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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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here we go on a friday. the clouds are already out there hanging over the city this morning, and we have some potential rough weather ahead today in colorado. i want to find out. good morning, i'm alan gionet. this is the news
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happy friday, i'm alan gionet. excited to get it going. lauren is tracking rain. you can tell us what's up. >> our biggest concern is flash flooding and mud flashes thanks to its -- a lot of areas out to our west have seen heavy rainfall over the past couple of days so we're added more. flash flooding is a concern. in denver, our heaviest rainfall may not come into the afternoon and evening. we'll time that out in a moment. au real. let's check with joel. >> here's a look from our tech center cam, i-225 on both sides are looking nice and wide open for now. but britt, we have a couple of trouble spots which i'll detail coming up. >> thank you. after multiple delays, the man accused of shooting and killing a beloved doctor in centennial is expected to face a judge. cbs4 jaime leary is live at the arapahoe courthouse with
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>>reporter: yeah, and those delays came after questions about his mental health started to surface. but his public defenders didn't argue against the june ruling that found he was competent to stand trial. so this morning, those court proceedings continue today. 47-year-old kevin lyons will face a judge. the judge will determine if there's enough evidence to send lyons victim and friends have been present for the previous proceedings and it left a normally quiet community stunned. the events unfolded on april 4th. he's accused of killing kenneth. as the doctor ran out of his home stopping lyons -- he faces 12 felony counts including one count of first-degree murder after
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route bond at the arapahoe county justice center, i should say next to the justice center. he's held there without bond since the april 4th shooting. live from the arapahoe county justice center, jaime leary. thank you, story out of lafayette, police want to find a woman who ripped off an elderly woman. for 2 months, investigators have been trying to find julie. they say she ways through the metro area -- she swindled people for years. there's arrest warrant out for her and they're putting out word hoping for tips. a former officer in colorado springs finds himself on the other side of the law. david hendrickson turned himself on a warrant out of adams county much
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campaign 2016 news, caught in a tight race, republican congressman mike kaufman is pushing away now from trump. he's the first republican congressman in the country to have a tv ad with an anti-trump message. kaufman says he's offended by trump's tone, but the ad doesn't mean that trump won't have the support later. >> so would you come out right now and say that you will not vote for donald trump come november? hasn't earned my vote. >> kaufman said he did it because the district he represented. a diverse constituency made of up hispanics and muslims. trump and his running mate pence will rally in iowa and wisconsin. still, pence says
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stand with donald trump and we're shoulder to shoulder in this campaign, my friend. >> trump made a series of missteps. a pair of polls shows clinton pulling ahead of trump nationally. she beat him in three key states. time for weather and traffic every ten men minutes on the four >> looking at the denver area on the south and west side about town that you're getting rainfall this morning near highlands ranch. you need to get a few sprinkles that aren't showing up on satellite and radar. northeast, better near holy oak and into the south earn side of the state, or south western, i should say we have heavier spots nears telluride.
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rainfall. there's slow moving storms coming up. we talked about this a moment ago. flash flood watches start for those areas in blue and it goes into el paso county and down south. joel rio, how is the drive. >> it's looking good. here's a look at highway 36 and wadsworth. there's reports of slow traffic as you can see with the headlights eastbound, but at wards worth, it's -- alan as we look at the metro picture, slow spots at highway 36 and there's a stall at denver west. >> joel, thanks a lot. a video of a tornado tearing through a community in florida. the storm caught on surveillance camera. this is nassau county in northeast florida right here. you can see part of a truck get
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other things like trash cans and ladders went flying and as a result, there's 8 containers hurt. tornado knocked down buildings in new orleans. tons of thousands of homes and businesses lost power. lauren bail reports. >>reporter: it's a site many folks in new orleans have never seen. >> it's unbelievable and an am confirmed an ef-0 tornado touched down in new orleans. >> i was standing across the street and the winds kicked up to 60, 70 miles-an-hour. i saw rotating tree debris and yelled tornado. >> the wind was so strong, the wind was picking us up. >> this was a situation that we reached mid-90. 97 degrees. when that happened we didn't
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that 90-degree heat. the heat rises up and the cold air at the top, it collapses so that cold air collapses down. >> the power from today's storms toppled four abandoned buildings. neighbors say those buildings have been unstable since hurricane katrina. >> i saw a lot of debris, i said what is something is getting ready to happen. >> two people suffered minor injuries and the impact of power customers, more wide spread. energy has restored power to tens of thousands of homes. >> we're going to try and get this cleaned up as quickly as we can. the power lines are going to be cut, but we're going to secure the area to make sure everybody is safe. >> while those living in the area didn't welcome the storms din energies, they said it did the neighborhood a favor by
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needed it. >> monsoon season continues to reek havoc on phoenix. the valley of the sun is getting sheaths of -- many people's homes are flooded and some homeowners say the damage could have been prevented if a nearby drainage ditch were better maintained. that ditch is on federal land, but it's not clear who is responsible for maintaining it. people are reaching monda is happening. activities is a flash mob at union station and a yogi fashion show and tickets on sale now. alan is doing downward -- >> yogi like the bear. >> you get it. coming up next, a new edition of amazon and how they're taking their product to
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welcome back, everyone. in our cbs4 morning news health watch, medical experts are tracking an uptick in als case. many know it as lou garrett disease. 16,000 cases of the debilitating disease was idened that's up 1,000 from the year before. experts say the increase likely just reflects better detection methods, not a surge in the number of actual cases. there's new hope in the fight against zika. researchers at walter reed who tested a vaccine on monkeys say it offered protection to the animals. zika is spread by mosquitos and can cause devastating birth defects. the
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testing on humans. there's memory loss -- researchers in china found it may be even more effective when combined with drugs. ford is issues safety recall on a 180 -- 130,000 thousand of vehicles. several models from the past 4 years have a defective side door which may unlatch while driving. dealers are going to replace the latches for free. here's the list. 15 c-max in ford escape and the 2012-15 ford focus and the 2015 mustang and lincoln mkc and the 2014-16 transit. you want to talk your dealer. 40 jet liners will help -- amazon had issues with the
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plans to use fedex and ups partners. new video shows a woman stuck in waist deep mud. carol walked onto this drained lake in virginia, to save a couple of animals, but she ended up needing rescue. >> my dog saw a goose and ran after the goose into the lake. well, the dog and the goose got stuck. caused this goose to get stuck in the mud, i not only needed to rescue my dog, i needed to rescue the go too. >> well, the dog and goose got out on their own. caroly was able to -- time for weather and traffic. here's miss lauren.
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rolled through early on. we may get sprinkles and there's rain in the denver area. we have descent rainfall to our west and the eastern plains and down into our south earn corner, we've seen rain this morning. as we zoom in, mainly to the south and to the west side of town naer englewood towards golden, you'll hit rain. as we head towards our north eastern area, it's clearing. the south western corner of the state -- and even near nucla, descent rainfall. this is going to get more wide spread and we're looking at the potential for heavy rainfall. we have flash floods into place. into the crystal and front range
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flooding warnings. flash flooding is a concern today. we're looking at our models: there's moisture still left and these are slow movers. looking at our future cast, we have a chance of more rain. mainly off to our west. denver will get a break, but this afternoon and evening, some of that rain rolls through for us and it could get very heavy we're worried about street flooding. ore night it can continue and tomorrow morning, it's to the northeast. scattered showers and more storms possible into the evening hours tomorrow. eastern plains, you can get heavy rainfall. 61 in denver and greeley. 59 in boulder. 65 in burlington. 46 in leadville and temperatures today still on the cool side. 72 degrees in denver. 76 in greeley. and 77 in burlington. for your 5-day forecast tomorrow, we warm back
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weather next week. he's i-70 and kipling. it's a nice drive on this part of town. there's a stall slowing things westbound i-70 at denver west. and as we look at the rest of the metro wide picture, no major accidents to report. there's an accident at broadway and blake. thanks joel. with so many renters in denver, some say landlords are and not do -- some are taking advantage of that situation and not doing work on their property. >> we look at renter's rights. >>reporter: yolanda mac cloud is making due at an apartment in aurora. her husband and two kids used to live in denver's park hill neighborhood. >> my mother lives 2 blocks from where we lived at. >> she had her family and kids schools and the security of growing up there right up until she rented this house.
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noticing problems. the ceilings in the basement leaked and the water pressure weak. >> electrical going off and having to go out and flip the breaker. >> the landlord fixed some problems, yolanda says the house was hazardous. >> because i felt like maybe 1 day me and my husband was going to be gone and something was going to catch on fire. >> a safety inspection revealed a dangerous condition exist in when denver environment health came out, they found numerous code violations and an electrician says the service panel was a fire hazard. >> we felt it was our live and our kids lives if we let it go. >> yolanda notified the landlord and asked for repairs. when nothing was done she withheld $400 out of the rent. >> we ended up with a 3-day
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it's okay to withhold -- in these states she could have paid for the repairs and deducted that from the rent. but in colorado, she was at fault for not paying her rent in full. >> there's nothing regulating a lot of these important issues. >> andrea floor works for the advocacy agency 9:00 to 5:00. they did a survey of renters in the denver-metro area. >> we collected 1,000 surveys. >> they found the barriers that renters face include rising cost of rent, rising application fees, unlimited background checks and maintenance issues. >> you're complaining about maintenance issues. you could just get evicted. >> that's what happened toy londa. she went to court hoping to plead her case. >> the judge told us, you do have a case, but there's nothing we can do because you didn't pay the $400.
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her record and the hardship of finding a new place to call home. suzanne mccarroll, cbs4 morning news. bills to strengthen renter's right on the state level have failed in the past. well, advocates are looking at what can be done at the local level. arapahoe basis one step closer to a big expansion. the u.s. forest service approved a plan for the white river national forest. it includes a new chair lift, and morin ter immediate terrain for a basin. making. four service managers are reviewing it and giving it another green light. >> the service -- they have three or 4 months to go through, hopefully later this year, november, maybe we're going to see a final record of a decision. >> this is an expansion of 300 acres. it includes a summer zipline, course on the mountain as well. there's a 4-day period
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where people can submit information on that proposal. with soaring prices in the metro area, many low income families are struggling to buy homes. one high school student decided she could help. she built a modeled house. it has a tiny living room. hanna knows a family couldn't move in here, she's donated it to habitat for humanity to raise money for homes for low income families. >> i really like it. not even like it, i love it. >> i love how she's proud of her work. >> hanna wants to study structure engineers in college. >> we're at 5:51. george zimmerman back in the news. here his 911 call after a fight breaks out in a florida bar.
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short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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welcome back. let's look at what's happening outside this morning where it's cloudy here
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cloudy side as well. we're looking at the chance of more rain later today. let's check out our satellite and radar. western side of the state is where we have heavier rainfall into the parts of the san juan. south eastern corner -- in the denver area, again not much for us. a few sprinkle and light rain to begin the day. we have flash flood watches in place for guard field county and towards the front range mountains -- the burn scars, you have to be careful. mud slides slides could be an issue. we could get heavier rainfall. let's check with joel. >> here's a look at i-25 southbound coming into town. it's looking nice. these are the rules as the north side goes, there's the rest of the drive.
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side is starting good. highway 36 westbound and federal, that's looking nice and wide open for now. alan as we look at the metro wide picture, slick conditions around 285 and c-470 as you're heading through highlands ranch. be careful when the sun comes up. >> joe, thanks very much. george zimmerman in the news. an altercation at a restaurant in florida over the weekend. police released the zimmerman who was ask -- 911 calls yesterday made by zimmerman who was asking for help. he was talking to those about shooting travon martin -- a white male said you're bragging about that. he punched zimmerman in the face. zimmerman says the fight started because the person recognized him and the man has not been
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17-year-old martin and he was found not guilty. >>reporter: a centennial man who shot and kill a doctor and wounded two others set to make a court appearance. details coming up at 6:00. >> a tragic case. not too bad right now, but look at the clouds. we could be
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good to have you with us this morning. this is the news at 6:00 was we keep an eye on a
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going. lauren is looking at your weather ahead. >> i heard a boom. >> a tornado maneuvers through new orleans and it left a heap of damage behind. a look at the mess. >> we have a celebration as the olympic torch reaches downtown rio. we're looking ahead to tonight's opening ceremonies. i don't think we're the only one. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. a lot happen this friday. congratulations to making let's find out about the friday's forecast. >> we have a cloudy start in denver. a few showers around town and we're expecting heavier rainfall to roll in. flash flooding is a concern for us. we've had these in some years for the past couple of days but it's more wide spread and the front range and along i-70, you can see. if you're any -- if you're going hiking, be extra careful because the ground is


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