' d give you a lot more trouble. >> victor: mm-hmm. same thought occurred to me. hmm. >> billy: babe, i' m sorry -- >> victoria: billy, i shouldn' t have -- >> billy: go ahead. >> victoria: no, you first. [ both chuckle ] >> billy: okay. i' ll go. what did i miss while i was gone? >> victoria: oh, not much. my mom came by. >> billy: she did? >> victoria: mm-hmm. we had a nice talk. >> billy: well, that' s nice. i' m sorry i missed her. what did you guys talk about? >> victoria: how much you and my dad are alike. >> billy: [ chuckles ] that' s funny. >> victoria: no, i' m serious. >> billy: what, are you trying to mess with me now? i don' t like that. >> victoria: i shouldn' t have put pressure on you by proposing. that' s why i wanted to apologize. >> billy: no, no. i don' t feel pressure. i' m honored -- i really am -- that you' d want to spend the rest of your life with me.
11:57 am
m sorry for bailing on our conversation like that. >> victoria: [ sighs ] how did your meeting go with jack? are you any closer to setting a date? >> billy: not yet. but i think it' s probably gonna happen sooner than you think. >> victoria: well, you know, there' s no rush. like my mom said, we have our whole lives ahead of us. >> billy: ah. see, i' ve always liked your mom. >> victoria: yeah? >> billy: mm-hmm. >> victoria: so, what do you like about me? >> billy: what don' t i like about you? [ cellphone vibrates ] >> next on
11:58 am
>> neil: wow. >> victoria: you have to turn in a successful product. you should be focused on work, not looking for love. >> billy: hell, you can try to have us both arrested this time. it' s not gonna change. i' m gonna marry her because i love her. -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures television and cbs, inc. >> two teenage girls are dead outside of a school in phoenix. >> plus, a skier who pushed a snow boarder off of a lift in aspen is arrested.
11:59 am
superhero wish come true. we will tell you what he did ,, ,,
12:00 pm
,, ,, ,, >> we begin with breaking news at noon. two 15-year-old girls are shot and killed inside their glendale, arizona high school. both girls were shot once at independence high school located in a phoenix suburb. a gun was found near the bodies.


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