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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  August 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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hello everybody. this is your news at noon. a federal judge decide, no way, to reducing the 14 year prison ctr. -- prison sentence for former illinois governor rod
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blagojevich took a shot at this. >> he definitely took -- apologized, and the nearl -- nearly 2 hour-long hearing, he got the same sentence, 14 long years. his wife patty was pleasant for the resentencing as well as his children who were by his side. unfortunately not go as plane -- as planned for blagojevich. we remember when he came here in 2012 just before he was set to serve his sentence. it was quite the spectacle. we saw a lot of things go on including him waving to people. he stopped at a local restaurant signing autographs. unfortunately for him, today
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he said this sentence was especially hard for his children. >> i am very saddened by the bad hand that they have been dealt. i am confident that my brother will remain strong. what i saw in a courtroom was someone who was contrite, took responsibility for what he did and is trying to make the best of it while he is incarcerated, and has not lost his children, which is a real sign of his character, to me. >> reporter: blagojevich is normally seen with his jet black hair but now his hair has turned completely white. this has obviously been stressful on him. this was definitely what he wanted. federal law requires that he spend at least 80 percent of his prison sentence behind bars.
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corrections facility, cbs4 news. a worker is dead in an and actually go accident. this was this morning, an aluminum plant on 43rd avenue. denver -- the denver fire department says the worker got trapped in a machine. that person's name has not yet in released. afternoon storms to be on the way. look at the clouds. they could hold some problems for you. dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center right now. >> problems or benefit, depending on whether or not your grass needs rain. we have thunderstorms building. it's a far different look than what we had this morning when we were completely clear. it is hot out there, 90 degrees in really already, 91 in older. 92 in a lot of areas -- in
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92 degrees a lot of areas already today. we have some thunderstorms building around the telluride for the second time today. in larimer county we also have a few storms trying to get going , just outside grand lake and north of cheyenne is where the storms will be coming from. fort collins in longmont may be the first to see the storms this afternoon. later as a fire up across the eastern plains there is a chance you the denver from about dia all sterling, some of those storms could go severe with hail and gusty winds being the biggest threat. i will give you a statewide timeline on when the storms will come together and i've also got some cooling news for you by the time we finish out the week. you will want to stick around for that. >> we will ask you in a few minutes. thanks a lot. new details after the
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babysitter in pueblo. a gofundme page has been set up to support the family of these children. the babysitter was 17-year-old -- a 17-year-old. all are dead. baek received cpr yesterday but they were not able to be saved. >> a bad thing like this has never happened together before. no one has ever drowned here. there have always been a bunch this is crazy. >> pueblo police are still investigating what happened. they don't suspect a foul play in the pool. this is at a residential development. they have set up a gofundme page and we have a link at developing right now, three girls were hurt after falling from a ferris wheel and senate seat. -- in tennessee. all three were
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this happened in greenville tennessee, all of the rights are now shut down while investors -- investigators do safety checks. >>they are going to have all of the time they need to inspect. we're not going to push them. we want them to do a thorough investigation on thorough inspection. we want the fair to be safe and fun for everybody. >> some witnesses reportedly saw the kids rocking their gondola before the fall. investigators are looking into those claims. new information on the boy on that waterslide. state officials had not inspected that slide since it opened two years ago, according to a newspaper article. he died from a neck injury. the slight harness wasn't working properly, according to some. two adult writers who were not -- riders were with caleb, they were not related to
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there is a lot of controversy over the presidential campaign. >> reporter: donald trump has lost the vote of another prominent republican, senator susan collins of maine. she says she is a loft on -- a lifelong republican but donald trump is not reflect her historical -- the historical republican >>this tells you that moderates and -- are in revolt as well. >> reporter: 50 republicans find a letter saying donald trump would be the most reckless president in american history. this includes former directors of the cia and national intelligence +2 former homeland security specialists.
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donald trump. many republicans praised the economic plan he unveiled yesterday that includes cutting taxes then he took to twitter and sparked another controversy. donald trump tweeted, "many people are saying the iranians killed the scientist who helped the u.s. because of hillary clinton's act emails." donald trump is referring to a nuclear scientist that iran executed after claiming he spied for the u.s. a run didn't need to hack emails. he very pope ugly defected to the u.s. in 2009 before returning home to iran one year later -- defected to the u.s. in 2009 before returning home to iran one year later. hillary clinton's emails are also the center of a wrongful death lawsuit that comes from the parents of two of the benghazi victims. they allege that her clearness this -- carelessness in handling covenantal information led to the deaths of their sons. the clinton camp responded by saying there have been nine
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delta airlines is getting back on track right now after a massive computer outage. computers are working again but the airline says nearly 250 more flights are being canceled today. delta is still trying to accommodate tens of thousands of passengers whose flights were scrubbed yesterday. the faa is looking to hire 1400 entry-level air-traffic controllers. the number of workers in the field hit a 27 year low -- 2015 and there is a severe shortage. applications will only be taken until 15 august. according to the faa, the median salary is $123,000. it's the final broncos practice before the preseason openers against the chicago bears. the players were pads and helmets today. it was only the second day of practice for a
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will have limited practices as he recovers from a gunshot wound. tim tebow maybe finish with football but he may be turning to another sport. according to espn he wants to play outfield for anything that will hire him.'s mickey went all-pro in went all-pro but hadn't played baseball since high school. why denver police are going to start collecting racial information during traffic stop's -- traffic stop's for the first time in over a decade. an update on this elk that was stuck inside of a toy
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developing right now, the denver police department is going to start collecting racial data during certain stops. this is a move to increase police accountability. we take a look at how the department is going to be collecting that information. >> reporter: attend climate between police and minorities across the country is now prompting denver's police department to try something new.
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attention as well as many of the residents in our community. >> reporter: the chief says he would like officers to collect race so -- racial data by the end of the year. how that will work will be unclear. this will likely come from suspicious traffic and pedestrian stops. >> it needs to be something that we can do a technology. the officer would simply be able to just this is where i made the stop and this is why the stop was made in this is the racy individual -- of the individual, something along those lines. >> reporter: they want to be as nonintrusive as possible. 's initial thought is to have the officer determine the racial identity of the person. >> we're not doing any kind of profiling.
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>> because there's not a system currently in place, the system has no estimate on what this would cost. >> update on a trending story, is elkin evergreen had a bad hoop dream and now it is free. people have been seeing it around town with a toy basketball hoop around its neck. a tractor down yesterday in the troutdale area above evergreen like. they tranquilized it and freed her very often because tranquilizing and animal is dangerous for the animal. the outcome was good. the elk was soon up and back in the wild, no more hoop. i that that felt pretty good to not have that on her anymore. >> was at a swish -- that a swish? i can imagine carrying that thing around.
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we will be having some thunderstorms this afternoon. this is a live look as we scan the skies from our tech center camera. you can see sunshine over the city the clouds are building on the west side of town. they will form some thunderstorms in the afternoon. if you are having lunch outside right now, you will get some sunshine beaming down upon you and that is really doing a number on the temperatures as well. we are warming up. it's 91 downtown. let's check out our weather watchers, 80s and 90s across the board, debbie is in fort collins and she shows 88 degrees. in evergreen rick rush shows 90 degrees. it is here's a look at the upper 4000. we have thunderstorms building around telluride. they had storms really early this morning before 5:00 and they are redeveloping down there as a trickle of moisture moves in. and larimer county we also have some thunderstorms outside of red feather lakes and grand lake pushing up toward cheyenne. some storms are there and that is mixing in with drier air, slightly drier than yesterday. that's why it's taking longer
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the monsoon moisture is flowing in a southwesterly flow. as we look at the satellite, this is tropical storm javier skirting the court line -- the coastline. this is baja california. we may have some storms in southern and western kelo ornette -- colorado tomorrow. that present in the -- plays out in our futurecast. in the denver metro area, we have a chance for storms until the early evening hours. a rush of moisture down south tomorrow. we also have a shot of thunderstorms in the afternoon tomorrow. the better chance of rain tomorrow will be in the evening hours. a chance for a thunderstorms today east of denver, daa all the way up into nebraska. we have to watch for that. strong winds and helen maybe
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maybe some lightning. that could be dangerous. 90s and 80s across the lower elevations today and 70s to ladies in the mountains. it's pretty cool and comfortable up there. the height today in denver, 94 degrees, isolated storms, 92 tomorrow with isolated thunderstorms again. we get down to 87 on thursday. the big highlight is thursday and friday with a cold front coming through, near 80 degrees in a much better chance at picking up some measurable rain as we head into the weekend. jefferson county da safety fair is a one-stop safety information this weekend. kids will get to play which will be fun. they will learn valuable lessons about keeping safe on the internet and social media. >> with all of the benefits that our modern society affords kids, there are inherent dangers associated with them. we see that respect the -- with respect to social media.
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things through social media, but there are also folks lurking on social media that may be looking for victims. we don't want our kids to be victims. >> the jefferson county safety fair runs from 9:00 until 1:00 at the jefferson county fairgrounds this weekend. you can find out what else is at the fair by going to reinventing the veggie burger, why the new burger is attracting millions of dollars from big-time investors. >>
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veggie burgers are making a comeback, once considered to be a that alternative. it has now been reimagined by award- winning chefs and silicon valley entrepreneurs.
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jampacked this restaurant in the east village of new york and every day they leave saying the same thing. >> it is a really good burger. >> it has a crispy exterior but it is soft inside. >> reporter: like most burger shops the patty is handmade and toppings can be customized. unlike most, this burger has no meat in it. headley is the owner and chef. do you see it in the customers might be eating? to that happens sometimes. -- >> that happens sometimes. some of our regulars almost came here for a gag. >> we have been able to win them over. >>is burger has lots of fresh vegetables -- >> reporter: his hamburger has lots of vegetables as long as -- as well as chickpeas.
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filled with sawdust endure. that has changed. >> is there a difference on how these purveyors are viewing veggie burgers? >> they are not calling it fake meat. that's a good thing. a burger should not be about making a hamburger out of plant- based foods. it should be about making a burger. >> investors like google and bill gates have already shelled out $182 million into making veggie burgers look and taste see.
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guilty of sexually assaulting a patient, or wrongly convicted? dr. fell deals with this story. the convicted felon says -- dr. phil deals with the story. the convict did fallon says --
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the one who was attacked. >> he you are saying he acted guilty? >> that's correct. >> what he is saying is completely wrong.
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? >> brooke: this isn't right. >> bill: i can't live without you, brooke. and i know you love me, too. [ cellphone dialing ] [ cellphone ringing ] >> brooke: [ sighs ] hi. >> bill: you took my call. that's a good sign. >> brooke: yeah.


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