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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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breaking right now, all delta flight was grounded worldwide because of a system outage. we're live from dia. >> and five gun men kidnap an american and australian in after -- in after gaf stan. we'll see how hot it will get. i'mlan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. moreno. we're dealing figure out when this is going to happen. hi, dave. >> hi. there's a little rain out there way in fort morgan in that area. you can see it there on our look out mountain camera. a beautiful start. sunrise at 6:04. temperatures in the 60s.69 west, 68 degrees to start this morning and on live doppler 4000, there's the rain weld county,
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for the denver met troer area -- denver-metro area -- 91-- 91 degrees. joel hiln have a look at drive. >> there's a couple of trouble spots. there's a quick glance at the drive times around the denver-metro area. southbound coming into town false returns along -- 270, there's speeds into the 40s and we have speeds ticking westbound i-76. we have trouble at airports around the world including dia. look at these people waiting. delta is dealing with a system ouge. jaime leary is liv to tell you about what's happening out there. jaime. >>reporter: it's because of a power outage in atlanta.
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be. it started 12:30 our time. the ticket agents working togetg corals and anticipating the lines will be out here. if you look around the corner, this is a common theme. people sitting on the ground. people have been waiting for several hours. delta published a waiver online. if you're flight is cancelled or delayed, that waiver will get you a refund or you have the abil ticket without a fee. the computer system w down, so peop are in the dar they don't how kno delayir t flig. famils aredeci d to family we ran into from london are frustrated and anticipating the chaos that will come. we're going to get -- we haven't been here that long. so [indiscernible]. >> what do you have to look
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going to be disappointed if you're delayed for quite some time? >> we're supposed to go to the [indiscernible] when we get back. >> in addition to that waiver if you're flying delta, we talked to southwest airlines, they're not offering full refunds for your tickets, but they're offering a discount. if you wanto take a different airline, it's a hefty price. they a discount. delta says they're anticipated large scale cancellations. jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. >> interesting. thank you jaime for reporting that. we have breaking news. five gun men wearing military uniform abducted an american and australian. it happened near
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afghanistan. they were taken from their suv. japan's emperor is concerned about carrying out his duties at 81-year old. he gave a rare message to those on national television. he did not use the words -- he could be the first japanese emperor to step down since 1817. you may face delays this morning if you're in san miguel county. we happened here and the mud was 2 feet deep in areas. parts of highway 145 are closed this morning. deputies are working with cdot to clear out the roads. time for weather and traffic. here's dave. >> good morning, gang. checking out our weather watcher temperatures. we have 66 degrees from paul are marrow. quite a bit of cloud cover. you canee clouds from denver to
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those won't make it into denver, but later this afternoon, moisture flowing in from the southwest along with the afternoon heating. it will provide us with afternoon thunderstorms. most likely after 1:00, 2:00, we could see those moving through. highs should in the upper 80s. 83 in castle rock and denver should wine up at 93 degrees and normal highs is 89. here's joel. we have copter 4 over over i the morning. the frontndf that car is crushed. there's another car underneath. i don't know if that was involved in the accident, but it's there. it's going to cause delays. southbound coming down into town, it's loaded up. headlights coming around the corner. as sun comes up, later and later in the morning, be aware of cyclist and motorcyclist out there. i-270
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we've got work that's going on the shoulder of 6th avenue from i-70 out to indiana and that's as you're coming down the here. watch out for that. we have an accident on highway 30 right at gun club to the north of jewel to the east of e-470. heads up in summit county, cre arevelling starting a culvert and lining project between 211 and 212. majority of the work is shoulder, but crews are closing the runaway truck ramp. it's going to last from 7:00 in the morning until 5:00 and that's going to happen all this week. joel, thank you. people in the iron man community are dealing with the loss of their own. a car hit and killed a 34-year old mother yesterday during that competition in boulder. the crash happened near highway 36 just north of broadway. the driver hit michelle walters of nebraska. fellow athletes are
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gethy and live longer, and that happened. it's just devastating. >> so sad. family members tells us this was walter's first triathlon. she was going to school to be a nurse and leaves behind a young son. troopers say they do not think the driver was drunk, nor speeding. colorado state patrol confirmed to cbs4 news the crash happened within a coned area and right now they're not saying if that driver is kansas remains closed after -- caleb schwab died riding the tallest water slide. it's a 168-foot drive. he's the son of a state lawmaker. hi family members put out a statement saying since the day he was born, he brought abundant joy to
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new information this morning in the deadly hot air balloon near austin, texas. 16 people died including a mother and daughter from colorado springs. paige and her mother laura lee moved to texas. a person close to the investigation now says the pilot of that hot air balloon didn't see the power lines ahead of him. he was reportedly trying to descend through a break-in the clouds. this was the deadlie balloon crash in u.s. histories. crews in larimer county are stepping up the fight against west nile. experts trapped a growing number of mosquitos infected with west nile. crews will spray for mosquitos tonight and tomorrow in areas in fort collins. both presidential candidates will deliver speeches in detroit this week focused on the economy. it comes as clinton pulls ahead of trump in virginia
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corporate taxes from 35 to 15%. and he's also expected to $35 to 15%. and he's also expected to introo deduct childcare spending from their income taxes. >> we're comfortable we can get the agenda and the native to the campaign back to where it belongs which is comparing the economy under obama and clinton verses the kind of growth economy that trump want to build. >> clinton will talk about her economic plan on the motor city on thursday. it will be will give today. >> how many different people does he want to fight against? we're fighting for job and we're fighting to improve the economy. trump is shadow boxing against every person on the planet. >> reaction to that tough week for trump last week. the presidential election is 91-day away. broon chose get back to training -- broncos get back to training camp. they play the bears.
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some of the players field this is the point which training camp gets redundant. you can go up against your teammate so long. shane admits he's ready to hit somebody else. >> i know we're tired of hitting on each other. everyone knows what they're going to get from a certain person, so i know guys are ready to take on the hard work to new guy and new teams and see what you can accomplish against somebody else. >> we'll get our first look at the depth chart today and the broncos is released. no word from kubiak on the quarterback position. read the broncos notebook at degrees right now. up next on the cbs4 morning news, trip a is saying now is one of the best -- aaa is saying now is the best time for a road
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good morning, happy monday. i hope you had a great weekend. we're looking at the capital. you can see clouds in the distance as the sun has popped up. sunrise this morning at 6:04. 64 degrees to start off. a few twitter pictures of the -- last night we had light jenn sent that in. look at this picture from mike. a gorgeous double. look ahead at d-bar bore shot -- d-harbor shot this. this was taken from bluff lake. you can see the storm coming from the bottom lake. 52 in gunnison. 61 in boulder. 66 at dia. dawn is our weather watchers in johnstown and he has
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air quality is moderate. breathing should be easier today. we had a few showers late sprinkles south side of denver all the way down to colorado springs. last night, the north side of colorado springs had 1 inch diameter of hail last night with a big thunderstorm there. already we have a line of boomers from grand junctn to craig, so that's a good sign that moisture is flowing into the state around this big high around there's a cold front going through wyoming and the two systems are funneling moisture and heat in the colorado for today. you can see it play out on the future cast, forecast, by noon thunderstorms in the mountains developing and out west, we have those kicking up. and by here at 2:00, we can see the storms moving into the denver-metro area. 80s and 90s along with 70s in the mountains. denver's high should be around 91 with isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. hot again
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back down to reality to the 80s wednesday, thursday, and friday, but each day isolated thunderstorms. copter 4 over this action. this is right along state highway 30 at gun club. just to the east of e-470 and you can see a motorcycle down, we're working to get information on injuries as apart of this. no word on that. but the investigation into this does continue. it was a car verses motorcycle accident. you can see the motorcycle down. to make it through. traffic unable to come straight through. watch that intersection if that's apart of your commute. you might want to find a way around that. e-470 right along here, you have state highway 30 that curves down and you have gun club road and jewel along here. jewel is your best alternate to get around that accident until they clean it up. 're across the denver-metro area, a couple of other trouble spots we're watching. they're doing road work along 6th avenue
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morning. we've got another accident as you travel along i-270. this is in the eastbound direction. it's off to the right shoulder. typically we see heavy volume this time of day. we could see curiosity slowing in the westbound direction. i-76 is loaded up. in the high country, we're work we're working another accident at georgetown. good news at the pont. now there's a country banning pokemon go. hanna daniels is hi, hanna. >>reporter: good morning. stoce higher pushing the nasdaq to record highs. the labor department says the u.s. economy added 253,000 jobs in july. a second strong game indicating a healthy economy. on friday, the do gained 191 points and the nasdaq added 54. futures pointing up. planning to hit the road before the summer is over.
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gas price was the lowest in 12 years much the average price is $2.12. pokemon go is banned in iran. iran is the first country to ban pokemon go saying security concerns. other countries have expressed worries over security-related issues. the decision was made by virtual spaces which oversees online activity in the college kids are making tasty withdraws. pizza from a kiosk. it pops out pizza on demand for students 24 hours a day. the machine holds 70 pizzas and there's an oven that warms them up. pies cost about 9 bucks. >> hanna, thanks a lot. let's get to monday's top stories this morning. big delays at dia as delta airlines
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looking at a live look at dia where you see passengers lined up. this is what it looks like across the world at delta areas. we're going to have a live report on how things are moving or not moving at dia in the next half hour. and newly formed tropical storm javier could lead to images like this in mexico. 39 people are confirmed dead from weekend mud slides. this is video from crews. michael phelps holds his 19 gold medal. he won the relay at the olympics yesterday. he'll swim in preliminaries in the men's butterfly. franklin will make her rio debut. united states leads with 3 gold.
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medal, it's another record. 23 overall. images from nasa. it's raining on the sun. nasa explains a solar flare can cause materials to cascade in big loops they call coronal rain. that rain is made up of plaza. plasma is ironized gas if that helps. 6:20. let's find out what the weather watchers
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our son caleb was born with a rare form of cystic fibrosis.
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making it very hard for caleb to breathe. doctors told us that caleb's life expectancy was about 35 years of age. but then a new medication was invented that not only treated the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, but targeted the disease. the only problem was is that it wasn't approved to be used in the united states. but michael bennet changed that. working with republicans, michael bennet wrote a law to get medicine and treatments approved quicker. caleb just celebrated 5 years being hospital-free. he doesn't have to think about his disease every day. as a mom, michael bennet gave me a future with my son. i'm able to see him in the future getting married, graduating from college. those were dreams that we hoped for, but now i see them as a reality. i feel very fortunate to have somebody representing us that cares so much. i'm michael bennet, and i'm proud to approve this message. i'm michael bennet,
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award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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welcome back. good to have you here. we're -- we're looking at your travel forecast. the heat is going on at the southwest. 107 in vegas. dallas at 102. if there's severe weather, it's probably going to be montana into wyoming and a little pocket of round in oklahoma. could have severe weather popping there today meaning some storms might have hail. otherwise, smooth sailing just about where ever you go. 91 at denver with a few storms,
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>> we got se slow going along southbound i-270 thiss copt 4. live pictures from i-225 and yosemite and traffic is at a crawl. we're at that point in the morning commute. i-270 right to york there, and that's what's causing those delays back to i-25. it's off to the right shoulder. emergency equipment s i-70 nice and wide open and the a-line is running on time. >> that's great news. bad reviews are not stopping the sale of tickets for suicide squad. >> guess what, you die. >> i'm known to be vexing you.
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the latest jason born movie dropped to second. joel was just saying he saw this this weekend and the comedy bad mom is is at number three. the secret life of pets stayed at three and star trek rounds out the top five. a survey shows more and more people aren't using their vacation time. travel -- 658 million vacation days went unused last year and even worse, 222 million of those apparently cannot b they're gone for good. alex rodriguez is about to play his last baseball game. he's 42-year old. he's become an advise for the yankees. he had controversy for enhancement drugs. he's been hitting 201 this one, but a great career for
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coming up, delta airlines are grounded as the airline grapples with a crippling worldwide power outage. we'll show you what it looks like at dia. a live report coming up. the latest place for you to hike close to denver. a big new
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this is the news at 6:30. here's a live look inside of dia as people here are lined up after dealing with a worldwide power outage with delta airlines. we're going to talk to some of these people. hear what they have to say. jaime leary has a live report coming up in a few minutes.
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passenger or delta worker this morning dealing with the folks would have to be impatient. a live look outside this morning as we talk about the heat returning. it's warm out there for monday morning. it is august. here's dave aguilera in for lauren. >> it's a nice morning. we have a few clouds here and there, but otherwise, a great start to the week. we're looking at 64 in lewisville. inglewood, 68. highlands ranch going on. dawn is our weather watch near deer trail. 66 going on. on the live doppler 4000, theres sprinkles near leader and akron and sterling and that's cloud cover. as we go through the day, it should be 84 by noon. high today, 91 degrees. and we'll have some thunderstorms building probabl after 2:00 or so today. morning drive, we'll see in joel hillan can get you to work on time. >> we have a troublet, d spoe.
6:32 am
right jt to the north of jewel there. this is right at state highway 30. and you can see in the southbound direction, we have all that slowing on the approach to jewel's there. they're rerouting cars. that isn't our only trouble spot. we'll break that down in a few minutes. thank you. a crippling power outage have grounded those stuck in airports. delta airlines is the one struggling power outage. lines lo you can see at dia jaime leary is live for us there. jaimyou've b talking to passengers out there. they have to be frustrated. >>reporter: some are booking hotels or going back home if they're lucky enough to go home. the power outage started at 12:30 our time. delta is able to check in 3 flights so that means the computer systems are
6:33 am
that's what a lot of passengers hope. you saw earlier, the lines are empty. they have filled up. let's talk to passengers. how re feeling this morning, sir? >> i'm feeling good. >> you seem optimistic. what's your story? you're delayed. >> we're trying to get home . so we're going to catch -- we're from maui. we're heading home, trying to. >> we'll see how it goes. >> you're going with the flow. it kind of seems like. that's >> exactly. >> what have they told you? >> they said the internet is down or the website is down. we can't check in -- they have to do system checks and make sure everything is good with the plane. it's worldwide so everything has to start happening once again which is not easy, i'm sure. >> best of luck to you. delta
6:34 am
southwest is giving a slight discount on delta passengers. visit us online. jaime leary, live at dia. >> thank you very much. there's another place to get outdoor and enjoy wild life. it starts today. shawn chitnis is live near 56th and buckley. denver's largest open space is ready, shawn. >>reporter: yeah, alan. they're getting ready for the celebration now that it is going to open in just a couple of city staff getting ready at the parking lot. they'll open up these gates shortly and this is special because it is the largest of its kind in denver. about 200 acres in size. this area is a team effort between dia and the department of pas and recreation asian. -- parks and recreation. you'll haveccess to montebello, greenalley ranch and park field.
6:35 am
goes there and there's others you'll have access to. the best thing is to see the wild life that's visible at this location. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> got to love getting outdoors. let's go to dave aguilera tracking a stormy morning. good morning. >> good morning. it's stormy out to east in fort morgan. here, it's beautiful. we have sunshine starting on downtown denver. a few clouds. there's a live look at our library cam. i'll tell you what, the clouds be really helping to get some thunderstorms going this afternoon. we've got another burst of moisture that's coming in from out west that will get that going. our current temperatures are looking like this. 60s aroundhe area. 66 in stapleton. 64 in morrison. 59 in evergreen. as we look at other temperatures, deer trail, 66 degrees from dawn wheat out there, our weather watcher checking in this morning.
6:36 am
colorado but across the country, and across the continent for that matter. tropical storm javier getting ready to blast through cabo. it has 50-mile-per-hour wind. it's going to do a number on the whole baja peninsula and that moisture may make it into the flow and move into colorado. temperatures around colorado this morning, 53 in telluride. 56 in aspen. 64 in lineman. we have good air quality today . so breaing shouldn't be an is building up in the north western corner of the state. we're going to have pretty moist air moving in along with the heat of the day. we've got temperatures in the 80s and 90s all across the eastern plains including denver. our high should be 91 with isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. 93 tomorrow with late day thunderstorms. 89 on wednesday and by the time we get closer to the end of the week, our temperatures go down a little bit. we still keep the afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast as well. so joel,
6:37 am
>> just in time for that afternoon commute, and evening commute. taking a look from copter 4 at i-25 and evans this morning. look at it load up in both directions as you travel through the bridges. watch out for that. there's a side street accident. it just got moved out of the way at gun club and highway 30. and you can see it's jt to the east of e-470 in the north of jewel. we're going to see slowing. i take jewel. i-225 out to i-270 this morning, in the eastbound direction by 270, we've got an accident. that's as you get to york. southbound coming into town, we're seeing speeds slowing dow construction workon eastbound fs indiana. that's the part whe you come down the hill there, so it's hd to see along the shoulder there. they're going to do work along there.
6:38 am
city council members in larimer county. they're allowing the county to see what health officials are sending. their government e-mail accounts are accessible. steven add aprils says it's a way to make government more transparent. sky drivers had little choice when it came to a jump. the plane's engine they jumped out. th plae --13 sky divers were boy were onboard. they decided to jump since they didn't hear instructions from the pilot. >> the first guy didn't get a response from the pilot and he said i'm getting out of this plane and i said i'm following this guy. i'm out. >> it took -- it was scary at the time. it's what we've got to do.
6:39 am
landed safely. >> that's amazing. coming up next on the cbs4 morning news, a gun men kidnapped an american and australian. we're following this sto. we'll update you after the break. there's new regulatio for ex-cigartes, but first here's mike spe on the rookies. >> each with oneut. ball is well hit to right. off the -- there it is. his 3,000 hit. the 30th player in the history of this game on produce 3,000 hits. >> ichiro got hit 3,000 at coors field. the 30th player to do that. the big number the rockiesre concerned about was
6:40 am
consecutive series. he gave up 2-run double here. miami took an early 2-0 lea and never let up. miami scored 4 run inhe first. in the 4th, johnarlos dan with a 2-run bomb. that that's the it 8-1. end o the d for gray. lasted 10 hits and 8 -- arenado trying to keep the rocks in. armor nah do with a 2-1 game. the rockies fell 2-1. everyone is talking about ichiro 2-run hit. >> when you saw my teammates come out and how happy they were and how happy the fans were, it's not just about the 3,000 and wt d but it's about the teammate and tans.
6:41 am
and i'm not going to give in. if he gets a hit, it's tit for tat and that's what he did, and congratulations to him. all i ask for is a signed bat in return. so if you can relay that to him, it would be great. >> seems like a fair enough trade. right. the rockies back at it. starting with the rangers two here and
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welcome back. good morning, monday. let's get it rolling here. we have a beautiful shot here. look out there. library right behind you here. mile high showing clouds on the eastern horizon. it's clear over the city. once we get the morning going, we'll get more sunshine. weather watchers reporting tempeturesn the 50s 60s up in the cold range. this morning. 55 degre further north, we majors in fort collins. we should have a high of 91 degrees, joel hillan with a few storms after 2:00. we got slowing that you do thisime of day as -- as you make your bay through town. i-70 is slow this time of day. looking across the denver-metro area this morning, it's slowing down in the usual spots. we have construction work on the shoulder, eastbound along 6th avenue from i-70 toward indiana
6:46 am
we have a little accident off to the right shoulder in the eastbound direction of i-270. that's effecting trafficn the eastbound direionight near rk. tch out for that slow. pically as it is wesound along i-76. this is a look, a heads up ifth. you plan on using 104th avenue as crews are going to close it due to the light rail crossing right there for bridgework. the closure starts tonight at 10:00. by 5:00 tomorrow morning. that's the hope. >> fingers crossed. people cannot check in and flights are not taking off. delt power outage is causing problems. here's a look at logan international airport in boston where you can see the lines are pretty long, and it is also a mess in philadehia. this line is making its way through the airport and from this vantage point, we can't see
6:47 am
jaime leary is live at dia and people at the mercy of the airliner and they're not going anywhere for a little while it seems. >>reporter: same situation here line after line. people patiently waiting hoping their flight is called. they have called two flights. la and minneapolis which means the computer systems are working slowly. we've talked to a lot of p decided to go home if they have the ability to do so or many booking a hotel. >> i can't wait into this chaos. i came in this morning. they told me to come in to make the flight, and i came in, and pretty much the same people that were here in the lounge when i came in at 5:30 this morning are
6:48 am
front of the line right now. >> so a lot of those people still waiting patiently. delta airlines is offering a waiver to some passengers whose flights have been cancelled or delayed. we talked to southwest airlis and they're offering a slight discount oair line ticketso delta passenge. delta is tweeting out information and they say they expect lar scale cancellations. ve from dia, jaime leary >> jaime, thank you for that. and we have breaking news from overnight now. five gun men wearing military un fors in afghanistan kidnapped an american and an australian. afghan forces say it happened in cabo. the people abducted are
6:49 am
japan's emperor expressing t his health. he gave a rare message to the people on tv. the 82-year old says he fears he will not be able to fulfill his duties if his healthorsens. he didn't address the issue of stepping so. no emperor has done so in years. a mother died in boulder. we can learn if that driver is going to face charges. the crash happened north of broadway. the driver hit michelle walters at mc cook. she was going to school to be a nurse and she leaves behind a young son. troopers says they don't think the driver wasrunk or speeding. a water park in kansas city
6:50 am
it's a slide that has a 168 plunge. the tallest in the world. the child was the son of kansas state lawmaker scott schwab. the park's website says the slide requires two or three riders to be strapped into a last with a total weight of 400 to 500 pounds two people in jail in connection with a shooting. this happened at the berkeley mobile home village near i-76. one neighbor says he was babysitting his nieces and nephews when he heard gunshots. >> it was scary and crazy. >> two groups were outside. we don't know motive, but deputies
6:51 am
and 24-year old rojelo. officials will try to keep mosquitos from up infecting those with west nile. >>reporter: the spraying begins tonight to fight those mosquitos that carry west nile virus. the larimer county health department says they'll spray after 8:00. they have three known cases of west nile ces, but more expected to be reported. the areas are collins. they have to spray at ght when they're most active. they say they spray only for about 1 hour. in fort collins, howard nathan, cbs4 morning news. firefighters in southern california are battling another fast growing wild fire. this one broke out yesterday near silver wood lake in san bernardino county. the fire forced several dozen homeowners
6:52 am
and good news on the fire burning along the colorado, oming bolder. bute is n 28% contained. it more than 35,000 acres in size. crews still do not think they will have it out until october. new video this morning of the destruction from tropical storm earl in mexico. mud slides there have killed 39 people. and communities in mexico veracrus isz are trying to recover. we ha a new - we have a newly tropical storm. cabos lucas is in the end.
6:53 am
navy is making its first visit to china since a controversial ruling. they say maritime had no basis legally. beijing criticize the u.s. u.s. leaders hope to build a better relationship with the chinese navy. trump is set to deliver a major eshg no, over the weekend, the republican nominee repeatedly questioned clinton's mental health and this comes after she said she short circuited her response to the fbi's investigation into her e-mail scandal. clinton will talk about her vision for the economy in detroit on thursday. people have to turn in
6:54 am
consideration this year includes two proposals to change how oil and gas drilling is regulated. also a change to presidential primary vote instead of caucuses and a measure to raise the tobacco tax as well. new laws regulated e-cigarettes kick in today. that means stores cannot sell to minors. company have to also ?a?3include healtharningsn those products. the fdi announced those the ex-cigarettes soared to a $3.5 billion industry. the united states leads the medal count with 12 total including 3 gold. michael phelps hopes to add to his 19th gold medal. he'll swim in the men's 200-meter buller fly.
6:55 am
debut let get to dave aguilera. >> we're clear, so we'll se sun break through. i don't know if you were out and about last nit, but we had thunderstorms south of the city. general denver caught this. southwest littleton was herage point. looking at the storms south of the city towards colorado springs last night. katherine sent this shot from mike. said double rainbow in deer valley yesterday and a big rain sha you can see the rain coming out of the bottom of that o. dharm bomb sent that one. 59 in craig. and 38 in salida. 65 in south lafayette. clouds east, but thunderstorm ss -- but thunderstorms kicking in. moisture and heat coming in to play for today.
6:56 am
as we go through the day. probably after 2:00, we can see those in the denver-metro area. with a high of 91 degrees today. we should have isolated storms. late 93 tomorrow and we cool it down once we get into the second half of the week, we'll be in the low 90s by thursday and friday, joel. let's look at the drive southbound. not too bad on 104th. keep in mind as you get to 104th and steel, there's a closure at 10:00. looking southbound 10 minutes from 120th to i-70. eat speeds. eastbound, westbound along i-2 through commerce city, westbound along we're acros the denver-tro map. it's slow fro santa fe all the way down to hamden. sond ong i 2235 running slow as well. we have construction work on the shoulder, eastbound at 6th from i-70 to indiana and
6:57 am
>> the depth chart comes out for. >> all we have to go is get to the superbowl to win it. >> we can do it.
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7:00 am
a stunning upset for tennis stars venus and serena williams. >> but we begin with a look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> this is an issue of delta


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