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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  August 6, 2016 12:37am-1:15am MDT

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a weather alert: storms rolling in for the weekend. it's quiet now, but the weather is about to change. edsfaz greene is in -- ed greene is in the weather center. >> it's not show showing us a whole lot. some scattered showers, a few sprinkles. and that's about it. but as you look to the south, much heavier rains
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if you're not in this flash flood watch area, you haven't seen a lot of rain until you get down to the southeast where we've seen a lot of rain. a lot of moisture still streaming up over the state, a lot to come our way. so there's a lot wawork with. tomorrow two,:30 in the afternoon, heavy showers and storms across the front range. this is just gonna be slow going for this moisture to arrive. and severe thunderstorm outlook now shifts to the southeast gun for some showers and thunderstorms as well. right now just a few sprinkles, and that's about it. things do change this weekend. a former police lieutenant from colorado spends time behind baufrps is -- bars, accused in a major ring that sold counterfeit
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>> reporter: this ring set up at least 24 companies that would get shipments sent to this and another ups store. they would come here, pick up the goods, and take them to be sold. >> counterfeiting is a big problem, and it's not just in sports apparel. >> reporter: these men have been charged as an organized crime ring. mark was the leader. he david henderson years ago. he'd selledt goods at the flea mart. henderson was responsible for paying wire payments to counterfeiters in china and bringing back the goods to be sold. he told investigators he knew what he was doing was wrong, including having all of his family members make payments to china. >> there were a lot of folks involved in selling broncos merchandise as well as other
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apparel. >> reporter: investigators believe they were supplying smaller sales separations throughout denver. for a decade, the ring sold $800,000 worth of counterfeit goods before being shut down. >> it is a crime. it certainly has an impact on our tax revenues. >> reporter: henrikson retired from the colorado springs department about a year ago. he told i he know what he was doing was wrong but he didn't make any money off of the ring. all four men involved have turned themselves in. a man in the hospital after getting shot on i-70. police say the victim was travelling eastbound to kansas when a blue honda sedan pulled up beside him
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50s remains in critical condition. authorities are working to figure out a motive. new developments in a wild shootout in downtown denver last weekend. police said there were 100 shots fired. investigators say there were many, many more. stan bush live furs tonight >> reporter: this is a humongous issue. more than 200 shots were at the ok corral, only 30 shots were fired. imagine that each one of these reese's is a bullet. this is about how many shots were fired last saturday in downtown denver. >> reporter: this downtown block turned into a war zone. we heard tat tat, tat. is that fireworks? >> reporter: james was across
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members open -- rival gang members fierpd on each other, gunfire sprayed throughout the block. honest took shelter in area bars. returning 12 hours later to, see how close they were to the violence. >> i noticed them taking pictures move my car, and i'm, like, is that a bullet hole? oh, my god, my car got shot! >> i have ten bullet holes on my car, and my windows are shattered. >> reporter: one man was killed and another injured who walked to an few details, released we know the gang members involved were armed for battle. investigators say the hundreds of shots fired were from 18 guns used on the scene. investigators have not said exactly what type of guns were used to create this amount of firepower. and no additional information about the suspect is known. stan bush, cbs4 news. a man accused of shooting
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kevin lyons is facing numerous charges, including first degree murder. at a preliminary hearing today, a detective talked about interviewing his wife. she told them her husband "just snapped", and started shooting at her. her neighbors tried to help her. dr. atkinson was shot in the head and died. turmoil in a place ever peace. this week a number headstones in a longmont cemetery were knocked over. the vandals were caught on camera. >> reporter: the city was founded in 1871 by a group of people from my hometown, chicago. and it's very possible that their graves are among those that were disturbed here. >> reporter: what happened here may have been done for fun. but that's not how police see it.
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an emotional damage. we call it defacing property. >> reporter: a camera captured pictures of those suspected of doing this at 3:30 in the morning. some have already been identified. for those with family members buried here like christie griffith, the vandalism is far more than just tipping over pieces of granite or marble. >> not that they care about the stoern itself, but person that it represents, their loved one that's buried t mother, grandmother, or maybe one of those who settle the this city. >> i think it's deeper than that. because it's -- i guess because i feel like it's hurting someone personally. >> reporter: the penalties are usually small for juveniles. though the damage can be great to the families. >> it could be some emotional impact on them. neb likes to see
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their loveed ones disgraced like that. >> reporter: police are asking if you recognize anyone in the surveillance pictures, contact them. cameras caught this marijuana using stole knowen credit cards. he is a hispanic man in his 40s, wearing glasses with jeans and jewels on the back pockets. this is the news with campaign 2016. donald trump appeared in two midwestern states today, wrapping up what mrim analysts say was the worst week of his campaign. new polls show hillary clinton making inroads against trump three month s beforeelection. >> reporter: donald trump used his appearances today to try correcting some of the campaign mistakes that hurt him this
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[ crowd noise ] >> reporter: he endorsed paul ryan after refusing to do so. >> paul ryan, good man. he's a good man. >> reporter: he did the same thing for senator john mccain. >> i hope in the high -- hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. >> reporter: he also criticized the media for an incident in which he forced a woman and her crying baby to leave a rally. >> i was only kidding. you can >> reporter: he claims he was only kid. >> i've heard so much about that beautiful baby. i don't throw babies out believe me. >> reporter: new polls show hillary clinton has a 7-point lead nationally and polling ahead in several battleground states. clinton is playing defense regarding his e-mail scandal. she tried to clarify xhefrnts she made over the weekend, that james comey said
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about her use of a private e-mail serve ever. >> what i toll the fyis consistent with what i said publicly. >> clinton acknowledged many americans don't trust her, sayre she recognizes that she has work to do. new video of an attack on the 16th street mall. >> literally that chaotic out here now. >> why the man who recorded it blames denver police for the ongoing violence. bi a woman tries to clothes and trashes her home. a new twist on the dine and dash. this romeo leaves his deeds to pick up the bills. and a denver police officer run down on the job. >> no rain across the north. lots of rain across the south! this begins to move up. we'll see a little sunshine early. tomorrow, 3:00, heavy showers and thunderstorms along the
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>> the weather maybe cooler but the rockies are trying to stay
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mirror evidence of violence on on the 16th street mall. video shows men knocking that person out. howard nathan spoke to the person who recorded that video. >> reporter: terry darnell looked out of his apartment window boost 16th street mall. >> this is where it happened in the night. >> reporter: two men clobbered someone and knocked him out. he says violence like this happens just about every other night.
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away, and they just began chasing him in a circle. >> reporter: confrontations will sometimes happen during the day. the incidents are eye-opening. >> it's somebody who's just walking around with a crowbar, and he's shouting, and just picking a fight with whoever makes eye contact. >> reporter: he also noticed that after police announced weeks ago they'd beef up patrols, the police are not spread out as they have been. they bunch together near places to eat. >> we would like to see more one person on each block of the mall would be just fine. because to see the police officers hang out in a huddle is when the criminals know they can take advantage. >> reporter: terry has no idea if the item and the arc sailants from wednesday night know one another. he does think making eye contact is so risky, he has 911 on speed dial. >> it's like siri, 911! it's
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officers are seen huddled up in group, and the chief expects the officers to patrol the mall. cargo planes off a runway ended up on a nearby highway. this was the scene in northern italy. plane was arriving from paris. the pilot lost control, crashed through a fence of the 737 with the cargo plane. a woman rummaging through a family's home while they were asleep. this happene morning to find their home had been ransacked. they checked their security video and saw that woman there, wearing base match-up, tried on their clothes, made food for herself. >> it comes reality alive --ally alive at night when you close years. any time you close your eyes, the video of her walking down the hallway is so
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she charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and possession of methamphetamine. happening now, the search for a smooth criminal conning his dates into paying for his fancy dinners. this woman says she was on a dating website, plenty of fish. he initiated the conversation after a few messages, they decided to meet at the moren's steak house. >> he ordered a lot of food. [ laughter ] >> he was -- looked like he was really enjoying himself! and when we got near the end of the said he had to go make a phone call. >> about 15 minute afrs that, she realized he wasn't coming back. she was stuck with the check, she post herd story online, start hearing from other women who had similar experiences with this same man. a rainy night in the metro area. >> our doppler 4000, no rain
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scattered showers, maybe a few sprinkles in denver. but that could change. lots of moisture work its way into the state. southeastern sections of the state, lots of lightning down there. in the last 15 minute, 182 strike, very heavy rains. a flood advisory until 10:45. and the rest of baca county until 11:30. and they've cut it down for portions of utah and arizona. but you can see the four corners area, for a flash flood watch until midnight tonight. hour by hour. some of those showers just missing the denver area. by tomorrow, partly cloudy skies to start the day, a little sunshine, that'll destabilize the air. that'll get those storms going. and is by 3:00 in the afternoon, some could be heavy along the front range. they remain heavy as they move out to the border area. sunny, the same deal, subtow partly
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the going home rush hour, showers and thunderstorms once again around the area. cooler air behind this frontal system, only in the 70s today. showers and thunderstorms over the southeast, and up into the new england area. everybody else, pretty good high pressure. 76 and 75 our highs today. this is just 1 degree cooler than yesterday. 75 so much we're maintaining those school temperatures. 89 would be normal. 89 the record 101 years later, the record low of 48 degrees. from our weather watchers, 60 in bailey, southwest lakewood 72, in arvada, 74 degrees. everybody below normal, pleasantly so. a little breezy, southeast 17 for the wind. 65% humidity. a steady
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here's from fog from william. and a hummingbird in the picture as well! temperatures for tonight, mostly in the 50s and 60s over the eastern plains. 40s higher up. out west 50s and 60s. and for tomorrow, starting to warm it up just a little. 70s, 80s, near 90 over the southeast. 60s and 70s for the mountains, out west temperatures in the mostly in the 80s. temperature this is way for tonight, aew storms, 62 and 60, tomorrow showers and thunderstorms by the afternoon with a high around 80 degrees as we start to warm it up. sunday look like more of the same. only we get to 85. monday 88, and then here we go, back into summertime, with 90s for tuesday and wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, income weekend, just isolated storms and temperatures about normal. >> looks pretty good. thank you. truly remarkable recovery. today we're getting our first look at the uniform that a denver police officer was
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dmaur 2014. it's evident of his -- car in 2014 of it's evidence of his extensive injuries. >> reporter: the box that contains his clothes is marked fatal accident. >> as you can tell, a lot of this was not from the paramedic cutting. >> reporter: he was on his bike on colfax after protecting students prestidging police. >> i watched that video more times than anybody else and it able to do it. >> reporter: he doesn't remember the car driven by a man having a seizure plowing into a group of officers and dragging him half a block. he does think the helmet saved his life. >> the visor barely got clipped there. >> reporter: the rest of his injuries were so bad, it's clear he wasn't expected to survive. >> this is a complete artificial remade skin grafted.
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open his leg to relieve swelling. these pictures show a man broken and torn. he is now helping other injured first responders with his adsit strong organization. >> i feel like god kind of called me into this role of stepping up and being the voice for individuals that either weren't willing or didn't want to talk about what they had gone through. >> the organization will have its second annual rise 5k saturday september 17th at
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55 the rockies can't make the playoffs this weekend. they also can't be eliminated. but the rockies play meaningful baseball past july. that's a big deal. rockies three back of miami in the wildcard stands. iwhich i ro two -- rockies were shut out until the 8th. a marns opened the door for david dahl to extend his hit streak to 11 games it. seemed like the rockies might get one of their biggest wins of the year. a 3-1 lead, not safe. carlos estevez was a disaster in the 9th. he gave up 4 runs. enriquez fall 5-3, and a game below .500. >> command obviously wasn't
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really -- not real sharp and then settles in. usually he works his way out of those types ever messes. broncos when it comes to this quarterback competition, there are very few opinions that matter. mine is not one of them. but in my opinion, trevor siemian had the better day of practice this morning. overall i think mark sanchez has had the better but i'll admit with the two constantly switching back and forth from the first team to the second team going against the first team defense, and then the second team defense, it's hard to appropriately judge each good and bad play. but putting both of them in all these different situations as good test. >> that's part of the job. still gotta execute, know who you're playing against, playing with.
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how many timeouts we have? this is 1st down, or 4th and 1, game on the line? can i afford to fit a ball in or this is a situation where we got a field goal in the sfwhak and once you show that consistently, that's how you become a starter in this league and play for a long time. speak have gone playing for a long time, peyton manning has a lot of time on his times suddenly. he grew up in new orleans and stopped in that dolphins camp to see his former despite manning still living here in denver, we have not seen him stop by broncos camp. that's not surprising. he's not one to want to cast a shadow over the current q.b. competition. >> pate peyton was last year. this is a new team but the same goal. and we gotta get past that peyton manning year. we're trying to find ourselves a
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it's been a long three years for the cu seniors. the buffs hoping their 4th year
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four fwreeks tonight, we'll be showing -- weeks from tonight, we'll be showing highlights. college season around the corner. this will be year no. 4 for coach mike mcintire. there have been steps season, but his overall record of just ten wins and 27 hosses nothing to brag about. a lot of losing for this group of seniors, something they want to change. >> we're a close-knit group. we're tight on all fronts. we're a lot more vocal as a team. the coaches are having to do less and less in terms of motivating and everything. we know what needs to be done, and we won't be satisfied unless we win this
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that's the main statement right there. >> will the buffs win enough to make a bowl game? poll results say nope! but there is a chance that a lot of ccircumstance u fans got a hold of that.
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? ? sc johnson time nar picture of the day! >> this is a hummingbird. she looks concerned, like she's watching something. she's watching the kids! two of them in the nest! they're too big, when they're gonna leave the house? [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching.
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>> coming to you from hollywood, it's economics unleashed with your host, byron allen. michael junior, stephanie, and sebastian. and now a man who once placed second in a by alike contest, byron allen. >> that's it. that's my boy. all right. thank you. thank you. that's very kind of you. welcome to economics unleashed.


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