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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 16, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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enough talk. give us a plan. >> neil: [ groans ] >> devon: hey. >> neil: hey. >> devon: are you all right? >> neil: no, i just, uh -- yeah. i-i lost my balance. that's all. >> devon: are you sure? >> neil: yeah. >> devon: have you been drinking? >> neil: no. no. of course not. not tonight. no. listen, you're embarrassing me. don't make a scene. go back to hilary and let me dust off my pride in peace. okay? go. >> jack: hey. >> neil: hey. oh, jack. yeah, you, uh -- [ chuckles ] you missed the floor show. >> jack: how much have you had to drink? >> natalie: this day is supposed to be about feeling the love, right?
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that guy looks miserable. and she doesn't look like she's getting what she wants. your date bailed. and your date is late as in might not show up. [ chuckles ] so much for celebrating the " l" word. >> summer: okay, i told you that kyle had to work. >> abby: and stitch will be here. he's just, uh -- >> natalie: late. right. but -- ooh. >> abby: thank you. >> summer: yeah. thanks. >> natalie: on the bright side, valentine is also the patron saint of epilepsy. so, there's still something to celebrate. >> abby: my husband is not standing me up on our first valentine's day. absolutely not. >> stitch: no stitches, but i want to run some tests. >> ashley: no. i don't want any tests. no. >> stitch: you passed out. >> ashley: because i need some food. that's it. >> stitch: you said it was the flu. >> ashley: yes. i lost my appetite because of the flu, but i'm fine. >> stitch: okay, you need a blood panel, a ct scan -- >> ashley: no. what i need is to be home. i need to go. >> stitch: not until we make sure this is nothing more than what you say it is. >> dr. neville: ben, i can attest to the fact that this is nothing more serious than a
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a-aggravated, of course, by the low blood sugar. now, i've already treated her appropriately for the flu. i'm sure a cheeseburger will take care of everything else. >> stitch: okay, maybe that's all it is, but i've been hearing about ashley's symptoms. >> abby: well, that tells me that my daughter needs to work on her pillow talk. >> dr. neville: release ms. abbott to my care. i guarantee i will make sure she continues with the medication and she beats this thing. >> stitch: you and i both know that the flu would have run its course by now. this is something else. and i'm not releasing ashley
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>> chelsea: [ sighs ] hi. it's me. in case you forgot, anita's watching connor tonight. all night.'s just you, me, and cupid. except you're not here. [ sighs ] [ cellphone rings ] >> marisa: [ groans ] i don't even want to know who's calling. >> noah: mm. it's adam.
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will make it worth your while. >> noah: [ chuckles ] that's tempting. i got to take this. luca's probably talked to him. >> marisa: [ sighs ] >> noah: hey, adam. what's going on? >> adam: say it ain't so, noah. tell me you're not out to destroy your own grandfather. pet moments are beautiful, then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. everything. know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. don't be artificial, but always be sweet. nature valley granola bars. flavors or sweeteners.
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listerine(r). power to your mouth ! (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are...v (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. >> additional sponsorship provided by... your gut is your digestive core. so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. >> ashley: i really appreciate your concern, ben. honestly, i do. but it's valentine's day. don't you want to be with abby?
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as soon as i make sure you're all right, okay? >> ashley: you're overreacting. >> stitch: why are you fighting me so hard on this? >> ashley: because it -- it's just a waste of everybody's time. >> dr. neville: while i commend your enthusiasm, i'm afraid i have to agree. it's best that i take her home, straight to bed. alone. by herself, i mean. >> ashley: listen. i agree. i-i-i need to go home. i need to go home. [ sighs ] >> stitch: okay. all right. see? okay. that settles it. you're staying. and if you're thinking of slipping out while i'm gone, there's a hospital regulation against you leaving against medical orders. so, stay put. and you make sure she does. >> dr. neville: i thought he'd never leave. >> ashley: let's go. >> dr. neville: no, no, no, no. under the circumstances, he's right. it's best you stay right where you are. >> ashley: wait, wait, wait. and what, wait for another
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my blood and find all these drugs in my system? no. >> dr. neville: no, no. you don't understand. if ben rayburn is hell-bent on getting a sample of your blood, then i say we give him exactly what he wants. >> natalie: nothing, huh? >> abby: ben told me to meet him here. this was his idea. >> summer: well, he is a doctor, so maybe an emergency came up? >> abby: no, this is an emergency. there must be a doctor out there who could cover for him, one who's not crazy in love with his hot new wife. oh. >> summer: are -- are you okay? >> abby: um... too many shrimp puffs or, uh, maybe a bad one. please e-e-excuse me. >> summer: i hope she's okay. >> natalie: [ sighs ] she's just chapped ' cause her hubby didn't show. of course, she wins because i don't even have a guy to stand me up. but chocolate works. >> phyllis: hi, beautiful. >> summer: oh, hi. >> phyllis: hey, where's kyle? i thought he was flying in tonight from new york. >> summer: yeah, work. >> phyllis: i'm sorry.
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it. >> phyllis: so, how's the living arrangement going? >> natalie: like the sister i never knew i wanted. >> summer: yeah, just not borrowing each other's clothes yet. >> natalie: oh, as if. >> summer: yeah. but we've really bonded. grandpa would be proud. >> phyllis: well, just make sure you don't keep your grandfather's happiness your priority. that man has no morals with the company or with anything else, for that matter. >> summer: all right. that's my cue to go. um, are you coming? >> natalie: no, i'm gonna hang out, see what happens next. maybe the mayor will do a pratfall and knock over the punch bowl. it's thrill-a-minute. >> summer: okay, well, i-i got you a pass on tonight, so just don't stay out too later, okay? you have a lot of work to do on your program, and i don't want victoria blaming me if you don't get your work done. bye. >> phyllis: bye, babe. well, you're practically bffs. >> natalie: nobody says that anymore. >> phyllis: just stay your charming self, make sure she does not find out that billy and i are taking victor down, okay? >> natalie: i know. i get.
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blah, blah. >> phyllis: did billy tell you the plan? >> natalie: affirmative. >> phyllis: good. the sooner you start dropping hints that your brilliant pass key is a scam, the sooner victor will dump you. >> natalie: [ chuckles ] so, mama bear brings out the claws about big, bad victor using summer. but she doesn't mind me using her daughter to sell this act? >> phyllis: because i'll do whatever it takes to make sure she's out of victor's orbit. newman enterprises eats people's souls, and that's not gonna happen to my daughter. you got it? >> adam: your grandfather and i are trying to protect you. this is how you say thank you? >> noah: you got me. i want to nail victor to the wall for all the crap that he's pulled. >> adam: all right. so -- so, what did you do? you -- you enlisted luca to help you out, the scum of the earth? >> noah: i'm not going through with it. >> adam: well, that's not what he claims. >> noah: yeah, well, luca's a liar. >> adam: so, you guys aren't partners. >> noah: we were. not anymore. marisa made me realize that...
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anything. so, i told luca he's on his own. of course, it was more useful to him to leave that part out. >> adam: so, what's your plan? >> noah: you know what, man? life's pretty good right now. i think that marisa and i -- we're gonna stay on the run for a while. forever, if it has to be that way. >> adam: it's not gonna be easy for you. you know that, right? >> noah: yeah, i don't care. just do me a favor, adam, please? >> adam: i don't think you're in a position to ask for favors, to be honest with you. >> noah: [ sighs ] grandpa cannot know that i ever even considered turning on him. >> adam: i got to go. noah says you're lying. >> luca: from the mouth of the nephew who's been lying to you.
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eventuality on land and water, in the air, space and even cyberspace. we operate in a complex world with one simple mission. win. >> ashley: do you not understand that i do not want my family to know how sick i am? >> dr. neville: we've had the discussion, yes. >> ashley: yes, we have. on many occasions. >> dr. neville: and my answer is still the same. they won't. i give you my word. >> ashley: ben is gonna run a chem panel. he's gonna find out i have all these drugs in my system, and then he's gonna figure the rest out from there.
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is why dr. rayburn won't be looking at your blood. >> stitch: hey, baby. um, sorry i'm missing the party right now, but your mom's in the hospital, and she's refusing some tests. but i promise i'll be with you as soon as i can. i love you. >> dr. neville: well, ben. it's your lucky day. she relented. i got her to give me a sample, but that's all she would consent to. >> stitch: well, it's a start. i can't say i'm thrilled it was drawn by someone not on staff, but i'll take it. >> luca: okay, all i'm trying to do here is make sure that my family's investment is protected, okay, from any threats, even those as puny as your nephew. >> adam: so, let me get this straight. your wife -- your adoring wife leaves you for noah, right? that didn't chap you just a little bit? right? you're not out for justice? i would be. >> noah: marisa was a beautiful distraction. >> adam: hmm. >> luca: but new adventures await. >> adam: i see. >> luca: now what? if victor finds out what noah has in store for him, he's not
11:17 am
in store for him, right? past tense. has? he's a hothead. he says he's over it. >> luca: yeah, that's what he says. and you believe him? >> adam: i believe him over you. yeah, absolutely. >> luca: [ sighs ] okay, even if he has backed out of his plan, make no mistake, it was his idea. and if victor felt threatened from within his own family, you know the hell he'd rain down. [ footsteps approaching ] >> chelsea: you'll have to excuse my husband. we have a very important appointment. >> luca: you look stunning. >> chelsea: thank you. you can go now. >> luca: [ chuckles ] i suggest you think about my proposal. nice shoes. [ door closes ] >> chelsea: whatever it was, it didn't turn out well, did it? >> adam: [ sighs ] >> neil: i really appreciate you looking out for me. i do.
11:18 am
you know? just, uh -- just two left feet. that's all. >> jack: why do i get the feeling the little talk we had didn't take? >> neil: well, i don't know. i mean, jack, you set me straight. you did. and i-i'm grateful for it. you know, i-i admitted my slip to my kids. i apologized to hilary and devon. hey, man. i plan on staying clean and sober one day at a time. >> jack: things don't always go the way we planned. >> neil: no, they don't. but i've got a million and one reasons to stay sober. i got my family. i got work. i got friends. and thank you for being one of those friends telling me what i need to hear. >> jack: neil, your son and your ex-wife can be a hell of a trigger. >> neil: yeah. i know. i-i understand that, but... i've got it all under control. >> jack: you don't have to be strong all by yourself. >> neil: jack, you know my life, how dark those times were for me. i was blind. i couldn't see. but now i can see my whole life
11:19 am
such big things are gonna happen for me. look up there, jack. nothing but blue sky and sunshine. >> jack: the medical research project. tell me about that. >> neil: yeah. >> hilary: see? neil's fine. look at him. >> devon: that doesn't mean he hasn't been drinking. >> hilary: devon. i meant what i said earlier. okay? being with you again, in your arms, that's all that i want. >> devon: there's no way that he just tripped. >> hilary: well, calling neil a liar isn't gonna help anything. >> devon: well, what am i supposed to do? nothing? and just watch him drink himself back into oblivion? >> hilary: you're giving him a second chance. you're standing by him. you're doing everything that a loving son would do, a loving man. okay? and look. jack is with him. jack has been where he is. he understands what the man's going through. if neil really needs help, who better to give it, huh? come on. staring at them is just gonna amp the pressure. so, if you really want to help
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hi ted, glad you could join us, re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above >> " the young and the restless"
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>> devon: i have a-an early morning tomorrow. i should probably get going. >> hilary: you'll sleep a lot better with these knots out. >> devon: i don't think this is a good idea, hilary. >> hilary: does it feel good? >> devon: yeah. >> hilary: then it's a great idea. >> devon: i forgot how good you were at this. >> hilary: how good we are. together.
11:26 am
>> devon: for so long, you were sure that you didn't love me. and now you're so sure that you do. >> hilary: when you kissed me today... you know you felt it, too. did you ever think that maybe the best way to help neil on his way is to really be together again? >> devon: or it'll make him wish that you were still his. >> hilary: well, that's your guilt talking. just listen to me, okay? listen -- listen to your heart. listen to my heart. do you hear that? look, this is where i belong.
11:27 am
>> neil: i couldn't be more proud of the work that we're doing, of the hope that we're gonna give to millions of people. you hear me? >> jack: i cannot tell you how happy i am to hear you talk so passionately about work. it's as good as it gets. everybody can work for a buck. not everybody gets to work at something that feeds their soul. >> neil: exactly. you want some gum? >> jack: no. >> neil: mm. yeah, i'm looking forward to this, you know? it gets me out of bed in the morning. makes me excited to face the day. >> jack: any idea when you're gonna get fda approval? >> neil: what? well, hey, you're just gonna have to wait and find out with the rest of the world. >> jack: [ chuckles ] >> neil: [ chuckles ] >> phyllis: hello, gentlemen. everything good? >> neil: yeah, yeah. happy valentine's day. >> phyllis: ooh. >> neil: you know, i think i've monopolized your husband's time way too long. so, with that in mind, jack, i
11:28 am
beautiful lady here. >> phyllis: happy valentine's day. >> neil: yeah, back at you. talk to you later. thanks. >> jack: i hope he's as okay as he seems to want me to think he is. >> phyllis: hey. eyes over here, mister. >> jack: oh. yes, and you are a vision. >> phyllis: i am a woman in love. >> jack: and i have abandoned you on the most romantic night of the year. >> phyllis: well, that's because you were cursed with a heart that takes in strays and men who drink a little too much and knock over party displays. >> jack: i'm sorry i abandoned you. and neil claims he's not drunk. >> phyllis: honey, i'm sure he appreciates your help in every way, but you are mine now. okay? and i am ready to celebrate. so, let's go. >> jack: hey. hey. >> phyllis: ooh. let's not stay too long, okay? >> jack: [ chuckles ] and maybe you can tell me what
11:29 am
with victor's latest conquest. >> chelsea: tell me you are not teaming up with luca again. >> adam: baby, it was never real the first time. >> chelsea: doesn't reassure me. >> adam: oh, come on. this guy's a one-trick pony. all her knows is blackmail. you know? the funny thing is, i'm actually gonna have to be there for my old man this time. it's interesting, actually -- >> chelsea: see, the funny thing is i don't -- i don't find it interesting at all. stop right there. not another word about a victor or a luca or the santoris or the company. >> adam: who are those people? >> chelsea: you may proceed.
11:30 am
i'm sorry that i missed our valentine's dinner, baby. i -- you know, the time difference. i had to call noah, and he wasn't -- >> chelsea: not one more word. do you think that you can do that? >> adam: [ mumbles ] yes. i can do that. >> chelsea: okay. are you sure? >> adam: mm-hmm. >> luca: surprise. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose
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>> summer: [ sighs ] well, um, that was incredibly thoughtful of you. but i have a boyfriend. and you have a wife. >> luca: well, what kind of boyfriend leaves a beautiful woman like you alone on valentine's day? >> summer: well, um, we're long distance. he is in new york, and he had to work. >> luca: oh. well, if there's one thing i've learned, you should never let work get in the way of love. >> summer: yeah, except that rule about dating your boss. >> luca: there's that rule. [ chuckles ] which is why, as your boss, i, uh -- one of them, anyway -- i thought i'd bring you some champagne to celebrate your new
11:35 am
>> summer: oh, okay. uh, [chuckles] so, this -- this isn't, like, a-a date? >> luca: uh, it's not. >> summer: [ chuckles ] okay. i'm sorry. i'm just, uh -- i'm a little embarrassed. >> luca: oh, no, no, no. don't be. it's, uh -- [ chuckles ] you're very charming. your boyfriend is very, very lucky. but it's also very, very wrong that you're solo on valentine's. [ chuckles ] look, i've actually -- i've actually been to the vineyard where they make this. i-i can personally vouch for how good these grapes are... if -- if you're interested. >> marisa: never going back home is a big sacrifice. but i am gonna do everything that i can to make you happy. you hear me? >> noah: you're my home now. you know, you -- you did say something about, um...wanting to
11:36 am
>> marisa: [ laughs ] >> noah: is the offer still on the table? >> marisa: mm-hmm. always. no. where are you -- what are you doing? >> noah: [ sighs ] it's valentine's day. >> marisa: [ laughs ] it's beautiful. >> noah: i mean, it's not diamonds or anything. >> marisa: no. noah, that's better. here.
11:37 am
>> i feel like crying there's a tear in my eye all of the years go so quickly by the end becomes clearer it's closer in time and i just can't get you off of my mind
11:38 am
i love all the crazy things i love everything about you long? do you think ben's figured out >> dr. neville: no. all he's going to detect is a perfectly healthy woman who's eager to get out of the hospital. >> ashley: do you always carry around vials of blood in your pocket? >> dr. neville: well, it certainly came in handy, didn't it? >> abby: what happened? why are you here? >> ashley: why are you here? >> abby: ben left me a message. >> ashley: [ sighs ] he shouldn't have done that. >> abby: well, i'm glad he did. now, what happened to your head and why won't you let him run any tests? >> ashley: even as we speak, my blood is being analyzed, okay? you're gonna find out that there's nothing to worry about. >> abby: nothing to worry about? yet a doctor thought it was serious enough to bring you in here by ambulance.
11:39 am
drama. >> abby: oh, hey. thank you so much for taking care of my mom. >> stitch: i need a moment alone with ashley. >> abby: is everything all right? >> ashley: just wait outside, honey. >> abby: fine. >> dr. neville: really? >> stitch: please. >> dr. neville: abby. come to think of it, you're looking a little pale. are you all right? >> abby: uh, yeah. i'm just, uh, worried about my mom. >> dr. neville: yeah. >> abby: i ate these, uh, shrimp puffs. >> dr. neville: ah. yeah. well, let this be a lesson to you, young lady. in the future, it's best to avoid the gauntlet of catered shellfish. and as far as your mother's concerned, let me reassure you.
11:40 am
and i'm sure ben is somewhat competent, as well. >> abby: um...excuse me. i will be right back. >> ashley: why are you looking at me like that? >> stitch: i'm not gonna lie. i was a little surprised by the results. but i'm glad you consented to take the tests. >> ashley: what's going on? >> stitch: you're pregnant. on our bodies. hectic schedules. 40 heavy comfort meals. systems can act up. for two weeks may help reduce digestive issues. or it' s free. cur\l itch lotions from dry itchy skin
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karl, don't you have friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher whoa hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ... , two more ways to breathe happy >> jack: so, victor has stashed his latest acquisition in summer's apartment, huh? >> phyllis: yep.
11:44 am
for grandpa. she adores him. >> jack: and he adores her. he's not going to put her in harm's way. >> phyllis: i don't want her to be pulled into his web. >> jack: she's as smart as it gets. give her time. she will figure out what his true motivations are before she gets in too deep. >> phyllis: from the man who bought her a pony? who has bought her everything she's ever asked for? she's already in too deep. >> jack: hey. she's got you. you'll always gonna be there for her. >> phyllis: listen to me talking about myself. enough. i am with the man i love. how about we enjoy this party before it's over? >> jack: every day i come home to you is a celebration. >> phyllis: to the man i love who is always there for me, never is ever in my way, he never holds me back, even when i
11:45 am
>> luca: to dolphins and ginkgo trees. >> summer: oh. okay. okay. and, uh -- and to the best job ever. well, so far. >> luca: cheers. >> summer: okay. >> luca: you know, i bet -- i bet you are your grandfather's favorite. >> summer: no, no. he loves all of us equally. >> summer: [ chuckles ] >> luca: well, does he, uh -- does he approve of the boyfriend? >> summer: kyle, um... >> luca: mm. >> summer: yeah. >> luca: an abbott. yes. correct me if i'm wrong, but an abbott is from the same circle of hell as a santori, yes? >> summer: mm, mnh-mnh. no. your family is much, much worse. no. >> luca: perfect. >> summer: [ chuckles ] i'm so sorry. i've already offended you, and i've barely even started working.
11:46 am
and i've offended my boss who brought me champagne. [ chuckling ] i am so -- i'm sorry. it's really good, though. can i have some more, actually? >> luca: [ chuckles ] of course. >> summer: i really like it. >> luca: i'm glad you like it. look... >> summer: thank you. >> luca: ...don't apologize, okay? i admire and appreciate people who speak their mind. >> summer: so does my grandpa, especially the ones who say exactly what he wants to hear. >> luca: [ chuckles ] well, he must really trust you. >> summer: yeah. yeah, i'd like to think so. >> luca: so, how's work going? are you, uh -- you having fun? any exciting assignments or...? >> summer: yes, actually. i am in charge of overseeing the company's latest acquisition. >> luca: wow. >> summer: mm-hmm. >> luca: that sounds like a big deal. >> summer: yeah, it's pretty major. um, it's this top-secret, world-changing internet technology thing called pass key. it's cute, huh? >> luca: [ chuckles ] that's adorable. so, what are your -- what are
11:47 am
>> summer: well, the brains behind it all -- she's my roommate. so, i have to make sure that she's doing her whole genius thing. [ door opens ] >> natalie: whoa. hi. >> summer: oh, yeah! i-i was just talking about you. >> natalie: what exactly were you saying? >> luca: i'm luca santori. i'm one of the partners at newman enterprises. >> natalie: way past lights-out around here, isn't it? >> summer: oh, um, yeah. no, it's getting a little late, i guess. >> luca: and i'm sure you have a big day at work tomorrow. >> summer: yeah. >> luca: thank you, summer, for a-a wonderful time tonight. >> summer: yeah. and thank you, again, for the champagne. it's, uh, pretty amazing. [ chuckles ] >> luca: good, good. good night.
11:48 am
>> natalie: you and mr. smarm-a-lot? what did you say to him? >> summer: too much. >> ashley: i'm pregnant? that's not possible. >> stitch: well, the results say it is. i'm guessing it wasn't planned, huh? >> ashley: well, you know how these things happen. [ door opens ] >> dr. neville: you okay? >> stitch: could we, uh -- we have a few minutes? >> ashley: get in here. >> dr. neville: so, i'm guessing we're all copacetic. >> ashley: i'm pregnant. >> dr. neville: oh? oh. >> stitch: i'll give you guys some privacy. >> ashley: just exactly where
11:49 am
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11:53 am
>> luca: what's with the mystery meeting? >> adam: so, i've concluded that noah's telling me the truth. i think he did, in fact, cut his ties with you. >> luca: well, family trust is a beautiful thing. unless, of course, it comes back to bite you. >> adam: well, my concern is for noah. if my father were to find out that -- that he was plotting against him, that wouldn't be a good thing. >> luca: you seem to have a soft spot. is it for noah or your old man? >> adam: here's what we're gonna do. you're not gonna tell my father about noah. and in return, you're gonna tell me what the hell it is that you want and, lucky you, i'm gonna make it happen. >> luca: but it's so much more fun when i have to work for it.
11:54 am
i might not ask again. >> luca: i want pass key. >> summer: [ sighs ] i just kept drinking all the bubbles and it tasted so good and they're so tiny and so cute. and he had that smile. and i just kept talking, and i-i'm just such an idiot. >> natalie: you're a lightweight. and i'm taking this before you start drunk tweeting my code. >> summer: please do not tell my grandpa that i spilled basically everything i know about his top-secret project. please, please. >> natalie: well, you let me off the hook with that victoria thing, so we're good. >> summer: thank you. thank you. >> natalie: besides, there's not really that much to... >> summer: not that much to what? >> natalie: nothing. [ chuckles ] forget it. uh, too much chocolate. >> summer: okay, well, um, i'm just gonna call kyle before valentine's day is over and just tell him how much i miss him and love him. >> natalie: yeah, you do that. >> summer: okay. >> natalie: just, uh, leave out the part about you getting drunk off champagne with some other
11:55 am
[ sighs ] >> hilary: devon? [ singsong voice ] devon! [ normal voice ] why are you getting dressed? you don't have to go. >> devon: i want to believe that this is real. okay? and that i finally have you back again. >> hilary: just believe it.
11:56 am
>> neil: [ clears throat ] hey, zach. yeah, i hope i'm not calling too late. oh, good. um, listen, man. i-i've got some major news here. i got some mind-blowing stuff happening, and this is gonna be bigger than big. i want to set up a-a press conference. i need you to help me out with that, all right? perfect. no, you're gonna have to wait until tomorrow. i'll tell you then. yeah. uh-huh. talk to you soon. thanks. [ sighs ] >> abby: are you okay? >> stitch: are you okay? you look a little green in the gills. >> ashley: [ sighs ] yeah. i just -- i think i'm coming
11:57 am
>> stitch: yeah, there's no way you got the flu from your mom. >> abby: what? is it the aneurysm? is it back? is that what it is? >> stitch: you should probably talk to your mother. >> abby: and break into a million pieces in front of her? no. no, i have to be strong, so just -- just tell me. just spit it out. >> stitch: she's pregnant. >> abby: pregnant? >> dr. neville: well, i'm -- i'm here for you. i mean, obviously, i'll help you raise the child. after all, with my intelligence and your looks, it's -- >> ashley: not funny. >> dr. neville: well, how was i supposed to know that the blood was from a pregnant woman? >> ashley: well, where did the sample come from? >> dr. neville: i-i was in the lab. i panicked. the ambulance came, and i... >> ashley: oh, please don't stop now. this is the good part. >> dr. neville: ashley... >> ashley: what? >> dr. neville: remember the control group? the -- the healthy people we tested the blood against. >> ashley: of course i remember. abby was one of the volunteers. >> dr. neville: abby was the only female volunteer. >> ashley: [ gasps ] abby's pregnant! >> next on " the young and the restless" ...
11:58 am
for that, i will owe you forever. >> ashley: i'm not in the habit of going to bed with people i work with. >> devon: let's go. >> neil: i told you -- >> lily: [ exclaims ] -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sony pictures television and cbs, inc. a second rock slide closes i-70 through glenwood canyon. just how unstable the area is now. >> record temps could be heading to the front range. just how warm it will get.
11:59 am
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