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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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we begin with breaking news. two gunmen on the run after shooting a customer during a robbery at upon shot. >>we're at parker and mississippi with the latest. >>reporter: it appears that something happened inside this pawnshop and two men fled the store and they are considered armed and dangerous. we're told the started around 6:30 this evening. we believe the victim was a customer inside the pawnshop, they were shot in the leg and are expected to be okay. the suspects are two black males in the both had silver handguns, they were wearing masks. police do not have a good description. one suspect was in a black sweatshirt with the word stallion written on it in yellow. they were last seen heading
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deputies are still looking deputies are still looking around the shops around this shopping center. one witness said they heard the entire commotion and the gunshot and that is where this 911 call originated. these men are considered armed and dangerous. it seems like the arapahoe county sheriff's office is wrapping up their investigation at least here at upon shot. jeff todd cbs 4 news. we also have new details about a former surgical tech who allegedly put thousands of patients at risk. the navy confirmed to cbs 4 that rocky allen was court- martialed for stealing a powerful painkiller. he was caught stealing fat knowledge 2011, with guilty and served 90 days of military can -- confinement. he did the same thing at a san diego hospital and was fired. he is now accused of doing the same thing as swedish medical center. swedish has notified 2900 patients who need to be tested
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an update on a park county sheriff deputy badly wounded serving an eviction notice. kolby martin went to the hospital in critical condition to fair condition. home and bailey. the gunman killed deputy nate carrigan and wounded another deputies returned fire and kill that man. new information on a cherry creek schools bus driver suspected of dui. michael hobbs is out of jail tonight. he was contacted by arapahoe county deputies yesterday afternoon. after a coworker reported he smelled of alcohol. cbs 4 karen is like tonight. that driver failed a roadside test but past the breathalyzer. >>reporter: exactly. the breath test showed signs of alcohol, but it was under the legal limit. now their roadside test is what got him arrested. he also has taken a blood test
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huge factor on how this case proceeds. about 30 students were on the bus driven by michael hobbs thursday afternoon. he made once top before authorities contacted him questioning his sobriety. >>i saw the bus stop at the corner and a cherry creek vehicle behind him with his light flashing. >>reporter: neighbors watched as the kids piled off the bus and the sheriff deputy responded to the intersection, they handcuffed the driver into them away. cherry creek school district says a staff member alerted them to the possibility that hobbs may have been drinking after she smelled alcohol on him. >>to air on the correct side she called transportation and at that point his bus was loaded and he had take it off. >>reporter: when deputies arrived he agreed to a breath test. the results were well under the legal limit but he failed the roadside test. according to arrest paperwork he told deputies he was sick
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lot of medication, nyquil, dayquil, aleve and theraflu. after denying that he consumed any alcohol he later admitted to having a beer with lunch. >>i cannot imagine any brush ever having a drink and driving. >>reporter: the district spokesperson said they also reviewed video from on the bus and it does not show any erratic driving by hobbs, they actually said it appeared to be normal. he has taken a blood test and those results are pending. he has been put on paid administrative leave but will likely not return to the district for their policies. the latest on a homicide investigation after a woman's body was found inside an apartment in downtown denver last sunday. jeremiah halsey is charged with first-degree murder accused of killing 53-year-old cheryl thompson after a fight in her apartment.
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he told a group of denver firefighters he had heard someone. the search for a woman who may have been kidnapped from a motel in loveland. investigators are looking for 30-year-old mia hamilton. she was apparently taken from corner. three men pulled her into a 1980s or 90s chrysler minivan. if you know anything about her disappearance call police. you. our recent warm and dry weather fueling the fire danger. this is video of a grass fire springs. justin is live in denver with the mobile weather lab. these conditions will continue through the weekend. >>reporter: although denver is not in the bull's-eye for the highest fire danger we still have red flag warnings for parts of the state. 10 am until 7 pm tomorrow from colorado springs all the way
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along i 25. the low humidity, warm temperature and gusty wind all of that with a dry vegetation means if a fire starts it will likely spread quickly. although it has seen in the short term forecast we are not breaking out of this dry pattern, i have some pretty good news, in the longer term climate forecast things appear to change. this is from the climate prediction center and their three-month precipitation outlook, march, april and may. notice the southern tier of the united states and especially the southwest including most of colorado has a greater chance of seeing above normal precipitation in the spring season. that compared to drier than normal conditions expected up towards chicago and the upper midwest. we will see if it starts working in especially as we get into spring. next month we will know a lot more about that is in the forecast. for now it is dry.
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any coming up this week live in denver. new development as arapahoe county deputies arrested man accused of phoning and threats against a government office. 54-year-old derek frey was caught on surveillance cameras monday making a call from a public phone at the smoky library. he is charged with harassment and obstructing government operations. colorado's division of motor vehicles will no longer require muslims, sikhs and others to remove religious head coverings for the driver's license photos. this comes after complaints that the dmv was her violating religious rights. the sikhs religion for this removal of the turbine in public. the dmv was recalling that for photos. sikhs were not the only ones to complain. a muslim was asked to remove her headscarf behind her ears. >>i came home and i felt bad why would they make me do that?
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pieces away from me? >>homeland secure the regulations require a person's face be visible on a photo. the us attorney for colorado says the dmv was being too strict. people will now be allowed to keep their religious head coverings on for photos. a warning for people looking for work on craigslist. investigators say a thief lured a man unknowingly into this the website. nicholas lahey's out offered cash for whoever helped him transport scrapped metal antenna for money. it turns out he was stealing metal for business in greeley. he is facing charges of theft and burglary. investigators decided not to charge the man who answered the ad. he said they thought they had permission to remove the metal. a man struggling with multiple sclerosis will soon be forced out of his home in boulder because he could not
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the county has sold at home to an investor. melissa garcia shows us how it can happen. >>they told me not to worry so i didn't. >>reporter: bob mchugh paid $6000 outright for this mobile home. would he came down with msc could no longer afford to pay his property taxes. >>this is a big crisis. >>reporter: when delinquent notices started hitting the his diagnosis. now he has another worry, he has been evicted, soon to be homeless. his home was sold for the one person a five dollar price of the tax lien. >>i will run away screaming. this is ridiculous this is awful. >>reporter: the new property owner refuses to negotiate selling it back to him. >>taxes are doing good, taxes go to sale summary can hold the
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>>reporter: paul wiseman says mchugh was one of four homeowners who lost their homes this year for failure to pay property taxes. another three are at risk. this man rushed to raise for payment when they -- when we told him a buyer had a [ indiscernible ] on his home. >>there are a lot of people make their limit -- living doing seminars. new woes enough republican presidential race. coming up the candidates stooping so low even party leaders are shaking their heads. new information on the mass shooting in kansas. how a police chief risked his life to save dozens of others. new developed on the sick outbreak, pregnant women in the us test positive. >>homes for heroes. how first responders can get a discount on houses. >>i'd honestly do not think we
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not only clear and try over the state but all over the western half of the us. goodness for the weekend, this is where we spent saturday and sunday. as we get onto monday or tuesday we do see more showers moving into the area. the nuggets built a 23 point lead they lost that lead. been -- we will let you know. remember how ,, ,, in the ocean
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pairs they're less likely to get eaten. arby's,
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an endorsement for donald trump leaves everyone on the campaign trail stunt. former presidential candidate chris christie endorsed trump saying he's the only one who can defeat the democrats. the new jersey governor praised trumps executive experience. >>there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with a strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world. >>donald trump says it is too early to say if he would consider christie for a running mate. his focus is on marco rubio. trump and the senator from florida traded insults like middle school boys today. both of them stooped so low that bodily fluids became a major theme. >>if he had not inherited $200 million -- >>it started last night before
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>>i watched him melt four weeks ago. >>reporter: it ramped up today. trump continued the melting theme on twitter with this never let them see you sweat depiction of rubio and stage makeup. >>when i saw him backstage he was putting it on with a trial. >>reporter: rubio combine this with the insult with backroom humor. >>first he had the make of thing applied, then he asked for a full-length mirror, i don't know why the podium goes up to hear. >>reporter: he made fun of trumps spelling. >>lead weight tracker [ indiscernible ] he meant to say lightweight. >>reporter: back to trump who. rubio's 2013 state of the union
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quarter. >>it's rubio. >>reporter: the attacks have led many in the establishment to throw up their hands as former candidate lindsey graham did last night. >>my party has gone crazy. >>the democratic national committee took a job of its own. they said if anyone is wetting their pants as rubio suggested today it is the republican establishment. new information revealing what may have set off yesterday's shooting -- rampage in kansas. a gunman killed three people and wounded 14 before being killed by police. cedric ford was served with a protective order at his job at excel industries thursdays, 90 minutes later he left work and then shot to drivers and then went back to that plant where he shot 15 people before the town's police chief gunned him down. >>this man was not going to stop shooting.
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officer stopped her -- him. >>rather than waiting on backup he went right in and did a heroic duty and service. >>ford had an assault rifle and a handgun. a kansas woman will be charged for giving ford those weapons because she knew he was a convicted felon. on our health watch, the cdc says nine pregnant women from the us tested positive for the zika virus. after traveling to affected areas. newlyweds samantha and omar spent christmas in honduras back home in illinois, samantha went in for her first ultrasound in two months. doctors cannot find a heartbeat and she lost the baby. >>we no longer have the fear of our baby. my heart goes out to all of them who do not know. >>although zika was found in
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know if it caused the miscarriage. the cdc is urging pregnant women to avoid zika affected countries. ed, you are tracking a chance for snow. >>hard to realize we had snow earlier this week, then the weather got nice and we saved the best for the weekend and after the weekend another chance for snow. clear skies today, not much going on right now, high pressure holds the front back so it will be a slow mover. the. saturday we will be here, sunday here, monday and tuesday we will see a change for showers. also it is so dry around here, in the general area we have lots of fire weather watches and red flag warnings, we have one over south-central colorado, low humidity, warm temperatures and gusty wind that goes from 10 am tomorrow until 7 pm. i have run this up until 10:00 on sunday because nothing will happen until then. you see that moisture that we saw at the west you see that
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push our way, it comes into the mountains, gives them some light snow and by two or three in the afternoon we could see a denver. that is about all we will see. they will just kick over into tuesday. nice today 61 and 64 after start of 28 and 29. 49 and 21 are normal. records are 71 in 1950 and eight below in 1962. weather watcher temperatures, 52 in buena vista, 62 in lafayette, 68 in applewood. 45 now at both denver and dia, south winda 17. live shot from nine a wood. this is grant county a deer going for a stroll. this is from cynthia a couple of bighorn sheep. there are a couple of magpies that flew up as the pictures being taken. look at this shot, steamboat
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look at how beautiful this looks up there and route county. what a spectacular shot. temperatures for tonight mostly in the 20s and 30s over the eastern plains, teens and 20s for the mountains, one degree in gunnison. out west temperatures in the 20s and 30s. then tomorrow is a nice day, 60s, 70s even close to 80 down in the southeast. 30s and 40s for the mountains at west and 50s to the mid-60s. tonight clear skies temperatures mild, 35 and 34. it should be around 20. mostly sunny tomorrow, 72 downtown, 70 out at the airport. for the next couple of days cooler on sunday but still sunny. 62 on monday, late monday into tuesday maybe showers, 61 on wednesday and then as we look
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sunday 67. another nice weekend coming up. >>that is awesome. they do so much for us and now some of colorado police officers, firefighters, teachers and military personnel are eligible for financial breaks on real estate transactions. the homes for heroes program is making it happen. and it is helping people find a place called home -- to call home. >>reporter: wade loves his new backyard. >>the yard is one of the bigger ones you could find that is good for my dogs in my kids. >>reporter: the police officer and his family moved into this house four months ago. >>we honestly did not think we could afford a place like this. it was fantastic. >>reporter: real estate agent day -- j holland helped to come together as an abbasid are for
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holland agreed to give back 30% of his usual commission. he also worked with a mortgage lender, title company and inspector who all agreed to discount their fees. >>it is sevenit is $7000. the average fee in colorado is [ indiscernible ]. >>reporter: wade is among the first to take advantage of homes for heroes program. they hope to help 50 families this year. >>it feels great to give back to the community. >>and our profession we go above and beyond and they did exactly what i expect out of myself in the real estate
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it is hard to find people who ,, ,, ,,
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other than a fight and a forsberg goal i think avalanche fans saw what they wanted to see tonight. a near sellout crowd on hand to watch a game that featured a bunch of hall of famer's. one of those all-time greats joe sakic showed off his wrister in the first he gave the as a 2-0 lead. the duke we deflected this mike ricci pass. how about patrick roy he wanted a shut up at he didn't get it. in the second period he look like the wall of old. finally in the third vintage ray bourque shooting from the
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adams alumni win 5-2. >>like it or not they have expectations for us and you want to make sure that you perform well. that is how we felt when we were playing. today i wanted to come and play hard for them and give them a good game and make them proud of us. >>it wasn't just riverboat hockey. like i said both teams wanted to play well and we wanted to have pride and not embarrass ourselves. for the most part both teams put on a good show. >>there was no animosity between the two teams tonight, we disappointed? 50% said yes they are. this current avalanche are hoping for success tomorrow night. they practice this morning on the outdoor ice. patrick wall of the teams focus but the conditions were not ideal. some of the players done i black into the glare. he will be 70 degrees tomorrow,
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>>it is one thing if the isis slushy or two warm, here in colorado warm-up during the day and cool down at night. it will get cooler and cooler as the game progresses. i think the ice should be fine. >>one thing you can say but the denver nuggets is they are inconsistent. tonight was a perfect example. first half gary harris drills the 3-pointer and the nuggets build a 23 point lead. in the fourth quarter the nuggets blue that lead. they miss fired, the lead was no 14. they would blow that lead. the game would go to overtime and former nugget raymond felton took over scoring nine points. the nuggets lose a game they should have one 122-116 in overtime. up next if last year was any
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rockies carlos gonz,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, ,, is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans
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in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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carlos gonzalez finished last year on an absolute terror. he had a three month stretch where he hit 32 home runs in 382 at bats. just a glance what a healthy carlos can do. he is not been healthy lately. this year he says he feels ready to roll right from the start. >>i am excited at where i am at. i am in a good spot, i put the work in, that is all i can expect. i feel confident when you work and you do the things you normally do, i'm excited about
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, ducks swimming >> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music


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