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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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what can happen during a resentencing. if a judge rules in his favor. >> things aren't bright from the delta airline. how the ripples from the stoppage could roll in today. we're learning more about the death of a boy at a kansas park. these details coming up. all right. we want to get into the forecast. we've had bumps lately. >> we sure have. it's a let's get over to dave and figure out if more storms are on the way. >> sun in the morning, storms in the afternoon. nothing usual about this pattern. we'll have that today. what's unusual is we have fog way out over eastern colorado. over denver, it's mostly clear, but we have a dense fog advisory way out there in eastern colorado outside of ray and cheyenne, wells. those counties through 9:00 a.m.,
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heading along i-70 into kansas. the high today, 94 degrees. hotter today and we'll have some thunderstorms after 3:00 this afternoon. all right. let's check traffic. joel hilln is looking at that. >> good morning, dave. we've been watching the construction along i-225 railroad project. because of damage done, they're going to need to close alameda overnight. that will start august 14th. we're seeing delays. alameda and i-225 as we have lane restrictions in place as work continues. >> joel, thanks a lot. illinois governor rob may not be a guess in prison any longer. he's being resentencing. his lawyers are trying to get him releases. jaime leary is live where he's being held.
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the former governor will be re resentenced via video conferencing. getting here to chicago -- getting him here to chicago will take 2 weeks. he arrived in colorado back in 2012 just before turning himself in to serve time on his original sentence. during -- blagojevich served four of his original sentence. his wife wrote a letter pleading with the courts to give him released earlier. court documents submitted on the upcoming sentence recentering started a jailhouse sentence. his defense team is asking the judge to reduce the 14-year sentence to 5 years and since
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that 14-year sentence, that would mean that he would be released immediately. prosecutors want the full 14-year sentence reinstated arguing he hasn't a tone for all of his crime. so we'll see what that outcome is later this afternoon. live from federal prison, jefferson county, jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. delta is trying to shawn chitnis is live at dia where it was packed yesterday. shawn, i see a crowd find you this morning as well. >>reporter: >> britt, good morning, that's absolutely the case if you step out of the shot for a second, you might be able to get a sense of the line. dropping -- delta is here on one end of the terminal and starting to work its way towards another airline.
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flights they were trying to get on yesterday. if you check what delta is putting out on twitter, for several hours they've been replying to customers about questions about their flight trying to get them the information they need. there's boards that gibbs us a sense of how flights are looking and the few flights listed are showing up on time. that wasn't the issue yesterday. it was listing flights on time when we knew they weren't going to go out at the time they were supposed t a day later, a lot that folks have to deal with and the airline is trying to remedy. make sure to give yourself extra time because the first steps is getting in this line to drop off the bags. we'll get you updates on what's happening from the airline and what we're seeing inside the airport. live at dia, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> it was apart of that computer problem. the computers weren't
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dia's website. dave aguilera with traffic. >> we're mostly clear this morning. sunrise is not until after 6:00. still dark out there. 66 degrees downtown. you want to get a refreshing morning going, head up to the hills in breckenridge. 35 degrees from gary, our weather watcher up there. so we start out mostly clear, and by the afternoon, clouds build up. we could have thunderstorms again. isolated around the area later today. it's going to be hot before that happens. 94 in fort collinsay boulder. upper 80s in castle rock and 94 in denver. hotter joel, than the 91 we had yesterday. >> it was a nice relief to have the storms come in. taking a look from our cbs4 tech cam. southbound along i-225, not too bad. you have the cones set up blocking off the left lane getting passed hamden. i-70 and brighton
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that's similar on the approach to i-70. pockets of volume out there. you may have to disengage the cruise control. this is i-25 and yale. the lanes reduce as they do road work. you're down to one lane and that's causing slowing. looking across the denver-metro area, we've had lane restrictions in place, alameda and i-225 and expect overnight closures starting on the 14th at alameda and sable. >> joel, today, school back in session for students at heritage heights academy. it's located off smoky hill road. principal miller says her staff dedicated teachers is ready for their students. classes begin k-5 at 7:30 sharp be. be there. friends are honoring a 14-year old who died after being struck by a car. police say an
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group of boys who were skateboarding last month in denver's university park neighborhood. cole suclkelkled died that day. and the driver died. the friends are turning -- >>reporter: cole's friend was trying to make something wonderful happen. >> this has a very deep meaning. >> these young artist put t drawings. >> it has been difficult creating the art and memory -- >> the paintings each carry a special message. >> it says take what you loved most about cole and become it. so that he can live on in all of us. >> a hint of color is meant to symbolize cole's colorful personality. >> his mom described cole as happy and yellow. >> cole's mother michelle roach
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cole's friends, anxious to support their art sale. >> they've channeling their energy into producing -- >> the money raised will be used for something special in cole's name. but the art show is helping a community stay close and stay strong and stay connected to someone who touched their lives. in denver, suzanne mccarroll, cbs4 morning news. new federal regulations are now ec and why some retailers say they'll put them out of business. walmart makes a play to compete with amazon and your
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e-cigarettes are now being regulated just like regular cigarettes. >> the fda says it's to protect future generations from the dangers of using cigarettes. kathy walsh has the story. >>reporter: he dropped regular cigarettes for e-cigarettes. >> i don't have a terrible smell when i walk around. >> new government rules are designed to keep the products out of the hands of minors. >> the illegal to sell e-cigarettes or cigars to anyone under 18. >> state law limiting the sell to those 18 and older >> it has been there for years. >> my market is middle-aged
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the more likely it is that they'll progress to regular use of that product. there's studies done by other governments that have proven that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking. >> the products must be government approved. a costly process crammer says will put smaller vap shops out of business. >> that was kathy walsh reporting for smaller producers say the business benefit bigger manufacturers and the health community is divided over e-cigarettes. some say little is known about their health risk and others support them as a safer alternative for tobacco for those struggling to quit. that little trumpet means that dave aguilera is here for traffic. >> i need that on the weekend. >> you need that as a ring tone.
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looking at the capital. sunrise after 6:00. the flag is not flapping. there's not a breeze blowing downtown right now. i don't know if you've checked out the picture of the day last night from shannon in north rob county. a lovely pony. checking out the good shot. she lives near steamboat springs. as we look what's happening out there, clear skies over the state. temperatures in the 50s 57 in greeley. 51 in lineman. 68 at the airport. avon, 54 degrees and southwest littleton, richard half monday, our weather watcher is checking in at 67 degrees. we had a few early boomers here in denver. this morning, we're clear. there's a couple of thunderstorms down near telluride booming down there with a little moisture trying to make it in, but they'll be less moisture than yesterday. we do
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burlington down to wells until 9:00 a.m. this morning because the moisture left behind by the storms. as we go through the day, that will clear out and thunderstorms by 3:00 may move through the denver-metro area, and last until 7:00 or so before they move out of here. highs today will be in the 90s and 80s on the eastern plains. western slope, 90s and 80s as well and 70s in the mountains. in denver, our high around 94 degrees. warmer than yesterday with isolated afternoon thunderstorms and week, 92. and 87 thursday. isolated thunderstorms, but friy , look like we might have a surge of moisture coming in. so a better chance of picking up rain and cooler temperatures will be near 80 for friday and saturday. joel. >> my lung could use a surge of [indiscernible]. >> mines too. looking in the northbound direction of i-225 -- you're down another lane.
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this is our cdot camera. just moved over to i-225. we were watching i-25 and yale. here it is. it is nice and wide open once you get passed it. we have so many cdot options. there's a trouble spot up santa fe there. get into downtown to the north of i-25, so it's not going to cause delays for folks getting out of inglewood or lakewood into denver this morning. southbound along i-225, nice and wide open. the road work is cleared out of the way between i-70 and 225. we're learning what killed a boy at a water slide park. authorities say that caleb schwab died from a neck injury.
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him in the last. they had facial injuries and treated at a hospital. cnn reported a tv station says the slide's harness was not working properly earlier in the day. all three have to be harnessed into that last. heart break this morning after two young sisters ages 3 and 5 plus a 17-year old girl all drowned at a pueblo swimming pool. all of the evidence is pointing to a terrible tragedy here. this happened yesterday afternoon at a mobile home park called the pueblo grande village. there were no life guard. they believe the 17-year old was babysitting the little sisters at the time. officers and neighbors tried to revive them all, but it was simply too late. there's no fowl play suspected there. we have information about the plane filled with sky divers that caught fire. this happened outside of colorado springs over the weekend. deputies say the plane likely hit a bird on sunday. that caused the energy to catch fire.
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way lower than the 12,000 feet that's normal for sky diving. but the sky divers decided to make an emergency jump. everybody out except for the pilot. nobody was hurt and the pilot landed safely. talib could face discipline nightclub. kubiak thinks he could be ready against carolina. he's not 100%. kubiak says he'll be on the von miller plan where he works more and more everyday. talib and his teammates are excited. >> the love around the building from the rookies to john elway have been great since june 5th. all the welcome backs today, it was a bunch of love out here today.
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there, just the morale he brings and the leadership and energy. we need that on days like this when guys are sluggish off the off day. last week we were sluggish off the off day. we wanted to come out here today with more energy. >> good to see him out there on the field.
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mark is up ahead of the open. we have more trouble from russian hacker and walmart. it's making a buy to boost its online sells. here's today's money watch report.
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been broken into according to -- hackers may have gained access. they were asking the 300 stores that use its system to reset their passwords after detects malicious codes. stocks moved lower. the dow loses 14 point and the nasdaq down 7. walmart is buying for $3 billion plus stock. jet was founded just last year and quickly grown while walmart's online slumped. the retailer is seen as a competitor to amazon. you could get your next cell phone hand delivered. at&t are expanding the service. they launched to miami, houston's, atlanta and dallas. the free service includes an hour of help setting up that new device. and that's your money watch report. for more, log onto i'm britt from new york. weather and traffic on the fours. >> hey, gang.
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today, i've got good news for you if you're going to phoenix. it's going to be cooler. 100. 101 in dallas. if there's severe weather, it will be extreme north eastern colorado shooting towards the dakotas. cool temperatures and relatively cool. 89 in miami and 87 in atlanta. joel, we're looking at 94 degrees for the high today and we could have a few cooling thrs take a look at u.s. 36 and sheridan -- it should be a great drive along i-70 along pena boulevard. britt and alan, we have the a-line running on time this morning. >> perfect. right now, 5:24 this morning. >> this morning, travelling on
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troublesome -- it could be trouble some after airlines try to get back on track. the presidential candidate spoke on the economy while shaking off campaign problems of the past. i'm bryan web in new york. a look at trump's economic plan and the latest polls, coming up. after losing the rubber matt on sunday, the they came -- the four-game series against texas. john elway taking a break from training camp. they played two games in colorado and two games in texas. nolan arenado probably wanted to stay in colorado. rockies out to a 22-0 lead. who needs glove.
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good thing. carlos giving up a 2-1 single to andrews. texas ties things at 3 later in the 9. rogan on the pitch. he gives up an rbi double. texas wins it, 4-3. you look in the doug out from those guys and it says it all.
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what i love about the tempur-breeze bed ,, is it's cool. so you're not too hot, too cold, you're just perfect. sleep cooler, wake more refreshed, discover the new tempur breeze. learn how you can change your sleep by requesting a free sample of tempur material. call or click today. all right, let's take a picture. you're going to love this morning and there's traffic
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not a bad community at 5:28 in the morning. this is the news on cbs4. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. our producers say this image has blue and orange representing the broncos. >> it's a little stretch. >> you don't think so. i see the orange. i see the blue in there. >> i'm working on it. the cbs4 mobile lab was tracking lightning down yesterday. you can't doubt this. there's lightning there. here's a couple of strikes east of denver. the question is could we have more days like this. >> thanks for joining us this half hour. let's find out about that. >> dave aguilera tracking the weather for us. we're in the wet weather pattern. >> we're in a situation called mots. more of the same coming up. we're going to start out with sunshine and get into storms later this afternoon. temperatures as we get going this morning in the 60s. 61 in lewisville. we have 65 in
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and mid-60s seem to be the general rule here. we're clear over denver this morning, but way out here near burlington and some of these areas on the kansas line out there do have some pretty thick dense fog out there. there's a dense fog advisory through 9:00 a.m. ray, burlington, and cheyenne wells. we'll look out for that out east. our forecast is calling for what we're looking at as far as the high temperature today, it should be warmer than yesterda we had 911 officially in the afternoon -- we had 91 officially in the afternoon with isolated storms popping in the afternoon. probably 3:00 -- at 3:00, we have to watch for that. let's check on the drive? >> the drive -- you take a look downtown. we've got an issue at third and logan. they're calling it a police incident, but it has been entered as an


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