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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  August 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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hi, everybody. good to have you with us. 4:30. this is the news on cbs4 . we're on tuesday, the 9th of august. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us this morning. the cbs4 mobile app was tracking lightning yesterday. a c this was southeast of denver. the question is could we be in for more days like this. dave aguilera here to tell us. good morning. >> good morning. yes, we could. more thunderstorms in the forec. i don't think it will be as hot and heavy as far as the storms goes, but we could have one or two storms get going later this afternoon. current temperatures, clear skies. in the 60s to start off. 66 at
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watch watcher at 62 degrees. 73 at 9:00 a.m. 84 at noon today. 94 should be the high temperature. we did make it to 91 yesterday before the storms got going and we have a chance for isolated thunderstorms. i don't think they'll be as big as yesterday, but this afternoon, we could get some rum -- we could get some rumblers. let's see the drive with joel hillan. >> take a look here from our cbs4 tech center cam. you can see right underneath the bridge, you've got those cones set up. that's similar south side of town. the denver-metro area, we have the roadway that's closed off along alameda at i-225. that's the yellow icon on the
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>> all right, joel. thank you. ex-illinois governor and pre rob will try to persuade a judge to cut his 14-year prison sentence. the ex-governor was convicted for attempted to sell president obama old senate seat and other corruption. last year, the court vacated five counts against him, but an appeal's court found the 14-year sentence was appropriate. he's serving his sentence now and will appear at the hearing by a closed circuit tv. those in brooms field want to solve a crime at a church. cameras caught this woman taking a laptop from the faith baptist church in broomfield. she walks in with what appears a glass of wine and makes off with a computer. this was saturday at the faith baptist church. call
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camera standing in lines at the wellsfargo. at the time he was wearing a shirt with a skull and the words "tap out" on it. he didn't show the teller a weapon but he did get away with cash. a wild fire in san bernardino, california is now more than 10 square miles and it forced people out of more than 5200 homes. it's only 6% contained. it was first reported at noon on sunday. and it has brush and timber in that area. for some people living near the fire, evacuations is becoming yearly. >> it's eerie and emotional. we have been through this quite a few times. this my third time. >> we pack the most important items, and some clothes and we've done it three times, two times before. >> there are more than 840 firefighters working around the clock to try and contain the fire. the windy conditions are
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a horrible loss 2 years ago is now doing what she can to help make others get 2 years ago is now doing what she can to help make others get through those tough times. yesterday as apart of the butterfly foundation, an organization dedicated to helping family and women in need -- here's lauren dispirito with more. >>reporter: for white and her family, the last 7 months have been the most difficult. >> he has three severe brain injuries. one being the most >> this winter, janice's 5-year old preston was hit by a car while crossing the street. his life will never be the same. >> we take life for granted and we don't mean to. this changed our lives forever. >> if there's anyone who knows the devastation preston's family feels, it's nancy fitzgerald. >> he would have been the same -- if patrick survived, he would
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>> her husband passed away within days after being struck by a car. they're paying kindness forward. >> the most important thing you can do is give back. i'm excited to return something that's so awful into something that's going to be a great day for this family. >> oh, my gosh. >> fitzgerald charity, the butterfly foundation, the white's have two new vehicles. one to reliably get to and from work, another to fit the family. >> i'm so excited to be able to go some where as a family. and preston be safe. >> a burden lifted for a family dealing with so much. >> that was lauren dispirito reporting for us. the foundation covered the cost of the cars, lifetime warranties and hopes to help the family heal. they're providing a year
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family. delta passengers can see more delays and cancellations today. they're trying to make up to their customers after a computer outage -- they're going to handout vouchers. 740 flight were cancelled and 2600 others delayed including flights out of denver's airport. it's time to see what's on the menu in business news from wall street. >> han d the floor of the new york stock exchange. she has our money watch report. hi, hanna. >> good morning, britt. good morning, alan. energy socks went higher on monday, but following profit taking, the major -- the dow jones lost 14 point and the nasdaq lost 8. hula started as a free site, but
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service to go against cable. within a few weeks, those free tv episodes will be gone, but available through yahoo. hula say few people watch those episodes. they have 12 million subscribers who pay for original programming. the federation aviation administration is looking to hire 1400 entry level air-traffic controllers. the number of workers in the field hit a 27-year low in 2015. the union says there's a applications will be taken during a one-week period and ends on august 15th. the salary is almost $123,000. and burger king is going text max. the fast food chain unvealed its creation, the whooperrito and it will include
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>> the name will determine how big this meal will be up. >> it's wrapped up in pizza wrapping. >> we should try that. >> we should. there's more republicans coming out against trump as his campaign heads to new york today. clinton will be in florida. our bryan web shows us how trump's campaign was try to go reset itself with speech. >>reporter: trump pitched his tax plan in detroit on monday. his proposals has been embraced by republicans for decades including across the board tax cuts. >> my plan will reduce the number of brackets from 7 to 3 and dramatically stream line the process. >> during the hour-long address, the republican candidate also took aim at hillary clinton. >> every policy she has tilts the playing field towards other
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>> speaking in florida, the democratic nominee panned trump's plan as more of the same. >> trickle down economics does not help our economy grow. >> a monmouth poll has trump trailing by double digits while facing growing opposition from members of his party. suzanne collins of maine revealed she will not be voting for trump in november. this after national security officials warned the republican candidate would be dangerous to the nation's security. clinton herself faces more fall out from her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. >> the parents of two americans killed in the 2012 benghazi attack filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the democratic nominee monday.
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led to their son's deaths. bryan web for cbs news. >> hillary clinton's campaign responded to the lawsuit saying clinton was cleared of wrong doing by nine different investigations. on thursday, clinton will offer her own plan while speaking in detroit. this tuesday morning, we're pretty warm out at 66 degrees. >> we're going to show you risky business on top of a rock
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welcome back, everyone. in our cbs4 morning news health watch, a new case of zika virus in the united states to tell you about. it happened in south florida. the person is from palm beach county, but recently travelled to miami dade county
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infected. zika can cause severe birth defects in babies if the mother is infected during pregnancy. a new british study shows that people who volunteer in middle and older ages tend to have better mental health and emotional well-being. but researchers found volunteering did not have the same positive association for people under 40. they say it could be that older people see volunteering as a way to be more involved in the community, but the younger people view it as an obligation. 12,000 teenagers shows those who play video games do better in school, but teens who frequent facebook or chat sites are more likely to trail their peers in math, reading and science. researchers say video games can help students apply and sharpen the skills they're taught in school. dave with your weather as we get you going with weather and traffic on the fours. >> i concur with the video games. it makes them smarter, i
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greeley right now. 64 in boulder. it's 59 in meeker and 73 in grand junction. our weather watcher michael thomas jr in stickle ton is coming in -- in stapleton is coming in at 63. one more thing, there's a lot of fog in extreme colorado and seconds of burlington north of the lamar area. on the you with you where the dry is. some of the moisture is from the thunderstorms is starting to leak out. as we go over the next couple of days, we'll get dryer each day. still a chance for thunderstorms, but our chances of thunderstorms will get smaller for the short term. in the long term, there's more storms coming at the end of the week. 2:00, thunderstorms in the mountains popping up with a few showers and later in the day
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could see the storms move closer to the denver-metro area. we have a chance of thunderstorms through the earl y part of the evening and things clear out. we're going to be hot. by the way, also later this afternoon, some of those storms in morgan county up into logan county might go severe. there's a chance of hail at those storms. temperatures, 90s and 80s across the lower elevation was mostly 70s and 80s up high. in denver, early sun, it will be hot, and officially by a high of 94 degrees this afternoon. so a little hotter than yesterday's 91. 92 tomorrow. isolated storms late and then 80 s return thursday and friday with a better chance of thunderstorms as we get closer and closer to the start of the weekend. look at that saturday high. 79 degrees on saturday, joel. >> i like seeing that. taking a look from our tech center cam. we've been watching cones in various places along
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you get underneath the bridges and it's off in the left lane as they do work lane. that's similar southbound coming into town. work along c-470, not causing delays this morning. you can see that slowing that you have as you come passed hamden in the southbound direction, but it picked right back up to speed as you get down through town. we have alameda blocked off both directions as you get to i-225. they have work on the light rail line, alan. thanks, joel. 19 minors got served marijuana edibles at a party saturday night in san francisco. three children had to be treated in the intensive care unit. the people were celebrating a sin secret that. emergency workers got called in after people started sweating and vomiting and having trouble breathing. now investigators and the family are working on figuring out who gave the favor bags with the candy inside. >> these are innocent kids.
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they eat it. >> i think right now they're trying to process everything that happened and sort of the severity of the certificate situation. >> -- and the severity of the situation. the olympic games in rio have unsold seats. >> americans are taking advantage of the lack of local interests. >> usa. brought their three kids from reno, nevada to experience the olympic games. >> we have tickets for 26 events. >> 26 events? are you going to be able to stay up for all of them? >> yeah. >> the family snagged tickets to less popular sports for the cost of a fast food menu. >> we got weight lifting and random sports for $12 a piece. >> 80% of tickets to the games
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cycling races and the kayaking competition only drew a few thousand spectators. the lack of performance by brazil's olympic team so far is not helping to fill seat and locals say the prices are too high. >> for the resident people, it's too much. >> swimming finals and gymnastic final tickets are going for $300 usd. this is what happened when we tried to buy tickets to the >> you can't find -- steve burke is encouraging americans to come to the game. >> i haven't seen a mosquito in 2 days. >> the olympic committee is hoping the stadium will fill up with people who have the olympics on their bucket list. >> brazilian people say they have arrested peep for scalping.
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children are work with a law enforcement officer to learn the rules of the road, and this is the best part. they get a free bike helmet, but that's not all. >> we always have bicycles brought out by the optimistic club. they don't want those back. they want officers to find needy children to take the bikes home. >> the district attorney safety fair is coming up on saturday, august 13th. and you can find out what else is a going to here's your sports. >> he's back, talib back on the court after training camp. he could -- pending that discipline, gary kubiak thinks he could be ready against carolina. yesterday was talib's first practice. he'll be on the
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more and more everyday. but talib and his teammates are excited he's back on the practice field. >> the love around the building from the rookies to john elway have been great since june 5th. so all the text messages and calls and all the welcome backs today, it was a bunch of love. i felt it. >> having my brother back out there, just, that leadership and that energy, we need that especially on days when guys are sluggish off the off day. last week we were sluggish off the off day. we wanted to come out with more energy. >> broncos back at practice at 9:30 this morning and the first pre-season game thursday night in chicago.
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what's in a presidential candidate's brain. jaime moss tries to find out. >>reporter: we're no longer hearing from the candidates, we're getting inside of their head. trump had the analysis. >> everybody was asking you about his mental health. >> it's easy to behave that way when you're mentally ill. >> even the conservative weekly standard piled on. donald trump isot that sounded worse than the phrase clinton uses. >> temper mentally unfit >> that probably triggered trump's temper and he's analyzing hillary. >> unstable. she's unbalanced. >> this was the donald trez 's preliminary diagnosis of hillary. >> she's close to unhinge. >> the next day he thought her
4:56 am
>> one host listed it for narcissistic personality. >> requiring constant admiration. >> and trump met all 12. trump doesn't just have it, he defines it. the donald himself was less specific about hillary's symptoms. >> i don't think she's there. >> after bloomburg -- >> let's select person >> dr. drew declared him -- >> not insane. >> is that fair to call someone a social path >> yes, it's unfair. >> clinical physiologist georged this to vanity fair about trump, he's so classic that i'm archiving video clips to use in workshops because there's no better example. here's another one for the files, doctor.
4:57 am
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was always someone there protecting us? giving us the confidence to believe. at american family insurance, we'd like to be there protecting you, and the dreams you pursue, today. insure carefully, dream fearlessly. good tuesday morning, everyone. i'm britt moreno. >> and i'm alan gionet. good to have you with us. here's what's happening in the cbs4 morning news. jaime is live. >>reporter: the big news from
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what can happen during a resentencing. if a judge rules in his favor. >> things aren't bright from the delta airline. how the ripples from the stoppage could roll in today. we're learning more about the death of a boy at a kansas park. these details coming up. all right. we want to get into the forecast. we've had bumps lately. >> we sure have. it's a let's get over to dave and figure out if more storms are on the way. >> sun in the morning, storms in the afternoon. nothing usual about this pattern. we'll have that today. what's unusual is we have fog way out over eastern colorado. over denver, it's mostly clear, but we have a dense fog advisory way out there in eastern colorado outside of ray and cheyenne, wells. those counties through 9:00 a.m.,


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