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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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going. lauren is looking at your weather ahead. >> i heard a boom. >> a tornado maneuvers through new orleans and it left a heap of damage behind. a look at the mess. >> we have a celebration as the olympic torch reaches downtown rio. we're looking ahead to tonight's opening ceremonies. i don't think we're the only one. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. a lot happen this friday. congratulations to making let's find out about the friday's forecast. >> we have a cloudy start in denver. a few showers around town and we're expecting heavier rainfall to roll in. flash flooding is a concern for us. we've had these in some years for the past couple of days but it's more wide spread and the front range and along i-70, you can see. if you're any -- if you're going hiking, be extra careful because the ground is
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flash flooding and rock slides is going to be a problem. here's joe. >> here's i-76, highway 285 and c-470 are nice and wide open. but there's a couple of travel problems. a case of a beloved -- the accused shooter is expected face a judge after many delays. jaime leary has more on this tough story to report on. jaime. >>reporter: good morning, britt. despite his outbursts in court and very vocal opposition to his public defenders, in june, kevin was competent to stand trial. this morning, he will appear before a judge for his preliminary hear. an important piece in the court proceedings.
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enough evidence to proceed to trial kevin lions. he faces one count of first-degree murder. he's accused of shooting and killing a centennial doctor and shooting and wounding two women. one is his wife. the victim's family and friends have been present for the court proceedings. the events unfolded in a quiet neighbor on april 4th in lion's front year. he killed -- the docto stop lions from shooting his wife elizabeth lions. the second victim a woman who was a neighbor was shot while trying to help. since those april 4th shootings, lions has been in jail at the arapahoe county jail next door to the justice center. he'll appear right here this morning at 9:00 a.m. for the preliminary hearing. jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. a parker man asked two
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before he tried exposing himself to those kids. it happened on clubhouse drive. officersapartment before he tried exposing himself to those kids. it happened on clubhouse drive. officers say the kids were 8 and 11-year-old. the man started to take off his pants, but the children were able to getaway. police say the man is between 30 and 40-year-old. he has darker skin or tanned skin as described. he was wearing black gym shorts and shorts. sexual a -- investigators are releasing detail it's. neighbors say that area is often busy. >> there's always soccer games going on right there and people being active, you know. it's a good environment. >> just kind of shocked. >> police think the attacker was possibly hispanic in his late
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and he was reportedly driving a dark green van and it had tented windows and a crack in the windshield. time for traffic every ten mens on the fours. >> we have rain on our western side of the state. it's clearing as you head towards the northeast. in denver we've had a few showers and some left in the foothills and down into the southeast. we've been talking about a lot. we have flash flood watches in please for the western slope and even into el burn scar areas need to be cautious because we can get heavy rain. if you get rain, there's a chance for that to be heavy. a break this morning and the rain rolls into the foothills into the early afternoon. the rain could get heavy as it moves through. temperature this morning, 62 in denver. 59 in lineman. 45 in leadville and 69 in grand junction. jonathan reporting
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will be a soggy one and he's seen an inch of rain since yesterday. we're in the 70s today and rain comes later this evening. joe, what's going on. >> it's a nasty looking accident at broadway and blake. you can see police have closed down one lane in east direction. so it's one lane getting by, but you traffic as we're looking for towers to get on scene, as you can see with that blue car, an airbag deployed. let's look at the maps and the drive down 6th avenue. speeds in the 60s and 70s and it's going to take you 6 minutes from sims to i-225 and alan as we look at the metro picture, no major accidents or stalls to report on the highways which is a good start to the rush hour.
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greeley is recovering from the west nile virus. this is the first reported human case in weld county. doctors treated 10 people for west nile last year. protect yourself from moss key to and drain standing water from your house we cannily. an effective zika vaccine may be on the way this morning. researchers at walter university tested it monkeys -- we're going to have an update on the fight against zika in a few minutes. it's a mess in new orleans after a power storm hit the city and it created sites like this one. >> i'm freaking -- i'm freaking out. >> i would be too. a tornado toppled trees and took out power lines. four buildings believed to be abandoned collapsed. the storm also damaged many cars.
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being restored. but it was out overnight. a stash of stolen guns and ammunition is stolen. it happened at 48th and banick. the thief grabbed ammunition and -- campaign 2016, trump could be planning two stops in our city. here's looking at junction and pueblo. trump visited denver and colorado springs last friday and he claims he and his running mike pence are on the same page. but pence is splitting from trump endorsing john mccain and paul ryan and carol -- all who trump has yet to support. >> he came to me and he asked me would it be okay and i gave him total my blessing. >> both trump and pence will spend time in wyoming and wisconsin today.
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republican now taking shots at donald trump. he's running for reelection in a toss up district in colorado. his new tv ad calls out his party's nominee. >> people ask me, what do you think of trump? i don't care about him. >> kaufman says he's not ruling out supporting trump, but he will likely support the libertarian candidate for president. kaufman says he never expected the tone of the republican primaries to hillary clinton is attending fundraisers today in washington dc. and she continues to take the opportunity to chip away at trump's business records. >> everything he has made he's made some where else. he hasn't put americans to work. >> kaine sat down with o'donnell and he's trying to swash the e-mail scandal. >> she said i made a mistake. i've learned something and i'll do it differently.
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event in wisconsin today. the olympic torch reached downtown de janeiro. it's now torn the city before reaching mile high stadium for the opening ceremony of the games tonight. we'll go live. here's a live look inry row rio where the preparation has been -- here's a lo american tourist are happy to see all of the security. >> my antenna is up, but it's nice to see the presence here. it's what i would expect at an olympics. >> most members of team usa are in rio including swimmer michael phelps. he'll carry the flag. the american women beat new zealand and they're going to play france. it includes
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golden high school. you want to make new plans if you want to hangout at the boulder reservoir. it's going to be closed tomorrow and subbed because of the third iron man -- the race is effecting roads including folsom street and arapahoe avenue. there's plenty of other things to do this weekend. it's your last attend the summer jazz concert series. rain or shine on sun. we hope it's going to be good. things looking positive from 6:o 8:00 in the evening and the denver art museum is free. next up on the cbs4 morning news, car hackers say they can hijack brakes. we have info on a ford recall this morning of 830,000
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
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welcome back. let's outside in the denver area this morning. we have plenty of cloud cover. there's clear sky out there, so we have a little sun peeking through. we had rain roll through. we're going to great a break across the front range and more possible later today. looking at the front range, a couple of spots in our eastern plains, you're seeing that fizzle out as wellment but more possible later today. it's going nicely. it's on the western slope betwen nucla and delta and montrose, we have heavier rainfall and scattered rain showers and gunnison. you may get heavier rainfall in you get the storms that develops. this goes from
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central mountains and teller and fremont county and el paso county and down south. we have soaking rain that's going to roll through. the flash flood threat is higher. looking at our future cast. scattered showers to our west. they'll be activity across the front range and plains. the bigger stuff to our west through the morning hour. the heads -- that heads over into the denver area. we have pockets of rain in the high country. in denver, evening, and that will continue overnight tonight. we have rain that will develop into our south western corner. some places could get descent rainfall. and tomorrow morning, more - rain on the eastern plains could get heavy. even still into the southwest out to the eastern plains, that could be heavy rainfall. 62 in denver today. 62 in akron to start the day. 63 in burlington. 45 in leadville and 69 degrees in grand junction. temperatures
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75 in boulder. upper 70s out east and in the high country, areas in the 60s with 68 in fresco. 69 in gunnison. 81 in grand junction. for your 5-day forecast, we warmup. back to the 80s and a chance for storms as we showed you. monday, it's dryer and on the warm side. let's check with joe aria. good morning. >> here's a look at spear and stout. denver is the hub for the trouble spots. we're working an accident at broadway and blake. but here's what was happening at spear and stout, a crash had blown out the light so in fact, there were flashing red. now thankful leaf it looks like the lights are back on. as we look at the rest of the metro wide picture, there's no major accidents or stalls to report on the highways which is a good sign. >> that's great news for a
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jeep hackers can apparently take control of your brakes and dish is dropping sports from one of its bundle. hanna daniels is live for us in new york. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, britt. stocks are on wall street barely moved on thursday. technology stocks were higher. oil prices rose for the second day in a row. and that -- the dow lost 3 point and the nasdaq rose 6 partnerships and right futures are pointing up. a pair of hackers who showed they were able to kill the engine of a jeep cherokee are able to take control of the vehicle entirely. by slamming on its brakes, speeding up or turning no matter how fast the car is going. the hacks -- dish network is offering a less expensive way to watch cable tv but with major channels missing. the flex pack starts
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but it won't include espn or main network channels. you'll get 50 basic channels like amc, tnt and fxx a mcdonald rolled out a dessert bar and customized orders at kiosk. it's apart to boost sells. useers the key ones are are getting unlimited fries. no word if this will move to other cities. >> fries dipped into ice cream is a legacy. >> whatever gets you through. a story out of georgia. twin 15-month-old girls are dead after being left in a backseat. high temperatures in georgia were in the 90s yesterday.
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autopsies are going to be condud today to determine the exact cause of the deaths of aerial and alon north who turned 16-month-old yesterday the day they died. officers found him dipping the two toddlers in a kiddy pool. a neighbor was bringing ice packs to cool of girl's off. the girl's mother was at the hospital from a recent car accident. president obama is urging congress to move quickly o zika virus, but they went home on break without doing anything. the president's appeal -- health officials declared one part of that so-called zika zone clear of the virus now. 15 cases so far have turned up in florida. and still no big announcement on a starting broncos quarterback. gary kubiak says he'll wait and see
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that game is thursday in chicago. are you ready. he was upset with his team's practice. >> we improved from yesterday, but we're practiced in 70 degrees. we should be moving around good. they're responding and we need to find their consistency. >> yesterday, this is the first day off and a lot of people get body work and your muscles is loose, so you're sore tissue massages and coaches will never understood that. we bounced back today and had a good day today. >> we have you covered in training camp 2016. check out the notebook from our broncos insiders. >> we have a way to win concert ticks at styx. they play with the colorado sim know knee monday, august 29th. 62 degrees in denver. let's find out what
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reporting. >> alamo 57-degree. the best rain they've had a long time. heavy rain possible. we'll talk with that and what's happening across the country after the
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welcome back. looking what's happening across the country outside and this is a live from our photographer eddie castro. a gorgeous sunrise this morning. we'll see more cloud cover today with a chance of more rain. let's look what's happening across the country. great picture, eddie. we have storms out in the east. we have this area of low pressure in line of a cold front that's going to move through. they get and northwest. a big break-in minnesota in the 80s today. hot with a lot of monsoonal moisture in desert southwest. that's what we're getting. the monsoonal moisture headed our ways. no delays and all lots open at dia. let's check with joe aria. >> here's i 7 -- here's i-70 and 270. on the way to the airport northbound and southbound are
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as we look at the drive, southbound coming into town, speeds are in the 50s and 60s. it will slowdown and it will take you britt about 9 minutes to get from 120th to i-70. >> joe, thank you. a ford safety recall to tell you about. managers say about 830,000 vehicles have a defective side door that may unlatch while driving. the effected models including the 2013-15 c max and ford the 2012-15 ford focus and the 2015 mustang and lincoln mkc. and the 2014-16 transient. internet speed is faster than ever. teams are averaging 42% faster than last year and 1,000 times faster than dial up. remember that thing. xfinity has the fast test speeds and
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shoppers excited about plans for a second ikea in colorado in broomfield near highway 7. there's the land. they'll be building it there. hopefully in a couple of years they say. ikea fans north of denver like the idea of not having to drive to the south of town. mayor brookfield says he's been keeping it a secret. it calls the store a catalyst. they're trying to develop in that area.
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,, narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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hey, good morning, everyone.
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a beautiful start to the day. cloud cover already hanging over the mile high city. some people across the state could deal with heavy flooding and heavy rain. it's all going to ramp up later this afternoon. >> let's get to lauren who is the element. do you think it's going to be raining? >> i think there's a good chance if ed greene has to come up here, it could be heavy rainfall. let's outside this morning. it is gorgeous in denver right now. a little rain early this morning. a beautiful cloud and a break-in some of those areas so there's blue sky. satellite and radar, most of the rain on the western slope and into our south western corner and to the southeast and in the east is clearing. a chance for heavier rainfall later today and flash flooding concerns are still high. we'll talk about that in a moment, but first
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>> here's dry creek. both sides are looking good. that may change as we move into the meat of rush hour. i'll give you your full report coming up. another day from the bastille truck attack. pierre passed away bringing the number of people dead to 85 in that attack. he lived in eastern france and he had been vacationing with his family in nice. people are hea the death of a centennial doctor. we could learn if there's enough evidence to send the accused murderer to trial. jaime leary is live picking up the story for us there. good morning, jaime. >>reporter: good morning, britt. he's been very vocal in the courtroom raising questions about his mental health, but he was deemed competent to stand trial. 46-year-old kevin lions will appear before a judge before his preliminary hearing.
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including one count of first-degree murder and he's accused of shooting and killing his neighbor. a well-known centennial doctor and two others. one of the victims, his wife. the april 4th shootings stunned the normally quiet community. coming up at 6:45, we'll explain why today's hearing is so crucial in the proceedings. live from the arapahoe county justice center, jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you. a colorado spring office certificate on the otherid the law. david is accused of racketeering and money laundering. that is all of the detail out yet from investigators. we do know he turned himself into the doug co jail in castle rock. he worked as a lieutenant with the colorado police department for several years. he had a warrant out of adams county. a rough start for those here
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the nose gear failed and people posted pictures of the southwest plane on twitter. another plane took the passengers to atlanta after a delay. 7 people are now homeless after a house exploded in vernon connecticut. new video this morning shows the damage. take a look. you can see apart of the roof on tact, but the home completely demolished. three people made it out, but emergency crews had t medics took all seven people to the hospital. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the explosion. doctors are treating a man after denver firefighters rescued him from a burning home. this happened in 1477 south concern eefr yesterday afternoon -- this happened in
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clouds. we had rain earlier. it feels nice. a coolness in the air. so just a great view of our city this morning. the clouds are going to fill in later today and we'll have the chance for a little bit more rain coming in and by a little bit, i mean a lot of bit. we'll talk about that in a moment, but great news from copter 4 and looking across what's happening across the state. rain in denver cleared out and showers on the eastern plains and the foothills. south our san juans getting light rain. but north of nucla through grand junction and through colburn and rifle and the glenwood canyon area, you're going to hit rain. checking out our models. this is a short range model through tomorrow night. into the central mont could get hit with heavier rainfall. here in denver, this is on the high side, but we could have heavy rain fall today and tomorrow at times. let's look at our flash flood watch. because of the rain and we've
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south western area of the state, so the ground is saturated. we're in this monsoonal flow and there's subtropical weather headed our way. we have to watch out for flash flooding and burn -- mud slides, the whole brook. we have to be careful. we have mostly of that rain to our west. it gets more wide spread as we head into the -- early afternoon hours and here in denver, it may not be until still going strong in the high country. damage to the is the western corner and more rain possible. the -- more storms possible evening in the eastern plains. you may get heavier rainfall tomorrow night. we're starting off with 62 in denver. 64 in ray. 55 in avon. 65 in grand junction. on the cool side.
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birchler and 81 in -- warmer on sunday and by monday we're back in the 90s. let's check with joe. >> good morning, here's a look from copter 4. this is colfax and i-25. you can see the cars are move nice and smoothly through there. it's quite -- it's quiet and a nice drive. this is i-270. you can traffic at westbound i-270. it's difficult of a drive. britt, we're starting to fill in. thankfully we have no major beings to report. thousands of bikers will roll into the famous biker rally in south dakota this month and that's why cdot has a biker safety campaign. you may have seen these signs along the highway reminding everyone to watch for motorcyclist. people
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surge to post photos of how drivers and bikers are staying safe. the campaign runs through the 31st. 63 motorcyclist have died in crashes so far this year. the -- he's out of the lost more than a year. he's continuing treatment. the dog nation hockey foundation posted this photo of him with his wife amanda on the dog nation facebook is a great picture. repertoire burns over 90% of his people. he can speak again and walk out of the house. that crash killed the pilot and injured one nurse onboard who is back at work. >> unbelievable recovery. we're a few few month -- wheat river national forest
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new chair lift and more intermediate terrain. people are excited. >> the forest service has three or 4 months of process that they have to go through still, but hopefully later this year, november, perhaps we're going to see a final record of decision. >> we'll be able to expand into the beaver which is a tremendous amount of fantastic skiing. >> ski season is around the corner. work could begin next year if the final approval is hande it a basin. you have a lot of places to catch music. brett sanders breaks it down in our concert calendar. >>reporter: the festival including -- a band getting popular. the front man and guitarist for fish is the vertex
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legendary guitarist jeff beck and blues man buddy guy will share the bill at fiddler's green on sunday night. there's a lot of live music happening and you can find more at it's a stuff job and somebody has to do it. the denver zoo has video of vets giving new lion cubs a health exam. the animals arrived last month from garden city kansas. you can catch them in the benson predator ridge exhibit right there. bend and flex and twist and >> the cubs bigger than those working on them. coming up next, a plane over shoots a runway and crashes. and a look ahead to the opening olympic ceremonies in rio. the final preparations underway. here's michael spencer with an update on the rockies. entering yesterday, the colorado rockies had won the series with the dodgers, but if the rockies want to make the
6:41 am
sweeps. they had an opportunity to do that last night, but would have to do it without cargo. he rolled his ankle. more on him in a minute. there's a great grab, but crashes into the wall. he would stay in the game, but would be lifted later. bottom four, david, he's been sensational. cranks this to center field. his third home run of the season. his first at coors field. he's hit in his -- everybody having a good laugh. top cory with a solo shot. that would tie things in two and later in the inning, tyler would give up a 2-0 triple. rockies found 4-2. what's the deal with cargo. >> i feel pretty confident that i'll be in the line up tomorrow, and put -- this isn't the first time this happened to me, so i'm sure it's going to be sore for a couple of days when i play, but the more i play, it's going to
6:42 am
pre-mayor myself to play a game everyday. >> rockies will continue their home stand and continue a 3-game series with the mets later
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welcome back on this friday morning. we have cloudy skies and it has been rain in ridge way. how beautiful is this view from look out mountain. it's nice. looking from the
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blue skies. we have wet weather across the state and more rain possible. mike reporting 46 degrees in silver thorn. he says it's cool and wet. we'll talk about that rain in a minute. joe, how is the drive? >> it's looking okay. there's a trouble spot at 10th and garrison. xcel is doing repair to the lights. it's going to be a both streets are closed. later this morning, we'll give you alternates as it has popped up on copter 4. let's look at 2235 southbound. you're going to see speeds in -- let's look at 225 southbound. you're going to -- as we look at the metro wide picture, one problem. there's a stall on the ramp from eastbound 70 to havana. [indiscernible].
6:47 am
beloved guy. jaime leary has more and [indiscernible]. >>reporter: the delays in his case came after his mental health. his defends didn't fight -- today's court proceedings will continue. 42-year-old kevin lions will face a judge for his preliminary hearing. as preliminary hearing is important today because judge is going to determine if there's enough to send him to trial. many of the victim's family and friends have been present for the previous proceedings. the events left the normally quiet community stunned. rye on accused of killing the doctor as he attempted to stop -- the second woman a neighbor was shot while also trying to help. lion faces
6:48 am
count of first-degree murder after deliberation. lions has been held without bond since the april 4th shootings. he's expected to stand trial today at 9:00 a.m. jaime leary. a warning about a man exposing himself in parker. this happened on clubhouse drive. officers say the 8 and 11-year-old second level outdoor landing. the man reportedly started to try and expose himself. the children got away. the man has darker tanned skin and wearing black gym shorts, tennis shoes and a blue shirt. people are cautious at a denver park following reports of a kidnapping and executive sul
6:49 am
people are staying vigilant around there. >> i'll keep an eye out for anything unusual. >> try to be more alert. >> police described the attacker as a hispanic male with long wavy black hair and a goatee. he was driving a dark green older model van with tan interior, tented windows and there's a crack on the windshield. there's -- rate is staying at 4.9%. more americans look for work. nearly all of them were hired. trump's work in colorado is far from over. he's coming to grand junction in pueblo next tuesday. trump visited denver in colorado springs last friday. trump and running mate pence will have a unified -- they
6:50 am
pence is endorsing ryan and kelly -- trump won't. he was sharing video of an 11 putting pence on the spot in raleigh. >> you've been kind of [indiscernible]. >> i couldn't be more proud to stand with donald trump and we're shoulder to shoulder in this campaign. >> clinton is attending is made some where else. he's not put americans to work. >> clinton's running mate tim kaine sat down with cbs o'donnell. he's trying to squash the e-mail scandal. >> i screwed up and i made a mistake and i'll do it differently. >> he's talking about what ought to be done. he's holding a campaign event in wisconsin.
6:51 am
damage. there was an 80-mile an hour tornado that touchdown yesterday. it damaged trees and power lines and buildings. no one is seriously hurt, but they have good stories to tell. >> it was -- and then the big boom. >> the wind was so strong, the wind was picking us up. the damage happened in and around the city 7th ward. this was an area hit hard by hurricane katrina in 2005. new aerialeo flooding from hurricane earl in belize. it's all over the place. high waters have those stranded. tropical storm earl pushed over the gulf coast today after drenching rains in northern guatemala. this cargo plane skidded off the runway in rio airport. its nose busted through a fence and onto a highway. no one is hurt.
6:52 am
new from overnight, the olympic torch leaves downtown rio de janeiro. touring the city before reaching the american stadium for the opening ceremony. tonight, a live look in rio. people hitting the beaches. the water looks pretty. you know, things may be turning around. finishing touches down on a new subway line officially opening today. months ago. most of team usa is in rio right now including the most decorated olympian ever. swimming michael phelps who has to walk around with 22 medals and it has to slow him down. he'll carry the stars and stripes at tonight's opening ceremonies. >> i'm honored to have the opportunity to do that is incredible. >> soccer games are already
6:53 am
have beaten new zealand and they play france tomorrow and you can join olympic fans for a watch party in denver, the sheraton downtown has a celebration tonight. it starts at 4:00 and it will include somba dancers and they'll be a -- they'll be a festival. the direct flight to belize city will start in march of 2017. it's an international during the busy season which is from march 11 through april 22nd. gary kubiak is happier with his team's effort. he's hoping to continue that today for day 8 of training camp. all eyes on the quarterback position and the winner of that may have a new favorite target. tight end green had a great day yesterday. especially in the red zone. green is in his 60s out of
6:54 am
year. >> he's a red hot player. you make a bunch of plays in a red zone. we got a little program. we've been trying to keep his healthier than he has been in the past. >> it makes you feel great, but what will make me feel great if i go out tomorrow and did it again. for me it's about consistency, and that's the biggest thing i got to accomplish. >> you can join training camp. is the way to get there where you can watch the players. the broncos mvp is welcoming people to denver enter national airport. >> howdy, welcome to denver. this is von miller, mvp of your superbowl champion, denver broncos. we're happy to compete for another title. the team appreciates the support from the fans across the nation and we're
6:55 am
year. go broncos. >> grow broncos. that was von miller. what a better way to remind those they're in broncos country. >> let's hope the panthers quarterback will be walk-through there -- he'll knock him clear into the other terminal. >> weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the fours. >> we had rain showers earl yes. we have a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover. looking at heaviest of the rain is on the western slope. there's some good wide spread rain between nucla and grand junction. looking at our flash flood watch, a big concern on the western slope down to the southwest into our central mountains and el paso county because we could see heavy rain fall. we're tapping to the sub tropical moisture. if we get rainfall in your area, there's a
6:56 am
includes the denver area and that continues overnight tonight through tomorrow morning and we could get heavier rain in the southwest. tomorrow, more rain possible and that can be get heavy. 62 in denver. low 70s, 72 in denver today . 73 in lineman. 67 in fresco and for your 5-day forecast, tomorrow we warmup and we could get that heavy rain. let's check with joe, good morning. >> here's a look at xcel is trying to repair the down traffic lights and also some down power lines as well. so just take kipling to colfax. that's the way to get around it. alan and britt, as we look at the rest of the metro wide picture, we're filling in. but no major accidents. i want to introduce you to keso. she's precious. she's hugging her handler on the couch. she's a sweet dog who
6:57 am
>> a kettle dog mixed born in 2
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good morning, clinton's running ma thinks trump is confused. >> president obama gives his first response to questions about the $400 million cash payment to iran. he says talk about ransom belongs in a spy novel. the director of the olympic opening ceremony addresses reports he will feature super model in a skit described as racist. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your


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