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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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why it was so hard for him today to finally say good-bye. >> it is something about 18 years, 18 is a good number. and today, i retire from pro football. >>reporter: manning walks away a two-time champion with almost every major passing record. it's the little things that he will miss most. >> repcaking the game with my dad -- recapping the game with my dad and checking to see if the giants win, and calling eli, both on our team buses, i'll miss that hand shake with tom brady, and i'll miss the plane rides after a big win, the 53 teammates standing in the aisles laughing and celebrating, during the whole flight. >>reporter: and make no mistake, even though the broncos were ready to move on, they will miss man k. >> i can stand here today and tell you that peyton manning made our team better, he made our organization better, and he made our community better. >>reporter: and manning said football has made him a better
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whatever lies ahead. >> i'm totally convinced that the end of my football career is the beginning of something i haven't even discovered yet. life is not shrinking for me. it's morphing into a new world of possibilities. >>reporter: and manning said today that he has not ruled anything out, in terms of what might be next for him, but for now, more va kags and golf, and when -- vacation and golf. guys, we'll see you again in a little bit. >> well deserved, mark, thank you. well, fans gathered outside of broncos headquarters to say good-bye to number 18. some held signs saying thank you, a lot of jerseys. fans say it's not what did him on the field that makes him remarkable. >> there's no other football player that does what a he does, he spends time touching other people's heart and touched my heart. >> yes, and teammates also sending their well wishes to the retiring qb, demarcus ware
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beside you than against you. ronnie hillman said it's been an honor, and vernon davis wrote i always dremed about playing with a qb like peyton. it was an honor. you can watch the conference by sifting on to a weather alert tonight, much needed rain and snow, falls on the front range, we saw plenty of rain on the 16th street mall. in other spots, it was snowing. the rain and snow, still a welcomed sight. much needed. the last time we saw measurable moisture in the denver was five weeks ago. and ed greene watching it closely from colorado's weather center, ed, are we clear for the night? >> we are, but at 7:00 a.m. this morning we had sunshine and spring-like temperatures arn here. we had snow in the mountains and watch at how the cold front pushes the moisture into the metro area and it drifts out the other way. so we had rain, we had snow, and take a look at this, not only that, but we had some thunderstorms.
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the northeastern sections of the state. all the way into portions of nebraska. so, yes, a little something for everybody today. right now, everything is clear, sunshine poke through. a little bit of snow nor the mountains and the foothills but that goes, too. however, over the next day or two, we have a couple of systems, moisture here, and then another system with moisture coming in right bind it, that could bring snow back to the mountains, light snow, and can maybe some rain showers here. you'll see all of that in the five day forecast and in the hour-by-hour coming up. thanks, ed. rescuers helped four snowmobilers in grande county after they got caught in that big wet storm. only our cameras were there as the men came out to the trail head this morning. there you can see the family waiting for them. they'd been stranded in the backcountry since yesterday. cbs4's matt kroschel live in grand county following the search and rescue effort, matt, how are the fellows doing tonight? >>reporter: well, they are safe and sound at home with family, as you can imagine, definitely
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after last night's ordeal, but they were able to survive because of the basic things with them, including a lighter, water, and granola bars. >> four great snowmobilers are family. >> got into heavy valleys, creek beds, up over the next ridge. that was a good ride. >> little too thick in the trees, too dark and had to stop. >>reporter: search and rescue crews feared the worst. they were in an area known for deadly avalanches. they left the post not knowing what they'd find. using cell phone pinging technology, and aided by some good old fashioned luck, search crews found the missing men before 10:00 this morning. >> all four of them together, god knows, they'll be okay. >>reporter: the group was prepared with a survival kit, allowing them to build a fire,
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hunker down after becoming lost in the dark and snow. >> i'm sure my wife is going crazy. >>reporter: it's a good reminder that conditions can change in an instant and the snowmobilers will tell you being prepared is the difference between life and death. and those search and rescue crews here in grande county have been busy, they were out on a mission the day before, these four snowmobilers got lost. they were able to help that person as well. we're live in grand county, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain newsroom. >> they do a great job, thanks very much. new information on a man from westminster arrested for pretending to work for the division of motor vehicles, michael hopkins can handed out counterfeit temporary licenses in exchange for money. they say he was giving them to people who could not get the licenses legally. victims who paid for the fake licenses are being asked to call the dmv hotline.
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the homeless the camps have to be off downtown sidewalks, the goal is to clear up the area near laurens street and park avenue west, start, tomorrow. cbs4 rick sallinger is live near the camps and you've visited and went into their tents today. >>reporter: karen, we are right where broadway and park avenue west come together, right by the denver rescue mission, and samaritan house. but many of these people can't get in these places. or choose to live right here on the streets. this is america 2016. the heart of denver. we asked those living here if they wouldn't miebd showing us their -- mind showing us their home. >> a fence, a big back wall. milk crates and stuff, and instead of putting my clothes in the suitcase, put the clothes in the crates, and actually makes it you know, insulated padded walls. >>reporter: four people in here. on this rainy day, tarps provided the protection.
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to a shelter with brick walls. >> there's 75 women all crowded into one room in the holy roes ri overflow. >>reporter: their lives in a basket, soon to be pushed away. the sign warns tomorrow the city will start removing all items encumbering this public space. >> i'll try to move most of my stuff. >>reporter: carla does not even have a mattress. food here is on the grill. but believe me, this is no picnic. >> can you show us your house? >> this is my bed and that's most of my clothes. >>reporter: up scale tarp, van told us he is here to avoid rent and live life as he wants. >> i can live like this for the rest of my life and be happen approximate pi. i mean, every day, i wake up with nothing in my pocket but at the end of the day, i've got something to show for it. >>reporter: who knows what tomorrow will bring. these belongings will be brought
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question now is, where will these people go? live near downtown denver, rick sallinger, cbs4 news. the broncos brock osweiler involved in a scuff outside of a pizza joint in arizona. new video shows it go down. we'll explain what happened. >> and boulder county wants to get tougher on people who live dogs in the hot cars -- leave dogs in the hot cars. >> snow in the mountains and foothills, but the rain, thunderstorm slowly leaving the the area, but more could come in
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new tonight, video obtained by tmz shows brock osweiler, getting shoved outside of a pizza place. tmz reports it happened when osweiler and his friends went for a late night pizza run in scottsdale, arizona over the weekend. he apparently got heckled by another group. and one man does appear to push osweiler in the back. >> tmz says he did not fight back, he rounded up his pals and
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that looked like a tor pe do in canon city. a man found it in the arkansas river yesterday, brought it home. he didn't report it to the police until late last night. they checked the device out, some fayelys weren't allow -- families weren't allowed back in after midnight when the device was taken away to be detonated. it turned out to be a very old and inactive mortar round. boulgder county is considering a smoking ban, other spaces. they are scheduled to vote tomorrow on the proposal. it would ban smoking. ranchers could ticket people who leave their pets inside of hot cars. think. the visitors don't realize that the dogs are not allowed on the trails. >> it's really hot out, we get a lot of complaint s from park visitors and feedback from
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the cars, that it's just too hot or they don't have adequate ventilation or water. >> pets are not allowed in three boulder county parks and open spaces to protect the wildlife. if approved, the rules would take effect within a few days. people could be fined up to $300 for violating them. coming up, it wouldn't always rosy. >> we sure enjoyed the much-needed moisture in denver
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,, ,, ,, ed, after seeing a lot of folks out in shorts and golf shirts yesterday, today was a shock. >> today, was a shock, we still have snow, up in the mountains, we've got rain mixed with snow in the foothills, clearing skies in denver right now. most of the moisture has lifted out into the northeast and into other states other than ours. we have rain and snow activity. here's where the action is right now.
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and temperatures in the 50s, dove into the 30s, we saw the rain, the snow, thunderstorms, and then the sun came back out in the afternoon. well, here's where it sits right now, we have all the seasons on the same map. you can see the thunderstorms right there. you can see the rain. you see the snow. and down here, you can see the clear skies, there it is, all moving out to the northeast right now. however, we still have moisture down here, a couple of systems, they will go well l to the south, but maybe not so far south that they won't kick up a little moisture for the mountains and our area. the hour-by-hour, you can see what i mean. he's what's left of the storm off to the north. snow for that ends. and then for wednesday, we see more snow in the mountains and over here by wednesday afternoon. they hang around over the eastern plains and gone. a.m. we're back to sunshine, border to border and a nice weekend. 55 and 56, but look when they
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morning. with sunny blue skies, and then the system rolled in. 36 and 38 were the lows. 52 and 24 were the normals. 44 downtown, 38 at the airport. northeast wind at a 7. 83% humidity we have a rising barometer. nice shot from meg, this is the storm rolling in from westminster city park. this from allen, one of the photojournalists, the snow piling up on the windshield. this from david at broncos headquarters, dove valley, l so band of snow were very heavy over southern sections of the metro area. mostly 20s and 30s over the eastern plain, single digits teens for the high country. tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s for the eastern plains, look at 30s and 40s for the mountains, 40s and 50s out west. the denver forecast for tonight, clearing skies with 34 and 31 the overnight lows and for tomorrow, partly cloudy, 53 and
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then maybe an isolated shower on wednesday, 61 on thursday. 67 friday. 65 on saturday. but another chance for showers. . >> all right. thanks, ed. right now, i want to sent it up to mark haas getting set for xfinity monday live at 6:30. mark, certainly a special day for peyton manning, bittersweet, but i think he remembered to thank just about everyone. >>reporter: about everybody, 18 years in the nfl, so would have been a long list, you know, peyton manning joked a few times during the year about how he's never going to write a book about his career. which is really too bad because he's a great story teller, 18 seasons this theful in, a lot of story -- in the nfl, a lot of stories to tell. we heard about his first game against dan moreno, how demaryius thomas, after every touchdown pass would always thank him for coming to denver. manning gave a very heart-felt good-bye to football today. as manning now moves on to the next chat chapter of his life --
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>> every develop of sweat, every night of preparation, every note i took and every frame of film i watched was about one thing. reverence for this game. way aye week before the super bowl, our daughter moseley asked game? yes, it's the last game of the season. trophy. i do, too, moseley. and that's what we're going to try to do. then she asked, daddy, is this the last game ever? and that's just when i shook my head in amazement, i was thinking mort and adam had got to my 5-year-old daughter. i looked back on my nfl career, i'll know without a doubt that i gave everything i had to help my teams walk away with a win. there were other players who were more talented, but there was no one who could out prepare me. and because of that, i have no regrets. omaha.
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>>reporter: omaha, one final omaha. it was a trying season for manning. his coach gary kubiak spoke at lejt about that -- length about that process today. he praised manning, but he also joked about how peyton told him he was ready to return. >> as i'm watching the film, that day, there was something different about the workout. during the workout, he sent me a signal. to the film. number 1, take it that way, i took it as i'm ready to play, coach. okay? so i was heading home that night, i had texted him, i said, hey, the workout looked great today, and oh, by the way, i got the signal. >>reporter: and manning did get his job back, so what's next? century link poll question, what do you see manning doing?
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approximate, going to television? politician, actor? please vote at >>reporter: mark schlereth will be with us. >> thanks, mark.
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governor john hickenlooper ordered flags flown half-staff for nancy reagan. >> she died yesterday at the age of 94. covering the nation on cbs4 news at 6:00. flowers and cards sitting outside the ronald reagan presidential library and museum in her honor. nancy reagan was known as the president's fiercest protector and a trusted political advisor. >> he'd be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> reagan will be buried next to her husband, at the presidential library in california. a private funeral service will be held on friday.
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for public visitation on wednesday and thursday. michael bloomburg says he will not enter the presidential race, he made that announcement in a column he wrote. in it, he said if he were to launch a third party bid, there would be a chance his kand si could lead to the election of donald trump or ted cruz, quote, that is not a risk i can take in good conscious. quite the scene today, a naked woman climbed up on a parked 18-wheeler, and started dancing. this was after a crash on the highway, it's not clear if the woman was involved in the accident, but that accident and her antics slowed down traffic for hours. there you can see a fire department ladder truck called in to get the woman down. she was promptly arrested. stocks up and down, for most of the day today, they closed with modest gains, nasdaq dropped 8 and the s & p gained a point. neighbors rush in to help when a fire breaks out at a lakewood apartment. >> no one was hurt, but one
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how kids likely started this one. and cbs4 news at 6:30 continues with xfinity monday live, checking in from the viewhouse centennial, there on the left, mark's special guest tonight former bronco mark schlereth.
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[ music ] live from viewhouse centennial, this is xfinity monday live. brought to you by xfinity. on the x-1 entertainment operating system. tv and internet together like never before. now, your host mark haas.


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