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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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an athlete is dead after being hit by a car during a triathlon in boulder we are live in boulder tonight and what have we learned about the victim >> reporter: well, cathy, we know the ironman community is still in shock after learning a 34-year-old michelle walters of nebraska was killed. family members tell me that she had vowed some concern about -- voiced cycling portion of the event just days before the race. other athletes in boulder agree. >> ([ audio difficulties ] >> but when news spread that the 34-year-old were struck and
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were shocked. officials responded to a bike/car accident. they found her. jamie crawford rode by the accident and calls the aftermath upsetting. >> family members tell us this was walter a's first inside the cones. >> reporter: and we know this, walter was going to come to become a nurse, and leaves behind a young son. alcohol is not being considered a factor in this crash but the cause is still under investigation. no word yet if that driver will face charges changes are coming to a denver police department.
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this comes after complaints after lack of accountability in the department and a bias against minorities. it's the first time they have tracked information regarding stops in 14 years larimer county will step up its efforts to fight the west nile virus. howard nathan tonight. officials are asking residents to do their part to protect themselves. >> reporter: you know there are a couple of things we be can all do. for example, standing water, that's a breeding ground for mosquitoes. if you haveany standing water, pour it out. at nights it's okay to wear long sleeves because you don't want to turn yourself into a
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this is what carries the west nile virus. >> ehad pretty bad flu like symptoms. he was out of work for at least two months. >> they will will begin to kill them this week. >> we try to do our best not to have to spray every year. >> she says sprayinggiing monday and wednesday night after 8:00 in fort collins. that's when the mosquitoes are ready to bite in larimer county this year but we know there is a 3 to 4 week lag in the reporting. there is also water in denver. >> we have a larger case count. we have no idea why. we wish we knew where we could probably prevent it a little bit better. >> killing them means spraying. communities will have concerns.
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>> the community meanwhile will spray at night. >> it would take quite a bit of ingestion for it to affect you. we think spraying for mosquitoes is okay as long as it's not in the middle of people's neighborhoods. >> reporter: but they have to go where those mosques might be breeding. keep in mind a couple of other communities are spraying for mosquitoes that might have nile. don't forget, a product that has deest should help keep you from being bitten by a mosquito that has west nile virus. >> thank you after days of unsettled weather, more storms rolled across the front range tonight. we saw some rain and lightning in the metro area. in san miguel county, mudslides measured up to 2 feet.
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the highway are closed now. we are live in colorado's weather center. some part of colorado really got hammered this weekend. when will they dry out we a drying trend happening right now. a different story, though, southwest. take a look here. these from southwest colorado, several weeks worth inches in a big area. we have unfortunately seen some mudslides. here's the upside. this area has been approaching drought conditions and the rain certainly will help. now, where we missed out was frt range and along the urban corridor. we have some abnormally dry conditions in the foothills. a few showers out there right now. one or two sprinkles rolling through the metro area.
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just sprinkles. we will take a look at the exend thed forecast in just a little bit and see if we have anymore chances of rain on the way. >> thank you new information now on a double homicide in adams county. two people are in custody tonight. two of the victims died. they have not yet been identified. we spoke with witnesses who describe what happened. >> reporter: shortly after midnight sunday, four village mobile home park near i76. two men were killed. >> it was pretty scary. it was a crazy moment. >> reporter: a neighbor says he was babysitting his nieces and nephews when eheard the gunshot. >> i saw somebody laying in the street. >> reporter: he says the man lying in the street was his friend. >> he was the one victim who
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didn't see. >> reporter: he says he and friends were outside drinking at the time when another group of people started causing trouble. he said his brother and friends intervened to help their neighbor. >> it was maybe 15 to 20 away from me. >> reporter: deputies have not said what they think led to the shooting. a few hours later, they arrested two men who they say are responsible. a 24-year-old and another 24- year-old. each now face murder charges. cbs4 news the search is on for a
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he then made purchases. he also spent $100 at a starbucks. he's described as a white male possibly of cuban descent some sky divers put their skills to use today after the plane caught fire. the sheriff's office says the plane's i didn't know burst into flames shortly after taking off. 13 sky driverrers were on board at window. they decided to jump. >> the first guy out, he didn't get a response from the pilot. he's like i'm getting out of this plane immediately. i'm like i'm following that guy. i'm out. >> yeah it was scary. at the moment, i was like, okay, this is what we have to do. go. go. go. the pilot was able to safely land that plane tonight was supposed to be the first night of the nfl
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cancelled the last minute mishapwith the turf. nd of e >> this is a crazy auto -- a crazy thing. trouble with the field, meaning they will have to wait until thursday for preseason football. the new field was laid down but the paint in the middle of the field had gotten too hard. you can see offis losen it up. they ended up cancelling the game, saying player safety took the precaution there. the hall of fame saying they will refund money for tickets. it cost them $4 million. we will have more on this and the upcoming broncos preseason game tonight well the colorado state patrol honored one of of their
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car. she died last fall when a drunk driver crashed into r on i- 25. the ma?xn who hit her, eric henderson was maintenanced to eight years in prison a boy dies on the world's tallest water slide >> plus, did he try to commit developing tonight, hughes answer are calling their government hypocritical a shark's impressive stunts surprise a group of fishermen what's left from some evening thundershowers over the foothills now passing over the city. this is just a few springs.
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n is dead after an accident on the world's tallest world slide. the park will be closed tomorrow as the death is investigated. the 10-year-old is the son of a texas state lawmaker. he died on that water slide. the park is not giving any specifics about the child's death. >> we obviously don't know what has happened. that's why an investigation, a full investigation is
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comforted knowing he believed in our savior, jesus ." >> now that former a scientist has been excused -- executed, they confirm he was hanged. he was convicted of spying after he provided the enemy with information. he was once considered a back in his jail cell after a trip to the hospital. the media quickly questioned whether it was a suicide attempt. but he's told prison officials he hurt himself after falling out of bed. back in june, he was sentenced for six years in prison for the shooting death of his girlfriend well the olympic games are underway in rio. the event is not only about
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in brazil, that can be colicated especially when it comes music. par. >>reporter: when you ink of rio, it's hard not to think of a party. the opening ceremony but brazilian culture on display. many people are she only saying the festive chorus. >> this song -- relationship with the government state. >> reporter: he uses his music to criticize the government. he says it's hypocritical. >> the people are prohibited to listen to funk. >> reporter: much like american
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in the country. >> equipment has been burned. >> reporter: activis are fighng for fu be open to everyone. >> they are hoping the opening ceremony is progress. >> in they started a shark jumping out of the water. -- spotted a shark jumping out of the water. >> wow. hold on. hold on. >> the fishermen estimate that shark weighed over 500 pounds. he broke off the line after a
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how well the u.s. has done the forecast now, what's going on, chris? it's beautiful behind you there. >> yes look at this double rainbow. when you get the rainbow, the bright colors there, if we can get the sunlight to reflect in the raindrops twice, then you get that double. the double is much less wright and the colors are verse -- reversed. 78 at the airport, 63 down in almow sa. grand junction near 80 at this hour. we have 63 degrees in --ment still tracking a few things on
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across the state. a few sprinkles passing through the metro area right now, . down in the mountains, maybe a little bit more of moderate burst of rain here and there in that vicinity. futurecast showing those showers continuing to roll on to the east. they want to form one more little batch of rain in the western areas of the state but if that happens, it will fade as it reaches the front range. i think we just wake up tomorrow to there is a chance to see that fog once again. we had some pretty dense fog this morning. that could happen once again tomorrow morning. as we get into tomorrow afternoon, it's much dryer across the state but as usual this time of the year, a few thunderstorms will popup. i don't think they will break your plans. looking ahead for the week, we will be watching this trough of low pressure. it threatens colorado by
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front through here and knock our temperatures back. what used to be earl going up the western coast of mexico. if it can get this far north, there is a ch cewe could have some moisture. we hit the 90s today and started out in the upper 50s. a w 40s in the higher at here's the five-day forecast for denver. other than just one of them strange storms rolling through, it's a couple of hot days ahead. if that trough can pass us, we will courtroom back a little -- wool back -- cool back a little bit. not too much coming our way.
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good, actually. >> thank you today, at -- donald trump squared off with the father of a muslim soldier who died in will combat. we spoke with a couple hon. org all service -- honoring all service members regardless of their religion. >> the one thing we can enjoy is our freedom. >> they shared with great pride. >> reporter: but on this day, johnny and her husband are here to thank other soldiers, men and women they do not know. >> we e looking for a symbol that was different. >> it's a response from a colorado man urging others to thank those who fought and died
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what their race or heritage. >> honor one grave that's different from you as a fellow american. >> reporter: he came up with the idea after seeing a captain killed in the line of duty -- the father of the captain killed in the line of duty speaking at the convention. >> this is about who we are as americans. none of that stuff really means anything. it's the people that are here that are important. nothing portant tap. >> reporter: laying flowers and saying prayers is just a gesture from this couple. >> we fought for what we believed in and we need to take that time to recognize them and to thank them in our own way. history at coors field
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find out next. ,,
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there it is. his 3,000th hit.
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this afternoon at coors field. just the 30th player to ever do. the number the rocky was concerned about was the number 5, as in winning their 5th consecutive series. in the 1st, gives up a go-run double here. put up four runs in the top half of the first. then in the 4th, that would make it 8-1 and would end the day he lasted 3 and two-thirds. in the fourth, to the center. then in the vaning, nolan at it again. rockies fall 10-7. >> more than the number itself, but you saw my teammates come out and how hoppy they were.
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it's not about just the 3,000 and what i did. it's about the teammates and the fans. >> the guy is into. they want -- the crowd is into it. they want to see the hit. i'm just out there trying to do my job. if egets a hit -- if he gets a hit, he's a super cat and that's what he did. hope you guys -- >> not too much to ask for. seems fair. afr retiring from basketball. he's 41 and announced today he will play his last game on friday at yankee stadium, then become an vieder for the -- add adviser for the club. he's barely played recently and was hitting just .204. >> the broncos will release their depth chart tomorrow.
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it's subject to change before the fist regular season game. nonetheless, everybody wants to know who will be the number one qb. kubiak not tting out out. -- not letting it out. >> i want guys to be aggressive. you now, i can tell you right now -- you know, i can tell you right now, as a coach, when plays get extended, some of his de better. so that's something we're working on, you know, but i want him to be aggressive, go make plays, you know, obviously the responsibility of protecting the game, you know just the ball, but protecting the game is part of their position. >> so essentially, how interested are you in broncos' preseason games. 45% saying very interested. certainly hot to watch -- lots
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and we will have you covered from chicago on thursday night i'm very interested >> there is a lot to watch ,, ?
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chris is back. >> that's our picture of the day. >> we have recycled this here. the double rainbow. >> when you see a rainbow the sun is always at your back. if you didn't know that, you know it now. >> the bot of gold is at the end. >> we hope to find that. >> overall, get ready for the week ahead, back into the 90s to start your week out.
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brought to you by burg simpson. >> the following is a special presentation of cbs4 sports. it's august and we're talking playoff baseball seriously. the rockies are red hot. did their series winning streak continue? >> and from down under to a mile high, a special aussie sitdown with gastis. >> plus two former cu buffs have their eyes on bold in rio. >> i've -- gold in rio. >> i've never won golden medal, so i really want to medal in my career and i feel that the olympics is as good of time as any to get 1. >> on your mark, get set. autonation all access starts


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