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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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powerful, it ripped the siding off this truck in larimer county. state patrol shared these photos for us. delay some flights for more than 45 minutes at the airport. >> with gusts like this, there's the danger of a even a small fire can get out of handed in a hurry. our meteorologist justin mcheffey live now in broomfield. calm down? >>reporter: we think, jim, when the sun sets, that's when the winds will relax, but for the time being, overlooking boulder here in broomfield, it is still very windy outside. and just remember, all of this snow cover and the snow pack, that we had, east of the mountains it has melted. the shrubs and bushes and things are kindling, it will spread quickly if a fire starts. here's a look at the red flag warning, basically all of eastern colorado, the denver metro area, colorado springs, and then all the way out to the kansas and nebraska state line.
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that means low relative humidity, down to 13%, and about 40-50 mile an hour, i can tell you, since we've been standing here, we've seen gusts up to 40 and 50 miles per hour. in fact, not too far away, at the broomfield jeff co airport, there was a wind gust of 46 and even downtown, in denver, at city park, a wind gust of 40 miles per hour, so it doesn't matter where you live, east of the mountains, windy conditions tonight. coming up in a few minute, ed greene will let you know when the wind finally relaxes, if we see it anymore days in the forecast and how warm we get. live in broomfield tonight, justin mcheffey, cbs4 news. great view, justin, thank you. quick blast of snow caught a lot of drivers by surprise this morning. along i-70 up in the high country. rapidly changing conditions, left some drivers little time to react. to slick conditions on vail pass. there were several accidents.
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between the police and a robbery snpt a denver neighborhood is finally over. that man spred the home at 13th and lipan, two women were inside. cbs4 karen morfitt spoke to them. >>reporter: two women were at home in the middle of bible study, when they say they first saw a man jump their neighbor's fence. they didn't think anything of it until they heard gunshots at their window. brianna huffman lives at the home at the center of the s.w.a.t. situation on lipan. she was at home with her friend when they heard the loud banging noise. she says they hit the floor. and made their way into the bathroom. there, they hid until they could hear the intruder make his way upstairs. >> we knew he was upstairs and while he was upstairss, like, that was the best chance he wasn't going to see us, so he was definitely going to hear us, but he wasn't going to be able to get to us in time to do
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>>reporter: now, that was right around 11:00 this morning. and it wasn't until around 2:30 this afternoon the police were able to get the suspect out of the home, peacefully. he was handcuffed and then taken away by ambulance. now, police are not releasing the suspect's name right now, we'll have much more from brianna and her friend coming up tonight on cbs denver at 10:00 about the escape and what they say helped them get there. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. and the latest now on a fiery crash of a small plane north of colorado springss. it happened this morning, near palmer lake in el paso county, witnesses say they heard a loud crash, and saw the plane wreckage and flames near some train tracks. well, when the emergency crews got there, high winds had pushed the flames to the surrounding grass. and an official with the faa is telling the colorado springs gazette two people were on board that plane, witnesses say it looked like the pilot had lost developing tonight, police want you to take a good look at
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right here, they say the man seen here, with his dog, is selling credit cards in boulder. lauren dispirito live in boulder for us tonight and he's racking up a lot of fraudulent charges. >>reporter: karen, $1600 worth so far, some of those fraudulent charges were made on a credit card, that was stolen here at the safeway on arapahoe. now, the police say they need your help figuring out who this guy is. they put out surveillance picks that were captured showing him, he has a dog with him at the time these photos were taken, a german shepherd mix. last month, he stole a credit card from a home unlocked and two day later, stole a card out of a shopper's bag here at the safeway, he used those cards to broomfield, westminster, and lafayette. >> you think like in a store, with it being well lit and
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keep my eye out for suspicious things. >>reporter: the suspect is being described as short, white man, in his 30s, they say he's been seen driving a silver sedan. if you have i in information about -- any information about cbs4 news. an update now on the search for a hit-and-run driver that sparked a medina alert. a 66-year-old woman was walking across park avenue west last night, when she got hit. she's now in critical condition. witnesses told the police there were several people in the car that hit her. >> we would like to hear from the folks that were in the car. it is not uncommon that people who attempt to hide information about an incident that they know about, could potentially get charged. >> the suspect's car described as a blue 1998 lincoln town car, has colorado plates qki-285.
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and developing now, another water main break floods a denver street. it broke this morning. crews say they should have it fixed later tonight. this is at 3rd and holley and it is impacting traffic. this is the third water main break along that stretch of holley in the last few years. and business owners are fed up >> it's a huge nuisance. i'm not making money for a whole day, i'm here for free because i work on commission. >> water should be back on in the next hour or two, but the intersection is expected to be closed until midnight to repair the pavement. campaign 2016, hillary clinton and donald trump are closer to securing their party's presidential nomination. after the super tuesday results, hillary clinton now has 1054 delegates of the 2400 she needs to win. bernie sanders has 409. on the republican side, donald trump has 324, the 1237 needed
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he is followed by ted cruz, with 230. and marco rubio at 111. it appears another gop candidate is getting out of the race, ben carson didn't officially suspend his campaign, but he did say, quote, i do not see a political path forward in light of last evening's super tuesday primary results. carson also said he will not take part in the gop debate thursday night. he will discuss his future plans during a political action conference in maryland friday. carson has not yet won a contest in the republican primary race, and he only has 6 delegates. right now, new information, sports authority files for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the retailer plans to close 140 stores, including at least three here in colorado. as it tries to reorganize. our rick sallinger live at the iconic sports castle location downtown, and rick, that is one of the locations that's going to be shutting down. >>reporter: sadly, it is, jim, this store has held a lot of memories for a lot of people.
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these ski gloves at back in the 1980s. for bankruptcy. at this denver land mark, they are beginning the process of shutting down. getting ready for a big sale? >> yeah. >>reporter: liquidation, huh? >> yeah. >>reporter: that liquidation may mean bargains for customers, but its famous backward version may be gone with the bankruptcy. this is one of 140 stores that will be closing. >> it's really sad, but i got there and you know, the guy told me they're going out of business. so yeah. sad day. >>reporter: what was well-known as -- merged with sports authority in 2003. now, it's in 41 states. and a cost of millions, it had its name in place on the corporate hometown football stadium. but what went wrong? darren smith, a marketing professor at metro state university says start with the merger. >> since then, i think, that
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we've had a massive migration of consumers on to the internet, a lot of o emerging competitors, in the industries. >>reporter: we went to the corporate headquarters off hampden. interviewed. instead of press release, stated, we are taking this action so that we can continue to adapt our business. to meet the changing dynamics in the retail industry. no word exactly when that liquidation sale will begin. but i think it might be the right time for me to get a new pair of ski gloves. live in denver, rick sallinger, all right. rick, thank you. also, coming up, the nation's controversial case involving abortions, what could be at stake for abortion clinics. these are middle school veterans. i'll explain the project that's
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and can we did have a few showers around our state, they are about done and the wind will slowly die down around midnight and we go on to drier, calmer weather, and that makes for a pretty nice week ahead. . >> also, how a new focus might help doctors better treat ovarian cancer. ,,
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new developments on a controversial law, regarding access to abortions. today, the supreme court heard arguments for a texas law, that would require abortion clinics to have the same standards as surgical centers. among other restrictions. the late attorney for the plaintiff says the law is intended to shut down clinics in the state. but a texas representative says that is not true. >> this is all about women's health, and quality of care for whatever kind of decision that they choose to make. >> the supreme court's decision is expected in june.
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rocky mountains says the supreme court's ruling could affect colorado abouts. the texas law could open the pass similar bills. a proposal introduced to the colorado house this legislation would create abortion restrictions similar to the ones on the texas law. . >> we need to stop bills like these that target abortion providers and target women. they have one goal, to e eliminate women's access to safe and legal abortion. >> planned parenthood says these laws place an unburden on abortion providers, forcing them to close. new tonight, middle school students in aurora are designing and creating an artificial limb for veteran who lost a leg. >> their efforts are so ip press, they are finalists in the national competition put on by samsung. cbs4 health specialist got to
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>> they were terrific, their passion is amazing. the challenge by samsung was to create a solution to a real problem in their community. in this aurora neighborhood, near buckley air force base, helping a disabled veteran made sense. >> here's his socket. >> they are intent on taefrpting a prosthesis. they are using sophisticated software, tweaking designs, expangd ideas. >> they have a big dream. >> it started last spring, students engineering our world elective, had an idea, their world includes buckley air force base. so kids asked to use their skills and technology to help veterans who had lost a leg. >> it's pretty close to home for me because both of my parents are veterans. >> a marine corps veteran would be the recipient, he told them what he needed. >> he wanted comfort and safety.
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now cuts the back of his leg. >>reporter: it's been a lesson in limbs, and also a class in compassion. >> she entered the competition. verizon took stake and now vying to bah in the top five in -- to be in the top five in the country. >> they're going to go all l the way. i know they will. >> the price is $120,000 in samsung technology. the accomplishment is priceless. >> teacher and two of the students will travel to new york city in mid march to proent their project to some -- project to samsung judges. you just have to use the samsung solve and samsung solve hs. send in your votes. >> what incredible kids. >> terrific, they are so smart and so dedicated. >> thanks. also, on our health watch tonight, a new report shedding new light on how doctors can
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says ovarian cancer is not just one disease but actually several types of cancer, they usually start in the ut russ. the findings could make it cancers early on. wind? >> boy, those winds are gusting today, we had near 70 miles per hour in boulder. 53 mile an hour gusts out at the airport. they slowly die down as darkness comes our way and after midnight, they'll die down completely. a couple of scattered showers over northeastern colorado, rain and snow earlier today. up in the mountains. and that's all part of a system that high pressure ridge just kind of clipping eastern colorado with some of those showers, it will continue to move slowly off to the east and as it does, it will push this moisture more in an easterly direction, that will keep it away from colorado. we'll go to milder weather and we'll start with tomorrow, but look at this from randy, this morning up in evergreen, yes,
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look at the future gusts for the winds, these are the winds right now, teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, touch 50 miles per hour up in boulder. as we put this in motion and lose the color, we're losing the wind strength. so this is 2:30 a.m., after midnight. you can see all of this clear air right here, well, that means only single digits to around 10 miles per hour for the winds. still kind of gusty up in the foothills, 50 in estes park. but they die down and by this time tomorrow, they are still just in the single digits to around 10. that's the way it goes for the winds. 61 and 60 are the highs today. 50 would be normal. 74 is the record. 36 and 38 with the lows of 23 would be normal. 7 below is the record from the weather watchers today, high temperatures in silverthorne, 49 degrees. franktown, 55. 57 in southwest lone tree. and 65 degrees. denver and dia with the west wind at 35, gusting to 45. we are dry with a rising barometer.
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back at you from mark, in cherry creek reservoir. she says they're just grazing on the shore here, beautiful day on lake estes. and look at this from pete, what a cute little guy here, a mountain blue bird. temperatures for tonight, will be mostly in the 20s and 30s over the eastern plains, single digits, the teens, 20s for the high country. 20s, 30s, out west. tomorrow, warmer than we saw today. 60s to near 70 egg dids for the eastern plains. we'll have 50s, 60s, 70 degrees out west. here is that denver folk. for tonight, we'll look for mostly clear skies with wins decreasing after midnight, 35 and 32 are the overnight lows. tomorrow, we'll take a look at partly cloudy skies. and we'll be in the mid to upper 60s. and for the next several days, we've got 61 on friday, 70 on sunday. and then monday, yeah, still banking on that change, scattered showers, cooler, just 53 degrees. >> hope we get showers. >> yes.
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>> from tv's to to appliances, thermostats, our homes are connected. it could be an open door for hackers, be sure to watch hacking your home tonight at 10:00. well, the nuggets at home tonight, but they won't be the star attraction. >> with their season hanging,,
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used to be the avs best rival, now turning into the wild. >> they battle down the stretch. after losing to the red ring wings and the wild in the past week, the colorado avalanche find themselves on the outside looking in when it comes to the post-season. last night's loss in minnesota allowed the wild to bump the avs from the west final playoff spot. less than 20 games remaining, the margin for error is starting to shrink. a rough evening for the goalie, he gave up 3 goals, had the first period, and was benched. it's not just a one-time deal. patrick plans on signature barley again tomorrow night. -- sitting barley again tomorrow night. >> i met with him this morning, we had a good talk, and it's -- it's not easy for me to pull him against many, there's some highs, and there's some lows in the career. and right now, i mean, he's having some lows. >> the nuggets haven't been drawing great crowds this year, but they might have a decent
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pepsi center. he is retiger at season's end, and he has been a killer during his career, back in december, the old man, poured in 31 points in a laker win. and while fans in denver have loved to hate kobe over the years, tonight, should be about showing one of the all-time greats some respect. >> so much respect for him, i've got for him. my rookie year was amazing, especially in the playoffs. all the things he's done to this league. he's one of the greatest players of my tien, you know, being on the court with him is a blessing. >> the most popular question on the streets is what is peyton going to do? some reports say he's definitely going to retire. others say he wants to keep playing. maybe the guy who negotiates his contract knows or maybe not. we're going to hear from peyton's agent at 6:00. and finally, the royal salvador perez won't have to worry about removing his tattoo.
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right there on his right bicep. i think that's a little more permanent than some of the tattoos we see. he'll be,, ,,
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brutal winds today. >> up to 70 miles per hour in the foothills, 53 at the airport. we have that red flag warning as a result of those winds, until 7:00 tonight for that high fire danger. and then it kind of continues, we don't see much in the way of moisture until monday, before that, 60s, maybe 70 degrees, with sunny skies and then it turns cooler on monday.
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the cool weather next week. >> these clip on ties can blow off. >> it is terrible. >> maybe you can tie >> what a super tuesday! >> pelley: the front-runners look like a cinch to clinch. >> if winner took all, this thing is over. >> pelley: some republicans fear it is over. >> here's what i'm going to say in november when we lose-- i told you so. >> pelley: also tonight, down a justice, the supreme court takes up the biggest abortion case in igg decades. a gang invades a gun store and steals dozens of weapons. an energy tycoon dies at the wheel one day after his indictment. and the most super of the super tuesday returns. >> scott kelly, back on mother earth.


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