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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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last night and there's the shower action over morgan county you saw on the city cam. we'll have clouds mixed with sunshine. we call that partly sunny. we'll have 73 by 9:00 a.m. 84 by noon and the high today should be 91. another hot day, but we'll have showers and thunderstorms popping this afternoon. most likely after 2:00 for most areas. at least around the denver-metro. let's see how that morning drive is joel hillan is keep an eye on that. >> taking a look in the high country on i-70. there's an accident at georgetown blocking off the right lane. alan, that's going to cause delays westbound along i-70. >> breaking news this morning from afghanistan. a computer outage -- this is breaking news in this country. afghanistan in a minute.
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filled with delta passengers going nowhere. jaime leary live at dia. let's check with in, jaime. >>reporter: good morning, alan. the power outage in atlanta causing problems. chatter at dia is picking up now that people realizing the 6:00 flights aren't going to be leaving. one of many passengers -- good morning, tell me your name. >> sharon miller. >> a h many people here. tell me how this is impacting you? >> it's too long and too involved. you don't want to know. >> what has delta told you so far? >> not really anything concrete. it could happen today or it might not happen today. you're free to buy another ticket and they'll refund your ticket. >> that's it so far? >> yeah. >> that's all i know. >> i wish you the best of luck. i'm sorry about the issues this morning.
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other airlines. many passengers wondg why there wasn't a plan in place. here's the board for departures and arrivals and delta says on the computers they're showing on time, that's not correct. delta said expect large scale delays. make sure you're checking the status of your running. jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you very much. it's interesting. if you look at flight denver, it says delta flights are on time, but they're not. an american and australian have been taken captive. five gun men were in afghan military uniforms abducted the pair yesterday. the two were taken from their suv while driving on
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a 34-year old man is dead after she was competed in a cycle -- she should concerns days before the race. >> other iron man triathlons athletes agreed. >> i felt it was [indiscernible]. of signs up stating that this event was occurring today. >> when news spread that 34-year old walters was struck and killed along the course, many were shocked. csp responded to a car verses bike accident near highway 36 north of broadway street. there, they found walter's hit during the cycling leg of the event. a 112-mile loop. >> it's one of the safest
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>> he calls this safe. >> it's devastating. >> family members tells us this this was walter's first triathlon. the accident happened within the course, it's unclear if she was riding within the cones. time for weather and traffic on the fours. dave is tracking the monday's forecast for us. hi. >> 67 degrees. a few clouds out there. it's getting lighter closer to sunrise at 5:34. as you get going, we have cloud cover out east. so if you're travelling from the west side of town later, that may help with the sunshine glare. that is moisture for thunderstorms later. we'll get a break midday with sunine andhe thunderstorms start bumbling up. 20% chance for us.that will remain tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. 88 in fort morgan.
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and in denver, we should make it to 91 degrees. so a warm day and another stormy afternoon. nothing really has changed even though we have a new week. we'll look at the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. hang tight for that. let's see how traffic is shaping up. joel hillan is watching things. >> we're getting an accident at gun club and state highway 30. we're going to watch that. that's in the aurora area. let me show you the cbs4 mouse trap we have volume on the roadways. it's darker. we have the headlight on and be aware that the weather is nice. we're going to have a lot of cycling or on motorcycles so be aware. it says state highway 30 and gun club near e-470. that's where we have the big accident. there's residual construction going on near 285 towards colfax. watch out for that. there's an accident in the westbound direction of i-70 through georgetown.
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hopefully that will get cleared up and moved out of the way. we're going to replace that construction with cars and congestion so we'll be tracking that every 10 minutes on the fours. >> thank you for that. denver's largest open space area opens this morning with a lot of fanfare and it comes with trails and opportunities to see wild life. cbs4 shawn chitnis is live at buckley road and 6th avue where this is. shawn, the sun is barely rising, but >>reporter: britt, good morning. where i'm standing here on the south and i can't even see where this open space ends so that gives us a sense of how big this is and how much of an opportunity it will be for the public once it opens later today. city and county officials are going to be here to celebrate that opening in just a few hours. and as we've been saying, there's nothing quite like this because it's the largest of its kind in denver.
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a place for all a for the public to enjoy. this is going to give you access to green valley ranch and park field. we know there's plans in place for other trails and i'll be able to go onto in the future. almost 200 acres at this one open space and we're approaching that space an hour from now when it's best to see the wild life including bald eagles in the area right here at this open space. live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs4 in >> shawn, thank you. a 10-year old boy was killed while riding a slide in kansas city. the water park remains closed as people mourn the loss of the child. caleb schwab died yesterday riding the sclitterbahn. it's the tallest in the world and featured a 168-foot drop. the son -- he
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statement saying since the day he was born he brought abundant joy to our family and all of those who came in contact with him. it's supposed to be the first sunday of nfl football for the season. folks were ready, but minutes before kickoff, the game in change canton, ohio was cancelled. >> [booing] >> that's what they got. so players say it would havebee. they try -- they try today loosen it; but it was too late. the nfl cancelled the game because they thought it wasn't safe for the players. those who made a trip to ohio wasn't happy. >> what a joke. the cheerleaders can go out there and cheer but you can't do the players, really. that's okay. you don't care about the girls
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>> i think everyone is disappointed. i think they should have been better prepared and they should have checked the field sooner, but safety comes first. it is what it's. >> nfl fans will receive refunds. those who attended did at least get to enjoy a hall of fame concert and they met with the players for autographs, but no football. this is the week for broncos week. your broncos opened up -- kickoff in chicago is at 6:00 p.m. mountain time. >> a lot of attention around that first game. 67 degrees in denver this morning. >> we have guidelines starting today when it comes to e-cigarettes. coming up, how
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,,,, ? ? ?
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an issue this mning that may effect survival rates researchers in arizona report men with cancer who do not have health insurance are 88% likely to die. poor insurance may lead to deadly complicating. new federal regulations for e-cigarette -- one restriction
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those under 18. high school and middle school students are drawn to e-cigarettes by curiosity and friends who use them. new research suggest that scars ovaries may play a role in fertility problems. mice were tracked -- scarring hurt their eggs. they hope the findings lead to treatment that -- people of mexico are
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storm earl which came across belize and into the eastern coast of mexico. landslides buried homes after 18 inches of rain hit in some areas. some of the winds were up to 80 miles-an-hour there. the mud was up to 2 feet deep in some spots. the road reopened after crews worked with cdot. >> dave, it came down. >> we have rain in morgan county. looking at this as we look to the north earn horizon. sunrise is at 6:04 this morning. so that hasn't happened yet. you can see the rain shafts coming from the bottom of that cloud. you mentioned mexico. i thought i would track the tropics to give you the latest coordinates on where this storm is.
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140 miles from cabo san lucas. the projected path has it going up the west coast of the baja. it's going to be rough down there. by monday, noon, it should be off the coast here by tuesday. it will be inland off la paz and thursday morning, ight it should be in the central heart of the baja there. the moisture will get caught up in the flow and we could see showers and thunderstorms in south western areas of the united states from that storm. at looking like this. 66 in akron. 57 in meeker. out there in western colorado and john kirkpatrick, our weather watcher coming in at 56. the air quality is moderate. some of the rain has helped to wash things out. we had a few sprinkles south of metro area down to colorado area where they had hail. before 11:00, they had 1 inch diameter of hail and thunderstorms coming from grand junction into westeolorado.
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sunshine and then get back into the flow of showers and thunderstorms. around this high pressure, we have heat and moisture coming in southwesterly flow. that's how it played out. a break by noon and at any time after 1:00, or 2:00, we could see thunderstorms pull oust of the mountains and move into the eastern plains. a 20% chance of storms in the forecast. temperatures, 70s in the mountains. high today, 91 degrees. isolated storms this one tomorrow with late day thunderstorms. but wednesday, thursday and friday, we bring it back down into the 80s with a chance of storms each and every afternoon. joel, 83 and 81 looks comfortable, doesn't it. >> it looks seasonable. this is i 75 and dry creek. it's nice and wide open through the bridges through the tech center. not the case as you make your way north of i-70. on the approach to that, we've got
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slowing eastbound along i 78. look at this, all these cars that we have streaming into downtown -- you can see the express lanes making their way into town. we've had slowing along eastbound i-270 and overnight construction picked up along c-470. i-225 looking nice and wide open. there's an accident along highway 30. you can see road 30 and there's joel, and this is causing delays. copter 4 is going to be launching here the next quarter hour. i want to takeou into the high country. anccident westbound of i-70 towards gorge town, we've seen slowing. passed georgetown towards bakerville, you'll have slowing.
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department. they're collecting racial data after complaints of lack of accountability in the department and a bias against minorities. police chief white told the denver post says the information will keep the public informed. it's the first time the department collected racial information regarding traffic stops in 14 years. cruises in the larimer county is going to -- mosquitos tested positive. howard nathan lls u what health officials protect themselves against the virus. >>reporter: this mosquito carries the virus and it sickened this man's coworker. >> they had bad flu-like symptoms and out of work for 2 months. >> now, larimer county will kill the queue lex this week. >> she says spraying begins monday and wednesday night.
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when the mosquitos are ready to bite you. >> 3 cases -- we know there's a 3 to 4-week lag in our case reporting. >> what is it about fort collins that allows the -- there's also water in denver. >> we have larger case count on a regular basis. we have no idea why. we could probably prevent it better than what we're able to do. >> in communities that get sprayed. >> it last for an hour in the air. >> the county will spray at night. >> the chemical levels are minimal. it will take quite a bit of injection for it to impact you. >> we think spraying for mosquitos is okay. >> that's howard nathan reporting. loveland and windsor sprayed some areas because of the virus. the west nile problem should pass next month.
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coming up on september 10th. now is the time to sign up to help. xcel energy set up projects ranging from landscaping to meal prep. they need 3800 volunteers to fill each project. >> we have 165 communities in colorado. let's bring together volunteers, families, employees, kids, businesses our customers and let's figure out how to improve colorado. >> day of services, september 10th from 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning and you'll find a link to sign up at the day of service paige at colorado state patrol honored their own at the douglas county fair over the weekend. people placed roses on a patrol car for trooper jaime. yesterday, they did that and she died last fall when a drunk driver crashed into her on i-225.
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retired army colonel is,, ,, narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility
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but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... but michael bennet steps in reporterthe globalhten. agaizika bins here, at the cdc's researcnter in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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welcome back. and good morning. >> there we go. look at that. looking at look out mountain. you can see clouds and rain way out there in the distance as sunrise is just getting a handle on happening. 6:04 is when that happens. we do -- as we get going this morning, dave aguilera in for lauren whitney, we have a few showers that showed up on the picture. way morgan -- and sterling and it's cloudy. thunderstorms run for us this afternoon. by the 20% -- about a 20% chance on the front range. 89 in fort collins and boulder today. 81 in evergreen. 91 in denver and joel hillan, normal highs is 89 degrees so we're a few points above normal for this time of year.
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that's in town. this is highway -- state highway 30 in gun club road north of jewel and east of e-470. we'll take you out and this transition is called pogo. appropriately named in georgetown where there's an accident in the westbound direction. if you're getting in your car, you can turn to and 94.1. nathan adrian and michael phelps took gold in the men's 4 by 100 freestyle relay in rio. and one of the guys couldn't hold back tears at the medal ceremony. that will get you going. overcome with emoti.n he helped teammate michael phelps
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each new medal for phelps means a new record. michael phelps ims the butterfly. president obama kicked off his vacation at martha vineyard by hitting the links. he reached a milestone on the greens yesterday. his 30 #0e round of golf as president. the a white house historian. as he reaches the end of his term, the prident is revealingis gf handic. mr. obama tel t lfhannel, he's an hont 13. way to go. 64 degrees in denver. i'm not going to ask you what yours is. don't worry. >> you wouldn't want to know . still ahead on the cbs4 morning news, we have big trouble for delta airlines. jaime is live.
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delta ticket counter. we'll have the latest coming up at 6:00 on cbs4 morning news. >> we'll report live. breaking news out the afghanistan, an american, one of two people kidnapped. how they were taken, next. after a hot air balloon crashed in texas, 16 people were killed including a mother and daughter from colorado springs. this morning, we're finally getting insight into what caused that balloon to go down. we have the details ahead. are you back to work today, what the
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good morning, everyone. this is the news at 6:00 a.m.
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breaking right now, all delta flight was grounded worldwide because of a system outage. we're live from dia. >> and five gun men kidnap an american and australian in after -- in after gaf stan. we'll see how hot it will get. i'mlan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. moreno. we're dealing figure out when this is going to happen. hi, dave. >> hi. there's a little rain out there way in fort morgan in that area. you can see it there on our look out mountain camera. a beautiful start. sunrise at 6:04. temperatures in the 60s.69 west, 68 degrees to start this morning and on live doppler 4000, there's the rain weld county,


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