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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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breaking news, first tonight at 10:00, two people are thrown from a vehicle, and that crashed off i-225 near parker road. our karen morfitt live tonight near the wreckage, karen, do we know yet what happened? >>reporter: well, jim, when we first arrived on scene, we could tell very much, very quickly how far this vehicle had traveled off of the interstate. take a look, you can see the tire marks start clear back into the middle lanes here, on southbound i-225, and if you follow those tracks around here, they then cross this very wide shoulder, into this fence, where then the car travels south yards, about 50 or so yards, until it then hits a tree in the a nearby parking lot. where it finally comes to a stop. and investigators are the state
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determine exactly how a crash like this happened. what they have -- may have caused the driver to veer off of the road, speed likely going to mra i a factor in this -- play a factor in this, because it is coming off of the interstate. two people were thrown from the vehicle and taken to the hospital in unknown condition. within the last 20 minutes or so, state patrol did say that they will be shutting down all southbound lanes of i-225, starting again just south of parker road. as soon as we have any new information about how this happened or those injuries, we'll be sure to update you here and on we're live tonight, karen morfitt, cbs 4 news. breaking weather news tonight, out of the south, an outbreak of tornadoes, kills at least 3 people. two of the deaths were at this park in louisiana. 7 people suffered critical injuries, a funnel cloud barrelled through. >> i got in the bathtub with my dog and they were praying, and i
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i mean, the house would not stop shaking t whole entire time. >> there were at least 11 tornadoes reported today. and clearly the danger has stretched into the night. five states have tornado watches in place for if next 24 hours. also developing tonight, the best possible outcome for one terrifying incident at a local preschool. >> a man broke into the school and the teachers were able to keep the children safe. this could have ended badly. >>reporter: karen, it really could have, that's why the denver police are quick to praise the school's emergency protocol system that kept the kids safe. with the suspect facing indecent exposure charges, no parents are feeling so jup lenlt. >> inside of the day care, there >>reporter: concerned parents carried their children out of the day care center. >> i got out here and seen the yellow tape, oh, my goodness.
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actinger rat cli tried to enter -- erratically tried to enter the school. 22-year-old benjamin henry wallace kicked in the window of another school school building. dozens of children, aged 6 months to five years old. the school went into its emergency protocol, police were called, and the kids were escorted by the teachers into the basement. >> the intruder did gain access into the facility. but due to the quick thinking of staff, he was locked into a room that he couldn't gain access to the main facility. >>reporter: police arrived within minutes and arrested wallace. no children or staff were hurt. parents like amber were notified immediately. >> i mean, i was scared, i mean, this is supposed to be a safe community and obviously, it's not. i mean, it's supposed to be gated and locked at all times and obviously, it's not. >>reporter: meanwhile, amber says she's not happy the lessons her young daughter has been forced to learn.
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hand, it's getting out of hand. >>reporter: the important thing, the kids and the staff are safe. wallace is facing charges of indecent exposure and burglary. live in denver tonight, tom mustin, cbs 4 news. we have new details about and wounded yesterday. officer rachel eid was hit in home. grove. the two suspects were spotted in an alley, one was arrested and running. eid was shot while chasing him. gonzalez was shot and killed by the police after a brief car chase. convicted on all counts, a jury in boulder today, found dynel lane guilty of attempted murder and unfaufl lawful termination of a pregnancy. lane attacked michelle wilkins last march in longmont. the unborn child did not survive, and wilkins was badly
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in live from the courthouse in boulder and stan, once we got into day two of deliberating, the jury didn't take long. >>reporter: jim, last night, the jury said they weren't close to a verdict, and the judge sent them home. they must have needed another aye night to sleep on it because they when they returned today, they got their verdict within an hour. >> michelle wilkins spoke after the trial, triumphant, saying she's forgiven dynel lane. >> i did not hate dynel. but i am angry for all of the pain she has caused. the deceit and for her selfishness. >> we the jury find the defendant, dynel lane, guilty of attempt to commit murder in the first-degree. >>reporter: lane didn't react on the judge's reading of the verdict. she says she's still angry and confused how lane could have been so cruel.
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to me throughout this entire process, is that i may never get any real answers from her. i may never get an explanation from her. and i have come to discover that i really don't want anything from her. >>reporter: the court has two months to consider the factors of the crime for sentencing. lane facing a minimum of 16 years in prison, but disdae stan garnet says the han nous details of the attack could put lane in prison for life. >> and i anticipate that the top range that will be possible under the crimes she kwithed of will be between -- convicted of will be fween 110--- between 110-120 years in prison. >>reporter: what she thinks justice is, before that sentencing hearing at the end of the april. live tonight in boulder, stan bush, cbs 4 news. thank you. now, to new developments in the case of a surgical tech accused 06 stealing needles and possibly exposing thousands of patients
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those patients tell us that the six of them have tested positive for blood born -- >> pashs who had surgery -- patients who had surgery at swedish medical center during the time period that rocky allen was a surgical tech. >> more testing will make sure that the results were not false positives and determine where the patients contracted the viruses. surgical tech rocky allen is facing federal charges. quite the scary site in downtown denver today, a school bus caught fire, a douglas county bus. the driver was op it -- on it and he got off safely. students were visiting a museum at the time. a replacement bus would take them home. new tonight, letting up one of denver's biggest tourist attractions, adding new street lights to the 16th street mall. kelly werthmann live with the proposal. kelly. >>reporter: karen, one of the biggest safety concerns, for visits of the 16th street mall
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inconsistent, along this entire r pedestrian mall, in fact, some of these light posts are even missing because that i have been accidentally hit by the free mall ride or other vehicles that accidently turn down this street. but if all goes according to the city's plan, this place could be glowing by summer. for the past several years, the 16th street mall, has slowly lost some of its luster as many of its street lamps dim or die. >> we've known that the mall lighting that's out here now has been outdated technology for the >>reporter: city surveys reveal unsafe. partly because of the poor lighting and crime around the dark corners. bright idea. install new lights. >> the reality is 16th street mall is a connector in our city, one we cannot allow to be element. we believe that lighting will mra i a critical role going
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making the investment. >>reporter: using money from the fund, the 1.9 million dollars will cover the installation of 182 new led lights, between broad scomba market streets. -- broadway and market streets. >> it will distribute the light more even lay cross the mall as well, energy efficient, it will really add to the comfort and safety for all of the pedestrians we have in downtown. >>reporter: denver city council must first approve of the nearly 2 million dollar plan, but the downtown denver partnership doesn't believe the new lights will be left in the dark. >> we think it's a win-win-win for everybody. >>reporter: and the proposed plan will go before denver's city council on monday, march 7th. if approved, those new lights will be installed beginning in may, and should wrap up by september. we're live in downtown denver, kelley werthmann. a broken water main floods a dozen homes in boulder and the
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victims. >> the city is not serving the residents. >> why boulder is sticking home owners with the big. >> a father and his toddler on the run. how the child ended up getting life in prison. >> plus, a family discovers an on believable hornet's nest, how many years it's been growing. >> and continuing following the breaking news on the east side of town, the police are investigating how this suv ran off i-225, throwing two people from the vehicle. . >> snow has moved out, and the colder temperatures than we've seen in two weeks moves in tonight. . >> and in sports, why the avs are tempering their enthusiasm for saturday's outdoor game
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we are following breaking news, tonight, a terrible accident, i-225, state patrol about the to close the southbound lanes near parker road. two people thrown from the suv after it ran off the highway. investigators taking measurements right now, to see if they can figure out exactly how this happened. the victim's conditions are unknown. and the presidential campaign tonight, nevada is the latest state to weigh in on a republican race, the caucuses ended a short time ago and cbs news projects donald trump the winner. early rurlts have -- results
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and cruz and rubio and ben carson 10%. projecting donald trump the winner of the nevada caucuses. the city of boulder says it will not compensate home owners whose homes were damaged by a water main break. >> we're not in a floodplain, we didn't flood in 2013. >>reporter: dan is one of more than a dozen home owners whose house suffered thousands of dollars worth of flood damage. this after a water main broke on february 15th. >> it's probably maybe 6, $7,000. >>reporter: now being told by the city who built and operated that pipe, that it's up to them to foot the bill. >> the city is staying this happens and we're sorry and we can't do anything about it. >> it was a typical break, one that happens on average around 70 times a year. around boulder. >>reporter: benner win with the city of boulder says the water main broke due to a combination of corrosion and pressure, and
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redikt where a water -- predict where a water main may break. >> the city is not liable for the damages caused by the water main break. >> to me, thety is not serving the residents. >>reporter: as for homeowners, he calls the city's conditions unacceptable and wants them to take responsibility. >> are we all supposed to get flood insurance because the city of boulder does not maintain the water mains? i meerns that's absurd. -- mean, that's absurd. >> boulgder does have an on going program to replace old pipes, but didn't get to that one in time. developing now, an extreme case of mistaken identity, last week, this 3-year-old boy in egypt was sentenced to life in prison. sxhe more than a 100 other people were convicted of killing three people during a violent protest in 2014. the boys was only 16 months old then, well, the public, of course was outraged by the sent isens and the government did discover the real suspect, is a 16-year-old boy. with the same name.
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making a final push to close the guantanamo bay detention facility and transfer the detainees to other countries, right now, there are 91 people inside of guantanamo. 56 would be moved to the u.s.. now, so m of them could end up here in colorado. congress made it illegal to transfer guantanamo inmates to the u.s. five years ago. but most republicans are opposed to changing the law, including mike hoffman. >> in fact, the will of congress is not going to change, we are not going to amend existing law that would in fact allow the detainees come to u.s. soil. >> the white house says it will cost as much as 475 million dollar for prisoners to move, but it will save 85 million a year in operating costs. motivated by his son's murder, the father of a young man killed in the aurora theatre shooting, is running for state senate. alex sullivan was one of 12 people killed in the theatre in 2012.
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tom, announced he will run as democrat in his district in app row county, he's always been -- arapahoe county, he's always been interested in politics. >> i went to the capitol to listen to debates, stood in line to testify, knocked on doors and made phone calls to legislators to have my voice heard. >>. new video catching the scene of a small plane crashing into a busy street. no one gets hurt. not even the pilot. surveillance cameras show the crash and the pilot simply walking away. they heard the plane's engine sputtering before going down. >> terrifying, because there's a moment, what do we do? >> we figureded there would be a fire or something. something like that.
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>> and we all just ran out there with extinguishers and everything. >> the faa says the pilot tried to return to an airport, nearby, shortly after take off. and a shocking discovery in east texas, a family finds a hornet's nest, that's at least ten years old. it's been growing on a couch, inside of an abandoned trailer in their backyard. markus smith was starting to help his girl friend's family remodel the trailer home. he had to do some research just to identify the creepy sight. >> i was like, yeah, that's a hornet's nest, it's time to get up out of here, call somebody. >> no one knew about the nest because no one had been inside of the trail ner a decade. asap. looking. weather is moving out. >> get the forecast now from ed greene. >> doppler 4,000 shows we have clear skies across the state.
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the storm, though, sunk down into the southeast, getting a lot of power from moisture from a warm gulf waters, and as we result, heavy showers and thunderstorms and very heavy rains, being pushed into this system and in fact, as you can see all of these red dots those are spotted tornadoes that they saw today, over a dozen of them, killer tornadoes, three killed from those. so major system in the southeast. and now, the cold air is moving into it. on the west side, starting to see the snow change from oklahoma into arkansas. speaking of snow, how about ours, conifer, 7 inches, 7.5 in springs, ridge way at 8.5. 11.5 in ouray. these are all from the weather watchers. and these amounts, denver, 1.5. westminster, 2.2, about 3 was about right. allens park, 13. conifer, 14. black hawk, 15.5 and pine cliff, 20 and a half inches from this storm, finally, cold enough to snow.
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the mobile weather lab. it hadn't been this cold in two weeks. >> february 8th when denver had an overnight temperature in the teens, take a look at this right now, we've got some gusty winds up here in boulder. and it's kicking the snow around a little bit, you can see the flakes, otherwise, clear skies overhead. but because we have clear skies overhead, it means all of the heat is going to escape tonight and when that happens, the bottom can really drop out. that's why tomorrow morning, especially if we have some winds like this, it's going to feel on the cool side, that, in combination with the snow covered round on the west side of town, it will keep things chilly around here. in the foothills, in the teens, lakewood and kent carol, 26 and 25 degrees. morrison. stapleton, 28, and 27 for aurora right now. ed, pretty chilly up here in boulder, how warm in denver today? >> that happens to be the coldest in two weeks, 43 degrees
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after starts of 28 and 29. 48 and 21 are the normal. 31 and 28 right now. southwest 9 for the winds, 56% humidity, a steady barometer. just after the storm, a pretty picture. stephen charter, boulder creek path find this is abandon truck making if for an interesting photo. paul bailey, the flatirons looking through folsom field, and take a look at this from dustin schafer, a black and white of the loveland ski area and they got more new snow. temperatures for tonight, mostly eastern plains. out west, temperatures in the single digits, teens, lower 20s. bit. 30 #s, 40s, 50s, eastern plains, 20s and 30s for the mountains, 30s and 40s out west. take a look at the forecast. tonight, clear skies, cold, 20 and 18 are the overnight lows.
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days it gets better, lots of sunshine. 68 degree reading on saturday. and that's helped by the down slope winds. chance for rain or snow showers, 57. back to 61 on monday. another chance for rain or snow showers and cooler on tuesday. but, hey, spring is fighting to
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,, four nights agent the nuggets couldn't start demarcus cousins, he scored 37 points in a kings win, if they couldn't stop him on friday, what will the odds the nuggets could stom stop him tonight. he dominated the nuggets again. how does a guy, 6.11, 270 do that. the big fellow has touch. he finished with 39, help the kings build a 17-point lead. but it's never over in the nba. newly acquired guard, helped lead a fourth quarter nuggets come back. denver down one and a chance to tie, but cousins gets the all-star treatment. author, no call, mike malone can't believe it. 114-110. >> demarcus cousins, we have no answer for him, give thim credit, they've beaten us two times in a row, and the defense is still nowhere to be seen and we gave ourselves a chance. we continue to dig ourselves this the hole and not bring any
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we're going to have to find a way to get everybody back minutes. >> cam the ram didn't seem losing streak, hosting new second half. he finished 16. csu wins 86-69. rockies shortstop jose reyes will miss spring training after may skror league baseball put him on paid leave, pepding the con -- pending the conclusion of the charges in hawaii. his trial is scheduled to begin on april 4th, the same day the rock inquirys open the regular season. -- rockiess open the regular season. robin griffin the third won't be with the team next season. denver. that's the century link poll question, 79% of the voters would take a pass on rg3.
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florida, you never know what a blocked shot can lead to. >> we're talking about small changes. >> that was unexpected. or was it? >> i just drew that up. i drew that up at the time out, i hey, listen, when we get the rebounld, make it 3 from 85 feet and we'll be good. >> well played coach sallings. >> the avs got the first look at the outdoor rink and get the same great channels cable gives you, with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why do you guys keep saying that? it's the first rule of improv. by saying "yes and," we accept the reality created by our comedy partners, paul. yes, right, i know. do you? feel like a hollywood insider
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red wings, avs, saturday night at coors field. how fun is this going to be? but i keep thinking how great it would have been if these two teams faced off outdoors 15 years ago at the height of their rivalry, we have the alumni game. matt duchene and mitchell l visiting the field at coors field today and both thought the ice looked small. the excitement is starting to build but duchene also knows the avs can't overlook san jose tomorrow night.
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this game in terms of looking forward to it, being excited. because i'm here right now, and we're both here, obviously and getting to see this, but i think, you know, we know what's at stake this week, and with only having two gamess and got to make them count and starts tomorrow night. >> he can't overlook tomorrow night, but we can. this weekend will be,,
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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not much going on over o us right now. >> no, you can see on doppler 4,000, a little bit of snow over new mexico, we don't have anything in our state. but the storm system has parked it's over the southeast, look at that tons of rain moving into this thing. killer tornadoes and look at on the west side of it. cold air changing it to system. >> take a look, this is from golden, taking a look this morning as the sun came up. >> that's beautiful. >> yeah. >> thanks for watching cbs 4 news tonight. stephen colbert is next.


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