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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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was -- while the verdict was head in court. >> there's nothing ever in any shape or form that can remotely prepare you for something like this. >>reporter: nearly one year after being attacked and losing the unborn baby, deenl lane stole from her. -- dynel lane stole from her, she has found room in her heart for forgiveness: so, no, i do not hate dynel. but i am angry for all of the pain she has caused. the deceit and for her selfishness and this element is hardly fathomable to me. >>reporter: the han nousness of the crimes against me. >> it had never entered my world view that someone could value life so little. >>reporter: she thanked prosecutors for seeking justice. outside court, wilkins embraced with the jurors who stayed behind. >> i felt much bigger than just
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for justice, for aurora, for myself, also, but for the community. >>reporter: wilkins plans to address the court when lane returns for sentencing this spring, saying she'll do that not for lane, but for herself. >> i may never get any real answers from her, i may never get an explanation from her. and i've come to discover that i really don't want anything from her. . >>reporter: wilkins told us that she one day hopes to open a community center with a focus on healing. but first, she says she has her own healing to do and that's next. lane remains in custody, she is set to be sentenced in april. we know she faces more than 100 years in prison. live in boulder, lauren dispirito, cbs 4 news. also at this hour, we have new information for you about the police shootouts with two highlands neighborhood yesterday. the officer hit by gunfire, rachel l eid, has been released from the hospital.
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gonzalez died. police say the other suspect, is alfonso -- they want to talk to a homeowner who told cbs 4 he caught burglars trying to break into his home. >> i heard this, like, crash against the wall. and i just stopped for a second and i go, what was that? so what i did, right away, i opened it up. i seen a guy right there. we looked at each other and i went to -- and i got this. and they started to run, and by the time i opened this thing up, saw two guys running. >> after that homeowner called the police, they tried to catch the thieves. one suspect carjacked a woman and crashed the stolen car. home owners in boulder may take legal action against the city. a water main break last week flooded their homes, the city says the break is not its fault and homeowners will have to pay
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mark taylor live in the north boulder neighborhood tonight, and homeowners say they shouldn't have to pay. >>reporter: it's been a week since that water main breek, karen, and -- broke, karen, and families here are cleaning up from that incident. they say they have -- should not be at fault, that is, it's been a week since that happened and tonight, these homeowners are meeting to talk about taking possible legal action. didn't flood in 2013. >>reporter: dan is one of more than a dozen home owners whose house suffered thousands of dollars worth of flood damage after a water main broke on february 15 #g9: probably, maybe, 6, $7,000. >>reporter: now, being told by the city, who built an and operated the pipe, that it's up to them to foot the bill. >> the city is saying, you know, this happens, and we're sorry, and we can't do anything about it. >> it was a typical break. one that happens on average around 70 times a year. around boulder. >>reporter: ben with the city of boulder says the water main broke due to a combination of
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it's impossible for them to break. >> the evaluation the city performed with the determination the damaged. >>reporter: public works has an ongoing water main replacement program, replacing 20,000 feet of pipe a year. >> this is traumatic and damaging experience for property owners in the area. >> the city is not serving the residents. >>reporter: as for homeowners, he calls the city's reasoning unacceptable and wants them to take responsibility. >> are we all supposed to get flood insurance because the city of boulder does not maintain the water mains? that's absurd. >>reporter: now, even though the city has said that it's not responsible, they say each one of the home owners can file a claim with the city individually to try to get some monetary koch sags for the damages. -- compensation for the j das. mark taylor, cbs 4 news. a scary scene downtown
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school bus burst into flames, the douglas county bus turned into charred metal. can't even see the front window melted. at 18th and tremont. the driver did get out okay. police are looking for a driver who hit two people, as they were changing a tire on the boulder turnpike. highway 36. the car was pulled over on the you would shoer, near baseline road about 7 last night. a passing vehicle hit the man and woman, working on that tire. the man was treated at the scene and the woman had to go to the hospital. the police don't have any suspects. the latest on the closure of i-70 because of the massive rock slide, the road is closed during the day for repairs. that closure puts pressure on businesses who really rely on all of the traffic. the road is open at night from 4:00 to 9:00 in the morning. to avoid the long detour during the day. we travelled through the canyon with a pilot car, leading crews
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the challenges the drivers and businesses are facing. our matt kroschel is back live tonight, matt. >>reporter: yeah, we're here on this side of the canyon, the east side of the canyon, but in glenwood springs, the town hah that's had been cut off for more than a week, the impacts of all of these folks having to detour around their area are being felt. as crews continue to clean up the rock slide zone, an entire town tries to get back to normal after being shut off for nearly a week. >> they took the long road home. >>reporter: the grill at the glenwood hot springs, work es cooked breakfast like normal, but the people showing up this last week was down. >> people know when you live in the mountains, things like this will happen. you learn to live with it. >>reporter: the director of the glenwood chamber of commerce says they won't have real numbers for a month, but local businesses are reporting taking big revenue hits. but now that cdot has allowed
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canyon again off night, business should be getting back to normal. and we're told that several large meetings and conferences in glenwood springs are still a good and that's good news for the hotels and restaurants that rely on those tourist dollars coming into the area. we're live in eagle county tonight, matt kroschel, cbs 4 mountain newsroom. new tonight, the father of a young man killed in the aurora theatre shooting says that experience convinced him to run for the state senate. alex sullivan was one of 22 people killed in the theatre in 2012. today, his dad tom sullivan told us he'll be running as a democrat in his district from from arapahoe county. alex is a big part of kwl y he decided to -- why he decided to run. >> what you do as a parent is
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and you never want to let them down. and i would certainly hope that the actions that i take, i continue to do to try to make him proud of me. >> sullivan will be running against current republican senator jack tate. a heavily republican district, but tom sullivan says he is not deterred. also announced he is endorsing hillary clinton for president. three other family members of columbine and sandy hook victims endorsed clinton today. she has a proven track record of standing up to the gun lobby, they say. supporters of bernie sanders rallied on the steps of the capitol today, he has received endorse pts from state representatives also sar and carol. it's hard to believe it snowed in denver. the storm wasn't much of a snow maker downtown, what a difference story up in the foothills. people in conifer were
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almost a foot of snow off their sidewalks this morning. meteorologist justin mcheffey, with the mobile weather lab in jefferson county, right now, and justin, do you have any other snow totals for us? >>reporter: hey, jim, we've got a whole bunch of them. i'm standing in the area that got the most snow out of this system. take a look at how much snow there is on the ground in the area of pine cliff, colorado, jefferson county, about 20 inches of snow fell. and in our particular location, we're down the hill from pine cliff, 15 inches of snow, so in this little strip of o 8,000 feet here in the foothills, a heck of a lot of snow fell. on the drive up here the roads the snow. around the city. in denver, an inch and a half. federal heights, 2 inches. boultder at 5.-- boulder at 5.2. evergreen at 11 inches. genesee at 12 inches of snow. but just bear in mind as these
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cold for the foothills and for the denver metro area. temperatures right now near pine clif in jefferson county at 14.3 degrees. ed greene, i can tell you not a single snow flake falling out of the sky. >> it dumped a lot of snow in some places, but it did clear out quickly, that's what we've got over the eastern plains with southwestern sections of the state. of sunshine, high pressure holds. so that's going to warm us up a little tomorrow. a little more on thursday. and friday. and wait until you see how we start your weekend. what has been two years since this man was killed while riding his bike in englewood. now his widow is on a mission to prevent other cyclists deaths. >> a summer tradition at the
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in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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new at 6:00, a woman from englewood wants to pull something positive from the death of her husband. he was struck riding his bicycle and died later. nancy fitzgerald is turning her grief into a mission. that she shared today with our
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englewood right now with her story. cathy. >>reporter: this is a ghost bike, jim, a somber memorial to patrick fitzgerald, one way his widow is hoping to turn heartache into helping others. >> patrick was the life of the party. he was humble. he was inspirational. he was the love of my life. >>reporter: sometimes hard for nancy fitzgerald to talk about her husband. >> just never know when you're going to start to cry. because you miss him so much. >>reporter: nancy and patrick were best friends, business partners, loving parents, but patrick was killed in the summer of 2014. >> i just knew something was wrong. because it's a ten minute bike ride and it had been 30 minutes. >>reporter: he was at revere parkway, peddling home from work, when a truck driver hit the 41-year-old. >> he just didn't have a chance. >>reporter: since patrick's death, nancy has worked hard at
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she's also been dedicating to saving other cyclists. nancy produced this public service announcement, begging drivers to pay attention. >> please watch out for bikes. >>reporter: and with money from a foundation she run, she wants to help other widow. >> whether you need baby sitting, a scholarship, help painting your house. >>reporter: through patrick's death, nancy is determined to make a difference: i want to help other people and i want to set a legacy for him and i want to keep him alive. >>reporter: nancy says if her efforts save just one life, then something good will have come from patrick's direct -- death. new developments about the rocky mountain air show, the event has been cancelled for this year. the blue angles said they would not be coming the show because both it and denver navy week has been cancelled. last year, dozens of fans missed it because they were stuck in traffic on e-470, not clear, if
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to do with the event being called off. time now to check in with ed greene and ed, looks like we're going to into a chilly and gorgeous evening. >> clear skies out there. we have a warmup in the weekend ahead. the clear skies ore the eastern plains. -- over eastern plains. high pressure in the west, that's going to push in over the next several days and keep us warm and dry around here. our storm has dropped down to the southeast, it is a powerful storm, too, because it's warmer down there, it's showers and thunderstorms and very heavy thunderstorms at that. you can see right now, where we have the red boxes, those are tornado warnings in effect right now. and the gold boxes are severe thunderstorm warnings in effect right now and flood warnings in the green boxes, so a lot of activity down here. as we take a look, the red, that's where we had a tornado spotted, the blue, that's where we saw some hail from some of these storms, and the other ones that you see right there, looks like a little branch, that's the
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they've seen a lot of this that's over the southeast and this will continue to go up the eastern seaboard and cause problems from the carolinas into tomorrow. talking snow. look at these snow reports, 7 ridge way, 8.5. canyon, 16.5 inches. look at these, 1.5 in denver. 2.2 in westminster. 1-3 across the metro area. but alan park 13. 20.5 inches from this storm. 43 and 42 are the highs for today. 72 from 2002 and 4 below from 1899 are the records. 37 and 36. right now. 4% humidity.
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flatirons through folsom field. up in steamboat springs. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the teen, a few 20s over the eastern plains, single digitss above and below 0 readings higher up and out west. then for tomorrow, we'll look at temperatures in the 40s can and 50s over the eastern plains. 20s, 30s, for the mountains. 30 #s out west. here's your denver forecast. for tonight, look for the clear skies. 20 and 18 are the overnight lows. tomorrow, fair, windy, 51 and 49 for the highs. take a look at this warmup. 51 as we hit thursday. 57 on friday. how about 68 on saturday. the little system on sunday with rain or snow showers and back to the 50s. >> 68. >> nice. only a few more days until the avs and the wings drop the puck outdoors. >> time for the players to check out the rink at coors field ch we'll take you there, coming up
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we're never too old, so you always try to start with a pop quiz. >> is this pass-fail. >> a pass-fail class in college. ho do the avs host tomorrow night? with all of the hype surrounding this weekend's outdoor game with detroit, it's easy to overlook the fact that the game with san jose is against a team that is 3 points clear of the avs in the standings, i'm sure the players are well l aware, so i wouldn't read much into the fact that matt tu shane and john mitchell got the -- duchene and john mitchell got the first look at the coors field this afternoon. the fans have been thinking about this outdoor game for a while. for duchene, it's the first time he's let his laser focus wander. >> this is the first time i've thought about this the game in terms of actually looking forward to it, being excited, because i'm here right now, and we're both here, obviously, and getting to see this, but i think, you know, we know what's at stake this week, and with
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to make them count and -- i've got here and watch a few baseball games before obviously, but to see a hockey rink in the middle of it, with the sun and you know, it's a cool kind of brisk day, it's specific and surreal. >> outdoor hockey was a big hit last weekend, with du taking down cc, it sure got dylan gambrell noticed. the number one star in college hockey for the week. 3 assists and a pair of games. against the tigers. former nuggets head coach george karl makes the second return to the pepsi center tonight. george's sacramento games are in the same boat as the nuggets right now. playoff long shots. the kings did beat the nuggets in the first meeting this season, you remember it, it was four days ago. that game was in sacramento. michael malone's first time back since getting fired last year. now, it's george who is sacramento. the fronts office, almost pulled
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>> i was in shock because it all came out after the second winningest month in six years, we had a winning month in 10-month win. and then we lose a couple of games and just gets shaky and crazy is. i can't control that. >> rockies shortstop jose reyes will be at spring training, paid leave until his criminal proceedings in hawaii are settled. 4th. the washington redskins have all but made it official, the hasn't been released yet. bruce allen told a radio station that griffin will not be on the roster next season. where might he end up? there's been talk that the broncos might be interest issed in that leads up to the century link poll question for today, broncos pursuing rg3?
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cast your vote on the sports page at and finally, some things are hard to explain, like how craig smith of nashville missed this open net shot in overtime, from point blank range? we need to see this again. the replay shows us that smith kind of whiffed on the puck and his stick hit the post, kicked back into the post, saving his own shot, but this story has a happy ending, because in the shootout, smith was the one who got the game winner, he could laugh about it later. >> thank goodness. >> in the locker room. all right. thanks, eric. president barack obama outlining his plan to close guantanamo bay, and part of that plan could bring the prisoners here to colorado. how our senators is react to
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>> a massive hornets nest,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, my plan -- and the ultra-rich provide living wages for working people, the middle class unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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severe weather in the south begins cbs 4 at 6:30. a trio of waterspouts in lake pontchartrain in new orleans. there's damage to a gym and hopes there. someone dies from a tornado in mississippi. alabama also being battered. 11 tornadoes spotted so far. schools closed early today and it may be a long night ahead for
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some of the world most infamous terrorists are being housed at guantanamo bay cuba, the president has another pitch to shut the place down, and move the detainees to u.s. prison. possibly including colorado. cbs 4's mark albert live with the top story from the white house. we were called -- recalled the president made closing gitmo a cam page pledge in 08. >> he signed an executive order saying it would be closed within a year, now, we're 7 years later. congressional republican today wasted no time blasting the president's proposal l, the republican speaker of the house, even declared it would jeopardize our national security. but the president believes the exact opposite. >>reporter: president barack obama announced tuesday his latest propose toll close the detention facility at guantanamo bay in cuba. >> it's counter productive to
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because they use it as propaganda in their efforts to recruit. more over, keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. >>reporter: 91 detainees left at guantanamo. 56 would be moved to the continental u.s.. including a mastermind muhammad. renovate or build a new facility. but it will save up to 85 million a year in operating costs. >>. >> we can ensure our security, uphold our highest values, around the world. and save american taxpayers a lot of money in the process. >>reporter: the administration has identified 13 locations in the u.s., including in south carolina, kansas, and colorado. but lawmakers from those states have a o posed the moves. along with republican leaders. >> what he is now proposing to do is in direct contradiction


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