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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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and mid-60s seem to be the general rule here. we're clear over denver this morning, but way out here near burlington and some of these areas on the kansas line out there do have some pretty thick dense fog out there. there's a dense fog advisory through 9:00 a.m. ray, burlington, and cheyenne wells. we'll look out for that out east. our forecast is calling for what we're looking at as far as the high temperature today, it should be warmer than yesterda we had 911 officially in the afternoon -- we had 91 officially in the afternoon with isolated storms popping in the afternoon. probably 3:00 -- at 3:00, we have to watch for that. let's check on the drive? >> the drive -- you take a look downtown. we've got an issue at third and logan. they're calling it a police incident, but it has been entered as an
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alan. the question is, is it more the same at the airport. delta airlines trying to recover after a power outage that knocked out its computers. shawn chitnis is live to show you what's happening now. hi, shawn. >>reporter: good morning, alan. it's going to be another challenging day for delta and its staff and their customers who are trying to get to other locations, but we're getting some updates that s progress that delta put out early this morning saying that they're going to cancel nearly 250 flights this morning. now that's an improvement from yesterday which was several hundred, but as of last night, they were hoping that number would be smaller. we're getting a sense of the challenges that they're still facing. delta also saying that if you have any young children unaccompanied minors travelling and they haven't started their journey, they need to wait until wednesday to start that travel. part of the delays they're dealing with.
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remind customers to check online to see the status of your flight and rebook it. starting at the counting -- it's working back down away from the delta section and actually where the other airline begins. it's a long line to speak to someone and drop off your bags. there's a few flights listed on the board. they show up on time, but only a handful that are on the board. so that gives they're doing trying to getting folks out of here. we're going to see what's happening here and bring updates. live at dia, shawn chitnis. >> thank you for that. ex-governor rob blagojevich will try to persuade a judge to cut his 14-year prison sentence.
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wine in her hand. police want a call if you have info on who she might be. a bank robber caught on camera standing in line at the wellsfargo on grand street. she's wearing a shirt with a skull and the words "tap out." he did not show the teller a weapon, but he got away with cash. a wild fire in san
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forced people out of more than 52 homes. it's 62% contained. bryan web has the latest. >>reporter: the mountains east of la are towering inferno. people who live in the area say it comes with the territory. >> it's eerie and emotional. we have been through this quite a few times. this is my third through this. >> 16 air crafts are attacking the blaze from up above. painting a few houses in red fire reretardanat on the ground. firefighters are face-to-face with the flames. >> there's dust and ashes flying around. it's 3:00 in the morning and you got to keep going.
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it's now more than 10 square miles with plumes of smoke causing air quality advisories in southern colorado and into nebraska more than 200 miles away. >> we spent the night sitting in the front yard watching the flames. >> terrible. >> areas as the flames passed through are a waste land of ash and torched trees. as of monday night, the fire was only bryan web for cbs news. >> there's no word on what caused the fire. several area school districts are closed today because of it. time for weather and traffic. here's dave. >> awe, good. take a live shot looking over the city at 35 degrees out there this morning. we should have a high of around 94 with afternoon thunderstorms. in eastern colorado there's a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. we'll talk more about that in detail
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includes ray, burlington and cheyenne wells out there until 9:00 this morning. so that's a look. we'll have the 5-day forecast coming up later, joel. >> i look forward to that. we're watching from our cbs4 mouse tram cam as you head in the -- we thought there was something happening under the bridge. it's a lot of volume out there already at 5:36. you can see the brake lights southbound coming into town. be aware of that.
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>> he has three severe brain injuries, one being the most severe is the loss of oxygen. >> this winter, janice's 5-year old son preston was hit by a car while crossing a street. his life will never be the same. >> we take life for granted. and we don't mean to. to changed our lives forever. >> if there's anyone who knows the at >> if patrick would have lived, he would have been in the same state as preston. >> 2 years ago, her husband was struck while biking home from work. he died within days. >> she's paying it forward. >> the best thing to do is give back. i'm excited to turn something that's so awful into something that's going to be a great day for this family.
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[applause] >> fitzgerald charity, the butterfly foundation, the white's have two new vehicles. one to reliably get to and from work. another to fit the whole family. >> i'm so excited to be able to go some where as a family. >> the whole thing -- >> and preston be safe. >> a burden lifted for a family dealing with so much. >> it brings tears to your eyes. that was lauren dispirito reporting. >> the butterfly foundation is providing a year of counseling to the white family as they try to adjust to what is the new normal. it's good news for bicyclist at the safety fair this weekend. children can learn from the experts right there. the officers on the road will handout bike helmets and giving other help. >> we have bicycles -- they want
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to take those bikes home. >> get your kids out there. the safety care coming up august 13th. you can find out what else is going on at the fair by checking in at >> that's a great event. this morning, if you're just waking up, 65 degrees in denver. we're going to show you risky business on top of a rock formation. look at this. there it goes. what they were up to here, coming up. >> i can hardly watch that. the the number one quarterback just yet. we have rome bean in the
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,,,, narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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welcome back. in our cbs4 morning news health watch, a new case of the zika virus in the u.s. this happened in south florida. the person is from palm beach county, but travelled to miami dade county where 16 people are infected. zika can cause severe birth defects in babies if the mother is infected during pregn people who volunteer in middle age have better health and emotional well-being. volunteers didn't have the same positive association for people under 40. they say the people above 40 may be volunteering and seeing it as a way to be involved in the community, but the younger people view it as an obligation. and an australian study of 12,000 teenagers shows those who play video gales do better in school, but teens who frequent facebook or chat sites
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peers in math, reading and science. researchers say video games can help student apply and sharpen the skills they're taught in school. 19 people including 13 minors were served marijuana edibles at a party on saturday night in san francisco. three children had to be treated in intensive care unit. these people were celebrating a quinceanera. they ate sugar-coated gummy candy. they were vomit investigators and the family are working to figure out who gave them the favor bags with the candy inside. >> these are innocent kids. they don't know. they see candy, they eat it. >> right now, they're trying to process everything that happened and the severity of the situation. >> police are going to be talking to the oakland-based catering company that provided food at that party as they track down who put them in there. a video terrifying.
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this is an 18-year old gymnast somersaulting between rocks more than 1,000 feet up. he said he wasn't afraid because he was secured but he's afraid of his mom's reaction. when she sees that, she's probably going to be off the leash. >> i get butterflies in my stomach watching this. david aguilera safe on the ground with weather for us. >> i think alan did that in >> in the 90s. >> me too. a live shot for you. look how clear the sky is. we're going to have nothing but sunshine to get you going. sunrise will be after 6:00 this morning. 65 degrees out there right now. check out this shot from the earlier storms that roll through the foothills and the eastern plains yesterday. this from norm in roxborough state park. had good showers going on for a brief period of time. temperatures this morning, look how long grand
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boulder. and richard hoff monday in littleton coming in at 67 degrees: our weather watcher. satellited radar together. we're clear across the state. we've had thunder boomers in telluride and that's it for moisture. as we go through the day, we have a tense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. in eastern colorado near ray. so if you're travelling out there, it's pretty thick all the way down into burlington. watch out headed into kansas this morning. then as we go through the afternoon, thu after 3:00, we could see those move through the denver-metro area at least into the early part of the evening tonight. highs today, now, just a few degrees warmer than what we had yesterday. weaver looking at 9 -- we're looking at 90s and 80s out east. 70s in the mountains. denver, 94 with early sun and an isolated storm in the afternoon. tomorrow, 92 degrees day. isolated storms. still spotty storms on thursday, but look at
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by the time we get to friday and saturday, close to 80 degrees and a better chance of getting some rain for more folks around here. by that time, we'll need a break on the water bill, i think, joel. >> absolutely. take a look from the cbs4 mouse tram cam. southbound near i-225 and you get under the bridge at i-70 -- a couple of trouble spots. word of an injury crash near 10th and is slow passed 285 or passed hamden i should say. and that's due to ongoing road work and you're down to one lane. they got most cones picked up. slowing eastbound along i-270. we want to go third and logan. logan is closed south of spear as police investigate an incident going on along there. again, you cannot access along logan passed third. alan, that's going to be tough for drivers as they're getting into
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downtown. get your game face on. it's tuesday. michael phelps game face is all over social media this morning according to time magazine. the picture snapped just before the 200-meter butterfly semifinal in rio. his rival. a south african swimmer who beat phelps to the gold in 2012 had been dancing and shadow boxing in front of him. phelps took great -- he beamed back the death he has 23 medals. he's in second. >> we do this before we enter the newscast. we have the look on our face, right, romi. >> nobody has caught it yet. >> let's talk about the broncos. they don't have a final decision on the starting quarterback just yet. >> romi bean is here this morning, and all right. get my eyes on you, what are you doing?
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that's comforting. the quarterback was a tight one -- the broncos released mr. first depth chart of the season monday and mark sanchez and trevor were listed as co-number ones. with the broncos pre-season opener coming up on thursday, kubiak says he's not ready to make a decision yet. >> i got a certain amount i want those guys to play as they work their way up. you're asking me if i would do something different from a quarterback stand point? i think stay the same. it's a matter of when we decide who is going to be working as the guy. and i'm not ready to get there yet. we need to keep going and we have this game and we have competitive practices coming up against san francisco. >> two practices with the 49er s august 17th and 18th are bench marks people should keep an eye on because they're going to matter when kubiak picks a
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and the bears will give kubiak enough information to make that call. all signs points to broncos naming a quarterback before their third pre-season game against the la rams. other big headlines, cornerback talib returned to practice. he'll be worked in. kubiak says there's a possibility to talib could play against the rams third pre-season game. he says talib is on practical to play in the regular season opener. however, bradley who has returned an interception for a touchdown in each practices has made the most of talib's absence and they won't have a problem starting -- >> you have to wonder if there's a message sent when bradley might start for that reason. >> oh, yeah. and bradley --
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completely catapulted himself where the broncos could start him if there's a suspension which we don't know about yet. they feel comfortable with roby. that's great news for him and broncos fans. >> going back to aquib talib, do you see him being penalized for the shooting outside of dallas nightclub. could he be in trouble? >> there's not information out. it's interesting we keep waiting to find out what's going to happen. there hasn't been much from the so i think we're in the same boat where we don't know at this point. the league though doesn't need legal action to make their own punishment. if they feel like it tarnish -- robert goodell likes to put his foot down. we don't know. >> it's tough when nobody know s what happened out there whether he shot himself or not. >> absolutely. >> romi, thanks a lot.
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report on tuesday and thursdays
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welcome back. good morning. weather and traffic on the four s here for you. looking out over the city. we're mostly clear. sunrise at 6:05. we're almost there this morning. as we take a look at the future cast for the day, here along the front range, we're starting off clear, but as we go through the afternoon, we'll see clouds buildp thunderstorms after 3:00 today moving through the early evening. before that happens, it's going to be another toasty tuesday for us today. we'll be 94 in fort collins. 94 in greeley. 83 in evergreen and bias should be at 94 degrees. another hot day in store. there's a cool down coming. before we're done with this week, we'll talk about that later. right now it's time to look at the morning drive with joel hillan.
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spots. 10th and federal, there's an injury accident. look for delays in the intersection. look on the far portion of your screen, you can see colorado loading up passed alameda. typical this time of day as you approach colfax. we've got logan that's blocked off both directions as you get right at third and that's due to police investigations going on along there. there's police tape up. you're not able to access across logan right now. and that's going to make it tough for drivers as they're trying to and into downtown. social media can be trouble for celebrities. one is trying to -- leslie jones and ghost buster star left social mia after racist attacks. she's excited and she has popular
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and she has accepted. we'll have another superman movie and the man of steel is flying solo. warner brothers put a sequel to 2013-man of steel starring henry, superman into active development. that movie made $668 million worldwide and launched the dc cinematic universe. s bree larson who has been -- according to the hollywood reporter, the oscar winning actress is set to make her feature debut with a unicorn store. it won't be larson's first time behind the camera. she co-worked the film sun dance 4 years ago. this morning it feels great outside. 60s this morning. >> here's what's ahead on the
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live. >>reporter: governor rob blagojevich serving time in federal prison. it might not be for much longer. i'll explain coming up on cbs4 morning news. also ahead on cbs4 morning news, important information for shoppers. the biggest systems
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good morning, everyone. this is the news at 6:00 this morning. former illinois governor blagojevich is serving time at the federal prison in littleton, but he hopes a judge will reduce his sentence today. >> plus heartbreaking news about the drownings of two young children and their teenage
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an update on what's happening at dia as delta airlines tries to recover from a crippling power outage that this travelers parked from around the world. >> let's look at copter 4 ahead the sunrise. we're keeping the heat today. dave is talking about afternoon thunderstorms that could crop up. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. i love the look at the sunrise. happening this thursday, first pre-season day, good morning. >> the sun came up. itas and orange this morning. sunrise is at 6:05 this morning. 65 degrees now. got a good looking tuesday on the way. it will be toasty. check it out. 77 by 9:00 a.m. should be 90 at noon with building clouds and then by 2:00 p.m. we should have a high of 94. warmer than the 91 we had yesterday. we'll have isolated thunderstorms pop today. it will be later in developing probably after 3:00 today. that should help to cool things off. joel, we have a


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