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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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,, ,, ,, fire sweeps three mobile home in aurora. investigators are trying to determine what sparked the blaze.
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during the morning news. this investigation tops our news this afternoon. i am britt moreno. the copter was overhead when is flames burst through the roof. jimmy early areas on the scene. we understand the homeowner wasn't home but you spoke with frightened neighbors. >> reporter: we spoke with frightened neighbors and the homeowner. he is actually here today. he is assessing some of the damage, allowing us on the property. you can see everything inside is burned to a crisp. there's nothing salvageable. as i step over some debris, you can see just how close this home is to its neighboring home. the home next-door that we are pointing to right now, this homosexually damaged a bit in the blaze as well as this neighbor's car but fortunately the firefighters from aurora fire department made quick work
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space. >> they arrived in approximately 5 minutes, found that there was indeed a trailer heavily involved in fire and it was exposing the neighboring trailer next-door. >> reporter: for sure, nobody was home. as for the trailer next-door, an elderly woman breathing with the help of oxygen escaped neighbors. >> the woman next-door is banged on her window. i finally got her up. i tried to tell her to give me the keys to her car because the fire was going out to her car but we couldn't get her car out. >> reporter: the car survived and thanks to duffy know -- delphino, neighbors stayed safe. >> he woke me up and said there was fire. i jumped up and i want -- and i saw out my kitchen window fire. the first thing i did was turn
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i have to, the ship was liable to blow up. >> if these neighborhoods weren't designed with the fire department operations in mind and the fire department had to overcome any charges, they did so quickly and effectively and were able to control the fire in a david lee -- in a timely fashion. >> reporter: crews had the blaze knocked down within 20 minutes. the proximity of these homes is just amazing didn't expand more. the community is very supportive of one another. this homeowner has another trailer he owns here. he is going to be okay. the cause of the fire is said to be a stovetop fire. that was the ultimate cause of this fire. jamie leary, cbs4 news. happening now, police in westminster are investigating what is believed to be a fire started by a hash oil fire.
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the 4800 block of west 73rd. people at the home reported a fire in the garage. two had to be treated for smoke inhalation. chemical levels in this house were so high last night, investigators had to wait to get inside. here is proof of just how dry the state is getting. a brush fire in a golf course cause road closures near alameda and havana yesterday afternoon. tomorrow brings another round of dangerous conditions. lauren whitney is in the colorado will weather center. we do have fire danger for tomorrow. a high wind watch for parts of the foothills to the eastern plains. all the yellow you can see. wins haven't been too bad in denver but expect those to get rack up tomorrow and we could see winds up to 50 miles per hour. down south, a little less wind but we are looking at low humidity and those windy
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the fire danger is very high. our wind speeds are pretty gusty in our northeast corridor dish corner. from winter park to slide, all the way into durango, we have strong winds right now. it's a little breezy and parts of the northwestern corner. downtown, it hasn't been too bad but as you head up to the foothills and the north, i have a friend in fort collins who tells me it's pretty bad there. temperatures a little cooler than yesterday. 460 in denver. the winds are a touch, here in denver. we aren't quite as warm as yesterday. we have a few more clouds this afternoon. 430 in avon, 55 in grand junction. satellite radar shows snow in our mountains. very light with a few clouds. we will see clouds throughout the day. take a look at our hour by our forecast. just a little cooler here in denver. about 550. 520 by 5:00 with a mild evening. but i will talk more about the
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new information about how a woman survived an ef-3 tornado despite having a soda machine blown over on her. this video is incredible. wins from that storm reached 140 miles per hour. khyber johnson had just finished her deliveries to a hardware storm hit. the owner, david sedona was stunned by what we -- by what he saw on surveillance. she credits her faith for surviving. >> god. there is no explaining it. after i seen the video, i didn't know what it really looks like. i just figured i was in a tornado. i had never seen the sky swirl. it was so pretty but i was scared. i braced myself between the coke machine, and that was just to brace myself. >> what a miraculous moment. that twister badly damaged the store, pulling off a wall,
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these two, the storm created an unbreakable bond of survival. super tuesday has arrived. voters in 13 states will make their picks for the democratic and republican presidential nominee is. weijia jiang explains how today could cement the front runners. >>reporter: voters are lining up at pull stations on super tuesday in what is expected to be a record turnout. polls show donald trump with a significant lead over his opponents and most of the 12 states holding republican primaries and caucuses. >> treb 49%. >> reporter: but pollster says those may be low. >> some people want to acknowledge they are supporting him but can't wait to vote for him. >> reporter: ted cruz hopes to win texas, making it a two-man race. >> what i think we will see is donald trump and me coming out both with a significant chunk
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far behind. >> reporter: democrats are already in a two-person contest and hillary clinton hopes to deliver a knockout blow to bernie sanders. >>reporter: sanders voted early this morning in his home state of vermont but he is looking for more than votes tonight. >> the goal is to end up with as many delegates as possible. >> reporter: there are 859 delegates at stake for democrats but polls show clinton with the lead of 20 points or more in 67 states. clinton has already shifted election. >> i will stand up and fight for you throughout this campaign no matter who the republicans nominate. >> reporter: clinton will hold a rally in florida tonight. the sunshine state moats -- votes on march 19. >> colorado will hold caucuses tonight but for the republicans, there will be no vote. the party decided not to do a straw poll because the national party now requires that vote to
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the democrats will be electing delegates who then move for a their convention. that party will take a straw poll. cbs reports sanders is ahead with colorado democrats. the leading house republicans weighed in on the controversy surrounding donald immediately distance himself from the former kkk later david duke. he said there is no room for bigotry in this party. >> today, i want to be very clear about something. if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not prey on people's purchases -- prejudice. we appeal to their highest ideals. >> reporter: line went on to say they party believes all people are created equal under the
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and the nominee must understand that. with complete coverage of results beginning at 6:00 tonight, plus scott pelley host the cbs campaign 2016 special at 8:00 right here on cbs 4 with results from around the nation -- latest results at 10:00 tonight. happening today, president obama is sitting down with republican senators to discuss the supreme court vacancy. the president invited the judiciary chair and ranking members to join him and vice white house. he wanted to talk about going forward with the nominated process to replace justice antonin scalia. the republicans have voiced a refusal to acknowledge a nomination from president obama. the health department has confirmed two cases of zika virus in colorado this year. people had travel to countries with sica and both have recovered.
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the health department expects more cases in the coming year. the most common way to get zika virus is from a current -- a certain type of mosquito that is not currently in colorado. men can spread the virus through sex and women can pass it on to unborn babies. what von miller is saying about ongoing negotiations and caught on camera, this is hard to watch. a toddler tumbles out of a van in china. ,, ,, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american
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what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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it's official. the denver broncos have placed the exclusive franchise tag on von miller. that means his salary can be no less than the average of the top five salaries. cbs sports reports that without a long-term deal, that tag is worth more than $14 million to miller but he has said he wants to make a long-term deal with the broncos and will do whatever it takes to stay in denver. >> i've never been franchise before. i can say don't want to be. i want to be with the denver broncos. i want to be with chris harris and all those guys. i want to be with those guys for my whole career. whatever it takes to get it
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>> all right then. broncos are still waiting to hear from peyton manning on his future. the team has repeatedly said it once manning to take his time but he net -- but he does need to make a decision by a week from tomorrow. bicyclists have a new way to get to boulder. this is so cool. the bikeway on highway 36 officially opened this morning. copter 4 found 20 of cyclists already using it. the bike lanes are part of the improvements to the highway. the first phase opened between westminster and louisville last year and this takes the bikeway all the way into boulder. that's really just a great feature here in the metro. >> people love to bike and now they can get everywhere. let's talk about the weather. >> it's nice here in denver. if you're heading to the foothills, maybe an afternoon bike ride or walk, watch out for that gusty wind. it's pretty lovely right now. some very windy areas across the state though.
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windy days and then things start to ease up. if you hate the land, just wait a couple days. wind -- winds are gusting about 20 meet me. in the high country, bonavista, little, 20 miles per hour. winter park 45 miles per hour. for denver, not much. it's a little breezy near keansburg and south of denver. 10-15 miles per hour. into the foothills, gusty up here. berthoud and kenosha passes, 64 meet me. it's gusty of this way as well -- 64 miles per hour. it's gusty out this way as well. but winds are getting much worse tomorrow. winds have relaxed here in denver with a few my clouds coming through from yesterday but we are a bit cooler. 140 cooler in denver them this time yesterday. 170 different for colorado
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that puts denver at 460. 450 toward colorado springs. 520 in boulder and ray. 430 in avon. just above freezing interesting about. on our satellite radar, a little snow in our northern mountains. that's about it. we could see very light snow in the country high -- in the high country today. a low cloud cover and again hour winds are much, but that changes tomorrow. that light snow continues on and off throughout today in the mountain areas and clears overnight. we have a few my clouds this evening. tomorrow morning, a few more clouds in denver. light snow still possible in our mountain areas. could pick up a couple inches, listen to detect a 3 inches in our mountain areas when the winds start to pick up. here in denver and the eastern plains, fairly sunny but wickedly windy 550 today in denver, 50s out east in the mountains, a lot of 40s out west.
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we are in the's mid-50s. it's pretty pleasant here in denver. tomorrow, we do have a fire weather watch for the foothills, front range and all the way into southern colorado and the eastern plains with winds of for -- winds over 50 miles per hour in some areas. tomorrow, much warmer. 60s through the rest of the weekend weekend. it's going to be nice outside. head to city park and pack a picnic. >> i'm excited. coming up next, a denver firefighter says she was harassed and driven from her job from -- for being a woman. the city paid big bucks to sell her complaint. >> reporter: she had one dream growing up. >> it was her lifelong dream to be a firefighter. >> reporter: but she was appalled by what she found in a firehouse. now, the city pays tens of thousands of dollars to sell her case. >> virtually every firehouse
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>> reporter: what brian found about the firehouse and harassment will be raytheon cbs 4 at 10:00. imagine suffering a disease for 18 years before being diagnosed.
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,, ,, ,,
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,, ,, new video from china shows a remarkable rescue. a dash cam captures the young boy falling out of the van but he hopped up and ran to the side of the road while his grandfather drove away. the driver recording the incident stopped and helped the child. grandpa did come running back. he says the van was rear-ended recently and he believes the latch doesn't work. colorado has joined an international campaign to recognize rare diseases. these are any disorders that
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the population. health specialist kathy walsh introduces us to one patient who has a syndrome so rare it took 16 years to diagnose. >> a perry sylvan syndrome. >> reporter: until two years ago, genny ruble had never heard of it. it. was born. she already had twin boys and now a healthy baby girl. >> but within one week she stopped eating. >>reporter: genny was on a feeding tube for months. with therapy, she learned to chew and swallow but she had trouble with speech and fell behind in school. >> it was very hard to come home and do homework and then having kids make fun of you for not being at the level that they were out. >> reporter: two years ago, an mri led to a specialist and
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>> it's i'm terrible but it gave us and it gave genny something to say this is what i have and i'm okay. >>reporter: it's a brain disorder. ellen says are just 1200 cases in the world. seven are in colorado. the rubles joined in rare disease day at the state capital to share their challenges and let genny speak for many who can't. >> to this day, i am the person i want to be and i love who i turned out to be from when i was little. >> reporter: kathy walsh, cbs 4 news. >> kathy tells us there are
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a final ch,, ,, ,, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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enough talk.
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new tonight on cbs 4 news at 5:00, school districts in some mountain communities are having a tough time getting teachers. find out about a plan to get more teachers in affordable housing in those areas.
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final look at the forecast. it's windy across the state. not too bad here in denver. we are one of the nicer areas. it's a little breezy today but dusty. 460 in denver and a little snow in our high country. passing clouds, the fire weather watch tomorrow. this will probably become a red flag warning. we warm back to the 60s later in the week. ,,
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,, ,, >> wyatt: looks good on you. >> steffy: i can't wait to show it off. being engaged to the son of jewelry designer sure has its perks. >> wyatt: yeah? >> steffy: yeah. >> wyatt: you got that right. mom likes to say that i memorized gemstones before the alphabet. >> steffy: i know your mom's gonna freak out. >> wyatt: yeah. >> steffy: but in a good way, of course. >> wyatt: yeah, i would have called her last night, but i just -- i kind of want to tell her in person.


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